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When you say... "make color edits on photoshop" what does that normal entail?

Just color corrections, especially if I’ve gone too far in the piece (already merged my colors into one layer most commonly) or if I’ve changed my mind about the overlying tone (cools, warms, pinks, blues, etc).

I’ll use Stan and Kyle as an example because they have a bunch of color variety.

This is ok! But I want the colors to be more united.

Okay, that doesn’t really help. The hue is compromising the entire picture. Photoshop however:

you can adjust different values independently!! CMYK & RGB. Or less commonly, if there’s one color that just isn’t meshing with the others, there’s the Replace Color tool:

the change isn’t dramatic but it’s there. there’s some other stuff you can play around with but those are the only two that i actually really use for last min changes haha

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What fountain pen and ink would you recommend for someone who's never used one before? I really want to start writing with a fountain pen but I'm unsure which one to get.

Hi! So I would personally reccomend either a Pilot Metropolitan or a TWSBI Eco with an ink from either De’Atramentis or Diamine. Pilot and TWSBI make great, quality pens for lower prices that are easy to use. De’Atramentis and Diamine have inks in a very wide range of colors that are great for beginners, just stay away from shimmering or scented inks for now. I would say consider buying from the Goulet Pen Company, Anderson Pens, or Jet Pens - all great choices! Hope this helps and feel free to message me with any more questions!


Threw around some ideas with @nerdaday and gave our favorite gals some matching bezzie mate sweaters 😖

The solarpunk!Luigi and steampunk!Mario piece from the stream today - thanks to everybody who dropped by!! took me ~7hrs not counting first sketch to finish this piece. what am I doing with my life 


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