this video has the worst quality

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are you as excited as we all are about the soon to be released animation? :3

Believe it or not the release part is the worst moment I hate to live, I use to get so stressed when I’m rendering the final video and some animation/drawing/sound/grammar/video quality goes wrong… the pressure I always have for people who thinks I’m the worst person for not adding spanish subtitles inmediatly…and those little details that I can’t fix when the video has been uploaded…
Anyway…I think I could say that I’m excited for knowing the reactions.

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What's your opinion on Mother's Basement Sword Art Online videos on YouTube?

Never watched them, and I don’t plan on watching them. From what I heard from those that did watch them, it sounds like he’s absurdly biased, and has misinformation that borders on Digi’s rant.

Even without watching, just the titles and thumbnails piss me off. An opening hardly contributes to the overall quality of an anime, saying a single scene(that’s more or less just copy folder and turn to game object, despite how it looked) made it “the worst anime ever” is asinine, and I’ve heard a great and more credible-sounding argument from someone that frequently plays MMOs that SAO, a fictional game that no one will play unless NerveGear becomes a reality and a real-life version is made(which doesn’t seem likely at the moment) and thus people probably shouldn’t give a shit about BECAUSE it’s fictional(and because people seem awfully lenient at other game world anime doing whatever they want for game mechanics), is NOT a terrible game.

As for the thumbnails, it bothers me that he makes it a must to have scenes with either partial nudity or highly unnoticeable camera shots(the one for the openings was literally a half-second long, and they were tight shorts; not panties). Most likely just to imply to others that aren’t aware of the series’ content that “IT’S FILLED WITH FAN SERVICE” when it’s actually very limited.

“Phil has a habit of always being in the worst place at the worst time. It’s was an endearing quality that often resulted in funny stories for him to share with his friends or followers on the Internet.”

One of my drawings for the fanart thing!! It’s lowkey supposed to be a flashback to one of those videos. I’ll probably make some more better ones with other scenes later, I’m motivated :,D

Here’s the speedpaint too;


[on shooting the hallway fight scene] The first half of the day was just the camera movement, just the camera going back and forth, making sure we got all the angles and where it’s supposed to be. You know, it’s very very tricky because every single hit has to sell on camera. If one is missed, the whole shot doesn’t work. I think we did twelve takes, three of them were usable and one of them was fantastic […] It was wild! Because the way that we did it… you know I walk in and then I go in the door and quickly hide, and [the stunt double] continues and he comes out. And I run around the back of the set and I come in and do a little bit and then I’m out another way. And then he goes in, and I come back out with the kid. It was pretty spectacular.” (x)



this video should start on my question to him which was “what was your worst non acting job”