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Simblr Themes Maybe?

Okay so I used to make Tumblr themes, and posted them on to my personal blog before my Simblr was my main Tumblr. I am kind of getting back into and I want to post the codes again but I am not sure where???

And I wanted to make some that cater to simmers, with stories/legacies, characters, WCIF, etc, just an idea.

Secret Santa for @riverbanks :3c I went with the stargazing theme… 
I’m so glad to be part of this and I really hope you had a wonderful holiday and 2017 brings you nothing but blessings riverbanks! (and brings us more sheith content)

stay warm and cozy!


2/4/17 I guess it’s about time I introduced myself! I’m Sparrow and I’m in college studying Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior with two minors in Marine Biology and Cinema Studies. I love cats and I’m an amateur art historian (sorta) with interest in pursuing wildlife rehabilitation, science journalism, or perhaps grad school for animal behavior. I also love sharks and tigers and sea otters (and lots more animals!!!) My main blog is mayorsparrow which I started many years ago as an animal crossing blog and then used on and off before morphing it into Nintendo/aesthetics/studyblr/journaling. Well last week I decided to split it up and make this blog! (My theme is not very good right now because I lack the time and skills at the moment to work on it) I follow a lot of other studyblrs, which have inspired me to start my bullet journal this year (pictured above), but the one that helped me most get over the intimidation of journaling was @studyrose so I just want to thank her for that! Anyway if you want to know more about me you can just ask! Oh and my room only gets mid/late afternoon lighting so I have to figure out how to take good pictures of my journal!

How To: Identify Major Themes in a Story.

If you struggle to understand how to find the themes and motifs in a novel or play, here are a few ways to break it down. I will be using Disney’s The Little Mermaid as my example. 

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1. Start by looking at the motives of the main character, and how the secondary characters support or discourage the protagonist’s goals. Ariel’s main goal is to become human and several themes stem from this. These themes include the desire to be someone else (identity crisis), the dangers of the human world (Sebastian and her father are against humans), and independence (disobeying her father, learning who to trust and not to trust).   

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2. Look at the background information of the protagonist. What physical and familial aspects are emphasized about your character? The Little Mermaid focuses on how Ariel is a teenager with an over protective father. Therefore, there is a strong theme of family and the theme of growing up in the story. Consider how your novel or play, focuses or doesn’t focus, on family connections, age, gender, and the culture of the story (including social class, race, and religion if applicable).   

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3. Analyze the setting, it’s often a character itself too. How the story’s location is portrayed is an important motif and sets the mood of the plot. In the Little Mermaid, there is the setting of the sea, which is bright, colourful and safe. There is also the setting of land, which is new, exciting but also dangerous. These two settings are like characters in the sense that they both have depth and stereotypes made about them. The sea is familiar to Ariel but there is a dark side to it, like Ursula. The land is assumed to be totally unsafe and evil, but it has beauty and good qualities just as much as the sea.   

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4. Finally, you can look at how the story’s main conflict is expressed. How are the repeating metaphors related to the conflict. The problem could be related to nature, death, animals etc. Ariel’s conflict of wanting to be human is expressed through sacrifice, nature and youth. A main metaphor in this story is voice: the power of words, the loss of  identity, and communication both romantically and platonically.   

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My blogs

I decided to re-master my main blog bc it’s a bundle of everything which is probably why I keep losing followers so I decided to kinda devide it?? It’s mostly about my main blog

@apotozart​ - My finished pieces, only if you like my art (You’ll miss out on wips and sketches/doodles tho kehehe)
​ - Main blog, fandoms and shit, the most active one. Bonus doodles and sketches bc it has too little followers compared to my art blog. Also art memes are only reblogged here KEHEHE
@sweeth0lic​ - For non-fandom related things, quotes and basically aesthetic shit??? I think I’ll also use it for venting, not sure tho

I don’t know yet what kind of freedom I’ll allow myself with Sweeth0lic but I can guarantee more art reblogged to Apotoz and it will be over-all more Sonic themed

I just reached 1,000 followers!!

I want to thank each and every one of you. I created this blog months ago in an attempt to satisfy the Rick and Morty-shaped hole in my heart after that season 2 finale, and I found a wonderful online community of fellow fans who love Rick and Morty just as much as I do. 

To thank you guys, I performed a Rick and Morty medley, covering the main title theme, Goodbye Moonmen, and Hurt–AND a surprise song at the end, seeing as how many of us have another closely-related fandom in our hearts! 

I want to give ALL credit for the main title theme and Goodbye Moonmen to ThePandaTooth on Youtube. For those two songs, I am covering his covers of the main title theme and Goodbye Moonmen. 

I also want to give shoutouts to @ehmorty, @mortyslaptop, @setaflow, @rickmeupinside, @fricksquanchez, @dailymortysmith, @sulfuric-pessimist, @fuckyeahsummersmith, @officialrickandmorty, @rickandmortycomics, @rickandmortyforeverahundredyears and @meeseeksbox for being just all-around amazing blogs. If you aren’t already following them, then get your squanch over to their blogs and FOLLOW THEM!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy–stay schwifty!!