this two make me cry a lot

Sometimes I can’t stop thinking about how Zuko accidentally spoke against his father and begged for forgiveness, on his knees with tears in his eyes, and got half his face burned off and banished from his home

Then Zuko betrayed his uncle and everything Iroh had ever taught him, begged for forgiveness on his knees with tears in his eyes, and got a hug and complete forgiveness and unconditional love

Fairy Tail Dragon Cry Spoilers

Hello guys, so today in Japan, Fairy Tail Dragon Cry released. I have seen spoilers a lot today but some I would love to share with you. 

First spoiler, is the starry sky scene. I love it, and I honestly can’t wait to see the movie itself.

Second spoiler, according to a translator on twitter, Natsu says “What do you see? (How do I look?) Lucy…” and Lucy responds with, “Natsu…” and he smiles, “Your definetely natsu” Which makes me scream because I didn’t think that would be her response actually because people were speculating this since we saw the first two trailers and natsu said, “Lucy, What do I look like to you?”

Third Spoiler… I uhh really don’t know what’s going on here but I am pretty sure Lucy was chained up by one of the royal people and Fairy Tail came to the rescue especially Natsu becayse he is the one who broke the chain and now is carrying her it seems.

Forth Spoiler, Lucy in this seems to be crying at first I thought that dude which if I am not mistaken’s name is Zash but I am not completely for sure since I have been mainly looking at the trailers. It seems as if he is threatening her and that’s when it looks like the wall is opened because of who I think is Natsu because he wants to save his bae. (Nalu shipper here duh)

So I translated this page actually! in the first panel natsu is actually screaming: ARGH!!!! Lucy see’s him and says “Natsu?” and as he is going towards whoever, Lucy says “Natsu…Your a bit late!” 

i WAS WAY TO LAZY TO TRANSLATE this page honestly but Natsu is carrying Lucy and I am pretty sure this is the scene was saw from Trailer 3. 

I didn’t translate this one either but yeah, here’s another spoiler.

I don’t know if this is the scene that people have been posting all over instagram where we do see Natsu hold Lucy or if this is just him collapsing in her arms and her confront him. It could honestly be two different scenes or like I said the one I have been seeing ALL OVER instagram that made me scream this morning, lmao.

This is the starry night scene I’m pretty sure. The first attempt of my translations for this, Natsu said “We had a relationship together, and I lost it… Lucy.” and then at the Lucy’s panel had said, “A stella Starry Sky.” and then the one with them looking off said “Love” or “It is cute.” Which I don’t know if this means anything or if I screwed up freaking bad translating but whatever I tried dudes.

The attempt to TRANSLATE this was like me trying to swim, it was drowning me. For natsu’s head and lucy looking up to it, I couldn’t get his translation but for her I got “I will do it. You guard by the guard watch…” and then I also got the translations : “There is nothing more than a crowd, so its hard to emphatize with me… and others…. oh yeah, it must be true.” and for Natsu I got :Come here, here it is/ Rescue Loya (Which is probaly actually Sonya) Actually is the code name.” Which didn’t really make sense to me but I tried. 


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to be honest, i am never going to not love fury road. and i am never going to not love fury road for the exact same reason that i am never going to not love pacific rim: because they are movies that focus uncompromisingly on women and on the stories of women and do not pick at them or highlight their flaws or put them in conflict with other women so that the dudebros in the corner can yell “catfight!” and whistle.

pacific rim doesn’t pass the bechdel test of course, but it is still a movie where i can very readily believe that guillermo del toro asked somebody “do we really need a mildly attractive white boy who isn’t portayed as a sack of shit for the majority of the movie as a protagonist?” and some stuffy hollywood exec informed him that he had to have at least one so he sighed and picked charlie hunnam out of a lineup and informed him that his job was to stand there and look pretty with his shirt off and smile adoringly at rinko kikuchi whenever she was onscreen, which he did fantastically. also idris elba and a narrative centered around a found family featuring a black father and a japanese daughter that culminates in the kind of love so profound that the last words she says to him don’t even need to be translated for a non-japanese-speaking audience.

fury road is a movie that was edited by a woman because george miller literally did not fucking trust a man to do it justice, and even our beloved sad puppy protaganist still has his moment where we all yell at him to just let furiosa and the girls in the truck you miserable bastard you all want the same thing and then they turn an MRA into a feminist willing to die for the cause, and they put naked women on the screen without making me want to curl up inside and die, and killed women to show us how that made other women feel, and brought literal fucking hellfire down on the patriarchy to grind them into rubble. also, ALSO, the only reason this ridiculous fucking plan even worked in the end was because LITERAL CHILDREN and enslaved women lowered the platform and opened the floodgates to water, which is essentially the same as salvation when you live in a post-nuclear desert hellscape run by god-kings who waste thousands of gallons of gasoline just to track down their escaped sex slaves. also actual polynesian actresses in a movie set in australia. also a complete lack of rape scene or discussion of sex, crude or otherwise. also the person who everybody knows is the protag of fury road in the same way everyone knows mako is the protag of pacific rim even though the trailers will do their best to convince the MRAs otherwise is an amputee driven by the same immense boiler of screaming fury that i, as an abuse victim and as a feminist and as someone who has had friends go through way worse shit than i did, feel on a regular basis, and we don’t need to know the full story of what happened; we know that she was kidnapped, we know her mother is dead, we know that it’s probably been twenty years of literal hell for her, and we know that she is not above dying to save four girls who yell at her when she tries to kill someone that has been sent to bring them back to immortan joe.

this is not the wink wink nudge nudge feminism of joss “i quit twitter bc feminists were harassing me” whedon. these are movies that make me feel like they are opening floodgates to stories where megan fox can show up onscreen and be taken seriously instead of objectified, and lucy liu can play any damn character she wants in reboots of stories that used to just be about arrogant white boys, and laverne cox doesn’t have to be asked what her fucking crotch looks like before people can hold a conversation with her.

pacific rim and fury road, as colorful (literally, there is an entire post on this site about modern hollywood and it’s shitty, drained-of-color-to-feel-”gritty” movies) narratives about hope and love, actually make me, a decrepit, sarcastic husk of a human being, 1) cry about two people nodding at each other and touching foreheads, and 2) actually believe that our cinema will one day stop being such a white sausagefest.

movies that can do that are a big deal.

One in a Million

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Can you write a short where Seb abd Bucky are in the same universe and they meet. But the reader is dating one of them and hangs out with the other one then her bf gets jealous at the end with fluff please?? Requested by Anonymous

Word Count:1,816

Warnings: Language, Mention of Alzheimer, Tiny Angst, Fluff

A/N: And Happy Birthday Sebby! This is probably not what you had in mind, but it’s what I came up with. I don’t write rpf so Seb is not a Stan ;) I made that gif, you’re welcome to use it.

“Babe?” you called out to Bucky once you noticed him. You were supposed to meet at your favourite coffee shop for lunch and your boyfriend was standing at the hand-off counter, patiently waiting for his cup of coffee.

When he didn’t turn around, you walked over to him and slid your arms around his waist. You didn’t notice how the man tensed and straightened himself up. You nuzzled his neck and placed a soft kiss on his jawline.

“Um, you cut your hair?” The man gave you a little shove and you took a step back to look at him. “What’s wrong?”

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Every song on Harry Styles makes me feel like I’m in a different scene of a 1980s teen film. Carolina? I’m pulling into the school parking lot looking rather angsty, windows down and music blaring. Two Ghosts? My love interest just broke my heart, and I’m currently crying on the floor even though my bed is right behind me. Kiwi? I had to get my car fixed, and now I’m at the repair shop, and the bad boy who works there is in a crop top.

BTS - picking you up at airpoirt.

Request: Could you please do a Bangtan reaction to them picking you up at the airport after a long time apart?


He would try to be the most romantic of them all. He bought you a bouquet of flowers and waited for you to leave the flight. As soon as he saw you, he opened the biggest smile he could give.
“My beautiful princess!” He hugged you tightly. “How I missed you, my baby.” You said smiling.


He would be so happy and smiling. He’ve been waiting all week for that day to come. You stayed about two months apart, you stayed in your home country for a while, now you’re back in Seoul. “Oh, baby, I can’t believe you’re back.” He said with a big smile. “Are you that happy because of me?” “Yes, you make me be like this.” Now, let’s go home and make out. “


He was going to cry a lot. Even though you were only a month apart, he missed you a lot. As soon as he saw you, he started crying too much. "Babyyyy.” He would say like a child and hug you. “Oh, my sunshine. Don’t cry, I’m here.” “I know, I’m so so so happy.” “Okay, okay. Kiss me now.”


He was extremely happy. He ran up to you, bumping into some people on the way. He picked you up and hugged you like never before. “Oh, I miss you.” “I miss you too, Joon!”


After two long months, you returned to Seoul. Your boyfriend, Jimin, was picking you up at the airport. He was nervous to see you. But as soon as he saw you running up to him, he felt a immense happiness. “God, i miss you so much, baby.” He said hugging you and then giving you a passionate kiss.


When you entered the airport, you saw Tae immediately. He was talking to two children. You came near him and the two little kids looked at you. “Oh, this is my princess that I told you would come.” He stood up and smiled. “Can I have a hug from my Prince Taetae?” You said laughing and he hugged you tight.


Jeon missed you so much, he’s such a cutie. It was almost 3am, he would normally be sleeping, but he wanted to pick you up and take you to bed with him. He saw you coming in with a sleepy face and messy hair. “Oh, my little baby.” He said hugging you tightly. “How are you?” “I’m sleepy, can we go home and sleep?” You asked yawning. “Of course, princess.” He laughed.

requests are open, feel free to ask.

i remember when they were about to announce the gaming channel they talked about this “project” and there were so many speculations and people were talking a lot about a new thing for the radio back then that when they told us it was going to be a joint gaming channel it was such a shock ¡ becuase they weren’t dan and phil back them and it’s making me so emotional knowing that three years later they’d been all around the world, released two books, won awards and made so many people happy after announcing dapg it’s making me want to cry for two days straight

self care tips when you’re mentally ill

*brought to you by the wonderful @katherinee-wheel @oreocharm @superrr-nay and some lovely anons!*

  • remember it’s okay to not be okay
  • if you only have the spoons to wake up today and not to do much else, that’s okay. Tomorrow is another day.
  • eat or drink SOMETHING. It’s okay if it’s junk food or days old Chinese food or even a pack of oyster crackers and a cup of water. But please remember to put something into your body.
  • listen to music or watch videos in bed. It’s a low impact way to relax and unwind
  • put on my favorite classical or jazz record
  • daydream
  • play my fav video game (bioshock or spyro)
  • call my big sister or mom
  • say beep boop to myself quitely (I read it someplace, tried it, and it at least got me to smile a bit)
  • meditate and try to ‘feel’ everypart of my body
  • cuddle with my pooch
  • read my bible
  • read harry potter
  • read (Oh the places you will go)
  • sometimes bae will give me back messages and talk to me about randomly to get me out of my  mind
  • i usually love food, so i have a stash in my room in a drawer, so i might eat my fav snack
  • drink water or tea (depending on if i feel like making tea, bc i always have a water bottle in my room just in case i happen to choke on one of my snacks)
  • watch my fav youtubers (i like matthew santoro, markiplier, and threadbangers, just to name a few)
  • I’m a very rational and logical person, so in my mind, i know that ill be fine after a while but i just need to get through this one moment, so i make charts and graphs and i write down my thoughts as if i was having a conversation with another person, usually in two colors. On one side of the page will be my emotional side and on the other side will be my logical side, and by the time im done, i usually feel A LOT better; maybe not 100% but a lot better
  • also (last one i promise) i scream cry into my pillow, may sound weird… but it helps with any rage, anger, or frustration that you might have
  • a self care thing i like to do is send my datemate a long cute message because he gets so happy and it makes me feel a little bit better
  • Tips for self care : I listen to music. Go watch my dogs do whatever they’re doing. Watch a movie I like or TV series. Find new music. Go through Tumblr. Sleep
  • Self care tips: relocate. Even if it’s just from the bed to the couch. A change in scenery can help even a little bit 
  • Put on my favorite movie or read my favorite book I guess is an obvious one but it really helps 
  • My self care tips: - play a video game you’re good at / enjoy (important: give yourself the break and don’t feel guilty. feeling guilty won’t help) - listen to a podcast - take a nap - try to contact some friends and chat until you’re better 
  • Make a list of all the things you love about yourself
Good taz things from episode 62

- B E A C H. E P I S O D E
-you have to roll for googly eyes and with a 1… you die. Its the rules of the game
-everybody coming up with ways to trash merles gifts.
- lup absolutely refusing merles gift
-oh no its a demon only i can see it destroyed the hat so sad :/
-taako invented surfing
-taakos inspired to surf from seeing merles gift magnus threw away floating in the waves.
- taakos sweet flips origin story
-barry is entranced by taako surfing
-i had hoped it would be lup but this is still great
-“barney its surfer slang”
-“everytime merle barfs i just hear it no matter where I am its just in my head constantly”
-im just imagining barry with arm floaties omg i need this
-griffin: and now people will stop tweeting at me that I said one of barrys favorites things was swimming in a cold lake on a hot day and then two episodes later saying he didnt know how to swim
- lucretia being so happy about making a happy happy portrait of everyone im crying im love her
-how the happy music at the end fades into wave noises
-this is a good episode



Sooo. If you follow me on twitter (@brvkenalec) you’ll probably know these things already. I decided though to do a recap here on tumblr as the project has started here.
First of all I remember to everyone that Harry couldn’t attend the con, he cancelled for “work problems”, so I gave the flag to Matt.

Let’s begin by saying that I met Matt a lit of times during the convention as I had a lot if extras with him.
I kind of dedicated the Saturday to myself, so at my first signing session with him on Saturday evening I gave him my gift and a letter for him and we talked a bit. I managed to say everything I wanted to say, I thanked him for helping me with my sexuality and with my fight with anorexia as well. He was REALLY nice, he said amazing stuff to me and he hugged me. I am saying this to prove that he is truly the mist incredible human being ever.

On Sunday morning when I gave him the flag he recognized me from the dat before. Before talking about his reaction I am gonna say that I had very little time as he was late for his panel, so people kind of rushed us. I couldn’t take a video because it was a mess, but I insisted for having pictures taken from the photographer.
( It wasn’t possible to take pictures of his reaction/face, as his agent didn’t allow it)

Okay, so, when I entered the autograph room the first thing I asked him was if he remembered me and he said “yes of course”, smiled really nicely and asked me how I was feeling that day. I then something like “I have one more gift for you” and I straight on put the flag out of the bag. He was really excited about it, he always had a smile on his face and he started asking questions about it. I do not remember everything as I was SUPER NERVOUS so I kept smiling like an idiot. I remember that he kept saying stuff like “oh wow, this is amazing”, then he asked me how many people have signed it and I said a lot. Then he took his phone and he asked me to take a step back so he could take a picture of both me and the flag. I was freaking out and at first I didn’t realize what was happening but I did as asked and I kind of posed. I wanted to cry but instead I smiled cause I told myself that the purpose of the project was to show him how happy he makes us. He took two pictures (I guess) and then told me he would send it to Harry. He asked for my name cause he didn’t remember and then said “oh right”, because he suddenly remembered it from the day before. He then told me he REALLY APPRECIATED it, and that I had been very sweet and kind the day before. He said thank you so many times, and so did I. At first he didn’t get that he could keep the flag but when I put it back into the bag and put the bag on the table he asked, surprised, “oh I get to keep that?” and I told him yes. He said “that’s amazing, this is going straight to my apartment” and smiled even widely. I kept thanking him and he kept talking to me even when I was about to leave, as I could tell the staff was in a rush. He asked me who wrote the names on the flag and I said it was me, I explained I asked people names and that I wrote them down. He said something like “oh got it” and nodded. He then thanked me again and said he appreciated and he waved at me and said bye, as I left.

Even if I was nervous as hell I can assure you that he was very happy. I didn’t expect him to take a picture of it and me and I was shocked when he tweeted it at me couple of days ago. I am proud of myself as I didn’t cry in front of him so I could talk and enjoy the moment but I started to sob afterwards and when I saw he tweeted at me.

Harry still hasn’t say anything but I really hope he liked it. If you want to hear what he thinks maybe you can go and tag him asking him if he liked under my pinned tweet, maybe he will answer!

Btw I want to thank everyone of you that has signed the flag, I was so touched while writing your messages down. Thank you.

I did this recap because I think you guys deserve it and Matt as well, as he’s been receiving some hate lately and I wanted to prove that he is truly an amazing human being, he is an angel.

If you want more details about the other meetings I had with him you can ask me!!

Love you guys P.s: these are the pictures the photographer took, and then the last one it’s the picture that Matt took and sent to me. ❤️🏳️‍🌈

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What are your webcomics recommendations??

oh god i have like hundreds i’m so sorry to people on mobile who can’t see the cut but uhhhh

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Invisible, Chapter One

Summary: Cursed as a child, you have lived your entire life invisible and alone. When deaths start happening in your town, the Winchesters come rolling in to investigate. What will happen when Dean is the first one who has been able to see you since you were a kid? Will Sam believe that you’re real? Will Dean believe you when you tell him you haven’t killed anyone? And why, after all of this time, is Dean Winchester the only one who can see you?

Invisible Masterlist - Previous Chapter

A/N: No Dean&Sam in the series yet.  No warnings.  I hope you enjoy! :)

word count: ~1140

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Hello to my new favorite blog!!❤ can you do a how would the rfa+v+saeran would react to a drunk mc? I'm a totally goof ball and get emotional when I'm drunk and made me wonder how they would react. Thank you and have a great day beautiful writer!!!!!!

hello to the anon who just made me really happy!!❤ i’ve honestly never been drunk before (or seen anyone properly drunk, i don’t party or anything even though i’m 18 in a few weeks whoops) so i’m not sure how accurate this is, but i tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • He initially wanted to stay sober so he could take care of you, but you convinced him to drink a bit
  • Bad idea
  • We all know he is an emotional drunk as well as a lightweight
  • ?? The two of you cried so much ??
  • Honestly the last time anyone let the two of you drink together (at least that much)


  • Would watch over you like a hawk to make sure no one bothered you
  • Willing to give you a shoulder to cry on, but also pull you away from fights
  • Took you outside to get some fresh air and made you drink lots of water, as he didn’t want you to be hungover
  • Lowkey thought it was hillarious to just imagine that you were acting


  • Acting like your baby sitter the entire night tbh
  • “MC, no, I don’t think you need any more drinks”
  • “Do you hate me? You want to break up with me, right? I fucking knew it!”
  • “No I just want you to stop drinki- c’mon, don’t yell at me”
  • “I-I’m sorry! I love you don’t leave me I can’t live without you”
  • Smh MC stop crying on her shoulder


  • He’s able to hold his alcohol well, so he’s used to being the sober one having to deal with drunk people
  • But not his overly emotional girlfriend who clings to his shoulder
  • Awkwardly pats your back if you start crying over random things
  • “E-Elizabeth is so cute! I love her so much!” 
  • “Yes kitten, she is indeed very pretty”
  • He had no idea what to do tbh


  • He doesn’t drink alcohol, so he would be sober and just mess with you
  • Recorded you crying over stupid things for blackmailing you later
  • Followed you everywhere not only to get footage though, but also to take care of you
  • Saved you from falling down the stairs at least twice


  • Tried his best to comfort you and calm you down
  • “Shh angel. Drink some water, okay? Here you go”
  • Started feeling panicky when you cried more because of that
  • Did he say something wrong?
  • When he realized you were crying because “he was so sweet and caring” he just laughed and decided that it was probably time to put you in bed


  • At first he tried to glare at you to make you stop crying, but it didn’t work so he just got annoyed
  • Like Jumin, awkward pats on the back
  • Seriously he’s so uncomfortable with seeing you cry
  • If you started yelling at him, he would probably get mad/upset and just leave someone else to deal with you


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do you think that shiro might push keith aside if matt comes into the picture? ._. that's something that's been on my mind for a while now tbh... would shiro really cast keith aside and spend most of his time with matt? would keith feel like he's been a replacement this whole time? agchskks ok i'll stop there before i make myself depressed and cry lmao

To be honest the thought of this just?? Seems very strange and uncharacteristic to me?? For one thing, we know next to nothing about Matt. If I’m remembering correctly, he had all of maybe two lines so far. Now compare that to every time Shiro and Keith have interacted in the last three seasons. I realize a lot of fanon has kind of built up this idea that Matt and Shiro are inseparable, but they really don’t seem that close in canon. Yes, Pidge mentions that Shiro was “a legend” at their house, and in Tears of the Balmera she reflects on how much closer the Kerberos crew was than her own. But that being said, Matt obviously doesn’t have the same presence in Shiro’s life as Keith.

A good way to compare this is by looking at how Shiro reacts to Matt’s disappearance compared to how Keith handles losing Shiro. Shiro is never shown actually thinking about or grieving Matt. Anytime he mentions him, it’s always in relation to Pidge and her relationship with Matt. Shiro never brings up any attachment to Matt of his own, and he never expresses missing Matt. And again, Matt isn’t even something that comes up unless it’s about Pidge. And speaking of Pidge, you know she would’ve mentioned it by now if Shiro was some great influence on him, if he meant the world to him. Keith literally says Shiro changed his life, but nothing in canon has indicated that Shiro’s relationship with Matt was so revolutionary or groundbreaking. 

Meanwhile, once Shiro disappears, Keith is clearly the one who takes his loss the hardest. No one else needs to be consoled over the loss of Shiro. No one else needs to be told it’s time to move on. No one else has grief-stricken outbursts or fits of anger or tries to search for Shiro every chance they get and then literally beg for him not be replaced. Keith misses Shiro. Keith grieves Shiro. Keith longs for Shiro. Keith’s hallucination in BOM proves that Shiro is the person he most “desperately wants to see.” Shiro never reacts like this over Matt. 

And while Shiro does save Matt from the gladiator arena and does his best to protect him while he could, ultimately, he still makes the decision to let Matt go. When they’re on Sendak’s ship, Shiro says that they just have to make sacrifices and makes the hard call not to go back for Matt and Sam. It’s only when Pidge explains that they’re her family that Shiro eventually gives in. But again, he’s doing this for Pidge, not Matt. 

Of course, Shiro is a very private person. We see glimpses about how he feels, like when he mentions in the first episode that he lost his crew to aliens once and won’t let it happen again. But still, we do know he’s capable of lashing out and being emotionally volatile when his loved ones are threatened. We do see this side of Shiro when he intervenes to rescue Matt from his match, but after they go their separate ways, that’s that. Matt’s out of his hands and he goes about his duty as a paladin, carrying the weight of it silently. I think it also says a lot that Matt looks absolutely terrified in that moment, like he really thinks Shiro is going to seriously hurt him. That tells me he really doesn’t know Shiro that well. He doesn’t even get confused or ask Shiro what he’s doing, he’s just petrified with fear. I don’t think that’s how Keith would feel in his place. But again, Shiro’s response here is also nothing like how he reacts when Keith is in danger.

In BOM Shiro lets Keith fight out of respect for his decision. But as soon as he sees things are getting bad, he immediately tries to go rushing in. It’s kind of like the situation with Matt in a way, but also very different. Shiro ends up restrained again, but he manages to break free and runs to Keith’s side immediately, determined to fight off every single Blade in the base if it means walking out of there with Keith. He’s even willing to sacrifice the alliance for the sake of salvaging this last piece of Keith’s family that really does mean the world to him. 

This isn’t anything like how Shiro was willing to leave Matt behind because he’s a dedicated paladin and has to put the mission first. No. Instead, he throws the mission out the window and is dead-set on going after their only supporters in this war, and all this just because of how much he cares for Keith. Shiro might like Matt, but his duty will always come first. When it’s about Keith though, Shiro can afford to be selfish and indulgent. He can completely spit in the face of the mission if it means keeping Keith safe. 

And this can be taken with a grain of salt since I’m certain Kuron isn’t Shiro, but in season 3, he does think of Keith first when he’s dying. In essence, that says Keith is the most important person in his–or Shiro’s–life. In season 2 when he believes he’s dying, the real Shiro does in fact entrust his team to Keith. His last thought is of Keith and what he wants for his future, what he believes he’s capable of. And Keith in turn is always the one running in to save Shiro and reaffirm just how much he means. Keith is the one who tells him that he’ll be fine, that he’ll make it, that nothing’s going to happen to him. Keith gives him hope. 

Now, compare this to when Shiro rescues Matt. Yes, he saves Matt. But Matt is so completely shocked that he can’t even manage to say anything in response–which is more than understandable, considering his situation. Still, this is a one way exchange. Whereas Keith and Shiro have both defended one another time and again, are always the ones who pull each other out of danger and console one another in their darkest hours. There’s an unspoken intimacy between them that I don’t think you’d find anywhere else. Shiro definitely cares about Matt, but I think his relationship with Keith is just on another level. And I certainly don’t see Shiro just tossing Keith aside to make way for someone else.

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This probably sounds like a dumb question, but what exactly doesn't "don't fetishize m/m" mean exactly? I assumed that it meant not to treat irl gay men like something purely to get off to, but it seems that some mean "don't get off to fictional gay porn (if you're a straight woman)" or even "Don't write/ship mlm relationships (if you're a straight women)"

What it SHOULD mean is the first thing you said: don’t treat real life gay men as if they were yaoi characters for you to fangirl over; Don’t use real world tragedies or gay issues that you don’t have personal experience with as material for you fanfiction; treat actual gay people with respect and don’t ask them gross personal questions or make assumptions or anything else like that.

What antis mean when they say it is the second thing(s) you said. If you’re a straight woman (or depending on who you ask, a woman at all, straight or otherwise, or a nonbinary not-male person) you can’t get off to fictional gay porn or write m/m fanfic or draw m/m fanart. A lot of them, if you phrase it this directly, will backtrack and be like “oh, well, I don’t actually care if you do that stuff, but…” Then what is the fucking issue here? Don’t accuse me of doing gross shit I haven’t done. 

They don’t see the distinction between the two. They cry “fetishization” at every single opportunity but they never stop to dissect what that word means and why it’s a bad thing. They think if you got off to porn about X while you yourself are Y, you’re making a fetish of everyone whose real life experiences even vaguely align with that porn, because yours don’t. That’s not what fetishization is and that is not harmful.

The big problem is that fujoshi hate is never stated as “Let’s call out and avoid these specific harmful behaviors”, it’s stated as “some of you are guilty of this, therefore you are all guilty by association and I hate all of you”. It shows such a lack of basic critical thought.


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Bucky Barnes x Plus Sized Reader 

Word Count: 2133

Warnings: mild cursing 

  Summary: The reader turns into a twelve-year-old boy when Bucky is around.

The headline of the magazine you were reading read:

Tony Stark is finally tying the knot.

You had re-read the headline at least five times, each time it made you feel all mushy inside. For as long as you could remember Tony Stark had been a huge part of your life. He was there for everything, every birthday, every holiday, even all your graduations. The day had finally arrived one you had anticipated for so long, him and your mother—Pepper were finally going to get married.

This had been a dream of yours since you were a little girl. Ever since your mom introduced you to him, you knew for some reason that he was the man your mother was going to end up with. Honestly, you couldn’t be happier, because tonight was going to be one of the best nights of you and your mother’s life.

The wedding ceremony was something else. Your mother had at least five panic attacks before walking down the aisle. Then when she finally did, Tony was standing at the end of the aisle wearing a red suit. A few months ago, he had joked about wearing a red suit. It had sparked up a huge argument between the two of them until he confessed that he was just joking. And if your mother wasn’t so busy walking down the aisle trying not to trip, she would’ve torn him apart. The best part of the whole ceremony was Tony crying while he read his vows out loud. You swore you could almost hear the shocked faces of your friends and family. Everyone knew Tony Stark wasn’t completely emotionless, but crying was certainly something he ever did. Which, made the whole situation completely enjoyable.

Right now, you were trying to enjoy your time at the wedding reception, but you just couldn’t. Tony and your mother had asked you to give a speech since you were the maid of honor saying no wasn’t an option. Here you were looking at the wedded couple dance, hoping the song never ends. Public speaking wasn’t your thing, even though you were surrounded by family and friends, your nerves wouldn’t die down. It reminded you of that time in college, when you had to give a speech in front of your speech class. Tony had found you in your room so distressed that he decided to stay over and help you through. He stayed up with you all night, easing your nerves as well as giving you pointers on what to do and what not to do. It worked, the next day you had given a bomb ass speech that you even ended up impressing yourself. But right now this wasn’t a speech class or a speech Tony could help you through, the song had finished and the pressure was building.

You could feel your cheeks getting red as you stood up and did the whole fork tapping on the champagne glass, grabbing everyone’s attention. All eyes were on you and it made you feel even more anxious than you were before. “Wow.” Was the first you said followed up by, “this is a lot of people.” Making everyone laugh, you closed your eyes for a second, counted to ten and opened them again looking at the wedded couple. They were your parents, your family and now a sense of comfort.

“So, Tony and my mom asked me to give a speech tonight, God knows why they know I’m terrible at these kinds of stuff.” You said while placing your glass of champagne down along with the fork on the table in front of you. Your hands were shaking so much, that if you didn’t they would’ve fallen. “But, it’s time to put my big girl pants, and get this over with.” The crowd laughed and you well, you did the most logical that you could think off, you face palmed yourself. Only earning more laughter from everyone.

“That’s embarrassing I’m sorry.” You smiled gripping the side of the table to steady yourself from falling. Knowing if you didn’t you could’ve easily fallen from how much your legs were shaking.

“So anyway, I’ve honestly tried writing this speech at least a couple thousand times. Every time I sat down I would either get really distracted or the right words wouldn’t come. I decided to not write anything and just stand here in front of you all in my most vulnerable state and speak from my heart.” You finished and looked at your parents, while they smiled nodding for you to go out.

“I never knew my dad, in fact, I would stay up at night wondering who he was, what he did for a living if he was the reason why I was so stubborn. For years, I wanted to meet him, ask him he had been, or why he left my mom and me. I wanted to see him at my birthday parties, at all the holiday celebrations. I wanted him to console me whenever I cried. I thought that if he just came back to us he would automatically be the best father ever.” You blinked trying to keep yourself from crying.

“Tony you’re the only father I’ve ever known and hands down you are the best dad in the universe. I know we aren’t biologically related, but family isn’t just blood. You helped my mother raise me and I couldn’t thank you enough. I hope I managed to make the two of you proud.” You smiled. “Congratulations, I love you guys.” You finished and rant to your parents, while everyone else clapped. They both hugged you and kissed your head, it felt to right, you felt so at home.

The night carried on with lots of drinking and dancing. Currently, you were sitting with Nat and Wanda talking about the latest episode of Game of Thrones. The three of you had been obsessing over it for years. Wanda was in the middle of saying something about character development. When you noticed, Bucky walking over to your table in the coolest way possible. If this were one of those cheesy romantic comedies you liked to indulge yourself in. You were sure that he would’ve been walking in slow motion, throwing out like guns with his hands, winking at all the girls he passed by as they fainted. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case because you would’ve been one of those girls.

Bucky arrived at your table just as Wanda finished her statement on character development. Which you hadn’t paid attention to at all. Your mind was on Bucky overload and your heart, well if it kept beating at hard as it was you would’ve gone through cardiac arrest. Before he could greet the three of you, you stood up. The three of them looked at you raising their eyebrows. Your mind generating thousands of excuses, finally, you had settled on one. The one that screamed: THIS IS A SHITTY EXCUSE.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” And before you let either of them reply, you ran away. Literally ran out of the reception hall.

Since you didn’t really need to use the bathroom, nor did you want anyone to find you. You made your way up to the roof. If anyone was going to go out looking for you, the roof was the last place they’d look.

You sighed and looked up at the night sky, wishing light pollution wasn’t a thing and wishing you didn’t turn into a twelve-year-old boy whenever Bucky was around. You weren’t sure when you had developed this middle school crush on him. You were 24 years old, acting like a middle schooler in front of a man that was almost thirty or a hundred, depends on how people liked to look at it. You ran your hands over your face groaning, he made you so nervous, as well as reckless, you hated it.

“Thought you were going to the bathroom.” You jumped and turned around meeting face to face with the one person you wanted to avoid right now. He was standing so close to you that you could literally feel his body heat. “I-I got lost.” You took a step back trying to give yourself some distance. Except he didn’t agree with this and took another step closer to you.

“Uh-huh.” He said raising his eyebrows at you, clearly not believing you. “Anyway, wanted to come find you and tell you that you owe me a dance.” He smirked and ran his flesh hand through his hair. “What, wait how’d you find me?” You asked wrapping your arms around yourself, the wind had picked up since being here. And everything Bucky just said made your skin rise.

“A dance, it’s what I came to ask you before you walked away, and you’re always up on the roof.” He shrugged. You looked around, avoiding his eyes, maybe if you did he would’ve laughed in your face and tell you, you were being punk’d. There was no way in hell this was happening right now. You didn’t get enough chance to come up with any sort of response because the next thing you knew Bucky’s arm was suddenly wrapped around your waist.

“W-What are you doing?” You asked watching his every move.

“I’m dancing with you.” He answered nonchalantly while taking your left hand in his metal one. The coldness catching you off guard giving you goose bumps once again.

“I don’t mean to ruin the mood, but to dance don’t you need music?” He chuckled and shrugged. “You could, but this is better.” He started swaying the two of you. Now you were sure you were being punk’d. This only happened in cheesy romantic comedies, and somehow Bucky had found out your obsession with them. That he decided to prank you because there was no way this was happening.

“Don’t look so confused, just relax doll.” He whispered in your ear before twirling you around. His chest was now against your back. Surprisingly, your heart hadn’t stopped beating. “You look so beautiful tonight (y/n).” He whispered in your ear before turning you around to face him again. Again, you wished light pollution or light was a thing. Your cheeks were so red from blushing, you looked almost like a fucking tomato. Your mind had gone blank once again.

“Do I make you nervous doll?” Bucky asked as he stopped the two of you from dancing. “W-What why would I say that?” You replied looking at the single strand of hair that had escaped his perfect hair do. You had to fight the urge to push it back, knowing if you did it would’ve made the situation more awkward than it already was.

“It’s just that every time I’m near you or in the same room as you. You get all jittery or run away.” He answered catching you off guard. You knew Bucky was an observant person, but you didn’t realize he was also observant of you. Instead of answering him back you just stared at him, the city lights making his blue eyes shine like diamonds. The wind carelessly blowing through his hair, making it messy, and your knees were seconds away from giving up on you.

“I’ll let you in on a little secret.” He said before taking his suit jacket off and placing it around your shoulders. He smiled at you and began to unbutton his dress shirt, making your eyes go wide. A few minutes ago, you thought you knew where this was going, now you weren’t sure.

“What are you doing?” You swallowed

“Relax.” Was all he said as he finished unbuttoning his shirt. He took your hand in his, this time he didn’t hold it. Instead, he brought to his chest and placing it on his chest where his heart was located. You gasped and looked up at him. His heart was possibly beating just as fast as yours if not faster. “You make me nervous too.” He smiled down at you and blushed, you were at a loss for words and you did the only thing you could think off.

You kissed him and he kissed you back. You knew it was the most reckless thing you had ever done, but it felt so right. Like you and Bucky were supposed to be kissing. Your body was on high alert and you could tell that so was his. The two of you pulled away out of breath and just stared at each other. “Took you long enough.” Was all he said before stealing a kiss from you. You laughed and smacked his chest playfully, before wrapping your arms around his waist, pulling his closer to yourself as he hugged you back. For the second time tonight you had felt like you were home.


Ok, ok it’s Wonkyun…

One of my favorite moments is when Changkyun openly comforted crying Wonho–putting his arm around his shoulder, wiping his tears, holding his hand…super sweet! Taking care of his hyung~! I need more of Wonho leaning on Changkyun…

They mess around, flirt, and tease each other a lot but then they have such sweet, loving moments like this too. There’s a lot of unspoken love in their relationship that I adore–it’s so cute and innocent. I hope they become closer friends in the future. I honestly think their friendship is just blooming and we’re witnessing it in real time. What a time to be alive~

Hardcore Monbebe Challenge (14) OTP and a Favorite OTP Moment


When the Tumblr fam doesn’t want you to starve and knows the one thing for sure you can eat.

Thank you? Mystery sender? There’s no name attached to the invoice except for “Claire” so if you wrote anything else it didn’t make it into the order placement. Thank you though, this and the other box I recieved last week means I don’t need to be stingy with rationing my one safe go-to food source for the next two-ish months.

I can make oatmeal for breakfast and “cookies” and use it to make savory dishes in place of rice (A common Scottish thing to do. My American family, although initially hesistant, tells me enthusiastically it’s like eating stuffing, and wolf it down) and not have to worry for a while about affording more. So thank you, this helps a lot ❤💖❤💖❤