this video is actually hilarious


Miyano Mamoru ~GENERATING!~ Live - Talk Break 3 (½) with English subtitles. 


The Voice cast of the Chocobro’s play FFFXV and it’s hilarious. 

In this clip they are playing with the new photo feature. 

More clips here


This little snippet of some of the behind-the-scenes footage is what I live for!!!

Jensen is soooo freaking adorable, and even though he’s said he doesn’t ship Destiel he obviously really loves the character Cas as well as Misha, and even HE thinks that Cas may be more homo than hetero if you know what I mean.

I give you Exhibit B in terms of Jensen’s perspective of Cas (which is so lovely):

This next one’s actually hilarious!!

[For the following video, start at 9:05, but after 10:10 go ahead and skip to 14:40 to see the really good stuff start]. Lol, it sounds like I’m writing an instruction manual but I promise I’m just trying to make it easier for people who don’t want to sit through a ton of the irrelevant parts of the video 

(The part I’m talking about in this video is when Jensen talks about how, when he’s comfortable at home sitting on his couch and he’s just gotten a script for Supernatural, he reads it aloud, and he reads everyone’s parts in different voices, and this is actually real and the way he reads Castiel’s/Misha’s part which is illustrative of the way he hears Misha/Cas speak, will have you dead but smiling your face off.) 

If you really want to skip RIGHT to it, just go to 15:50

Urban Fantasy Fae

Think about it-

Hotels and apartments kept vending machines stocked with cream and shiny things to offer fairies when something gets “lost”

People online discussing what kinds of fae live in their area, everyone thinking other places fae sound super bizarre (Australia complains that theirs are the most terrifying)

Police departments have specialists for missing children cases if they suspect changelings are involved

Weathermen including a notification for when the weather is likely to encourage certain types (“heavy fog forecasted this evening, so expect a larger than usual number of pixies”)

Buzzfeed quizzes about what kind of fae you are

Talking selfies outside and finding four (four!) dryads photo bombing from the bushes behind you

Teens volunteering to build fairy gardens in poor areas of the city for service hours, because it’s hard to appease fae properly at minimum wage

Public scandals when politicians are discovered leaving offerings for unseelie fae. Were they being blackmailed? Did they strike a deal willingly? Could the politician have been replaced by an imposter?

Prank videos on Vine where you dress as a banshee and scream at strangers in public (hilarious videos where actual fae see this and mess with the prankster)

Cellphone cases with iron lining on the inside so they don’t get stolen

Just… Urban fantasy fae.

Commentary Crew Preference - Sleepover + the day after

A/N: bad lol. I was gone for like a week because some shit happened, apologies. Last night (week) took an L but tonight I bounce back.


  • Watching dumb videos on youtube up until like 3am. Probably started from like actual content then just turned into watching damn daniel vine compilations, until you both cried from laughter.
  • Coffee. Just lots of coffee. More coffee. 
  • Then, when you’d actually find your way into the bed, he’d make sure that there’s at least 10 pillows and 3 blankets
  • Then like an hour of just laughing and giggling and switching positions??
  • Cuddling, no exceptions. 
  • Almost on the edge of falling asleep, then hearing him just say shit like “my name jeff,” and you’d both just die.
  • Waking up in a huge mess of pillows, blankets, everything.
  • Spending the morning just laying in the bed, being quiet and enjoying the moment. He’d probably play with your hair.
  • The day would consist of you two just being home, doing nothing. Playing games (G a r f i e l d  K a r t)
  • It ending in lots of goodbye kisses on the forehead.


  • He’d have probably it all planned out. What to do at what hour etc. You went with the plan for like the first two hours and then just forgot it.
  • Baking!!! You love baking and you were not too bad in it either. Lots of brownies.
  • Helping him film videos and skits to them. Also discussing the video or it’s topic in general.
  • Talking about stuff. Could be serious like politics, recent news or then just a funny you tube video of a cat playing a piano 10 hour remix.
  • Watching a horror film all cuddled up on the couch.
  • Going to bed not too late.
  • Spooning. Him being the little spoon because of his small form.
  • You’d wake up at like 8am, few hours earlier than him. You’d also make breakfast for him.
  • Spending the day just doing random stuff, going outside for lunch.
  • A nice goodbye hug. A kiss on the cheek too.


  • Watching him play CSGO just raging and screaming. Ablo Orman-style.
  • 95% of the time would be just you petting and playing with his cat.
  • He’d probably insist that you have to make a q&a video with him. 
  • When he would ask people on twitter to send questions, he’d get a bunch of replies with just “QnA with sister?” etc, and it would piss him off so much. You found it adorable.
  • You two recorded the video which was actually hilarious, but putting it on hold, not sure should he post it.
  • Touring around the big Soviet Union. He’d take you to KFC for the pengest munch. “Niggas gotta eat.”
  • When you got back it was really chilly so you decided to borrow, or atleast try one of his hoodies. You practically drowned in it.
  • Falling asleep quite fastly. A good and a cozy sleep.
  • Waking up at like 2pm. 
  • He’d make food, or atleast try. That’s what it looked like.
  • Plot twist; the food would actually taste really good.
  • A warm hug for the goodbyes. Tall boy.


  • Watching him record videos. You had to go to another room because you laughed a lot and you didn’t want to ruin the recording.
  • Starting beef with feminazis and cunts on twitter. He would either annihilate them or then just reply “haha yes.”
  • He would be surprised how good you were at beefing with people. You weren’t taking no shit and it only made him more attracted to you.
  • Despite his rather edgy and wild online persona, he’d be absolutely different in real life. Being very caring and loving. Appreciating every moment with you. Not saying he wouldn’t throw some funny and snarky comments at times.
  • Sleep over with out the sleeping.
  • Going to McDonald’s at 3am to get a big pack of nuggets and lots of cheeseburgers.
  • Then just doing random shit for couple of hours, still not tired.
  • Going for a deep™ walk outside and getting real deep. Talk about his issues and reassuring him that he is just perfect the way he is.
  • Watching films and shows on netflix and commentating over them. It would be actually hilarious. 
  • Falling asleep on the couch, netflix playing in the background. Probably at like 6.30am
  • You’d fall asleep all cuddled up.  He’d find you absolutely adorable and just smile.
  • Waking up practically in the same position. Wanting to stay like that forever, but he’d have to take a piss. lol.
  • BIGGEST HUG + kiss on the forehead. Big boy.


  • Despite his actually offensive and edgy personality online behaviour, he’d be actually the most caring and affectionate person. Lots of hugs and kisses.
  • Cooking food together
  • Commentating over FUCKH8 or BuzzFeed vids. Letting his more offensive side out. He’d probably record few vids on the go as well.
  • Playing GTA V for his gaming channel. Ad revenue important bro.
  • Going out quite late for a few beers. He’d get absolutely wasted over two pints. It would be actually hilarious to watch though.
  • Having fun for the most of the time. Listening to music, dancing, him trying to sing which you recorded for the blackmail material.
  • Him listening to your stories and things 100% enjoying it. Appreciating every thing you did in general.
  • Calling Niall, Billy and everyone else at 4am just to tell that they’re gay.
  • Cuddling that he would suggest, surprising you.
  • Waking up at about 10am, you’d have coffee and he would have his beloved orange juice. And that legendary sandwich. (inb4 “How to make a sandwich” -video)
  • Going to Tesco, to get some ice cream. (And more orange juice.)
  • When you would leave, he’d hug you but then after that kiss you. Smooth.



  • Getting Chinese Take Away.
  • Having the best and the most intense arguments and conversations about politics, music, culture etc.
  • Subtweeting or just posting conversations about memes between you two on twitter, even though you were literally few meters away from each other. 
  • Playing CSGO. You were killing each other constantly and just 99% fucking around.
  • Talking about his issues. He trusted you with these things, and you gave the best advice.
  • Critiquing and reviewing shows, games, albums, everything.
  • Staying up until about 2pm. Absolutely wild.
  • Waking up at 7pm, no regrets. 
  • C O F F E E. Overdose of C O F F E E.
  • A very long goodbye hug.

anonymous asked:

Hi so I'm a bit unfamiliar with some of Mark's Egos, you seem to know them a bit better than I. Like I don't know who Bim trimmer, cowboy hat dude and the one in the costume is, hope you can help me get to know them better. I'm just asking you because you seem to know a bit more that I do, and you seem generally nice and friendly. Maybe you don't know the answer to this or it might get lost, but if you don't know it's completely alright. And on a side note, I really like the things you make.

i got you covered, friendo! 💜

bim is from a cyndago sketch called ‘hire my ass’, and he’s pretty much just a very exuberant host. (hence why he gets a bit insulted in mark tv when he wanted to be the host of disc of riches)

ed edgar (the cowboy guy) is from another cyndago sketch called ‘ed edgar adoptallott’s baby bulk buy’ where he pretty much owns a factory that makes babies. the video is hilarious and sometimes i can’t even tell it’s actually mark lol.

silver shepherd (the costumed one) is also from a cyndago sketch called ‘super infidelity’ where he is a superhero who thinks that his girlfriend is cheating on him. it turns out that his girlfriend is cheating on him with his human alter ego. 


So, Ovi and Mike Richards are immediately gonna recreate this commercial with weird eyefucking in an airport, right

(The Behind the Scenes video is actually much better than the commercial itself because Ovi is fucking hilarious as an interviewer, and he spends the whole time hanging over and/or fucking with Nicky and Mike Green, and then Brooks Laich. But the best part is when he’s interviewing the kid playing him, and dives right into the criticism for his suspension and goal celebrations. Ovi’s actually kind of ridiculously clever, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.)