this victoria's secret show will be awesome

I feel shit for Sui He. Took her 5 years to earn her first pair of wings and they had to do this to her the year after ? I don’t mind the instagirls being booked for VS but this is just too unfair!! Gigi kendall and bella all got some really huge ass awesome wings. But look at Sui He’s wings !! She deserves so much better. I just can’t believe it. Sorry

“Okay so i’m way too excited – I’m on the cover of marie claire magazine, my tour will start in six months, I’m asked to perform on the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and my new album is dropping in two days. Oh and my birthday was awesome. This does call for a celebration don’t you think?? I was thinking of throwing a house party.”


“Hey Baby.” Tez says walking into the house. “Hi.” I say watching the TV while playing with the string attached to the shorts I had on. “I see you repping me baby.” He says while pointing to the shirt I had on. It was one of his merch shirts. “Whatever.” I say rolling my eyes.”Sorry I didn’t come home last night I was with Hayes”He says sitting next to me on the sofa.”That’s funny because I saw your snapchat and I didn’t see Hayes with you. I saw Nate, Swazz and a bunch of Hoes…..oops I mean girls.” I say turning glaring at him.His smile fades away and he looks at the ground. “That face isn’t going to work this time. That puppy dog face only works sometimes.” I say. “I’m sorry I was just so caught up with Nate having fun I lost track of time.” He says placing his hand on my leg. “Oh really? I heard Nate say in his snapchat warning you; Tez it’s 3:00 a.m., if you don’t get home Y/N is going to beat your ass.” I say moving his hand. “Whaat? When did he say that?” Tez asks while rubbing his neck. He leaves his hand covering a certain spot on his neck. “Move your hand.” I say. “Why?” he asks with wide eyes. “Move it.” I say while glaring at him. He moves his hand and it revals a hickey and some lipstick stains on his white shirt. “Ohh shit, so this is what you do when I’m not around.” I laugh and stand up. “No babe, so what happened was.” He begins to say. “AHHH, fuck that nigga, I don’t want to hear it. Take your shit and go stay with Nate. Come back in a few hours when I’m calm, that way I don’t cut off your dick and feed it to Bella.” I say while handing him his shoes.“ You wouldn’t do that.” He smirks. “Bella” I call for my 150lbs Rottweiler who comes running in. “Growl.” I smirk. She starts to growl at Tez and his eyes start widening. “Bella, remember me? You like me.“ He says and sticks his hand out. She barks at him and he snatches his hand back. "I suggest you leave now before I make her att-” I start to say. “FINE, I’M LEAVING.” He says putting on his J’s opening the door. “Come back later.” I say. “Oh, hey Tez.” Hayes says walking into the house as soon as Tez opens the door. “What are you doing over here?” He asks. “Y/N called me and said she needed help with her dog.” he says. “OH Bella.” Tez says. "No, she said Bailey.” He says looking at me. "She doesn’t have a dog named Bailey.” Tez says rasing his eyebrow. “Come back in 2 hours. I think dog training is going to take longer than I thought.” I smirk, walking towards the door. “Y/N” he says. “Bye Tez.” I say shutting the door in front of him. I turn around to see Bella licking all over Hayes while he is petting her.” So you think he is jealous now?“ I smirk. “Probably. Now what do I get in return for this?” Hayes asks me. “UHH I’ll get you backstage in the next Victorias Secret show.” I say. “Awesome. I still can’t believe one of my best friends scored a VS Angel.” He says. "Yeah, I just couldn’t resist his goofy self.” I sigh. Hayes’s phone goes off. “Hello?” He says. “Who is it?” I whisper. “Tez” He says. "Mute him.” I whisper. Hayes mutes the phone. “I have an idea, I’m going to moan your name and then you tell me to be quiet so he won’t hear us and ask me if I have seen your shirt or something and then I’ll respond.“ I say. "Okay.” he smirks then unmutes the phone. “Yeah dude I’m back.” He says and he puts him on speaker. “Hayes” I moan. "SHH, he is going to hear you.” He says. “THE FUCK?!” I hear Tez yell from the phone.“ Aye Y/N, have you seen my shirt?” He smirks. "No, I can’t remember where I threw it.“ I say. "WHAT?!” Tez yells. “Aye, where is my bra? That shit was expensive.” say. “I don’t know, I took it off with one hand and just threw it. I didn’t see where it went.” He laughs.”DON’T FUCKING TOUCH HER HAYES.“ Tez yells then hangs up. My phone then starts to ring. “Hey baby.” I say like I’m out of breathe. "I’m on my way back.” He says. “Why?” I smile. "Because I can’t lose you.” He says. “Okay whatever. Hayes get your stuff, he’s coming.” I say while smirking. “Y/N back away from him, don’t touch him.” Tez says through the phone. “Bye handsome.” I say to Hayes. "Y/N!” He yells and I hang up the phone. “I think you should leave so you don’t get killed.” I say and laugh. “I know I’m leaving, bye.” He says and hugs me. "Bye.” I laugh. Hayes opens the door and Tez is getting out of the car. “YOU BETTER RUN NIGGA.” He yells at Hayes. Hayes takes off running down the street, Tez running after him. I laugh and shut the door, I don’t wanna see Hayes get beat up. I think I’m just going to wait for Tez to get back in the house. Let’s see how long I can string this joke along.