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St.Patrick’s Day Jamilton

A/N : This is actually based a little bit on my first kiss (however lame the story might seem) so please understand that I was bored and in the sixth grade when this actually happened.

The taller teen stepped up the hill, shade from the high trees cloaking him in a soft layer of semi-darkness. He smirked at Alexander as he struggled to match his pace with his shorter legs.

“Hurry up, shortie.”He commanded playfully, placing his hand on his hip.

“I would if you weren’t so freakishly tall.” He shot back as he neared the top of the hill, breathing heavily as he rested next to a small patch of clovers.

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Never again will I ever experience this kind of love.

Dean winchester Graphic Challange
jollychester vs holigaydean & calthasar
Prompt: hephaestus; god of fire and craft

I really don’t understand people who say things like “can’t believe they’re dating ew” “he’s so ugly how is he in a relationship and i’m not?” Shut the fuck up? They’re happy? Leave them alone? Other people have different definitions of perfect so sit down and shut your fucking mouth. That’s why you’re single because you’re a rude person no one wants to deal with.

#18: You Hate Each Other But Secretly Love Each Other (5 Seconds Of Summer)


Michael: You were in the pool with your twin brother Luke. You were both splashing each other and laughing about. The only reason you were in the pool was because Luke begged you. You had a confidence boost to wear a  new bikini you had brought recently. You weren’t the most confident of people. You would always hide your body in big tops or sweatpants. You wouldn’t really go to the beach or to a public pool. This was different though this was Michael’s pool in his back garden. Michael was currently sat on a deck chair on his phone, Ashton and Calum were at the BBQ cooking. Luke was about to splash you when you hid under the water..When you came back up for air Michael was yelling at Luke for splashing him. “Michael it was my fault I ducked.” You said swimming over to Luke. “Shut up you silly little fat bitch, why are you even here no one likes you!” He yelled. You looked down and swam to the side of the pool. You grabbed a towel and wrapped it around your body. “Fine I’ll leave!” You yelled back. “Good, go sit at home like the lazy cow you are.” He yelled back. “I CANT BELIEVE I EVER CARED ABOUT YOU!” You screamed at him and ran out of the garden. You walked to the bathroom and got changed back into your clothes. Someone knocked on the door. “Busy.” You replied with no emotion in your voice. You changed and put the towel on the radiator. You opened the door and Michael was stood there. “If you’re here to make a complaint about me, please write it neatly on a sheet of paper fold it up and shove it up your ass.” You pushed past him and walked out the front door. “You care about me?” You looked down as he talked. “Answer me.” He said quietly. “I thought I did.” He walked over to you. “Well that’s a shame.” You looked up at him. “Because I love you.” He was closer to you then you thought. “I love you too.” You stuttered out. He smiled and pulled you close to him. He leaned down and you closed the gap between you both. “FUCKING FINALLY!” You pulled away and Ashton, Calum and Luke were clapping. 

Ashton: Your best friend Calum had invited you to a film night at his place. You were really excited to spend some time with him. But when you got there and knocked on the door you realized the other boys would be there. You got along with them all except Ashton. For some reason he always hated you. You tried being nice to him but you gave up and started treating him the way he treated you. After all treat people the way you want to be treated. Today was Calum’s way of trying to cheer you up. Because recently one of your gay friends from America had, had enough of the bullying and committed. You missed him like crazy because you used to skype all the time and message each other on kik. When you found out you were broken. You didn’t leave your bedroom. But then you came to realize that he would be happier where he is. You knocked on the door and Ashton answered. You walked in. “The bitch has arrived.” You ignored it. “Hey to you too Ashton.” He rolled his eyes and you walked into the living room. Somewhere in the movie you and Ashton had started arguing, “I bet he’s not even dead, he’s just got tired of you and pretended to kill himself.” That stung and you felt the tears rush to his eyes. “You should join him!” He yelled. You couldn’t take it anymore. You started crying and ran into the bathroom. “WELL DONE ASHTON!” Luke yelled at him, All the boys were stunned when you and Ashton were fighting they knew not to get involved but they couldn’t help it you were still sore. There was a knock on the door and then  Ashton walked in. “What?!” You snapped wiping your eyes. “I’m sorry.” He sat next to you and pulled you into a hug. You didn’t deny the hug you hugged him back softly crying into his chest. “I’m truly sorry, I just didn’t think.” He kissed the top of your head and rubbed your back. “Why do you hate me so much?” You struggled out. “I don’t, I actually love you but I have a funny way of showing it.” You nodded. “I know this won’t make up for all the horrible things I said, but can I take you on a date..and I promise I wont be a jerk.” You nodded and wiped the mascara from under your eyes. “And next week I’ll take you to see his grave..So you can say goodbye and maybe talk with him.” You smiled and kissed Ashton cheek. “That’ll be great  thanks Ash.”

Calum: You were out to dinner with your cousin Michael. He had invited you for a goodbye meal with all the boys. You had decided to wear a nice tight black dress that showed off your beautiful curves (No arguments everyone is fucking beautiful!Okay carry on reading) You were sat in the middle of Calum and Ashton, while Michael was opposite you with Luke. Michael had gone to the toilet and you felt someones hand on your thigh. You looked at who’s it was and it was Calum’s. You pushed it off but he put it back on. You left him to it until he started putting his hand higher and higher. “What the fuck are you doing?” You whispered so only he could hear. “If you’re going to dress like a slut you might as well act like one.” You felt your eyes sting. You looked down. Michael came back to the table. “I don’t feel to well Mikey..I’m gonna go.” You stood up and hugged him. “Have fun on tour guys.” You walked out of the restaurant and started walking home. The tears finally left your eyes and you took of your heels walking home bear footed. As you reached your tour someone grabbed your hand. “Wait” It was Calum he was out of breath. “I’m sorry.” He said. You looked down. “Leave me alon-” You couldn’t finish your sentence because he smashed his lips to yours. “I love you…I know I don’t show the way I should but I do.” Your eyes widened. “I love you too.” He smiled and you both walked into your house. 

Luke: You had to fake date Luke for the publicity for his band. You and Luke never got along since day one. He would always call you names, call you fat..every five minutes you would be fighting..He had to pretend to like you for the cameras. You thought he was the nice one but maybe he’s not. You were currently sat in your hotel room on twitter. You were a model and you were used to getting hate but never this much. You were reading through them. ‘Silly bitch stay away from my man’ 'how are you a model you’re ugly’ 'one thing EW’ You carried on reading them and they started getting worse. You were used to it from your modeling career and Luke but coming from fans was horrible. You slammed the laptop shut and started crying into the pillow. “OI Bitch time for our da-” Luke stopped half way through his sentence and ran over to you. “What’s wrong?!” He asked quickly pulling you into his chest and rubbing your back. “You and you’re stupid fans, you all hate me” He looked down and you carried on crying. “I don’t” You scoffed. “Yes you do.” He shook his head. “I don’t in fact I love you.” You looked around the room. “There’s no one here you don’t have to lie.” He made you look at him. “I’m not lying.” Then he kissed your lips gently. “I love you too.” You mumbled against his lips. 

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You are fat and ugly. Ew .

I love how this is the only thing you haters have against me it’s pathetic really. I’m prettier than you 😘