this video has the worst quality

I did get to work with Don Was, who is responsible for later Bob Dylan albums and worked with the Stones way back, and he did a lot of John Mayer’s last couple of records. So I did get to work with him, but the songs he got to work on were bad songs, and that’s my fault. So the songs we worked on probably won’t make [the album], but I really enjoyed it and hopefully next time we can do something. He was pretty cool.
—  Niall Horan, on producers he would love to work with: Singapore showcase 7.7.17 (via 1directSG’s Instagram live story)

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are you as excited as we all are about the soon to be released animation? :3

Believe it or not the release part is the worst moment I hate to live, I use to get so stressed when I’m rendering the final video and some animation/drawing/sound/grammar/video quality goes wrong… the pressure I always have for people who thinks I’m the worst person for not adding spanish subtitles inmediatly…and those little details that I can’t fix when the video has been uploaded…
Anyway…I think I could say that I’m excited for knowing the reactions.

Hey everyone! As promised (a very, very long time ago), I’ll be explaining how I make my gif packs. This tutorial will be split into several parts, the first of which is focusing on a choice that comes before even the gifs are made: what television episodes (and films, though this is much simpler) to download.

After the cut, you’ll find a breakdown on what all of the words in file names really mean, as well as proof (through gifs!) that choosing the right footage can make all the difference.

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INFJ by an INFP (based on the 2 I know)

•Sweet but will end you if they see fit.
•Best sense of humor.
•Like a puppy dog when excited.
•Disappears for a while before texting you at 3am asking if you wanna go to 7/11.
•Needs more sleep.
•Video games.
•Has the best hidden hobbies??
•Quality best friend material.
•Can probably read your mind.
•Creates the best Memes.
•So creative??? Like, damn.
•Deep personal conversations about life at 5am.
•Cries over snakes not having legs.
•Theories, Theories EVERYWHERE.
•Crafts swords and laser guns in their living room.
•Amazing chefs!
Just wants everyone to chill and leave them alone.
•Unless you somehow gained their trust, then your not going anywhere, like, if they really like you, you are probably the most special person ever to have gained the friendship of these mythical beings.
•Worst sense of direction, a watermelon could do better.
•Best music taste.
Makes food then forgets about it.
•Forgets short term but remembers that thing from band camp 25 years ago.
•Defiantly the cat friend

Feel free to add more haha but this is based off my two INFJ married friends and they are the biggest pop tarts and I love them and they are mine.

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Hey Bap, I'm a huge fan, but I feel like your content has kinda gone down in quality cause of snuffbomb. Idk I know you probs don't care and that's cool, but it's weird knowing such a genuinely creative and sweet person like you is friends w him. He's kinda.. a huge racist man child asshole? Just saying man, don't let his need to oppose or make fun of people for cringe stuff keep you from experimenting. This ask is probably a bit incoherent, sorry, but I guess there's only so much I can say. 💖

He has absolutely 0% input on any of my content, never has, never will. We’ve even had several discussions about how the short animated films I’ve been working on are the literal opposite of what appeals to him in terms of theme and characters. We disagree tremendously on a lot of things, he’s just been there for me like very few people ever had when I’ve been at my worst. Him making attempts to try and cheer me up when I’ve been really struggling has given me a lot more courage to try and continue living.

I’ve only been working a lot harder on videos recently, I don’t know what you mean by down in quality as I’ve been working constantly on improving. For example, if you watch my first Quotev Quiz video (2015) vs the second one I did last October I think there’s a big leap in quality of entertainment. No friend has ever tried to dictate my content, it’s only ever been the people demanding Ask Jeff and Jack. I’m sorry you feel disappointed in my content, I’ve only been trying to make things people will enjoy more whilst also trying to enjoy myself. 

Every time I think I’m finally getting somewhere better someone tells me it’s not good and I feel back at square one all over again. I just want to make what I want to make but then people say it’s down in quality :’( I’m really sorry if you feel displeased with the work I’ve been doing and will try to do better


The reason why I dislike most Odette/Odiles is because with most dancers, the transition between good and evil is so unbelievable. When dancers portray Odette as the ultimate fragile, innocent mythical creature and then go ultra sharp, cold and mischivous in the third act I find it difficult to believe these two are supposed to be the same woman. Yes I get that O/O are the polar opposite of each other but isn’t the whole point of act three to let Siegfried believe he is swearing eternal love to ODETTE? How can he do that if there is not an ounce of fragility or sweetness in your portrayal of Odile??? I mean yeah Siegfried is stupid, but not that stupid. It annoys me so much that lately the whole ‘making Siegfried believe he is dancing with Odette’ is thrown out of the window in favor for sharp arm movements, really awkward and almost scary grins, and shoving your crotch in his poor face (I might be exaggerating a bit). What I’m trying to say is that there is too much emphasis on Odile being the polar opposite of fragility and innocence and not so much on Odile feeding off Siegfried’s memory of what Odette was like and seducing him with that. But that is exactly what Guillem does. She is sweet and innocent but seductive nonethless. She keeps shying away from Siegfried, looking at Rothbart asking him what to do, then looking back at Siegfried and flashing him the sweetest smile. She doesnt flap her arms about every minute to remind everyone that she is a swan, she just is. Her portrayal of Odile is one that is confident, playful, and decisive, yet has enough innocence and sweetness to make Siegfried believe that she is Odette. The only other dancer (that I know of) that does this is Marianela Nuñez, and I’m starting to think that she looked at footage of Guillem’s Odile for inspiration. Especially the diagonal where she bourrées towards Siegfried and tilts her neck a bit is very similar. This video is probably the worst bootleg video on yt in terms of quality but even with shaky video images the power of Guillem is palpable.

Partenered by Nicolas Le Riche and Wilfried Romoli in Nureyev’s production of Swan Lake, probably in the nineties.


Top Gun - On Ice!

I’d say that maybe the purposefully terrible video quality on this, which has only gotten worse with time, has actually helped the authenticity of this video?

Anyway, shooting at an ice skating rink overnight was A) super-challenging, and B) a lot of fun, particularly as we figured out who did – and who didn’t – remember how to ice skate.

Also, though the idea started with “what’s the worst movie to put on an ice skating rink?” I’d guess someone could actually put on a really good Top Gun - On Ice! for real at this point.

Prove me wrong, kids! Prove me wrong!

the bitch from dear fat people did more than make fun of people

nicole arbour, who I am sure you all have heard of, has done worst.
if you haven’t heard of nicole arbour, she is a youtuber who calls herself ‘funny’. her video, ‘dear fat people’, has gained a notorious reputation. me, not being a very sensitive person, didn’t think much of it and thought she was just a low quality edgy chick on a five dollar budget.

anyway, on to the real point. if you are familiar with matthew santoro, a youtuber who posts comedic videos that include facts, has dated nicole arbour for a short amount of time.
as I was looking up matthew’s channel, I stumbled across a video about nicole abusing matt. believe me, matt is a sweet and funny man, and I am outstanded someone, especially someone who he’s supposed to be close to, would even think about hurting him.
she’s done multiple harmful things to him, she’s hurt him physically. she threatened to kill herself and frame matt for causing it.

watch the video:



this video should start on my question to him which was “what was your worst non acting job”