this url was unclaimed

PSA to anyone using my themes @ (or anything else)


im kach and im the owner of this site currently holds a few tumblr themes of mine, which are the neoboards theme, the AC themes, and the good ol’ default neopets theme that you might have seen around (it was very popular at some point)

unfortunately my site is reaching a critical condition as about 90% of it is dedicated to something entirely different and ive unfortunately reached my server quota just a few minutes ago – granted its only 500mb so its normal but the rest of the site is actually constantly growing so i actually need as much space as i can get.

the point of this is that i will unfortunately delete everything not related to that something entirely different from my site, and this includes the tumblr themes, as well as the pet and AC team sorter i have up (not like a lot of ppl use those, but w/e)

i believe quite a few people are still using my themes and unfortunately deleting them from my server will most likely completely break any of them (except the neoboards one i think). another problem is that my old url is kind of stuck in limbo (not used but unclaimable) and its most likely written on all my themes, so people who are using my themes and suddenly see them broken will have no way to contact me and ask whats wrong.

anyway, because i want them to be used anyway, ive rehosted all my themes (and the sorters) on this blog and updated all the codes for them to still be working. 

so if you are using any of my themes please check to update your coding and make sure it still works.

im afraid i had to delete the king skarl theme entirely bc it happened to be already broken bc i lost some files im sooooorry if anyone was still using that one…

i also havent gotten to reuploading the AC themes, i figured since AC season is over people arent using them anyway. ill be reuploading those over the next few days or something

if you are interested in the sorters, check and/or

id appreciate any reblogs since i dont think i have much influence since i deleted and id really want as many people to see this as possible to avoid broken themes!! thank you