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Molly Hooper

I didn’t mention Molly in my already-way-too-long post on the episode because I was still working out what I wanted to say about her. Eurus is my biggest complaint about that episode, but Molly is my biggest complaint (and disappointment) when it comes to the rest of the season.

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so you’ve heard of katsuki yuuri??

then get ready for katsuki “hello single life my old friend” mari

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  • me: Princess Jellyfish is an extremely underrated anime. The main character is a girl with social anxiety who thinks everyone around her is looking down on her and constantly assumes they are thinking the worse of her. However, as the people who get to know her see, she is a passionate person who dedicates herself to her interests. The male lead enjoys wearing dresses, wigs, and makeup and is proud and confident, however he starts questioning himself as he grows feelings for the main character. Throughout the series he tries to help her cope with her anxiety, not forcing her to change who she is, but by embracing herself and her interests. It is overall a very well-written series and it's tragic there are only 11 episodes.
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voltron + aesthetics // favorite minor character - matt holt

 "Anyway, the point is, you’re a nerd.“


Can we talk about how Suki is the most badass character in the whole Avatar universe? Here she is, an unarmed non-bender, and here are hundreds of rioting prisoners and guards, plus four armored firebenders and the guy who runs the whole prison, and she just deals with them all while the (tough warrior) guys who are supposed to be helping her are still arguing about what they should do.


So, this is a post about why Eskild is one of the most important and underrated characters of skam. First, this is how I believe Eskild and Isak’s friedship began: after all that had happened with his parents and with him starting to question his sexuality, Isak one night decides to go out into a gay bar and see what he truly feels about being in a “gay environment”. At this point Eskild has already had the talk about Isak’s eventual homossexuality with Eva and Noora and he’s “investigating”. Maybe they started talking and arranged to meet at this bar, the one we know they met at from the conversation later on between Isak and Eskild, but when they meet Eskild realizes that Isak is not sure about himself yet and Eskild doesn’t hit on him because he knows how complicate the coming out process is. Instead he offers to listen and that’s when Isak tells him about his parents and not wanting to go home. Eskild then tells him that he can stay in his appartment’s basement and Isak accepts, which his later confirmed by the belt situation. Then when Noora leaves in the end of season 2 and Eskild has room for a roomate, Isak just moves in. Still, for me, what makes Eskild’s character such an amazing one is the fact that Eskild “knows” about Isak and still tells Noora and Eva that he’s not gay because he knows what would come from that; it’s the fact that he’s been helping him all that time and in the last episode of season 2 when they get introduced he pretends they don’t know each other, so people won’t associate them and speculate. Eskild becomes his friend and his guru and helps Isak through both seasons while never compromising his beliefs as he tries not to force Isak to come out. He teaches him. I just think that’s amazing, from a “typically stereotypical kind of gay”.