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Shopping (Jason Todd headcanon)

Requested: Yes
Request: I love your blog!XD It’s my first time asking/requesting for anything on tumblr so excuse my errors. Can you do a oneshot or headcanon with Jason Todd going shopping with his reader/S/O. Please and thank you.

  • He doesn’t strike me as someone that ever enjoys shopping
  • but with enough persuading and/or blackmailing he’ll come with you
  • I’ll send Damian that video of you tripping over your own feet.” “Fine I’ll come “
  • He’d help pick out clothing for you
  • But he thinks everything looks good on you
  • It really doesn’t help
  • But he is excellent at picking lingerie 
  • Like he’s a specialist
  • He’s also great at reaching for stuff up high
  • you want that bag of specific macaroni?
  • He’ll get it for you 
  • want that cereal box from the back of the counter?
  • He’ll reach for it
  • Some mofo wants to take the last box of your fave cereal
  • Jason is on the scene reeeeal quick
  • He’ll get that box for his boo


With love,

Just so you know if you ever put that peroxide blonde shit back on your head, I will come to your house in the middle of the night and cut all of your guitar strings. Then I’ll steal every Eagles record that you own and then I’ll find a way to constantly broadcast that video of you tripping over Rory everywhere you go for the rest of your days on this earth. Got it Horan?
—  Georgina Ferguson, a Brunette Niall drabble

Justin talks about his trip to Canada with Selena (June 26, 2011)

Does someone know an easy video program to edit vids? ( @cederikleeuwe that might be your stadium )
And with easy I mean ‘Dad made a family video of our trip to the beach! It’s so embarrassing!!’- easy! ^^
Best would be freeware.. 🤗


Beaten up road drive towards a valley Glacier, Iceland