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Moonies we got a mystery on our hands.

@smcempathy​ had told me they found a video featuring the SMC Staff and one part of the video was about how they made their sound effects. Now this was around S1/S2′s airing (and before I made my blog so empathy and I haven’t even met to share the video) so it might be lost and according to smcempathy the video may have been removed from YouTube?

But this is the internet! Nothing can escape it

So I’m generally curious if this video exists and if it does, has anyone else has seen it?

anonymous asked:

The RFA+V+Saeran reacting to MC being a SUPER DUPER MEGA AWESOME HACKER (like an MC who's waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better at hacking than Seven but she's not in any hacker groups like she works solo and all that good shit👌)

okay~~ sorry for taking so long anon :3


  • HOLD UP 
  • “even better”
  • asks you to help him hack into Seven’s information so he can plan the ultimate revenge prank yaas
  • is legit super impressed and just stares at you when you work
  • he can’t focus on anything else lmao
  • also low key wants you to hack into LOLOL to cause some trouble for Seven’s guild because he KNOWS Seven cheats but it still makes him mad because he just can’t beat him
  • >:(


  • idk he just finds it cool
  • he’s not like super into it 
  • but you won’t believe this 
  • he’s actually a little intimidated by you??? 
  • because he knows that if he makes you mad or upset you could leak information about him and make it go viral easily
  • not that you’d do that though right? 
  • RIGHT?!?1
  • that is to remain undecided until further notice
  • oops hehe


  • “Can you hack into Mr. Han’s brain and tone down his cat craze?”
  • she also wants you to hack into the clocks of the Jumin’s house so she can get one more hour of sleep before going to work LMFAO
  • no but srsly she’d do ANYTHING for a nap
  • soooo you do it and it’s great because the whole company is confused 
  • like “Mr. Han missed the meeting for his beloved cat project? UNBELIEVABLE!”
  • let’s just say, it was a great day for Jaehee because the project was postponed


  • thought that MC would be like Seven but you were wayy more mature 
  • thank God 
  • but he wasn’t so sure about your career since he’s a public figure after all
  • but then you reminded him that you had several identities soooo problem solved!! 
  • you’re the princess of JuJu Island heh.
  • yo then he actually likes your job because YOU’RE ABLE TO HACK AND FIND CONFIDENTIAL GOVERNMENT CAT VIDEOS LMAO 
  • do those even exist idk just pretend it does man


  • he’s hiding cuz you might be part of hackers chasing hackers
  • but then he finds out you’re not and is 200% relieved until you tell him you’re a better hack than him
  • EXCUSE ME?!?!?!?!? 
  • hacking challenge accepted.
  • by the end of it, both of your uncovered so much information about each other it was impossible to decide a winner


  • “so.. that means you’re better than my brother?”
  • TBH you knew he was the hacker before anyone else found out
  • (plot twist MC saves the day OK no one dies all is happy yasss) 
  • right so then he wants to learn how to beat his brother in hacking!! 
  • the both of you become hacking partners for lyfe and literally you guys scare the rest of the RFA cuz
  • y'all are just too powerful gurl Seven is bowing down to you guys 
  • Seven: but you already have me??
  • ^^Vander: we can always fire you ;)
  • *insert sad 707 chicken meme face*


  • is kinda sad cuz you won’t let him use photos of you for his exhibition aww 
  • his puppy eyes make your heart kill itself and you have no choice but to let him 
  • defying all your hacker logic and precautions just to make this cinnamon bun happy 
  • it’s worth it though
  • V’s smile when he hears the compliments of his pictures of you is even brighter than the sun

:) i hope this is what you wanted!

~Cherry L.

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throwback! the music video for shinee’s debut single, “누난 너무 예뻐 (replay)”, was released eight years ago today. (may 22nd (kst), 2008) [note: the original upload of the music video does not exist on youtube anymore. the above is a reupload to the current smtown channel, while another earlier upload to smtown’s original channel can be found here.]

LUKE DAVIS asks: What was Vastra and Jenny’s wedding like?

Victorian society reeled. Arthur Conan Doyle declined to attend but sent a hamper, George Bernard Shaw contemplated a new play, and a horse fainted. The Doctor enjoyed himself so much, he came four times, so wreaking havoc with the seating plan. A stern young woman from The Temperance League, attempted to disrupt the happy occasion, declaring it to be immoral, and got put in a headlock by Jenny. Surprisingly, Vastra was much more diplomatic about the interruption and just invited the young lady to dinner.
Fortunately, a video exists of the wedding, although the happy couple’s kiss has been edited from some copies, without the permission of the video makers. Vastra has made a list of the people responsible along with some suitable condiments.

—  Doctor Who Magazine 478 - Steven Moffat Q & A
Danganronpa V3 Personality Theory (but its confirmed pretty much)

Not sure if reddit user hrcmstrbl has a tumblr, but I read their post and kinda wanted to talk about it because I was thinking this anyways SO

“[If] it’s true that their personalities were inverted for the killing game, it just makes everything all the more fucked up.” 

So like can we really talk about the characters for a split second please?

  • O!Kaede has major fucking trust issues yet still managed to create Kiibo and loved the character of Makoto from the killing games (since they are fictional in this universe, meaning he doesn’t exist). Her and Miu also didn’t have a good sister relationship. Probably went into the killing game to bring on despair, since she died in the name of hope. Named Kiibo “hope” as the ultimate troll.
  • O!Shuuichi was depressed which probably drove him into a corner and developed his love/passion/interest w possibly killing but more so murder (if it involves killing or not is still debatable)
  • O!Ouma was ultimate meme lord. Fandom was right. Darn.
  • O!Kaito and O!Gonta were bullies who maybe bullied people who loved bugs/space and became those ultimates as the ultimate joke lmao
  • O!Maki was Chisa Yukizome 2.0. Love kids, loved life, lol happy days but much like Yukizome fell to her ultimate vices and became the ultimate assassin 
  • O!Rantaro wasn’t ultimate survivor so instead of being able to survive maybe he has a serious illness or something where he could die at any second? Kinda unclear on him
  • O!Korekiyo didn’t have a split incestic personality with their sister but instead was very at peace with her death and moved on from it, even though it was a traumatic event in their life. But nope they brought that back and added 100 layers of pain to it
  • O!Tsumugi despised the ultimate despairs and wanted nothing to do w them, probably had a future foundation t-shirt.
  • O!Miu was soft spoken and had absolute good manners. Somehow O!Miu and O!Kaede seem more like sisters then rather than their splits?
  • O!Kirumi prob’ed loved Ryouma deeply instead of hating him. (fuck this one hurts - she killed the guy she loved out of false hate)
  • O!Kiibo probably hated Kaede which explains Kaede’s feelings of not being able to trust anyone.
  • O!Himiko wasn’t lazy, really upbeat and down to try anything once. 
  • O!Angie didn’t believe in religion
  • O!Tenko was team boy over team girl - wanted to love all the boys instead of loving all the girls. This means no canon relationship w himiko.
  • O!Ryouma probably gets really scared over the most life threatening things. Not calm whatsoever, really on edge all the time. Ryouma mentions that he had a positive childhood and was now a shadow of himself. REVERSE THIS. He had a horrible childhood and learned from it and grew into a good, yet timid, person. 

What is confirmed is that “Kaede, Kaito, and Shuuichi because those are the audition videos we’ve seen. Ouma’s comedy/clown group does exist; they showed it in game but made it look like they were spreading despair when in reality it’s the opposite. So this partially confirms that their backgrounds / personalities / motives / etc. have been inverted for the game to an extent.”

So because DR doesn’t exist in this universe bc they are fiction not reality Danganronpa fans sign up to have their minds erased and their personalities replaced, so they can literally become Danganronpa characters, which most likely give them more killing/cunning qualities to make the game show interesting. Most of these characters got royally fucked over because, unlike the cold and evil Ouma we see, he really was just a meme lord who wanted to raise money for a good cause and drink phanta soda.

i had a dream a couple of nights ago that symmetra was living in my house and she just like………she super hated me. like she was just being really passive aggressive towards me and it culminated in her stealing a dry-wipe board i had from my room, which i have my weekly schedule on, and she wiped that out and then wrote down all my individual flaws on the board and put it back in my room, and i woke up and i was still in that sort of haze coming out of a dream where you think it actually happened, and i went over to my dry-wipe board in real life and was about to wipe out my entire weekly schedule to put “FUCK OFF, FUCK YOU” when i remembered symmetra is a character in a video game and does not exist in real life