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Sorry if this is a dumb question, but why is Malik sometimes called that and sometimes Marik? I noticed it in the manga too, but I wasn't sure if it was a spelling error or not since the version I'm reading reads like it was translated by someone who doesn't speak Japanese /or/ English. Also, I love your episode commentary. Makes my day every time it updates.

Not a dumb question, an interesting one! Also thank you! ^//////^

So what we have here is a triple-threat language collision. 

Malik is a legit Arabic name, appropriate for a character from modern Egypt (and probably an indication that the Ishtar clan had at least some contact with the outside world since I don’t think it’s a name that would be found in Ancient Egypt although possibly a version of it was).

Kazuki Takahashi wanted to use that name, but it doesn’t correspond very well to Japanese letters/sounds, so in Japanese it became マリク or ma-ri-ku. This is because L is usually transliterated to R (the phoneme R/L is the same in Japanese but R and L are two distinct ones in English (and Arabic)), so “li” becomes “ri”. And Japanese kana (letters) always end in a vowel sound (except  ん or ン, which is “n” by itself!) (although sometimes the vowel sound is not pronounced or only pronounced very softly, especially “u”), so “k” becomes “ku”. Essentially “ma-ri-ku” with a very soft “u” is what it sounds like when a Japanese person says/writes “Malik”.

Then when Yu-Gi-Oh was translated into English, instead of realising  マリク was simply a transliteration of Malik, the translators, perhaps unfamiliar with even common Arabic names, simply performed the same process into English; transliterating the sounds as close as possible. マ becomes “ma” , リ becomes “ri” and  ク becomes “k” (because the “u” sound in “ku” is so soft), to yield the non-name-in-any-language Marik.

Meanwhile, fans who speak Japanese and are also unfamiliar with Arabic names started using the slightly-more-Japanesely-accurate Mariku. And fans who are familiar with Arabic names start using the actually-a-goddamn-name Malik.

Bonus round: THEN some people started using Mariku to refer to Yami Malik and Malik to refer to Original Flavour Malik. Which I understand is a convenientish way to distinguish them but (a) only when people know what code you’re using since Marik/Malik/Mariku can be used to refer to either of them and (b) I’m suspicious that it fell that way because of ingrained sexist/queerphobic cultural baggage about names, relationships, gender presentation, and even fucking phonemes (R is a hard, manly sound; L is a soft, feminine sound ¬,¬).

I personally prefer Malik (and Isis) because they’re direct translations into English of the names Kazuki Takahashi chose, instead of the names that resulted from a bilingual game of Telephone. Especially in fics, I prefer having the more realistic / real world names, since I write in English obviously. And honestly part of my reason is because there’s a lot of islamophobic around these days and I like using/normalising the Middle Eastern names. Also I just think they’re really nice names!

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Ok so I let the phone sit in the bag of rice overnight, which a few people suggested I do, it got most of the watermarks out and it’s not as much of an eyesore as before, but considering there is still a few marks, I’ll let it sit in some rice overnight again just to make sure I can get out as much moisture as possible, I also read to let it sit in some sunlight, might try that too

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“so due to me actually being clumsy i broke my computer .”

“i do have a temporary computer to use for work and some rps, but facial expressions replies, and bios that i have been working on are all gone.”


“i’ll more then likely be getting a new computer for my birthday. I’ll also see if i can get out some threads if possible. (not really sure )“

“now if you excuse me i must slam my head across a brick wall until either me or it breaks.”