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Everyone Has Something To Say When You Fall In Love

From this request: Could you write sherlockxreader and it’s similar to the mycroftxreader you wrote but everyone gives him a hard time about it. Like John, mycroft, Mrs Hudson, Molly, lestrade, literally everyone.



Sherlock never considered himself to be the type to fall in love.

Falling in love (or having any emotion, really) was something for weaker people. For boring people. For people who didn’t have so many things to think about.

People like John.

But there was something about you that Sherlock found… intriguing.

He actually enjoyed spending time with you.

And you were relatively easy to spend time with. You could easily sit on the couch in his flat, reading some novel or biography while Sherlock did his experiments. You would listen and watch in rapture when he would play his violin. You would sit quietly while he was working on a case, occasionally giving him a small smile when he would glance over at you.

You were quiet.

You were simple.

You were… his.

Sherlock believed that the feeling you gave him was ‘happiness’.

Unfortunately, having you around seemed to make everyone else unbearably insane.


“I think it’s nice, Sherlock,” John said one day as the two men headed for a crime scene.


“You. Dating Y/N.”


“She’s a really nice girl. She’s good for you.”

“How so?”

“She normalizes you.”

The two men were silent.

“You two should join Sarah and me for a date,” John said.


“Why not?”

“Because Sarah’s incredibly boring. And temporary.”

John turned and studied Sherlock. “So what you’re saying is… Y/N is the opposite.”

“You know I don’t associate with boring people, John.”

“So you’re saying she’s permanent.”

For once, Sherlock looked like he was dumbfounded.


“I must say, little brother, this is a nice change for you.”

Sherlock glared at his brother. “What are you talking about?”

“You being in love. It makes you oh so much more pleasant to work with. She’s softened you.”

“She has done no such thing.”

“Calm down, brother. It’s a compliment. You’re still the most arrogant, most observant person in London. But you’re now somewhat tolerable.”


Mrs. Hudson bustled in with the tea tray, more chipper than usual.

“Oh, Mrs. Hudson, you didn’t have to,” you said as you stood from the couch, going to help her.

“Nonsense, dear. I’ve grown used to bringing Sherlock and John their tea.” She set the tray down on the end of the table after you carefully picked up some of Sherlock’s papers. “Besides, I’m just so happy that you’ve become a steady part of Sherlock’s life.”

“Well, I’m happy to have met you. I can’t thank you enough for keeping Sherlock in line when I’m not here.”

Mrs. Hudson laughed her bubbly little laugh as she headed downstairs. You picked up the two cups of tea and walked into the kitchen where Sherlock was looking into his microscope. You carefully set the cup down next to him and gently placed your hand on his shoulder. You’d found that it was often your job to remind Sherlock to do things such as eat when he was in the midst of his experiments.

Sherlock looked at you, the smallest of smiles tugging at his lips. “She means well.”

“Oh, I don’t mind. She’s sweet.”

“You should hear her when you’re not around. Constantly talking about you. It’s quite annoying, really.”

You smiled at Sherlock over the rim of your cup, the steam rising, your eyes shining at him.


“Molly, I need to use some of your corpses again.”

Molly looked up. “Oh. Right. Come on, then.”

Sherlock followed her down to the morgue and watched her pull out a few bodies. He set his bag down and began to pull out the different instruments he’d brought with him, all the things that may have caused the strange pattern of bruising on the latest victim found in a dank alleyway.

He could feel Molly’s eyes on him, feel that there were unsaid words in the air. “What?” he asked.

“I just… I think it’s nice.”


“That you’ve found someone. Y/N is a wonderful person. It’s nice to see you happy.”


John and Sherlock approached the newest crime scene, ducking under the yellow tape.

“All right, Sherlock here’s what we’ve got,” Lestrade said as he led Sherlock down the hall to the room where the body was laying in a pool of blood. Sherlock took in the basic facts Lestrade gave him before dipping down to the ground, examining the body more thoroughly.

“So,” Lestrade said after a few moments. “Who was that girl I saw you with the other night?”

“What are you talking about?” Sherlock asked, pulling the magnifying glass out of his pocket.

“That would be Y/N,” John said. “She’s Sherlock’s girlfriend.”

“What? Since when do you have a girlfriend?”

“Almost four months,“ John said.

“Four months?!”

“I don’t see why it should be any business of yours, Lestrade,” Sherlock said, moving around the body.

“I just… I never thought I’d see it. But I’m happy for you.”

“Please tell me I misheard something,” Anderson said, poking his head in. “Did someone say that Sherlock has a girlfriend?”

“Apparently,” Lestrade said.

“Is she a real girl, Sherlock, or did you make her in a laboratory?”

“Shocking, Anderson.”

“What, you dating?”

“No, you knowing anything about classic nineteenth-century literature.” Sherlock spared a glance up. “Oh, who am I kidding? You’re obviously referencing the horrid Hollywood version.”

Anderson glared down at Sherlock before disappearing back out into the hall.


Sherlock never considered himself to be the type to fall in love.

But has he sat on the couch next to you, the two of you reading (you a novel, him a case file), he knew that that’s what this was.

You were quiet.

You were simple.

You were his.

And he was yours.

So here’s the thing, I’ve been ripped off a thousand times, and I usually just look the other way. But sometimes it does get under my skin, for many reasons.
It’s really not that hard to switch up a composition. There is an endless amount of real life reference in this World Wide Web of ours.
Also, no mention/thank you for the reference? Not even when it gets featured on a Fangram which obviously thinks you designed it?

A big issue I have with this type of situation is that the wonderful lady who requested this tattoo from me is probably pretty bummed that someone is now walking around with a rip off of it.
I know, as an artist, that sometimes clients can be extremely demanding about getting something SOOOOO close to the reference they bring in…. But the fact is, it’s not hard to either mention that you used someone else’s design, or NOT POST IT ON THE INTERNET, TAKING CREDIT!

I’m saying this in hopes that some people/artists who don’t yet understand the etiquette of using other artists’ reference will see this and think about it. That is all.

Chris Evans Request

Heya, I don’t know how many requests you have but if you have the time (or the inspiration) would you mind doing a Chris Evans imagine where you’re Chris Hemsworth’s younger cousin (and also an actress in Australia) and while the Chris’ do an interview there they meet up with you for lunch and it’s really cute. Then after they leave, Hemsworth does the whole ‘protective-big-brother’ type thing since he’s like a brother to you. I love your blog, your posts never fail to make my day better! 💜

        “Where we going for lunch after this Hemsworth,” Chris Evans asked from his chair as the final touches were being done on their makeup for the interview.

        “This place down the street called Sydney’s Tap. And, about lunch, my cousin’s here filming and has the day off. I hope it’s alright, but I invited her to come eat with us.”

        “No problem man. Your cousin’s an actress too?”

        “Y/N, and yeah. She’s really good. Still young and hasn’t broken big in Hollywood yet but we are all waiting for it.”

        The interview started and Chris totally forgot about lunch as he got focused on the questions he was being asked.

        Hemsworth drove him and Evans down to Sydney’s Tap and parked. “Hi, we have a reservation under Hemsworth.”

        “Right this way Mr. Hemsworth. One member of your party arrived just a few minutes ago.”

        They neared a booth in the back and you smiled when you looked up from your phone and saw your cousin. “Chris,” you got up and hugged him, “thanks for meeting up with me. It’s great to see you.”

        “Glad we could meet little cousin. Missed seeing you all the time. Chris, this is my cousin, Y/N. Y/N, this is Chris Evans.” You shook his hand, “Nice to meet you, Chris.”

You three sat down and after a few minutes ordered your meals. “So, Y/N, Chris tells me you’re a fellow actor.”

“Yup,” you grinned, “I started when I was about 14 and been doing it ever since.”

“Any plans to come to Hollywood yet,” your cousin asked.

“Actually, that’s part of why I wanted to meet with you. I got a movie offer,” you grinned.

“Really, that’s amazing,” Chris yelled.

“Yeah,” Evan’s said, “that’s great! Congrats.”

“When do you come out?”

“After I finish filming in two months here. Got any recommendations on where to stay?”

“I have some good places I can recommend,” Evans offered.

“That’d be great. Can I give you my number so you can send them to me?” He nodded.

The lunch continued and, as great as it was to see your cousin, you found yourself being drawn to Evans. He was funny and sweet and kept the conversation interesting. Chris looked at the two of you talking and knew, right away, what was going on. Nearly two hours later you three walked out to the parking lot together. He smiled and hugged you goodbye. “Give me a call when you fly in. I can help you move in, househunt, whatever you need.”

“Will do, cuz. Tell Luke and Liam and your Mom and Dad I said hi, ok?”

“I will.” He backed up and you smiled at Chris Evans.

“It was very nice to meet you,” he brought you into a friendly hug. “I’ll send you some areas to check out. Maybe once you get to LA I can show you around.”

“I’d like that. We’ll keep in touch.” You said your final goodbyes and walked to your car, eyeballing the new contact in your phone.

“You know she’s the closest thing I have to a sister, right?” Chris was just buckling his seatbelt with Hemsworth asked him the question in a serious tone.

“Yeah, why?”

“Just making sure you know that. And that it means that if you hurt her I’ll break your neck,” he hid the serious threat with a cute grin.

“What are you talking about man?”

“Please. I know what flirting looks like, Evans. Just keep in mind what I said about breaking your neck…”

“Ok,” Evan’s laughed, “I’ll remember.”

How to survive an anime con!

As requested by timeofmage

So, Anime Central is coming up next week and I know it will be many peoples’ first con experience. I thought I would take the time to help you get the most out of your experience while staying safe and healthy and just surviving! This guide won’t go in any specific order of importance, as everything is equally important in my opinion.

Please note that I am typing this based on an average sized convention.

There are many, many things that you could bring to the convention. I don’t feel like I’m qualified enough to tell everyone what they should pack, so here’s a handy dandy packing list that will help you out! (It literally has everything imaginable that you’d want to bring!)


If this is your first convention, you probably have absolutely no idea how expensive a convention actually is. All you currently know what to bring is the money for a badge (or you already took care of that by pre-registering), the cost to stay in a hotel room, and some basic food money, along with a few extra dollars for spending. More than likely, you will come up shorter than you had expected.

Here is a good idea of how much money you should bring to a convention depending on what you’re planning on doing:
BADGE: If you’re planning on getting a badge at the door, your badge could cost between $30-$60 depending on the convention you are attending. If you are pre-registering, then you will most likely pay anywhere between $20-$60 depending on the convention.
FOOD: I will tell you this now, you do not want to be that one con-goer that doesn’t eat all weekend because they found somewhere else to spend their money. No one likes that con-goer. If you are going to spend any money on anything at a convention, it NEEDS to be food! I recommend bringing about $40-$50 for food. I would definitely bring more than $50 though because often enough, your room decides to order pizza or a lot of food and wants everyone to pitch in for the cost. And, usually, if you want to eat, you HAVE to pay money.
HOTEL: This amount really depends on how many people in your room. I’d say to be safe, bring about $50 to cover room costs. Usually you will have the head of the room tell you how much you owe them prior to even traveling to the con. Remember, the more people that stay in your room, the cheaper the cost is for everyone.
TRAVEL: There will always be travel expenses. This include paying someone for gas to drive you, a train ticket, a plane ticket (if the convention is far enough away), etc. It is important to always have enough money in your budget to travel. Trust me, getting stranded at a convention is NOT what you want to happen on Sunday evening when you’re exhausted and just wanting to go home.
MERCHANDISE: Ah, that lovely word. The fanart, the figures, the anime, the manga, the t-shirts, the…WHAT IS THIS PRICE?!?! Yeah, merchandise is usually pretty damn expensive. I can’t give you general prices for prints and artist things as those are set by the artist. Just know it’s usually cheaper than normal merchandise. As for the normal merch…some normal prices are: $40-$60 per figure, $15 per plushie, $18 per wall scroll, $16 per plushie, $6 per keychain, $20 per wallet, $22 per t-shirt. If you’re not into merchandise but want a few small things, I recommend maybe bringing like $50 for merchandise. Otherwise, you better hope you have at least $200 for merchandise.

Okay seriously this is super duper important! Surprisingly, this is the part that individuals usually lack in the most. It is EXTREMELY important to take care of yourself. After all, you can’t truly have fun unless you’re healthy!

Here are a few very important tips to remember while having fun at a convention:

FOOD:  I recommend having two meals a day–or at least having one larger meal and a few small, healthy snacks throughout the day. A lot of cons are now offering unlimited rice, ramen, and soda. While this is nice, DO NOT eat only that! You cannot survive on just rice, ramen, and soda alone!!! There are usually many restaurants within walking distance of the convention. If not, then you can always order something for delivery or have a friend nice enough to drive you somewhere to eat.
So uh, showering is very important because it keeps you clean and smelling nice! Also, why would you want to feel dirty? ^-^
WALKING AND STANDING: Throughout the weekend, you will definitely be walking and standing a lot more than you’re used to. I mean a LOT. Like 100x more! Well, maybe not that much. ANYWAY! My advice is to buy tennis shoes for the weekend. Or some comfortable shoes to walk in. Trust me, your feet will thank you later. If you’re cosplaying and your shoes aren’t that comfortable, then I recommend taking your shoes off every now and then to let your feet rest. Even if you’re used to how much walking and standing you do at cons, you should always take quick 10-15 minute sitting breaks throughout each day. It’s also a good way to socialize and figure out your plans for the next few hours!
SLEEP: Even at night, there are tons of things to do! But, sleep is very important and vital for your body to function properly (it will also help with being so tired while standing and walking ;). I would recommend getting roughly 6-7 hours of sleep each night. If you want to stay up later and sleep not as much, try to get at least 3-4 hours with a few short power naps throughout the day. Do not attempt to stay up for the entire weekend. You will die.

Well, I can’t really think of anything else to say for con advice. It’s really just an experience. But following all the advice will help you and everyone around you have fun throughout any convention weekend! ^-^