this tweeet

ok guys. But the tweeets.

1) Jack is tweeting for Bitty thru his whole final paper fiasco, and he says Bitty says he’s excited for jam in GA.

2) dec. 20: “Surprising your boyfriend like”

3) dec. 22: Tweets about Jack’s shower.

4) dec. 25: “today: dinner with former teammates and a falconer”

5) dec. 26: boxing day brunch

6) dec 27: emotional saying goodbye.

Guys. Bitty totally faked Jack out. He made Jack believe he was going home to Georgia for Christmas, and then he SHOWED UP ON JACK’S DOORSTEP ON THE 20TH AND said “SURPRISE” AND THEY SPENT CHRISTMAS TOGETHER.



“FC Barcelona expresses its refusal and indignation towards the content of the tweeet published by Malaga CF president, Abdullah Al-Thani, with staments that violate the principles of Fair Play and the ethics and legitimicy that should be applied to the Sporting competition.

Due to that motive, The Club will report this case to the Anti-Violence Committee of the National Sports Council, and will also transmit the case to the Competition Committee of the RFEF and the La Liga Integrity Department”


Al-Thani tweet: “God willing they will be scolded on the pitch. But the Catalana scum will not take a whiff of the League after fabricating lies about Coach Michel”

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Hi, it’s me again!! So!! Will is going to Paris today!! And guess who is currently in Paris!! Let me give u guys a hint

- She’s one of the guest at THOS con; the con has just ended by the way sooo im guessing theres a lot of free time now….in the city of loooooooove ;)

- She’s STILL in Paris

- And she liked his tweeet ;)

If u guys still dont know who im referring too, DM me kay~~~

anonymous asked:

Gigi is embarrassing herself on Twitter. She's like tweeets saying "slay gigi, this is gigi killing all those rumors" meanwhile z is probably with you know who getting his you know what eaten

LMAO!!! I believe it, nonnie. But yeah I saw. Team Zigi is over there trying to do damage control and I’m over here like 

If anything, posting that pic does the opposite IMO, unless of course you’re one of the three Ziglets and are naive af.

If they really wanted to silence the rumors, then they should’ve posted something more convincing that an old ass picture with a caption that could be interpreted in more than one way. Plus, liking all those absurd tweets is making it even more obvious what they’re trying to do. 

My recurring message to Yolanda still applies: