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between the devil & the deep blue sea (m)


Words: 28,455. (rip)

Genre: Pirate Jimin au + smut, fluff, angst.

Paring: Jimin x Reader.

Summary: “No matter the endeavour you were on, no matter the storms you encountered on rocky seas, or the possible threat of encountering blood-thirsty pirates, no one intrigued you or intimidated you more than the thought of him, of Park Jimin, the most notorious of pirates, the most brutal of men, the devil incarnate.”

Fantasy Collab

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Alright. Phew. It’s been a looooooooooong time coming but @blackindiaink and I have finally gotten the first book in our first joint series ready enough to put out there for anyone who might be interested in reading something new!

The series is called PAPER DOLLS and we’re putting the first book up for $.99 on Amazon (we’re hoping to have a paperback version as well, for gifts and things, but that’s taking us a bit longer because of formatting issues). The story will be enrolled in KDP which means anyone who has a Amazon - Kindle Unlimited subscription will be able to read it for free

The main focus of the series is a romance between two original female queer characters.

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Would you have any tips on how to write a girl in the early 1800s, i.e. what she would wear, what the streets would be like, what she's expected to do for others etc?

Hey there, love! Before I begin, I just want to say historical accuracy is a thing that lots of people struggle with and find themselves lost at where to start at as the internet contains a boatload of information! Now, seeing as you never specified where the setting is in your writing, I’m going to give you a general statement for each category.

Also, a quick note before hand, if your book is fantasy or along the same lines of that genre, don’t feel limited to the history you just find online! Add your own stuff about the history. For example, if your story is about Vampires (and if they are widely known to exist), include national holidays for them or something like that. You can include things that don’t exist and alter things that do, just don’t be insensitive about it.

Now that is out of the way, let us begin!



Starting with children, most still typically wore what we would call ‘hand-me-downs’ now or things cut and hemmed from adults old clothing if it didn’t fit. Infants and young children usually didn’t have clothes with a distinct sex intended about them or in other words, they’d be ‘unisex’. This typically consisted of some type of gown, robe, or tunic. As the children got older, however, their clothing got more in tune with their gender.

Boys ( from 4-6) would either wear skirted outfits which were simpler than girls and lacked more color and trim. They also held more masculine details such as being accompanied by a dress of some sorts. Boys (from 7-14+) wore ankle-length trousers that were buttoned to a short jacket worn over a shirt with a wide collar edged in ruffles. For girls, they were typically always seen wearing dresses regardless of their age. The only difference is that as they grew older, their dress became more lengthier and complex. Please note that depending on status (whether they were a peasant or noble, etc), the quality of these items would differ. Peasants would receive the bare minimum and nobility were given the finer things. Most children were barefoot during the warmer months and wore loafers otherwise. Girls also had flats and heels.

Now onto men, they usually wore breeches (a pair of pants/trousers that stopped at the knee or sometimes at the ankle) or pantaloons (a more casual version of breeches). They also typically wore coats with tails, shirts that featured cuffs, sometimes with ruffles down the front and wide collars. They also usually wore hessian or wellington boots and a cravat (a cloth worn around the neck), a top hat and a wig (as powdered wigs were in fashion back then though nobility and highly respected positions such as doctors, military, lawyers, etc usually only worn these and not peasants).

For women, they always had to wear stockings and their undergarments were usually a pair of drawers (that peaked out in younger girls) and a chemise. As women were not supposed to show much skin back then, they wore a kerchief (similar to a cravat) though it could be taken off during formal occasions. They also wore corsets which was to support their body and perfect their posture. Peasants usually wore a cap and gown and they always had to have their hair up in a bun, usually. During colder weather, they would often wear a shawl over their gown and around their shoulders. Nobility usually wore petticoats under their much finer gown. Many women, regardless of status, had an everyday dress and a dress meant for church.

What It’d Be Like

Until the beginning of the 1840’s, most homes were made out of logs. During the 1840’s, bricks were made available though most peasants continued to use logs whilst the nobility and royals used bricks and stone. Most homes were not large and included a room for the family to live in and then another for the family business (doctors, lawyers, and others always made sure to have a separate room to do their work in). Streets were not paved and there were no cars. Usually, there were cobblestone or dirt streets and horse-drawn carriages were used.

There isn’t much information on this though many worked on farms and such whilst the woman ran the houses (cleaning, cooking, etc) and the children did their chores or went to school (typically only boys did though few noble women did as well). Nobles typically had servants do their housework and nannies to care for young children and private tutors for their children.

Women were expected to cook, clean, and take care of other household chores (unless they were slaves who worked in the field). Men typically worked from sunrise to sunset and weather often didn’t affect their jobs. Young girls often kept with their mother to learn how to do such chores whilst boys went to work from varying ages.

There were some activities though such as painting, pottery, sewing, etc for women and hunting, gambling, going to bars/pubs, etc.

I hope this helped some! I’m unsure of the accuracy of some as, like most, I rely on the internet for my research and am in no way a historian. However, if you have any additional questions about this on a specific area/culture of the world, feel free to send in another question, lovely! Good luck and happy writing!

- Mod Lilly

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!

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Can snakes feel emotions? Ive always wondered and never saw any scientifical proofs of it, so if you have some, i would like to see them. Because i love snakes but I dont want to adopt one if Im not sure they can feel happyness (an empty shell would be sad).

Hi there!

The answer is yes, but not the way mammals do. Reptile emotional responses are fairly basic and are usually observable as aggression, fear, hunger beyond immediate biological need, trust, and pleasure (like an iguana that likes their cheek spots being rubbed).
Alligators will even protect babies that aren’t their immediate offspring, which is evidence of some complex emotional intelligence but still nothing close to the emotions displayed by birds and mammals.

We do know that snakes can identify the people who feed and handle them regularly and distinguish them from strangers, and they may be more calm when being handled by people they know versus new people.

Remember also that while feeling “happy” may be important to you as a human, what you consider happiness is much simpler for a snake. It’s more important that they feel physically comfortable in their environment, safe to engage in species-typical behaviors, and able to occasionally explore new opportunities in the form of enrichment. Safe, comfortable, and engaged are the snake equivalents of happiness and it’s not a lot but that’s still a million miles away from being an empty shell devoid of feeling.

We reptile keepers do personify our pets A LOT and this is to help others see them as relatable and cute and desirable companions and deserving of more than a tiny barren prison cell in which to barely exist and produce babies for the profit of their keepers.
The truth is that our snakes don’t love us back, and that’s very okay. It won’t stop us from loving and caring for them as best we can. Their snakey versions of happiness, simplified though they may be, make us happy without needing to feel appreciated or loved. And ultimately, isn’t that the point of keeping reptiles pets in the first place? If you want something that loves you and can display that love, get a mammal or a bird as your companion animal.

A snake won’t love you the way you’ll love them, but they may come to trust you. Trust is the instinctual core of love, and that’s enough reward for those who choose a reptile as a pet.

There are actually a few scientific articles that explore the emotional responses of reptiles and they seem very interesting but they’re behind paywalls (boo, academic elitism) so you may not be able to access them. I listed them below so you can check them out if you’re really very curious.

I hope this helps!

A “How-To” Guide for Designing Judgment Bias Studies to Assess Captive Animal Welfare  
Emily J. Bethell
Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science 
Volume 18, 2015 - Issue sup1: Advancing Zoo Animal Welfare Science and Policy: Selected Papers From the Detroit Zoological Society 3rd International Symposium (November 2014)

Melatonin Levels in the Gastrointestinal Tissues of Fish, Amphibians, and a Reptile
George A. Bubenik Shiu Fun Pangb
General and Comparative Endocrinology
Volume 106, Issue 3, June 1997, Pages 415–419   

Characterization of the raphe nuclei of the reptile Ctenosaura pectinata
Fructuoso Ayala-Guerrero, Salvador Huitrón-Reséndiz, Raul Mancilla
Physiology & Behavior
Volume 50, Issue 4, October 1991, Pages 717–722

Emotion: An Evolutionary By- Product of the Neural Regulation of the Autonomic Nervous System
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
Volume 807, Integrative Neurobiology of Affiliation, The pages 62–77, January 1997

My Concepts for my Modern Olympian sets explained (part 1)


This is just my explanations for all my Modern Olympian Greek God aesthetics series. The concepts I had in mind while making it, and the story behind each one. If you haven’t seen it, the link is HERE

This is part one, there are too many to put all on one post, and I keep making more. So here are the first six concepts.


Cronus, Zeus’ father, used to be a corporate monster. In fact, he was greedy, and terrible, and wouldn’t even let his sons inherit the business. Zeus inherited nothing from him, essentially building himself from ground zero. He overthrew his father, becoming even more powerful and appraised by the nation. Zeus is now a powerhouse of a businessman, now grown to political power. He’s fair to the people, as well as making making more jobs and saving money for the middle class. He’s no saint though, he likes to spend tax payer’s money on things for himself and his family. Not to mention he’s a known playboy, and has openly slept with other women that have not been his wife. And has many bastards, some he knows about, and others he doesn’t. Opinions of Zeus among the citizens are conflicted; while many still support him, and others believe he is only a tamer version of his father.


Hera is a woman that you do not want to cross or upset. She’s a strong and independent woman who is married to someone that takes her for granted, or so some people say. Though Hera does not need Zeus’ money to be stable; she is the Editor and Chief of a bridal magazine, as well as owns her own bridal chain store that have many locations all over the nation. When you meet Hera, you know she can get any man she wants; she’s a gorgeous woman who demands your respect. However, unlike her husband, she values marriage above all things and endures Zeus’ scandals with grace… and a little bit of revenge. Hera is a strong maternal figure with her kids, putting them above everyone else, and would do anything to protect them and steer them in the right direction so they can become their best. However, as their kids could attest, but never out loud, they are more afraid of mommy than they are of daddy.


Poseidon has power on a different level. He has various hobbies, including surfing and building cars, but he does not lead a chill lifestyle. He conquers the urban beach cities with his MC (Motorcycle Club or rather Motorcycle Gang). He is a rather likeable man, but like the ocean he lives next to, Poseidon can be as unpredictable as he is deadly. Insult him, and you’ll be sleeping with the fishes. Literally. Poseidon has a colourful set of skin, littered with various oceanic tattoos, as well as slightly tanned from living on the beach. As the MC leader, he has branches all over the nation, all of which run garages and other establishments that he all owns. He makes quite a bit of cash for someone who looks like a beach bum. Like his brother, he has a young and beautiful wife, but has one too many concubines and bastard children spread around in the nation. Though his true love is his 67 Blue Mustang.


Living a simpler life than the others, Demeter took after her grandmother in way of life. She lives on a farm with acres of barley, and tends to everything mostly by herself. She also has an apple orchard, and during the fall, she grows pumpkins. Demeter loves to garden and getting her hands dirty; feeling her fingers push into the soil and feel the roots reminds her a lot of embracing her grandmother. It was mostly the smell of the earth. She had once lived with her darling daughter, Persephone, and life was so much brighter than. She would chase her little flower through the fields and together they would braid their hair and make crowns with wild flowers. They would play with the piglets in the mud and nurse then after a long day of playing. Though now her daughter is all grown up, she has her own life. And while Demeter does not approve of Persephone’s husband, she is content enough that she found someone she loves. Only now without her in the house, every season feels like winter. It’s only when she visits her that she feels as warm as spring.


A man that people seldom talk about in a conversation. Hades is a mob boss who has businesses in the underground of the nation. A filthy rich man who a lot of people owe money to. His debt collector? Charon. Everyone has to pay the ferryman eventually, and if they try to run, Hades has an arsenal of gangsters to find them. His prize hitman, Thanatos, and of course, his three faithful dobermans who are all too willing to rip a man’s throat if given the command. Despite being someone that many fear, Hades is a complex individual. On his exterior he comes off as foreboding, ominous and terrifying. Though who he is, is truly different. Hades is a romantic, and he is the most faithful out of his brothers. He would be too, because falling in love with Persephone was unexpected. She is so much younger than him, so full of life that he is drawn to her like a moth to a flame. In Persephone, he sees what he lacks, and is devoted to his queen, because her love balances his life, which has always been full of death.


Hestia, like her sister Demeter, lives a modest life as well. Hestia is incapable of having children, but her heart is always in her home and with family. She holds many jobs, all of which she loves, because it allows her to be closer to people. As a kindergarten teacher, she is able to be with children, since she cannot have them herself. She even calls them “her kids”, since every year she grows to love each young heart that she has the honour of teaching and knowing. Hestia is also a realtor, which is one of her passions. To find the perfect home for a family brings her much joy. She also loves to home decorate, and provide DIY decorations for people on her etsy. Hestia lives in a peaceful suburban town with a low population, where everyone knows everyone. The winters are strong and long, but with a burning fireplace, and a hot cup of cocoa with marshmallows, Hestia never feels cold in her beautiful forest home. Her walls are covered with pictures of her sisters and brothers, and her nieces and nephews, and friends she had made over the year, as well as school photos with her kids at work. 

I’ll post part two in a couple of days! (Next six is Dionysus, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, and Ares)

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RAFAEL BARBA. Sorry I got carried away!

1. What does their bedroom look like?
Fancy-ass Rafi is one classy mother-respecter, and this extends even to how his bedroom looks. It’s nothing expensive, but there’s a sleek mahogany dresser, probably a small chest for cufflinks, and a nice full-length mirror. For what few decorations he does allow on the walls, they’re likely small versions of posters of two or three Broadway shows he’s fond of, tastefully framed and arranged.
Closet is filled with his immaculate suits and he has so many ties that he has them on a motorized tie rack.
Bedframe is a simple yet nevertheless quaint matching mahogany with plush comforting and several decorative pillows. And bottom line, everything is so freaking organized and neatly folded. Even his college sweats. Even his socks.

5. Cleanliness habits (personal, workspace, etc.)
I think it’s safe enough to say that we can all agree that Rafael Barba is one clean and orderly man. The only time his desk ever gets considerably out of order is when he’s working on a particularly taxing case and case files and law books get stacked all over the place.

7. Favorite way to waste time and feelings surrounding wasting time
Rafael Barba is not really one to waste time. Hell, even breaks are something of an oddity for him. He’s no-nonsense and knows that there’s always something that must be done. If not, he’ll look for something that needs to be done until he’s assured that there’s nothing left.
From this, we can tell that he simply. Doesn’t. Waste. Time.

10. Neuroses? Do they recognize them as such?
As neat and tidy as he is, it’s not from neurosis or anything. But I think it’s practically canon that Rafi has a caffeine addiction and will fight anyone who dares suggest he divorce himself from it.

12. Favorite book genre?
Cliche as it sounds, I see Rafael enjoying the classics. Particularly political ones like Brave New World or even Animal Farm. However, he is especially fond of Slaughterhouse Five by Vonnegut to the point of referencing it and occasionally quoting it, only to be a bit sheepish or surprised when nobody else gets it. Poor nerd.

19. What do they think about before falling asleep at night?
Poor busy bee: Most of the buzzing going on in this man’s head as he falls asleep are the things he has to do the next day. If he’s on a particularly grueling case, however, we’re making the assumption that he’s even going to sleep at all instead of staying up raking over counterarguments and ways to get the upper hand.

22. Given a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and nothing to do, what would happen?
First, he would ask you why you gave him this stuff. Once you tell him to do something with it, he might sarcastically write down, “What is this for??” Or just give you his coffee and pastry order and slide you $10 and return back to work.

26. Do they have any plans for the future? Any contingency plans if things don’t workout?
Honestly, I can’t help but feel that if you were to ask him this in a personal setting, he might freeze up a bit. Because as orderly and hardworking as Rafael is, he honestly doesn’t know what he wants to do way ahead. He always just sort of focuses on this job. The idea of a family doesn’t seem right for him, but maybe it’s because of the crap Yelina put him through? Maybe it’s even because the horrors of his job has allowed him to realize just how much he wouldn’t want his children to be exposed to things he can’t definitely protect them from.
The only thing he can decide on: Helping people.

29. Reaction to sudden extrapersonal disaster (eg The house is on fire! What do they do?
Rafael’s job is riddled with extrapersonal shit and his usual responses can range anywhere from, “This might as well happen (goddammit!)” to “Fffffffffffffffff–” In the example that his place is on fire, he’d try to be composed but he’s likely going to be cussing up a storm in both English and Spanish. The stress will hit him hard and it’s likely that he’ll really need to take some time off to compose himself and stay with his mother until then.

35. What activities do they enjoy, but consider to be a waste of time?
As stated before, Rafael does not like the idea of wasting time. Therefore, he doesn’t see what he devotes his time to as a waste. On that note, he loves theater and catches a show whenever he can. He also likes trying out restaurants and eating the most interesting thing on the menu. Sometimes, he’ll even try making the simpler dishes at home (he’s a surprisingly skilled cook).

45. Superstitions or views on the occult?
If I had been asked this before “Spellbound”, I would’ve assumed he didn’t believe all that much in the supernatural. After all, he seems like a many completely driven by logic. But post- “Spellbound”, it actually makes a bit of sense that he believes in some aspects of the paranormal. He was raised Catholic, after all. Ultimately, though, I think he tries to keep a cool head about it: There’s a lot that logic and science can explain, but some (a lot more) that logic and science can’t. Stick to what you can understand, and stay away from what you can’t comprehend. Bottom line: Rafael don’t mess with the occult and thinks anyone who does is crazy.

48. How do they express love?
It depends on how long he’s known you and what sort of relationship you have. The main consistent thing is that he’ll assure that you’re taken care of: Make sure you’re eating well and not overwhelmed by anything. If it’s familial, he’s a lot more open with you. If it’s platonic, He tends to show more sarcastic affection that you’ll learn is actually very well-meaning over the years. After a certain point where he’s sure he can trust you, however, he’ll smile a lot more and be more open with you.
Romantic expression is all this, but with more affection. He’d want to share a lot with you but won’t readily do so on the account of logic, and the fact that Yelina still messes him up to present-day. He may see you as a partner, but in the work sense, and you’re going to have to remind him a lot in the beginning of the relationship that you want to be his partner in life as well. It will fluster him to no end. He’s not big on PDA for the first few months, but if he feels he’s not expressing himself enough, will have flowers sent to your workplace in a gesture that he’s not embarrassed by caring for you.
If you’re upset, you’d best believe that he’s in your corner ready to hoist you back up (in his own, awkward Barba way). He’s still going to use sarcastic quips that can be taken the wrong way, but if he upsets you then he’ll hold your hands and talk to you while maintaining eye contact and express his utmost remorse for hurting you in anyway. Also, once in the blue moon where he’s well-rested enough, he’ll cook for you.
Once you’ve been together long enough, he’s not against holding hands while walking in the park on his off days and does so in quiet happiness.

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I'm a bit confused. How is comic Rodimus different from the movie and cartoon serie one? Along with Optimus whom has become violent which is making me worry a bit.

Hello, Lovely Anon! I am kinda happy you asked because holy shit I love talking about this character. I’ll try to summarize this as good as I can!

Alright, so.


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To all of our lovely Witches, Wizards, and Non-Magic folk,

   Hello! How are you? I sincerely hope this message finds you well. It’s been quite a while since you last heard from any of us, so I suppose that is where I will start.

   First of all, on behalf of all the cast and crew of The Gathering Storm: A Marauders Fan Film I would like to apologize for how long it has taken to bring this film to life and to make this dream a reality. We realize that you have been waiting a long time for this film, and we are truly sorry about that. I think that should be first and foremost. Believe me when I tell you, we all want the film to be finished just as badly as you do. And we absolutely hear you every single time one of you asks us “When is the film coming out?” Whether we like it or not, it is always a fair question. So again, we sincerely apologize for the wait and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us, for sticking with us, and for maintaining your enthusiasm for this project. We are working very hard to make it the film that you deserve.

   That brings me to a brief (ish) explanation of what the past year or so of post-production has looked like and why it has taken this long. The first thing to admit is that this project was an enormous undertaking. When this film was dreamed up and our team was assembled, the majority of us were still students, with a few exceptions who were recent graduates. As you may or may not know, it is very rare for student-run projects to reach feature-film-length. It is equally rare for fan films to do this. The simple fact is that without a professional team already assembled and behind you (as well as a professional budget), it is incredibly difficult to bring together enough resources and people – and to carve out enough time – to shoot and produce anything longer than 25-40 minutes long. Even projects of that length are incredibly challenging undertakings. Admittedly, we probably unknowingly bit off a bit more than we could chew at the time. However, that is not in any way to say that the quality of The Gathering Storm suffered as a result. It just slowed the process a bit, because we were all basically learning on the fly. As you know, it took us almost the entirety of that first year (May 2014 – March 2015) to finish shooting all the footage we felt we needed in order to put together a high-quality film and a fully-realized story. Yes, our inexperience hindered us in a few places along the way, as it does with any student or fan project.  While we may not be a Hollywood Blockbuster level production, I have no doubt that you will love getting to see the Marauders story we have all wanted for so long.

   Since the completion of shooting, post production has been a sometimes fast, sometimes slow process. Approximately the first six months after we wrapped shooting (March 2015 – August 2015) were completely lost, as a result of some unexpected turnover in the editing department. To put it somewhat more bluntly, our original editors were unable to continue with the project. In addition to that, the editor that we initially brought on to replace them also, after a few weeks, determined that they would be unable to follow through with this project. So searching for a qualified editor willing to commit to the entirety of the project was step number one, and that took much longer than we had hoped. After that, our post-production team evolved significantly. Members of our team, myself included, who were not originally going to be part of post-production, were brought on in order to shoulder more of the workload and in order to get things moving in a productive direction.

    The first few months were spent in intensive meetings between Aaron (our director), Danielle (our producer), Jenni (our new editor), and myself, where we recalibrated and reconfigured many of the creative aspects of the film. In short, we felt like some of the moments of our story were not as “earned” as they should be, so we spent a significant amount of time on fixing that (and we believe we were successful, by the way). Those meetings illustrate a larger point about the tediousness of this process though: We have kept you guys waiting for so long now, that at this point we absolutely refuse to give you anything less than the very best possible version of this film. Yes, we could have accelerated the editing process   We could have not bothered to adjust story elements, and we could be taking much simpler and more-direct routes through finishing the final aspects of post-production… but we as a team cannot and will not in good conscience do that. You guys deserve the very best, both for your support of us during the campaign, and for your continued support and patience now. In every single conceivable sense of the phrase, we would not have been able to make this movie without you. And we will never probably be able to fully express our gratitude. The least we can do is make sure that every aspect of this film is done in the best possible way it can be.

    That is why post-production has taken so long, along with a number of extenuating circumstances. We have had other crew members have to leave the project due to personal conflicts (as mentioned before, plus others), our lead editor and our VFX artist both have to work over 60 hours a week at their real jobs, some of us lost friends and family members over the past year, and a member of our post team lost their home in the Louisiana Floods this past August. It’s been a year, you guys. As 2016 has been for many people, it has been. a. freaking. year. And to be clear, these aren’t meant as excuses. We are not asking you guys to stop begging for this film or to “get off of our backs.” We want you on our backs. Stay there. You’ve earned it. These are simply being offered to you as explanations for part of why we have so dearly needed your incredible patience and support.

    We have been going back and forth amongst ourselves for a few weeks now, trying to decide whether to send out a new update. For a while we were thinking we wanted to hold off, not release any more updates until we were ready to release a new trailer. But we have decided, that with things moving as slowly as they have, we didn’t want to continue to maintain radio silence. We realize that updates have been few and far between for both supporters of our Kickstarter and of our Indiegogo, and we’ve pledged to be more vigilant about that. If you are one of our backers, please check the Indiegogo or Kickstarter Pages. We’ve posted an update for you regarding backer rewards, as well.

    So that’s where we’re at. We’re still here, we’re still hard at work, we still love each and every one of you for your support, and we have not forgotten about you or this project. We’re into the home stretch now. What remains is finishing the original score, visual effects, sound mixing, color correction, and a few other finishing touches. As I mentioned before, because all of us have now entered “professional” life, we all have a lot less time on our hands to get these things done. So I cannot honestly say how long those remaining tasks will take. But what I can promise is that we will do the best job that we can, and we will not be cutting any corners. You all have waited this long for The Gathering Storm. We will not be delivering the 75%-of-what-it-could-have-been version. When it is finally done, it will be the 100% version of this film. And I promise, as soon as we know when we’ll have it done, you will too.

    We get just a little bit closer every single day.

    This project has been a huge part of our lives for the past couple years and it has been amazing to share the journey with all of you. We’ll all be able to say “Mischief Managed” together soon, I promise. ^_~

    So, finally, from all of us on the TGS post-team, and from everyone who worked on the film during production as well: Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, for your continued patience and support for The Gathering Storm. You’ll be hearing from us again soon.

Warmest regards,

Benjamin Wessels
Co-writer, Actor, and Associate Producer 

professorsparklepants  asked:

I just read your post on the Hogwarts school uniform (which was wonderful) and I would loooove to hear more of your thoughts on wizard fashion???? If you were so inclined

Thank you!! I just had a conversation with problematicpizza where we discussed some of our thoughts on the subject. You may find it interesting!

Disclaimer: The following is just a massive headcanon. For the most part I don’t think it contradicts the books, but for the mostest part it’s just based on personal taste.  Also, I’ll be focusing on traditional conservative wizard clothes, the kind that shun muggle influence at all costs. If you read the posts I linked above, there we talk a bit about other styles.

Okay, so I think that the basic thing here is that magic would free wizards from some concerns regarding clothing and material:

  • Weight. (“You say you want to wear a massive cloak made of the heaviest brocade? And you want it to be all gathered and pleated and draped and bunched up so that you can use even more fabric?? Worry not, there’s probably a spell to make it light as a feather and floaty as cheesecloth.” I would say that such magics are worked during the process of manufacturing the fabric.)
  • Dirt. (“Look at that lengthy train you’re dragging behind you all over this disgusting, dog-pissed, owl-pooped cobbled floor! It’s utterly filthy!!” – “Ahahah, ‘tis okay, one quick spell and it’ll be like brand new!”)
  • Shape. (“This satin is too soft and won’t hold the shape I’m trying to give it T_T” ­­– “All is not lost my friend, you can spray it with this magic starch and you’ll be able to make it into a ginormous dragon!!!”)

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that witches and wizards have found the way to wear the most impractical crap you could ever imagine and still be able to move around and function in general.

I confess that my view of wizard clothes is very… cartoony? In regards to style, the overall look is an amalgam of medieval, baroque and Victorian fashion, but very stylised and exaggerated. I would say that the wizarding world that we see in the books is a bit like this. Practicality is quite often just thrown out of the window in favour of aesthetics (and general we-can-do-better-than-muggles stubbornness.) And this is not limited to clothing, but to absolutely everything. In my opinion, the wizarding world of the films (which I love) is a bit too grounded, a bit too serious and mechanical, while in my head it’s much more whimsical.

So in my version of wizarding clothes there’s, to start with, lots of volume and general puffiness. The more you want to show off how rich and magical you are, the most space you want to take, probably. Then there’s layers. Again, a matter of status: more layers = more enchanted fabric = more magic + more money. Also, asymmetry and imbalance, in an art-nouveau-pushed-WAY-too-far kind of way. Since you don’t have to worry about falling over because of MAGIC, then you might as well perch a ginormous explosion of ribbons and stuffed tropical birds on the right side of your hat, which is already tilted to the right because you’re so fashionable. And colour, colour is cool too. Like, we have iridescent shot silks that look one colour or another depending on the angle you look at it, so why wouldn’t wizards have fabric that changes colour with the weather or your mood? Also, moving embroidery. Embroidered flowers that shift with the sun and animals that run around (Umbridge has a couple of cute kittens on her collar that get excited when she’s being exceedingly cruel).

This is, of course, wizard clothes taken to the extreme. Some people wear simpler robes, others go utterly wild. One of the purposes of school uniforms (I think) is to even out some inequalities that may exist between the students (like how rich their family is), so it makes sense to keep them simple. And someone who is serious and strict with a no-nonsense attitude (say, Snape or McGonagall) would wear something like this:

While Dumbledore, for instance, would go for something more regal:

Then, of course, there’s our Umbridges and Lockharts:

And the rest.

Do all of them look very feminine? Yass :D

And to finish with, an unfinished lil’ Quidditch player:

I really wanted to do many more drawings, but I’m not sure my boss would’ve been happy about it….

@rociposse asked for Nolden dancing. so of course I’m going full-on galactic ball, because I know what I’m about. set in a not-so-distant future where *vague hand movements* you know

When all is said and done, a message comes from Avasarala. It’s coming from too far away to be a two-way type of communication which, if Naomi had to guess, was the entire point. The message lasts barely more than a minute, an invitation of sorts – everyone involved in the events that unfolded since Eros are now cordially invited to a celebratory evening on Luna, and that includes the crew of the Rocinante. Avasarala looks as thrilled about it as Holden when he watches the message, and Naomi bites down a smile.

They can’t refuse, that much is certain. Not when they’re the poster children for everything this war represented – Earth and Mars and Belt coming all together in one crew, relying on each other to succeed. The fact that Holden is still seen as a hero and a martyr in the Belt doesn’t hurt either.

So Alex sets the coordinates for Luna. By the time they make it there, three full weeks of tensions and nervousness later, everyone had time to send messages to the right people and make plans. Holden had his parents ship his old naval uniform to Luna. Alex made sure his Martian one would be awaiting him on the little moon. Amos dipped in the join bank account to buy himself a nice suit.

Naomi still pretends she can just show up in her coveralls and be done with it.

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Kaotic Koncepts: Team Rose Gameplay/Controls for 2D Sonic Game Idea

Heyah everyone! I’m back with this whole idea again and this time I’m going to unveil the gameplay/controls of Team Rose! Sorry to keep any of you waiting for this ^_^; I meant to post this on Monday, but I completely forgot lol And I couldn’t do it yesterday because Sonic Forces revealed their “Custom Hero” feature and this would drowned in the hype XD Coincidentally, that feature is kind of what I’m trying to do, just applying it to the canon characters and it’s strictly for a 2D game (though 3D would be awesome). *Ahem* Anyway, before I go on, I’m just going to remind you that I’m just sharing a general idea for how the characters in question would play in this game idea of mine; the main purpose is to see if the traits/abilities me and my friends have come up are good or not, not so much the numbers being presented. Maybe I’ve made Ring costs too much or too little, but that doesn’t matter. Also, not going to do a “Read More” >:D 

Amy Rose

Overview: Have no fear, Underdo- I mean, Amy Rose is here! At last we get to this pink hedgehog, for Amy is one of my top favorite characters! Literally a close second to Cream, Amy’s own sidekick! Damn shame though that, thanks to Sonic Team’s handling of her character, Amy’s one of the most polarizing characters in this franchise… Well, even if it’s strictly in gameplay manners, I’m going to do Amy some serious justice with this idea of mine!

So, the idea I’ve always had for Amy was to take her gameplay from the first Sonic Advance but make her more acrobatic, and most importantly, grant Amy the use of magic! I know there are people who oppose Amy using magic, but it makes the most sense to me; Amy had a fascination with the arcane and utilized tarot cards in the Classic era and I see no reason not to bring that back, not to mention her hammer gives off serious magic vibes. And so with that, I’ve given Amy the ability to triple jump via the “Arcane Arts”, able to grab onto Swing Bars and extra proficient with them, a fast swimmer, and being able to roll into a ball (not jump into one though, there’s a big difference there). And for both her Abilities, Amy makes use of those tarot cards she used to find Sonic back in Sonic CD; the first use being to basically look up the map of the level, but in a limited sense, and the second use is gaining every known power-up from the cards, at the cost of Rings of course. All that alongside a “stomp attack” that lets Amy plummet to the ground at a fast rate! Never forget that this rose has serious thorns!


-Speed Type

-Fifth fastest character

-Can swim; fast swim speed but medium breath duration and stamina

-Can’t jump into a ball

-Can roll into a ball

-Able to grab onto Swing Bars

-Medium durability; loses 65 Rings on damage but can reclaim 40 of them

-Has the unique “Arcane Vision”, allowing Amy to see past illusions such as invisible platforms or false walls

Move Set

Jump (in midair)- Magic Jump (Using her Arcane Arts, Amy is able to jump while in the air. Magic Jump gives the most horizontal movement of all available double jumps and Amy can use it twice for a triple jump. However Amy is vulnerable to any enemies she hits and she’s unable to attack. Can be done after jumping to the air from the ground, launched into the air from a spring, or even falling off a ledge into the air)

Up + Jump- Hammer Jump (Amy slams her hammer onto the ground and does so with enough force to launch herself into the air. Hammer Jump enables Amy to jump even higher than with her double jump, however she can’t move easily in the air like she can with the double jump and her horizontal movement especially isn’t as good. Upon using the Hammer Jump, Amy swings her hammer the whole time while flipping forward as if she’s doing “Air Hammer” repeatedly, making Amy automatically attack any enemies she hits and grab onto any Swing Bars. Note that pressing/holding Up does not halt movement)

Down + Jump- Spin Dash (Amy rolls into a ball and revs herself, gathering speed with each press of the Jump button. Once Down is released, Amy launches herself forward with the speed dependent on how much the Spin Dash was charged. Though she was initially incapable of this technique, Amy has trained herself in the art of the Spin Dash and has succeeded)

Attack- Hammer Strike (Amy strikes the enemy with her hammer. You couldn’t get a simpler description. When she’s not moving or simply walking, Amy slams the hammer down in front of her. When running, Amy swings her hammer horizontally, enabling her to attack while moving with only a slight penalty in speed. Hammer Strike destroys any non-armored enemies and Amy isn’t harmed by hazards on enemies. The immobile version of Hammer Strike can be used on a spring to launch Amy higher and faster than any other character)

Attack (in midair)- Air Hammer (While in the air, Amy flips forward while swinging her hammer downward, destroying any enemy and damaging bosses she comes into contact with. If the hammer hits a Swing Bar during this move, it will catch onto the bar and allow Amy to swing from it. Destroys all kinds of enemies and interacts with springs just like Hammer Strike)

Down + Attack (in midair)- Heart Slam (From the air, Amy slams downward with her hammer with intense force, creating a powerful shockwave of hearts upon hitting the ground. Destroys all but giant armored enemies)

Ability 1- Divination (Amy looks at her tarot cards and foretells the future, gaining complete view of the upcoming areas in a given level; all the enemies, Rings, Item Containers, anything. Divination allows sight of even the furthest areas in a level, but Amy’s unable to gain view of the area of a level she has already passed. Costs 40 Rings and has a 1 minute cooldown, with any damage forcing Amy out of Divination, which can happen since she’s completely stationary and vulnerable in this state)

Ability 2- Manifestation (Amy looks into her tarot cards, but instead of divination, Amy taps into their greater power to grant herself a power-up. Amy stands completely still while doing this, but she’s able to select any power-up in the game without relying on item-boxes, from the Elemental Shields to Invincibility. However, the power-ups cost Rings, with the most useful ones costing the most; invincibility always being the most expensive while the Elemental Shields shift price depending on the level) 

Cream the Rabbit

Overview: At last we get to Cream, sidekick to Amy Rose and my absolute favorite character in this franchise due to her interesting and adorable design coupled with her surprising badassery (I also wish real life kids would share Cream’s polite personality rather than mostly be brats). Sadly for me, Cream doesn’t get a lot of love from both fans and SEGA because she’s not overtly badass. Which is kind of odd given that Cream is easily the most powerful character in her playable appearances… Then again, being a game breaker isn’t exactly a good thing, and so my focus for Cream was making her more badass while keeping her balanced.

So, Cream’s playstyle remains mostly unchanged from Advance 2 and 3, being able to fly, jump into a ball, a send Cheese to attack enemies, but Cream is no longer able to roll into a ball and even forgot the Spin Dash, instead using her own version of Amy’s “Giant Step” from Advance 1. Cheese is also much less powerful, still able to destroy regular enemies but finding himself only able to stun Giant enemies, can’t even attack Armored enemies, and Eggman has Chao-proofed his mechs, so now Cheese is no longer a boss destroyer. On the plus side, though, this allows Cream herself to take on Eggman rather than send Cheese, and the polite tyke has learned new abilities to be further useful, namely using her rabbit feet to jump high into the air and stomp down onto enemies from the air, keeping Cheese useful by sending him to collect Rings and Item Containers, and Cream has also developed a mystical technique to craft herself a shield of light, which is temporary but let’s Cream tank 3 hits! This should make Cream a badass in a true way and do her justice! Cheese may have gotten weaker, but Cream herself becomes stronger, and those who would still view her as a non-badass in this game idea, I kindly ask you start reconsidering.


-Flying Type

-Highest jump of all characters (she’s a rabbit after all and very light to boot)

-Third fastest running non-speed character

-Tied with Charmy for most fragile character (loses all Rings upon damage and can only retrieve 5)

-Can’t swim; low breath duration

-Can’t roll into a ball 

-Can jump into a ball

Move Set

Jump + Jump (in midair)- Ear Flight (Cream flaps her ears like wings and flies through the air. Very fast horizontal speed, allowing Cream to reach far distances, but vertical speed leaves a bit to be desired. Lasts for 7 seconds, after which Cream becomes exhausted and falls to the ground completely helpless. Cheese slows Cream’s descent to a relative crawl but he is unable to do anything else for her)

Up + Jump- Rabbit Bounce (Cream channels incredible force to her already strong rabbit feet and jumps very high into the air, even higher than normal. Downside to this ability is that Cream does not jump into a ball, thus leaving her vulnerable to enemies, and she cannot enter Ear Flight from this jump)

Down + Jump- Rabbit Leap (Cream runs in place as she gathers speed for a momentous leap. Pretty much Cream’s version of Amy’s “Giant Step” from Sonic Advance but with a lengthier leap at the cost of slower momentum)

Attack- Chao Tackle (Cream commands Cheese to attack the nearest enemy, destroying regular enemies but only stunning Giant enemies and not even attempting to attack Armored enemies. Due to Eggman Chao-proofing his mechs, Cheese is also unable to attack bosses, though he is able to stun certain parts of a boss. Can be used in midair and while flying)

Down + Attack (in midair or midflight)- Rabbit Stomp (Cream puts her rabbit feet to good use and slams herself to the ground from the air, stomping anything below. Destroys regular enemies, with the stomp continuing after making contact with any, and deals good damage to bosses but only stuns giants and Cream will get damaged by hazards on enemies for obvious reasons)

Ability 1- Chao Fetch (Cream sends Cheese to collect any Rings and Items Containers in the screen. Can be used midflight)

Ability 2- Light Shield (Cream uses her Light Aura, a special new ability she gained, to craft herself a barrier of light. Light Shield protects Cream from 3 hits but only lasts a minute. This barrier also lights up dark areas to a minor degree and kills any ghosts who touch Cream. Costs 40 Rings and has a minute cooldown, which begins once the shield is gone)

Big the Cat

Overview: I bet you were all hoping for the other purple cat whose name begins with a “B”. Well, we’ll get to her later. For now, it’s Big’s time to shine! So, Big the Cat… I can’t deny, I don’t really have any feelings for this guy. I like him, I certainly don’t think he deserves the hatred he’s gotten and still gets. But I don’t really find his character all that interesting, save his design, and I often forget he exists. Granted, Big hasn’t had a plot relevant, let alone playable appearance, since Sonic Heroes! So, despite not much interest, I’m gonna give the big guy a chance and went through the trouble of making up some gameplay for him in a 2D game, which is something Big actually needs above all other characters since the major source of Big’s hatred is his fishing gameplay from Adventure 1.

It was a challenge, but I think I came up with something; basically, Big is the slowest character in the game (but in a way that works for the franchise) and has the second lowest jump. However, not only is Big the fastest in ball form but he’s practically invincible! However, Big cannot jump into ball form, so you have to rely on his Attacks, the Pole Strike and Body Press, in the air. And Big of course uses his fishing rod for both Abilities, with the first one being him using it as a grappling hook of sorts and the second being Big literally fishing like in Adventure. Though at least it’s massively simplified and you get incredible rewards from it in the form of huge amount of Rings or power-ups of the best kind. Big may be slow-witted, but his massive size sure makes up for it.


-Power Type

-Slowest running character in the game

-Second lowest jump

-Can roll into a ball 

-Can’t jump into a ball (except when bouncing on a spring)

-Strongest in ball form, possessing highest roll speed and destroys all kind of enemies. Ball form is heavy though and requires lots of momentum to continue

-Durable; loses only 10 Rings on damage and can reclaim them all

-Can swim; slow swim speed but great swim stamina and breath

-Able to climb up walls when colliding into one while holding Jump, via intense upper arm strength and cat claws. Slowest climber though

Move Set

Jump + Jump (hold)- Umbrella Descent (While in the air, Big shifts his fishing pole into an umbrella and floats down to the ground at a steady pace. Slows down descent the most out of all “float/hover” abilities but doesn’t give much horizontal movement)

Down + Jump- Spin Dash

Attack- Pole Strike (Big raises his fishing pole up and then swings down with great force. Destroys all kinds of enemies and has good range, all while not leaving Big harmed by hazards on an enemy. Only downside is that Big is slow in doing the attack and it can’t be spammed. Can be used in the air)

Down + Attack (in midair)- Body Press (While in the air, Big spreads out his arms and legs and aims his belly down at the ground. Big then slams down to the ground with his entire weight, plummeting down at the fastest speed and destroying all kinds of enemies on the way down and on impact. Hazards on an enemy, however, will hurt Big)

Ability 1- Frog Rain (Froggy appears on Big’s head and summons rain with his croaks, a technique he learned from the giant frogs of Frog Forest. The rain Froggy summons lasts for 30 seconds and causes plants to sprout from the ground for the duration, some launching Big into the air like a spring and others acting as platforms for the cat. Once Frog Rain ends, the plants wither away. Costs 50 Rings) 

Ability 2- Fish Goods (When adjacent to or above bodies of water, Big will cast his fishing pole to, well, fish. Big will then stand still with his line in the water, waiting up to 3 seconds for a “bite”; when a “bite” occurs, an exclamation mark will appear above Big’s head and you have a full second to press any button to reel in the fishing line, netting the cat Rings or a power-up. The Rings will be HUGE in amount and the power-up extremely useful to make up for having to stand still)

anonymous asked:

all of you phan people are dumb children smh it's got me so fucking annoyed. it's like you've never heard of fan service lmao

how does it feel to ship these guys when you must know it’s all a lie?like honestly how do you tolerate them doing this fan service bullshit for a while and knowing how their fans take it and then immediately no homo'ing again? Are yall just that deluded? 

right. okay. i have put off answering these asks for a while because judging by the way they are phrased, neither of you are open to a discussion about dan and phil and their roles as entertainers. not only that but you have clearly already concluded that anyone who disagrees with you does so because of a lack of intelligence or because they’re too young (and therefore too stupid?? inexperienced? naive?) to think critically about the content that they’re consuming. while i welcome perspectives that differ from mine in my inbox, and in fact cherish the opportunity to rethink my own opinions in a different light (because at the end of the day we are all viewers with access to the same amount of info about dan and phil and that amount is relatively minuscule), i do not in any way appreciate rudeness or condescension directed towards me for expressing my personal opinions on my personal blog. also i’m a week shy of 22. not a child.

the thing is, i receive the occasional negative message that i don’t respond to bc i think it’s pointless to perpetuate negativity. but the opinion that you’ve both put forward has been niggling at me in my own moments of insecurity and doubt and i’ve seen the sentiment reflected elsewhere by people who love dan and phil but are too afraid to trust what they have been seeing in the past few weeks with their own eyes. so i’m responding to these just to allay those fears for anyone who feels sincerely confused about what to make of the marked shift in tone of dan and phil’s content recently.

the issue with the conversation around “fan service” is that people frequently lose sight of what that term actually means. put as simply and clearly as possible, the term fan service seems to have two general uses. the first is very literal: providing an audience with what they want to see.  the second is more disquieting, and alludes to the willful manipulation of an audience by exaggerating truths or outright lying in order to provide them with what they want to see. in my understanding, dan and phil certainly engage in the first version of “fan service” which is nearly synonymous with just entertainment and therefore a bit redundant. of course dan and phil know what we as an audience want to see—that’s LITERALLY what they’re paid to do as entertainers. to provide us with content that will entertain us.

the second version of “fan service” as applied to dan and phil is the notion that they are lying to us or misleading/manipulating us to play into our desires to see confirmation of their romantic/sexual relationship. i assume by the tone of the first ask that this is the version of fan service being referenced, and the second ask basically points to it directly. it’s the version that is most often used to discuss (and criticize) dan and phil. the concept is that we shouldn’t believe any part of what dnp do in videos bc their behavior is all specifically calculated to satisfy the portion of the audience that wants them to be together. other term for this include ‘ship baiting’ or ‘queer baiting’ which one can basically use synonymously with ‘fan service’ at this point. 

i think there are a number of reasons this is a pretty terrible thing to accuse dan and phil of doing. foremost is that it would be intrinsically queerphobic of them to decide to manipulate their viewership into seeing them as queer, especially when they know and recognize that a sizable portion of that viewership are lgbtq+ themselves or are allies of the community. it wouldn’t just be a disappointment if it were true, it would be abjectly unethical and a bit disgusting. such behavior would tremendously contradict the progressive and empathetic stances that dan and phil have taken time and again on numerous issues including lgbtq ones. furthermore, i’d argue that it takes far more mental acrobatics and reaching to accuse two people who have built a life together for seven years to suddenly, seven years later, decide to fake or exaggerate any part of their interaction or relationship with each other, OR to assume that they have been faking it for seven years and yet still decided to share a home together for five of those seven, go to every social gathering together and stay glued to each others’ sides, co-own most of their possessions, etc. it is a lot simpler to follow one’s intuition that two people who have shared so much for so many years … are actually fond of each other, are comfortable around each other, bring each other genuine happiness, and, yes, love each other. i fail to see how any of that seems like a stretch or “a lie.” but even if you don’t buy any of it and you want to believe that suddenly after a massive two years of multimedia expansion and pushing products (a book, an app, a tour across three continents, a film, another film, another book) as a branded duo, after all of it is ostensibly water under the bridge, they NOW want to fake some part (or all) of their love for each other, i just would ask … why? like literally why would they? what incentive do they have? they are literally millionaires. they are already wildly successful at commanding attention and keeping their audience loyal. they sold out every one of their 79 shows, they get millions of views on each video they upload. why would they now feel the need to stoop to the level of lying and manipulation to gain viewers/make more money? 

the recent resurgence of these accusations is fueled, from what i can tell, by two things: 1. dnp’s recent behaviors that seem to flout their normal boundaries regarding physical touch and earnest expressions of affection, and 2. dan’s own comments about “what the people want,” his overall awareness of his audience and comments to that effect, and his own use of the term fan service in the joint live show they did a couple weeks back. it certainly makes sense why the past month or so might raise eyebrows, as dan and phil are acting differently to what we are used to from them. but to me the most logical explanation of these differences is not to accuse them of being straight or platonic pals who suddenly realized that performing queerness could be profitable for them. again, it’s not just illogical, it’s actually quite offensive. more nuanced and measured reasoning could be 1. they are tired of maintaining those boundaries themselves or feel that they’re unnatural, 2. they know that suddenly being more physical or flirtatious will lead to asks exactly like this one and therefore are calling out the concept of fan service THEMSELVES so people will see how absurd it is to entertain the idea that anything they’re doing is made up for views, 3. they want to rapidly normalize some of the way that they behave off-camera and instead of doing it very gradually (though you could argue that they actually are, and have been, doing it gradually) they decided that a daily offering of videos for nearly a month might do the job and are concentrating on making sure we can see the fondness between them. by the end of it we’ll all be so inundated with their affections that it’ll quickly cease to be shocking 4. idk they’re just chiller now? they’re TIRED from the year they’ve had? and also enormously CONTENT? bc their year has been amazing and why not bring some of their happiness to their youtube content???? ? is that really such an outlandish idea?

in conclusion: i want the term fan service to die unless someone has an extremely well-formulated argument for why it isn’t a queerphobic accusation and i want everyone to calm the fuck down and just appreciate the love that dnp are showing each other and us this month. they are so genuinely happy. they are working so hard to give us content that conveys that happiness. that’s the only “service” they’re providing us and instead of nitpicking what we see and breaking our brains trying to undermine the evidence of our own eyes, we should probably just be thankful and happy in return.

Common Misconceptions About: Spain

I giggled when I saw this request inmy inbox—Spain, he’s not portrayed as a Uke or a psychopath. But his is the simpler, more insidious mischaracterization.

Rather like Veneziano, Spain is portrayed as one of the dumbest mother fuckers on planet Earth. Spain is depicted as always happy and carefree, but without the suicidal issues Veneziano is given.

The reason Spain is portrayed this way is to put up with Romano. Romano is misportrayed as caustic and abusive, so Spain has to balance him out. Since Romano is always angry, Spain is always a happy, giddy idiot.

Spain, surprise, actually gets upset when Romano treats him terribly. In the beginning strips, Spain tries to trade Romano for Veneziano. He later realizes that Romano tries his hardest, and that he isn’t the best at connecting with people.

But think about it: if someone cursed and taunted you all day, you’d probably get a little pissy. Spain is no different—he has all the same emotions you do. So, if Romano fights with him and insults him, Spain is going to get upset. If Spain has a lot of work to do, he’s going to get grumpy. Just because Spain is happy a lot doesn’t mean he can’t get stressed or annoyed.

Another one of the common fandom tropes is that Spain has this Pirate! version of himself. Obviously, this stems from the fact that Spain was just as much an empire as England was. However, people don’t want to mess with the happy-go-lucky Spain in their adorbs SpaMano, so they have this split personality. You’ll have Pirate!Spain being all moody and bad ass, and then you’ll have normal, stupid, goofy Spain.

My question: why not both?

Seriously, you guys, why can’t Spain be happy most of the time, even as he does evil things? Why can’t he like dominating people while still making goofy jokes about the cat? Why are there only two versions of this Spain, on their own both so terrible, but together so good? Spain, probably like England, misses being so powerful, having the world at his fingertips. Now, he’s a broke nation.

One of my favorite headcanons is that Spain gets a thrill out of being bad. It puts him in a cheery mood, and he chats animatedly with anyone nearby as he bashes in people’s kneecaps. Of course, that’s more for an AU, but still. Being happy and being one-hundred percent good are not mutually exclusive.

Also, he apparently gets scary when he’s drunk, enough to scare Sweden. I’m just saying, Hima seems to hint pretty heavily that Spain isn’t as happy as he seems.

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Body language

I’m honestly not quite sure how much stock I put in body language analysis. I kind of think it’s only slightly above horoscopes as far as reliability goes, but I thought it would still be interesting to add it here for people who enjoy those things.

I was also really surprised by how constant the eye lines matched with what Phil was saying. I don’t think Phil is good enough of an actor to control his eyes this way, but it may all be a coincidence. Although as I’ve mentioned in the intro to this blog, how many coincidences can there be before you just go, ‘you know, maybe the simpler explanation is that this isn’t fake.’

Anyway, I’m not here to try to convince you that body language is a valid tool to analyse the video, because I’m not entirely sure myself. If you don’t believe in it, you’ll probably still be thinking it’s a load of horsecrap by the end of this post. But for those of you who are into body language analysis, enjoy. :)

Eye lines

There’s a video available… somewhere… which highlights in real time the direction Phil looks in during the video. I can’t post it here though because, copyright.(phantastico note: There’s no video in all internet.) But here are a few highlights.

Everytime he talks about the reasons he made the video, or the reasons he made it the way he did, he looks to his lower left (our lower right), which is an indication of reasoning, justification, self-analysis, and introspection.

He looks to his lower left when he says:

  • you had to go to bed, leaving me for five hours with nothing to do, so I have made this video”
  • “you got me loads of awesome birthday presents and I wanted to repay you, somehow”
  • “and I just thought I’d share some of my favourite memories that I have of us together”

He also looks in that direction when he analyses or justifies his reactions, feelings and thoughts about Dan:

  • “I was clawing at you and biting you, but that was just because I really liked you”
  • “I think that’s when I properly fell in love with you”

He looks to his upper left (our upper right) when he recalls events:

  • “I’ve never had Valentine’s Day with anyone before”
  • “the first time we met”
  • “my heart did that flippy-over thing, and it had never really done that before”
  • “I just thought I’d share some of my favourite memories that I have of us together”
  • “So the first [memory] is on the snowiest day ever”
  • “And you lay down in the snow”
  • “Endless coffee in Starbucks, caramel macchiato, and our Starbucks sofa…”
  • “we went and got some food and then sat on the fountain”
  • “and so many other things that I’m probably forgetting”

And there’s his lower right (our lower left), which is about memories of feelings and physical sensations:

  • “all the cuddles in bed”
  • “and funny times in my bed”
  • “kissing in 3D glasses”
  • “i just wanna say that i love you so much”

And then there’s his upper right, our upper left, which is where people look when they lie, guess or estimate.

Phil never looks in that direction for the entire video.


He also blinks a lot during the video (well… a lot by Phil’s standards). Many people think blinking means lying, but that’s not exactly true, it means nervousness. You can be nervous because you’re lying, but you can also be nervous because you’re making a video love-letter to a guy you’re smitten with and with whom you had previously agreed not to do anything special for Valentine’s Day.

Which kinda covers both our options here.

So the excessive blinking doesn’t mean much, except in one place in the video, when he blinks several times in rapid succession. That usually indicates infactuation and physical attraction (think of the cliche of the woman batting her eyelashes at someone). Phil does it near the end of the video: “and I just wanna say that I love you so much, and I’m so happy to have you in my life, and… [blink, blink, blink] you are the best person in the world.

He probably just had an eyelash under his contact lense or something. Those bastards hurt.


If you’ve seen the video, you may have noticed that there is something that seems a bit… off… with Phil’s voice. That’s because this is Phil’s normal speaking voice. Most vloggers, when they record a video, use a “vlogging" voice. It’s similar to a “radio voice", although usually on the radio the difference between the normal and the performing voice is more drastic.

It’s not a fake voice, per say, it’s usually a heightened version of their normal voice - louder, clearer, faster, with more rhythm, more articulate. It tends to happen naturally (even subconsciously) to people when they get on a stage, real or virtual. If you’re comfortable in your vlogging voice and have honed it well, as Phil undoubtedly has, it will sound extremely natural and may not be noticeable until you break out of it.

If you watch Phil’s older videos you can hear his normal voice occasionally. Hayfever Sucks has a good example of it at 3:20.

(Dan also has a vlogging voice, by the way. You can hear him out of it in University Life at 2:44.)

So yes, Phil is using is normal voice in the video. It’s not really an argument in whether or not the video is a prank, but it does explain why his voice may sound different. It’s not because he’s acting, it’s because he’s using his natural voice.


Phil, bless his heart, is not a very good actor. When he has to read off a script, his voice is very flat, emotionless, and his timing is off — see Becoming YouTube episode 1, College Dropout or the skits at the end of the season 2 episodes of the Super Amazing Project — . He is, however, a very good liar. When he’s not working off a script, he can come across as pretty genuine, like in his Call or Delete.

And it’s obvious in the Valentine’s Day video that he’s not working off a script, because the structure is a bit messy. He lists events in no particular order, there’s a few backs-and-forths in there (”plus, you got me loads of awesome birthday presents“) and some incomplete thoughts (”Endless coffee in Starbucks, caramel macchiato, and our Starbucks sofa…”). That indicates he’s running off the top of his head, with minimal preparations.

So we know he’s not reading off a script, but does that mean he’s being honest, or just lying very well? There’s no way to tell, really. At least not by his tone of voice.

However, the fact that he’s not reading off a script is interesting because of the amount of details in the video. There are many references in there that, if they were included purely to fool shippers, are really, really obscure (3-hour breakfast, cherry, Interrupted by Fireworks, etc.). They are the kind of things that would require a lot of planning and researching. However, if the video is genuine, they’re the kind of things that would easily come to Phil’s mind — less preparation required, he can just turn on the camera and start talking about nice memories he has.

So if the video is fake, Phil clearly put A LOT of work into it. From planning and research to acting, he made it absolutely flawless.

And then he never made it public.

He ostensibly did all that work to prank shippers, but he never shared it with them. That’s a lot of work, ultimately for nothing. Unless, of course, the video wasn’t intended for shippers. If the video wasn’t a prank, then a) it required a lot less work and b) it did reach its intended target — Dan.

(  ु˃ᗜ˂) ु The wonderful Penny from The Amazing World of Gumball is here to bring some cheer!

I couldn’t resist hopping aboard this FANTASTIC Cartoon Network collab michaeljruocco is hosting. It’s Twitter only, but don’t let that hold you back! There are still a bunch of characters up for grabs!

I’m Spider-Man

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Peter tells you he is Spider-Man and you have a lot of questions

Warnings: Fluff (and like two curse words)

A/N: Enjoy! :)

“I’m Spider-Man,” Peter said, unmasking himself.

You stared at him in shock. Your best friend was Spider-Man. How did you not notice this? You began to think back to all the times he missed school and how strange he acted whenever you had mentioned Spider-Man.

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Crohn’s Disease is not something you win against or something you beat. You can go into remission at times. You can make it through a flareup to the other side. You can have phases where you only have to see your doctor every few months instead of every couple of weeks. But Crohn’s is always there, hanging over you like an oppressive cloud. A cloud that you completely dread, but one that feels uncomfortably familiar at the same time.

That unsettling familiarity comes from the fact that Crohn’s is with you at all times, no matter how hard you work to control it. You can have the cleanest diet in the world and the strongest medicine possible for your body (Remicade or Prednisone or Humira or an infinite number of others), but Crohn’s doesn’t ever fully go away. You can keep it at bay. You can feel better than you have in years. But it’s still always right there, ready to pounce at any moment.

It’s especially noticeable in the big moments, even if you feel that you’re at your healthiest. The minute you plan a vacation, or get on a plane, or are offered a new job, it slinks into the room as a dark shadow that cannot be ignored. You’re imagining every possible circumstance, wondering what you could possibly do if your body decides to act up. And the answer is usually: nothing.

And even in the not-so-big moments, when you’re trying to relax on a Saturday or are just showing up at work for another ‘ordinary’ day, it can show up. And it’s isolating and exhausting and nerve-wracking. You’re out of the moment – just counting down the hours until you can go home and lay in your bed, or spending your Saturday evening wracking your brain for what you could have possibly eaten that destroyed your stomach today.

But as loud as Crohn’s is to you, it’s a fairly quiet disease to everyone else. The symptoms aren’t stereotypically visible, besides – possibly – fatigue. Even if you have scars, or a bag, from a surgery, they’re mostly hidden, seen only by the people closest to you. That makes your situation hard to explain, hard to relate to, and hard to translate to a person who has a clean bill of health.

So when these things happen (mostly regularly), it’s tempting to let Crohn’s turn you into someone ugly. It’s frustrating when doctors ask you to rate your health on a scale of 1 to 10, because you can’t really remember what ‘normal’ is supposed to feel like; your ‘normal’ is not everyone else’s normal. So it feels good to get angry, and to feel bad for yourself. It’s easy to let yourself sleep all day every day. It’s just simpler to give in to your situation and let it become who you are, rather than looking at it as just one aspect of you.

But even if you don’t believe that everything happens for a reason, even if you don’t believe in God or any sort of higher being, you can still take power from your situation. You can look at the way it’s affected your life and the perspective that it’s given you, and refuse to let it be something that’s only impacted you in a negative way.

Would you change it if you could? Of course you would. You would get rid of this thing faster than you can say ‘colon.’ But because you can’t (at least for now – come on, Science!), you can find power in other ways. The ability to control your body is out of the question, but what you can do is learn to appreciate the mindset you’ve developed from having a chronic illness.

Sure, you’re tired a lot. And angry, and worried, and jealous of those whose bodies can do what yours can’t. But you’re also probably tough. You’ve been in a lot of pain before and you’ve gotten through it. You’ve learned that if you want something, you have to be the one to make it happen, because there will be a million things trying to prevent you from getting it.

You appreciate your good health when you have it. You can see most days as beautiful even when they’re rainy or stormy or freezing, because feeling well enough to leave the house is all you need for a day to be considered lovely.

You probably find it easier to relate to others who are suffering – even if their version of suffering has nothing to do with what you yourself have been through. You have probably found a deeper sense of empathy, because nothing helped you more in your darker days than someone who made you feel less alone – even if they didn’t understand in detail what you were going through.

You don’t have to believe that you have this illness because it was ‘meant to be.’ You don’t have to believe that it happened for a reason – that it was the will of God or the universe or any other being. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs or lack thereof, you have the power in this situation – not to cure yourself, but to give your illness meaning. To take advantage of the perspective that healthy people don’t have. To appreciate the lens through which you look at the world – the one that causes you to be more tough and determined and curious and kind and awake.

When I was debating trying Remicade, a friend with Crohn’s said, “It helps a lot. You’ll look around and think ‘this is how normal people feel all of the time!‘” He was right in one sense. After a few infusions, I was feeling better than I had in a while; I felt almost as good as a normal person (though the effects have lessened since I started).

But here’s the thing. I don’t think anyone is actually ‘normal.’ We all have unique perspectives because we’ve all been through something or a lot of things. We’ve all suffered in one way or another. We’re all strong in different ways. It’s whether or not you choose to finding meaning within your suffering that sets you apart.

Crohn’s is your thing. Crohn’s is your outlook. And you can let it control you, or you can make damn sure that the pain you feel only makes your world more lovely.

Guffgaff: Momo


They resemble little pieces of the Moon. They taste like the heavens itself. It’s perfection wrapped in muchheko maida (dough of white flour). Offer it and no one can refuse it; the de facto national food of Nepal, मम: (ideally ‘mamah’ but is written more as ‘momo’) has been warming the hearts, souls and obviously the tummies of millions of Nepalis worldwide. 

What is momo? I can hear thousands of people *gasp* as I say that. No Nepali blog can be complete without momo! However, those who have not been acquainted much with the Nepali culture cannot be blamed. Momo is a type of dumpling, much like the Japanese Gyoza or perhaps the Chinese Jiaozi

Round type Momo

The Nepali diaspora has such an affair with momo that I believe there are quite the variety of words. Now, I shall dive into the details of the momo. Physically speaking, it has two primary forms: crescent-shape and round-shape. Aesthetically speaking, I prefer the crescent-shaped momo. It is white in colour due to the white flour dough used to make the cover (खोल /khol/).



Just like how we cannot describe a person from the outside, we cannot simply know what momo is without knowing the inside. Inside the pouch there is a filling. The filling is usually of meat like Chicken, Buff (buffalo meat), Pork etc. but it is not uncommon to hear vegetarian varieties (like cabbage and paneer?). However you can fill any material you like as long as you cook it thoroughly (I guess goat meat is an exception). 

Despite what you think, making momo isn’t easy!!!

The filling is not simply meat or some vegetable. It contains the following base ingredients, roughly:

  • Minced Meat/Vegetable of choice
  • Diced Onion 
  • Salt
  • Coriander
  • Ginger
  • Monosodium Glutamate (popularly called ‘Ajinomoto’ here)
  • Oil (if the meat/vegetable is dry…e.g. chicken)

Some people (especially in the Kathmandu valley) add ‘Momo masala’ to the above filling. Some people even add tomatoes and god-knows-what ingredients. The masala is in fact even an ice-breaker; some people swear by it, some people swear at it. Personally, I prefer the much simpler-and-superior tasting non-momo masala version. However, it is upto one’s personal preference! 

Dicing the onion by itself is a mammoth task. Just imagine; one onion is enough to wreck havoc with your eyes. Now imagine having to cut a minimum of 5-6 onions into tiny dices! Yes, the onion has to be small dices; it provides the texture and flavour to the momo. Unfortunately within my family, I am that unfortunate dicer. You do not know how creative people can be with this thing. Whether it be freezing the onions, cutting it underwater, using swimming goggles, fans etc. people have their own ways to tackle such a literally eye-watering task.

Dicing onion

Another back-breaking task is mincing the meat. While not as malicious as the onions, you need to mince the meat with a cleaving knife fine enough for a good texture (but not so fine that it tastes like eating powdered filling). It is an art by itself. Fortunately, you can buy already minced meat at supermarkets or the local butcher can do it for you. Vegetarians need not glee at this point because you need to chop the vegetables down as well. 

Now you roll the dough! Not really, we still have the white flour sitting in some tokri (container). So you get some water and knead the flour until you get the dough. If it ‘needs’ more water, you ‘knead’ the dough by adding more water. Anyway, after you are done with the dough (hold the yeast!), you now begin your tedious journey to momo salvation.



The first step in making the momo is ensuring you are a Ph.D in the art of Origami folding. The next step is making sure you have at least a degree in getting the shape right, with a minor in filling the adequate amount of filing. 

Well you actually don’t need the above to make momo at least. However, making momo is a terrific skill. I still can’t make those annoying muja (folds) right. Before that, you need to set the dough into a round shape. You chop the dough into lumps that are about the size of half of an average walnut. Next, you roll them with a belan (rolling pin) into neat circular shapes. 

If you are lazy, then you simply flatten the dough into a long rectangular sheets and then use a cup (or something circular) to cut neat circular shapes. If you are even lazier, then you can buy pre-made ones. If you are lazy beyond this point then just buy frozen momos or order them from somewhere.

Filling the momo

Now that you have the wrapper, you fill it with the filling by placing it in the centre of the wrapper. Now you begin wrapping it to form a neat shape. You finally close it and then you have one momo! Repeat till you get a sizable amount. Arrange the momo on the मक्टु (maktu) and take it to the steamer. मक्टु (maktu) is the sub-component of the steamer [creatively called ‘momo ko bhada’ (untensil of momo)]. 



You must first ensure that steam is actually coming out of the steamer. Now that you have kept the momo in the steamer, you now patiently wait for 15-25 minutes for the momo to cook. Harder meats like buff take longer time to cook, while softer meats like chicken cook in ~18 minutes. Care must be taken to avoid over-cooking it. If you overcook momo, it becomes ‘fyaatta’ (deformed due to overcooking). 

Momo in a maktu; notice the crescent-shaped momo and the arrangement

To ensure even cooking throughout the maktus, you have to periodically shift them up and down to ensure even cooking. There is a little trick that tells you if the momo is cooked or not; if it is shiny, then it is cooked. If it is still matte, then you need to cook it more. If it looks like a mini atom bomb went off inside each momo, then you probably overcooked it.

Now that your momo is cooking, you make the achar (pickle) for dipping. One faux pas in eating momo is using ketchup as your momo ko achar (pickle for momo) . Please never use ketchup, I swear that’s an unwritten taboo.  

You momo ko achar is usually made of tomato, coriander leaves, salt and chilli. However, you can also find the yellow one (made of peanuts), fierce red (made of chilli and salt only) or dips made of many other ingredients (like Szechuan pepper for instance).

Now that everything is done, you can enjoy you momo in peace! 



What I have described above is the basis of all the other varieties of momos. People have experimented with lots and lots of varieties (naturally). Some of the common ones are:

  • कोथे (kothe) = Pan-fried steamed momo, such that only portions of it is brown. Kothe momo is usually made from the leftover momo that has stood in the fridge for some time.
  • Fried = Like kothe, but fried such that the outer skin is golden in colour.
  • C = Short for ‘Chilly momo’, it is steamed (or fried) momo that is dunked in hot, savory sauce 
  • Momocha = Used to describe the atypical masala-flavoured buff-meat filled round momo
  • Sui mai = Open type of momo 
  • Jhol momo = Momo dunked in soup

Kothe momo

I have even seen the terrifically-coloured ‘Green momo’. I am not interested to eat it, though. Oh the creativity of people engages me sometimes.



Whether it be the old grandmother or the bubbly 10 year old boy, everyone loves momos (hold the few special snowflakes who don’t eat anything but imported foie gras or steak tartare perhaps). Whether it be that fancy restaurant or that momo-thela (stall) on the streets, momo is everywhere. Italian restaurant? Oh look, momo! Bakery cafe? Momo! The funny thing is that ‘bakery’ cafe actually holds an annual momo festival in Nepal. In fact, a restaurant’s success and merit is often based on the quality of their momo. The first thing you order in a restaurant? Momo!

Momo is ubiquitous in our daily lives. Whether you like it or hate it, you can’t deny that momo has its own special place in being ‘Nepali’ along with perhaps the song ‘Yo man ta mero Nepali ho’ and the slogan ‘Buddha was born in Nepal’. 

East or west, momo is definitely one of the best things in Nepal.

anonymous asked:

In your headcanon, is Derek working or leaving with his money?

Hello love!

So, let’s talk about Derek Hale: work version.

(I have headcanons where Derek stays home. He would be an awesome at home daddy. But here I would talk about a whole other headcanon)

I’m talking a few years in the future, with a Hale! pack stable and safe (and everybody alive. Seriously fuck you Jeff). The humans from the pack has decided that draping your half naked body on every surfaces and hunting little bunnies under the moon are not good ways to contribute to society, so everybody went looking for a job. Derek –who didn’t care either way and kind of saw the point of earning as much money possible with the sheer volume of food consumed on pack nights- was the first one to start searching.

The sheriff obviously tried to steal him as soon as he put a foot outside the house, because his son-in-law is a great man and comes with a lie detector and super sniffer built in.

Stiles put a stop to it as soon as Derek’s nightmares and PTSD raised their head again. No husband of his will jump in terror when surprised by a kid. The only expressions Stiles allows on Derek’s face when kids are in the house are stupidly besotted smiles and teasing grimaces.

Derek then vaguely suggested fireman but Stiles spent twenty minutes screeching loudly, snuggling him forcefully and catching every kid or pack member passing by until Derek stopped talking under the combined weight.  

So. That’s how Derek ends up working behind a desk in an assurance company a few towns over.

Because he remembers being alone and so, so not ready to be an adult yet. And he remembers Laura’s eyes over an armful of paperwork that made no sense to them, the austere building towering over them and the nauseating fear of doing, saying something wrong and losing their only chance to pay Peter hospital’s bills.

And he remembers a desk just like his, and the small middle aged woman behind it. He remembers how she smiled so sadly at them and how she helped them fill every form, patiently making sure they understood every steps to be made so that everything was done quickly.

Derek has forgotten her name a long time ago, but he never forgot Laura’s smile when she praised their future plans, as meagre as they were. He never forgot sitting on the chair, eyes down, throat tight and, just for an afternoon, a stranger kindness finally helping them turn their life simpler for a while.

So Derek would totally be the kind of employee who always comes in on time, is very respectful and works really hard. Because Derek cares. So he would try to be as helpful as possible with the lost ones and would be uncompromising with the assholes.

Now. Let’s talk about his colleagues.

Because you just know that at the beginning, people would be so wary of Derek.

Derek who eats all his lunches at his desk and always politely refuses to go have a drink after work. Who’s quiet and frowns a lot and is huge. Derek who, on a particularly bad Monday, gripped his keyboard so hard he broke it clean in two. Then his stapler. Derek who never talks about his private life. Derek who stared silently when Howard started gushing about Game of Thrones before simply telling him he didn’t liked TV. While drinking from his coffee mug emblazoned with the Stark’s coat of arms.  

George, from accounting, likes to preach after one beer that Hale must have been implanted here under witness protection. After two other drinks, he usually begins to cry over Hale’s biceps.

The whole table usually only nods gravely, agreeing with the two sentiments.

Things start to change when the new wave of interns crashes on the company.

For unknown reasons, from all the interviewees, Derek choses Jeanine. Five feet -on tiptoes- of anxiety vibrating on her chair, ranting passionately for five minutes straight before remembering the original question, Jeanine. To say weirdest pairing was never seen is a sweet euphemism.

Her first week are spent with the kid running everywhere like a beheaded chicken and scattering forgotten effects everywhere. On Friday, Howard finds her locked from the outside in the copy room and basically free fighting the printer.

Pictures are taken. Bets starts between cubicles over Derek throwing her through the window, like he did with a poor new malfunctioning stapler.

But Derek never loses his patience. He always listens when she babbles stressfully, then helps her sort the important things from the ones taking too much space in her brain. He seems to instinctively understand when to teach her new things and when to let her digest.

Slowly Jeanine, less stressed out, becomes essential to the department. She is a fast thinker, a creative problem solver, and she multitasks like she was born with several independent brains. She still bumps into everyone’s desks, but they only learn not to put important stuffs near the edges and the problem is solved.

James is the poor, shy intern chosen this year by John, crowned “worst supervisor” for several years. Derek finds the kid on the edge of tears after making a mistake so bad he almost broke the company. Hale only sighs, then spend the whole evening helping him resolve the problem. The next day, he takes James with him and Jeanine for half an hour and teach them how to do it correctly by themselves.

After that, Jeanine and James basically created a fanclub.

And, day after day, more people fall under Derek quiet charm. The IT guys all imprint on him when the man first pushes the door, broken keyboard in one hand and coffer for both of them in the other. They are weak creatures, and they love a man with good bedside manners. Sarah spend two weeks without sleep, her kids teething and crying all the time, and then one day Derek comes in like a knight in shining armor with a mysterious handmade cream from a family recipe. The stuff is magical, clearly, or full of cocaine, and she’s so grateful she doesn’t even care. They drag him in the kitchen for lunch and the man blushes when a note full of heart and weird doodles of a horse/wolf/rat falls from his sandwich. He fixes Howard chair that has been creaking for months.

So yeah. Now Derek is one of them. They still don’t know him that well, but he’s clearly the best and also the most wonderful eye candy they’ve ever had in their department, and they are keeping him forever.

Now let’s be honest. Stiles would totally be the kind of husband that invade your workplace on your birthday.

So the whole department is in a meeting, and they all see Derek’s face goes funny. It’s something completely alien, surprised and soft and happy so everyone follows his gaze.

There is a stranger sitting on Derek’s desk, wearing a violently blue and orange shirt with the words “Happy birthday Husband of Mine” plastered over it. When he sees the entire room looking at him, he waves and smiles.

The rest of the meeting is excruciating. Nobody is even pretending to listen to the presentation. People start texting each other discreetly. Jeanine and James are staring at Derek’s ridiculous face and keep elbowing each other so hard their chairs creak under the assault. The Boss keeps trying to talk about numbers, turning a blind eye to the high-school level of gossiping crawling around his meeting table.  

When he finally gives up, they empty the room in a rush and the Boss rolls his eyes. (He totally follows them just after. This is the somebody that married Hale. He needs to know).

And they all try really hard to look normal. They are normal people.

But this is Derek Hale’s husband, and the guy isn’t the quiet, intellectual man they were kind of collectively picturing. He’s young and happy and so, so friendly.

They come say Hi and the man (“call me Stiles”) just starts talking as if they have known each other for years. He high five Jeanine. He coos over Sarah’s baby pictures (she still doesn’t know how she ended showing them to him in less than five minutes of knowing him). He talks geopolitics in games of thrones with Howard and the man looks moved to tears. He basically organizes a huge laser game party for the department and everybody writes it down dutifully in their agenda without protest. The man brought up enough cake and muffins for the whole building.

And well. I’ve always had this vision of Derek has someone who need to feel comfortable to be himself. So when Stiles is near, the change would be dramatic.

I want his colleagues clubbed over the head by the whole Derek-when-Stiles-is-there thing. Derek who smiles happily and blows on the candles drooping from the muffin. Derek that gets kissed and touched freely and openly, always keeping his husband close. Derek talking proudly of his husband’s job, and laughing at his jokes. Derek teasing and smirking and hip checking Jeanne and trash talking George.

Nobody works the whole afternoon, fascinated. The IT guys come to install some software and get roped in the craziness. The cleaning lady ends up lecturing Hale on kids.

In the middle of everything, the Boss is only seriously worried somebody is going to kidnap this man.

He’s kind of disturbed at the idea that he could very well be the one to do it. He’s sure Stiles could make statistics fascinating. He’s basically a social warlock.

(Hope you liked it anon :D Please don’t hesitate to send prompt people, I will try to answer to all of them (as quickly as I can. ahem))

(Also, as always I am tagging @seanconneraille, @lena221b, @crossroadswrite because Sterek)