this two were like my very first otp

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Pokeshipping was my first ever ship before I knew what “anime” or “shipping” were, as a 6/7 year old child. I saw these two onscreen and that was just it. They were perfect. I was fascinated with them- why would these two make such a huge show of hating each other and denying their feelings? They felt like the most natural match in the world and to this day it still seems to influence the types of romances I prefer.

This is a very balanced pairing fundamentally, when you look at it. Ash is an action man- he is rash, impulsive, bold, hot-headed and direct meanwhile Misty is more emotional, sensitive, thoughtful and nurturing. Ash is somewhat dense and oblivious, focused on Pokemon meanwhile Misty is a little more intellectual and is interested in romance and other aspects of life. 

That is partially what makes their interaction so interesting, they are such different personalities and are brutally honest and open with each other. They challenge each other. The pairing has always felt very organic because they did not like each other at all at first and then gradually along the way they started to care about the other…and really care about each other, to the point where they’d be willing to risk anything to protect the other. 

Plus, seeing these two being just too stubborn and immature in a 10 year old way to admit they care about each other, pretend to hate each other’s guts when in reality they can’t help but adore them-  is just really adorable. I like pairings with tension like this and tsundere couples are ridiculously cute. 

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I'm gonna send you back the best part of a decade and say Torchwood 😉

ah yes torchwood my old flame, thanks natalie :)

favourite character: jones ianto jones ☕

second favourite character: i think it’s safe to say probably tosh, owen and jack are very close thirds…

least favourite character: hmmmm… i’m not a big fan of series one/two gwen, i wouldn’t say i downright hate her, but she’s probably my least favourite from the main cast, along with perhaps the miracle day lot?

character i’m most like: i wish i could say tosh but honestly i think i’m like a weird cross between ianto and owen.

favourite pairing: ianto/jack, they were my first proper “otp” and to this day i still can’t listen to the ballad of ianto jones without getting choked up…

least favourite pairing: jack/gwen, all the unnecessarily uncomfortable scenes between them in the first and second seasons were so “???” i just really dislike the way they handled gwen in those seasons in regards to relationships and rhys, which brings me to my second least favourite pairing: gwen/owen… honestly… writing wise: gwen deserved better, and in universe wise: rhys deserved better.

favourite moment: am i a bad person for saying ianto’s death scene? because yeah… that and also: the speech eugene gives at the end of random shoes, the kiss between both jacks at the end of captain jack harkness, the scene from children of earth where frobisher commits suicide and the whole conversation owen has with that woman on the roof of the building in “a day in death” 💕

rating out of 10: 9/10, -1 point because i still can’t get down with miracle day and sex aliens in the second episode.

send me a series???  ♡

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omg your analysis based on jikook via your mum was perfect ;_; i'd be lying if i said that it didnt make me feel better thanks so much for that im wrecked bc of jikook but i regret nothing otl btw what do you feel about jikook yourself? :)

HELLO THERE, DEAR MOUSSY~ I’m really glad that post made you feel better!!!💝💗 And I’m so sorry for wrecking you!! But I guess the Jikook-shippers’ life is just like that… we are always hurt but the pain is somehow sweet…. hahaha ಞ(ల˙◡˙ల)ಞ

Do you want to know, what my feelings are about Jikook? ^^

Well, they were my very first ship and OTP in BTS, and I don’t even know when it started… I watched a lot of videos about Bangtan and noticed that there is something special, uhm, ‘vibration’ or ‘tension’ between these two. Even though I can clearly see that all of the boys are extremely close to each other, Jikook shares something different bond imo. Their relationship has a really interesting dynamics and it always changes and develops, and only gets stronger and smoother. Kookie grew a lot this year, and became more comfortable with both accepting other’s feelings and showing/dealing with his own emotions. Probably that’s why he doesn’t hide his admiration and affection (platonic or romantic, who knows…*wink wonk*) towards Jimin behind pranks, constant teasing and that embarrassed ‘pushing away-attitude’ anymore. He stated a million times that Jimin gives him strength and motivation, he said he likes Jimin and finds him the nicest and most good-looking hyung. He initiated skinship and hugs several times, and even though he told Seokjin to ‘stop touching him’ in Run! BTS Ep. 8, he seems to have no problems when Jimin touches his butt/thighs/shoulder/neck/etc. or clings on him like a coala. But even earlier, when he was even more shy, subtle and awkward about touching, his eyes always showed his true feelings……… :3

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(for captian america: civil war and x-men: apocalypse)

Finally I’m back! And with a very special video for me…
Stony and Cherik were and still are my favoirte ships on the mcu ever since their first appear together on screen!! Their chemistry are undenible and their dynamics and love-hate relationship is my favorite thing while watching them and any marvel movie… especially the last movies…
So I really hope you will enjoy it!

the avengers (1+2), x-men: first class, x-men: dofp, captain america: civil war and x-men: apocalypse
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