this tweet will just never get old

Things I’ve Learned from the Game Grumps:
  • You’re not too old to do something until you physically cannot get up to do it anymore.
  • Internet celebrities like making content, so it’s generally as fun for them as it is for you.
  • Celebrities are people too, and they want to be treated like people.
  • Don’t worry about making stupid YouTube comments/writing emails/Instagram comments/tweets because the creators will probably never see it, and if they do, then they’ll probably just laugh it off. 
  • If you wanna follow your dreams, make sure you’re prepared for all the hard work involved, and if you think you can do it, then you should go for it.

tbh i’m all for platonic dan and phil never really getting into dating or having interests in relationships and so maybe they just continue to live together for a few more years (maybe even move somewhere where they can have a dog) and just continuing their careers and furthering their success as a duo and maybe when they’re grazing the boundaries of old age they settle down somewhere quieter and tweet or post videos every now and then about how they’re doing so fans can still feel connected and included in their lives and BELIEVE ME romance isn’t even a necessity to see how much they love each other and I’m just all for phan living life to the absolute fullest alongside their best friend okay

bucky tweeting things like this and steve getting all jealous bc he can’t see that they’re about him:

*no offense but i wanna kiss your neck
*ideal date: stargazing, forehead kisses & justice
*how to break someone: love them & say nothing
* [vague tweets in russian, about unrequited love]
*i’m sorry, i love you. i’m sorry i never told you
* [self depreciating memes about being single]
*should’ve kissed you that night
*your lips on my skin, my name on your lips
* @notyournat re: date tell your friend i’m busy
*all those things i didn’t say, god i wish we could go back
*date idea: hold my hand at the aviation museum
*wanna show the world you’re mine but you don’t know it yet
*need your hands on my hips, your fingers in my hair
*this could be our song, we could be something
*how to unlove someone: you can’t
*RT if you’re still not over him
*RT if you support lgbt+ in the military
*i’m yours i’m yours i’m yours
* @wingslikefalcons @buckysbarnes man idc about your love life, tell steve
* @itsstarkbaby @buckysbarnes susan, 6:30, short blonde/your type, don’t be late
* @itsstarkbaby re: can’t, training with steve

until finally:
* @thatsrogerstoyou @buckysbarnes nat told me, jerk. always loved you. date @730 don’t be late