this tv spot is old as balls

Imagine New Years Eve with Jared

“He said he’d be here at 4.” you insist as your mom asks you again. You’re trying your best to hold a conversation with her on the phone while your curl your hair, attempting not to burn yourself. 

“Well, sweetheart, it’s 5:15.” Your mom says in the judgemental voice she uses whenever she is trying to prove you’re doing something wrong. 

“I know mom and if you’d stop talking then maybe I could call him and ask where he was,” you groan as you wrap another piece of your hair around the barrel of your curling iron. 

Your mom continued to talk for another 15 minutes and it was 5:30 before you finally got off the phone. You decided to finish your hair before finally calling Jared. 

“Hey, babe, babe I’m on my way I’m almost home I swear.” he answers the phone and immediately starts talking. 

“It’s alright I just wanted to make sure everything was okay.” you say, trying to act calm and not sound annoyed; it’s not like you were ready for him to be back at 5. 

“Pulling off the highway now,” he says, you hear someone honk and furrow your brow. 

“Babe was that you?”

“No it was someone else,” he says. You can hear him start to calm down a little.

“Why are you freaking out?” you ask, slightly confused. 

“I said we’d be there by 7 and there’s no way we’re getting up to Valencia by 7 now.” he grumbles. “I’ll talk to you when I get inside. I love you, kay?” he says before hanging up the phone. 

You hear him walk in a few minutes later, as you’re pulling on your dress. “I have to shower real fast, babe. We can go right after I get ready,” he calls as he heads up the stairs. 

“Can you zip my dress first?” you laugh softly as you try to reach behind you to the zipper. He laughs as he comes into the room and sees you struggling, walking over and kissing the back of your neck as he pulls the zipper the rest of the way up your back. “Thank you,” you smile, turning and pecking his lips quickly. 

After a rushed shower and quickly getting into the car, Jared’s speeding down the access roads trying to avoid the highway. “goddamnit,” he mumbles under his breath.

“Babe please calm down,” you say, trying not to laugh at his frustration. “It’s gonna be okay, they’ll understand if you’re a little late. It’s New Years! Everyone is already going to be drunk when we get there.”

“at 7?” he asks, glancing over at you with a skeptical look on his face. 

“At this rate we probably won’t get there till 9.” you shrug, smiling at him. He nods in agreement and reluctantly pulls onto the highway into the stop and go traffic. 

You two finally get to Santa Clarita around 8:45, getting off the highway and driving to the large house where the party was being thrown. Jared takes your hand as the two of you head inside, quickly grabbing two glasses of champagne and handing you one. “M'lady,” he grins, clinking his glass against yours. 

“Thank you,” you smile, taking a sip as the two of you move further into the party, “You’re drinking?” you ask, slightly surprised. 

“Just one, it’s New Years. Maybe two.” he shrugs, sliding his arm around your waist, taking a sip of his drink before kissing your temple, “You look beautiful, y'know.” he smiles, squeezing you slightly. 

“Thank you, Jay.” you smile and turn, kissing his cheek. You loved wearing heels and being as tall as he was. “You clean up pretty nicely yourself.” you add, letting out a small laugh as he smiles. 

The two of you move around the party, talking with different people. Around 11:30 they started handing out hats and glasses and noisemakers. 

“Oh my god, put these on!” You laugh, grabbing a pair of light up 2014 glasses, opening them up and sliding them onto your boyfriend’s face. You both laugh as you press the button to turn them on and watch the lights begin to flash. 

“Here, wear this,” Jared laughed, picking up a headband with ‘Happy New Years’ on it, placing it on your head. “Perfect.” he decides, pecking your lips. The two of you headed into the other room where Dick Clark’s New Years Eve was on and stood behind the couch watching for a few minutes. “We were supposed to play MTV’s.” Jared thinks allowed to himself. 

“Yeah but you said no so you could spend it with meee,” you giggle, wrapping both your arms around his neck and leaning in to kiss his nose, “I love you,” you smile. 

“I love you too,” he grins, before pulling the glasses off, “don’t worry, I’ll put them back on in a few minutes.” he laughs as he sees you begin to pout. 

The room begins to fill as the clock gets closer to midnight, everyone trying to find a spot to view the ball dropping. You always thought it was weird that you had to watch a re-televised version of the New Years in New York but that’s just what happens on the west coast. 

Jared wraps his arm tightly around your waist as people begin standing closer to the two of you, sliding his glasses back on and grinning widely at you. You couldn’t help but laugh a little, it never made sense how that stupid smile of his made him look like a 4 year old on Christmas morning. 










Barely anyone screamed one, it was more a lot of hollering and screaming and laughing. Jared slid his other arm around your waist and pulled you against him, kissing you deeply as you slid your arms around his neck, smiling into the kiss. The two of you barely pulled away from each other, pecking each others’ lips for a few more seconds before talking.

“Happy New Years, baby.” he laughed, pulling the glasses off before resting his forehead against yours.

“Happy New Years,” you reply, squeezing your arms around him tightly.