this type of thing was requested many times

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Do you by chance take requests? I would love to see some skirts and high heels for men if you do..

:O skirts and high heels? I think I could do it. I don’t know I never thought about it honestly so I will think about it. what kind of skirts? I have no clue about fashion so I need pictures XD. you can use the suggestion page if you want. High heels which means shoes which means something I worked once but never finished so it’s another thing I don’t have exp with so I will think about it and see what I can do eheh.

 I’m planing to make a gladiator type of skirt but I don’t know if that’s what you are looking for. so my suggestion page is open and you can submit any picture and I will think about it.

I know I’ve said way to many times that I will think about it XD sowwy v.v 

I don’t really take requests because I prefer to be free when I create. I found my self changing Idea and design many times. Few times because I had to and few others because I didn’t like the way that It looked in game. reality is a thing and in game is another. 

gonna repeat once more so don’t get mad :3

If you are looking for something that is not available my suggestion page is open so you can provide a pic ( or more ) and I will take it in consideration

UN  :) 

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Yona-chaaaaan, I miss your Hakona fics D;

I miss them too anon~ Trust me, I have SO MANY half-finished drafts in my folders, heaps of requests I plan to write, and I keep brainstorming new ideas every day on the bus/train :< It’s just that uni is very busy for me right now and I have sooooo much work. And because all of that work involves sitting in front of my laptop typing up large documents, by the time I’m done I’m over looking at text on a page and I do other things instead. 

So yeah, sorry, but I might be a bit short on the Hakona fics for a little while longer :( Hopefully when I have some time I’ll make it up to you all though~

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(Pepper Anon) This is where I feel conflicted because there are so many characters I want to slam some requests for (when it's open of course). But on the other hand I would feel really guilty for sending one and only one. Same applies to the whole headcanon thing. I'm the type who would still feel bad even if I had the chance to pay someone for all of this.

choose 3 of your top all time favs like your favs your ultimate favs who you main in asb the big ones the ones you’d die if they didn’t exist and choose those >:)