this tweeet

ok guys. But the tweeets.

1) Jack is tweeting for Bitty thru his whole final paper fiasco, and he says Bitty says he’s excited for jam in GA.

2) dec. 20: “Surprising your boyfriend like”

3) dec. 22: Tweets about Jack’s shower.

4) dec. 25: “today: dinner with former teammates and a falconer”

5) dec. 26: boxing day brunch

6) dec 27: emotional saying goodbye.

Guys. Bitty totally faked Jack out. He made Jack believe he was going home to Georgia for Christmas, and then he SHOWED UP ON JACK’S DOORSTEP ON THE 20TH AND said “SURPRISE” AND THEY SPENT CHRISTMAS TOGETHER.


anonymous asked:

You need to look on twitter because im laughing so hard Peter Frenette (@ pfSKIJUMPING) tweeeted tande "stop cheating you fucking loser" and daniel liked the tweet (why is he like this omg) so he posted a screenshot of that and said "when you know you are a cheater. Honestly, gotta respect the hustle" and mackenzie jumped in and replied with "dude please take it #easy" and then he also replied to one of tande's tweets that is 1 month old THIS IS HONESTLY SO FUNNY OMG

i love how Daniel maintains a healthy distance from himself. and I love how team North America react for ski jumping tweets with their sarcasm 😂😂😂 I’m laughing so hard 😂😂