this tweets is are so cute


and here goes freeform again posting their bullshit. after tweets on shadowhunters’ main account romanticizing the toxic and unhealthy relationship between raphael and izzy following ep 208 they posted an article just to show us how much they don’t care about the fact that they’re supporting such a relationship. and even more, they are validating people who ship them based on their scenes in the last episode calling them “hot” or “cute” or the worst of all I saw so far “pure”. some even started waxing poetry about the abuse as you can see below:

the fact that the writers and cast support and romanticize this is disgusting. and now to top it off the network joins in with an article in which not once are they calling out how unhealthy and toxic this relationship is, romantic or not, but instead call izzy “too enticing” for raphael to resist. freeform has shown time and time again to be gross with the articles they’re posting and this is just another addition to the list.


Rhett’s Educational Advice!! (based on questions he answered on his twitter) (x)(x)

When I first saw the tweets a few weeks ago, I though they were really funny and cute, so i made little drawings to accompany Rhett’s ‘advice’ haha.

(The drawings are not very detailed but I didnt wanna stress on making this perfect, so I hope this is ok……also there are a few more advice tweets of his so… maybe a part two… idk ) :3