this update is so dumb

jack: you’re in love with lardo and you have been since sophomore year
shitty: that’s disgusting. and wrong. i don’t even get– why would– i’ve never been in love with anyone, anywhere. it’s none of your- you have- the nerve, the audacity, lardo used to be my boss, technically. and she is terrible, face-wise. and how- how- do I know, frankly, that you’re not in love with her?? maybe you are. maybe you’re trying to throw me off? hmm check and mate.


MY DUMB BABY WAS SO CUTE.  she just kinda looked at the little superworm for the LONGEST TIME before accepting it and then she just stood there with it wriggling in her mouth like, “????????????? WHAT???????? dooooo????????????????  IS EAT???????????”

she’s so dumb and precious i love her

Heath Update - Kidney Stones

So turns out the reason my stomach felt bloated after eating was because I didn’t get enough water

I heard drinking water while eating during acid reflux was bad. So I didn’t drink enough water as before. Also the powder in Benefiber dehydrates me

Started chugging some more and my feels WAYYY Better

Bad news, found this out after getting Kidney Stones

They sting when I pee but nothing brutal

kinda important update??

hey whats up its ur boy wada

im gonna b taking a break frm skype n tumblr and all my social media really….. a lot of things have been stressing me and im gonna take like. a 1 or 2 or 3 day hiatus idr kno yet….. i muted all my skype chats but if u need me for anything just pm me on skype !! sorry ill leave me queue running tho !

Peridot’s log, day 27. When I started writing this I thought it’d be strictly professional, perhaps a memento were I to die on this island. I now realise this is an impossible scenario. Lapis and I…we might…well. I need to ask her about the mural. I can’t go on without knowing about that, much less with Steven here. She’s been keeping quiet about it, and it’s partially my fault for not bringing it up as soon as I found it. I’m   afraid of what she’ll think of me, almost. I’m afraid of finding out what she might be hiding from me.

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So, I’m not sure how to even start talking about this because people tend to not care about this kind of subject, Yeah I’m talking about ship wars and what not, specifically the one with JohnRoxy and how really aggressive people tend to shit on it. like to the point where they make generalized attack to those who ship it. 

I get being happy that homestuck ended in the gay singularity, but Jesus fuck, don’t make assumptions about people over a ship. JohnRoxy wasn’t catering to anything, Yeah it was a heterosexual ship, but guess what, not everyone who ships it is hetero. I’ve seen people who are bi, pan, ace, trans, and gay who shipped it hard and some of them are broken up over ship not just because it wasn’t canon, but because of those dumb post making fun of the people who ship it, Raving on about how they are glad that JohnRoxy is dead as if only straight people shipped it. And this has been going on well before the credit page. 

Again, Not everyone who ship a straight ship is straight, they like the interaction and chemistry between the two characters and never shipped them based on their gender being boy and girl. Just having this kind of attitude over it is petty and really needs to stop, because it is just hurting the very people who should be celebrating this! Homestuck ended in the Gay Singularity and some people who are part of that community can’t be happy because of those dumb post. 

Anyways, I’ll put a cap on this miniature rant here, JohnRoxy doesn’t cater to anyone, It’s just a ship like DaveKat, Or Rosemary that people enjoy, and it is bullshit that people are making others feel so shit over it.

update for those planning to submit to the zine

i forgot to mention that the website i’m using to host the legal form won’t let me link it anymore since i updated my account (which is real dumb), so just submit with an email as you would, and i will send back an email that asks you to sign the form (as i can only do it directly from the website).
sorry i forgot to mention this before!
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Gintoki Can’t Swim

Exert from my fic Proceed with Caution. I’ve been wanting to share this scene for such a long time, but my dumb ass forgets I have finished updates and shit, so here’s this as a sort of promo since I’m so behind on posting chapters for this one pft

“You sure you’re okay with this?”

“Yeah,” Gintoki replied and though his voice sounded normal, there was something in the way he was watching the water that made Hijikata doubt him.

He wanted to say something, maybe offer Gintoki another way out, but he bit his tongue. If he hovered too much, Gintoki could get tired of him or think he was annoying. He also didn’t want their night together to end too soon, so that was another reason he kept his mouth shut. He said a lot of really stupid shit when he let himself overthink things and Gintoki was only just starting to open up to him, he desperately didn’t want to mess it up.

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