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your crown is burning
gold and blood, dripping
power down your back.

the sky is bruised purple
like wine or lilacs. you are
waiting for it to fall down.
even atlas cannot stand

you are watching a bird fly,
its precious gem wings a-flutter.
it loops into the sunset, drawn away
from the chaos of your kingdom.

crowns sit heavy on the hearts
of heroes, both born and bred
and forged from flames.

caesar was a boy once.
rome was a village once.

destiny is calling, little king.
you can carve your name
into the heart of the forest
but even a king cannot
survive alone.

call the bird back, let it sing.
crown a queen to rule beside you.
give atlas a hand.

build yourself a new rome
and let the sky be your walls.
this kingdom of yours, caesar –
don’t let it crumble down.


Hey everyone! Happy almost summer (and winter for those in a different hemisphere)! So, I thought I’d do my first studyblr awards now that a lot of us have finished our semesters or school years–as a way of celebrating.

There are several categories:

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I hope you all choose to enter!

anonymous asked:

hey there, so i always wondered about the purpose of dean's church confession in 10x16, what the hell were the writers trying to tell us?

Originally posted by dmitri-mish-ackles

Well…. it’s a part of Deans whole storyline since the pilot - a component of the exposition that his 12 years of story that we have been watching is all emotionally driven, a character based arc rather than plot based, all centering around Dean’s journey to self acceptance and self worth.

It’s also in large part a part of my #performing!dean tag and I imagine every meta writer’s performing!dean tag as performing!dean is a large part of this arc, the deconstruction of which leads to his self acceptance and works alongside his self worth.

At this point in 10x16, Dean is realising that he doesn’t want to die, he doesn’t think he deserves to die…

Remember all Dean’s self hatred, all his self loathing and feelings of worthlessness from earlier seasons? Remember how he constantly put himself in harms way because he felt that any life, anyones, was pretty much more worthy of living than his own?

Well, that has changed by this point. He still cares for others and their lives in a massive way and will still put himself in harms way to protect them but it isn’t with the same nonchalance towards his own life, he isn’t actively thinking that his own life is worthless anymore…

Remember this?

Originally posted by castielsource

Remember how, over the whole show but particularly since Hell Dean has grown, has evolved, not to change himself as such but to change the way he sees and portrays himself to others? How he has started up to 10x16 to let some of his guard down? How only 4 episodes earlier he admitted to liking and listening to Taylor Swift in front of Sam for example? How he has become more emotionally available with Cas since purgatory?

This is all part of the deconstruction of Performing!Dean and his emotional journey to self acceptance… Self acceptance is for me Dean’s whole arc since the pilot. It is with key points such as going to Hell, the introduction of Cas and more recently the introduction of Amara as the exposition but then Mary as her extension as the actual catalyst that we have come to the climax of this arc for Dean in 12x22.

There are moments throughout the show though that of course build to this moment and this is just one of them. The others being for example:

1x09: Dean walks away from Sam to call John about going back to their family home, facing the ghost of Mary, he breaks down and sobs into the phone, revealing that he is an extremely emotional person and family is his weakness but also his biggest focus in life.

2x11: Dean asks Sam why everyone assumes they’re gay, Sam tells Dean he is a bit butch and seems like he is overcompensating (gee, ya think?!).

2x13: Dean and Cassie: basically a huge exposition for the fact that Dean portrays himself as a give-a-shit lothario but when it comes to it he loves and he loves hard, he’s a gentle lover and fell in love with a passionate woman who only left him because she thought it was for his own good and what he wanted, they argue, they stare deeply at each other, they fight, because they care. Sam even tells Dean:

“What’s interesting is you guys never really look at each other at the same time. You look at her when she’s not looking, she checks you out when you look away. It’s just a… just an interesting observation in a… you know… observationally interesting way.”

I even did a gifset parallel with 12x19 of this episode cos dude, exposition much. She’s even called Cassie FFS *Tink looks into the camera*. gifset here.

4x01: Cas looking straight into Dean’s heart and seeing that he doesn’t think he deserves to be saved etc. leading to Dean then convincing Cas himself that they deserve to have Free Will, that they can save the world and they do by s5. *sobs a little at how beautiful this story is and it’s only 2 years in*

The whole of season 7: Dean is an alcoholic mourning Cas and worried for his brother then also mourning Bobby, feeling his life is worthless if he can’t save and protect his family.

MoC era: Dean loses what makes Dean Dean. He becomes hard, full of anger and pain, without the soft side. This is frightening and he would rather die than become like this.

Season 11: Amara is a complete exposition of Dean’s emotions, as I wrote it a few long posts about Amara, search #amara on my blog but here and here are the main ones. She exposes that he feels love but also shame, that he is holding himself back from something (add this to 11x11′s: follow your heart and all the heart / love themes of the early season right before Cas gets taken away and Dean spends the last half of the season desperately trying to get him back while Amara, all powerful being has to use Cas to get to Dean).

Season 12: Mary is the extension of Amara, she is the catalyst for Dean to finally face himself, all this has built and built to the point where, nearing 40 years of age he finally doesn’t want to sublimate anymore, he doesn’t want to hide. This post is my explanation for how Mary is exactly what he needed at this point, I think I wrote it mid season, but it was clear by 12x03 that this was her role and of course 12x22 was a great big wave hello and goodbye to Performing!Dean, another meta I wrote called “Dean Winchester is going to die” after 12x11 harked at the fact that this was coming and wasn’t it GLORIOUS?!

In his confrontation with Mary in 12x14 Dean essentially tells Mary that he thinks he deserves better, this is a huge deal for Dean - a HUGE deal for his self worth arc. He then in 12x22 addresses the fact that his upbringing wasn’t FAIR, that he didn’t cope well with it, that it has damaged him. He lets his wall down, he also literally blows down the walls of the bunker with the grenade launcher, the metaphorical taking down his walls, even Toni says it was a metaphor to hammer this home to us…

So yeah 10x16 is one of the key components throughout the years to show us that Dean’s story is all about his emotional journey to self acceptance of his softer side, the side that he hides by using the Performing!Dean facade, also he talks about people, feelings that he wants to experience differently to before or for the first time…  make of that what you will but for me…

In 10x14 just two episodes earlier we have: Dean choosing Cas over Crowley (to give the first blade to) right after a deleted scene in which Crowley and Cas have a whole conversation about Dean being CAS’s boyfriend rather than Crowleys, and Crowley telling Cas that he is running himself into the ground trying to save him, also Cain paralleling Cas with Colette after telling Dean he knows him.

Not long before that we had the burger date where Dean asked Cas to take him out if he got really bad with the MoC then there was the episode where they were heavily paralleled with a married couple where the wife had to let the husband go for fear of killing more people I mean, not to mention the whole Demon!Dean arc where Cas sacrificed himself to save Dean, where Dean knows it and seems to be… clearing a space on his bed but Cas is pulled away by Heaven again, I love this visual metaphor, where then Destiel is actually brought up on screen in 10x05…. you cannot tell me that…

Originally posted by foxylosu

So yeah, this scene in 10x16 is just part of the overall exposition for Dean’s emotional journey throughout the show, it’s a part of the intricately woven pattern of Performing!Dean and Destiel that alongside other aspects of his journey make up a large part of Dean’s overall self acceptance and self worth arc, with the Performing!Dean side climaxing in 12x22, we are just waiting for the second part now… 

I’m thinking of expanding the content of this blog to include tarot, crystals, meditation, and some other metaphysical stuff. Astrology would probably still be the main theme but I’m kind of getting bored of repeating the same things over and over again, I want to talk about different subjects (and I don’t really use the witchcraft blog I made with my sister so I consider that a flop). What would you guys think of me posting about more topics than astrology?


Hello! I hope everyone survived the finale mostly intact! As meta writers create new work and explore new themes, new tags become necessary. Over the course of the last several months, I’ve created a number of new tags, but only recently was I able to edit the tags page to add all of them! Notice that there’s a theme missing from the tags page? Let us know! We can add it. 

I try to be as complete as possible, but many of these tags still don’t have a ton of content in them! Feel free to suggest related content by submitting it to SWM or by messaging me over at my main blog with an ask or IM. Anyway! Here are a lot of new or nearly-new tags you can now use to browse the blog.

Happy browsing!

Quick guide to making sure your sales posts show up in the search

I saw a post explaining this a week or so ago and I could’ve sworn I reblogged it to my main, but I can’t find it. But I just verified that this works and wanted to post it to the FR tag. 

So, as many of you know by now, Tumblr has blocked outside links from showing up in the search. They still show up in the tags, but many people use the search instead, and you can’t check tags on mobile. But there’s a quick work-around, and that is redirect links. 

You’ll need to view your blog in desktop mode and click ‘edit theme’. 

Scroll to the bottom of the left sidebar and click ‘add a page’. 

Select ‘Redirect’ in the drop down menu. 

Decide on a url for your redirect link, then paste the link you actually want to lead to in the Redirect bar. 

Now, when you go to put in a link, you just have to type in the link to your blog page, and if anyone clicks it, they’ll be lead to an outside page instead. And yes, it does show up in the search!

That said, you probably don’t want to do this for each individual dragon you sell. Consider linking to a page in your lair, or make a hatchery thread you can link to. It’s a little clunky, but at least your sales posts will show up for mobile users again!

subtly animated pixel night sky background i did to kick off this blog, which is where i’m shifting all of my new art posts! (main blog: pintsizedwitch)

the pixel ratio is 2:1 if you click through to the full sized image

feel free to use this background for whatever you please, but if you do, PLEASE CREDIT ME on this blog! i worked hard on it!

in order for it to tile and scale properly so the pixels aren’t blurry and it covers the whole page, use this code in your theme under the “body” section, or wherever your theme defines the properties of your background image:    





have fun! thank you to yurifairy for their lovely trainer card theme that works so well with this background.


anonymous asked:

okay this might be weird, but i really want to start a tumblr and i'm really scared and anxious about it and i'm not a 100% fluent in english so... do you have any advise or tips?

There’s honestly no need to be scared! The thing about tumblr is it can be as personal as you want. So if you’re worried about your english, there’s no pressure to write a lot. My main blog is like 95% images and I hardly ever write anything on there myself. Plus there are loads of people on here that don’t speak english as their first language, and if anyone gives you shit just ask them to try blogging in your native language. That’ll shut em up

Other than that here’s my general tumblr tips:

  • upload your own icon. if you use the generic ones people will probably just assume you’re a bot. just search a fandom you like + icon and there should be loads of options! 
  • change your theme! find someone with a theme you like and there should be a link to the person who designed the theme so have a look around (I wouldn’t recommend the ones in the tumblr theme garden). the instructions there are normally easy to follow as well! this isn’t a must but it’s nice to have an about page etc so I’d recommend it
  • use a tagging system if your blog is multifandom. doesn’t have to be complicated- I just tag ‘hp’ for harry potter, ‘got’ for game of thrones etc. just means people can avoid stuff they’re not interested in
  • oh also make sure you tag triggers!
  • try and keep your url pretty short
  • making original content is a great way to get more followers 
  • as are networks and promos
  • don’t be afraid to talk to people, they’re generally very nice!

NB these are just my personal opinions!! Not doing this doesn’t mean you have a bad blog, but these are the things I personally look for when I’m thinking about following a blog and wish I’d known when I started

[music box] The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Main Theme
arr. thenewadventuresofwinniethepooh
[music box] The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Main Theme

One of my hobbies is arranging my favorite songs into music box versions, and since it’s been a while since my last, I’ve been itching to get back to it. Here’s one especially for this blog: the theme for New Adventures! I had to transpose it down a little bit because of the soundfont I was using, but I think it reflects the original pretty well. Obsession with key changes? Me? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I hope you enjoy it!

anonymous asked:

It's hilarious that you only picked 'aesthetically pleasing' people to be in the Sunshine Club, and not just regular people. That's really shitty. Sorry for not being cuter and having a cuter blog.

um :( i dont know what made you think like this but let me explain my side. first of all, although blog aesthetic (or whatever you want to call it) may be part of the whole selection process, but it is not obviously the main thing? i mean with all honesty, i did not even mind if your blog is ‘aesthetic’ or if we have the same content? like, 95% of the criteria is the forms?? also, the whole time i was picking the people who got in, i was using my gosh darn phone so i really wasnt able to check your theme or something. second, i have justifiable reasons why i chose the members that i picked. i must admit that it was so freaking difficult to trim down the list because all of the people who entered are amazing and every single time i cut someone off, a little piece of me just breaks but you have to understand that i am still a newbie on this industry and i have no idea how i could freaking handle 500 people at the same time. and that’s why i really had to limit the amount of members. third, it took me forever to come up with the list because i really did read everybody’s responses to the forms. i promise it’s not about having whatever form of aesthetic you are thinking. this is literally not even about being cute or whatever, i cant believe you even look at me as someone who would base her judgment depending on somebody’s aesthetic. that’s just insulting! i am more than that. fourth, although i limited the amount of people who could get in, i still thought of a way on how to reach out to those who weren’t able to :( i’ve been telling u about this for ages bc honestly, i just want sunshine club to be for positivity. lastly, you’re right, everybody who got in aren’t “regular people,” they’re all extraordinary with beautiful and warm hearts! but that does not mean you are regular???

i know it must be hard on your part because believe me if i were you, i will probably feel bad too. but you have to understand that i have a life outside tumblr too and i have to live it. this broke my heart but im trying my best to understand. you have goodness in your heart, please dont let your anger rule it. have a good day, still.


2/4/17 I guess it’s about time I introduced myself! 

 I’m Sparrow and I’m in college studying Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior with two minors in Marine Biology and Cinema Studies. I love cats and I’m an amateur art historian (sorta) with interest in pursuing wildlife rehabilitation, science journalism, or perhaps grad school for animal behavior. I also love sharks and tigers and sea otters (and lots more animals!!!) 

My main blog is mayorsparrow which I started many years ago as an animal crossing blog and then used on and off before morphing it into Nintendo/aesthetics/studyblr/journaling. Well last week I decided to split it up and make this blog! (My theme is not very good right now because I lack the time and skills at the moment to work on it). 

I follow a lot of other studyblrs, which have inspired me to start my bullet journal this year (pictured above), but the one that helped me most get over the intimidation of journaling was @studyrose so I just want to thank her for that!

 Anyway if you want to know more about me you can just ask! Oh and my room only gets mid/late afternoon lighting so I have to figure out how to take good pictures of my journal!

4.14.17 // 9:45 pm // 1k blogrates!

as promised, i will be doing blogrates to celebrate hitting 1k followers a few days ago! thank you so much for getting me here, i appreciate every single one of you :D i am so sorry i haven’t been posting original content (literally haven’t even had time to set up a weekly spread) but i think i’m back? anyway if you would like a blograte:

-you must be following me (this is a thank you to my followers after all)

-reblog this post (tag/mention your main if you use a sideblog)

-send me an ask telling me about yourself (your day, favorite ___, anything) or with a question for me! please include {br} somewhere in the ask and lmk the url of the blog you’d like me to rate!

thank you so much for getting me to this milestone in only 1.5 months, this is truly unbelievable and you guys are amazing! -m

ps. this never happened if it gets < 15 notes. be my friend please :)

(blograte format below the cut)

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Eliza - preview | install | customization guide

Some features:

  • responsive layout
  • header image
  • left/right sidebar option
  • 540/700px wide post option
  • show/hide tags on index page
  • Disqus

HAHA, ABOUT TIME I FINISHED THIS. This kind of feels like a mashup of my three other themes, but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ One of my main focuses this time around was usability, and finding the balance between being feature-rich and also simple to use. I’m not quite sure if I’ve succeeded, so I welcome any thoughts/comments you may have on that!

Questions can be directed to my support blog; customization requests may not be answered, depending on complexity.

And lastly, Eliza is named after Eliza Hamilton, from Hamilton: An American Musical, a major creative inspiration over the past few months.

Studyblr Introduction

Hey everyone :)

My name is Camila, I am 17 years old, from Germany and will graduate from school this year.

I will have finals in German, English, Biology and Religion before I apply at a few universities in Berlin.

More about me can be found here. :)

With this blog I want keep myself and possible other people motivated and organised + spread some positivity. This blog will contain study and bullet journal design tips ( for me and everyone else because I’m a beginner too ^^), language themed posts, as well as a few mbti posts and memes about studying. I’ll try to lighten up the amount of text (re)blogged with some aesthetically pleasing pictures :-)                                                   

I’ll use certain tags for everything, a list can be found here.

Btw this is a sideblog so you’ll see me following from my main blog.

I haven’t really decided on a spread style yet, but since I am a Kpop and Khiphop fan you’ll get to see some of my idol themed scetches from time to time. I’ll give my best when it comes to fonts, it’s still weird to get used to all of them..

Blogs that inspired me are:

@studyblr @smoinerd @lostlxmb @acadehmic @optomstudies @lycheenotes @plutostudying @studylustre

All of your spreads are so nice and really caught my eye. You give amazing tips. Thank you for the nice words and positive thoughts you share.

Also shout out to my lovely friend @studywillyou. I’m sure we can make it <3

At the end I’d like to share my first spread with you guys, even if its late:

btw this is a setch of my crush, not an Idol ‘:)

to-reach-the-farthest-star-deac  asked:

How would one go about making an altar in pop-culture paganism? I've looked online, but all the resources I've found have been for Wiccans.

Hello hello! There are many ways to make an altar, pop culture or otherwise. My favorite methods, and the ones I know most about are physical altars, and online altars. I will go into detail on how to make both below. An space of worship or offerings is basically the same no matter who or what you are worshiping.

If you are devoted to Athena, you would give them pictures and statues of themselves, owl sculptures, offerings of olives, etc. If you’re worshiping, say, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, I’d go around the same basic path. Seashells, sea water, forks, feathers, etc. as offerings. The altar would have art of her, and maybe pictures of mermaids, and of beaches and human cities and stuff.

Anyways, here’s how to go about my choice two methods. I’ll start with the one I think of as most manageable.


  1. Make a blog. I find that here on Tumblr works pretty well, as you can browse and make tags. It doesn’t have to be a main,a sideblog,I believe, works just as fine.
  2. Decorate your figure’s space! Chose a nice theme, use a fancy mouse, etc. Some people even decorate their blogs with a little sigil in the corner. I have no idea how to do that, but you can ask around. Or Google it. Whatever floats your boat.
  3. Begin by posting/reblogging a prayer, or an image/representative of your focus. Don’t want to make a prayer? That’s fine, depending on who your figure is, there may be one out there that is okay to reblog. Ask first before reblogging someone else’s prayers! I’ll try to cover prayers later.
  4. Continue doing this, with offerings, images, and prayers when suitable. I would even suggest using this as a way to log your ‘adventure’ in worshiping your figure. However, I am no expert, and I would suggest asking other sources as well.
  5. Congrats, you have an online shrine!


  1. Find a place that won’t be disturbed often. It doesn’t have to be out in the open. You can even put your altar inside a drawer, in a compartment in your closet, etc,
  2. Place upon it what you would for an altar. Depending on who or what you’re worshiping, cultivate it to their interests, and around who they are. Does your figure have a favorite food? A favorite color? A favorite place to hang around? These can all alter your altar. Analyze their qualities; are they brave, or are they meek? Are they tricksters, or are they honest?
  3. I would give offerings to your focus at least a few times a month, but depending on who they are, and in some cases, what they want, you may do it more. 
  4. Clean your altar regularly, not only in the witchy sense, but also actually take everything off of it, dust the whole shebang, and put it all back. Feel free to redecorate.
  5. Congrats, here’s the most basic steps of having a physical shrine! I may add more later.

This will be the second time I’m writing this, as I deleted the first answer on accident. So, I’m sorry If I’m missing something, I’m kind of rushing to get this out.

anonymous asked:

Hi Sareena! I'm about to do a bit of studying for a class that I have decided is my nemesis, and I was going to use the playlist you had on your blog; the one with that overall theme of kicking ass on exams. I thought I had it saved, but apparently not. Would you mind linking it for me please? Thank you and have a lovely night!!

yep!!! here u go these are all study playlists i made on my main blog symphcny so i personally use them all ~ hope u enjoy them :]

if u need any motivation beyond that look in this tag!

Moodboard GP: Stuck in Love

So I got a little tired of seeing some of the same gifs in moodboard gif hunts, and decided to just make some of my own. Below the cut you will find +123 moodboard gifs from the movie Stuck in Love. The movie’s about a family of writers and their troubles with love. All of these gifs were made by me. These gifs were made for roleplay usage. The pack includes mostly gifs with text, with few textless gifs. This gif pack does include a few gifs with drug use/mention. The sizes of the gifs are all 160px x 160px. You can find eighteen of these gifs on my gif blog here. While not necessary, a quick like or reblog if you found these gifs helpful would be appreciated! 

Main Themes: Family, Writing/Books, Love
Important Note: Do not repost my gifs in gif hunts. Link to this gif pack instead. Do not redistribute my gifs. Do not claim my gifs as your own. 

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