this video has the worst quality

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are you as excited as we all are about the soon to be released animation? :3

Believe it or not the release part is the worst moment I hate to live, I use to get so stressed when I’m rendering the final video and some animation/drawing/sound/grammar/video quality goes wrong… the pressure I always have for people who thinks I’m the worst person for not adding spanish subtitles inmediatly…and those little details that I can’t fix when the video has been uploaded…
Anyway…I think I could say that I’m excited for knowing the reactions.

“Phil has a habit of always being in the worst place at the worst time. It’s was an endearing quality that often resulted in funny stories for him to share with his friends or followers on the Internet.”

One of my drawings for the fanart thing!! It’s lowkey supposed to be a flashback to one of those videos. I’ll probably make some more better ones with other scenes later, I’m motivated :,D

Here’s the speedpaint too;


The reason why I dislike most Odette/Odiles is because with most dancers, the transition between good and evil is so unbelievable. When dancers portray Odette as the ultimate fragile, innocent mythical creature and then go ultra sharp, cold and mischivous in the third act I find it difficult to believe these two are supposed to be the same woman. Yes I get that O/O are the polar opposite of each other but isn’t the whole point of act three to let Siegfried believe he is swearing eternal love to ODETTE? How can he do that if there is not an ounce of fragility or sweetness in your portrayal of Odile??? I mean yeah Siegfried is stupid, but not that stupid. It annoys me so much that lately the whole ‘making Siegfried believe he is dancing with Odette’ is thrown out of the window in favor for sharp arm movements, really awkward and almost scary grins, and shoving your crotch in his poor face (I might be exaggerating a bit). What I’m trying to say is that there is too much emphasis on Odile being the polar opposite of fragility and innocence and not so much on Odile feeding off Siegfried’s memory of what Odette was like and seducing him with that. But that is exactly what Guillem does. She is sweet and innocent but seductive nonethless. She keeps shying away from Siegfried, looking at Rothbart asking him what to do, then looking back at Siegfried and flashing him the sweetest smile. She doesnt flap her arms about every minute to remind everyone that she is a swan, she just is. Her portrayal of Odile is one that is confident, playful, and decisive, yet has enough innocence and sweetness to make Siegfried believe that she is Odette. The only other dancer (that I know of) that does this is Marianela Nuñez, and I’m starting to think that she looked at footage of Guillem’s Odile for inspiration. Especially the diagonal where she bourrées towards Siegfried and tilts her neck a bit is very similar. This video is probably the worst bootleg video on yt in terms of quality but even with shaky video images the power of Guillem is palpable.

Partenered by Nicolas Le Riche and Wilfried Romoli in Nureyev’s production of Swan Lake, probably in the nineties.


I invite you, kpop fan or not, to discover Girl’s Generation. You obviously have no obligations to become a super fan of them, but it would be great to give them a chance. 

So, I’ve been meaning to do something like this for a really long time. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you think about it), Girls’ Generation have made their way into my everyday life. They were really only something I kept to myself from 2011 all the way to the end of 2013. I think that I just stopped caring what everyone would think about me liking a kpop group. I really don’t care if I’m judged. If you can’t accept it: stop, take a breath, and reevaluate what you think is something representative of someone’s character. What the heck am I trying to get at here? I’m not sure.

I’m making a massive post for my friends who always constantly are completely downtrodden by the amount of Girls’ Generation I constantly post. I’m trying to answer the question:

“What is a Girls’ Generation?”

Girls’ Generation is a nine member female Korean pop group that is otherwise known by the name So Nyeo Shi Dae, which is often shortened to just SNSD (it is much easier to type the name as SNSD or just GG so I shall for here on out). SNSD debuted on August 5th, 2007 under SM Entertainment. They were meant to be a girl group with a fresh and youthful style. Their first single was “Into the New World.”

Kpop was not a spread world-wide in terms of popularity back then. There were some foreign fans who liked kpop, but in general it was not quite as popular in that year if you compare it to now. Girl groups were not as generally popular as they are now, and many people viewed the formation of SNSD as useless, especially because of the debut of two other (now still popular as well) girl groups, Wonder Girls and KARA, in the same year.

So, SNSD were not an instant success, however, they did gain a stable set of fans. Eventually these fans were given the fanclub name of S♡NE. SNSD remained somewhat popular, gaining commercial promotions and other entertainment opportunities until 2009, which I like to call “The Year of Gee”.

“Gee” and “Genie”, both released in 2009 became the most popular of SNSD’s songs and skyrocketed the girls to the top and they have remained there ever since. Now they have a large standing all over the world, including successful promotion as a kpop group in the Japanese pop music scene.

Their music ranges from as cute and sweet as a cupcake eaten by a small, happy child to holy crap work it girls. The line up is made of some of the best singers and dancers currently in kpop.

Members (by age):


External image


External image

Sunny (Soonkyu)

External image


External image


External image


External image


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External image


External image

Group Shot:

External image

From left to right: Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sooyoung, Jessica, Yuri, Yoona, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Seohyun. It’s a little hard to get used to them. Especially since someone could have a press release saying Yuri, Yoona, and Seohyun are actually related and I would believe it 100%.

Why do I spend so much time focusing on just Girls’ Generation, when there are so many other kpop groups and just general groups all over the world?

I don’t really have one specific answer than can use to explain why I like them so much. I can separate the reasons into different little sections:

  • It is a bit strange, but the massive amount of haters SNSD has is part of why I even started liking them. When a kpop fan first gets into kpop, if they don’t start out with SNSD they usually will encounter many people spreading hate towards the group and the fans. Most of this hate has no logical reason behind it, I just remembered being so overwhelmed by so many people telling me they were bad and I shouldn’t listen to them that I just had to check them out. And I remember not understanding why so many people thought they were bad. I became a fan in 2011, which was when “The Boys” came out and think that it was how great the performances were that made me like them. I also was very obsessed with Sunny’s short hair and I just remember eventually finding all the fan videos and shows with them in it and from then on I have been a big fan.
  •     I like the fact that they really seem to enjoy being around each other and they have lasted for almost 7 years now without any changes. They really promote a good relationship between girls and really love it. In their songs, as much as they sing about liking guys, I’ve never heard a song with them pulling the “I’m better than all the other girls” thing like I’ve heard in other songs and I really appreciate it. They have something that I find a lot of kpop boy groups lack. It’s not that I think boy groups don’t have a few good friendships in them, but a lot of what I see from them is pure fanservice. SNSD does fanservice, but there are so many moments when you can tell that they really enjoy being around each other and I love the fact that they don’t mind showing that to the fans. They don’t really try to hide the friendly moments nor do they hide when they one member is not on good terms with another.
  • I love the fact they are all just pure derp in individual ways.
  • Some of them have similar features, but each of them are really beautiful in unique ways. That is corny as all hell, but it’s so true.
  • I love being a part of such a large fanbase. I mean, I’ve never talked to so many great people from around the world who have all been united by one specific group. I feel like even if you don’t like them, you can relate that feeling to something else you like.

Basically that’s why I like them so much.

 Here is a list of their singles:

Korean MVs:

Into the New World Almost half of them hadn’t even graduated high school yet.

Girls’ Generation

Kissing You 

Baby Baby Pure derps. They really were babies.

Dancing Queen This was supposed to be the single released instead of Gee, but at the time SMent were having trouble being able to release a cover (Duffy’s Mercy) as a single. So Gee became the single even though the video for Dancing Queen was already made. So this video was made in 2008, but wasn’t  released until the end of December in 2012. 

Gee This was the most viewed kpop until Gangnam Style. Still iconic.

Way to Go An entire video of pure derp.

Genie (Tell Me Your Wish) Iconic.


Run Devil Run


Echo The derps made this while on vacation. Or at least a kind of vacation. Hard to explain.

The Boys Just so you  know, Snoop Dogg did a remix version with this song. He whispers “Bring the boys out” in the remix and it makes me really happy for some reason.

I Got a Boy

Special Sub-Units

Love Hate (JeTiHyun, unofficial subunit) Such a throwback.

Twinkle (TaeTiSeo, official subunit) Really sassy. The whole album is sassy.




Run Devil Run


Bad Girl Live Version with the full intro because the actual music video has horrible quality. And the intro is so cool. I get so hyped up with this song.

Time Machine This whole thing is beautiful. Just the colors, wow. I love the song.



All My Love is for You

Flower Power

Love and Girls

Galaxy Supernova (technically an advertisement)

My oh My Most recent video. They set a man off in a cannon, by the way.

Beep Beep  So pink. 

Special Promotion MVs/ Commericals worth mentioning:

Chocolate Love Slaaaay. You better sell those phones.

Visual Dreams This is somehow the worst, but also the best.

Vitamin (fanmade)

Cooky Simultaneously adorable and embarrassing. 


Cabi Song (with 2PM) Iconic. Ayyye 2PM, too.

Samyang Ramyun

Goobne Chicken They had an entire set of commercials of them just being derp.

True Move H

There are many more of these, so many I’m stopping here. Galaxy Supernova is also technically a song for a commerical, but people seem to consider it just a normal music video, just as they do for HaHaHa and Chocolate Love.

Personal Favorite Songs (some are ballads):

Destiny Throwback vibe

Let’s Talk About Love Throwback vibe

Talk to Me (Coffee Caramel) (Jessica/Tiffany duet) Live Radio Video

Star Star Star (fanmade video)

Mistake (written by Yuri) If you don’t listen to this entire song, I will haunt you in your sleep.

How Great is Your Love (written by Sooyoung) Live Radio Video

Say Yes (Live Radio Video) Dork Evidence.

Stay Girls

Lips I don’t think you will ever understand how much I flipped when I heard this. 

Baby Steps (TaeTiSeo) 


Girlfriend One of my absolute favorite songs ever.

Bye (Taeyeon Solo for the movie Mr. Go) If you don’t listen to any other song listen to this one at least.

My Lifestyle (Jessica solo for PYL promotions) Perfection.

Innisfree Day (Yoona for Innisfree) I kind of live for this song. I can’t deal with it.

Day by Day

Express 999

Show Show Show

Look at Me

The Great Escape


Talk Talk

I’m A Diamond

I have a lot more favorites and this doesn’t even include covers. 

(I’ll be making individual posts for each of the members later. None of the images or links are mine, obviously.)


the bitch from dear fat people did more than make fun of people

nicole arbour, who I am sure you all have heard of, has done worst.
if you haven’t heard of nicole arbour, she is a youtuber who calls herself ‘funny’. her video, ‘dear fat people’, has gained a notorious reputation. me, not being a very sensitive person, didn’t think much of it and thought she was just a low quality edgy chick on a five dollar budget.

anyway, on to the real point. if you are familiar with matthew santoro, a youtuber who posts comedic videos that include facts, has dated nicole arbour for a short amount of time.
as I was looking up matthew’s channel, I stumbled across a video about nicole abusing matt. believe me, matt is a sweet and funny man, and I am outstanded someone, especially someone who he’s supposed to be close to, would even think about hurting him.
she’s done multiple harmful things to him, she’s hurt him physically. she threatened to kill herself and frame matt for causing it.

watch the video:



this video should start on my question to him which was “what was your worst non acting job”