this update is so dumb

  • Boy:How long do I have before I lose you?
  • Me:What?
  • Boy:I mean, that last book about the redhead girl and Prince of Perfection comes out next month right? I need to plan when to buy ice cream and tissues for when you finish it at 3am and start crying over the feels, right?

Peridot’s log, day 27. When I started writing this I thought it’d be strictly professional, perhaps a memento were I to die on this island. I now realise this is an impossible scenario. Lapis and I…we might…well. I need to ask her about the mural. I can’t go on without knowing about that, much less with Steven here. She’s been keeping quiet about it, and it’s partially my fault for not bringing it up as soon as I found it. I’m   afraid of what she’ll think of me, almost. I’m afraid of finding out what she might be hiding from me.

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Shiny requested for a little family reunion. HAPPY TEARS.

(For those who don’t know- those are Sea Breeze and Drizzle’s parents, Silver Lining and Baywatch. Usually Baywatch dyes her mane blonde, which is why the tips are crazy. She stopped doing so after the disappearance of her daughters. >: Aaand Silver Lining acquired a bit of grey in his mane due to stress.)

So Hasbro updated their dumb EqGirls site with like biographies of the characters. I’m laughing so much because of Trixie’s has these weird posed photos on hers. And it just gives off the vibe that she didn’t have any friends or band members and just awkwardly photoshopped two random girls in matching outfits into the background so she could point and be like, See I have a band! And it’s amazing!

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Look how much fun we’re having together!

your heartbeat tattooed in stars

advent calender day four - for feliccitysmoakpercy/annabeth - first date

“Hey, Seaweed Brain,” she says, all sparkling energy and boundless blonde curls and that smile that makes him feel like his heart has learned how to play drums and okay, so he might have a problem here. God, she looks beautiful. Has she always looked that beautiful? Maybe it’s just the lighting.

“Wise Girl,” he tosses back, mostly because he can’t find anything else to say; all parts of his mind are fully occupied with Annabeth in a dress and wow. He takes a step back. It is definitely not just the lighting.

She’s still looking at him. Was he supposed to say something else?

Percy blinks, then adds on belatedly, “You look good.”


He was an idiot.

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