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i recently hit a huge milestone & reached the 2nd birthday for this blog, so i wanted to do something cute to give back & say thank you !!! with that being said, under the cut you’ll find 828 quotes that can be used for character musing tags ! they’ve been categorised into different labels ( eg. the baby doll, the lothario, the vixen, the cataclysmic, etc ) so some quotes may appear under more than one category. i do, however, recommend checking out all the categories !! they were just listed by my own interpretation and definitely aren’t limited to a certain label in the slightest. the pronouns used are simply what was used in the original line but can obviously be changed to fit your character. depending on personal preference, some may be a little too long but can be shortened down pretty easily. a general trigger warning is to be placed for these as they do reference some sensitive topics ( drugs, alcohol, sex, etc ), as the tags on my blog do. i believe that covers it all !! if you find this useful, please do like and/or reblog ! also, please let me know if you’d like to see a part two of this ! you can find the lyric version of this right here for more suggestions !!

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I really love your writing and now I'm pan for vanderwood i hope you're happy >:3 If it's no trouble, could you please write rfa + minor trio reacting to a usually hyper and happy mc feeling really down (because they feel misunderstood or got triggered)? I hope I don't bother you with that request, I could just really use some love and care from the baes ^^;; Love and hugs, have a wonderful day!

✿  *cracks knuckles* Boy, it’s been awhile, huh? I polished off my finals a few days ago, and while I won’t be churning headcanons out at a super fast rate, I thought it was time I give this blog some TLC!


  • His brain goes into terror-alert mode when you don’t tackle-hug him the minute he gets home from work. Living with you is sort of like living with a hyperactive puppy, and his first thought is, oh god, are you dead? Did you slip and fall in the shower? Did aliens kidnap you and are now experimenting on your lifeless body? W h e r e a r e y o u.
  • The answer to “where are you” is “in the bedroom, having a lie-down”. He breathes a sigh of relief when you turn over and look at him, but still, that weak way you smile as you say hey leaves him concerned.
  • He immediately asks you what’s wrong. Are you feeling sick? Should he get you anything? Do you have a cold? Have you been eating enough fruit? Have you…–??
  • This manages to make you laugh a bit, and you sit up enough so you can pull him back down to the bed. You just want a hug, you say. And some comfort.
  • Yoosung is happy to oblige. After all, he’s a vet, isn’t he? He’ll always take care of you, his adorable little angel.


  • When Zen finds you staring absently out the window, his first cheer-up attempt is to call you by every pet name he knows. Starshine! Sugardrop! Love! Darling! Gooey-sweetie-snuggle-bottom hunie bear!
  • (you smack him lightly for that last one.)
  • Next, he tries every pick up line he knows. He compares your beauty to the moon shining on the lake, he recites poetry, he even sings you a little sonnet, and when he finally gets you to smile a little, he asks you what’s wrong.
  • (he wanted to make whatever it was feel a little less fresh before you talked about it, after all.)
  • He takes you on a motorcycle ride after, since that always helped distract him - though he obeys all the road laws on this one, because his precious, precious blossom is with him right now. He takes you out to one of his special places, and he helps you forget whatever it was that upset you.
  • It’s hard to be unhappy when the warm wind is on your face and a handsome man is at your side.


  • She finds you in the closet of the bakery, and you apologize, because you wanted to be better before she found you. You didn’t want to bother her. You know that you’re supposed to be the happy one, the cheerful one, the person rooting her on and keeping her sane when the world is building up around her.
  • She tells you that’s nonsense, brings you a cup of tea and a new cake she’s working on, and asks you to tell her what’s wrong.
  • Jaehee is so good at listening. She’s careful, attentive, and treats everything you say seriously. She never makes fun of you, or tells you that you’re overreacting or silly.
  • Jaehee would probably dropkick your problems if she could, but she can’t, so she settles for hugging you, petting your hair gently, before bringing you another drink and some of the flowers from the rosebushes outside.


  • You try to smile at Jumin when he comes home, and you’re doing so well, but then everything cracks apart, your smile falters, and you find you’re sobbing on the couch with a baffled Jumin in the doorway.
  • He only stands still for a moment. He literally VAULTS OVER THE CHAIR because it is the FASTEST PATH TOO YOU, and if you weren’t emotionally compromised, it would have been hilarious to see this man in a ten-thousand dollar suit act like a college track star.
  • He basically scoops you up, much like you’re a cat, and he tells you to tell him e v e r y t h i n g. When you say you don’t want to trouble him, you know how much it means to him to have you waiting at home for him, all cheerful and happy, he says that is NONSENSE. It isn’t you being cheerful that makes him happy, it’s you being you that does. And sometimes you’re going to be sad.
  • And he’s going to make you feel better when you are.


  • Seven knows immediately that your smile is forced. How could he not? He’s faked so many smiles over his years of being alive that he’s become all-too able to recognize the same expression on someone else’s face.
  • He doesn’t want to force it out of you, so he turns off the lights suddenly, leaving the star-shaped lights you have suspended from the ceiling as the only thing illuminating the room, and then pulls you up to dance.
  • He twirls you, spins you, is surprisingly graceful with you, despite being a total and complete nerd - though, he was a former secret agent, perhaps dancing came with the job. And you don’t have to pretend, you don’t have to say anything, you just have to… dance.
  • It helps. And when he holds you, during the ‘slow dance’ portion, you tell him what’s wrong as he rubs your back gently. And then you dance some more, because the world keeps spinning, despite the trials and tribulations you have to undergo.
  • You reminded Seven that he had a future, and now it’s his turn to remind you that you have one too.


  • V sits with you quietly and never blames you, even though you know he’s been through so much already and shouldn’t have to deal with your shit. You should be happy! You should be cheerful! You ARE genuinely happy and cheerful most of the time, taking him on dates and bringing the world to him, but today you just… can’t.
  • You can’t. You feel guilty, but you can’t.
  • He tells you that it is not your fault. You are human. You are allowed to be sad. You tell him all these things, and the same applies to you, too. He bops your nose with his finger when you try to protest, and you lean against him, letting him hold you and gently rub your shoulder.
  • After awhile, he brings out his phone, and he shows you all of the cute animal photos he’s taken over the years. It’s hard for him now, but he has so many memories captured on his various memory cards, and he shares them with you in a quiet room and a fond voice.

Unknown (Saeran)

  • Saeran doesn’t know how to comfort you, so he makes a dozen pancakes using the container of Bisquick you have into the cabinet and then shoves one into your face like a burrito.
  • “What was that for,” you ask, after you’ve managed to chew and swallow, and he just puts another directly into your mouth, effectively using it as a fluffy batter gag.
  • You eat that one too, staring directly at him the entire time.
  • “Are you feeling better,” he asks once you’re finished, and you reply that you’re mostly just really confused. 
  • One of the websites he’d read said that making pancakes for people was an expression of love, so he figured that would be enough to make you feel better, right?
  • You eat fruit to get better from a cold, so love should help you get better when you’re sad… right?
  • Right, you say, because Saeran is a prickly moron, but somehow his deranged antics make it hard to stay depressed.


  • Vanderwood is really bad at this gooey, lovey-dovey shit, so when they notice you don’t have quite as much pep in your step as usual, they aren’t really sure what to do. They do know, however, that they should do something, so they decide to tell you a joke.
  • “Knock knock,” they say, and you do a bit of a double-take, because Vanderwood isn’t really the type. But you’re intrigued enough that it momentarily distracts you from what’s making you gloomy, so you ask, “Who’s there?”
  • “Etch.”
  • “…Etch… who?”
  • “Bless you,” they say, in a perfectly flat voice, and you laugh at how stupid it is.
  • “Knock knock,” they say again, hands in their pockets, and you’re delighted at this point.
  • “Who’s there?”
  • “Seven.”
  • “Seven who?”
  • They clear your throat. “Seven, you motherfucker, you know I don’t speak Arabic, so open your goddamn door.”
  • (You cover your face and snort.)
  • “Knock knock,” they say a third time, and you notice they look a bit shyer now.
  • “Who’s there?”
  • “Al.”
  • “Al who?”
  • “Al…” They rub their mouth, averting their eyes. “….Al give you a kiss if you open the door.”
  • You, sufficiently cheered up by this ridiculous display, peck them on the lips and thank them for being wonderfully embarrassing.
My father lived alone for 7 years.
Sometimes he lives in his mind.
He said that there’s a difference in reality and your reality.
He spoke of isolation, and dissociating with the people he loved. Spending more time with himself than any friend or family, removing yourself from the reality.
My mother was the first person who could pull him out of it.
She used her voice and her touch, leading him out of his own mind. She was so present. So there.
My father couldn’t ignore her.
He begged me, once he was gone, to never leave her alone.
My mother could not handle alone.
She needed someone around, someone to love, someone to fix.
It made him uncomfortable, it made him want to crawl back into his own skin.
He wanted to just disappear, so he didn’t have to deal with it all.
But she was his gravity, pulling him back down to earth.
For this, he will always love her.
—  v.m

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Based on my reading, fight scenes tend to be best written with shorter sentences and use sluglines to help avoid it from becoming a wall of text. The writer should add details of what happens, but focus more on giving the desired feel of the scene than an list of every strike.

Sure, that’s one way to go about it but I’d hazard though that it is possible to have a fascinating fight sequence which is a wall of text. (And, actually, I’m sure there are in The Lord of the Rings and probably War and Peace or the more downright confusing translations of Father’s and Son’s, I’m just too lazy to go digging.) A scene is defined by how successfully it manages to keep the reader’s attention so they remain invested in the action occurring on the page.

The issue with writing advice of any kind is that any ground rules laid down will be broken in fairly short order by a hundred other books. The other problem is that the vast of advice majority depends on the styles of the times rather than the writing itself. A fight scene can be anywhere from a single sentence to five or even ten pages long, or longer. There’s no clear metrics for creativity.

The only rule is there aren’t any rules. Not even when it comes to grammar. The only metric for success is based on what you can get away with, and how well you hold the attention of your audience. Many of the best writers we remember were people with enough confidence to look at the rulebook and throw it out the window. Writing is mostly trial and error, and figuring out what works best for us as individual creatives. The best thing to do is throw out the shoulds and learn to trust yourself. Take the Barbossa line from Pirates of the Caribbean to heart, “the Code is more what you call guidelines than actual rules.”

The great secret of every creative you admire is that we’re all mostly making it up as we go along. The only quality you truly need is the willingness and courage to leap off the platform without looking back, and see if maybe you’ll fly. 99% of writing is learning how to nor give a crap about what other people think. Or, what we think other people think. The voices that whisper we’ll never do it right and that we’re not good enough.

Don’t listen to the voices. Go with your gut.

Besides, talking sentence is almost pointless because everyone’s writing style is different and their narrative structure is also different. The best fight scenes are like dessert or a topping, they serve as a means to enhance your narrative and build it up rather act as a full course meal. Each scene and sequence are a dish to go with that meal or just an ingredient. Sometimes, they might be able to function as meals unto themselves but are excellent when consumed together.

The best fight sequences are the ones which maintain the audience’s suspension of disbelief. They can go about doing that in a number of ways, from utilizing the five senses to the author making excellent use of their set pieces, but usually come together when the author has a solid grasp of what they want from the scene and understand how to go about getting it.

The how is usually what trips people up, how to translate what we’ve envisioned in our minds to the page. The more you understand about a subject, any subject then the better you’ll be at figuring out how to get what you want. This may involve some reevaluation of what, specifically, you wanted to begin with in order to start asking the right questions.

The more you understand about warfare, and how warfare has grown, changed, and transitioned throughout history then the better you’ll be at writing magical, fantasy battles.

If you want to write Rurouni Kenshin anime fight scenes, starting with research into Kendo, Iaido, Budo, and that specific historical period in Japanese history will ultimately help you parse through where inspiration was drawn.

Sometimes, we need to ask the wrong questions before getting to the right answers. You want to write in a similar vein to what you’ve drawn inspiration from then start with understanding how it works.

It may suck when looking for a quick and easy answer, but the truth is that good work isn’t easy. It’s difficult. It takes a lot of investment, both mental and emotional. And there will never be anyone who can get to the bottom of what you want better than you can, because you know what you’re looking for. You just need to figure out how to get there. Investigation, essentially, is key to writing good fight scenes.

When you understand basic concepts like distance and the order of operation in a fight, moving between different zones until we end up on the ground, then the fight sequences won’t feel like just a static listing of techniques. Instead, they become interesting due to the fight actually moving. (The issue with many fight scenes is lack of progression.)

The second issue is choreography. When writing fight scenes, the writer’s closest relation is a film’s stunt choreographer. That’s a different set of priorities beyond just “realistic or no?” because a novel, like a movie has its own setting rules that it abides by outside the realm of the real world. The key issue for many writers is they either don’t know enough about martial arts or have a ready grasp of various techniques to choreograph a fight. Then get down on themselves, forgetting that fight choreography is a craft in and of itself. The best scenes we see in movies are often choreographed by seasoned, if not master, martial artists. 9/10 when you’ve got someone asking for a fight scene, they’re asking for choreography. They want to know how to structure a fight so it’s interesting to read/watch.

A fight scene that utilizes it’s environment, laying down the groundwork and foreshadowing objects like staircases as the fight progresses will create a sense of catharsis for the audience when a character finally throws another down those stairs. Or grabs a frying pan off the counter. Or starts throwing plates. Or is out numbered against a group of bullies, and maneuvers their way around the hallway to pull the fire alarm. (They see the fire alarm before they get jumped, or when they’re trying to figure out what to do, then try to get to it.)

Fight scenes work when we understand a character’s needs, desires, and wants rather than focusing on a need to “show, don’t tell” their fighting ability by making them fight.

Poor fight scenes aren’t just badly written, they serve no purpose other than “proving a character’s fighting ability to the audience” and often feel out of place in the narrative. They are a violation of the character’s stated goals and needs, and often work under a different setting rule set which has no interaction with the main story itself. Poor fight scenes are boring, the illusion breaks and the characters are just paper dolls being mashed together.

After that, the sentence structure is just structure.

In fiction writing, we use sentence structure, grammar, word choice, and even white space on the page as a means of crafting tension and tempo. Tempo in fiction is manipulating the speed at which someone reads. An easy solution is to use progressively shorter sentences to build a sense of tension and imitate the feel that events are actually moving faster. Long sentences feel slower because they take longer to read. That’s the basics, anyway, it becomes a great deal more complicated than that once we get into the inner workings of a single sentence. There’s also beat, rhythm, and rhyme schemes.

If you want to learn how to manipulate emotional experiences in very few words then poetry is what you should be reading.

Basically, all these require various skills. There’s no easy way to develop these skills beyond hard work, practice, and trial and error.

The first step is: get over the fear of failing.

You’ll try, you may fail, it may not work the way you want on the first go. You’ll probably have to go back to the drawing board multiple times, and that’s okay. You’re not alone if you sit at your computer watching a single fight sequence you love on repeat a few hundred times trying to figure out how it works. That’s normal.

It takes work to gain knowledge and then figure out how to apply it contextually. You’ve got to learn about the subject then learn how to make that knowledge work for you. The process is often embarrassing, sometimes clumsy, and we may feel like we suck because we’re unfairly comparing ourselves to experts in the field. A writer is a perpetual student seeking out new knowledge and new information. Whatever we’re digging into will always be more complicated than we initially thought.

TLDR: It’s difficult to write fight scene involving guns if you don’t know how guns or bullets work. That follows for everything else.


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The frogs and their awkward high school phases

insert the *you know I had to do it to em* pic here

Dex: He was a sad emo boy. Without question. if asked though he’d say he was punk but…no. All you need to do is just picture the awkwardest, lankiest fourteen year old with an oversized black hand me down tee with super bright ginger hair and there ya go: teen dex. I have so much more to say here.

  •  he wrote angry song lyrics all over the knock off converse his mom paid good money for. She’s very disappointed in you William thats so irresponsible. 
    • also: wrote song lyrics and little emo symbols all over his arms with sharpie whenever he got bored in school. You’re poisoning your blood billy your mother is concerned
  • Wore heavy wool beanies all the time. Like even in the summer. He did it to cover his hair and the tips of his ears because he didn’t think red hair and big ears were punk and he was embarrassed.
  • keep in mind that dex was an active hockey player during this time. Was probably the captain of high school team and everything, but that didn’t stop him from getting chirped to hell for showing up to practice with his nails painted black from the polish he borrowed/stole from his cousin. 
    • Not to mention that one time that his goalie found a super embarrassing picture of dex from when he was first starting to come out of his emo little shell. For a full month his nickname was guyliner.
  • His older brother thought that Dex’s emo/punk phase was the funniest thing ever. He’s make fun of Dex for it all the time. This lead to several instances where Dex would yell ‘it’s not a phase!’ ‘no one understands me’ etc and then he’d lock himself in his room for an hour and blasted bad punk music from the 70s. 
  • Whenever he raised enough money to pay for something hockey or school related, hed buy it, but he’d always get a little sad after the purchase bc he really wanted to save up to get an eyebrow piercing one day
  • One good thing came out of this emo phase though! he learned to play guitar and he got really good. He also tried to start a garage band, but he didn’t have the social skills to acquire member for that said band. To this day he often daydreams about how awesome this band would have been.  CHOWDWR AND NURSEY BELOW >>

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Fuckboy! Lee Daehwi

A/N: THANK YOU for 200 followers & over 300 notes for both my fuckboy! Jihoon & Daniel. ILY EACH & EVERY ONE OF YOU SO MUCH. It means a lot to me as I only started like less than a week ago? Anyways, I will continue do my best by giving you guys better content each time I post. To those who have been sending in feedback, anon or un-anon, thank you for all the compliments/constructive criticisms, I will work hard in improving this blog ^^ Special thanks to @sapphire-scorpion for helping me with this cause I was stuck on it lmao Hope you guys like this Daehwi one which has been requested so many times since I started the fuckboy! series. 

Check out my Masterlist for other Wanna One fuckboy! au

“And out all these things I’ve done, I think I love you better now.”

  • The intellectual & conceited kind of fuckboy 
  • The type to attract you with how smart he is when he talks about the philosophy of life with a cup of coffee in his hand 
  • It’s a myth in your school that if you want to pass your exams, just get a smile from Daehwi because that megawatt smile of his can even revive dead plants
  • Girls find him extremely attractive whenever he talks about poetry whilst wearing his oversized sweater and cute tortoise shell glasses 
  • He even has a fan club dedicated to him who will be cheering for him whenever he has a poetry slam 
  • Also, he uses that charm of his to flirt with literally every senior he knows of to the point that 10+ girls will try to get him to be their prom date
  • Meanwhile, you and Daehwi had been going head to head with each other since you guys were 12
  • While it might seem like you two would’ve been great friends, you two absolutely hated each other with a passion
  • It’s the fact that you both disagreed with each other on everything: you loved Dante’s Divine Comedy, but he thought it was an absolute killjoy; you found Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice boring, but he could go on speaking about Shylock’s speech for ages 
  • it was also how you hated how arrogant he behaved and him hating how you never seemed to fall for his charming ways plus you were the only person who went against him for the way he interpreted his prose during literature class
  • The rivalry between you two started when you had joined a lego building competition and you two were tied for best creativity
  • The next thing you knew, you both were also tied for first place in the public speaking competition and were both 1st place in grades for scoring an average score of 100 for your final exams since the start of middle school to now
  • But this year, you two were going up against each other for the upcoming student council’s election to be the next elected President and you weren’t intimidated by Daehwi and his hoard of fangirls cause you fight me
  • You two were already members of the student council, you the secretary and him the treasurer hence you two were automatically placed in the election
  • However, the elections’ outcome for the president was chosen by the student body which meant that you and Daehwi had to compete in terms of who could get the most votes and it didn’t matter what your current position was
  • Naturally, you two were getting increasingly competitive as it was finally the chance to finally beat the other and the current president was just happy to give up his past because having two around meant non-stop bickering
  • Campaigning season had never been this intense before
  • There were posters of you and Daehwi EVERYWHERE
  • If you gave out cookies, he will give out coffee
  • Every single day, you had to put on a picture perfect smile and acted energetic and friendly as you interacted with your other classmates
  • It was honestly getting the better of you as you were always super tired 
  • As you walked out of the school two days before the election, you heard Daehwi making a snide comment as he walked past you 
  • “Why else would people vote for you besides that fact that you are y/b/n’s younger sister? You are nothing compared to him.”
  • You took a deep breath and went to the female bathroom only to break down, crying away all the stress you had the past month
  • It was tiring enough to campaign but now you had to deal with him making personal rude comments on you?
  • Your brother had been someone you looked up to a lot as a child, but as you grew older, you could only hide in the shadow of his achievements 
  • People knew how much you loathed being mentioned in the same sentence as your brother and how you were always trying to prove yourself hence everyone avoided his name in front of you 
  • You hated how Daehwi made it seem like that all you had was your brother’s name and all your hard work so far meant nothing
  • You decided there wasn’t a point in this goddamn competition if you had such an unworthy opponent like him who gave you such a nasty and low blow
  • The next day, the news that you forfeited the election spread across the entire school and because of that, Daehwi became the President by default
  • Daehwi was extremely happy with this because hey there wasn’t any competition until he regretted his word when he met his Vice President 
  • His Vice President was a junior who literally won cause he was some popular jock and not because he was capable of it 
  • When Daehwi assigned him any work, he would give the excuse of having track & field training and left
  • he was also never seen during any student council meeting
  • This was when Daehwi realized everything was wrong 
  • He missed the bickerings your two used to have and your presence in general
  • He realized without you, nothing was functioning right, he needed you
  • He should have made you stay and that’s when he decided he had to apologize and get you back 
  • You weren’t moved by a single bit when he came to look you, you just coldly rejected him
  • That was until he did it every day for one month in a row and you accepted his apology and request half because you were super embarrassed at his very lame puns on the pastries he gave you like and another because it was pretty cute seeing him try so hard because he knew that you had the power to just turn around
  • Also because you found out that Daehwi had visited your parents and literally recited all your achievements and your parents were shocked because you never mentioned it 
  • That acknowledgment from your parents was all you need as you became his new Vice President and everything became so much smoother considering you knew what your job required you to do 
  • Your relationship with each other will just keep growing as there so much less fights with each other as you two would just back off 
  • You both began to notice each other’s good points like how Daehwi was a much better speaker while you were better in collecting ideas which became a win-win situation as you guys managed to solve many problems amongst the student body
  • It wasn’t long before Daehwi realized his true feelings for you
  • You just wouldn’t leave his mind
  • When he saw you, he felt like his heart was going to explode 
  • He basically knew he was screwed 
  • Well, something similar was also happening to you like you found it hard to maintain eye contact with Daehwi before your face started burning up
  • You two were so obvious that even the other student council member were placing bets on when you guys will end up together
  • He decided to confess to you on Valentine Day and spent the longest time on deciding what to give you
  • He was planning to write a poem at first but somehow Woojin managed to convince him to change his technique
  • On Valentine Day, you will receive a bouquet of flowers which each of their meaning written on the card and a card which had a simple lego drawing on it
  • ‘I like legos. You like legos. Why don’t we build a relationship?’ 
  • While no one had signed the card, you immediately knew who it was caused that had been the start of everything despite the fact that both of you had grown out of playing legos
  • Daehwi appeared moments later, doing an acoustic cover of your favourite song
  • That’s when you said yes to the confession cause how could you not? 
  • While he has dated around with other people, he has never been in an official relationship so you were the more dominant one 
  • You did become the first one to initiate the first kiss and start holding his hand
  • It was also because he was very careful with everything he did that he was scared that something he did might make you leave him again
  • But one day, you would just kiss the heck out of him and told him to stop feeling that feeling cause you weren’t planning on leaving him anytime soon
  • That’s when he would try to drop hints for you to wear his sweaters when he somehow forgot his entire bag pack of sweaters in your house
  • But you did appear wearing it for a student council meeting when you were rushing to school one day
  • he will blush and stutter through the entire meeting because he finds you so cute in sweater paws that he finds it even hard to breath lmao
  • without a doubt, the school’s cutest couple 
  • you guys are honestly so busy but he still finds time to get you coffee every single morning with a bright orange post it notes that says ‘good morning & i love you’ and you never fail to bring him breakfast
  • you two will still end up staying up all night face timing each other to argue on which poet was better but it ends up with both of you just agreeing with each other
  • Lastly, movie dates watching old classics and bookstore dates where you guys don’t even realize how fast time has gone

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REALLY REALLY LATE FOR @nickiwinchester97 and @rosie-winchester Challenge. My Wifi went down so I had no way to upload it. 

Prompt: I wanted to break the rules, but broke my arm instead.

Beta’d by this bitch: @fangolf 

Warnings: Description of fights.

The protectiveness your brothers had for you was both appreciated and annoying for the following reasons : You couldn’t go out after hours, Never to go on hunts alone, and to always tell them where you were going at all times. Not only was privacy nonexistent your date life was also thrown out the window. Any boy you either mingled or flirted with; No matter if victim or stranger they were always scared off by your brothers.

You three were at a town posing as cops for a (presumed) werewolf kill and you were able to talk to the witness a few years older than you and gain her trust. It was then that she invited you over to a house party since her parents were out of the house and left her to attend it. It was the perfect chance for you to live a normal teenage life for once in your life.

You had to be extra careful though. If your brothers found out it would be hell. Sam would give you a lecture while Dean tried hard not to yell at you; It’s happened before and it isn’t pretty. It normally ends up with you locking yourself in your bedroom and avoiding them at all costs.

“Okay.. Phone - Check. Wallet - Check” You pranced around in your bedroom thinking of anything you could have forgotten or missed. “Ah! GPS.” 

You quickly turn off your GPS before using multiple pillows to form a semi body shape under the covers. If you were leaving you had to convince them you were still asleep. Quietly leaving the room you called Sasha to go and pick you up.


The music blared and vibrated off the walls, The room so filled with people that it stretched all the way to the backyard.

“You enjoying the party?” Sasha —  The witness asked.

“Uhm yeah! It’s alright.” You answered; Taking a swing of your soda from your red cup.

You weren’t much of a drinker like your brothers, But found closure in it when rough times hit.

“That’s good. I’ll talk to you later!” She walked off when she was invited to dance by what you presumed was her boyfriend.


You didn’t know things were going to escalate this much. A group of boys drank too much and now were in an argument. People tried to push them off but that caused a stir and now both were throwing punches. Yells and shouts from both the fighters and standbys were getting louder by the minute.

Some encouraged the fight while others tried to end it. Half of the room was now covered in white by the flashes of the ones who were taking videos on their phones.

“Stop! Guys!” Sasha tried to control them, But her voiced wasn’t acknowledged.

One of the fighters ran up the stairs and everyone followed.

“Wait!” You tried to call after Sasha but she ran upstairs behind the wad of people.

You waited a few seconds before going after her. Being here was a bad idea and you wanted to go home. Making your way up the flight of stairs you get to the top and yell her name. Hurried footsteps get your attention and next thing you know you’re falling down the stairs.

You hit the steps and roughly land at the bottom.


You land on your arm. You shout curses due to the shooting pangs of pain going up and down your arm, Your eyes watering.

People crowd you and ask if you’re okay, Some even asking if you were alive. Out of nowhere your brothers are in front of you, Suits and all.

“(Y/n)! Are you okay?” Sam calls your name and inspects your arm.

“Sam?- FUCK” You yell in pain when Sam moves your arm.

“Definitely broken” He mutters.

“Alright everybody! Get the hell out before we call for backup!” Dean ordered. 

The music stopped and just like cockroaches — They all scattered.

“Alright (Y/n) You gotta get up. We need to get you to a hospital” Dean helps you to your footing while being careful with your arm.

“You’re so not getting out of this” Sam murmurs, Staring at your limping frame.


You were out of it for most of the ride and ER visit but were given pain killers that immediately knocked you out.

Your eyes opened and the first thing you saw was a white ceiling. Not a good sign. You tried moved your right arm, But mild pain shot through. Looking down you saw a blue cast. And right in front of you were your very VERY angry older brothers.

“Hey guys-” You tried to dodge the seriousness of a conversation.

“Don’t ‘hey guys’ us. Why the hell were you at a party? in the middle of the night?” Dean’s voice was low and rough, Trying not to waken up the whole hospital.

“You can’t-”

“You turned off your GPS even!” Sam adds in.

“I was-”

“You even tried to trick us with a bed full of pillows! We thought the worst (Y/n)”

“If you would let me finish I could tell you why!!” You shout, Glaring at both of them. “This is the first ever party I went to in my life. I’m a teenager! Tell me one time I spent quality time with friends! I have no life guys! It’s all hunt, hunt, hunt. There’s no time for me! I have no privacy! You guys scare away any possible relationships! I bet Dean sneaked out to parties when he was a teenager! Why can’t I!? Oh yeah, Because you guys won’t let me! Just because I’m your sister! You can’t keep my locked up for ever.” 

Your voice dies off when you see their faces riddled with guilt.

“I shouldn’t have done it, I know that. I wanted to break the rules, but broke my arm instead. I know what I did was wrong. But you can’t really blame me”

You’re all silent until Sam speaks up.

“We’re sorry. We just want to protect you. You’re our little sister.. You’re only one and you can’t dodge death just like we have.. We’re sorry. Do you forgive us?” Sam shows you his signature puppy eyes and you can’t hep but give in.

“Alright. But I get to leave the bunker more.”

“Deal.” Dean finally speaks up. “But no more sneaking out for parties” He raises an eyebrow awaiting your answer.

“Fine. No promises though.” You laugh, Moving your arm by mistake and letting out an cry. “Let this be my lesson. I learnt it. Can I be off the hook?”

“No” They both say simultaneously.

“Oh come on a broken arm isn’t enough!?… Did I fool you guys with the pillows though? Also, How did you guys know where I was?”

“Nope. I used to do the same thing. You can’t play a player (Y/n)” Dean has a smug smile on his lips that you wanna rip off.

“You didn’t notice until I pointed out she wasn’t breathing” Sam chuckles at his brothers annoyed face.

“Shut up”

“And Sasha called us. Told us there was a party and a fight started. We took our chance and went to see what was up. One of the dudes that was fighting was the one who threw you off the stairs. He said he was running away before he bumped into you and you fell down the stairs. We got there just in time too. You’re lucky you didn’t die. The boy even offered to pay for the hospital bills.” Sam yawned.

“We got burgers instead. You want one?” Dean asked, Getting Baby’s keys out of his pockets.

“Do you even need an answer?” You laughed, Mouth watering at the sound of a juicy burger.

“Be right back then” Dean made his way out the door quickly, Also wanting a bite of a delicious greasy burger.

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After months of struggling, an impulse decision puts you on the road from Sioux Falls to Lawrence Kansas, hoping that your father, Bobby Singer, will take you in for the summer.  A breath of fresh air. A change of scenery. But little did you know, this summer was going to change your life forever. 

A Dean x Reader AU Series. 

Warnings include: FLUFF, Angst, Emotional and Physical Abuse, Multiple Mentions of Suicide, Depression, Anxiety, Minor Alcohol Use. Mechanic!Dean. Others will be included at the beginning of each part. I don’t want to give everything away all at once. 

Part 1 coming June 20th 2017.

There is a total of 20 parts as of right now. All will be posted throughout the summer. 

Forevers Will NOT be included so please add yourself to the list. So if you get tagged in this post and want to be tagged in the series, you need to add yourself/send me an ask!!!
If you are on the Dean list, DO NOT add yourself to this list. 

Add yourself or send me an ask.


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clodiuspulcher  asked:

I have a confession: I followed your blog because I liked the URL ciceroprofacto. I soon realized your blog was about Alexander Hamilton and Not Cicero but your content is so good I couldn't unfollow... ANYWAY, I know Hamilton associated himself with Cicero- he called Burr the American Catiline at some point, right?- but there's some other parallels between them and I was wondering if you have any other stories/anecdotes/info about Hamilton's feelings on Cicero. Thanks, and I love your blog!

I also have a confession: I made up this username after questions about Cicero helped me qualify for the state certamen bowl as a team of myself.  the username is a lie about the content here but I really am tight with Cicero as far as interests go.

But yes!  Hamilton and Marcus Tullius Cicero: the comparison is striking.

Both were born in January, and despite having well-to-do fathers with good family names, were held back by their circumstances as youths.  Cicero was born in Arpinum, a little over sixty miles south of Rome, Hamilton in Charleston, Nevis, separated from major hubs of the British empire.  Both had one brother (though Cicero was the elder brother and Hamilton the younger), and both of their mothers were described as intelligent and thrifty.  Both men were described as sickly boys, Cicero was semi-invalid and Hamilton frequently ill.  In order to enter ‘cultured’ society, both men had to self-fashion themselves through studies of Latin and Greek, history, poetry, and philosophy.

For both Cicero and Hamilton, it was their talent as students and their ability to use rhetoric effectively that caught the attention of sponsors who facilitated their education.  While they studied, both men met two friends they would keep lifelong correspondence with, Hamilton with Robert Troup and Hercules Mulligan and Cicero with Servius Sulpicius Rufus and Titus Pomponius.

Both men used military service (and public offices cursus honorum) to distinguish themselves and earn the connections and experience that would help them get careers in civil service.  During their military service, both distinguished themselves as intellectuals, both credited as one of the most versatile minds of their generation.

After their stints in the military, both men immediately began careers as lawyers and statesmen in the public eye.  Both were infamously effective orators.  Cicero’s use of Latin rhetoric was so distinguished he changed the way people used the language.  I don’t remember the exact quote, but it was said that prose in Latin and the romance languages up through the 19th century was either a return to his style and syntax or a reaction against it.

Both men were also inflammatory speakers.  Cicero’s first major (and most famous) trial as a lawyer was in defense of a man named Sextus Roscius, and in the defense he presented, he challenged the dictator Sulla (whose army he had served in) by accusing some of Sulla’s political allies of having actually committed the crime.  After that case, Cicero left Rome and spent some time in Greece studying philosophy and oratory (and I would liken this to Hamilton’s break with Washington, retirement from the military and study of law).  Some historians speculate he had fled Rome because of the political threat, but that’s not proven. 

Ironically, both men married up in their mid-twenties.  Hamilton to Elizbeth Schuyler and Cicero to Terentia, of a plebeian noble house of Terenti Varrones.  Both Eliza and Terentia were actively interested in their husbands political careers and sometimes helped them in their work.  In both cases, there are traditional rumors that the men married for convenience and political ambitions, but both marriages lasted around 30 years through marital turbulence.  The Reynolds affair in 1791 mirrors a stint in the 50s BCE where Cicero claimed Terentia had betrayed him and they briefly divorced and remarried (though I’m not sure about the reasons behind it).

Cicero returned to Rome shortly after completing that ‘higher education’ in Greece.  And, like Hamilton, he entered politics and quickly rose through the ranks.  Both men entered civil service posts that centered on the financial stability of their countries.  Hamilton’s post as Secretary Treasury somewhat mirrors Cicero’s work as a Quaestor in Sicily though Hamilton’s work focused more on establishing the system of finance and Cicero’s focused more on rejuvenating and legitimizing a broken system.  In Rome, 20 ‘Quaestors’ were elected each year to maintain the finances of a province with the Consul or Proconsul of that area.  It was a big deal among the men on the cursus honorum to move along the ranks quickly, at the youngest age possible, and many tried to do so by bribing the electors and speculating from taxes.  Cicero effectively did so by publicly ousting the other statesmen who did so with sharp oratory and accusations, thereby earning the trust and admiration of the voting male citizens, then canvassing and campaigning for his position.

Like Hamilton, Cicero was constantly shadowed by his lack of reputable ancestry, wealth, and birth.  He was neither a noble nor a patrician and, having moved through the ranks by canvassing rather than consular ancestry, he was labeled a novus homo or “new man”.  The last novus homo who had been elected consulate was a distant relative, Gaius Marius, who was politically radical and unpopular after Sulla’s ascension in the Roman civil war.  Sulla’s reforms had strengthened the upper-class equestrian class, the optimates, and Cicero was an eques. More importantly, he was a constitutionalist, unable to side politically with the populares faction.  Despite this, in each election, Cicero was voted first of all the candidates he stood against, most popular among all Romans except those of the poorest classes.  Like Hamilton, Cicero held the strong centralized republican ideals of a gentry class that would never truly accept him despite his intellectual talents and personal charisma.

Hamilton did liken his feud with Burr to Cicero’s campaign against Catiline, though I would say Cicero’s conflict became much more serious while Hamilton’s was cut short by their duel and Burr’s public defamation.  
In 63 BCE, Cicero was elected Consul over Catiline, creating personal animosity between the two.  In previous years, Catiline had sullied his own name with a series of crimes that took him to trial, between murder, speculation, and proscription. In a last-ditch effort to attain the consulship, he promoted universal cancellation of debts to draw the support of the lower classes and began talking his way into the support of men in the senatorial and equestrian rank who, after a political purge, had also become inviable candidates to public office for their own crimes (and men with good reason to dislike Cicero).  
After Cicero took office, he spent his time preventing Catiline’s conspiracy to overthrow him and the Roman Republic as a whole.  He delivered four famous speeches, the Catiline Orations, that listed Catiline and his supporters’ crimes, and denounced his supporters as debtors.  Catiline fled to Etruria after the first speech but Cicero delivered three more to prepare the Senate for a counterattack.
Catiline planned to return with an army of veterans from Sulla’s military, peasant farmers and debtors.  The supporters he’d left behind in the Senate worked to gain the support of the Allobgroges, a tribe of Gauls, but the Gauls delivered their letters to Cicero and the senate and Cicero was able to force the conspirators to confess their crimes.  He had them taken to the Tullianum, the most notorious Roman prison, and strangled without formal trial.

We all know how Hamilton’s feud ended, and it’s hard to say what would’ve happened in his public life had he lived longer.  Given how similarly Hamilton’s life seemed to match-step with Cicero’s, I imagine he would’ve managed to stir political conflict and eventually actuate his own death or ejection from the political field.

After his orations against Catiline, Cicero went on in his political career.  He refused an offer of partnership with Julius Caesar, Pompey and Crassus, fearing it would undermine the Republic.  After this Triumvirate rose to power, he was exiled by a law against anyone who executed Roman citizens without trial.
He returned to Rome and resumed his involvement in politics about a year later, avoided supporting Caesar by leaving Rome with Pompey’s staff when Caesar invaded Italy in 49 BCE and tried to get his endorsement.
He caught beef with Pompey as well and Cato, arguing with his commanders for their incompetence, returned to Rome and received a pardon from Caesar (fully planning to politically undermine his dictatorship with constitutional law whenever possible).
He wasn’t involved in Caesar’s assignation but was supportive of it and became a popular leader afterwards.  As Mark Antony carried out Caesar’s public will after his death, Cicero countered him politically and attacked him in public speeches, “the Phillipics”, calling the Senate against him.  Cicero was wildly powerful with the public will and his supporters volunteered to take arms against Antony and his supporters.  But, matters escalated, Antony continued military conquest and defied the senate, after he refused to lift the siege of Mutina, he was declared an enemy of the state.  Cicero began a campaign to try and drive Antony out, even contacted Cassius, one of Caesars assassins, and alluded that Antony was a greater threat.  But, it didn’t work and soon after Antony and Octavian allied with Lepidus, formed the second triumvirate, and began hunting their political rivals.
Cicero, so publicly loved, was able to hide for some time, but he was caught in December 43 BCE in Formiae, trying to leave in a litter.  He leaned his head out in surrender, decapitated in a gladiatorial gesture that bares the neck and makes the task easier.  In the Roman tradition of oratory, hand motions are emphasized and characteristic.  So, Cicero’s hands and (I’ve heard rumors of his tongue) were cut off and nailed on display on the Rostra in the Forum along with his head, the only victim of the Triumvirate to be displayed like that.

I don’t personally know of any anecdotes of Hamilton comparing himself to Cicero, but I do know he would’ve read and translated Cicero’s speeches and philosophies, and I can definitely see why he would feel a kinship with his life story.  Here’s an article that discusses the allusion to Catiline.

tldr; Marcus Tullius Cicero and Alexander Hamilton were self-made men, “homines novi”, born in obscurity and rising quickly through the ranks of civil service positions through the merit of hard work, military service, and emergence into law.  Despite this, and even as effective supporters of centralized constitutional power, they were both shadowed by their inability to completely fit in with the upper-class aristocrats.  Both were gifted orators, political philosophers, and financial planners.  Characteristically self-righteous, they both refused to back down from their core political beliefs, even when that placed their own lives at risk, leading to both their unparalleled political rise as well as their ultimate downfall.

About the Realm of the Elderlings and fanfic, and also the greatest love story ever told

There are some stories that are not made for fanfiction. Some stories, some story worlds, are private playgrounds - you can visit, but you can’t build anything there, and all you can take home is memories.

Robin Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings is one of those story worlds. Let me be clear - I’m not saying this because she doesn’t like fanfiction. The opinion of an author about fanfiction is largely irrelevant. If there is space in the told story for other stories, those stories will be written, one way or another. Fanfic can’t be stopped and it can’t be contained, and if your story allows it (not you, but your story) then it will happen.

The only way to stop that is to leave no room for it. If your story is complete, in a way that very few stories ever are, then fanfic won’t happen. Or, it will happen, but there won’t be much of it and it won’t satisfy. 

That’s what Hobb did with RotE. There’s just no room for fanfic. Oh, maybe there was once, between the third and fourth trilogies, when Beloved had gone away and Fitz was with Molly. I can see how some people might want to write a reunion scene or something similar, but there wasn’t much of it.

Fanfic lives in the liminal spaces, in the gaps between what we are told has happened and what might have happened, what could have happened. It lives on things we don’t know, about the characters, about the world. We need those mysteries to feed into the fic - what is the Giant Rat of Sumatra? How would the books have gone if Harry Potter had been a girl? There are mysteries in RotE, but they bind the story rather than freeing it. Don’t get it? Let me explain. I’m going to use the most obvious example, and please do remember that this is not a criticism, nor is it a complaint. The fact that I believe that is is not possible to write good fanfiction in this ‘verse is the highest compliment I am capable of.

Obviously a lot of fanfic is ship-orientated. Not all of it by any means, but you know, a significant percentage of fanfic is written so that two characters get together, one way or another. RotE has the ultimate ship. It spans seventy years and all of Fitz’s life. They literally bring each other back to life. They have a child together (sort of. It’s complicated). They…well, that’s a spoiler. And yet there is never what you might call a romantic resolution. Beloved admits his love to Fitz (freely, throughout the series, but notably when asked about the face they chose for Paragon), but Fitz only confesses his feelings for the Fool in a roundabout way, and not even to Beloved themself.

How is it that we have twelve novels (and not thin novels either - Assassin’s Fate took me almost fourteen hours of nonstop reading to finish, and the first time I read the books when there were only nine, I didn’t sleep for an entire weekend) of this bone-deep love, this absolute devotion and adoration and pining…and we haven’t flooded the world with it? Where are the AUs? Where are the coffeeshop AUs and the high school AUs and all the others? I can’t believe that Hobb’s (with all love said, stupid and reactionary) opinion on fanfic could have stopped that from happening.

I think I know what could stop that, though, and that’s Beloved. If there was ever a cypher in the world of fiction, that would be the Fool. We know so little about them - they’re a White, they’re a Prophet, they had three parents and a sister who loved them. We know about Clerres, and we know that they love Fitz far, far more than Fitz deserves. What we don’t know about them could fill volumes, however, and there’s one thing we never find out which makes writing shippy fanfic about Beloved and Fitz…tricky.

Yes, I’m talking about the gender thing. I’m not sure whether Beloved is genderqueer or genderfluid or what. The point is, though, that we know that the Fool is just as real as Amber is just as real as Golden is just as real as Beloved. We know that they have many identities, some of which are female, and all of them real, for a given value of real. We’re never told what the Fool’s plumbing is actually like, which is fair enough. It’s really none of our business, after all.

But it does make writing harder. Because we tend to think in terms of the gender binary, so in a lot of the fic I’ve read, Beloved is sort of…assigned a gender. Generally, it appears, male. But what about Amber, then? What if the Whites don’t actually have sex and gender the way we understand it (although from what we learn in the Fitz and the Fool trilogy it seems they do)?

We can’t write effective shippy fanfic in this world because we don’t know what actually goes on under Beloved’s clothes - and that’s sort of essential. And there just isn’t room for any other kind, not really. Taking the relationship between Fitz and Beloved to another level (I don’t want to call it the next level, because as far as I’m concerned there isn’t a level beyond what they share) is the only space in the world for more story. We could write more about the dragons, we could go back and write about Elderling society - but with that we run into the same trouble as we do with Fitz/Beloved - we just don’t know enough. And besides, the heart of the story is in its characters, so why would we even bother writing in a time where they don’t exist?

Is that actually bad, though? Wouldn’t assigning Beloved a biological sex in the canon actually make them…less-than? Less than what they are, which is amazing? We can grump that Beloved’s identity makes writing love stories about them more difficult, but what of it? Isn’t it amazing that Hobb has managed to create this character, this beautiful, gloriously complicated character, so complicated that it’s actually impossible to get deep enough into their head to write fanfiction about them? 

If pressed, I could write fanfiction about almost any character you care to name. I might have trouble with other things (I can’t imitate Wodehouse’s style well enough to write Bertie POV Jeeves, but I can fake Jeeves’ voice well enough, and I’m desperately intimidated by Watson’s voice) but I can get into the character’s heads, and I can play around there. But with this? I can’t get deep enough into Beloved’s head to write them, they’re just too complicated. And that’s fucking amazing, because you don’t often see characters with such depth and mystery - most mystery is contrived, but with Beloved it feels natural. It’s just who they are.

I think the point I’m trying to make is that what Hobb has achieved is a rare and beautiful thing - a story world that doesn’t need fanfiction. The plot is complete - there are no holes that need filling, and very few alternate paths to follow (very few that would be in character, anyway). There are no moments where the reader goes, not ‘I wouldn’t do that’ (there are many of those) but ‘Fitz wouldn’t do that’. The characters are either so well known that writing about them is redundant, or so cloaked in mystery that writing about them is almost impossible. RotE is like a crystal ball. It’s complete in itself. It doesn’t need anything more, and if you trying to add anything…well, the phrase ‘gilding the lily’ comes to mind. And that, my friends, is fucking amazing. Hobb has done what she wanted - she’s made it almost impossible to write fanfiction in her world. And isn’t the way she did it clever? She made the story so perfect that writing fanfiction in it seems almost like a desecration.

That’s not to say that nobody can write fanfiction in this world. I can’t stop anyone, and I wouldn’t if I could. I just can’t imagine reading it (I don’t need to. I tried, and was unmoved).

Since we’re already here, let’s talk about love. Specifically, let’s talk about the love story that is Fitz and his Beloved. When I was reading Assassin’s Fate, I kept hoping for…something. Some…moment of affirmation, that said that yes, they love each other. Yes, they’re soulmates. I thought it would be something like a kiss, something romantic.

I didn’t get a kiss, or a declaration. I think, though, that I got something better. Because their love is so…there’s so much of it, and it runs so deep. It’s written into their bones. It’s complicated and beautiful and so real. It’s so obvious that it doesn’t need that moment of declaration, that moment that says ‘yes, you are the love of my life’ because that’s basically what their story has been, one moment of ‘I love you’ after another. In fact, the only thing that was ever needed was that moment of ‘Yes, you love me.’ It doesn’t need a kiss, or sex, or anything other than the knowledge that they love each other, equally and eternally. It’s the kind of love poetry is written about, the kind of love every human being desperately desires, the kind that is so rare and precious that most of us can’t even understand it. We keep confusing it with want, with sex, with things that are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, but while those things can be part of it, it doesn’t need to be.

Twelve novels is a long time to spend on a love story, but that’s fitting, because there’s never been a love story like this. The closest, I think, may have been BBC Sherlock, but that show was betrayed, and the love story had no culmination. Not so here. By the end of the series, you may doubt anything you like, but you will never doubt that Fitz and the Fool love each other as much as two people can love.

It’s a love story that spans seventy years and the fate of a world. Twelve books (not counting the ones that don’t deal directly with Fitz and the Fool)and almost three million words.

All I can say is that I’m fucking honored to have read it, and eternally grateful that @sarahreesbrennan flailed about it on her blog almost ten years ago, because the thought that I might have missed reading it is horrifying.

A Rose by Any Other Name

Request: Hi! Can I request an imagine with Peter Parker x reader where she’s an extraverted artistic popular girl (she writes poetry) with dyed hair who’s friends with Peter and has a crush on him but he’s completely oblivious to it and they act like a couple already but it’s just bc they connect together so well and soon she can’t help herself but say “dude I have huge crush on u how can u be so bLIND” or something like that. I love this blog so much it’s such a blessing 😭😭😭 


Peter walked into the classroom with  a couple of his friends. He was talking animatedly to them about something you couldn’t hear, but he was so cute and excited that it didn’t even matter. His face was alight with passion, and you imagined he was talking about rebuilding his computer, something he’d been planning to do since midterms were over and he was a bit ahead in his school work.

“Are you just gonna stare at him?” your friend Liz questioned.  

“What?” You hadn’t really comprehended her words. Her voice startled you out of your reverie and she laughed at your bewildered expression.

“You should write him a poem. Something like Peter, dear sweet Peter how your eyes remind me of candles in the window of the home of my heart.”

“That’s ridiculous. Wouldn’t even be a good line,” you laughed.

“Is she pining over Parker again?” your other friend, Betty asked as she sat down in the desk next to you.

“Yes,” Liz laughed.

“I am not, pining,” you protested.

“Good, you don’t have to pine, he’d be lucky to have you. A nerd like him dating one of the most popular girls at school,” Betty quipped.

You frowned at that, sure you were popular, but not because you particularly wanted to be. You were a people person, a talker, people were attracted to that kind of personality, “He’s not just some nerd,” you rebuked, “he’s a good person.”

“A rose by any other name,” Liz went on teasing.

“The captain of the football team wants to go out with you and you’re pining over Peter Parker. Excuse me for being a little confused about your priorities,” Betty scoffed.

“We are young, Betty. We are young and infinite and the titles we press to our chest mean nothing to the universe. A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, and a good person under any other title will still be good.”

“Ugh, can’t you save it for the poetry club?” Betty groaned.

“I thought it was beautiful,” Liz bumped her shoulder into yours, “You’re just mad because you can’t land the football captain.”

“Yes!! And she’s throwing away the opportunity for Peter frikin Parker!” Betty exclaimed. You clamped a hand over her mouth.

“Betty! Shush. Jeez, I’ll put in a good word for you.” you promised.

“Go talk to him before class starts,” Liz urged hitting you with her shoulder again, as if to give you a physical push toward him. You took her advice and went over to Peter. You sat on  the table where he and his friends were as you walked over they looked up and greeted you happily.

“I was just talking about my computer,” Peter filled you in.

“I figured you were. You know I’m lost when it comes to your cool tech stuff,” you smirked.

“It’s not so hard, it’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, all  you need is to see the whole picture.”

“Hey, metaphors are my thing Parker,” you teased poking him in the shoulder.

“It’s why I use them, it’s the only way you understand my techno babble. By the way, I heard you got a poem published in the paper, congrats.”

“Oh please, it’s just the paper, who even reads those anymore?”

“Fancy publishers. This could be your big break.”

“If it is, I’ll have you take the picture for the cover of my first book,” you laughed.

Liz and Betty watched the two of you from their place in the back of the class. Well, Liz watched, Betty was complaining about something or another.

“I think they’re cute together. I mean half the school already thinks they’re a couple,” Liz murmured.

“It’s social suicide,” Betty responded.

“Oh come on, Peter’s sweet, and just look at them, look how happy she is.”

You were laughing at something Manuel, one of Peter’s friends had said, leaning on Peter for support so you wouldn’t topple off the table with how hard you were laughing. Liz smiled at that; you and Liz were close, closer than either of you were to Betty. In retrospect, she wasn’t really sure how Betty became a part of your little group. She often wondered how to get rid of her. The bell signaling the beginning of class rang and you hurried back to your seat with a giddy smile on your face.

“Peter says he’s going to homecoming this year,” you grinned.

“Yeah? Does he have a date already?” Liz  asked.

“He and his friends are going as a group.”

“Maybe you can ask him to homecoming.”

“I don’t want to ruin their group thing. I’ll see them there though.”

Class started and there was little talk between any of you as the lesson went on. A class ended you got held up talking to Liz and while you were trying to catch up to Peter, the captain of the football team, Eric, stopped you in the hall. Liz stood beside you and rolled her eyes as he and his buddies walked up.

“Hey, Y/N,” he greeted.

“Hey, Eric, what’s up?” you asked with a friendly smile. He smiled back and glanced at one of his friends over his shoulder as if he was sealing some kind of deal.

“I heard you don’t have a date to homecoming. How about you and I got together?”

“… No thanks. I’ve got plans to go with friends… You should ask Betty though. I know she’s still looking for a date.”

“Psh your loss, babe,” he shrugged, walking past you as he and his friends laughed. You rolled your eyes and gave Liz an exasperated glance. She laughed a little at your expression. As you started off towards Peter’s locker your really Peter was in fact right there, staring holes into the back of Eric’s head.

“Peter, hey!” you called braving through the lanes of walking high schoolers to get to him. He looked at you and mustered up a smile but it seemed off,  forced, “I wanted to walk with you to English… is everything alright?”

“Yeah, yeah, come on.”

You waved to Liz as she went in the opposite direction towards her own class. Peter was uncharacteristically quiet that block, but by the time lunch rolled around he seemed like himself again. The lunch room was buzzing, as homecoming was next week and everyone was excited for the football game and the dance. You were excited too. Today you sat next to Michelle. She was going to wear a tux to Homecoming.

“I’ve got to outdo the boys every way I can,” she smiled giving the boys a smug smirk.

“Do you have pictures?” you asked excitedly.

“Yes I do,” she pulled out her phone and the two of you talked about her suit.

“What about you, Y/N?” Peter asked.

“She’s probably color coordinating with someone. Didn’t Eric ask you to homecoming?” Manuel asked.

“He did, but I’m not going with him. I’ll probably just go alone, but I do have a dress picked out, but you guys can’t see it until the day of. Michelle however, can see it now,” you grinned showing her your phone.

“Oh, wow,” her face went blank with awe and shock.

“It’s good right?”

“Beautiful. Jesus.” she  nodded.

Peter was quiet again, and he was for the rest of the lunch period.

Homecoming rolled around and you were putting the finishing touches  on your hair and make up. Your mother was a great helping hand and she took enough pictures to fill a book. Betty and Liz had dates but you were still riding with them to the dance. Your mom had you all get together and take pictures in the living room before letting you guys leave. The homecoming theme this year was old Hollywood, so you entered the gym on a red carpet. It bothered a little that your friends were all arm and arm with their dates walking and you were alone. But before you had a chance to get down in the dumps about it, Liz wrapped an arm around your waist and smiled at you. Suddenly her date was more of a third wheel then you are.

“You look amazing. You’ll knock Parker’s socks right off.” she grinned at you.  

Peter stood in a far off corner talking with his friends, and critiquing the choice of music, when Michelle let out a low whistle.

“Y/N just walked in, Parker.” despite the fact that Michelle’s words were meant for Peter, everyone turned to look at you, and everyone’s jaw dropped. You walked in with a radiant smile in a dress made to fit you and only you. They couldn’t even imagine anyone else wearing it. Peter felt sorry for everyone else in the room, including himself, how the hell were they supposed to share a room with this much beauty. He quickly pushed those feelings down, you were a popular kid. You were supposed date big football guys, not nerds like himself. That thought vanished when you made eye contact with him and your smile grew impossibly brighter. The feelings he tried to push down came right back up to drown him as you came his way. However as you were on your way Eric stopped you. You looked up at him with a smile and talked for a little while.

“Ugh, I wish that fuckboy would leave Y/N alone, she’s too good for him,” Michelle complained. Peter turned around, not wanting to watch Y/N get whisked away by some guy he could never be.

You waited impatiently for Eric to stop talking to you. He was retelling his victory in the homecoming a game. A game that you had seen, and therefore didn’t need the play by play of the winning throw.

“That’s great, Eric, I’ve got some friends I want to-” you tried to get past him but he caught you by the waist, you pushed his hand off of you, “Didn’t you come here with Betty? Why don’t you go find her?” your voice was hard no nonsense.

“Ew, he’s still trying,” Michelle was still complaining.

“Michelle, if she wants to date Eric,” Peter began but his voice recoiled at Eric’s name in disgust, “then that’s none of our business. She doesn’t belong to us.”

“Oh bull, you guys are practically married,” Michelle argued, “I’ve seen the way you look at her.”

“Well she’s not mine so…” Peter shrugged.

“Come on man,” Manuel groaned, “you’re the best of all of us. You have to do it for us. We can let her get sucked into the black hole that is Eric.”

“Oh oh, she’s coming this way,” Michelle warned. You walked up to them a bright smile back on your face.

“Look at you guys! You clean up well,” you complimented, “And Michelle, you are killing that tux. Fuck. It. Up. Sis.”

“Thank you, thank you,” Michelle gave a bow, “but nevermind me, look at you. Doesn’t she look great, Peter?”

“Yeah,” he answered dejectedly.

“Peter you look really good too, second only to Michelle in her suit.” you teased, despite the stinging blow his disinterest was.

“Thanks.” he responded half heartedly.

“We’re gonna get some punch,” Michelle announced taking Manuel with her. You and Peter watched them go, and you realized they were giving you time alone.

“Peter did I do something wrong?” you asked curiously.

“No, no, but you should probably get back to Eric, he’ll wonder where you are,” he grumbled.


“I see how he looks at you. It’s fine, I’m not gonna take offense to it. I know how the social hierarchy works.”

“You are so blind… Jesus, I’m not gonna date Eric, he can look at me anyway he’d  like and my answer would be still be no.”

“Why, is there someone else?” he was looking down at his feet now.

“Yes, there is, and he’s unbelievably cute and petty as hell.”

“Well get to him then,” he was pouting now.

“Oh my god!! You idiot, it’s you. I like you!” you groaned. His head snapped up to look at you.


“You couldn’t tell. Why else does a girl interested in nothing but art and poetry take an interest in building computers. It’s you Peter. It’s always been you.”

“You like me?” he was dumbfounded, it never occurred to him that you could like him back.

“Yes, you genius idiot.”

“I…I like you too. A lot, a lot and you look so gorgeous tonight and-”

You cut him off with a hug, laughing at your predicament, “Dance with me before I change my mind about you.”

He looked at you like you were the eighth world wonder and nodded because he couldn’t find his voice to answer. As you took to the dance floor you noticed Liz throwing you a thumbs up. At the same time Peter noticed Michelle and Manuel grinning at them. You both looked away from your  friends and made eye contact.

“I can’t believe you made me spell it out for you,” you laughed.

“Well it’s hard to believe that the prettiest girl in school would fall for a nerd like me.”

“A rose by any other name,” you smiled and kissed his nose, making him blush.

PSA: Writers are artists too.

People seem to think that reposting artwork or other graphics is stealing, but that doing the same for writing isn’t? Or that you can’t ‘steal’ writing, just because it’s easy to copy? Or the written word is not as important as visual works, so stealing it is okay, and this is not true.

These are two issues I’ve noticed with this that are growing increasingly common:

  • Firstly: there is this popular trend going about, particularly with roleplayers, that they use someone else’s writing, whether it be poetry or a quote or something, in the caption section of their roleplay promotions / advertisements, but they don’t credit the source. They’ll give credit (sometimes) for the image(s) they used for the promo, but not the writing – as if one deserves credit and the other doesn’t? I’ve now seen my own work used in the caption of someone’s promo – without credit. It was just two lines from a much longer poem, but it is still MY work and while my rules state on my poetry blog people can use my writing for various things, I require credit for anything. Not doing so is STEALING and REPOSTING someone’s work. It doesn’t take much effort to put in a credit, either. If a writer doesn’t even want you to use their writing, regardless of credit, and you do so anyway, that is also stealing.

  • Secondly, and this is even more predominant: Musing blogs ( a couple in particular ) seem to think it is okay to REPOST someone else’s poetry, writing, etc. into a musing post; again, without credit, without question or permission. THIS IS NOT OKAY. Just because it’s THERE and it’s writing doesn’t mean you can do whatever you like to or with it. Musing blogs who take writing from other sources and just repost it as a musing post for others to reblog are illegitimately using other people’s work. This is theft. I have also had to deal with someone making a musing out of my writing, without credit or permission, and they just thought it was?? okay?? to take?? someone else’s writing?? and post it?? as your own???


Please stop thinking you can do whatever you want with whatever you find.

Shit, I legit can’t believe it. I made it to 1k followers? What the fuck?!!!! God, it was barely two months ago when I was basically drinking my Vodka out of the bottle in celebration that I got 250 people to follow me. And now the number’s quadrupled and I’m in awe! Thank you all so much for putting up with me and my blog-everything-that-catches-my-fancy ass. You all rock and I love each and everyone of you. I do hope I keep putting out the same content that brought you to my blog and that in some way, you will always find something you like or can reblog or just want to save for a rainy day on said blog. Really, you all are awesome! Thank you.

I just want to give compliments to some of my favourite blogs (they are a lot and I tend to wax lyrical about people I like so you’ve been warned). I wish I could give personalized compliments to all my mutuals but as you would soon read I am a geek when it comes to people I like and I will be writing compliments into the New Year if I decided to compliment everyone. So not everyone’s gotten a personal compliment, but know I love you all.

It’s a long post so the compliments begin after the cut.

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nerdmigerd  asked:

How would you recommend a young writer to make a profit off of their work? I'm unemployed and want something to make an early living off of.

Okay, so, my answer may be quite disheartening, but instead of being discouraged by it I expect all y’all young writers looking to make some cash to decide this will only mean you will work harder and not ever give up. In this line of work, you have to hustle.

There are ways young writers can make money. But those ways are tough and discouraging and require a shit ton of work. If you’re smart, you will pursue just about every option there is.

1. Writing Competitions/Contests

There are approximately fifty zillion of these things, all with varying rewards (many of which actually aren’t monetary). All of them have different restrictions (must be a certain genre, the author must be living in a certain place/be of a certain age, the topic must be on something specific, etc). And the only ones that are easy to find, open to most people, and have a good monetary reward are pretty much always the ones that have an entry fee. Usually entry fees are between $5-50, most often around $20. There are a good number of free writing competitions, but those are the ones with the most restrictions on them.

Writing competitions are (usually) different from writing contests. “Contests” are usually the ones held by really selective literary magazines that p much no one reads, and they’re looking for only the snootiest, driest literature there is. Often these mags will pay you in publication/a number of copies of the issue where your story will be. They also probably want rights to your story until after Jesus comes.

Writing competitions are usually for genre stories. They’ll call for a specific genre, a specific word count, and those are pretty much the only restrictions. The rewards will vary from a few hundred dollars up to about $3,000 for popular publications like Writer’s Digest. (The ones that offer more than that are mostly grants, which are an entirely different beast I don’t know nearly enough about to speak on.) Unfortunately, they also have a huge number of applicants, so there’s a lot more competition.

Most of these contests/competitions are for short fiction, poetry, or short non-fiction (essays, basically), so if you only write novels or screenplays, you’re (mostly) out of luck.

BE CAREFUL. As many reputable contests are out there, there are twice as many scams. Be careful.

Resources on writing contests/competitions:

Writer’s Digest Competitions

Poet’s & Writer’s Grants and Awards list (a great resource for those super snooty litmags)

Poet’s & Writer’s Submission Calendar

PEN Literary Awards 

20 Tips for Winning Writing Contests

(NO ENTRY FEE) List of 27 Reputable, Free Writing Contests

(NO ENTRY FEE)’s Creative Writing Contest List

Another List


I’m not even half way down the first google page there are so many just look

2. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is multi-faceted. It can refer to blogging, writing articles, writing for social media, copywriting, etc. Journalism kind of stuff. I have limited experience with this–not with doing those things, just with getting paid for it–but there may be more input from people in the notes, so make sure you check that out.

In a similar vein, you can also try freelance transcription, where you basically listen to/watch a recording and transcribe what’s said in the recording. This is more difficult than it sounds. But if you have a wpm of 80+ and great hearing (and a lot of patience), go for it.

Beware of scams–anything that wants you to pay to get a job is not a real job.


Paid Writing Gigs

Call for Submissions

Freelance Job Openings

Freelance Transcription Jobs

Transcribe Team

3. Self-Publication

This is one wild beast that should not be entered into lightly. If you publish something, it will always be in your publishing history. Even if you don’t sell anything. And with even more self-pub/e-pub stories out there than there are competitions, you really, really have to work your ass off to make decent money self-pubbing. 

It’s recommended that you only self-publish if you: have worked for an extended period of time on this piece (years), have had professional eyes look over it (more than once), have done your homework on which self-publishing sites you want to use, are prepared to do all the work necessary to see to the success of the piece (editing, formatting, design, promotion, etc), have a good reason for choosing to self-publish (i.e. not because you’re impatient, bitter at being rejected, unwilling to put the work in, etc.)

If you are sure you want to self-publish, here are some resources:

25 Things You Should Know Before Self-Publishing

Writer’s Digest Best 101 on Self-Publishing + Resources

52 Great Blogs for Self-Publishers

There’s this book called The Self-Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide

Also check out YouTube because a lot of self-pubbed authors go there to promote, and they have videos talking about their self-publishing journey, so you can learn from their mistakes/emulate their successes

4. Crowdsourcing

I’m mostly going to be talking about Patreon here because that’s really the only thing in this category I have experience with. As far as I’ve found, this is the most conducive site to crowdsourcing for writers who don’t necessarily want to publish a book. I don’t even think it’s technically crowdsourcing.

Patreon is a way for your supporters to support you. It can be for anything. You can write short stories, create art, make tutorials, etc etc. You actually don’t even have to do anything if you’ve got people willing to give you money for that. Set up rewards that your patrons will receive when they pledge a certain amount (exclusive content, physical rewards, etc).

There are two ways to find supporters: connecting with other creators on Patreon, and getting in touch with supporters you’ve already established (friends, family, fans). I don’t know much about connecting with people through Patreon because I just haven’t put much effort into it so far. 

As for reaching out to other supporters, a great way to do this is through social media. Network with fellow creators/consumers through sites like here on tumblr, fictionpress, wattpad/figment, fanfiction sites, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Also, if you can stand it, tell your family. No one wants to support you more than your sweet grandmother who is deep-pocketed, near-sighted, and technologically impaired.

Most importantly, establish yourself where your target audience gathers. Put out as much original content as possible. Make a name for yourself–which brings me to my next point.

5. Social Media and Writing-Adjacent Work

A lot of the sites I listed that you should establish yourself on have ways to make some change if your site gets some traffic. You can put ads on your tumblr blog (or on your fictionpress, I think), you can monetize youtube videos, and the like. You have to get a lot of traffic to make some decent money off of ads, but it’s something. And it’s always good to promote yourself anyway.

As for writing-adjacent work: on the internet, where many people live nowadays and where indie creators have the best chance of making some money, there is a lot vying for your audience’s attention. It’s good to have a shorter, more attention-grabbing service to offer that is relevant to your writing that will draw your audience to you. Basically anything that gives you authority as a creator and interests people that might also be interested in what you’re creating.

For example: create a writing advice blog, build your writerly “brand” on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, tumblr, offer freelance editing, and more that I can’t think of off the top of my head.

Each of these things requires a great deal of work for a lot of initial rejection and not a lot of initial reward. However, if you pursue many or all of these things and really dedicate yourself to them, you will eventually get a payoff.

jewish tumblrs list

will have rolling updates and be on my sidebar. to be on the list see here

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  2. aniacshav - i’m in the process of converting through a conservative shul, and my blog is mostly jewish history/culture with some personal stuff thrown in, mostly about jewish identity and lgbtq+ stuff
  3. emperor-of-matzah - Not too much on faith, i’m secular. I focus a lot on Jewish history, languages, food, culture, etc.
  4. everafterbreathedisaster - Conservative Jew. This blog is mostly a bunch of bands and humor posts with social-justice and activism mixed in.
  5. acejews - multiperson blog w/ mods of varying observances - a safe space for all ace-spectrum jews, whether jewish by patrilineality, matrilineality, or conversion (past, or if you’re currently in the process)
  6. arothejew - a Chabad/Chassidic Rabbinical Student, who runs a jewish blog in his spare time from yeshiva. I’m especially open to give advice and answer questions - judaism, jewish law, spirituality. Even if I don’t know the answer to the question, I am surrounded by Jewish scholars (rabbis) of incredible caliber who can also help get your questions answered.
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  67. @janothar​ - atheist Humanistic Jew (who sometimes hangs out in Conservative and Reform groups) - my blog is very broad, lots of anti-antisemitism, and soon I’ll be leading what we’re calling “The Magneto Seminar”
  68. @tooshulforschool - I blog from an atheist/secular Jew perspective
  69. @pretentiousyid - modern orthodox - Hebrew school teacher and judaics and art director at the jcc in bham alabama.
  70. @wcjp - conservative ideology but attends a reconstructionist synagogue out of ease of access - my blog is a mix of my personal thoughts regarding conversion and judaism, and i reblog general history, social justice, analysis and other things related to judaism
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  72. @bannvck - Conservative Judaism - I run a semi-personal blog about my conversion, schooling, and Indigenous + Jewish issues
  73. @progressivejudaism - although I am a Reform Rabbinical student, I try also include other lenses within the Progressive Jewish community
  74. @mugglehistory - I’m a Modern Orthodox frum girl who posts about Jewish history and culture - I’m happy to share an Orthodox perspective on things, and chat to conversion students. (:
  75. @alternativetodiscourse - Orthodox/Modern Orthodox - Jewish content only, stuff about the parsha a lot, Jewish memes, and hypothetical/supernatural Halacha. 
  76. @sdhs-rationalist - I’m from a modern orthodoxish background(my family had a partnership Minyan in our basement for a while, if that helps localize my upbringing on the spectrum). - I’m at Maale Gilboa for the year and I post about that every so often, as well as answering halachic And Talmudic questions I get or that I see on my dash and can answer.
  77. @jitm - Old chassidic (meaning stringently observant, mystical etc.) with modern leanings (meaning using Tumblr) - Basically a self-imposed exile like Rebs Zusha and Elimelech, to the land of Israel, where I post my situations, thoughts, insight, torah, etc.
  78. @trans-jewish-boi - reconstructionist - my blog is still super new but im going to blog about judaism, books and lgbt issues
  79. @littleblueray - converting through a reform rabbi at a reformative shul - I post mainly about my observance, Judaism, and life. Im disabled, volunteer at s hospital and am a college student majoring in criminal justice. :-) gd bless
  80. @miriastar - I’m a queer disabled reform Jew - I post a lot about politics, Judaism, antisemitism, and Jewish-related issues.
thank you, orphan black.

hey hi hello, it’s me, jobelle, hopping on the emotional and bursting with love bandwagon expressing their gratitude towards an incredibly brilliant beyond words show.

i used to make posts like these. once a week, in fact, after the latest episode of orphan black. sometimes they were angry, sometimes they were silly, and all of the time i meant them with love. i can’t recall exactly how i stumbled upon orphan black, but i remember so clearly that i discovered the show whilst i was on the verge of venturing into a facet of my identity (which soon became the most defining) i had just discovered. i had a much different blog at the time–despite being just 20 i think i’m a bit of a tumblr veteran. i had a literary/aesthetic/wannabe poetry blog, which to be honest never felt like me. i was trying to make myself fit into a big, intimidating corner of tumblr made up of poems about pomegranates, howling at the moon, and people who felt like coming home. i’d browse the orphan black and cophine tag from said blog, laughing at your crack posts (you guy are pretty freaking funny), falling in hearteyes with evelyne brochu, being in awe along with everyone else over tatiana maslany, and stanning delphine cormier with my entire heart. sometimes i’d see posts about orphan black and how it figured in other people’s understanding of their own sexuality, and the realisation of how much it resonated with me was frightening, fitting, and so very exciting. i was beginning to feel a kinship towards a large of people who were, in the kindest way, obsessed over this show which deserved all the obsession.

sometime during s2 hiatus, i made this blog. i think it was weeks before the s3 premiere. the excitement was intoxicating, the interaction with people who got it and understood was satisfying, and that’s how i knew i sold my soul to the devil. i often wish i joined the fandom sooner, but i think i cemented my place, wherever that may be, at the perfect time. i don’t want to ramble too much. the main thing i want to say is this:

thank you orphan black, for the passion you invoked in me and in others. for the friendships i’ve made, which i know i’ll cherish for as long as i live, for the creativity you stir in writers and artists, gif makers and creators. for a community full of welcoming, kind, brilliant, hilarious people. a safe space for kids like me who, with the gentlest nudge from delphine cormier and cosima niehaus, have been through the most rewarding journey of self-discovery, and i hope, self-acceptance.

i could ramble forever!! but to close this off, i want to mention some people who have had an incredibly profound impact on me. @thatstoomuchstress: z, you endure my shenanigans like a champ, you were my first friend on tumblr dot com, and i like to think we’ve witnessed each other grow from a distance. @clonetcetera: you’re an absolute delight and i admire your fighting spirit, i think sarah manning would be proud. @jossicat: okay okay okay i don’t wanna get too sappy but you’re the realest deal and i’m forever grateful for your friendship and fsdifjk i honestly? can’t envision a life without knowing you?? and i hope we get to be friends for a very very long time, i love you a lot <333

and these wonderful beings who’ve made me laugh, cry, feel feels, thank you: @delphinesbisexual, @evelynebrochu, @niehaus-sneeze, @thronesforclones, @delphines, @motherofscorpions, @416a6461, @hannahjellypants, @mitskisolsen, @fragmenteddrawings, @jewelsandthugs, @niehaus and so many more!!

cool cool, das it, i’m done. thank you ob, i love you 5eva and i’m beyond sad you’re ending but all good things must come to an end and all that jazz, and you were a good thing–you were the best thing.

anonymous asked:

Sea does not need to post because I just want to vent. Harry did the trick yesterday to take pictures with the bandana, and in the photo with the dog he has a defiant possession. He began to wear the blue bandana by the time he and Louis were submerged in heavy stunts. So I think he just wanted to reassure those who can see through the lines, and what heavy things will come. I feel for them, and for those who are afflicted with it. ( 1)

If it is difficult for us, imagine for them that you have to live this lie? Many people think these little demonstrations are for fandom. But I think this is actually for them. Louis giving rings to Harry and Harry making strange tattoos like the mermaid, the bear and the bee, tattoos that do not have a correct definition and that clearly is not “just a boat”. I’m glad Harry had Louis and he still has him, to go through these trials. Kisses in your hear Sea. I hope you stay. ( 2)


Dear Anon,

This is a beautiful message for today. Thank you for sending it, and if you don’t mind, I’ll add a few of my own thoughts.

Last week I went off Tumblr for a few days, and thought about an extended leave. For me, it has to do with personal issues in my life, not with the band or fandom. I don’t consider myself a big or influential blog. People sometimes do leave/ take a break for personal reasons, and nothing more. I still believe Harry & Louis are together, I still believe in supporting them, and I still believe in a happy ending for them. I don’t think it’s naive or wishful thinking to hope for that.

My blog is centered on the music of 1D, but I’ve been inspired and moved by OT5 in so many ways, I can’t even begin to count them. Over the years, they’ve shown abundant talent, charm, intelligence, generosity, compassion, and most of all, courage.

It’s hard to duplicate 1D because the boys weren’t about pursuing success at any cost, or merely chasing fame or money, or climbing over each other to grab the top prize.

Instead, from the very beginning, they took care of each other and took care of the fans. No one was left behind. They did not let the powers of industry destroy their faith in themselves, or in being good artists AND good people.

They raised money for charity, advocated for tolerance and love, argued against prejudice, shaming, or bullying of any kind, and stood up for those who felt most vulnerable in the fandom.

They appreciated our creative endeavors in making fan art and fan fiction. They thanked us for raising money and awareness for charities. They inspired fans to make their own music, to start writing for the first time, to rekindle their love of art or poetry or songwriting. They made us believe in the power of creativity. They educated us on the music industry; we learned along with them.

The way that the boys of 1D made everyone feel included translated to an incredibly happy feeling at the concerts. Being at a 1D concert, even for an old person like me, was an amazingly uplifting, positive, happy feeling. On a day like this, when Liam is turning 24 and Niall is starting his solo tour, I feel so thankful and nostalgic for the band, it makes me a bit tearful.

The boys were so young when they started, and now they are men. Their tastes and talents have matured, they’re much more savvy dealing with media and fans, they’ve learned to shield themselves from intrusion. That means limiting some access to fans. On balance, that’s a healthy development.

In a way, Harry and Louis are living the best of times (in their career so far) and the worst of times. Their free time is their own— many days spent MIA together, without obligations to 1DHQ, with friends who know them and understand their situation. No magazine shoots, interviews, mall book signings, television appearances, writing/ touring/ recording simultaneously, unless they want to. They are starting solo careers and establishing significant presence in the industry; they are high revenue generators and have large fan bases.

They have a modicum of control over their closets, and can control some of the terms. If they imply relationships with women, they can have some say: who, when, where, how. They will never be able to address what happened during 1D; what they went through will only come to light through carefully worded anecdotes, like the one Louis told about Simon summoning him to LA.

They are still not able to openly be with the person they love, and no matter what, that hurts. Fandom’s ruptures and arguments can’t begin to approximate what HL went through for seven years, through ugly innuendos and stunts, with opportunistic people wanting a piece of their fame.

We know Harry and Louis are people who cherish family, love performing, and love each other. We know this not because we’re “tinhatters” or any other epithet that tries to undermine our intelligence or sanity. We know because they’ve shown their love openly, over and over, year after year, in every medium, in various forms; because they have proclaimed through songs, tattoos, speeches, actual fan encounters, clothing, etc. to give love, share love– always to enlarge the sphere of love in this world.

Lastly, if I’m away, I will still live by this philosophy, and will be supporting Harry and Louis until they get their happy ending. I will check my messages, and even if I don’t answer, I am reading them. Hugs.


Hey guys, I wanted to do something nice for my mutuals and thought since with all the negativity I could do a compliment and let you all know that you’re all appreciated and awesome. People in bold will be my main cupcake mermaid crew who I love and will fight for!  Please ignore the hideous banner! This will be in alphabetical order! If I miss a mutual out! I’m sorry. 

If there are similar compliments it is:

a. because it is all very true! You’re all incredible and there are not enough words to describe it. 

And b. because I am awful at words and English.


@alittlestardustcaughtYou’re literally one of the nicest and funniest  people I know and I love you! The edits you makes are beautiful and she’s one of my absolute faves on this hellsite! 

@aryasmeatpies: You’re one of the funniest people I know and you’re super clever! Your fics are always so funny and cracky ad just good and I am so happy that I dragged you into daensa now.

@baelerion: Your edits are stunning and you are the samltmate of my heart and I love you so much. My fandom experience would be so much more boring without the beautiful cracky aus that we make and I love you!!!

@bex-xo: It took me a moment to realise you were paperflowercrowns lol but your fics are so lovely and beautiful! Whenever I need a pick up I just check out your fic: ‘the oaks can’t help their feelings’ when I’m feeling down because it always makes me smile.

@buttercup–bee: Your fics are always so incredible and your writing style is to die for! It’s so distinct and lovely!

@blackholeofprocrastination: Your fics are absolutely amazing. I love them so much and never fail to make me smile. You’re very taleneted and the work you and the others do with jonxsansafanfiction is amazing. 

@bluecichlid: Your fics never fail to make me shiver. I cannot even begin to describe how incredible your stories are. You are so talented and I love our little chats! You’ve introduced me to some of my favourite fics

@couturegirl20: I know we don’t talk so much anymore but you are literal angel! You got me into so many great series and are one of the absolute sweetest people I know

@captain-ahsoka: You are wonderful and amazing and your edits and fics are so beautiful! You’re the absolute sweetest and one of the kindest people on this site

@daenyss: Your icon is absolutely stunning and your tumblr name is so cool. I love your blog Joneryssource as well.


@fedonciadale : Your insights and metas surrounding Jonsa are always so interesting and your stories are beautiful!

@gadisnaplasma: your icon and name is so cool and you love daensa too which will always make me love a person more than usual

@geekprincess26:Your fics are always and without fail just incredible and beautiful. Your angsy fics such as Snow give me so many feelings and I am so in love and excited for the new fic that you have just done

@gendryatrash: Your icon is so pretty and I really do appreciate and love the fact that you reblog all my trashy edits! You have so much good content and it always brightens up my dash

@goodqueenalys: Probably one of the first people I ever talked to this on the site. You are always so sweet and your edits are always stunning. Your work on jonxsansafanfiction is amazing and you run such an amazing blog. 

@greengableslover: You are one of the sweetest and loveliest human beings ever! You’re edits are always so beautiful and lovely and just incredible. You’re my daensa loving buddy and I love it!

@him-e: You’re one of my favourite met writers. Your metas on Sansa and the show are always so in-depth and just amazing. 


@jeeno2: Your fics and stories are so good. You’re one of my favourite authors and your everlark fic still make me cry! You’re so taleneted!

@jillypups: You were the one who got me more confident to enter fandom and you’re the absolute sweetest. Your stories are absolutely gorgeous and I love every single one of them, no matter the ship. Your fics for Jonsa or Sansan or Benjen x Meera are all incredible and just beautifully written.

@jonsasnow: Your stories are always so cute and fluffy and I love them! They always brighten up my day and yet you can write so many incredible angsty fics and just how are you so talented.

@jonnsansa: Seriously so talented! Your stories are absolutely incredible and just amazing and I am always in awe at how you just pull out such good fics and writing just like that.

@keepingbreath: You are one of my favourite mutuals! Thank you for sticking with me so much!

@lathwell55: Your stories are always so good! They always brighten up my day and you are just a whole wonderful bundle of talent!

@leannedirewolflover: Your icon never fails to remind me why Sansaery should be the ship that rules them all. You reblog so much good content and I love having you on my dash. 

@lydiia-martins: I absolutely adore you! You are my absolute favourite on this hell site! You are the kindest, most beautiful person inside and out and I’m so blessed to have your wonderful ray self as a bestie!!! I can’t believe you still deal with my trash messy self!! You are forever my fave and forever delightful and I love youu my animal loving friend!!!


@marauders-groupie: You are a mermaid! A mmonlight, beautiful, amazonian mermaid!  Your poetry and writing is so incredible and just beautiful. It makes me feel so much and just is wonderfully and beautifully human. I am forever on the journey of chill with you and am using the map that you gave me. I can’t even believe that you deal with my messy capslocks and just general self! Love you!

@maybetwice: You’re are so sweet and just lovely! You are incredible and awesome and your writing is absolutely beautiful!

@misshoneywheeler: Your fics are so incredible and just amazing and seriously, I know I keep on saying this, but you are so taleneted!

@myrish-lace-love: You are the absolute sweetest and I am forever screaming about your beautiful writing and the fact that I got you that one time to write a daensa fic! You have ended up getting me to ship Jonerys just through your incredible writing!

@mhysaofdragons: You’re so sweet and just a genuinely lovely person. I am still screaming and so grateful for that meta you wrote on Dany and Sansa. It was so good and amazing!


@riahchan: I absolutely adore your icon and you always rec so many fantastic fics! You’re a true Jonsa mascot and I love the content you bring to my dash. It always makes me smile. The fact the you reblog my things despite how trashy it is always makes me smile.

@sansapotter​: Your fics are always so good and I love all of them. All the stuff you write is absolutely amazing and thank you for sharing your work and thank you so much for the amazing stuff you do with jonxsansafanfiction. 

@sassyeggs74: You always reblog and have so much wonderful content and thank you for being such an awesome mutual and reblogging my stuff and brightening up my dash! 

@scullylikesscience​: I am still screaming about your fic! Everything about it is incredible and so similar to the series. I could genuinely see a lot of it happening in the books.

  @starkroqers​: Your graphics are always so beautiful and lovely! I love the stuff you post and reblog and your stuff always makes my dash brighter (I am sorry for taking so long with your prompt and will eventually post it).

@tayl0crow: Your writing is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing! Your fics are always so incredible and just wonderful and I love all of them! Thank you so much for all the goodness that you bring to the Jonsa fandom!

@theasexualscorpio: You always tag me in cute animal posts and I forever love you for it! I adore all of your stories and you’re so talented and smart!

@thatgirlnevershutsup: You’re so lovely and sweet! Your fics are always so good and I love them all! You gave me the new and wonderful ship Jon x Susan! Thank you for being such an awesome mutual!

@themiddleliddle: I love the little metas you do and you are the absolute sweetest! Thank you so much for all the incredible work you do with jonxsansafanfiction!!!

@ladyflorence1215: You are my absolute fave! You’re so smart and just amazing and you deserve all the good and wonderful and lovely things in this world because you are that.You’re one of the kindest people I have ever met in my life and I love you!


@zip00198704: I love all your fics! They always put a massive smile on my face and make me so happy! You always post and reblog so many beautiful things and I love it! Thank you!

Embarking on a new journey

Hello Journaling junkie,

My name is ayele and one of my goals for the longest was to start journaling regularly but I always had trouble starting. the problem is that I never really have much to write about. Writing about my day doesn’t sound that appealing to me, at least not every single day. Plus most days, nothing that exciting is happening in my life anyways. But I recently created a Tumblr account and typed in the journaling tag and somehow I stumbled upon your blog and I was in love. I love how inspired I felt looking at all the cool journaling pages my fellow writers have done and that gave me the  push I needed to start daily journaling. The notebook I use now was only for my poetry and prose but I found that I wasn’t writing in it as much as I would like to because I don’t write poems everyday so it would sit on my shelf for months without me touching it. This is why I was so excited to find out that you do journal challenges monthly. I know I am way late into the month of April and I would have loved to start at the start of the month  like the rest of the writers on here but I think starting was a big enough deal for me. Although I’m only just starting today, I am very excited for the journey ahead. I can’t wait to do the one for tomorrow, and the others after that. I am excited to start this journey and I wanted to thank you for having this blog. It will improve my writing overtime, plus I can’t wait to show my journals to my kids one day. Thank you!

I hope you are having a great day :)

all the love,


ps. This is my blog link as you asked on top