this verse makes me happy


I’ve seen heaven and it looks like parent AU Daisuga. 


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building off of yesterday… one of my favourite things to imagine is Robbie, an active SHIELD agent, on base while dating Daisy.

because I mean can you IMAGINE the kind of stuff that would go down. that couple would be the stuff of legends. it’s a well known rule not to go in either of their rooms after a mission where one of them is away for a while. those two are so wrapped up in each other, it makes the rest of the world jealous.

new recruits are scared as hell of Senior Agent Daisy Johnson, an original member of the new SHIELD, Coulson’s daughter figure, who has The Most Intimidating training sessions with Mack (I mean, when they break out the quake + gun + axe combo the newbies run for the hills). even though Daisy is the friendliest, most energetic person to ‘omg fresh meat coulson can i show them the WHOLE base what do you mean that’s classified right we are a spy organisation sorry guys maybe some other time’ - everyone knows her as Quake and it kind of makes her a celebrity around the place. 

Robbie, on the other hand, is just so damn hard to read. to anyone who doesn’t know him it’s like talking to a wall. once he was laughing and someone asked him if he was feeling alright. (bonus: Robbie and May really hit it off. nobody knows what they talk about. nobody. sometimes they buy really expensive alcohol with SHIELD money and as a result have gotten really good at coming up with stories to throw at general talbot). once you add the leather jacket and the flaming skull, the intimidation levels skyrocket. Robbie thinks this is hilarious; Daisy keeps telling him to ‘lighten up’ because ‘you’re scaring them.’ Robbie says ‘good.’

but god - the two of them together just light up a room; they’re probably some of the most powerful people on the base and it’s all concentrated into pure adoration. watching them fight together is like the running of a well oiled machine, watching them coexist is a sitcom about an old married couple. no one can figure them out, but it works. it really works. 

Okay so I might have fallen a little bit in love with my own fic, so hereโ€™s the follow-up to yesterday Lilo fairy fic. Still very PG, but thereโ€™s some kissing this time!


Living with Liam is great.

Not that Louis lives with him, of course, he just happens to spend most of his time in Liamโ€™s house. Itโ€™s just convenient. You donโ€™t have to worry about a great hulking bird eating you, and at night itโ€™s even warmer than sleeping with squirrels.

At first Louis comes in the evening when Liamโ€™s back from work, keeps him company in his human form while Liam makes dinner, then eats half of what Liamโ€™s cooked just so Liam doesnโ€™t have to eat alone. Heโ€™s selfless that way.

And when it becomes clear that Liam likes having him around and that heโ€™s sad when Louis leaves, well, Louis decides to stay.

He likes Liamโ€™s little house. Itโ€™s not very big at all, in fact itโ€™s just one large room and a smaller one where Liam washes himself, but itโ€™s got a lot of nook and crannies where a tiny fairy might hide (being tiny is a good thing when youโ€™re a fairy. Louis is the tiniest of them all), and he doesnโ€™t waste time in making himself a little nest into a discarded shoe box at the top of a bookshelf, just in case.

But what he likes most of all is Liamโ€™s bed. Itโ€™s huge and itโ€™s got pillows and a very pretty patchwork comforter that apparently was made by Liamโ€™s mum when he was a baby. A few patches have images on them, ducks and bunnies and even fairies (none of them are as pretty as Louis, but theyโ€™re not too bad), and Louis likes to trace them with his fingertip when he listens to Liam tell him about all these weird human things Louisโ€™s never really bothered to learn about.

He also likes to transform into a cat and go to sleep curled up against Liamโ€™s warm belly, scratching Liamโ€™s hand until Liam gets the hint and pets him. Then in the morning when Liam gets up to go to work (Liamโ€™s tried to explain โ€œworkโ€, but it mostly sounds boring to Louis and heโ€™s not quite sure why humans waste time on it), Louis-the-cat curls up under the covers, right in the hot spot where Liamโ€™s body was, and goes back to sleep.

Itโ€™s a lovely way to live, and Louisโ€™s already set on doing this for a good few years when Liam comes home from work one night and tells him to leave.

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listen though I love this scene so much?

Because up until now we’ve had the very newly blind, stumbling, tentative-ish Iggy who’s doing his best with his newfound injury but there’s limitations and he has to rely on the guys and there’s no getting around that. So we see him kind of curled in on himself, walking with his hand out, tripping and falling a lot, etc

Then this scene, which isn’t even that far in time from his injury (a few weeks, I believe) and even less from the stumbling Iggy we see in the mines and yet he 

hears Noctis’s voice “clear as day” while they’re in a whole other room, which means he’s getting so much better at distinguishing sound which is going to be the sense he relies on most. He picked up on conversation on the train but this is a whole new level of being attuned and because he’s been able to improve on what he can do instead of what he can’t?

He can help?? Look at him go?? He just whirls around and takes off and gives Gladio a heart attack in the process because we haven’t seen Iggy like this since the injury?? Look at his posture, boy just turns and strides off. That is a stride. I mean it’s almost a strut. Look at that determination. Look at that purpose. No uneven gait. No fumbling in his darkness. He just goes. That stick isn’t even touching the ground. And Gladiolus is just like omg Iggy plz but Iggy is literally, 100% Gladio, I got this.

We see him start working with magic and that’s a scene on its own as far as Ignis’s progress goes, but this?? is just? so good??

yeah so here’s more meta (is this meta. it’s just my meiwhgeEGWJ screaming into the abyss really.) that no one asked for but I JUST HAVE SO MANY FEELS ABOUT IGNIS’S ARC AND THEN VERSE 2 HAPPENED i’m so happy this scene just makes me so so happy and proud of this ray of sunshine

what started out as a drowning now is
holy water, cleansing the places that have been
grim and grimy for
so long.

what started out as melting into sodden carpet,
refusing to breathe without,
to be without him?
now is peach-fuzzed cheeks and white teeth,
open-mouthed laughter.
now it is blue-skied blooming and clean fingernails;
something about this brokenness makes
my hands move lighter and my shoulder blades sharper–
i am full of clean wings, of
feather-light relief.

what started out as dying of
a childish broken heart
has turned to loving myself
like a child, again.

—  a.v.k. // april, 2015 // poetry club prompt: happiness

@deviliciious || continued 

𝐻𝑒𝓁𝑒𝓃 𝒸𝒶𝓃𝓃𝑜𝓉 𝒽𝑒𝓁𝓅 𝒷𝓊𝓉 𝓁𝒶𝓊𝑔𝒽 at the butler’s grandiose display. Such a thing to see! Sebastian standing there with his hands full… his tone a bit awkward, even. She is enamored, though, that the man would go out of his way for her on this day… she moves in graciously to accept his offerings, her cheeks a bright color.

“Ahh!!! Sebastian! Look at all this! You did not have to do this for me…” she gushes, grabbing him by the sleeve and leaning in to press a deep kiss to his jaw—well, what she could reach with all those flowers. “How very lovely… ah! Come in! Set these down in here, will you? If we are going out you cannot bring them, lest you go dropping them…”

She releases him, a bit of irritation in her palm from grabbing so suddenly. Such a shame, she had put vinegar on her hands as soon as she could after her ‘accident’… but it still stung now again! In slow throbs. She must have not neutralized the burn soon enough. The burn came from her endless misery in the kitchen. She would not explain to Sebastian how she utterly failed at making him some curry. And not only did it cost her some palm burns, but it made her run about town like a headless chicken to find him replacement gifts! Speaking of…

“Oh! Before we go I must get you something!”

And just like that she goes darting behind the desk. Up she would pull one lone white rose, wrapped in a red ribbon. A bottle of Rose Champagne in a lovely crafted bottle—and a small box. Should he look inside he would find a pair of black leather gloves, the inside lined with a fine red fabric.

“Happy Valentine’s day! Please, I would like you to open the box now. I-It would make me happy if you wore them today.”

another portion of disastrouspancakes commission (linework)

i think both me and disastrouspancakes can agree (and hopefully everyone else)(if you dont i am very disappointed in you) that the Meowrails™ are the epitome of all that is good in this multi-verse. seeing these two together and happy just causes me to make happy mouth noises that strongly resemble an alien connecting with a humidifier trying to give us knowledge of pluto


anonymous asked:

So what are your thoughts on the tsum tsumverse? Considering how your tsum tsum Steve and Tony are.

I LOVE THE TSUMTSUM VERSE SO MUCH AND EVERYTHING ABOUT IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY! @rouge-winter gifted me my own beloved SteveTony tsumpair, with tsum!StarLord wanting to steal Tony away!

I made more of these plushie tsum tsum comics here!

I’m a bit intimidated to draw tsumtsum Stony because so many better artists like cherryteddy, cashwiller and suppiedoodles but I’m slowly including them in my art & thinking about incorporating more of them in future comics!

They’re super cute & I need them in Avengers Academy LMAO

Ask Me Anything Marvel or DC!

You were cotton candy and cigarettes,
the two of us walking down to the water
just to hear the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks,
our feet dragged into the shore that slowly pulled us homeward,
we put seashells to our ears just to drown out the sound
of us forgetting each other 

Tell me once more about the fall of the empire you built yourself
I want to lay among the ruins and imagine what could have been
and the whispers between your heartbeat told me that you were a wave,
calming and cresting
crashing onto any chance at redemption