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Travis: It was streaming on Witch.

Griffin: What- oh god, that’s good.

Travis: It’s like magical Twitch.

Griffin: Dad, Twitch is a service that-

Clint: I know what it is.

Travis: Do you? Explain it.

Griffin: Are you up there all the time? Dad’s climbing that Hearthstone ladder today on Twitch.

Clint: I do, I’m a Twitcher. I’m a big Twitcher.

Taako: That’s cause you don’t get enough potassium, my dude.


you think we’ll still be friends when we’re dead?
i will if you will. 
− happy birthday, tina!


“i won’t talk,” he said.

  the first punch shattered two of his ribs. the second had him coughing blood.

  “maybe we should snap your fingers so you can’t play than infernal flute,” van eck suggested.

  i’m here for her, wylan reminded himself. i’m here for her.

  in the end, he was not nina or matthias or kaz or inej or jesper. he was just wylan van eck. he told them everything.


You found it during your darkest time. And you said, when you made it through, that that necklace represented h o p e.

so this post I reblogged last week is making rounds again but I want to signal boost that the version being spread is the wrong version. is where the episode streams, not and the post was corrected 9/13/17. I’m a flop for typing the wrong url initially, but please be sure to always re-check the source of posts you reblog because they change sometimes!