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yoongi and jimin staying up tonight and laying together on their hotel bed, not able to sleep because of jet lag and the adrenaline from the win still in their veins, shirtless w the hotel window open because vegas is warm even at 3 am, talking softly in the dark about their emotions, the win, how yoongi was always right there during the night making sure jimin was comfy, what they want to do when they get back home, jimin holding yoongi’s hand to his chest, yoongi leaning across the space between their pillows n kissing him soft, falling asleep before the sun comes up




woodroof: Luke Evans is really a good singer, but I captured only the worst from three songs #hobbitcon #hobbitcondrei #hobbitcon2015 #hobbitcon3 #lukeevans


Lance x Plaxum icons for Anonymous!

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Small talk.

I’m not gonna be around for a while. This whole “you’re plagiarizing someone else’s style” thing (asks) really hurted me. So, yeah, for now I’m going to work on a design and a coloring that doesn’t remind anyone else style. I’m not even sure if i’ll keep Agma!Bendy at this point.

I’m sorry if I make you upset, sad or hurt because of a similar style of drawing, if i messed up with something, bothered you, or anything else.

See you guys soon, I guess.


So I know this isn’t Critical Role related, but if you like Dodger (PressHeartToContinue), and you like D&D, you’ll most likely like this new video she posted on her channel dexbonus.

It’s her playing Divinity Original Sin 2, with her fiance, Jesse Cox, aaannd..honestly some other guy that I don’t know, but Matt Mercer DM’s the whole time.

It’s pretty fucking hilarious.


It’s just not fair how good he looks in that suit   (╥_╥)

cr:  @vanillajinki