this used to be one of my favourite movies and i just watched it for the first time in years... somehow loved it even more

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I think the most important question of all time is if Derek prefers belly rubs, or is he the kind of 'clingy when cuddling' boyfriend so he just lays on top of Stiles and lets him rub his back (and sometimes his butt) ? My personal headcanon is that werewolves can get sort of stoned from their mate's scent and Derek once a month likes to climb into Stiles' lap and melt into his arms surrounded by his boyfriend's scent. Bonus pie points if Derek steals Stiles' shirts to wear when he's napping

You have no idea how much I just screamed over this ask. This is being filed under “favourites”, for sure. 

I think Derek is the type of guy who really, really likes cuddles and anything that involves getting to touch Stiles, but pretends he’s completely indifferent to it/does it only to “shut Stiles up”. Which, you know, is complete lies. The first time Stiles sleeps next to Derek in a bed, it’s painfully obvious Derek wants to cuddle but he just doesn’t know how to go about asking. Poor, awkward lamb. Stiles nearly makes a joke at Derek’s expense about how obvious it is because, well, but he refrains at the last minute upon seeing Derek’s face - Derek doesn’t just look nervous, he looks scared, like he might be rejected - and shaking his head (because this adorable asshole) Stiles shifts closer and hastily mumbles something about not having his pillow, “so you’ll have to do, big guy”.

Before they get together, it takes a while for Derek to get used to being tactile with Stiles. Derek is fine touching other people - he has the control that way - but he’s still not good with people touching him. Unfortunately, that’s not a great combination when you are a touch starved werewolf with trust issues, because it pretty much means the only kind of physical contact Derek ever receives is either in life or death situations or during (not so fun and friendly) pack training sessions. Not ideal. Of course, after a while, Stiles clocks this. 

Stiles has known about Derek’s touch issues since he first met him, but it’s better now (he thinks). So he tries small things: sitting next to Derek during pack movie nights and pressing his leg against his; letting himself fall asleep on Derek’s shoulder (desperately trying not to read too much into it when Derek doesn’t move away); and, a few times, hugging Derek goodbye and lingering longer than he should each time he does it. 

After a while, Derek starts touching Stiles back. One day, he just crawls through Stiles’ window and sits by Stiles’ bed until Stiles - very tired and not thinking things through too much - puts a hand on Derek’s shoulder and tells him in no uncertain terms “ to get up here for some Stilinski spooning time”. Derek grumbles at that but he’s in Stiles’ bed exactly twenty seconds later, which gives Stiles major pause for thought. 


And listen, this is how it goes on. They aren’t even together but Derek touching Stiles and being touched by him soon becomes A Thing. For both of them. A very important thing. The life of Derek Hale suddenly becomes about three things: the pack, Cora, and Stiles. 

Sometimes, Stiles sleeps over at the loft. Not for any reason other than the fact Stiles does a lot of late night research there, but after a while it kind of becomes apparent Stiles is there for “research times” and what he has come to call “Derek’s personal pillow times”. Derek’s person pillow times often involve Derek shyly (but somehow still grumpily) crawling into Stiles’ lap and (not so subtly) scenting him. Stiles asked about the scenting thing once and Derek stopped for three weeks, entirely embarrassed - Derek had looked so upset and torn about the whole thing (aka, he looked like a hurt five year old) that eventually Stiles had just marched into the loft, stuck Batman on, and told Derek to get his “fluffy butt in here. I mean it Derek, my neck is lonely now. Don’t leave a bro in need like this, it’s accustomed to your snout!” Stiles expected Derek to either throw him out or snark at him for that but instead, Derek shuffled - actually shuffled - into the room (still appearing out of nowhere, the creepy show off), holding himself rather tight, before crawling into Stiles’ lap and staying there for exactly 2.5 Batman movies, face buried in Stiles’ neck. (Stiles does not grin manically when he feels Derek’s whole body sag against him, like he hasn’t been able to settle without him.) 

During Stiles’ second year of college, they have their first kiss. Well, if a first kiss can be called a first kiss when the dude you are hard core crushing on puts a finger to your lips half way through your perfectly valid rant about why Princess Leia is The Best, stares into your eyes for a solid three minutes (and somehow makes it both awkward and the best fucking thing you have ever experienced when looking at someone), before placing a very soft and intimate kiss to your neck. Stiles has no idea what it even means until he eventually plucks up the courage to ask Cora who instantly threatens him with bodily harm if Stiles hurts her brother. (”So, uh, the neck thing was…..?” “My brother’s traditional, dorky way of telling you he loves you. Duh. Jesus Stiles, and you call yourself our Emissary?”)

From then on out, Derek’s attachment to touching Stiles just becomes more intense. In front of people and the pack he’ll settle for holding hands or being next to Stiles, but in private he becomes like a lazy cat. He gets very pouty when he wakes up and finds Stiles not in bed for morning cuddles; he loves being able to wash Stiles’ hair; back rubs and head rubs are his favourite, especially when he’s reading or they are watching movies (Derek’s introducing all the classics to Stiles, like Rebecca and The Breakfast Club; “no, Spider-man doesn’t count as a classic, Stiles” “says who?” “says me if you still want a blow job later” ). Mostly though, he just loves being in his old position of sitting in Stiles’ lap and burying his face in Stiles’ neck. 

Sometimes Stiles will talk about his day while Derek does this and it works for both of them because Derek is surrounded by Stiles’ scent, his voice, his whole being; and that calms him, settles him in a way he hasn’t been since before the fire. And in turn, having someone to listen to him - really, truly listen - while he’s talking, brings Stiles a kind of happiness he’s never experienced before. Sure, people hear him. They talk to him and hold conversations. But sooner or later Stiles always sees their eyes wander, sees the start of a yawn or is outright told to shut up. 

Stiles knows his attention isn’t anything to write home about but there is a difference between being unable to hold someone’s attention and someone just not wanting to hold your attention, specifically. Of course, Derek still tells Stiles to shut up, that’s never a thing that stopped between them, but now it usually ends in heated make out sessions or sex, so, Stiles really has no complaints. But in moments like these, with Derek in his lap, Derek just listens. He can sit for hours and never tires of Stiles. If Stiles is happy, he smiles into his neck, makes these little happy sounds; if he’s sad, he’ll kiss his neck, and murmur quiet things; angry, he’ll hold him tighter and let him vent, for as long as he likes. 

Some couples have hobbies, have things, but this is their ritual. Just this. Every other day, just having this quiet moment of peace and happiness. A bubble no one can penetrate. It’s a visible anchor, the place they always come back to. It’s a place they both need; the place Stiles needs when he’s feeling insecure and the place Derek needs when he’s feeling lonely. Nothing can touch them in it, no high is better. Especially to Derek who really can feel a little drunk off of Stiles’ scent, sometimes. It’s a kind of closeness both of them have always craved but never really gotten. It’s Derek’s way of saying I love you when he finds it difficult to say it. It’s Stiles’ way of knowing I’m needed when he doubts it. 

It’s just them, and even though it sometimes freaks Stiles out - the stillness, the fact he can be this still, for hours - it serves as a precious reminder that after all the chaos, after all the loss and heart break, that they found this: they found a small and quiet, beautiful thing. And they found it in each other, which is both the most baffling and the least surprising thing of all. 

Chocobro Relationship Headcanons:

Noctis Lucis Caelum–


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This boy, I swear he is just trouble with a capital T.

  • Dating Noct was never exactly something you’d thought was possible.
  • Like sometimes you still sit down and look directly at him and think “wait. what. how.”
  • You were a part of the same group of friends for a while, but you’d known about him for a long time anyway.
  • You grew up hearing about him. Someone was always around, jabbering on and on about his family and how amazing he was, which only made matters worse for you and your nerves.
  • You’d only spoken a handful of times, and each instance left you so frazzled that to even look at him was an accomplishment.
  • Bc being in the same room with him made you so paranoid that at any moment you were gonna screw up so bad and make a fool out of yourself.
  • It wasn’t until one day where he came over and sat next to you, eyebrows pulled together and lips pursed as he just…. stared that matters changed.
  • Of course, the most logical thing you could think to do was stare right back, and thus began the most nerve-wracking staring contest you’ve ever been a part of.
  • After a good minute he sighed and rolled his eyes, shoulders dropping in defeat.
  • The conversation that followed was basically twenty minutes of you stuttering through apologies while he asked you to just treat him like a normal person from then on.
  • Once you did get over it, (after coming to the conclusion that yes he is royalty but who cares?) another problem became very apparent.
  • Oh No, He’s Hot™
  • Fast forward a little and somehow you end up going on a date with him after ALL of your friends get together secretly and form an evil scheme.
  • And by evil scheme I mean everyone bailed on hanging out and just didn’t tell you, so you end up standing in the prince’s doorway with a giant bag of snacks that– surprise– he sees and pulls you inside for because “come on in, these are my favorite chips.”
  • And the rest is history, really.
  • At first, he’s hard to understand. Noctis has emotions, obviously, it’s just that sometimes he has trouble getting them from his brain and into the world via verbal communication.
  • You figure out as time goes on that you don’t necessarily need him to tell you what he’s feeling. After a while, the tiniest little thing is enough for you to be like “Okay he is only grunting in response to everything. Ignis is definitely on his back about something again.”
  • “He’s obviously tired look at that pouty face.”
  • Or “He’s glanced at me twice in the past thirty seconds, he’s either hungry or he loves me.”
  • (He’s always hungry and he always loves you)
  • Noct’s still a young man. A growing boy who has a lot of responsibilies. He hungry.
  • You find him in your kitchen making a sandwich at 3am once. He looks up with a mouthful of bread, cheeks puffed out and eyes wide as you shine a flashlight directly at his face.
  • You almost have a heart attack. He almost gets a vase thrown at him bc you were so sure that someone had broken into your home to murder you.
  • Speaking of eating. You’ve somehow managed to convince him to eat his veggies on more than one occasion. Ignis practically begs you to tell him how you did so. Your grin is borderline evil.
  • Noct’s not all about that PDA life. Mostly because he’s royalty and people are really weird about it, and if the King heard he’d give the boy an earful.
  • That doesn’t mean he won’t touch you in public. Friendly touches are fine. Just no kissy kissy when other people are looking, okay?
  • Noctis somehow manages to sneak you into every event known to man. Whether it’s boring or stressful, he just wants you there to keep his mind off of things. One time he snuck you into a royal ball without telling you it was going on, and you have absolutely no idea how you weren’t carted out of there because it was obvious you didn’t belong in your sweat pants and t-shirt.
  • You made eye contact with the King and it felt like a crime. You had to go hide in the bathroom so no one saw you dying a little.
  • At some point during the night Noct emerges from the crowd and plops down beside of you, scooting his chair as close as he can get it to yours. This is your only warning before he conks out completely, face tucked into your neck and refusing to move as if you’re not surrounded by some of the most important people to ever exist in your lifetime.
  • Noct loves to bring you places. Some nights he’ll show up at your door with that look, and before you know it you’re in the passenger side of the Regalia, watching the city lights pass by through the rolled down windows.
  • He brings you to his favorite fishing spots, and you peer happily down into the water as he casts out a line. He’s never really caught anything in front of you. Mainly because a majority of the time you’ve taken your shoes off and are dipping your feet in the water, barely splashing against the surface. You aren’t aware that it scares the fish away, but he doesn’t have the heart to tell you to stop because you really look like you’re enjoying yourself.
  • Is so stubborn? About everything?
  • If you’re having a small or meaningless argument, he’s the first one to roll over and not listen.
  • Basically he’s like a kid who’ll plug his ears and say “la la la” until you stop telling him he needs to “just call Ignis back about the suit fitting before the man breaks my door down.”
  • He will apologise if something is seriously wrong, though. He can’t stand when you’re upset.
  • Honestly Noctis isn’t much of a talker. He’s much more of a listener, really. If something is bothering you, he’s always ready to let you say whatever you need to say and offer his opinion if it’s something you ask for.
  • But he’d much rather curl up and just relax after a particularly taxing day. He doesn’t want to talk about things, he just wants to use you as a pillow and take a nap. And, you’re cool with that.
  • He has used pretty much every part of your body as a pillow during nap time. His favourite places are your chest, your tummy, or your thighs.
  • He drools sometimes. 😒
  • Just needs a giant blanket and some good old snuggle time sometimes, dammit.
  • Doesn’t use pet names much, but gets really flustered and blushy whenever you use pet names on him.
  • Loves when you play with his hair! It’s the fastest way to get him to melt right into you, and he makes this little noise that sounds like he’s purring. Adorable.
  • Secretly really ticklish, but don’t you dare. It’s dangerous. I’m warning you.
  • Makes cute little kissy noises in his sleep sometimes when you try to wake him up? You don’t know why he does it he just does. You lean down to give him a little peck and it makes him smile, so you assume he’s only having good dreams.
  • When he’s tired he’s 10x more affectionate I’m sorry I don’t make the rules.
  • He’s going to spoil you and there’s no way around it. You better not accidentally mention something you want to him because the next day you will come home to two of them waiting at your door.
  • Where did he even find the exact shirt that an actor wore in a movie you saw five years ago? Your description was so vague. Like?? Is he okay?
  • Has stolen your bedding. You don’t know where he keeps taking it, but you just want it back
  • “Noct, please it’s cold and you have your own blankets at home.”
  • (it’s bc they smell like you.)
  • He’s thinking about getting a cat with you. Or a dog. Maybe both.
  • Calls you when he’s nervous about things. Your voice helps him calm down.
  • You have challenged Gladio to a fight for teasing him, and despite everyone laughing it was not a joke. You will get that man.
  • Has invited you to game night once. You kicked his ass and Prompto made fun of him the whole time.
  • Noctis Lucis Caelum is a sore loser.
  • But it’s alright, you always know just how to make it up to him.
Let Go // Dolan Twins

Summary: After years of being together Ethan puts together something incredibly beautiful and luckily making a video for Gray to react to. Now you get to start the rest of your lives together with Gray tagging on also because what’s Ethan without his twin? They’re a package deal no matter which one you’re engaged to.

Characters: Ethan Dolan x Reader, Grayson Dolan, Lisa Dolan, Sean Dolan and Cameron Dolan

Words: 5043

Disclaimer: I do not own YouTube, images or songs used in this. Song is ‘You Can Let Go’ by Crystal Shawanda.

Warnings: Possible swearing, major fluff, mention of hearattack and sad Grayson  

Author: Caitsy

Tagged: At the bottom

A/N: Sorry for not posting! It’s been hectic with uni ending next month and I’ve been writing this for so long. We’ve posted but it’s not showing up in the tags sadly.

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If you were a little girl and you were asked the question of who you would marry you would have answered differently from now because you weren’t a child anymore wishing for things that can’t happen. You were nineteen years old and your boyfriend Ethan had switched your promise ring with an engagement ring with a small vintage theme. You weren’t going to wait until you were twenty-eight to plan a wedding because you were just as in love as you would be ten years from now.

Ethan hadn’t taken you out to a fancy restaurant where you would have to act like someone else because your laughs were too loud. He didn’t hide the ring in the food despite the obvious problem of choking on it by accident. He didn’t make you do a scavenger hunt either because you guys weren’t basic and fought against the stereotypical clichés. He had done something unique and very him instead with no help because he wanted it to be special. You had accompanied him to his childhood home for his older sister Cameron’s birthday. It was both a surprise to you and everyone else because only him and your Dad knew about it.

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Long distance Au - I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and finally I wrote something about it. I guess it’s a bit cliche (?) Hopefully it’s not out of characters ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯ Leave a comment/tag and tell me what you think about this. 

Characters: Kaneki Ken, Kirishima Touka, Touken, Nishiki Nishio, Kirishima Ayato

Rating: Fluff + Implied Nsfw

Words: 3351~


Touka nervously pinching her fingers together while waiting at the train station. She wore a white blouse matching with her navy blue skirts and white wedges. She also let Ayato braided her hair. She wonder if he would be happy to see her again. The thoughts makes her face warm.

She heard the announcement, notify her that his train have arrived. It didn’t take long for him to show up at the opposite side, waving at her the moment their eyes met. Kaneki quickly make his way towards her, smiling widely.

“Y–yo–!” She couldn’t even finish her sentence when he pull her straight into his arms. Touka yelp, and hear him laughing.

”I missed you, Touka-chan.”

Touka sighs, wrapping her arms around his waist. She wanted to say something, but her words was caught inside her throat. Touka nuzzle her face against his chest, inhaling his scent, mixing with his cologne that she loves, “You smell – nice.”

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Quick thought about Symbiosis

Dude, now that I have slept and am much calmer (although juuust a little), I think I can write an English post that is coherent in terms of sentence structure. (I think… LOL)

This film is already my favourite so far!! I mean to break it down in the future, but let me put this here as a quick reaction: this honestly has everything I wanted and it even surprised me in the sense that even the parts I thought I would honestly dislike are my easy my favourite of the whole movie now!

I have to admit the rewatch I’ve done recently has helped a lot in that department. This series is by no means something that I could understand just by watching and rewatching a couple of times, because every single time I do it something new  - some new revelant detail - comes up. It’s just that kind of experience. Pretty much the same kind of relationship I’ve had with the classic series and 02 for the past 16 years I never left this fandom. If you are a casual watcher, I can see why you would be confused. But this being a 15th-digimon-anniversary commemoration project and a huge “thank you” from Toei for everybody who has supported the franchise all these years, this is exactly the kind of product I hoped, I honestly couldn’t expect more from them.

As to the theories I’ve had that I wanted answered they are as following:

- Theory that Meicoomon was related to Apocalymon somehow - CHECK! Her funny design so far has left me and some many I talk to on twitter (including @firstagent) intrigued and it feels DAMN GOOD to have that confirmed! Those helix patterns on her fur and her destructive power couldn’t have been just dumb coincidence.

- Dark Ocean and Demon theory - not check yet BUT THE DARK OCEAN IS OFFICALLY HERE oh my God, I am so scared for Himekawa now, she is officially in deep depression just like Ken was once and omg is she going to be possessed?! Is Demon the secret behind the 02 children getting attacked first?! We don’t know yet now with the Lovecraftian vibes around we’re SO CLOSE.

- Theory that the whole fighting between Taichi and Yamato was building up to something bad happening to Taichi - MOTHERFUCKING CHECK I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SHIT SINCE REUNION, I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN, I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT, SEE @cyclone5000 THIS IS WHY YOU NEED TO WORK FOR TOEI AND WRITE THEIR CRAP! I am officially deceased, my inner TaiYama fan purrs just seeing Yamato with the goggles around his neck *sobs*

- Hikari standing up to the Homeostasis and REPELLING THEM LIKE A BOSS - CHECK, holy shit, it happened!! IT REALLY HAPPENED! Hikari told those damn selfish bastards that THE CHOSEN CHILDREN ARE THE ONES WHO GET TO DECIDE THEIR DESTINIES and this happened EXACTLY AS I WANTED SLDKÇFN (@50cyg Remember our conversation on private!?!? It happened exactly like that!!! I can’t wait for the next film, oh my God, Hikari’s trial has just began holy crap, the next film is going to be wild)

- Hikari going dark and unleashing a dark evolution - FUCK YES CHECK!! I’m not going to lie, I was very affraid that they would make her OOC just to answer to that whim of seeing her going “evil” but, oh my God, ADD TAICHI GETTING INJURED TO THE EQUATION AND IT ALL MAKES SO MUCH SENSE (shit son, Me and @yesyoshiposts and @dejitarugeeto02 have been talking about this before tri even existed. How Hikari would flip if something like this happened to Taichi and this is hell of satisfying!! Not only that, if the poster of the next film is any clue, it seems the Wizarmon topic will be brought up next film and oh my God, after what happened to Hikari AND TAILMON, damn! They’re going to slay us hard next time!! GET READY)

- Meiko’s redemption arc which is something I was impatiently waiting for - HELL YEEESSS, CHECK!!! Digimon Adventure tri is Meiko’s story, that has been obvious right and left from the very beginning and I question how much in denial you have to be to not have that figured out by now (lol). I mean, Digimon has a very long tradition of introducing news characters and new stories instead of just recycling old ones, is it really that surprising that tri has decided to walk the same path? Or that it develops the older characters, instead of making them static and boring? But I digress. I think Meiko’s voice actor was incredible in the sense that it really conveyed the growth of the character; Meiko sounds so so honest in this film! After all the secrets the character kept hiding, it’s honestly refreshing to see her open up and being herself around the group of Chosen Children at last. I had some fun listening to her speaking “Tottori dialect” around Taichi, albeit by accident - it really makes me realise how far she has gone to adjust to life in Tokyo. 

I’m SO RELIEVED that I can now say I actually like Meiko, because two films ago I honestly didn’t even like her. This reminds me…back in the day I used to sort of hate Yamato’s attitudes and I couldn’t stand Mimi or Jou for the most various reasons. These characters used to get on my nerves in general, but as the story progressed, as I grew up, after many rewatches too, I started to understand them and to put myself in their shoes. Before I knew - after many rewatches and over the years - I learnt to actually love Yamato, Jou, and Mimi for various reasons. Just like all these Adventure characters, Meiko started with flaws and used to get on my nerves - he has just now started to grown on me, but I honestly feel like her charisma has improved over time, and she is now a solid Adventure character

I respect her a lot for deciding to kill Meicoomon too. Wow! If you think about it, it all comes down to this, and Digimon Adventure tri is basically a serious version of episodes 10 and 11 of Digimon Adventure 02 all over again, except it’s a very long saga of it for the adult audience of fans. Instead of “waking up” with Yamato’s punch to the face like Taichi did (which forced him to realise Agumon would rather die than stay controled by the Kaiser in 02), Meiko had to realise it herself that it was better to kill Meicoomon than to let her live and being nothing but a source of sadness to the ones Meicoomon herself loves the most!

And… damn son, this puts Yamato’s reactions in a rather funny place too. It proves this idea I get that he puts everybody’s feelings ahead of his own and  that he deeply cares for literally everybody, BUT when it comes to Taichi IN PARTICULAR his reactions are almost always harsher, and most times he just takes his frustration out on his best friend even when Taichi isn’t the reason he is frustrated at all LOL. Not that this is news to me but it’s mindblowing to see it applied even to a big picture of this caliber! Taichi and Yamato’s relationship is one of a kind, I’m telling you!

AND I’m so GLAD to see Hikari and Taichi reaching to the same conclusions I did during my rewatch of Confessions recently, oh my God! That we don’t trully understand things before we go through them ourselves and that is the overall message of tri as well!! Like… damn, I’m not always prepared to see the characters I love the most this self-conscious, and it tells a lot about the direction of tri. Staff knows exactly what they are doing!

And by the way, I thought I would hate the whole shipping tease of Taichi and Meiko? But I actually liked it?!?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME LOL. I mean, had they intriduced this earlier, I am positive I would hate it to death, but now Meiko has gotten the treatment she deserved I’m SHOCKED THAT I LIKE IT. (Taichi and Yamato are still number one in my heart; so who the fuck cares) BUT I LAUGHED OUT LOUD AT THE DIGIMON WHEN TAICHI TALKED TO MEIKO.

Let’s move on to other things I was hoping to see that this film has also covered:

- Human World VS Digital World situation with Chosen Children targeted by BOTH - HELL YES CHECK!! This is one of those situations that absolutely NEEDED to be there so the epilogue of 02 can finally happen in a manner that actually makes sense!!! The idea that digimon and humans started to live together 25 years later is laughable without problems happening first! It cannot possibly happen without a very difficult period of time where both sides clash and have troubles accepting each other! Both Human and Digimon worlds needed to clash first before it even remotely developed to that sort of scenario. And that’s not all: all of this will beautifully explain Taichi’s profession in the future once he decides to work hard for the relationship between humans and digimon to get better! THAT’S what a diplomat does!

And you know what’s fucking genius? It’s that they created Daigo and put him there especifically to allow us to imagine how will an adult Taichi be like!! It helps us understand that an adult version of a goggle-head attending to meetings isn’t necessarily detrimental to his personality or his charisma - it’s actually the other way around! It means Taichi will NEVER let go of the digital world even as an adult, and that it will heavily impact his future life! Just like it does with Daigo even to his days!! <3 It’s brilliant!

- AMBIGUITY IN GENERAL not just some Dark VS Light shit - CHEEEEEEEEECK, this is obviously related to Hikari and Taichi’s attitude towards the Homeostasis and Yggdrasil!! They decided to stop receiving orders and give less shits about them. Now they decided to do what THEY think is the right think to do! I fucking love Daigo yelling and telling the Homeostasis “These children are NOT your pawns to get rid of when they are no longer useful” It’s a topic I have always hoped for this series to bring up, and I’m pleasantly surprised that they have finally decided to! The Chosen Children are now officially ADULTS WHO DO WHAT THEY THINK IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO instead of just being little kids who do what adults tell them to. lol Now, our grown up children are the ones who get to decide what is right! It’s what they honestly want to do that matters. An important step into adulthood.

- MAKI WITH GUNS which honestly I didn’t even know I needed so it wasn’t originally in this list but - CHECK!!!! (LOL) It’s funny because I thought the topic about especial guns created to fight digimon had been forgotten - I can see that Himekawa has been carrying them around. This shit demands MORE FANART of the kids with weapons istg lol It actually reminds me of some fanart I saw many years ago,  where each chosen child carried a different weapon. I wonder if they got this idea from those???? XD

- I wasn’t expecting TAICHI scenes AT ALL but hell if I don’t welcome them, holy crap!! - CHECK, and oh my God they have been lacking so much, to such a degree I was starting to wonder WHEN Taichi would get the spotlight he needed. I mean THE USUAL TAICHI, the protagonist of this series! My precious son that takes a while to overcome his fears and insecurities but when he does he’s so nice to follow on screen. ;.;   He’s been missed so much, and it’s stunning how they even took advantage of him to develop Hikari, holy crap. Now I am certain that Hikari’s moment has just begun and that it’s the next film that will focus on her and Tailmon, holy crap I will even forgive the poster teasing the focus on her for now lçdjfa THE NEXT POSTER HAS WIZARMON’S HAT. We all theorized about Wizarmon showing up this movie, it never crossed my mind that he could only show up the next one instead. LOL

AAAAND and I think I’m going to stop here, even though I have much more things to say and to think about. but I have only watched this ONCE and I need to rewatch before I talk about other things. 


Ray out!

Christmas to Andrew Minyard is chocolate shaped like a bearded man, cold weather, and an excuse for people to preach about love while practicing intolerance. He can’t say he’s a fan of any of the above. Even the chocolate - he’s more of an ice cream kind of guy.

He hasn’t celebrated it in years. At a few of his foster homes he tolerated the trees shedding leaves and glitter and the lights that threatened to give him a headache if he looked too long, at Cass’ he’d even help put them up if she needled him long enough (he wasn’t much help, given she was taller than him, but he was an extra, almost willing pair of hands). The cleaners at Fox Tower wrapped tinsel around the bannisters but his room remained untouched, despite Nicky’s best attempts at coercion. (“Andrew, the tinsel only cost a dollar!” “These lights change colour!” “It’s only a small tree!”) (Andrew had never been impressed by Nicky’s persistent energy, optimism, or continued faith.)

Songs professing what a magical time it was or movies reminding you how wonderful family is are ignored and turned over. Andrew wouldn’t even admit to appreciating a break in the monotony of class and practice.

But maybe there’s something to it.


The cats fighting baubles on a small plastic tree was at least mildly entertaining until the noise threatened to keep Andrew awake. Neil plying Andrew to let him put the small tree up with reindeer-shaped chocolates and an assortment of ridiculously-flavoured candy canes was annoying, but a better bribe than Neil’s usual fare, and held a faint sense of humour. Wrapped presents coming in the mail was definitely infuriating, as were the colourful jumpers they contained, but with some catnip the cats were persuaded to open the presents for him, and they certainly enjoy the jumpers as blankets.

The cold is unforgivable, but at least it’s to the point that even Neil admits it’s cold and turns the heating up. He goes so far as to come back from practice one night with a large, fluffy blanket with a repeating pattern of candy canes, gingerbread houses, and stockings.

He looks at it, as though for the first time, as he wraps Andrew in it like a burrito. “Oh, hey, do you like gingerbread?”

Andrew doesn’t interrupt the glare to say, “Yes.”

The next day Neil comes back with premade kits and suggests they decorate gingerbread houses together.
“This isn’t becoming a twelve days of Christmas thing,” Andrew says, and eats a corner of a gingerbread wall.

“Huh? Is that about buying gifts or something?” Neil asks, ignoring Andrew’s blatant attempt at annoying him.

“And human trafficking,” Andrew says, squeezing some icing directly into his mouth.

“Then no. I just saw them,” Neil shrugs. He’s becoming used to having money that can be spent without worry.

“You planned this,” Andrew accuses without any real heat. Neil’s poking his tongue out slightly to focus on icing a window.

He should have known Neil would take that as a challenge.

The next day’s pretty innocuous, he goes out and comes back half an hour later with dinner. Andrew doesn’t comment, but levels Neil an accusatory look.

“Hey, I brought dessert too,” Neil says, as though dessert forgives all sins. And maybe it does.

On the fourth day, Neil digs out some Santa hats they’d been given when they’d been to Matt and Dan’s for Christmas the previous year. (Now the older Foxes are starting to have children, and Christmas is less for their so-called found family and more for their offspring, no matter how young and unappreciative.) Neil tugs one down over Andrew’s eyes, then pulls it up to right it. The fluffy white ball dangles enticingly, and Sir jumps up to bat at it.

“If I get scratched, you’re paying the hospital fees,” Andrew warns Neil, who’s still definitely in his personal space.

“It’s your money,” Neil replies, which isn’t strictly true. He retrieves Sir though.

The fifth day is the 23rd, and even Neil is aware that’s the last day shops will be open. He returns with a bag that he makes a big deal of not showing Andrew and then puts on a Christmas movie from a DVD. “You’re gonna like this one,” he says. “It reminded me of you.”

It’s Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

“Did Nicky make the joke?” Andrew asks, as soon as he sees the title card.

“Yup,” Neil replies, and takes a small mint candy cane from Andrew’s stash. Insult to injury. “We’re still watching it though.”

It’s not the worst movie he’s ever seen.

On Christmas Eve, they’re doing some kind of promotional thing with the members of their team that don’t have prior obligations. Neil has some garishly bright hat with a bobble on top, and he wraps a matching scarf around Andrew’s neck before they leave. “Don’t pretend you’re not cold. I can see your hands turning blue from across the room.”

Andrew glowers as he puts gloves on.

The kids at the event love Neil’s hat. It’s almost endearing, but they’re too loud.

The seventh day of Neil’s makeshift Christmas is Christmas Day. “You know you’ve got your twelve days wrong,” Andrew says. “Aren’t you the one with the Math degree?”

“I’m sure you care so much about the traditions of Christmas,” Neil says.

“Yes,” Andrew replies. “And if we have turkey, I’ll gut you and that will be my meal for tonight.”

Neil smiles, “Funny you should mention dinner.”

It’s not.

“I found Christmas ice cream. I figured that would do for dinner.”

Sometimes Andrew can remember why he hasn’t yet murdered Neil.

The next day, Neil checks his phone and says, “What is boxing day?”

“Ask Matt,” Andrew says.

Neil snorts. “So it’s about fighting to the death. Probably your favourite holiday, then.” He tries to swing out of bed, but hisses, “Fuck me, it’s cold.”

Andrew can feel it in the tip of his nose. “Turn on the heating then.”

“Nope, we’re staying here,” Neil replies and burrows into the blankets. “I’m putting my feet on you,” he says, and does.

“What are you going to do about the eighth day of Christmas?” Andrew asks. Not because he cares.

“I’m your present,” Neil mumbles.

“Shit present.”

On the ninth day, they have to go back to practice. There’s almost no point, as they’ll stop again around New Year, but their Coach says something about “Pros” meaning “professional” as though that’s new, and everyone turns up, bleary-eyed and in new outfits.

Neil hands him a black jumper with a ridiculous Christmas-themed pun. “It’s not Christmas anymore,” Andrew reminds him.

“No, but I forgot that I’d gotten it,” he says. “I got it in your favourite colour.”

Andrew wears it to practice. At least he gets to take it off to put on his goalkeeper gear. Neil wears the shit-eating grin for the whole of practice.

On the tenth day, Kevin turns up at their doorstep. Andrew looks at Neil accusingly, but he shrugs. “I was in town,” Kevin says.

“Merry Christmas,” Neil says.

“You’re three days late,” Kevin replies with a frown.

After an hour or so of what Dan would have called ‘catching up’, Neil swerves the conversation to the new Exy gear the local dedicated shop has and offers to take Kevin. He doesn’t offer to take Andrew.

“Peace is definitely a theme of Christmas,” Neil says to Andrew quietly. “Right?”

Andrew raises his eyebrows.

“You’re welcome,” Neil says, and leaves.

On the eleventh day, Andrew says he’s looking forward to this being over. Neil smiles and puts King in his lap. “I’m regifting.”

Andrew supposes the cat is warm. He doesn’t argue.

It’s the last day of Neil’s attempt at Christmas, and Andrew isn’t sure, but Neil might be the type to have a triumphant finale. Somehow, though, schedules have aligned so that Andrew has to meet with their team’s long-suffering dietician, and Neil has the day to himself.

When Andrew gets back, though, all that’s changed is that the small Christmas tree is gone. Andrew glances at where it was, and Neil shrugs and says, “It’s the last day of Christmas, right?”

“Are you claiming that your gift to me is this being over?” Andrew wouldn’t be disappointed, but there’d be something.

“Of course not,” Neil says. He throws a gift in garishly bright paper covered in cats wearing Santa hats, which Andrew catches, but reluctantly.

Andrew stares at Neil.

“Open it,” Neil replies.

It’s a DVD for a film whose name is obscured by the pictures of candy on the front.

“Matt says I’m bad at gifts,” Neil says.

“You are.“

“That’s unfair. I just ran out of ideas after the second day.”

Andrew stares at Neil, and puts the DVD box down slowly. Into the trash can.

“Merry Christmas, Andrew.”


Part 1 『僕が見つめる先に、キミは』『I was staring before, at you』

Part 2 『君と僕の切ない恋物語』『Our heartbreaking love story』

Part 3 『僕的切なエピソード』『My heartbreaking encounter』

Popolo November ‘17

Translation ↓

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Donnie Yen Autobiography  “All About Donnie  (問丹心)” Translation Ch.1(pt 1-3)

Guess what… I have translated more of the content of Donnie’s autobiography. I’m planning to translate the first two chapters of his book, which are about his childhood and his experiences when he was early into the show business. 

There are 5 parts in the first chapter “My Personal Development” and 4 parts in the second chapter “Into the Show Business”. 

The previous post I made I had translated part 2 of chapter 2. 

Once again, BIG THANK YOU to my dear beta Dream @evocating for her generosity and patience. My work looks legible because of you. Also thank my real life friend Asura for helping me to clear my mind and translating a few but important sentences for me. 

Crappy photos of the original text taken by me are attached with this post below for reference. Baby Donnie is ADORABLE OKAY!???

Reminder: This post is so damn long with words and pictures. 

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Hide is near, I can feel it

or I could be utterly wrong, lol.

Some people seemed to get terribly exited when I mentioned I have HideKane hype after the newest chapter. No presure, haha.

Ok, first off, let me put a few things straight, so that you can maybe understand some of my reasoning better:

1) In my book, Hide is a bit of any asshole. Or actually, he IS an asshole. To everyone aside Kaneki (and a few carefully selected others). No wonder he kinda got along with Nishiki, lol. What we’ve seen in Root A, the cinnamon bun Hide, isn’t the manga’s Hide. The manga’s (and novels’) Hide didn’t get himself killed (well personally I think he survived the anime as well, there’s a good explanation video on youtube about it) and we already know he’s done some bad shit (especially in the novel).

2) My favourite idea about who Hide is would be if he stayed a simple human. However, most recently so many things seem to point to the direction of the original OEK, that it might very well be true. I also liked the Washuu theory, but it seems to be greatly debunked by now (at least in terms of the theory’s importance to the story).

3) I used to be a big Touka fan. Ok maybe not big, but a fan. Notice the „used to“. There were some hints in that direction already before, but after 124 her character took such a deep plunge, I’ve lost all sympathy to her. So don’t be surprised, if I don’t talk in a kind way about her at some point, if I happen to talk about her at all.

4) I think Tokyo Ghoul is going to be a trilogy, we’ll know soon enough if I’m wrong or not lol.

And here we go:

So the chapter wasn’t particularly interesting, the Q’s aside, but then I checked a few things and it got me much more interested (or maybe it’s because I found my lost Tokyo Ghoul hype after watching the movie).

Obviously the Hide panel was great and I think it was a major hint that Hide’s still alive! I’ve seen someone mention it’s because Kaneki still didn’t accept Hide’s death, and while it’s plausible, I think Ishida specifically put Hide with it’s back to us because he’s still alive. He was the only character shown in that way.

Ages ago I’ve read this beautiful theory (but I have no idea from who it was and if someone knows please link me to it!) about Hide and Kaneki being set apart by Ishida in a way that makes Kaneki’s loss (or their mutual yearning really) very obvious for the reader as well: once Hide was gone, he was gone from everywhere. When Touka was gone from the story, we’ve still gotten tons of art. Not with Hide. We did get some meaningful mentions here and there, just to make sure we wouldn’t forget about Hide (not possible for his fans, but I’m always surprised how many readers of Tokyo Ghoul missed his significance for the story), but there was no art of him. And when he does get shown, it’s insanely important, like in :RE chapter 75. Maybe there’s even something with Hide’s face that Kaneki doesn’t know about yet, though somehow I don’t think so (since Amon didn’t change all that much).

Next thing is, personally I don’t believe one word from Kaneki right now. He puts himself into a certain role way too easily. It’s more convenient to play a role than acting on his own and having to be made responsible for his choices. The majority of ghouls expects him to be a leader, so he is, even though we know he doesn’t particularly care about that. Touka expect him to be her lover, so he is and acts the part perfectly. But the moment someone more interesting would pop up, he wouldn’t think twice about ditching everyone. Afterall, it was just a role. And Kaneki has done that in the past. And Touka seems to be aware of that herself, even though she’s just joking about the matter. (Really, she spend highschool among humans, not even she can be that dense to not know forcing someone to fuck isn’t a good start for a relationship.) The „more interesting“ person doesn’t have to neccessarily be Hide at this point though, though he’s the most obvious of course.

And most importantly, there’s the dandelion at the beginning! What does the dandelion symbolize? There are different meanings for the yellow bloom and the whitish-grey tufft of seeds, but I’ll be concentrating on the blossom, since that’s what we were given from sensei.

The dandelion stands for healing (both emotional and physical), survival (since the plant is sturdy as all fuck) and intelligence.

Now, it’s probably fairly obvious that all these things refer to Kaneki. He’s emotionally suffering for years (a short time as Haise aside, maybe), his body is about to give way and he’s a clever fellow.

Since there were two dandelions in the picture, most likely it means Kaneki won’t do anything on his own, someone will help him along the way.

Could this someone be Touka? I guess so. There are people who ended up really falling in love with someone they married (especially in arranged marriages). My biggest problem with this possibility is Touka’s lack of actual support towards Kaneki at any point in the past though. Don’t even get me started on this, she’s never ever supported that guy emotionally. Never. Not once. The one time she literally could’ve made a difference for him, she ended up screwing him (and technically the other time in part one she beat him up).

So who else could it be?

The dandelion has another meaning: it’s a symbol of the sun. And like a CRAZY symbol of the sun. So much so, that I was considering saying it symbolizes the sun even more than the sunflower does.

Dandelions are also symbolic of positivity, progress and survival – all pretty evocative of Hide.

The dandelion has been also linked to Christ’s self-sacrifice on the cross. Kaneki has been heavily implied for a self-sacrificial role similar to Christ’s throughout the series.

So that’s it, folks, now you know why I’m hyped for Hide’s reappearance and some HideKane interaction to go down very soon!

The Best Date - James van Riemsdyk Imagine

for the au prompt things you should do the movie theatre one!! (AN: with JVR because he’s my baby) “There was a mistake made by the employees of the cinema and they sold a seat twice and every other seat is occupied now we’re arguing because we both want to see this movie and wtf are you seriously pulling me down on your lap so we can watch it together” au

I hope you like this one, it took me a bit but it happened lol. Also in every gif I saw of jvr he looks so confused. Someone help him please. Anyway thanks for reading you guys!! -Accius

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Happy Birthday Dean 

It was the tapping on his bedroom window that woke Dean. Normally he wasn’t a light sleeper, once he was asleep it took Sam pouring water on him to get him to wake. The tapping, however, managed to wake him. With a groan, Dean rolled over a checked the time. 5:56am. What the hell? He thought as he looked over to the window and saw yet another small stone hit the window. 

Hastily, Dean got up out of his warm bed and padded across his room towards the window. Looking down he bit back a smirk when he saw who was stood down on his lawn. With care, he opened his bedroom window.

“Really? Throwing rocks at my window? That’s cheesy Cas.” He called down to his best friend. “What are you doing here? It’s the ass crack of dawn.” He said to the sweater and scarf-clad figure of Castiel Novak. His best friend of fourteen years. 

“You have such a way with words Dean.” Cas called back with a shake of his head. “Hurry up and get down here, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“For little ol’ me? What’s the occasion Cas?” Dean asked as if he didn’t already know. It wasn’t every day that he turned eighteen. 

“Well, eighteen years ago today God decided the world hadn’t suffered enough so he gave you. Plagues and floods have nothing on your terrible taste in music and cheesy feet.” Cas said. Dean flipped him but still grinned. 

“I love it when you talk dirty to me Cas.”

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Out Of Nothing At All - Fourteen

You’d lain in bed together for a while longer before deciding to move. Upon checking your phone you saw that Hotch had text you, telling you both not to bother coming in today. You didn’t have a case so it was just going to be another paperwork day.

You called him anyway, updating him on your situation and asking him about the possibility of being excused from field duty and staying behind at HQ until you officially went on maternity leave.

With you being pregnant, technically the Bureau had to do anything they could to assist with the pregnancy in case anything were to go wrong which they could be held liable for. You both knew this and Hotch agreed with your request telling you he’d been sourcing a replacement anyway, another female from Andy Swan’s unit and that he’d speak with them about her taking over sooner than planned. You thanked him profusely, another load taken off your mind.

With the day ahead of you now free, you and Spencer decided to start working on the spare bedroom. You didn’t particularly want to spend tonight alone either and although last night had been fine, it wasn’t a good idea for you to get too comfortable sharing a bed. You knew that you would eventually have to spend the night alone, but you prayed that any cases that came up in the next few weeks would either be local, or that Reid could work from HQ too. You’d mentioned this to Hotch as well who had said it would need to be assessed on a case by case basis, but if you and Spencer were prepared to foot the cost of a commercial flight if Reid was needed in the field, then something could be worked out. Spencer wasn’t normally involved in many of the take downs anyway, so could work just as well via video link from the office.

You showed Reid the spare rooms, the smaller one directly next to yours would of course be the peanuts and the larger guest room with its own en-suite could become Spencer’s.

Reid drove JJ’s car back first thing, collecting his own from her house and picking up a few more belongings from his apartment before heading to the local home depot for storage boxes. The guest room had kinda become your dumping ground for your Gramp’s memorabilia along with old crap that you never used but didn’t have the energy to take to the tip. If you could box up your grandfather’s stuff, then you could shift some of the crap into the smaller room for now so that Reid would have somewhere to sleep. It was a huge job though, one that you regretted starting almost immediately.

It didn’t help that Reid was so interested in the stuff you had of your grandfather’s, like old scripts and film cells and stuff, insisting on asking you about everything.

Three hours had passed and you were exhausted. You slumped on the floor with a bottle of water, leaning against the bed next to Spencer who was quickly thumbing through yet another script he’d found, complete with all of your Gramp’s notes.

“Which one’s that?” you asked him.

“Jackal,” he replied, not even looking up, his finger running quickly down each page. It always amazed you watching him devour the written word so quickly.

“Ahhh. That’s my favourite.” It had been a sleeper hit at the box office but had won a fuck ton of awards including an Academy Award for best original screenplay.

“It’s mine too actually.” Still not looking up.

“Hey Spencer….. You know the little girl at the start.”

“The one who escapes from the Jackal?”

“Yep….. That’s yours truly.”

And now you had his attention. “Really? Oh my god thats awesome! You must have been what? Eight?”

You nodded and explained how you’d begged your Gramp’s to take you to work with him again. You loved going with him, even though he couldn’t always spend an awful lot of time with you when he was directing. He’d set you up in your own mini directors chair in front of one of the monitors and you’d just sit mesmerised. Most kids would have found the constant repetition of the same takes being filmed over and over again boring, but you’d loved it.

On this particular day, the production had run into issues. The actress playing the younger version of the protagonist in the opening scene had been pulled from the movie at the last minute, her parents suddenly finding issue with the content. The producers had seen you sitting there, quietly observing the panic, and made the suggestion to your Grandfather. He’d been reluctant to begin with but had approached you and asked whether you thought you could do this. You could and you did, so excited to be involved. You hadn’t been allowed to actually watch the full movie until years later, due to its rating and it had been so strange seeing yourself on screen.

“So why didn’t you continue with it then?” Spencer asked you.

“Erm…. Well, as much as I enjoyed it, I remember seeing the actress on the set. And for a nine year old, she was so spoiled and haughty. Her parents and assistants ran around catering to her every need and she reminded me so much of my older sisters, thinking they were everything but actually being no more important than me. I just didn’t want to become that. I’d have hated to become from sisters or my mom.”

“Y/N, why….. Why don’t you get on with your family? You never really talk about them much except to say bad things.”

“Erm…. ”

“I’m sorry… That’s too personal. Forget it.”

“No its fine… You should probably know. I’ll guess you’ll eventually meet them anyway. So, I’m quite a lot younger than my sisters. There’s a 10 year age gap between me and the one nearest to me in age. I’ve just always……been different to them. My Mom spend a large amount of her childhood in fancy boarding schools due to my Grandfather’s job. He told me once that he regretted it so much because it turned her into a ‘spoiled little madam with ideas above her station.’ And because my Grandparent’s weren’t used to having the amount of money they were suddenly making, she pretty much got anything she wanted.”

You took a breath before continuing. 

“My Mom married rich, I strongly suspect she didn’t love my father. And she did the same with my sisters, using money from her trust find and our Dad to send my sisters to the same school she went to. My Dad was away on business a lot so he didn’t really have a say in what went on. He died just after I was born by the way… I never knew him. By the time I was born, my Grandpa was fed up with seeing her turning his grandchildren into little princesses and put his foot down with me. He told her that I had to go to a normal public school and have a normal childhood or else he’d cut her and my sisters off and they wouldn’t get their trust funds. My mom remarried… For money again, but couldn’t bear to lose her dad’s money so abided by his wishes, although she employed nannies to actually look after me. And because Gramp’s was older and making less movies, he started spending time with me, that he hadn’t with my siblings. It’s all terribly boring but basically they just all have a sense of entitlement which my Grandpa blamed himself for and I don’t feel any sense of kin to them. We’re all totally different in personality. Plus my Mom’s an evil bitch. It’s down to her that I don’t want kids.”

“How come?”

“Because she’s repeatedly told me that I wouldn’t be a good mother and I’m terrified she’s right.“ 

Wow…. Honesty for once. Most of the time you just told people that it didn’t fit your lifestyle. But somehow…. You felt you owed it to him to be honest.

“Your own mother told you that you wouldn’t be a good mother? What the fuck?”

“And my sisters….. To be fair. One of them had a point. I did nearly kill her kid.”

He coughed, “What?”

Fuck it, in for a penny, in for a pound. You’d never told anyone this.

“When I was thirteen we had a family party. My sisters are a lot older than me like I’ve already said, so I’ve got a fair few nieces and nephews. So the adults were all getting drunk and I was left in charge of the kids, supervising them around the pool.” You took a deep breath before continuing. “I looked away for two minutes, texting this boy that I liked and when I looked up, my five year old nephew had fallen in. And he couldn’t swim.”

You could feel the panic you’d felt all those years ago settling back in.

“I couldn’t move, I was frozen to the spot. All I could do was scream until the adults came running. They pulled him out but he’d stopped breathing.”

Spencer reached his hand out placing it on your arm, the motion calming you without you even realising. “They performed CPR on him and thankfully, he started breathing again. And he’s fine…. No ill effects. He probably doesn’t even remember it. But I do. And so do….. they. My Mom asked me what had been so important that I hadn’t been paying attention and when I told her I was on my phone, she slapped me so hard that she split my lip and marked my face. She called me a selfish little bitch and asked me how I’d feel if my nephew had died because I was too busy thinking about myself. And she’s right….. I’m too selfish to think of other people. It’s always all about me. My sister, his Mom, said she’d never leave me alone with him again and that she hoped I’d never get pregnant because ‘god help the poor child that has Y/N for a Mother.’ And whenever a new baby was introduced into the family, they’d laugh and joke and say that I wasn’t to be allowed near them because I’d drop them or something. So yeah…… That’s kinda why I don’t want kids. Because I can’t be trusted to look after someone else’s child let alone my own.”

Spencer was staring at you, his jaw slack, “What did you your Grandpa say?”

“He didn’t. He was away, and I never told him. I couldn’t tell him I nearly killed his great grandchild.”

It felt so strange saying all of this now, after all these years.

“Y/N, you were thirteen. It wasn’t your fault.”

“Yes it was. I should have been watching.”

“You were thirteen. The parents should have been watching, not you. They weren’t your responsibility.”

“It WAS my responsibility though. It was, I shouldn’t have been so selfish. But that’s me. Selfish little Y/N. You’ve said it yourself Spencer.”

“Y/N stop. Your family were out of line, in so many ways by the sounds of it. You know what it sounds like to me? Jealousy and resentment because of the special treatment you got from your Grandfather. They wanted to make you feel bad and they’ve used something that was NOT your fault to do that. It was a mistake, an accident. But it wasn’t your fault. And it doesn’t mean you won’t be a good mother.” His voice was quiet and soothing.

“But I won’t be Spencer, I won’t be. How can I be a good Mom when I wanted to get rid of her….. When I tried to get rid of her.” Your voice cracking now and tears threatening to spill.

“Y/N…. You didn’t though did you. Something stopped you. And you know what? Plenty of women who’ve had a termination go on to have other children and be great mom’s. Thinking of terminating or actually terminating a pregnancy doesn’t mean that someone is a bad mother, it just means that maybe that person wasn’t ready. Maybe circumstances meant that it just wasn’t the right time.” He inched closer on the floor until your shoulders were touching and he moved his arm so it was around your shoulders, pulling you into a hug.

“I’m truly sorry for the things I said yesterday. Now I know, I realise how much I must have added to these feelings. But what happened doesn’t mean anything. I know you’re going to be great at this. Because you’re strong, and independent. You’re opinionated. And how can you say you’re selfish when you do what you do for a living? You risk your life on a daily basis for other people. Hell you’ve even saved mine a few times. You’ll be great at this.”

Tears were freely streaming down your face down…..Christ, you couldn’t wait for these extra hormones to do one. You weren’t normally a crier.

“You think so?” Maybe if he genuinely thought this then maybe it was true.

“I know so.”

“Thanks Spencer,” you whispered, wiping your tears away.

“Nothing to thank me for…… But you do realise you have to tell your family about this. And then show them how good a mom you actually are.”

Now that was a point. This was kind of your opportunity to proof them wrong. And fuck, you loved proving people wrong.

“Will you come with me?”

He looked surprised and taken aback by your question and you were surprised too. But you actually did want him there. 

“Of course. Anything you need, I’ll do.”

And you knew that he was telling the truth.


This One-Shot is inspired by one of my favourite songs…ever!
Nocturnal by Disclosure feat. The Weeknd ♡♡♡

Summary: You can’t remember when the last time was you really slept during night. With nothing else to do, you wander in the silent halls of the Avengers Tower. You hate not being able to sleep at night. Will that change when the handsome Bucky Barnes accompanies you during these restless dark hours?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: angst, self-doubt, self-hatred, fluffy ending

Word Count: 1125


Street lights, turn on one by one
My hope is, descending like the sun
Try to tell myself there’s freedom
in the loneliness (Oh baby)

Like every other night I sat on the rooftop of the Avengers Tower, well wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket. I watched the city lights come to life along with masses of various colored neon signs, flashing magically in the darkness of the night.

I closed my eyes and listened to the noises beneath me, feeling a soft blowing cold breeze on my face. From day to day the wind got colder, the autumn nearing it’s end, winter taking over. Around this time of the year I always had the most trouble finding sleep at night.

Always restless, story of my life
Disconnected, body clock’s not right
Try to tell myself that I’mma get
some sleep tonight

When the others would go to bed, I would be wandering around the empty Tower, watching the night sky and the city from atop. I wasn’t plagued by PTSD, nightmares or other side effects from missions. Luckily. I just couldn’t find any rest like normal people in the dead of night.

Found myself where I started,
this wasn’t where I want to be
The time that I find hardest,
always comes eventually

First it never bothered me to be by myself. I often would listen to music, read a book or watch movies. I started to dislike my lonely nights when I missed funny get togethers from the team during day.

Because that’s when I mostly slept. I kind of felt left out, not as part of the team anymore. By logical thinking I knew it was nonsense, but still I couldn’t stop feeling deserted. Somehow the darkness became my closest friend. I could feel at peace and be myself.

My shadow doesn’t show in the dark
The night time is inclined to my heart
The emptiness I felt from the start
Will follow me ‘till I fall apart

Soon the darkness alone wasn’t enough anymore. I began to hate my lonely nights. I hated not being able to sleep, when everybody else would. That’s when depressions started to change my earlier kind and open self into a brooding always grumpy one. I felt empty inside and could feel myself fall apart day by day or in my case night by night.

My demons are blocking out the light
And my mind is about to lose the fight
Why can’t I find peace, when a caracal
could sleep tonight? (Yeah)

My own mind became my worst enemy. I would lose the fight against the demons inside my head. I was more and more plagued by self-doubts, self-hatred and couldn’t let the voices in my head make their assault stop.

Everything changed when James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes joined the Avengers and was now living in the Tower with all of us. I was captivated by his brooding being, charming manners and most importantly his endearing stormy blue-grey eyes.

Bucky stayed to himself at the beginning. He was either be found in the gym or in his room. The only person he talked to was of course Steve. I became even more sad when I found out about Bucky bonding with the rest of the team to a greater extent. I totally lost the connection to my friends. My thoughts, running wild in my mind, even prevented me from finding sleep at all. My face became pale, dark circle were showing evidently under my eyes, I lost weight and my [Y/H/C] hair got dull and strawy.

I spent time with the Avengers considerably less, always finding excuses to be alone. The only time I was outside my room was at night, when I was staying on the roof, shrouded in darkness.

That’s also where Bucky found me on a particular cold night. He came with two hot steaming cups of tea in hands, sat down beside me and gave me one of the cups wordlessly. We sat like that for some time, not speaking, only enjoying not being alone anymore.

And just like that I fell in love with Bucky Barnes.

He would sit on the rooftop with me every single night. He instinctively knew if I was in the mood to talk or not. When we talked he would tell me about his life back in the 40s, how he and Steve always got into trouble.

When I would have one of my worse moods, Bucky would simply hug me tight against his warm body. He made me feel better just by being with me.

One beautiful night, the stars seemed to shine brighter than usual, Bucky and I shared our first kiss under the moonlight. From that night on I knew it wasn’t so bad after all to be nocturnal, as long as Bucky would be by my side.


I was hugged from behind, one arm metal, one arm flesh. “Hey doll, how are my two beautiful girls doing?” Bucky whispered in my ear, kissing my cheek, while sitting down behind me.

I hummed comfortably and leaned back against his firm chest. Bucky was drawing soothing circles on my evidently showing baby bump. “I’m good and our little girl definitely is a night owl.” I lightly giggled out. In exactly that moment my baby girl kicked noticeably for Bucky and me to feel.

He chuckled and hugged me more close against him. “I guess she comes after her parents then.” “I’m not sure if I want her to or not.” Bucky tensed a little bit, not quite sure how to comprehend what I said.

“You know, I always hated my odd condition. All those sleepless lonely nights. I don’t want her to have to deal with that, too.” I turned in Bucky’s embrace, looking him deep in the eyes.

“But I also met you because of it and for that I always be grateful. You’re my everything, Bucky. I love you so much.” A single tear escaped me, being wiped away by Bucky’s thumb. Since my pregnancy I got emotional all the time.

“I love you too, [Y/N]. To the moon and back.” I kissed him lovingly, trying to put all I felt for him into it. Suddenly it clicked inside my head.

“What do you think of Luna?” Bucky doesn’t seem to get what I meant. “I mean as a name for her.” Up to now we couldn’t decide how to name our little girl. When it dawned on Bucky, his eyes sparkled delighted. “I think it’s the perfect name for our perfect girl.”

He kissed me with more need this time, our tongues dancing passionately together. I couldn’t wait to hold our own little moon in the arms.

Well, I hope you all like it! Let me know what you think about it.
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Could you please make a fluff fem tony stark fic? :)

Well, I can try :) I think after the angsty mess that is CD we all need it lol. Also for some reason I heard “fluff Antonia” and immediately thought of college cuddling with friends… Idk, it just happened.

With a heartfelt groan Rhodey dropped down next to Antonia on the sofa.

“Aw,” Ty cooed from her where he was draped over her other side. “Did the poor baby have a hard day?”

Antonia smiled. Initially she had been wary about introducing her two best (and only) friends to each other, but thankfully that worry had been completely unfounded. It had been love at first sight between those two. Not that that should have surprised her, Rhodey and Ty had a lot in common.

They were both stubborn jackasses, for one.

Rhodey scoffed. “Bite me, asshole.”

Alright, maybe it hadn’t exactly been love at first sight. But they hadn’t tried to kill each other yet (there was no proof that Ty had been involved in the Stairs Incident, so that totally didn’t count). Antonia was willing to take what she could get when it came to these two.

Besides watching them fight like spoiled children over anything (mostly her) was hilarious. As long as they didn’t actually fight over her. She had put an end to that nasty habit very quickly.

“Gosh, you have such a way with words!” Ty mocked in a thick, British accent that made Antonia raise an eyebrow.

“You know, if I’d known you could talk British you’d have had a hell of an easier time getting me into your bed back when we first met,” she stated drily. Grinned in satisfaction when that earned her a splutter Rhodey and a curious head-tilt from Ty.

Of course, the three of them being who they were, the silence didn’t last long.

“You were fifteen!” Rhodey yelled outraged.

Ty just smirked. “Don’t flatter yourself, princess. If I’d wanted you in my bed, you would’ve been.”

“Sure, sure, cowboy. You just keep telling yourself that,” Antonia said drolly, making sure to convey how utterly unimpressed she was.

Ty’s smirk widened. He leaned in even closer, the tip of his nose almost brushing against her own, a dangerous glimmer in his eyes. 

He opened his mouth and Antonia had no doubt at all that whatever he was going to say would be absolutely filthy, but Rhodey hit him–and by virtue of how close they were her–in the face with a pillow before he got the chance.

It shouldn’t have been as hilarious as it was, but dear god, Ty’s expression was priceless. Antonia snorted with laughter every time she caught another glance of his face–or turned towards Rhodey and saw the way he preened in the face of Ty’s fury.

This, she thought in the privacy of her own head, this was exactly why the three of them worked. Despite everything. 

Because Tiberius was an arrogant, entitled brat and quite possibly a sociopath and Antonia got him. She understood the way he looked at people, the way he–for all his inappropriate jokes, sexist comments, racist slurs–didn’t care about anything but the use other people had for him.

That was why he was here after all. Ty hadn’t approached her in her first year at MIT because she’d been pretty or easy or prey. He’d approached her because she was Antonia Stark–and as fucked up as it was, there was something soothing about that. Because Antonia was cut from the same cloth. Looked at people the way Ty did. Used them the way he did. They were from the same world, and sometimes it showed.

Rhodey wasn’t like that. Wasn’t like them. He stayed because he liked her, genuine and pure and nothing at all like what Antonia was used to. Rhodey didn’t want the same things other people wanted from her, and sometimes that was confusing. Antonia didn’t really understand Rhodey, not the way she understood Ty, and maybe that was why she enjoyed having him around so much.

He fascinated her in a way Ty didn’t, soothed wounds that she hadn’t even realised were still stinging, just by being there. By staying–despite Ty’s many attempts to drive him off.

He hadn’t succeeded though, and maybe that stubbornness and his obvious intelligence where the only things Ty respected about Rhodey–but he respected them. And Rhodey tolerated him.

And sometimes, on Thursday afternoons like this one, when the world narrowed down to Ty’s outrageously expensive apartment and both of her boys on either side of her, Antonia thought that this, all of it, was more than she could have ever wanted. 

Then Rhodey pulled her closer and sneaked his still-cold hands under her sweatshirt to tickle her side until she begged for mercy. And Ty growled and snarked because her struggle had cost him his least favourite, stupid glass figurine. And somehow she got all three of them wrapped up under her favourite blanket, the one that was soft and fluffy and bright pink that she’d fallen in love with immediately for the simple reason that Ty would hate it with a passion–and he did.

Until they were a nothing but a tangle of limbs, and Rhodey and Ty argued about which movie to watch while Antonia leaned against the chest of whomever was closest, listening to the steady sound of their heartbeat. And Ty rolled his eyes at them both, and Rhodey carded skilled hands through her hair.

And it wasn’t perfect. But it was so fucking close.

Might not be what you had in mind, anon, but I hope you enjoyed it anyways!


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Featuring: Doctor Cho

Words: 1045

Warning: none i think

Tag: @vashanatasha

Request: Requested by Anonymous:

“4 and 17 with barnes 😍😍”

Note: I tried to do both prompts in this one but I just didn’t like the result so I decided to write them separately. But could you please, send me another request so I don’t forget to make the 17? Please? Just in case haha

Originally posted by pxggycxrters

You and Bucky had been together for a year now and you were happy and proud to say that you were the person who knew Bucky the best. Steve was the only exception, of course. You knew everything about each other and every single day he still managed to surprise you somehow.

He, indeed, was the fiery super soldier everyone knew but on the inside he was just a boy from Brooklyn. He was caring, happy, funny, he loved staying in bed on Sundays while cuddling with you. He loved having you play with his hair or massage his back, he loved holding your hand in public and he loved extra cheese on pizza and pasta. You also knew he wasn’t afraid of many things but he didn’t really like spiders, he was afraid of the dark because it used to bring nightmares and he didn’t like the cold since it reminded him of the time when he was frozen. But, after a year together, you found out about a fear you never thought he would have.

“Needles? You’re afraid of needles?” You asked him.

Every time someone joined the team he was forced to go through a medical test to check that everything was ok. Usually, it would take place during the first week after joining the team, but the made an exception with Bucky. The doctors decided it would be better if everything went back to normal in his head and then they would check his body. And now that he was almost over his “Hydra phase”, Tony and Steve decided it was time for him to go to the doctor who told him she would need some blood samples to run some tests.

“It’s not that I’m afraid, I just don’t like the idea of…them?” He said. You tried to hold your laugh but it was impossible. Who would have thought that the Winter Soldier was afraid of needles?

“You’re adorable”, you said shaking your head as you stroked his hair slowly.

“I said I’m not scared” he frowned.

“It’s ok. Everyone’s afraid of something, Bucks” you winked at him. “But now we have to go to the nursery. Doctor Cho is waiting and have been waiting for 15 minutes now”

“But why does she need my blood anyway? It’s mine and if it is inside my body it is for a reason. Blood is not supposed to be taken out of me”, he said crossing his arms. He really looked like a 5-years-old boy now which made you laugh even more.

“It’s the only one to know that everything is alright. I already explained it”, you said.

“But what about ultrasounds, x-ray and all that stuff?” He asked.

“Those stuff can’t know what is in your blood”, you replied.

“But I’m fine!” He whined. Sighing you took his face in your hands and kiss him softly. “I don’t want to…” he mumbled.

“For me? Please?” You asked him pouting, knowing he couldn’t resist you when you did that. “I’ll be there with you, I promise”, you added.

“You’re being mean…” he mumbled.

“But, please…”

With a sigh he looked away for a few moments and then nodded. You smiled a hugged him tight before kissing him softly.

“I love you”, you said.

“And I love you too”, he smiled before pecking your lips.

“C’mon, Dr Cho is waiting”, you repeated as you pulled his hand.

With a sigh, he got up from the couch and followed you through the headquarters to the nursery. But just when he walked in and he saw the needles the doctor would be using he turned around again.

“Bucky! Come back!” You exclaimed but he just didn’t listen. “James, come back here or I swear you will be sleeping on your own for the next two weeks”

That made him stop on his tracks. Slowly, he turned and looked at you wide eyed.

“You wouldn’t do that”, he said.

“Try me”, you replied crossing your arms against your chest.

He looked at you first and then at the doctor who was leaned against the table smiling widely. Seeing you two together was always adorable but also so funny, especially when you were the one bossing around. After a minute he mumbled something under his breath and walked back into the nursery. With a smile, you took his hand and leaded him to the stretcher where he sat down.

“Have you seen those?” Bucky asked with panic as he looked at the needles.

“Hey, don’t look at them. Focus on me. Just me”, you said taking his face so he set his eyes on you. “You won’t even notice, I promise. And then we will go to the city and I will buy you your favourite ice cream”, you smirked.

“Are you mocking me?” He asked narrowing his eyes.

“Impossible not to”, you winked before pecking his lips.

Meanwhile, Dr Cho had wrapped a long elastic band around Bucky’s upper arm.

“Close your fist, Bucky”, the doctor told him. He did so.

You observed what the doctor was doing while you felt Bucky’s eyes on you the whole time. You looked at him when you saw that she was about to place the IV.

“Ok, now you need to look at me. Tell me anything, tell me which movie we’re watching tonight”, you said.

“Well, I want to watch this new one… Nerve I think-fuck!” He looked at his arm just when the doctor had attached the tube and the blood started to come out as soon as she removed the elastic band. “What the…?”

“Bucky, look at me! Forget about it!” You exclaimed taking his face again but now his pupils were already dilated and you knew he wouldn’t be able to think about anything else. “C’mon…breathe in…now out…it’s ok. It’s almost over”

“Done, press against the cotton for a while, Mr Barnes”, the doctor said. You looked down and saw that she has removed the tube and the IV and was now holding a ball of cotton against his arm.

“You did great, babe”, you smiled at him.

“I didn’t like it…” he mumbled. “And I want my ice cream…” he added.

“Of course”, you said smiling and hugging him. Who could have ever imagined?

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hello! for your thing, i'd like option 1for rebelcaptain and some conglomeration of "holy shit i just realized i’ve liked you for the past 8274 years and i really wish i didn’t but i dO and everyone somehow knows about it except for you oh my god why is this happening to me" and" we’re best friends and i’ve been in love with you for forever but i’m 3000% sure you just see me as a friend except why is this sexual tension happening rn" lol thanks!!

HELLO okay i’m sorry this took so long but HERE YOU GO!


[also on ao3]

The revelation hits Jyn, quite literally, out of nowhere.

She’s alone at home, sitting on her couch and watching Die Hard simply because it happened to be airing on the first channel she landed on. A sudden thought crosses her mind — an image of Cassian’s horrified-fond expression as she’d insisted that Die Hard was her favourite Christmas movie of all time — and all of a sudden, her entire spine goes rigid, her eyes rounding in their sockets.

Holy shit, her brain whisper-shouts, the inaudible sound bouncing off the walls of her head. You’re in love with Cassian.

She sits motionless for the rest of the movie, unable to see or hear anything Bruce Willis says or does onscreen.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not that Jyn doesn’t have feelings.

It’s just that — well, they’re so inconvenient.

What have feelings ever done for anyone, anyway? What practical use have they ever amounted to? All they’re known to do is cause awkwardness and pain and misunderstandings. Usually all three, come to think of it.

No, it’s just easier all round to ignore them.

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Blue Kryptonite - Karamel One Shot

“So, Rhonda broke her arm and Kevin has the flu, and they asked me to replace them for three days, thai means working from 10 to 12, lunch, then 1 to either midnight or 2 am.. but I don’t know if I should, like there’s a lot of dangerous aliens outside, and I want to help you!”
“Mon-El, I’m not by myself, Alex, J'onn and even James can help me, you should go, I mean if it’s not too exhausting for you.”
“Hey! I’m a superhero! I can handle some extra turns, blondie.”
“Oh right, mr. Valor.” He held Kara in his arms, swinging a little.
“I like when you say it.”
“Yeah.” She kissed him quickly, “Anyway I’m gonna go now, my bartender duties are calling.”
He kissed her cheek and ran out the door. Kara sighed, she’s gonna miss her partner a lot. But of course she was Supergirl, she wouldn’t stop at home sighing and boring herself to death; Kara decided to write a few articles about the fire that Supergirl stopped the day before, and the newborn child that Valor saved in that burning apartment. She wrote a good amount until the DEO called her in: she explained to J'onn why Mon-El couldn’t come so he told Pam to note that for his paycheck. “Hey, sissy!”
“Hey, Kara! Is everything okay?”
“Yeah, sure, why did you ask?”
“First, you never call me ‘Sissy’, second, you’re crinkling right now.”
“I’m no-” she touched her forehead “-damn it!”
“Spill whatever is going on in your mind.”
“It’s..probably silly..but I’m afraid I’ll miss Mon-El too much these’s the first time we’re separating since he’s moved in with me, and I’m used to having him around all day..don’t laugh, please!” Kara pouted and Alex smiled back at her.
“I won’t laugh, Maggie completely changed my idea of 'too silly or too cheesy’. Just prepare something for when he comes home, or just keep yourself busy and you won’t even realize that three days have passed.”
“Mmh, okay..I’ll find something. Thanks, Alex.”
“Did you find the restaurant for the reception?”
“Kara, I think it’s too soon for this conversation, we got engaged just a few months ago!”
“Hey! I’m your MAID OF HONOR! I need everything to be perfect.” Kara crossed her arms on her chest.
“Yeah, yeah, you’re way more invested than I am.” The two girls started laughing, until Winn called them, there was an emergency near the mall.

As soon as Kara walked home, she dropped herself on the couch, tired like never before: she checked her phone, finding a text from his boyfriend: 'I miss you already..xx" She smiled at the screen, 'I miss you too, you have no idea.’
Kara started cooking Mon-El’s favourite meal, waiting for him to come home, and maybe watch something together and cuddle. Another beep rang in the room, about 30 minutes later, Mon-El wrote 'Babe I don’t think I can make it for dinner, I’m so so sorry..’
'It’s okay, we’ll see each other after dinner then. :)’
She was upset, but she was the one who told him to work extra turns: since Mon-El worked at the alien bar, she saw a new side of him, more responsible and mature, she found that really attractive, but most of all, Kara was proud of who he’d become. She ate both his dish and hers, yet she was somehow hungry: she picked a rom-com to watch on Netflix in the meantime. The movie was called Serendipity, and it was about two people who were meant to be together, because it was written in their destinies: when the two lovers found each other after years, she started crying, “It’s not that emotional!” but she kept sobbing until she fell asleep on the couch.
Mon-El walked home around 2 am, he found his lover hugging a pillow, deep into her slumber; smiling, he picked her up bridal-style and laid her down under the blankets, before kissing her forehead goodnight. Mon-El changed into his pyjama and fell asleep hugging his little spoon.

'good morning beautiful, I’m so sorry I came home at 2 am last night, I made you hashbrowns, if they’re too cold, just do your trick :) i love you - mon-el’
Kara found the post-it on the table, next to her plate: she heated up the hashbrowns and sighed, sipping her coffee. She was at CatCo for the whole morning, trying to focus on her articles only. She decided to stop by the alien bar for lunch.
“Kara, hey! I didn’t expect to see you.” Mon-El leaned over to kiss her, “how are you?” he was cleaning a few glasses.
“I was missing you a little too much, I guess. Did you have lunch already? I brought sandwiches.”
“I was just about to, thank you.” She grinned widely at her man.
“Nothing, you’re just really cute.” Kara bit her sandwich, “Can’t I admire my boyfriend? ”
“Of course you can. I saw you fell asleep with the tv on, what did you watch?”
“Oh, I watched a beautiful movie, it’s called Serendipity and you really need to watch it! It’s about a boy and a girl meeting in a shop, leaving their numbers on a book and a– basically she thinks that if they’re meant to be together, they’ll meet again and– oh no.” She was already tearing up at the thought of that ending when her earcom started beeping. “Alex, what’s wrong? Oh okay, I’m on my way.”
“They need Supergirl, don’t they?”
“Yuuuup..I’ll see you later.” She pecked his lips, before running outside the bar and unbottoning her shirt.
An alien was attacking a school bus with his laser eyes and all the kids were struggling, hiding under their seats, Supergirl shielded the bus, standing in front of the hostile alien and punched and kicked him with all her anger, that dude interrupted her quality time with Mon-El after all, until he was exhausted. The children behind her started cheering on the superhero, and Kara felt an overwhelming wave of pride and happiness taking over her heart.
That night, she decided to light up some candles, curl her hair and wear her sexiest babydoll: she felt prettier, but she was sure that Mon-El was the one who would’ve appreciated this more. She had an insane need of strawberries in that moment: Kara got so mad when she found out that there weren’t any, that she left a dent on the fridge. “Alex, can you bring me strawberries, pleeeeeeeaase?”
“It’s 11 pm, Kara, there’s no one open right now!”
“That’s why I asked you! I know you have them! Please!”
“Kara, are- are you crying?”
“No, I’m- Haha! Okay, I think I am after all. Please bring me strawberries!”
Alex sighed, a little confused, on the other side of the phone, “Okay, I’m coming.”

“Alex!” Kara immediately jumped, hugging her sister a little too much; her shirt got wet in a matter of seconds.
“What’s wrong?”
“Where are my strawberries?”
“Here. Why are you crying?”
“Mon-El said he’s working until 2 tonight. It’s Saturday..” Her tears fell on her cheeks again, she grabbed the box of strawberries and sat on the couch.
“Well, from the way you look, I would say that you were preparing a surprise for him..but it’s not a big deal! Stop crying, c'mon.” Alex sat next to her little sister.
“I can’t.. I can’t.”
“Kara.. I think there’s something wrong with you. Were you near some kind of..modified kryptonite?”
“No, no, I don’t think so.”
“How many times did you cry these days?”
“I watched a movie last night and I cried until I fell asleep, then this morning I went to the bar to see Mon-El, and I was getting emotional again while explaining him the plot..When I saved those kids I-”
“Okay, this is too much even for you; tomorrow I’m gonna do some tests on you.”
“Okay.. What if I touched something that made me too sensitive? What if I’m not bulletproof anymore? What if- oh no, here we go again.”
Alex got up to get some wine in the fridge, until she noticed the dents. “Kara, what’s this?”
“Oh..I accidentally did that..when I found out there were-”
“No strawberries?”
“No strawberries.”

“Kara, I’m about to check the results, are you on your way? Okay, see you later.”

“Okay, what did you find out? Is it a blue kryptonite? Am I okay? How do I cure this?”
“Kara uhm, I- I don’t know how to say it–”
“Am I dying?” Kara yelled anxiously, already crying again.
“Kara you’re not dying, you’re PREGNANT!”
“I’M WHAT?” Her voice was high pitched, she immediately covered her mouth with her hands, completely shocked.
“Oh Rao, oh Rao, oh Rao, what do I do? What do I do? What is Mon-El gonna do? I have a baby inside of me? In my stomach? I think I’m gonna pass out.” Kara blurted everything out without taking a breath, she sat down, next to her sister, who didn’t know what to say.
“I think you should–” The blonde’s phone started ringing. “It’s Mon-El.” She inhaled a deep breath and replied his call. “Hey.”
“I have a good news, I’m coming home earlier, around 9! I can’t wait to see you!”
“That’s great! I- I have something to tell you tonight as well..see you tonight.”
“Love you.”
“Love you more.”

“So, you’re telling him tonight?”
“I guess..”
“Before anything do you feel?”
“I don’t know.. My head is just a big mess right now: I don’t know if I’m ready. A baby is.. A baby. It’s a big deal.”
“Yeah.. Are you more afraid of having a baby or.. His reaction? Have you ever discussed this possibility?”
“Yeah, never too seriously but yeah, we said that we both wanted to have children one day, but we never expected that day to arrive so soon..”
“Well, this is positive, isn’t it? Mon-El didn’t exclude a baby from his future. Before worrying too much, talk to him, and we’ll see the rest after that.” Alex kissed her cheek, finally making Kara smile. “You’re right..but please Alex, don’t tell anyone, not even Maggie. Pinky promise?”
“Pinky promise.”

“Finally home.” Mon-El walked through the door, ready to hold his girlfriend after what felt like an eternity.
“Hi babe,” she hugged him tightly, “let’s eat! How was your day? Is Kevin back?”
“Yeah finally, these days have been really tiring, I missed kicking alien butts with you.”
“Me too..” Kara chuckled, “luckily there weren’t many aliens to take down, so you didn’t miss out on much.”
After dinner, they cuddled on the couch talking about everything and nothing, she almost forgot what she had to tell him.
Kara stood up, holding a pillow in her arms; “Mon-El, listen..these past few days, I’ve felt a little remember when I almost cried explaining the movie’s plot to you?”
“Yeah, that was weird but, I didn’t judge you because I know how passionate you are over movies.”
“And I love you for that. But like I was saying, I didn’t feel right..” Mon-El’s forehead wrinkled with worry. “Is everything okay, Kara?”
“Alex did some tests, and she found out that I’m..pregnant.”
“You’re what?” His mouth opened in shock just like hers did a few hours before.
“I’m pregnant.” Kara covered her eyes. “Are you upset? Please say something, I can’t handle this anymore.”
“Upset? Are you kidding me? Why would I be upset if you’ve just given me the best news ever?” Mon-El stood up and picked Kara up, “Rao, I’m so happy right now!”
“Really? I was so nervous because I thought you didn’t want this! Now-now I can’t stop smiling.” Mon-El gave her multiple kisses all over her face, “I love you so much, Kara.”
“I love you too, Mon-El.”
“I can’t believe that this is happening..” He looked down on her stomach, smiling, his eyes were full of tears already. “Why did you think that I didn’t want this?” He stared into her eyes with so much love and awe.
“Because the only time we’ve discussed this, we said that we wanted it to happen in the future..but not a near future.”
“I said it because we didn’t have rush, but I would’ve loved it whenever it would’ve arrived, as long as it was with you. From the beginning I knew that I wanted you and only you in my future, I couldn’t wish for a better mom for my child.”
“We’re really having a baby..”
“We’re having a baby.” Their faces were a mix of shock, happiness, disbelief, love. They couldn’t stop smiling and kissing.

When it was time to sleep, Kara kept staring at the ceiling.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, I’m just thinking about this little bean.” She smiled.
“Yeah and.. I couldn’t help but think if I’ll be a good mother. We’re not normal people, we are superheroes, we have enemies, we have a world to protect.”
“We can’t spend a lifetime worrying about what could happen. What did you tell me three days ago?”
“What did I tell you?”
“You’re not by yourself. You have Alex, J'onn, and even James: and that was only about the superheroing part. You also have Winn, Lena, Maggie, your earth mother Eliza..You’ll be a great mom. You’ve had good parenting figure for your whole life; I should be the one who doubts his capabilities of being a good dad.. You’ve met them, unfortunately. I grew up with maids and teachers, they were busy destroying Daxam’s society and I didn’t have a normal childhood.”
Kara cupped his face, “Hey, you’re not your parents. You are a different person, a much better person. You’ll be a great dad. We’ll be okay.”
“Thank you, Kara.”
“No, thank you. For everything, thank you for being always here for me, for the past two years.”
“My pleasure.” He kissed her forehead and caressed her head.
“Goodnight..and goodnight.” Mon-El’s hand stroked his girlfriend’s stomach, feeling like all his dreams were coming true: he couldn’t ask for a better miracle to happen to him.

I know it’s really boring and there’s a few mistakes but i had to write something 😅😂😂 let me know what you think in my inbox or in the reblogs, thank you. ❤❤❤


Seriously. One thousand and one. Compiled and edited by yours truly (sarahbellcastiel). All credit goes to whoever made them up in the first place. Please give me creds for compiling all this, though. Enjoy!!! (Also, because I’m a lazy little shit, its all in one post)

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Perfect Christmas

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Castiel, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Pairing: Cas x reader

Warnings: Angels does not sleep, being woken at the crack of dawn… not even dawn, grumpy reader, excited Cas (not sure if that is a warning or not)    

Wordcount: 2000ish

A/N: This is the first one shot for “Kari’s Fluffy Christmas” and it is also written for @bkwrm523’s 30 prompt’s challenge. I promised her I would write Cas and that it wouldn’t be angsty. This was about as fluffy as I could go without my teeth rotting away ;) Sorry no smut Sara. I will have to write you some Cas smut sometime in 2017.

The fic had to start with the Prompt which was: “I’m not obligated to be nice at three in the morning!” And let me tell you starting on dialogue is not easy dude!

Thanks to my amazing, sweet and sassy lil sis @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this for me. I love you boo <3

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

“I’m not obligated to be nice at three in the morning!” You hissed when Cas pointed your foul mood out to you.

You had been hunting all weekend and your Christmas had been ruined. You hadn’t had time to do any Christmas shopping for your angel or the Winchester brothers. The Bunker hadn’t been decorated the way you had wanted it too, nor had you had the option to make them the Christmas dinner you wanted.

You had wanted this year to be special. The Bunker was your home and Christmas was the perfect time to really make it feel that way. More importantly you had each other. You were a family and to you that was what Christmas was all about.

Your boyfriend weren’t human or even remotely ordinary, but you didn’t care about that. You didn’t care that your brothers weren’t your brothers by blood. The two Winchesters and the angel were your family and they were all you were ever going to need.   

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