this unit has a soul

【reaper76】final version of We are all stardust. I will delete the former one soon. This fan art is a gift to my friend Rinko, for her astonishing work We Are All Stardust.  In her fan novel, because reaper and soldier 76 both sacrificed their life to save each other, their body mixed together and soul united as one.  

Currently her work has only Chinese version. I will try to find someone translate it into English. 



I want to start by pointing out that Flowey’s designs (both Photoshop and normal) seem to be taken from things in the True Laboratory. As some people have pointed out, the DT Extraction Machine has a slight resemblance with the tubes and main “facial” structure of Photoshop Flowey, but there’s a LOT more to it than just that.

  • Photoshop Flowey’s face is projected through the Television that plays the VHS tapes about Chara.
  • The elevator’s Power control unit not only has an icon for a Human Soul heart on it that’s the same color as Chara’s, but you can see Flowey’s initial sinister-looking face partially obscured just above it.

- Note that when this device is turned on, only then do Entries 8 & 18 appear on the monitors in the hallway - both of which have Flowey’s normal smiley face (or more accurately, the face possessed by Chara as seem in the Genocide ending). Those entries’ text are as follows:

> Entry 8 - I’ve chosen a candidate. I haven’t told ASGORE yet, because I want to surprise him with it… In the center of his garden, there’s something special. The first golden flower that grew before all the others. The flower from the outside world. It appeared just before the queen left. I wonder… What happens with something without a SOUL gains the will to live?

> Entry 18 - the flower’s gone.

What’s also interesting is that the final entry is devoid of capitalization entirely, and is immediately preceded by W.D. Gaster’s hidden entry:


  • The bright green tiles on the floor leading to the elevator’s Power control unit match the direction that Flowey’s stem bends that distance below his face.
  • The Amalgamation that tucks Frisk in to bed and the one behind the Shower curtain both look like Flowey’s stem in its larger sprite form.

This means that there are physical, incorporeal, and digital… pieces of the Chara/Asriel being here - which only make sense naturally as this is where it was created. The digital bits, such as its face in the monitor, may also explain the nature of Photoshop Flowey’s awareness of Undertale as a game, in addition to its photoshop-like design making it a digital creation, rather than something “real” in Undertale’s world… — but the connection extends beyond that

When it comes to Undertale’s actual world, Photoshop Flowey’s appearance bears a much closer, and far more disturbing resemblance to the Gyftrot — the enemy outside of the Mysterious Door.

  • The downward curve of the antlers matches the curving of Photoshop Flowey’s “arms”
  • The sideways jaws are exactly the same.
  • The Gyftrot has four eyes — two on its face by the mouth, and and two more on its antlers — in the same location on Photoshop Flowey. Three sets of four eyes also watch you through the holes in the walls.
  • The Gyftrot’s ears are where the “nostrils” on Photoshop Flowey are.

But Why?

Behind the Mysterious Door – accessible only after the Pacifist Run’s ending Credits by dodging the Kickstarter backers’ names – is the location where Undertale was programmed by the Annoying Dog. If Flowey was to be capable of inserting itself into the game digitally in the form of Photoshop Flowey, it would HAVE to to so by going through into this area, and interacting with the game itself. Lacking limbs isn’t a problem, since Text-to-Speech is enabled on the computer, and Flowey’s been shown to be able to burrow and unburrow essentially anywhere in Undertale’s world as it follows you from the start of the game.

But there’s yet another clue here.

Most importantly here s the Annoying Dog. The language here specifically suggests that it MIGHT be possible to fight the dog if the fabric it’s sleeping on is patched. That’s some clever language for the fabric of reality that it exists in — i.e. the game itself could potentially be patched to enable combat with the dog. That hints even more at the meta layer underlying everything in Undertale and how Flowey came to be what it is, and also — since the 17th entry is already hidden within the game’s code, it’s likely that some of the W.D. Gaster mystery is still hiding here as well – especially since Sans can be found loitering around here earlier in the game for no explicable reason. I’m not sure if those things are possible, since that sort of code-diving isn’t my specialty, but I think that they’re some REALLY important places to start looking now.

One might say that…

(Finally, the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.)