this two were like my very first otp

Garashir Rec List for @kjay9558


tinsnip - My favorite DS9 author. Your Love Is My Drug and Mint Car are my personal favorite fics by her, but all of them are amazing. 

prairiecow - Amazing fics.  

LadyDrace - Bachelor’s Wife is my favorite, but she has written a lot of really awesome fanfic. 

Vyc - I particularly like the cheesy tropes series. 


The Garak/Bashir Mysteries by Lademonessa - This one is a classic. I thought the first two in the series were only okay, but the rest if the series is pure gold. It’s very long and plotty and slow burn but it’s so worth it. 

Letters From The Northern Continent by thehoyden - This is a post-canon Cardassia fic and it’s amazing. The author wrote three other garashir fics all of which are great and worth reading. 

Stubborn Mouths: Humans In Translation by Hannah - An Au where Julian is autistic. It’s very good. 

Comparative Anatomy by airandangels - This is porn. It is scorching hot, and also very cute and funny. 

The Policy Of Truth by Prevailing - This is also porn. It has pretty heavy BDSM and is so hot. Sadly, it’s unfinished but it’s very good. 

turn a little faster; the world will follow after by katiemariie - This is also long and plotty. It also had Dax/Kahn as a major pairing. 

From Shadows To Sunlight by Jade_Winters - This fic made me cry, but it does have a happy ending. The prose is beautiful. 

Altering Course by AuroraNova - This is my feel good fic. It’s very cute and sweet and always makes me feel better. 

So..i was watching some Lucaya videos (as always, seriously this otp has me bad) and two things came to my head that were very interesting and i don’t particularly know if they have been point out already so sorry in advance.

First, i found odd the fact that the Girl Meets First Date episode (correct me if i’m wrong) and Texas part 1 had an interesting parallel. We see Lucas and Farkle standing and the girls come down the stairs and we see them (particularly Lucas) impressed and with this funny look in his face. Now, there are posts (amazing ones btw) where is been point out how you can clearly see that Lucas eyes go to Maya first. Then we have Texas part 1 where the girls enter the room with their country clothes and looking beautiful and we have a somewhat alike reaction from Lucas, is not a funny expression on his face but the boy lowkey freeze in the moment, with literal heart eyes and we get that beautiful line that stopped millions of hearts. “Stop looking at us Huckleberry” “I’m sorry Maya, you look… good” “Oh, thanks” *500 years later* “Yeah…you both look good” (and he says it after basically shaking his head to come back to reality cs he was lowkey gone when he saw Maya, Lucas my man you’re a goner)
In First Date, i don’t believe Lucas said a name, he said that corny as heck and lowkey cringe worthy line of “moments” but there was no name there. Also Maya was in the center of that shot and Riley was on the side and you could see if Lucas focused on her but he didn’t move his eyes until the “both look good” part. Is interesting as well, the fact that they had to put that line there. I mean, Maya said “looking at US” and then he answered towards Maya and she said “Thanks”; they could of left it there, with the “US” part and Lucas answering cause Maya spoke but nope, they added the both look good part. So there’s that. Also is funny how Maya picked Lucas reaction, it makes you think if she was hoping for it. She said she was giving Farkle 85% (or something like that) in First Date so there’s another percentage missing mmnmn i wonder for who??….*sips tea*

Now onto the other thing i noticed. In Girl Meets Master Plan, Riley sets a group to help Shawn get with Katy and i remembered this interesting line *Lucas “The Face”* “That’s how you think of me” “A lot of the time yeah” “Okay”. I laughed when i saw this scene obviously but i never stopped to think of the meaning of it all. It’s funny how this line also exist in the same episode where “So, basically he fell in love with a concept” “It was doomed from the start” “Don’t ever let me do that” “I won’t, i will kill it immediately” takes place and the scene is right after as well.

*inserts gif of COINCIDENCE?…..I THINK NOT*

This is a season 1 episode as well, before Secret of Life comes and we know how that went, so Riley’s idea of Lucas is pretty clear since the beginning. -Pretty boy, mr perfect, fits with Corpanga ideal, etc- and is important to point out Lucas reaction to it, at first he’s like ‘wait so that’s all i am to you?’ and then after Riley goes ‘pretty much’, he’s like ‘oh okay’ he runs with it, just as he tries to follow every Mr Perfect situation to stay in that concept “who does that?” I’ll say no more.
Of course is not only Riley who has a concept, Lucas as well, everything from that Mr Perfect concept he pretends to potray, well…Riley is the perfect girl, she hopes for everything he pretends to be and yeah there’s that. Poor babies i swear i cannot wait for their friendship.
Interesting enough, they talk about Lucas as a distraccion to use it with Maya and she’s clearly distracted by him and the rope trick. Also this spoke to me as well because right before Lucas appears in the window, Farkle comes first with his new recorder thing and uses to play “I love you Farkle” right before they speak about the distraccion part being needed. Then Lucas enters which i don’t think is a coincidence. Cause my mind went straight to Texas 3 and the Riarkle “I love you”. Riley says “I love you Farkle” and in that moment they’re talking about Lucaya and Riley’s feelings for Lucas but is so funny to me that probably most viewers saw that scene and were like 'she loves Lucas oh no’ not paying attention to the beautiful exchanges of “I love you’s’ that just happen and why weren’t they paying attention? Because of a distraccion. What distraccion you may ask!……Lucas “The Face” *drops mic*

This episode in particular has a lot of things, we get the “falling for a concept” introduced, we get the friendship rings (that Maya was playing with in gmny), we get the clear unbelievable looks that Lucas gaves Maya when they’re all in the living room/kitchen and more. A lot of foreshadowing if you ask me.
Not to mention the actual name of the episode where this things come to play: MASTER PLAN. What a coincidence, isn’t it? These writers are sneaky and like i cannot believe but well.

Those are just somethings i noticed and i cried a little because my Lucaya and Riarkle heart got very happy, so yeah if you have any thoughts on this i would love hear them.