this tv show is brilliant


Life is a series of closing doors, isn’t it?

book vs tv show characters
  • book! penny : whiny, pretentious, thinks he's smarter than he is, kind of an asshole
  • tv show! penny : still kind of an asshole but cares too much underneath, hears voices, not pretentious, annoyed by everything (remember when he got fucking stabbed and rolled his eyes at it? #iconic)
  • book! janet : wants what she can't have, a gryffendor, bi and butch, actively dislikes other girls
  • tv show! margo : has a better name, a slytherin, bi and femme, isn't really friends with other girls but doesn't want to destroy them, more canonly bi (the line about thai food implies she doesn't think that girls are interesting sometimes and that she thinks they're attractive all the time)
  • book! asmodeus : 17, smarter than she should be, kills a god, goes by "becky" for some reason
  • tv show! kady : bi as fuck, not seventeen, would die for julia wicker
  • book! josh : can do magic but only sometimes, part of the squad, mostly irrelevant, marries quentin's ex
  • tv show! josh : still irrelevant, ditches the squad, dating victoria who wasn't even in the books
  • book! quentin : depression, trying his best, kind of a fuckboy after alice/penny but he gets better about it, ivy leauge kid
  • tv show! quentin : same thing but with more obvious depression
  • book! julia : deserves better
  • tv show! julia : deserves better
  • book! alice : fucking brilliant, deserved better, i am adopting her bc her parents are shit
  • tv show! alice : deserved better, my brilliant and kind daughter who i am adopting bc her parents are still shit
  • book! eliot : more of a hipster, gay, doesn't marry a woman (@syfy writers - what the fuck???? what the fuck??? what the fuck?????)
  • tv show eliot : trying his best, very sad, covers it up by drinking a lot, qpps with margo, more preppy less hipster, marries a woman because he has to, still gay
Re:  The Defenders trailer.  Matt Murdock entering the interrogation room and instantly instructing Jessica Jones to “stop talking” is great because it points out the fallacy of the term “lawyered up” and how police and police TV shows often insist that wanting a nagging, uptight  defense lawyer (or any legal representation, for that matter) instantly makes you guilty on the spot.

Because Matt spots rights away what they’re doing to her, (Getting a confession out of a lone nervous woman with a bit of a big mouth.)

So he turns into the nagging, uptight defense lawyer  we see on all the usual police TV shows and that the viewer is expected to dislike.

Oddly brilliant.

They choreographed this tango so that Madalena is very obviously dancing the lead despite being in the woman’s traditional follow role and my greatest sadness is knowing this show only lived for two seasons.


“Long-term memory, okay? When you were three you had this, um, big… juicy fruit… orange, orange car that you sat in and you pushed with your feet. Only, you never did it yourself, ‘cause you always got me to push you everywhere. And Mum used to get upset with you for being lazy, but I could make you go fast, I could give you a nice ride. Thing is, right, now, I know I can’t do anything for you that’s even that simple anymore. And half the time I’m gonna be the boy in the orange car. But… I’m so proud of what you can do now, and what you’ve done. And a couple of months ago I was jealous of your future, ‘cause I haven’t got one to speak of, but my life now is gonna be what happens to you. And you. Before, I thought that I was the main event, and the breadwinner and the go-getter… now I’m just happy watching you. So… good luck, son.”

You know, if they get on with a RoL tv series anytime soon it’s possible that a show about a brilliant young black man who solves problems with science, his Nazi-tank-destroying boss, his second-generation immigrant local goddess girlfriend, his former political refugee Somali hijabi co-worker, and their other queer and non-white colleagues fighting a rich white prick who espouses white supremacy might be seen as slightly too on-the-nose for the current state of world affairs, but I think that’s exactly what we need right now

i love sherlock it’s brilliant it’s the best show on television and it’s going to make history because whatever they’re doing will be profound and satisfying and groundbreaking and romantic just like the rest of the show 👏👏

♥ send a shade of purple. ♥
  • african violet: what is the strangest genre of music you listen to?
  • amethyst: what is your birthstone?
  • boysenberry: do you have a sweet tooth? what are you favorite desserts?
  • bright ube: if you could live in a book, tv show or movie, what would it be?
  • brilliant lavender: if you could master one skill you don’t have right now, what would it be?
  • china rose: best compliment you've ever received?
  • dark orchid: what is the longest you've gone without sleep?
  • eggplant: what is your least favorite word? why do you dislike it?
  • eminence: what motivates you to succeed?
  • fuchsia: are you an upbeat person? do you look on the bright side of life?
  • mountbatten pink: would you rather explore a new planet, or the deepest parts of the ocean? why?
  • orchid: in what ways are you the same as your childhood self?
  • pearly purple: how do you show someone that you like them?
  • royal purple: if you could speak to everyone in the world at the same time, what would you say?
  • violet: what age do you feel right now and why?
  • wisteria: what is the perfect way to start your morning? what do you consider a 'perfect morning'?

Happy 20th to the best series I’ve ever seen.
To have a series which has such a strong, empowering woman at the full front of such a good series. Also to pick up so many different storylines throughout the series. Storylines which grab the attention of so many fans and never gets old.
I was literally born a day before this got released in the US. And when I turned 13 I started to watch this like it only came out the day before.
Throughout the series there has been ups and downs; there has been characters that people love and people hate. There has been parts which have had me smiling from ear to ear, being overjoyed and others whicb have had me crying and also beyond pissed.
They have had great episodes; my particular favourite being Once More with Feeling because its just so anti Buffy with the singing but the storyline is just so Buffy. And creepy as fuck episodes that looking back on I really shouldn’t have watched when I was thirteen by myself in the dark like Hush.
This TV show has so many great characters which I could write lists of brilliant things about but I would literally be here until the 30th Anniversary.
Everything about this series is great, it has so many storylines and characters and backstories that will grab a variety of peoples attention and will make you stick with them until the end of their story.

So to sum it up, thank you Joss Whedon for creating such a brilliant series that has grabbed peoples attention since March 10th 1997 in America and January 3rd 1998 in the UK. And thank you for the cute little guy who says “grr argg” at the end of every episode. And thank you such a great, big cast for playing characters that I have loved and called my children over the years.


If you have time please listen what Robin says about Oswald💜
He is totally right,people hate Oswald being in love with Nygma because they are homophobic.The tv show is AWESOME,Oswald is still the kind of person he was,only of course,madly in love with Ed haha
And no,he is not confused..their relationship has developed through seasons and with the first hug (s03e05)Oswald realized he loves Ed not only as a friend but as a soulmate
Thank you, Gotham for having such an amazing cast and brilliant tv show💜👏🏻