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Droplets of rain were hammering down on me like mini grenades, soaking my floral shirt as I sprinted through the dense jungle as fast as I could manage. My heart was pounding in my ears mimicking the sound of a herd of elephants and I knew there was no way out. Searching aimlessly ahead the jungle seemed to go on forever and I didn’t even dare look back and see my pursuer enclosing on me. I don’t know why I am in this situation but somehow my camping trip has turned into a feeding frenzy, only this time I am the prey. My legs started to ache as my breath grew more rapid and I knew it was only a matter of time before I would have to give up the chase and accept defeat. Sweat dripped of my forehead as my T-shirt snagged on a passing branch, creating a gash in my side. A bolt of lightening illuminated the sky and thunder echoed around me as I dropped to my knees, yelping in pain, clutching my aching legs. My breath hitched in my throat as I contemplated the fact that I might have escaped. I lay there in silence, hoping, pleading silent remorse.That’s before I felt the cool sharp metal of a dagger pierce through my shoulder blade and I let out a scream that could be heard miles around. 

Bolting upright in bed my chest heaved dramatically as small beads of sweat trickled off my brow. ‘It was all a dream, just a stupid nightmare’ I reassured myself clutching at the quilt that encased my body for support. Wiping my forehead with the back of my hand I contemplated how real that whole situation had felt and forced my breathing to slow. I hate nightmares and although I don’t get them often, when I do they always seem to be major. Instinctively, I reached out for Zoe next to me, wanting to feel the warmth of her hand against mine. Instead of Zoe’s little hand and sleepy voice however I was greeted with the cold hotel sheet next to me and my attention was suddenly brought back to the fact that this time Zoe wasn’t beside me. Ever since we had started dating, and even before that whenever one of us had a nightmare we were always there to talk to each other about it, even in the middle of the night. This time it was different, I was in Italy and she was back in the UK, instead of a few inches separating us a whole channel of ocean was. 

Breathing a heavy sigh I fell back against my pillow and reached for my phone. I had missed Zoe so much these past few days and it was the moments when I was reminded of her or when I needed her, that I missed her most. The LED light illuminated my screen as I opened my twitter app, scrolling through a bunch of tweets from fans before realising that Zoe would be fast asleep as it was 2am in the UK. I decided to settle on tweeting my fans hoping that they could offer me some reassurance and some entertainment to pass the time as I definitely wasn’t feeling sleepy anymore. Pressing send on my tweet I was surprised to hear my phone vibrate rapidly only 30 seconds later.

Swiftly pressing the answer button I held the phone up to my ear only to hear the cutest sleepy voice on the planet echo from the other end.

“Hey.” Zoe said timidly and I could hear her smile into the phone. “What was the dream about?” she questioned and my heart melted. A giant smile came to my face as I summoned the words to retell my dream. 

“Well, I was running through this jungle in the rain and I got so exhausted and fell over which enabled the guy who was chasing me to catch up and then he started stabbing me.” I puffed out, glad to finally get the events of the dream off my chest. Zoe giggled softly and I could hear her pull the blankets up around her body snuggling in as I did the same. 

“Sounds a lot like the scary dreams you used to have as a kid. How did young Alfred Deyes tell everyone to cope with nightmares, hey? If I remember correctly you said you should just put up with them or don’t sleep at all.” A fit of laughter escaped her lips as I joined in too.

“I can’t believe you remember that video.” I smiled after we finally stopped laughing. “I was a great advice giver” I laughed remembering that horrible quality video I had filmed as a kid.

“What are you doing awake at this hour anyway Ms. Sugg?” I questioned after we had regained composure.

“I couldn’t sleep.” she mumbled, “I miss you.” 

“I miss you too little one, everyday.” We sat silent on the phone for a moment, just listening to each others breathing before she perked up. 

“Or, maybe I am just putting off having a nightmare by not sleeping” she mocked causing us both to laugh again. 

“Well, can I let you in on a secret that older and wiser Alfie discovered for curing nightmares?”

“Ohh yeah what is it?” Zoe said sounding amused.

“Sleeping next to you.”

With that we both fell asleep with our phones on the pillows beside us and all memories of nightmares forgotten. 

There you have it. Hope everyone enjoys. This fan fiction was based of a tweet that Alfie made a few weeks ago whilst in Italy which you can see here (x) and the whole idea for the events of the  nightmare and younger Alfie’s advice were taken from one of his old video’s where he talks about nightmares, which you can watch here (x). I am actually quite proud of this one and I hope you enjoy. More soon. Send me prompts and love in my ask. xx

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First seven minutes of 505: Miss Me x100. Redid this video bc the first one had horrible sound quality. This one is much better :)