this two make me cry a lot


  • Star gets insomniac from the stress she puts on herself, and decides she’s had enough of her nervous energy in the sweetest way possible: midnight baking!
  • she secretly asks Mrs. Diaz to let her buy some ingredients and teach her some basics, but after two weeks, she’s staying up until three in the morning making decent brownies and attempting souffles
  • Marco manages to housebreak the laser puppies; Star celebrates by making them homemade dog treats
  • Star tends to zone out a lot in class, and after seeing her cry during a zone-out, Jackie decides to take her under her wing to distract her from-well, whatever seems to be troubling her
  • PINK S K A T E R S 
  • Star ends up having this crazy insane overnight adventure with Jackie and comes back home with bruises, scratches, $400, two red streaks in her hair and a possibly permanent tattoo of three horses
  • the only thing star is willing to explain is the injuries, to which she only mumbles something about “wooden skateboards being fragile”
  • Star Discovers Pixy Stix
  • Marco Experiences True Fear
  • Star wakes up on the roof of a donut shop cuddling a box while surrounded by empty pixy stix. she has a stomachache, her hair is sticky, and her wand is glued to her foot
  • Jackie never buys star Pixy Stix ever again
  • Ludo learns how to cast a disguise spell, but only uses it to look buff
  • Star discovers podcasts, discovers Welcome to Night Vale, and though she loves the story, she has nightmares for two weeks, which leads to sleepless nights with awkward but genuine comforting from Marco who is starting to become aware of how awkward of how things are between them two are dsfskhhg
  • marco tries to show her different podcasts, which leads to him being a huge fucking nerdy but relatable lil shit where he essentially shoves The Adventure Zone in her face for two days straight
  • It’s springtime in Echo Creek and Star makes another discovery: she is allergic to pollen!!1!1111 she stays in bed for two days because its as bad as the worst case of flu you could get when she first experiences an allergic reaction, so cue Being Nursed to Health By Friends trope

GUYS MY RFA VIP PACKAGE FINALLY ARRIVED!!! CRIES// after missing the other two chance bc they were sold out too quickly, I finally got it I want to cry, I am so happy. So yeah, here’s a short video of my genuine reaction. 

Warning: My voice is gross, you’ll hear me say “omg” a lot, and my gross fangirling over Yoosung lmao


Gloriousruin: “I’ve got some Yoda wisdom for SJWs, BLM and alike minded groups: “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.””

Then makes posts trying to geek check me because he thinks that a quote that has nothing to do with the situation is relevant and was shut down on two different levels.

Why are dudes so pathetic? Geek ain’t your thing, it’s not something you get to gate keep you weird, sad little pube.

It belongs to lots of people, EVEN those who think your bullshit attempt to use Yoda as a shield against Black Lives Matter are the actions of a anthropomorphic fart.

Pretty sure this is the dude who also messaged me on anonymous to cry about being put on block and about how that makes me weak.

Even IF I didn’t have 20+ years of being all in on many geek litmus fandoms I’d still be one.

Again, you’re not Gandalf and no one gives a fuck if you think I can pass or not you poxy little wanker.

Is it weird that I changed my number but still wait for your call? Is it weird that I love sleeping alone, but I miss you when I wake up? Is it weird that I forgot your voice and laugh, but still remember what you said seven months ago? Is it weird that I am both remembering and forgetting you? It’s the distance between us that is killing me. It’s your “leave me alone, please” that is killing, It’s you calling me two weeks right after our break up. It’s me giving you a lot of “second chances”. It’s your fake “I miss you’’s and ’‘Please come back’’s. It’s me forgiving you. It’s you making me cry. It’s me being jealous. It’s you being impulsive. It’s everything our love wasn’t worth for.

our love was a dream, now i am awake. 🌙 🌙 🌙 🌙 🌙

I Hate You - (A Chen One Shot)

“Yah! Are you ready? You’re taking forever! The guys are waiting for us.” You heard your roommate Minhee shriek from the living room.

“Remind me who’s going again,” you continued painstakingly drawing in your eyeliner, smiling when you finished the second wing. A few sweeps of mascara and you were ready.

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One year ago, on February 9th, I posted my first picture of these two. Now, one year later, they’re engaged and happily living together.


Wait For Me To Come Home by beautifully_cyan

“Well if not Nick, who you be yours?”

The tears finally make it past Harry’s eyes when he whispers, “I think you know.”

Louis never cries and with Louis, never means never, but ever since he met Harry, he’s been the exception for a lot of things when it comes to him. So Louis is crying along side him when he whispers back, “I think so too.” He’s then scotching into Harry’s lap and hugging the life out of him, because what else can the two of them do but be there for each other?


I cannot thank @pass-the-pencil enough for my beautiful, beautiful commission. I’m so in love with it. Thank you Mica for helping me bring my fic to life. Love you to pieces!

anonymous asked:

Calum #14? :)

Hey, so I haven’t been posting a lot because my computer charger went missing but today I bought a new and decided to write all these requests I have so I hope you all enjoy!

#14 ‘don’t fall in love with me’

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okay I’m two episodes through with my trash rewatch and I have thoughts/feelings (definitely lots of those):

  • Lucy accuses Flynn twice to his face of killing his family, and he doesn’t bother at all trying to explain to her that he didn’t do it. He is just (surprise) so one-track-minded focused on Rittenhouse that he keeps repeating it to her and insisting that she find out who they are.
  • so when she accuses him in 1x14 of not telling her who her dad was if he knew all along…. girlfriend, he kind of did??
  • but she’s just NOT AFRAID of him, he finds her in the train station in 1x02 being a smug jackass all “Lucy, we have to stop meeting like this” (yeah dude, on your SECOND ADVENTURE, you’re convinced that you have this ~cute secret meetup society~ going on…. oh the hubris and delusion of Garcia Flynn, oh babe seriously)
  • and she’s like you son of a bitch what did you do to my sister and just goes after him, and he doesn’t even care, he’s like you’re gonna help me it’s the future, now please don’t get in my way k bai
  • also, “I’m not trying to DESTROY America, I’m trying to SAVE IT!!” and Lucy is confused but she doesn’t exactly know what to say to that, and she of course doesn’t tell Rufus and Wyatt that she talked to him
  • his facial expressions the entire time he’s dealing with Booth and his muttered “actors…” are the best, also Flynn, buddy, friend, pal, you have like 0% right to tell anyone off for being melodramatic WHEN YOU ARE LITERALLY THE MOST MELODRAMATIC INDIVIDUAL IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, DO NOT FIGHT IT YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE
  • also everyone keeps describing Flynn as “tall” and over here my ass is like huh huh huhyyyup 6′4″ and I clearly have no weaknesses at all for such a type
  • and when he barges into the box at Ford’s Theatre and Lucy’s there, he is GENUINELY STUNNED AND THROWN. He was not planning on this and he does not want it. He stares at her and lowers his gun and is about to possibly do something else, but remembers why he’s there and just kind of grabs Lucy and throws her onto the couch and shoots Lincoln and jumps out of the box, because Garcia Flynn is a terrible human being who makes bad choices.
  • this after he was shooting like crazy at Wyatt earlier (also something Flynn enjoys doing apart from a) being A-Number-One Lucy Preston Fanboy and b) making aforesaid bad choices). Again, he doesn’t try in any serious way to hurt her, he just wants her out of his way. Wyatt, yeah, dude’s trying to kill him, he’ll do the same, but not Lucy.
  • don’t get me wrong – he’s a shitty dude who does shitty things, especially when we’re only two episodes in and he’s just basically a one man wrecking ball, but okay there’s just this whole ~THING with them from the start and it’s dark and twisty and so good
  • aka basically pure shipping crack cocaine for me
  • I regret all/none of my choices
  • feed my hunger
  • feed it
Ziam Masterpost: 1 of 48943587 reasons to believe in Ziam

These two dumbasses like expressing their love by giving each other gifts such as necklaces, bracelets, watches and other accesories that mean something for them. 

So me and strangefurydream decided to make a post about most significant ones. 


Cartier bracelet

So on  February 14th 2015 on the OTRA Melbourne concert, Zayn was spotted wearing a gold bracelet. At that time he didn’t actually wear lots of gold bracelets, so that was kinda unusual.

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Yuri on Ice!!!


Future fic. Established relationship. Mostly just angst and Yuri whining.

Kind of a song fic, inspired by Dinosaur by Kisschasy because I love that song and I also love some long-distance relationship angst. Go listen to it then read this.

They’ve been together for two years at this point, although the number of hours they’ve spent together that weren’t consumed by training or competitions is laughable. Not that they don’t talk every day, multiple times a day, because they do. Yuri is absolutely not prepared to give this up for anything. Even if he has to listen to Yakov complain about him slacking off when he spends the weekend in Almaty for Otabek’s birthday. Or when he skips out on training one afternoon because Otabek made a surprise visit and they only have 12 hours together before he needs to head back.

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BestFriend!Michael Would Include:
  • lots of drives around with music, windows down, and fast food
  • so many sleepovers!!!
  • staying up all night to watch really bad movies and making fun of them
  • “cuddle me please”
  • days where you two just sit on the couch with his playlist on, scrolling through your phones
  • so much crying when he leaves for tour
  • the boys teasing that you two are already dating
  • his family inviting you over for dinner even if he’s not home because they love you like their own
  • surprising you by coming home from tour early and picking you up from work/school
  • having him over to bake and ending up singing into spoons to each other
  • staring his sentences with “hey best friend…” whenever he wants something
  • sending stupid pictures to you via text whenever he finds them
  • “please, you don’t need to call anyone. i can fix this for you! you should be glad you have such a strong, handsome man in your life”
  • chillen in your underwear and his shirts when it’s a lazy netflix day
  • lots of selfes!!!!!!!
  • phone calls into the late night when he’s on tour because he saw a funny sign at the show
  • getting super cute gifts for each other on birthdays and holidays
    • also getting gag gifts like dildos and sex books
  • “i’m horny”
    • “that’s your problem, pal”
    • “can you help?”
    • “…this is the only time i will do anything like this”
  • that being a lie when you come over and he’s naked for whatever reason
  • cute “best friend date nights” where you go out dressed up to come home in a few hours, strip down to hardly anything, and watch netflix with alcohol
  • getting drunk at holiday parties/parties with the boys and sloppily kissing, probably
  • getting really close the others and touring
    • sharing a bunk with michael
    • “move mikey, i have no room”
    • “well stop hogging the blanket”
  • being each other’s rocks
  • “hey, so, i kind of really like you and we’re practically dating anyway but… would you want to make it official? like, be my girlfriend?”


“So… why are you crying?”


“I’m right here.”

“…That’s why!!”

im beginning to like these two a lot. I’ve just thought of a doujin for them! So how many doujins does that make now? 6? Wait I have 6 doujins i need to make? Damn.

mirror mirror

wonho/you | smut (cw: multiple orgasms, overstimulation, slight cum play)

gender neutral reader

drabble | one two

Legs shaking, skin burning, breathing ragged, you’re about to die. Two orgasms is going on three and it shouldn’t be possible that you could cum so much in so little time. But Hoseok took your “make it up to me” to heart and is set on making you cum until you cry apparently.

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I’m crying because like, Medusa and MC are gonna be at pride and people will see them cuddling and holding hands on the street and they’ll be like “wow look at that huge futchy lady and her bun gf they look so happy (also fucking hell the bun lady’s eyeshadow game, nice)”

And then some people will notice their rings and be like “omg they’re married omg”

And so few of them will know that these newlywed idiots are two of the most potentially dangerous and politically disruptive magical beings in the city if not the whole planet.

And I’m weirdly invested in that? IDK

When I tell people I’m interested in columbine. I always get the werid stares.

People don’t particularly understand me. And I try to explain my reasons to some degree to them to help them to understand my reasons, but it always goes over their heads. If I’m honest with myself, it was never about the crime. Yes the crime was the first thing I heard about, the first documentary I watch was about the crime.

I was in a really dark place. I became numb and just nothing would make me laugh and smile or even cry. I began to look more into Eric and Dylan.

I began to read there journals. Reading these two journals and realising that I felt a lot of the same things as they did. It showed me that I wasn’t the only one to ever feel the feelings I was feeling.

Watching there videos. Watching Dylan mess up in hitman for hire several times made me laugh again. Seeing Eric play with a phone on the table made me smile. Hearing Dylan tell “What the hell are you doing with my sister’s bike.” Made me laugh so much.

These guys may have became bad people but I see pass that. They are the guys that have made me laugh and smile and cry again. They made me become less numb. They have opened my eyes to so much and above all I have found a group of people with the same interest as me.

I feel I belong in the first time in forever. I’m not sure if I consider myself a columbiner but I’m happy I have somewhere I can show my interest with others and not be judge for it.

Late Nights [Part One]

A/N: I always have a lot that floats through my head and I thought this might be a fun way to spend my late nights. I plan on making this story multiple parts if any of you out there like it enough. There are going to be many levels to this. I might even alternate between characters point of views. But I hope you all enjoy it.If you all are interested in a part two, let me know!

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“Whoa.. Hey, why are you crying?”
For three days I had this constant knot in my stomach, and this was the moment I was about to learn the truth. I had some thoughts in the back of my head for a couple weeks, but this gut feeling started to connect everything. My gut feeling was never wrong.
I took a deep breath and wiped away the stray tears with the back of my hand. I slowly moved my gaze to his, barely seeing his features under the darkness. Maybe that would make all of this easier.
“You don’t want this anymore, do you?”
He sighed next to me, adjusting his body to get a better look at me. “You know I love you, more than anything..”
“But I’m not in love with you.”

I’m not in love with you
Those six words played in my head over and over again, on the whole ride back to the bunker. He dropped me off where the gravel ended, exchanging a tight hug and a kiss on the forehead before I started walking my way to the front door. The tears coming much heavier once I heard the truck fade out down the road.
Another slow and deep breath before I reached for the handle, opening the door to the bunker as quietly as possible. I’ve been gone for almost six hours, so I’m hoping the boys are tucked away in their rooms for the night. I slip off my sandals, knowing I will be a lot more stealthy with my bare feet moving around.
Slipping past the library, all the lamps are off and not a Winchester is in sight. I sigh in relief making my way to the kitchen and grabbing a bottle of whiskey before dragging my feet to the bathroom.I stare at my reflection, smeared mascara and bloodshot eyes staring back at me. I mindlessly peel myself out of my skinny jeans and silk lavender camisole. 

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so i’m over a year late on this but i just finished mlp season 5. well, okay. i haven’t seen appleloosa’s most wanted yet because anthony refused to watch an episode with braeburn? i don’t know. ANYWAY

the season was okay overall. the show has definitely declined in quality since the first two seasons, but it was decent. i enjoyed a lot of it. i think seasons 3 and 4 had more extremes, with most eps either being really good or really bad. but season 5 was more… even, i guess. less GREAT episodes than season 4, but more episodes i enjoyed overall. the season finale sucked but i’m gonna make that a separate post

the best episodes in the season were the one where rainbow dash is sad about tank having to hibernate for the winter (that one made me cry), do princesses dream of magic sheep just for the really interesting insight into luna’s character, amending fences for turning an offhandedly mentioned friend from the very first episode into a really compelling character, rarity investigates for just being a really fun rarity/rainbow dash episode, and the mane attraction for being really sweet. if you haven’t watched the show in a while and are wondering if the show is still any good, go watch those. those ones are great

Fool Me Once (Bucky x Steve x Reader)

Originally posted by wanximoff



A/N: 1940S!BUCKY ANGST, I HEAR YOU CRY! Your wish is my command. I warn you now, this will do things to your feelings and I’m not even sorry. Thank you to the two the anon and @minervaem who requested this one!

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