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Patience | Highschool!AU

Summary: You finally convinced your best friend Lee Jihoon to have a sleepover with you! It’s a shame he doesn’t know how to have fun, so you decide to show him how!
Word Count: 1,947 (dialogue heavy!!!)
Genre: Fluff b/c im always a sl*t for fluff : ‘ )))
Characters: Reader, Lee “Woozi” Jihoon
TW: none i can think of! tell me if you need anything listed.

A/N: this was actually from a scenario i did awhile back about a sleepover w/ the vocal team! i liked the woozi one a lot, so i decided to write a full thing for it. also, this au exists in the same one dino’s is in. who knows, i might write a highschool au for each member if motivation comes????? anyways, hope you guys enjoy!

“Absolutely not,” Jihoon replied, shutting his locker.

“And why not?” you whined, “You never want to have fun! It’s always ‘Oh, I have a composition analysis due for Music Theory!’, or ‘I have to help drama and choir with their show!’, or ‘I have to do paperwork for the Pop Culture Club!’. Finals are over, Woozi, why are you always so busy?”.

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