this tweet is so true tho


170726 Jimin’s Tweet

이건 막내랑 같이 밥 먹었던 곳에서

This is at the place where I ate with the maknae

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Okay so I know Jack changed his profile picture, name and bio:

Ooh spooky

But he just replied to a tweet saying that he didn’t have time for Anti.

If this is true, please be understanding guys. I’ll get a little sad too, but if he didn’t have time? What? We are going to push him to do things?

So Jack, it’s completely fine if you didn’t have time for him. The longer we wait the happier we’ll get when he appears again :)

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Lotor seems to be portrayed as a hot bishounen character/queer-coded villain. He's also said to be diff from previous iterations. Do you think his design would mean anything for his sexuality (or even general portrayal, like was Allura's half-brother)? Also it'd be funny if instead of a Lotor->Allura->Keith triangle there was a Lotor->Keith->Shiro.

Well I hope for Lotor that he’s like really unattractive under all that kaltenecker, cuz that’s the only thing that can save him from the “white haired anime pretty boy” fate haha

and Lotor -> Keith -> Shiro sounds great! And it’s like half true already..

Actually you kno…. this reminds me of a Zarkon tweet I saw during the recent fandom drama

They have already implied multiple times that the galra/altea conflict will not be like good vs bad but more in the grey area… And we already have a warrior princess… so…..

Who’s the other prince? ;-D

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Agnus is friends with Gemma tho. So he might have a little inside track.

And Nick is friends with Harry.

Angus didn’t even say in that tweet that he’d heard it, sounds to me like he’s repeating what someone told him, so… we’ll see.

That said, if true, that sounds amazing!

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Blue so that girl was sent to that concert (same one who tweeted harry and camille were grinding) to basically live tweet about E and Louis? Lol. Coz that's what she did!

What? A stalker sent to tell people about stunts happening? I’m shocked 😱

Wakti Wapnasi Doll?

I’ve had this idea that maybe Max’ new friend (the doll, photo from his Instagram) could be Wakti? Because of the hat, clothes and eyes.

I sent him a tweet and he liked it so maybe there is something true behind it. Could be relevant for new theories or something and I thought I should tell you :)

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Marga! I have this theory. Tell what you think. I was thoroughly monitoring Ty, Lucy, and Lauren's social media. After Camila tweeted something which translated as "What a mess" Lauren never interacted with Ty on social media anymore! But Ty the was hungry for it, He was like so fucking eager to make everybody know that she is dating Lauren. But she on the other hand looks like she is hiding her. If it is true. Either she is not proud of him or she is protecting some other person's feelings. 🙂

Very great observation you got right there. I srsly think that if it was true, Ty is the one trying so hard to make it work. I feel like Lauren is watching the commotion unfold on her face, and suddenly she doesn’t like it anymore so she stopped. Ty’s gonna get his heart broken soon. Imma bet you on it fam. But srsly tho Lucy is one hell of a game shifter, that girl knows what to do to shake what Lauren and Ty allegedly has. I am proud of her. Well Camila, our girl, got Lauren to stop in a single tweet so what does that say.

confession: i only got back on twitter so i could tweet mary on major crimes monday, but now she’s hardly ever on and i find myself just keeping the app for the purpose of being a true fan
“Spoilers” for the first 3 episodes of The 100 season 4 by The 100 Brazil account

Looks like my degree in portuguese will finally be useful… 

We’re gonna see Echo quite a lot of Echo in the first 2 episodes. 

Octavia’s fighting scenes are incredible.

Clarke declares her love for Lexa in episode 1.

Someone’s daughter is going to appear this season (she is supposedly relevant).

There’s now a shower in Arkadia and we’re gonna see someone take one.

There is a sex scene happening in Lexa’s bed.

Monty and Harper are together quite a lot. The same can’t be said for Briller.

Clarke wants to save Bellamy. He will only let her save him, if she saves herself as well. 

Jasper tries to commit suicide in the premiere but is stopped by Monty.

Clarke tells Abby that she loved Lexa. Abby says “I know”.

Bellamy hears Clarke telling Abby that she loved Lexa.

Apparently, Bellamy has no reaction cause there’s action happening during that scene. He’s screaming for them not to take Clarke.

Radiations are coming fast and have reached Luna. They realise that they don’t have that much time left.

Illian is going to Polis to seek revenge. He’s from the Glowing Forest clan .

Murphy and Emori are still together and leave Polis together.

Octavia kills at least 5 people during the premiere.

The first scene of episode 1 is Octavia seeing that Indra’s still alive and being  removed from the cross. 

Jaha will take Bellamy and Clarke in one place. 

The shower scene involves a man ( a very naked man)

Echo and The Ice Nation take control of Polis.

Luna arrives at Arkadia infected by radiations. But there is a possible cure.

Monty/Harper and Abby/Kane are now sleeping together at Arkadia.

Jasper is happy to learn that they only have 6 months left before getting all killed. That’s why he won’t try to commit suicide anymore.

Echo tries to kill Clarke but Roan saves her.

Raven has to reinforce the entire engineering of Arkadia. 

One work to describe Bellamy : Hero

Echo and Bellamy have one scene where she asks if he’s ever gonna trust her again.

The Bellarke emotional scene that we see in the trailer happens in episode 3.

No interactions bewteen Luna and Bellamy.

Clarke is in charge of Arkadia and when she is not there, Raven is the one in charge.

There is a flashback (but not from the Ark).

We see ALIE again.

Illian and Octavia interact.

Clarke and Roan are allies.

No interactions at all between Raven and Bellamy.

The account now says that Echo tries to kill Bellamy as well.

One word to describe Raven :  Cry

Lots of stuff, as you can see. I tried to translate as much stuff as I could. Enjoy!

ps : I’ll probably add more thos this post if the account post other tweets. As usual, take everything with a grain of salt as we don’t know for sure if this will turn out to be true.

@e1schaaf @asweetdeception @rosymamacita @merdok1993 @mego42 @nataliecrown I think you guys are following spoilers, so I thought I’d tagg you. 

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what drama? sry i luv drama so pls explain whats happening

oh man ok so like phan drama from my understanding like,, 


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fyi: I’m sick of this website, I’ve been considering leaving for a while and I think I’ve finally had enough

you’re all a bunch of whiny babies who need to grow the fuck up. bandmembers don’t owe you shit. Tyler and Josh literally NEVER tweet about social issues/politics/whatever and lmao I’d be so surprised if they did. “waah I’m scared and I feel unsafe cause my fav hates my sexuality!!” are you even aware how stupid that sentence sounds…. same with fans feeling scared because Tyler Joseph prefers his own (transphobic, true) BROTHER over them. like. his brother. one of the closest people to him. dear children, please leave the internet and come back when you grow up……… thats my contribution as a very gay person goodnight

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Why do you think its a PR stunt?

Ok, so, this is my opinion, I’m not saying this is true, this is what happened or is going to happen. I’m 100% convinced Zouis are still friends BTS, why?

First of all, as soon as Zayn quit I read this, point 3 seemed actually possibile and made me think. They could have handled this split up a lot better then this, if they only WANTED.

But they didn’t:

1st - Make Zayn leave during the middle of the tour

2nd - Make him leave with a facebook post, not a word from him

3rd - Tell the fans he’s leaving because of the stress, then call paps to show him in the studio the day AFTER (seriously? Try harder), so the fans feel betrayed “He lied to us all I hate him” (I’m reporting my friend’s words more or less)

So, my point is that they are trying to cut Zayn’s ties with the fandom to make him start a totally new career. (I don’t think Zayn actually cares about the number of fans he’ll have, he knows he won’t probabily be as great as 1D, but I think he didn’t enjoy being in the band and maybe his image anymore, just my thought)

Second - Naughty Boy

NB is having a huge role in this (idk how much of the hate he throws to 1D fans is staged and how much is real, I dislike him A LOT and I really hope Zayn doesn’t associate with him other than for work/change his image.)

But anyway, he tweeted a lot of stuff that made us know that Zayn leaving was planned from a lot of time. Some fans that met him were told Zayn and NB have been working on his new album for months (not sure if this is true tho).

After a few days from Zayn’s departure, Louis tweeted NB the first time, apparently out from nothing, getting his name out there. Shahid, immediatly after that, posted a demo of Zayn’s single (weird he was so ready to post it innit?).

Suddendly everyone knew about Zayn going solo, zaughty got that promo, everyone that NEVER KNEW ZAYN EXISTED, heard that song. In italy everyone was suddendly talking about Zayn (here you NEVER hear about the boys on tv, but back then every single tv program said Zayn’s name, weird af, if i have to be honest). So Louis helped (i think it was staged tbh) Zaughty to get their name and single’s demo out there.

From those tweets I previously posted I think the boys knew about Zayn leaving since a lot of time (Simon Cowell said that was no news), they had time to digest the thing, and we know how Zouis were close lately, so I think they are ok with that (:

Third - Zayn is still under contract with Syco/whoever controls his image

Ok, so Billboards says: 

“That’s why Malik’s label management team has already positioned him for a future as a solo act: Malik is signed to Syco as a group member and individually. A “leaving member clause” in the band’s deal allows the act to continue as a foursome, and it also offers the label the option to pick up Malik’s contract as a solo artist.”

So apparently Zayn didn’t break his contract, and I think he’s still under Syco/ whoever controls his media image, because a person that breaks all ties with the previous ‘life’ doesn’t go to The Sun, number one Management’s voice, that have always talked shit about him, releasing an exclusive interview that thay could cut and manipulate how they want (thing they have done).

Last: breaking a contract in the middle of it, out from nothing, always lead to the management company to sue the artists (it already happened with modest!), so it unlikely what happened.

So, Zayn’s image is still controlled, we still can’t ‘trust’ everything he tweets as real.


I want to make clear I don’t like how this situation was handled at all, I hate they make us see Zayn and the boys hating eachother, but I honestly think that all the last tweets were planned and Zouis is going just fine (:

To me this looks like a HUGE promo move for 1D, Zayn, Naughty Boy, and Little Mix, and they are trying to definitely cut Zayn’s ties with the boys.

CASUALLY this twitter drama happened exactly after the first tv appearence of the boys has been announced yesterday, so everyone will know from the articles about the twitter drama that they’ll appear soon at the late night show.

On a personal level, I can say I have more faith in Zouis than all this shit, and i think they are smarter than to throw their personal problems out for the World to see (Louis didn’t even mention or indirected Zayn in his tweets? LMAO).

What is going to happen? I think we’ll have a Zerrie break up when Zayn will be finally ready to lauch his solo career (i’m just guessing, but it’s likely to happen, like the Zouis twitter fight)

Please don’t forget that the only actual words we had from Zayn were about him trying to force himself in doing something he didn’t like anymore, just to not let down the fans. 

I’m sorry if this is confusing, english is not my first language, I tried my best (:

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Michi, is that true that Ishida has been receiving hate in his twitter for the end of the anime? And he is actually apologizing for that? Can you please translate one? This man is a blessing for the world ;w;

I’m not so sure about this but I guess some people tweeted their disappointment with regards to the anime to Ishida-sensei tho I haven’t really seen Ishida apologize for that.

I think what people need to understand that yes, the original story draft for the anime was based on the draft Ishida-sensei submitted to Studio Pierrot but if you look at the drafts that were shown in the PVs and in the official twitter page, you’ll notice that they took out A LOT of the scenes that could’ve been included (probably because they couldn’t fit it all in 12 episodes). And we don’t know just how much Pierrot altered from the original draft.

I’ve seen some posts here on tumblr that people are hating on Ishida because of the anime BUT PLEASE LOOK AT THINGS PROPERLY BEFORE JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS BECAUSE HE DOES NOT DESERVE THIS KIND OF TREATMENT FROM HIS FANS.

(sorry I ended up ranting on your ask anon D,:)

I made someone mad by tweeting black men claim they were prevented from protecting black women from rape because they were scared but risked their lives to be with the slave master’s daughter. A lot of that is true, and if you can’t handle the truth, then by all means, say so. But don’t deny it and claim I just “hate black men” because this is new, gross information to you. And I clearly did not mean literally when I said “slave master’s daughter.” But go awf tho.