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Better Than a Book (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

741. “Do you want to stay over tonight?”// 125. “I need you to forgive me.”// 511. “Don’t give me that face, it’s so cute I might not be able to hold back.”

Warnings: Slightly nsfw, cursing

A/N: I’m so glad you guys liked my last fic! I had a lot of fun writing it and decided to write another. Once again, I will literally write anything you want me to, so don’t be afraid to request. I wrote one for Jared cause I got a soft spot for MemeBoy. Hope you enjoy!


You were laying in your bed reading the new book you got from the library. Your friend, Alana, recommended it to you after you finished all the novels on your shelf. You had been meaning to read it all week, but school and friends got in the way. It’s currently Sunday night and you just want to enjoy the rain pattering down on your window while you curl up in your blanket on your bean bag with your book and green tea.

The moment you opened the book, your phone buzzed with a text lighting up the screen. You reached over to your desk and looked at the message.


What are you doing?


Trying to read


That’s hella boring, you should come over and hang out with me instead


I’ve been trying to get started on this book for the past week now


But (Y/N) I’m bored


Poor you :p. Okay, but seriously, I’m trying to read


Jesus christ and you call ME the nerd

You didn’t respond to his last text, but you did laugh. You felt bad for saying no, but you really wanted to get started on the book. You delved into the book and read for the rest of the night.

You were grabbing your books from your locker when Jared walked up to you.

“You missed a pretty good meme making session.”

“Oh, darn. Isn’t that just a shame?”

“That’s what you get for reading books all day.”

“Believe it or not, books actually make you smarter. You know, they expand your imagination, creativity, and your vocabulary. If you actually gave it a chance, I think you would like the books I have.”

“First of all, if I cared about my vocabulary, I would’ve done all those assignments for Miss Price back in first grade. Second of all, why would I wanna spend time reading when I can make memes and be just as depressed?”

You playfully rolled your eyes as you walked into class with him.


The last bell of the day rang and all of the students began piling out the doors. You grabbed your bag and started to head for the doors. Jared bumped into you with a smile on his face.

“Hey, wanna stay over tonight?”

You bit your lip. It’s not that you didn’t want to hang out, you were just so close to finishing your book. After you didn’t say anything for some time, Jared rolled his eyes.

“I can’t believe it. I’m being replaced by a book.”

“Please, I don’t think anything in my life could replace you.”

“God, ever since you started reading that book, you’ve become more gay by the second. I want my friend (Y/N) back.”

“Well, if you’re just going to be mean, then I’m definitely staying home to finish the book.”

“Oh my god fine. I’ll be nice. Don’t make me beg, (Y/N).”

“Jared Kleinman begging? I’d like to see that.”

Jared spit in front of your shoes after that comment and you stopped in your tracks and just stared at him. He shoved his hands in his pockets and smirked as he headed for his car.

“Wow, very mature. You’re disgusting.”

He opened the passenger side door.

“So, you coming?”

You smiled and got in. He closed the door for you and grinned. He started the car and drove you both to his house. You walked in and he followed, closing the door behind him.

“My parents are still at work, so we’ll be alone for a little while.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time.”

“Probably won’t be the last either.”

Your parents and Jared’s had been friends for a long time before the two of you were even thought of, so you staying over at his house wasn’t anything new. However, your father started becoming weary when you two began maturing and hit puberty. He is convinced that you and Jared are pretty much fucking every time you are alone at his house no matter how many times you tell him you aren’t. You got so fed up with his constant checking up on you via texts that you only tell your mom when you’re over at Jared’s.

You followed Jared into his room and sat down on his bed. You grabbed your homework out of your bag and spread it out on his bed.

“So not only are you replacing me with a book, but you’re gonna deliberately ignore me through homework, now?”

“Oh my god, Jared. Why are you so needy?”

“Because you’re my friend and you’re way more fun when you aren’t being responsible.”

“And you wonder why you’re almost failing every class.”

“Who said I was wondering?”

You rolled your eyes at him as he went over to his Playstation 4 and booted up a game. You never said this out loud, but you enjoyed Jared’s company. Even though you’re working on homework and he’s yelling at his game from his beanbag chair on the ground, you can’t help but smile at how homey this feels.

You looked at the back of his head and grinned. Before you could stop yourself you closed your book, set it aside, and started running your fingers through his hair. He frowned for a second and his hands stopped moving. He leaned against the wood frame of his bed and started leaning into your hands. Jared was actually enjoying the feeling of your nails raking through his short hair.

You noticed his character on the screen began running around again. You snapped back into reality and realized what you were doing. You quickly removed your hands from his hair and shoved them into your lap.

“Why’d you stop?”

“I… it was kinda awkward, right? I didn’t mean to. I don’t even know what I was thinkin-”

“You didn’t hear me complain, did you?”

“You want me to keep doing it?”

Jared awkwardly cleared his throat and swallowed.

“If you want.”

You moved closer to his head and continued stroking his hair. Was it weird for you to enjoy doing this while watching him play his game? You laughed at some of the things he said while playing. You removed your hands when he tried to pop the muscles in his neck. You placed your hands on his shoulders and began rubbing at the tense muscles. You felt him stiffen under your hands and you heard him sigh. He leaned his head on his bed. His face was now upside down looking up at you.

“(Y/N), you are treading on dangerous territory.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“If you feel like you can’t forgive me.”

“Forgive you for what?”

He smirked before grabbing your face and crashing his lips on yours. Yes, this was a cliche spiderman kiss, but you didn’t care. You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t thought about what it would be like if you and Jared had started dating. You can’t imagine it’d be any different than what it already was. You sitting on his bed doing homework while he played his games.

Just then, Jared cupped your face and pulled away with a big grin on his face. You bit your lip and smiled out of excitement.

“Fuck, don’t give me that face. It’s so cute, I might not be able to hold back.”

“Who says I want you to hold back?”

Jared turned off his game and crawled onto the bed. He shoved the text book out of the way and kneeled in front of you. He kissed you fervently and gently pushed you back against his pillows. You let him rest his hips between your legs. You once again ran your fingers through his hair as he kissed your neck. You gently tugged when he found your sweet spot. He moaned into your neck and grinded against you. You could feel how much he was enjoying this through his shorts. You gasped and wrapped your legs around his hips to pull him closer. He rested his forehead against yours, breathing hard. You giggled and pulled his glasses from his face and sat them on his table. He smiled.

“I guess your dad was right about this eventually happening.”

You stared at him for a long time before opening your mouth.

“You finally get the balls to make out with me and you’re thinking about my dad?”

“Well, what can I say? He’s got those pretty blue eyes that just get me going.”

“Jared, you’re ruining this.”

“My bad. Let me make it up to you.”

He kissed you again and grinded his hips into yours. You moaned with every thrust of his hips. His hands started roaming your body and slipped under your shirt. He looked at you, worried that you were going to reject him. You put your hand on his wrist and guided it up to your bra. He hesitated. Jesus, he was a nervous mess, but of course this is Jared, so he has the bright idea to say something.

“I can’t believe you were planning on ditching me today to finish your book.”

“Jared, I swear to god-”

You both stopped dead in your tracks when you heard the front door open. He quickly got off of you and turned his game on. He sat in the bean bag once again. You hurriedly grabbed your textbook and opened it, pretending to read it.

His bedroom door swung open and his mom walked in. You were sure that your red faces would be a dead giveaway, but you hoped for the best.

“Hey, (Y/N), how have you been?”

“I’ve been really great, Mrs. Kleinman.”

“That’s nice. Jared, sweetie, why are you trying to play with your glasses off?”

He stopped playing and snapped his fingers.

“And here I was, confused as to why I couldn’t see.”

He stood up and retrieved his glasses. He put them on and put on a fake smile.

“Ah, all better. Thanks, mom.”

He closed the door and let out the breath he was holding in.

“Smooth, Kleinman.”

“Shut up, if it wasn’t for me, she would’ve noticed that you’ve turned into a literal tomato.”

“As if you’re any better.”


Meanwhile, Jared’s mom tapped her husband on the shoulder.

“You owe me twenty.”


“They were totally making out while we were gone.”

“Damn, they couldn’t wait until one more year?”

He handed her the money and returned his attention back to the newspaper in his hands.

Never Letting Go

Characters: Sam Winchester, Y/N Y/L/N, John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Mary Winchester, Y/N’s parents

Pairing: AU Sam x Reader

Warnings: Character death, mention of alcohol abuse, John being a bad parent, Dean being an awesome brother, mention of domestic abuse, mention of rape, mention of character death - None of it graphic!   

Word Count: 1200ish

A/N: So this turned out way different than I planned. Sorry I didn’t include Destiel after all Beka. I promise I will make a drabble out of that moment we talked about at some point.

This is written for @impala-dreamer One Prompt for All Sam Challenge. The prompt was “I promise I won’t let go”

Also I aimed for fluff which I clearly missed by a mile. Apparently I can’t write Sam without some degree of angst! Sorry!

Thanks to the always amazing @blacktithe7 for betaing this.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Sam Winchester was like a lost kid when he met Y/N. He felt guilty for all the things his brother had sacrificed for his happiness, so much so that he was starting to doubt Stanford Law was really what he wanted. You see, Sam Winchester didn’t come from an ordinary family. He came from a family with a father that blamed him for the death of his mother while he took everything he felt Sam did wrong out on his older brother Dean.

When Sam was 6 months old, his mother had taken the eyes off the road for one brief moment to look back at her crying baby. Just long enough for the car to sway into oncoming traffic before a honking horn made her overcorrect, steering right into a huge oak just a few miles from their home. Sam didn’t remember any of this of course, but his four year old brother did. Before telling the cops, Dean did something no kid should ever have to do. He unfastened his brother’s seat belt and carried him from the wreck before the vehicle caught fire. He saved his brother’s life, but Dean never saw it like that. He remember the smell of burning flesh and his mother’s screams. More than that, he remembered the dead look in his father’s eyes; the hate he looked at his baby brother with, when Dean told the police what had happened.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any pining canon verse recs?

alrighty I have a couple here

Make Me Your Home by Reader115 38k mutual pining canon-verse 

“Oh my god, Keeeith,” Lance wheezed. “Keith you’re the best drunk space cadet I’ve ever seen.”

“Space cadet,” Keith mumbled. He repeated the words again although his eyes had zeroed in on Lance’s hands and Lance offered no resistance when Keith picked one of them up and pulled it possessively towards his lap. He began to gently trace over Lance’s fingers, sending shivers up Lance’s arm and down his spine. “You have looong fingers,” Keith murmured after a few moments.

Keith’s face perked up then, as if he’d just had a brilliant idea, and Lance could almost not wait to hear what new obscure thought had entered Keith’s pretty head. He was prepared to laugh, and instead found himself shivering again as Keith leaned far into his personal bubble, lips practically touching Lance’s ear when he spoke next.

“I bet you could reach all kinds of things, Lance.”

(One of my favorite canon-verse fics period, beautifully written, theres some smut but it’s short and you can skip it if it’s not your jam)

With legs like these by Queerklancing 6.8k  mutual pining canon-verse

In which Lance finds out that there’s a pool in the castle and challenges Keith to a race.

Lance did NOT think this through. Because not a single thing in this universe could’ve prepare him for the sight of Keith in nothing but a red pair of swimming trunks.
Keith has one arm bend behind his head and stretches it with the other. His back arches beautifully, presenting Lance a perfect view of his well-defined torso. At least the last thing Lance sees right before he dies are those ripped abs.

(Ok it’s short for a pining fic but it’s still v enjoyable)

time out of mind by aknightley 28k time-travel canon-verse

Keith and Lance wake up married. In the future.

He lays there a moment, processing the faint throbbing in his head, a strange bitter taste like lemons in his mouth. When he opens his eyes, the room spins wildly into a kaleidoscope of colors, so he closes them again, breathing in and out until he feels less like he might throw up. He suddenly registers a warm weight over his waist, and lifts his head to see a brown arm thrown over him. It looks startlingly familiar, but different, bigger than he remembers, more toned.

Keith turns all the way around and comes face to face with Lance sleepily blinking his own eyes open.

(I think about this fic a lot, it’s super sweet and fluffy while also hitting a nice pace)

supermassive black hole by epiproctan 7k smut with mutual pining

Keith has always known that he wasn’t going to get what he truly wants out of the arrangement, but he also hadn’t ever imagined that it would just…end.

aka that classic fic where lance wants to stop hooking up but keith wants something else entirely

(Ok so this is like ¾ smut but it’s written well and also has pining so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

it’s all in my head by aknightley 7.6k canon-verse psychic bond, fluff & angst

“Uh,” Pidge said, “Lance? Buddy? What’s the deal?”

“That’s Lance?” Hunk shouted, somehow still ramming ships away from the castle; Keith felt like bubbles were bursting in his head, effervescent pops of giddy fear mixed with conviction. Lance, he thought, Lance feels like this. “Thank God, I thought I was going crazy for a second.”

and I saved the best for last:

Nightmares by Trashness 15k of cuddles and mutual pining

Lance’s nightmares are getting out of control. It’s effecting his and the team’s performance, but he’s at a loss for how to fix this.

Apparently sleeping next to a warm body helps.

(One of my favorite fics ever, so beautifully written and it’s nothing but pure fluff and goodness, and I think about it as I fall asleep oftentimes)


Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Prompt: Based off of the song “Fallingforyou” by The 1975. In which Peter is falling for you, a senior who is also part of the avengers, but you’re apprehensive to reflect his feelings.

Warning(s): Nothing. A really massive time skip…maybe?

Word Count: 4263 

A/N: Anything in italics is the lyrics of the song, and I am in no way taking credit for writing them. This one took me a long time to write, and It turned out differently than I planned, but I like it. I put a lot of effort into it, and edited it A LOT and hopefully I didn’t miss anything. Sorry about the ending, it’s a little vague, but you can just envision whatever you want to happen, sooo thanks for reading and enjoy :))

What time you coming out?

We starting losing light.

I’ll never make it right

If you don’t want me around,

Peter was waiting in the lobby for you to come down from your room. He’d been waiting since 6:00, when you said you’d meet him, and he started to become increasingly more anxious as time passed. He didn’t know if you were just late, or if you even planned on showing up at all. He was tempted to call you or go upstairs and check on you even, but he didn’t want to come off as overbearing. It was already bad enough you probably thought he was some clingy sophomore, who needed to give it a rest and quit trying.

The clock on the wall continued to tick, mocking Peter as the minutes passed. It was almost 6:45, and his nerves were implacable. He could feel his heart thumping in his chest, and he had to keep wiping his sweaty palms on his jeans. He regret his decision to wear a sweater even though May said she liked the way it looked. This was his chance to prove to you that he wasn’t just some dumb kid from Queens, but that he really could be worth your time, and he didn’t want it to fall through before it even started.

I’m so excited for the night,

All we need’s my bike and your enormous house

All he wanted was for you to at least come down to see him. The two of you didn’t have to go anywhere, but he at least wanted to talk. Even though the both of you were part of the Avengers team, you tended to keep personal matters to yourself. You were a friendly team member when it came to anything that had to do with the mission or one of the other Avengers, but the minute conversation would shift to something you deemed unnecessary, you would close yourself off. That’s part of the reason why Peter was so nervous, and why he was so excited when you agreed to hang out with him. The two of you were slowly starting to have conversations about more than just Avenger things, and he didn’t want that to end. There wasn’t much he knew about you, but he was already hooked and wanted to find out more.

He thought you were stunning since the very first time he had seen you, but he was became even more enthralled by you every time you decided that it was okay to talk to share something new.After working together for almost a year, he was aching to learn anything he could about you. But it wasn’t just him, you were reserved with most of the team. As much as he understood that there was a reason in your decisions to not get close to anyone, Peter wanted to be the person to get through to you.

The team always told him that something damaging from you past kept you wary. That it was the reason why you did everything you could to avoid making personal relationships with people. His desire to show you that it was okay to be vulnerable only continued to grow, unphased by the walls you had created. All he needed was for you to give him a chance. And there he was waiting for the ding of the elevator to signify that you had granted his wish..

You said someday we might

When I’m closer to your height

‘Til then we’ll knock around and see

If you’re all I need

When you finally did come down to meet him you apologized for being so late. Little did Peter know it was only  due to the fact that it took almost an extra hour to convince yourself to leave your room. Peter was extremely sweet and patient with you, and for that you were grateful, but you weren’t sure that letting him in was a good idea. Your past kept you apprehensive, but you figured that you should at least give your teammate a chance. Maybe he would realize that you really weren’t made for this.

Peter led you to a small park across the street from the tower, where the two of you sat next to each other on a bench. You were overly aware of the extremely small distance between the two of you and you wondered how people did without giving it a second thought. You wished that it could be easier. That you could let yourself go and be free, but there was no room for that. That’s how people get hurt, and you wouldn’t let that happen because of you.

You were out of your element by being here with him, and Peter didn’t want to blatantly overstep your boundaries, so the two of you sat in an uneasy silence. The only sounds that were heard was the rustle of the leaves caused by the wind and the usual noises that went along with living in the city. The silence was palpable and Peter knew that he was going to have to be the one to break it. “You know it’s okay to talk to people, right? Make friends?” He asked hesitantly.

You glanced up at Peter for a brief moment before looking back down at your hands placed in your lap. You sighed before you spoke, “It’s not that simple, Peter. I can’t.”

“Why not?” He knew why, but not fully. He didn’t see why you couldn’t just let go and let yourself live.

“You wouldn’t understand but trust me, I just can’t.”

Peter wasn’t so dismissive, and all he wanted was to get you to talk. Even the smallest amount was still something. “I bet that I could, if you just talked about it. You can trust me y/n, we’re on the same team, you know.”

“You just wouldn’t understand.”

Peter could see the you were slightly uncomfortable because of his prodding, so he wanted to make light of the situation. He turned to you suddenly with a smirk on his face as he joked, “Is it because I’m young? Because technically you’re only two years ol-”

“No Peter,” you interrupted with a slight laugh, “that’s not,” you paused, “that’s not it.”

He visibly saw some of the tension ease out of your face, and he feigned his best look of horror and replied, “Is it because I’m too short?”

Finally, the severity of the previous conversation was forgotten, as the most gorgeous smile Peter had ever seen formed on your lips.

And on this night and in this light,

I think I’m falling, I’m falling for you.

Maybe you’ll change your mind

I think I’m falling, I think I’m falling.

In that moment, Peter’s world stopped. The impact of the beauty sitting before him, hit him like a truck.. All the commotion from the car horns and shouting pedestrians ceased, until all that was left was you. He was consumed by the beauty in your laugh, and it was in that moment that he knew he was a goner.

He wanted to be the reason why he saw this smile everyday. He wanted to be the reason you found meaning in the little things. He wanted to show you what it was like to be cared for, and what it felt like to return the favor in the deepest way. He wanted to spoil you to no end, and he even wanted the inevitable teasing from the other Avengers. He wanted everything, but he couldn’t have any of it.

He wanted to openly love a girl who ran at the near thought of vulnerability. He wanted to show you how intoxicating love could be. He wanted to convince you that it was okay to live in those feelings of bliss; that you didn’t have to shut them down before they could even begin to grow. He wanted to show you how to live free and boundless.

I’m caught on your coat again.

You said, “Oh, no, it’s fine.”

I read between the lines

And touched your leg again, again.

Months passed and as time progressed, Peter’s feelings did as well. You were becoming increasingly more comfortable with interacting with the team outside of missions, and you would even go as far as to call Peter your best friend. It took a while, but you finally were starting to feel comfortable again. The idea of talking to someone didn’t frighten you into seclusion, and you were able to admit how unhealthy your old habits were.

You still hadn’t told Peter the whole story about what happened in the first place, but you were finally coming to terms with it. The past is in the past, and there was nothing you could do to change what happened. With Peter’s help, you finally started moving on and living. You were forever grateful, and you didn’t think there was any way you could repay him.

There most certainly was a way, but he was never going to admit that. He respected that you were taking the time you needed to get close to him, and he would never rush you. Everything about your relationship was done at your pace, and he was completely okay with that. Regardless of his feelings for you, making sure you were happy was the most important thing. He never wanted to jeopardize the friendship he had worked so hard to build with you.

You had come over to Peter’s apartment to watch a movie. You really enjoyed coming over to spend time with him; you liked the change of scenery. His house was a completely different environment than the one you were used to. The tower was massive, and one wrong turn could lead you into a foreign hall that could take hours to find your way out of. At the same time, it often seemed too small. There were times when you couldn’t go anywhere without running into someone, or hearing them in the next room. Peter’s house was different. It was small and quiet, but in all the best ways. It was a place you could go to when you needed to get away from all things Avengers.

On top of that, you completely adored Aunt May. Sure she had messed up a few of your meals, but that didn’t make her any less amazing. You could see how deeply Peter and May cared for each other and you found it so endearing. You knew they were both the only family the other had left, and it was refreshing to see a bond like theirs. It reminded you of everything you didn’t have, but you were glad that they still had each other.

Peter emerged from the hallway, coming out of his room with a movie in hand. He tried to keep the cover hidden from you as he walked past, but you jumped up from the couch and ran to him. You tried getting a peek at what movie he had, but he kept dodging you whenever you would try to grab at it. This made you laugh and with a smirk on your face you asked with a heavily playful tone, “Why’re you avoiding me, Peter?”

He moved the disc to behind his back as he slowly stepped backwards towards the TV. He tried to keep a calm and collected facial expression when he replied, “Oh, no reason, y/n. Just trying to get to the TV, so we can watch our movie.”

He saw as a knowing smirk form on your face at his response. “What movie?”

“Oh, uh, it’s nothing really. I think you might like it, it seemed pretty cool.”

“Does it now?” You challenged, knowing the exact movie you were gonna be watching that night the moment you let him pick.

He was running out of space to move backwards, so he decided to give in. He mumbled the name, trying to be as quiet as possible so you couldn’t hear him. You knew exactly what he said, he wouldn’t be hiding it if you knew you weren’t right, but you didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of getting away with it.

“What was that, Peter? I didn’t quite catch that.”

He sighed, and with a small smile he hesitantly admitted, “Star wars.”

“Ha!” You lunged for the DVD behind his pack, holding it up in victory. You screamed, “I knew it!” This caused Peter to laugh, he loved how relaxed you were being. It felt good to know that you could be yourself and feel comfortable with him. “I don’t know why you take so long to pick a movie when you always end up choosing Star Wars.”

He chuckled to himself and teased, “We’ve only watched it together like three times, surely you could go for a fourth?”

Peter went and got settled on the couch, while you put the movie in the player. He left a spot next to him open to see if you would lay down with him. He didn’t mean anything by it, just a simple little test. Nothing more than that, of course. You mentally chuckled at how transparent Peter could be, but you laid down anyway.

Almost half way during the movie, Peter’s started to doze off. He kept leaning his head on your shoulder, twitching himself awake, and then resting on you again. You didn’t mind, not at all. You knew how hard he worked to try and keep everyone safe, and he deserved the rest. Plus, he was really adorable and cuddly. His eyelashes were fluttering between open and closed, and the same curl was falling onto his forehead every time he laid back down.

You hadn’t been paying too much attention to the movie, but more so on watching Peter. You were content in the moment, with the quiet dialogue in the background and the soft glow radiating out from the TV screen. You were admiring his jaw and cheekbones, your fingers hovering over but too apprehensive to actually touch him. Out of nowhere, one of the major action scenes started, the music and sound effects amplified, and you and Peter both jumped up.

You looked at Peter, your heart was racing out of your chest and the two of you burst out laughing. He threw his body back down onto the couch with a quick exhale and said, “I forgot about that part.” You could tell that he wasn’t fully awake and you could hear it too. His voice was gravelly and much deeper than usual; it killed you. He laid back and put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes.

“I can’t believe you fell asleep during Star Wars,” you teased.

“Did I?” He chuckled when you hummed in confirmation, “Oops.”

You decided to tease him more. “On me, actually.”

He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, not understanding what your response meant. “What?”

“You fell asleep on me,” you said with a laugh.

His look of confusion turned into a shy kind of smile, one of your favorites of his. “I’m sorry,” he said. “You could have woken me up.”

“Oh no, it’s fine. I didn’t want to wake you.”

Peter only hummed in response, and before you could convince yourself not to, you leaned down and put your head right on his chest. You felt him stiffen underneath you at the unsuspected contact. He waited a moment to make sure you hadn’t changed your mind and wanted to move, before relaxing. You seemed content in your spot, so he took that as his cue to wrap his arms around you. The two of you falling asleep comforted in the warmth of the other and the noise from the TV.

I’ll take it one day at a time.

Soon you will be mine.

Oh, but I want you now, I want you now

You woke up sometime later to the sound of Peter and May whispering back and forth. You were still lying in Peter’s arms, but you kept your eyes closed not wanting to interrupt their conversation.

“This is just the cutest thing I think I’ve ever seen,” you heard May say.

There was a pause before Peter responded,“She is cute, isn’t she?” This made you smile, and you hoped that they didn’t notice.

You heard May laugh lightly, and you could picture the smile she had on her face. “I meant the two of you, Peter.”

You could feel his chest move as he laughed slightly and said, “I know, but it’s still true.”

May was glad that Peter had you. She worried about him sometimes, and she only wanted the best for him. They had been through a lot together, and as much as she loved him, she wanted him to put himself out there and find other people. She just wanted him to feel like a teenager before it was too late. She was glad that Peter had gotten close to you because she could tell that you were a good person, and the two of you were the others perfect compliment..

You could practically hear the smirk in her voice when she knowingly asked, “You really like her, don’t you?”

Your breath hitched when you heard her question. You felt your heart leap in your chest, eager to hear what he had to say. As much as you were still apprehensive to get too close to people, you would be lying if you said you felt nothing for Peter. You hadn’t meant for this to happen, but you’d been closed off from people for so long, it was almost impossible for you to not feel anything for him. He was everything you could ever want in a person.

Peter sighed lightly before he spoke, “May.”

“Peter, c’mon. You can’t lie to me, you know that.”

“I know…I uh.” He laughed before giving in, “Yeah, I do. I really do.” You had to restrain from moving or making any noise in reaction. The idea of a relationship and all the things that went with it nerved you, but Peter made the idea a little more appealing. You knew each other well enough to know what was too much for the other. If you were gonna be in a relationship with anyone, you would want it to be with Peter.

“Do you think anything could actually happen between the two of you?” May asked.

“If she wanted it to.” You did.

“Good answer,” she joked. You heard her starting to make her way out of the living room. “Good night, Peter. Don’t let her get away, she’s a good one.”

You snuck a peek out of one eye to find Peter smiling. “Good night.”

Peter moved his hands down to your lower back and your heart started to race as you realized how close the two of you were. You moved your head out from it’s spot in his neck, and you opened your eyes to look at Peter. A look of panic crossed over his face as he realized that you were awake. “Y/n! I thought you were asleep.”

When the smoke is in your eyes,

You look so alive.

Do you fancy sitting down with me?


You felt bad that you listened to their conversation when they thought you were asleep, but without it you still would have thought Peter wanted to be just friends. Why stay friends with someone when you both want something more?

Peter looked at you curiously, not sure if you were going to respond. He thought he saw you glance down to his lips, but he didn’t trust his tired mind. The embarrassment he was feeling was evident from his warm cheeks, caused by the fact that he knew that you had overheard his conversation with May. However, it was unrealistic to think that anything could come from it. Sure the two of you had gotten close, but there were still things he assumed would be too much for you. One of which being you developing a romantic relationship. He thought that was majorly out of the question, but right now you had him all types of confused. You weren’t saying anything, but you were staring at him and Peter couldn’t help the nervousness that passed through him at the uncertainty of the whole situation.

You shifted in his arms so you were level with his face. You looked into his eyes and every sensible part of your brain was screaming at you to not do it. That would make it all real; you’d be letting someone in again, leaving yourself and Peter vulnerable. Exposure like that, with the jobs that you had, was dangerous, but in that moment, your beating heart and clouded mind couldn’t care less.

You held yourself up with one hand on the couch, and you placed the other one gently on his chest. You felt the firm muscles underneath his T-shirt, and pushed the doubt and second thoughts into the back of your mind. You took a deep breath to calm your nerves, and focused your attention on his lips, lit up by the glow of the TV. Without hesitating, you closed your eyes and connected your lips to his. The confusion Peter previously felt melted away and he pulled you closer, causing you to lose all sense of reality.

The pleas of your mind to not give in were  forgotten as the two of you got lost in the moment. The kiss was one of tired sloppiness and inexperience, but you were relishing in the feeling of letting go. You were too wrapped up in an overwhelming sense of relief and giddiness to care whether or not you were doing it right. And by the way that Peter was responding, you knew that he didn’t care either.

If this had happened any other way Peter would have been so caught up in making sure this is exactly what you wanted, but he was so blindsided by your frankness that he couldn’t think straight. The only thing he could focus on was the feeling of your lips on his; a feeling which he had fantasized about for months, but his imagination didn’t do justice to the real thing. He was surprised at how enticing something as simple as that could feel, but it consumed him and made his body feel like it was on fire.

You pulled away giggling and placed your head back into Peter’s neck. You felt his arms squeeze around you and you placed a lazy kiss to his jaw. You looked back into his eyes and started giggling again. You had been closed off and secluded for so long, that when you finally let go you felt like a completely different person. You couldn’t imagine ever pushing people away like that again, not after what you had just felt. It was unclear how one kiss could make you feel like you had lived a completely different life. One without constraint, and the constant sense of being on top of the world.

If you’re all I need

According to your heart,

My place is not deliberate,

Feeling of your arms

I don’t wanna be your friend,

I wanna kiss your neck

The two of you laid in the dim light, your head on Peter’s chest and his arms around you, comfortable in the silence and the euphoric feelings. Neither of you saying anything about what just happened until you decided to break the silence. “I didn’t mean to.”

Peter hummed in response, not exactly sure what you were referring to. “Didn’t mean to what?”

“Fall for you. Also listening on your conversation with May, but mainly the falling for you thing.”

“I didn’t mean to either, if it means anything. And don’t worry about listening, I’d say it let to something pretty nice.”

Your heart swelled at his confession that he had fallen for you too. “You know, I used to be so scared of letting anyone in, that when you didn’t relent it scared me. I didn’t want to just let go, because that meant giving up on everything I had worked to do for years. I know it was bad, but I couldn’t just give it up. And then you kept being yourself and it made me want to not be just friends anymore. It was terrifying and I didn’t understand how all my efforts could be thrown out the window by some boy that I barely knew. But I guess none of that really matters now because here we are.”

Peter stayed quiet for a moment, thinking of the right thing to say. “I used to be scared of this, too. I didn’t want to fall for a girl that I didn’t think would ever feel the same. But I did, and I spent a really long time trying to hide it. I didn’t want to lose you as a friend or scare you back into seclusion. I didn’t do anything about it because I cared more about having you in my life, and I was okay if that meant being just friends.”

Don’t you see me?

I, I think I’m falling, I’m falling for you.

Don’t you need me?

I, I think I’m falling, I’m falling for you..

And on this night and in this light

I think I’m falling, I’m falling for you.

Maybe you’ll change your mind.

You moved your head, so that you could look into Peter’s eyes. “Maybe it’s time we changed that.”


“Being super-famous is turning out completely differently from what I imagined. What Ms. Marvel represents has gotten way bigger than what I am. I need more than just a cape and a mask. What I really need, now more than ever… is friends.”

Kamala Khan in Ms. Marvel (2015) Issue 3


Prompt: Omg, requests are open! May I request a Kaldur'ahm fic? Where he falls in love with the reader and get together after they help him move from Tula?

Requested by @audreythetealovingcat

AN: This actually turned out a bit different than what I imagined but I really love it!

He’s been down for days. More quiet than usual. Withdrawn. It makes you sad to see the typically quiet, but joyful man so solemn. So, you do the only thing you can do in this situation, you flop on to him. You go from standing next to the couch, to just letting gravity take over.

He’s confused, you can tell from the way he stiffens for a moment before forcing himself to relax. A moment later his hands start running through your fur.

You look up at him and let out a meow, he just smiles, “Thank you for the comfort my friend.” You meow again, and stretch so that you can place a paw against his cheek, because he isn’t okay, and you know it. Ever so gently he scoops you up and cuddles you closer, and begins scratching your ears.

“Heartbreak is a part of life little one.” You meow again, before rubbing your cheek against his. “Her name was Tula. She has been my friend since I was young. I’ve loved her for years, but she and our other friend Garth are now …”

You meow again, and snuggle closer. You do your best to be cute, to make him smile. If you were human, you would have squealed when he smiles. But you aren’t, so you can’t. So instead you purr.

“Heartbreak is a part of life little one. My heart will heal, and it will find someone new. I anxiously await meeting that person. I can’t wait for the moments I will spend with them. I hope that that person will be the only one, for I have no desire to go through this heartache again.”

You continue to purr, and then you stretch up and lick his cheek, and just like that, the magic that had bound you to this form for years, that had prevented you from communicating even with the Martians is broken, and you’re sitting completely human, in the man’s lap.

You can see the shock on his face, and you give a hesitant grin, and a little wave. And then you panic as he passes out from shock.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Outlander’ Stars Tease 'Massive Developments’ for Bree & Roger’s Relationship in Season 3!

We sat down with stars Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin in the Fraser’s Lallybroch living room for an in-depth preview of what’s ahead for Bree and Roger’s relationship in season three.

After their character’s chemistry-charged meeting at the end of Outlander’s second season, Skelton promised that fans will be seeing “a lot more” of Brianna and Roger’s “relationship development” in this upcoming season.

“Massive developments,” Rankin stressed. “There’s going to be massive developments.” Rankin added that he and Skelton care deeply about their characters and the two actors will often have in-depth conversations about the script’s subtext.

“It’s obviously important that we get on together and that we’re on the same page,” he said. “We spend a lot of time together. We chat a lot about the characters, and we chat a lot about the relationship and the development of the relationship, which I think is really helpful. Nine times out of 10, Sophie doesn’t agree with what I’ve got to say, but she listens.”

Skelton said, “You see a lot more of Brianna and Roger’s relationship coming together and then in an equal amount being sort of torn apart as well. So even with some scenes, they sort of read one way, but then we’ve talked about it and actually some of the scenes have sort of turned out quite different than we imagined.”

Press play on the video at the top of the page to find out more about Skelton and Rankin’s introduction into the world of Outlander and new details about Bree and Claire’s “really lovely scenes” in their Boston home. (P.S. Caitriona Balfe gave us an exclusive home tour of that Boston set, and we’ll be showing it to you soon!)

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Rosvolio prompt: "If I promised you'd never see me again would you kiss me?"

read on ao3

The Royal Guard snuck up on him unceremoniously. One moment he was in the market, fingers trailing over different pieces of fabric, delightedly thinking about how much it would irk his fiance if he had a dress commissioned for her in a color far more interesting than blue, when two men snatched at his arms. “His Grace wishes to speak with you, Signore Montague.” 

Benvolio is sure that his answering smirk can only be described as glib when he replies, “As my sovereign commands.” 

They drag him to the castle with little thought to the sizable crowd hungrily watching the events unfold. 

The prince is awaiting him in his lavish office, reading through missives that Benvolio half suspects are there just to make him appear busy. In truth he harbors little affection for Prince Escalus and always has, though it has no doubt been aggravated by his troublesome behavior regarding Rosaline. Still, the Montague heir has enough respect for decorum to give the other man a slight bow. 

Prince Escalus sets down a letter and nods in greeting, “Montague. Thank you for coming.” 

“Well, this worked best with my schedule.” Benvolio says wryly. His societal respect for propriety only goes so far, after all. 

A more adept leader would start off with some meaningless small talk, try their best to disarm their prey and put them at ease. Benvolio has no doubt it is what the prince’s sister would do. Prince Escalus, however, is not his sister. “I am sure that you are as aware of the chaos in our streets as I am, Montague, as I am also sure that you can clearly see that your engagement to Lady Rosaline has had no effect to calm the masses. The people are crying for blood and it does not appear as though they will stop.” 

Benvolio grits his teeth. “Forgive me, Your Grace, but I am vividly remembering you forcing Rosaline and I into this engagement. Are you now saying that you made a mistake?” 

“Precisely.” Escalus nods vigorously, his dark eyes annoyingly earnest. “I naively thought that I could achieve peace where countless generations of rulers have failed. I understand now that there will never be peace between House Montague and House Capulet, only uneasy coexistence. We must go back to the status quo if Verona is to survive.” 

“And how do you propose that happens? We were bound before God, it would be the greatest sin to turn back on those vows.” His blue eyes narrow as he follows that line of thought. “You would be condemning Rosaline to a life of servitude by reversing your choice.” 

“Oh, I cannot possibly tell the public I regret my decision. A leader must be strong, above all else, and admitting fault at a time like this would be detrimental to my ability to rule Verona.” Escalus explained, apparently perfectly happy with his self-serving reasoning. “No, you will have to flee Verona. Immediately.” 

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Mall confession

Rules & Headlines → here

Pairing: Chaeyoung x Reader

Genre: fluff

Summary: A shopping date with your best friend takes a different turn when she makes a sudden confession.

A|n: I´m sorry if this didn´t turn out the way you had imagined, dear. But I had so much fun writing this scenario and thanks to you, Chaeyoung now gives me more feels than before. I´m also very sorry that this came out so short >_< [gif not mine, credits to the owner] xoxo ~ G

•requested by @yeppeosnsdscenarios

Originally posted by kimnatozaki

“Chae… Are you okay?” You asked worriedly, taking her hand into yours. The two of you were seated on a bench in front of a mall, surrounded by bags full of clothing. Shopping dates like this were a regular thing for you and Chaeyoung. Though they used to be much more frequent, you were still grateful  that Chaeyoung was willing to take the bus from the neighboring city to see you after her family decided to move.  Her sudden change of behavior scared you, considering she was all smiles at the beginning of the day. What concerned you even more was when she pulled her hand away, avoiding your gaze.

“You know you can tell me, right?” You voice was quiet and gentle as you tried to persuade her into telling you. She was already taking a deep breath, about to tell you her worries when her gaze flew to the approaching bus. “I have to go. I had a lot of fun today, bye.” Chaeyoung stood up, about to run away from you. You were quick to react, grabbing her hand and pulling her back down.

“You are not leaving until you tell me what´s wrong!” You said sternly, scowling at her. Chaeyoung´s gaze flickered between you and the bus waiting for her. She sighed in defeat, letting her shoulders relax a little. “So?”

“Y/n, you have to promise me not to tell anyone.” You nodded eagerly, leaning in closer to her. You waited impatiently for Chaeyoung to start talking. And when she finally did, you were shocked to hear her voice shake; already on brink of tears.

“I´m weird, aren´t I? There is something wrong with me, I just know it.” Your scowl deepend, worry becoming bigger and bigger. You weren´t used to seeing her like this. Chaeyoung, your best friend who was the definition of sunshine was sitting right next to you, tears streaming down her cheeks. You once again took her hand, squeezing  it in reassurement.  Just looking at her crying brought tears to your own eyes, and before you even realized it properly, you were crying with her.

“Don´t ever say something like that! You´re normal, there is nothing wrong with you. But please, Chae, you have to tell me what happened so I can help you.”

“Y/n, I think I´m into girls.”

“And that´s completely okay! You shouldn´t feel weird for being attracted to the same gender. You are still the same person, just your taste is a little bit different. What made you think there´s something wrong with not being attracted to a male?” Words couldn´t even express the relief you felt at Chaeyoung´s words. You couldn´t even imagine how horrible it must´ve been for her to keep it in for so long, or how hard it was for her to tell you. But you knew that no matter what, you´d always be by her side and help her with anything and everything. She was your best friend, after all. “Really?”

“Yes! And I promise you that you can rely on me at all costs.” With your thumb you wiped her tears, smiling when she did the same to you. Pulling her in for a hug, you let her wrap her arms around your waist and bury her face into the crook of you neck.

“Thank you.”

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99 with Tyler seguin

99.“How could you forget your son’s birthday?”

Letting the last green balloon float up to the ceiling, you placed your hands on your hips. Looking up at the ceiling, it was covered in green, silver and black balloon’s at the request of your son Jaeden. Checking your phone, you sighed. Nothing. You had not heard single word from Tyler. You had never been the type of girlfriend that checked up on him 24/7, or asked him to contact you about once every hour. You know during the roadtrips, his focus was primarily on the games. Last you had heard from him was yesterday when they had landed in Ottawa. And since you had turned in early for the night last night to prepare for today’s big day, he had not called after the game like he usually did. Today was special, as it was your son Jaeden’s fourth birthday. Jaeden hadn’t thought much of not hearing from his father this morning, he knew he was coming home later today. So after getting a piece of his birthday cake for breakfast and a few small gifts, he had been all set for kindergarten with the excitement of seeing his dad when he come home. It had gotten on your nerves though. No call, not even a text message from Tyler. You ought to thought he would at least send a morning text, wishing Jaeden a happy birthday. Or call you along the day to catch up on the birthday plans. But nothing. Knowing he was most likely pissed after the tough loss they had last night, you had no interest in trying to contact him yourself. He’d get his own piece of cake when he got home.

There weren’t any major plans for the night. Jaden was going to have a birthday party with all his family and friends this upcoming weekend. Tonight was just supposed to be you, Jaeden, Tyler and yours and Tyler’s parents. You had made plans to order Jaeden’s favorite food. You had spent all of yesterday baking him a Stars cake. And he was going to receive the rest of his presents later on tonight as well when you were all together. However, the excitement you had been feeling up to now, was sort of wearing off. You were beginning to think Tyler had forgotten about Jaeden’s birthday. It was not like him. But after not hearing a thing, you were led to believe otherwise.

Leaning against the hood of your car, you were waiting for Jaeden to walk through the doors- as your phone beeped in your back pocket. ‘Hey BB. Just landed and on out way back to the rink, so if you could come and pick me up that would be great? Love yous’. You couldn’t help but to sigh as you typed a quick reply to Tyler letting him know you’d be there soon, whilst feeling the frustration build up inside of you. However, your frown was quickly turned to a massive grin as Jaeden came sprinting through the doors and in to your arms. “Mommy! Is daddy home?” Putting him down and helping him inside the car and in to his seat, you placed his backpack next to him. “Yes babe. We’re going to the rink to pick him up right now.”

Despite the excitement Jaeden had built up ahead of seeing his dad- spending your birthday at kindergarten seemed to have taken a toll on him as he was now fast asleep in his car seat. Pulling up at the parking lot, confusion washed over you. The bus was not where it usually was with all the players standing outside and carrying out their bags. You tried calling Tyler, but as the call went to his voicemail you nearly felt like throwing your phone out the window. Seeing no sign of anyone, you figured you had to go inside. Jaeden had his arms wrapped around your neck and rested his sleeping head on your shoulder as you walked through the back door. “Hey Jerry! Where are everyone?” Jerry the security guard didn’t get the chance to answer before you saw Tyler walking in the corridor. Giving Jerry a smile, you made your way over to Tyler. Opening his arms with a giant smile. But as he saw your face of anger, his happy face turned in to a confused face. “What’s-” Was all he managed to say before you cut him off. “Where the heck have you been? Why haven’t you called? Or texted? You could’ve at least have let me know you were alive. I know you lost last night, but c’mon Tyler. You didn’t even reach out this morning. I mean.. how could you forget your sons birthday?” Tyler’s head fell back as his face turned even more confused. “That’s what you think? That I forgot my own sons birthday?” He almost looked offended, which only pissed you off even more. Before getting the chance to reply, Jaeden stirred in your arms.

Rubbing his eyes, he turned and the same moment he spotted Tyler is was as if he had eaten a whole bag of cotton candy. “DADDY!” He called out and reached for Tyler, who happily took him from your arms. “Heeey Buddy. How are ya?” Jaden looked so small in Tyler’s big arms and seeing the joy in Jaeden when he saw his dad, made your anger wear off a bit. “Daddy daddy! I’m four today.” Tyler pulled a surprised face. “Really? Today? Look buddy.. may have seemed like I didn’t know that.. but come with me.” Tyler looked at you before turning around to walk down the corridor. Knowing you had no say, you simply followed. Walking through the arena space, you were confused to see close to no one around. Even when you walked through the dressing room, it was empty, only everyone’s bags were out. Which confused you even more as everyone should be on their way home now. The very same moment you stepped out of the door that led to the ice, you were hit with a giant ‘SURPRISE’. Looking up the whole team were standing on the ice, in all their gear. Behind them was a table of cakes and cookies and everything sweet you could imagine and balloons were tied to the table. “Happy Birthday son.” Tyler said and kissed Jaeden’s cheek. Jaeden’s eyes couldn’t grow wider even if he tried and the grin that took over his face was bigger than you had ever seen before. As Tyler stepped on the ice with Jaeden in his arms, all the players skated forward to give him congratulation hugs and high5′s. Your focus had been elsewhere at the time when you met up with Tyler, that at the time- you hadn’t even noticed the skates on his feet. You could feel tears form in your eyes as you saw the way Jaeden’s eyes lit up as all the players interacted with him and helped him in to his skates and junior gear and his jersey with number 91 on of course. He had met everyone so many times before. But it was different being on the ice with them, and everyone’s focus was on him. 

As you stood watching, you were unaware of Tyler skating up slowly to you. Standing right beside you, you looked up at him. “You really thought I would forget his birthday?” The way he said it, broke your heart and you wanted to mentally slap yourself for thinking so low of him. “I didn’t really.. I was just so confused when I didn’t hear anything from you.” Tyler nodded. “I wanted to do something special for him. And I wanted it to be a surprise for you to. I didn’t mean to shut you out like that and I guess I could’ve handles it all in a different way.” Shaking your head, you leaned over to kiss him gently. “Forget it. Just forget all about that. This is perfect. You know you’ve made his day. I mean.. just look at him. He’s so happy. And that’s all because of you. You’re the best father Tyler. Never doubt it.”

To Peeta, with love

I can’t remember the last time I wrote anything, let alone posted it, and I’m sorry for that. So I tried something different. Hope you enjoy.

(I don’t own the Hunger Games, I’m just having fun)

Imagine that Modern AU, where Katniss and Peeta are still in school and they are friends. But Katniss starts to long for a little more than a platonic friendship with him and, to get that stuff out of her chest, she decides to write him a poem. It’s easy to say that that doesn’t go very well, it turns out to be way harder than what she thought it would be. Just trying to make words rhyme is impossible, and lets not even start with writing down her feelings, it just, ughh. No, thank you. The paper ends scrunched up on the floor of her bedroom.

Enter Prim. Sneaky little Prim, snooping around her older sister’s bedroom, looking for that white stuffed goat of her sister so that it can have tea with her stuffed cat, Buttercup. But Prim ends up finding something else. Something much, much better than the old goat. A ball of paper lying inconspicuously on the floor near the end of the bed. A paper that, after straightening and taking her time reading it, happens to contain the best secret in the world ever. Ever. In the entire history of secrets.

But Prim can’t deliver it like that, oh no, so creased and stained, and look! It’s not even signed! She has to pretty it up. It is a declaration of love, after all.

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"I need to know that you're okay." (Ethan)

Requested by @dolanangels: “Can you do an imagine where the reader is so stressed out and hiding her feelings then Ethan asks what’s wrong bc he noticed and she snaps on him.


It’s a little different than what was requested, but I started writing, and it flowed together, and I liked the way it turned out. :)


The semester was coming to an end and you were crazy stressed out about finals. You were over studying and you just wanted nothing more than for it to be summer vacation so you could not do anything but sleep for three days in a row.

Finals coming up also meant that you had to make some sacrifices. You and your boyfriend, Ethan had spent so little time together during finals week. Even though you shared an apartment, you still hardly ever saw each other. Whenever he was home, you were at school, and when you were home, he was out at mettings. Whenever you were both home, you were locked up in your bedroom, trying to study.

”(Y/N), can I talk to you?“ Ethan asked one afternoon. He came into the bedroom and sat in the bed next to you. You nodded, not looking up from your textbook.

“Come on, take a break. You’ve been at it for hours.” Ethan whined, trying to take your notes out of your hands.

“Ethan stop.” You said.

“C'mon (Y/N). Pleeeease.” He continued, kissing your neck.

“Ethan, please stop. I need to focus.” You said again. Ethan let out a loud sigh.

“I just wish these textbooks and notes weren’t taking over your life. Am I not even important to you anymore.” Ethan said.

“Why would you say that? You know you’re the most important thing to me. But school is important to me too. Do you not want me to be successful? Do you not want me to get a good job?” You said, a bit upset.

“No, no, (Y/N), you know I didn’t mean it like that. I just-”

“You just what?” You asked. He just sat there, no answer. “That’s what I thought.” You said. You got out of the bed and grabbed your car keys. “I’ll be back later.”

“Where are you going?” Ethan called, but the door had already shut by the time he got his words out.

You hopped into your car and just drove. You had no idea where you were going, but you couldn’t be at home right now. After about 45 minutes of driving, you finally stopped at a McDonald’s. You pulled into the drive through, ordered, and parked so you could eat. You sat there, staring out if the windshield, and just started crying.

You didn’t know why you were crying, but you had a feeling that it was a mix between you being stressed, and also being upset about the way you overracted with Ethan. You pulled your phone out of the cup holder and saw you had a missed call and a voicemail from Ethan.

“(Y/N), I know you’re upset with me, and I’m so sorry that what I said made you upset. You know I hate when you take off like this. Please call me back, I need to know that you’re okay. Iove you.” He said. You cleared your throat and dialed his number.

“(Y/N)? Thank god you’re okay.” He said when he answered.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You said.

“You’ve been crying, I can hear it in your voice. What’s wrong baby?” He asked.

“I’m just, so stressed out right now. Finals have pushed me to my breaking point. And also, I’m upset about the way I acted earlier.” You said as you started crying again. “I shouldn’t have gotten upset like that. I don’t even know why I got upset. But, I’m sorry. I love you, and you know that. More than anything in this world.” You said.

“Baby girl, you know I love you too. Now, come on home. It’s getting late, and I know you’d like to get some sleep.” He said.

“I’ll be there in a bit. I love you.”

“I love you too. Bye baby.” Ethan said. You said bye, hung up the phone, finished your food and drove home. Once you got home, you were so exhausted from crying, that you just fell into Ethan’s arms. He picked you up bridal style, and he carried you to bed.

“I love you Ethan.” You said as you wrapped yourself in the blankets.

“I love you too (Y/N). Now, get some sleep.” He said as he kissed your temple. He wrapped his arm tightly around your waist and you quickly fell asleep.

Like Real People Do

Member(s): Chanyeol x Reader
Type: Fluff, slight angst
Words: 1117
Plot: Sometimes trusting someone requires making only one step forward, but sometimes even that one little step is what we’re missing.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

A/N: Admin Taeyeon: *comes back from the dead*

“Can I see?”

The question startled him as he turned his head so quickly you thought he might had broken his neck. Gulping wordlessly, you waited for the answer as your eyes continued to observe him with great care. For all of those years you had known each other, you had seen him scared only a couple of times. No, he wouldn’t get scared easily. But now, those dark orbs of his that pierced into your own were full of raw fear that seemed to tear his soul apart, bringing him almost on the verge of tears.


“Can I see?” you repeated gently, not breaking eye contact.

To say you were a slightest bit afraid would be a lie. You were fully aware of how dangerous he was, that one scratch of his claws would be enough to rip your throat open, but you didn’t feel fear. Silence fell upon you like heavy grey cloud ready to release the storm. Chanyeol let out a shaky breath and hid his face in his hands. You knew he was finally crying.

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space is ever expanding, but not without you (part 1) - kickthepj

Requested by: @tinycat-feet 

Prompt: Space. Dark, Empty, Incomplete. Some may say they were, too. But when the two explorers crash land in each others lives, they discover maybe space is more than just a void. 

Word Count: 1,396

A/N: The way the imagine turned out was quite a bit different than the original request (which i can’t find anywhere fml) , but I hope you like it anyway PlanetKid for some backstory, so if you haven’t seen it for some reason, go watch it, its one of my fav pj vids ((and this is a pov i’ve never tried before so i hope it’s not too bad lmao))

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How exactly do things get "lost" in your butt? I always hear advice that says not to let sex toys go all the way in your butt, lest they get "lost." But, like...wouldn't you just poop them back out eventually?

Not necessarily.  Sometimes the shape of things makes it easier for them to go one way than another, or they turn a little bit sideways inside, or they get less mobile when the lube dries up.  Or the muscles that are designed to push out somewhat soft, formable material get stuck when confronted with a big rigid object.  (Imagine the difference between squishing soft clay out of your hand vs. using the same motion to try and squeeze a glass bottle out of your hand.)

There are of course many times someone is able to just push a toy out, but it’s not something to count on.

Without my Queen ~Ben x Evie imagine

A/N: Hi guys! It takes a little time, but I’m posting next imagine! In this story Doug and Evie weren’t together. I really hope you like it, because I really tried to do my best! Send me you opinion please! ^^ Love you all sooo much! 

Request by anon: Hi can you do a Ben x Evie fanfic where they have a devastating break up but get back together in the end?

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In fact, it all ended as quickly as it started.

When Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos, and Lonnie brought Ben back from the hands of Uma and returned to Auradon, Mal had to take a big decision. She thought about what she did and decided that she was going to stay in the kingdom, but not anymore as Ben’s girlfriend. She gave him his family ring and after a long conversation they both decided that they are really diffrent from each other.

For Mal life has become much easier. She stopped appearing on television and at banquets, the media and press weren’t inerested in her anymore.  She didn’t have to pretend that she is someone else. She studied as much as she could and she strongly supported Evie, who except sewing and designing found herself a new job.

After she returned to the island and met Dizzy, the only thing she thought of, was the children who were still living on the island and which life was really hard. She wrote for Ben the names of all the children and teenagers who could also had a happy life. She was so involved with that case that she personally returned to the island to tell all the kids how wonderful Auradon is and that their happiness matters.

Ben was full of admiration. Evie deal well with the children from the island and with all the documents that required signing. She proudly talked about how the new students were doing so well and she was staying in his office so often that when she left, Ben was beginning to miss her right away. So, when she once again appeared in his room, smiling and joyful, the king immediately went to the thing.

“Evie, would you like to become my second hand?”

The girl stopped in the middle of the room, not knowing what to say. She missed her words and she was nervously playing with rings on her fingers. Ben quickly got up from his chair and walked over to her, taking her hands in his.

“I’m sorry, I know that you have your own business, dresses and certainly being my assistant is not the top of your dreams, but I can’t imagine that someone else would help me better than you.”

Evie’s eyes gleamed and she turned her head. Ben couldn’t tell whether her cheeks were covered with powder or whether the girl was blushing. He waited impatiently for her answer. He admired her beauty - her dark and full lips, long lashes and big eyes. She was so different from Mal, practically in every way. From looking at her, he felt his cheeks were also red. Evie snatched him out of the trance, saying “Yes”. She agreed.

Since then, Ben’s office has become a place full of memories. In that place Evie and he started working together. In that place he realized that his heart beat faster, when she is around. Whenever she bent over his desk and her blue hair tickled his cheek, he couldn’t control his emotions. In that place he asked her to be his girlfriend and she happily agreed. In that place for the first time he kissed her.

And now he was in the same office at the same desk, but he certainly wouldn’t want to remember this situation later. They both didn’t know about what they were fighting anymore , but they were doing it for a long time now. They were both irritated and angry at what had happened during the day. Ben didn’t deal great with the king’s duties, and Evie neglected her lab and she didn’t have time to sew. They didn’t have the strength or arguments to argue anymore. And yet none of them wanted to letting go.

“I understand everything Ben, I really do. Better than anyone else.  You’re busy and Auradon is your top priority, but that doesn’t mean you have right to scream at me.” Evie was close to crying. Her best friend, her boyfriend, the person she always relied on, made her feel like she wanted to run away from school.

“If you understand everything so well, why you aren’t here, when I need you? You know I can’t handle it all alone, and yet you neglect your duties!” Ben was no longer under control. He loudly shouted and waved his hands. He was sure that Fairy Goodmother and the students heard them in the corridors, but he didn’t care.

“Don’t you dare make me feel guilty!” Evie screamed in anger. No one ever before make her so mad. Her legs was shaking with emotions so much that she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to stand still on her high heels. “These duties are yours! I’m helping you because I want to and I can leave in any moment.”

“Take care of sewing and dressing up your friends, because that’s the only thing you can do! But remember that clothes and beauty isn’t everything! ”

Evie felt her like heart stop beating. Tears blurred her view, and after a while they ran down through her cheeks, smearing the ink. She clasped her shoulders and turned to the window, catching her breath quickly.

“Oh my God, Evie.” Ben approached her quickly, understanding what he said. Evie never wanted anyone to see her just as a beautiful face. She wanted people to see how good, intelligent and industrious she can be. And she thought that Ben understood her best.

When the king embraced her, she turned around violently and ran to the door. She was tired. She grabbed the door handle and sniffed. “You’re right.” she said, turning to Ben. “Maybe I don’t fit there too. I’m not good enough for you.”

When she finished she came out, closing the door gently behind her. Ben began to cry, even though he hated doing it. The king shouldn’t be weak. But she was his weakness. He sat down on the floor leaning back on the desk from which he dropped all the papers before.

Evie had nowhere to go. Her friends would like to know what happened and she didn’t wanted to explain, and especially telling Mal about what had happened. Maybe her friend was right. The island girls didn’t fit in Auradon.

The silence was killing him. Ben was unable to sit in his room and couldn’t hear her laughter, when her pencil was sketching designs of dresses on the page. He passed her in the corridors, and she never looked at him. Just like Mal, they both were avoided him like fire. He didn’t know how to fix his mistake.

Evie was devastated. She told Mal everything because she wasn’t able to hide from her the fact that she and Ben weren’t together anymore. Her friend didn’t know what to say. In her case it was completely different, because she left Ben. Evie was in a totally different situation.

“You sure you don’t want me to cast any spell on him? I’m sure it would make you feel better.”

Mal asked Evie about it almost every day. She couldn’t bear that her friend was suffering. She loved her for her life and she never saw the daughter of Evil Queen being so sad and quiet. Now when they were walking down the corridor, she had to practically carry her behind, because Evie didn’t have strength or inclination to go anywhere.

“Darling, you know Ben is my friend, but you’re my sister. And if you just say a word, he’ll end up exactly like my mom-as a lizard.”

Evie smiled weakly and squeezed her hands. “Mal, calm down. You were right from the beginning. Girls like us deserve at least a prince. But I’m not good enough to deserve the love of a king.”

Mal wanted to deny and shout to the whole school that it wasn’t true, that Evie was the best girl Ben could have ever had, but someone interrupted her. Through the school corridor, someone sighed loudly and pushed a large cardboard box, wrapped in blue paper, with a large blue bow on the top. The box was so big that Evie, who was standing in her high heels could reach the bow.

“What the hell is going on here ?!” Mal shouted, letting go of Evie’s hands. No one really heard her, so she walked around slowly, when from behind the box she saw Carlos, Jay, Doug, and Chad.

“Chad, if it’s a present for Audrey, I’m sure we will be celebrating her birthday next week. ”

Chad grinned and looked at the boys. Everyone of them was smiling slightly and they rolled their eyes. “Not my dear, it’s not for Audrey. This unique gift is for Lady Evie.”

“For me?” Evie said shocked. Doug carefully grabbed her hand and Jay and Carlos pushed her toward the present. “Exactly, go and unpack.”

Evie gently touched the bows material and turned to Mal who didn’t know what to do. “Come on.” Doug improved his glasses. “The box doesn’t bite.”

Evie sighed heavily and cautiously pulled the material of the bows. The ribbon fell, the box walls opened and in the middle of the corridor… stood Ben. And in his hand he held the ugliest dress Evie had ever seen. Uneven, with shorter and longer sleev, protruding strands and a little too short for her silhouette.

“Evie, darling, I was horrible. And I forget that you too can have a hard time neglecting what you really love. You did everything for me.” Ben spoke, his voice trembling as she touched the blue dress. She listened to his words and touched the patterns of gold thread on the dress, which turned out to be words. Intelligent, on the neckline. Wise, in the waist. Noble and brave, at the down the dress. Beautiful, on the belly. And finally the word Queen, embroidered on the chest.

“I wanted to show you that for me, you’re not just a beautiful face. And you’ve never been.”

Evie looked at him and she didn’t stop crying. She hugged Ben tight enough so that there was only a dress between them. She didn’t have to stand on her toes to kiss him, so she didn’t wait any longer.  She close the gap beetwen them. Mal couldn’t control the tears, so Jay had to pull her to himself.

Evie stepped away from Ben and kissed him lightly once more. “I forgive you.” She whispered so quietly that only Ben could hear her. “But you definitely have to spend more time with me in my studio, because I’m afraid that this dress is like, two sizes too small.”

Ben laughed and hugged his girlfriend to himself. Mal and the boys surrounded them and hugged them tight. The most adored couple in Auradon was together again. What kind of a king he would’ve be without his queen?

We had to put Shaila down tonight.  She collapsed at about 5:45 pm, and when we took her to the vet, she had another but worse incident.  It turns out that she had some sort of cancer around her heart, and her heart was surrounded by fluid.  They drained it to make her more comfortable, but there wasn’t really anything that could be done.  Merlin doesn’t quite understand what’s happened, and…well, we’re wrecked.  Not much to say other than that.

I already miss her so much, but she’s with Barstow now.  We just never imagined that we’d lose them only 4 months apart.

Succession - ‘Kitten and the Don’

This is a short standalone fiction within @junkpilestuff ‘s (who originally created it) and @nyublackneko AU within an AU ‘Kitten and the Don’. Generally this version of the Undertale Mob AU is about a 30 years old Frisk, who becomes something like a right hand man of a Don, the 48 year old Gaster!Sans (referred to as G). 

The short story revolves around this duo after they have worked together for more than ten years. Succession might become a pressing question.

I fear I take this AU way too seriously, but I recently read a lot about the original Godfather and this just started to develop itself until I had a strong urge to turn it into a real story. It was hard to imagine their characters and how they would interact, but it also was fun and something completely different in style than I usually do. So warning because of mild swearing?

Dedicated to the amazing @junkpilestuff and @nyublackneko and to those awesome people out there who continue to like my stories. :)

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(3. “I’ve tried my hardest to fall for you, but it’ll always be them.” 84. “The funny thing is, you could have fixed this and you didn’t even try.” Any paring I see 84 going first maybe breakup cuz of cheating or if you're uncomfortable writing that breakup cuz of pining)-🐬

I felt poetic in P3

Princey, although he may not seem like it, has always been the most sensitive of all the other sides. He takes everything personally and takes every loss as a personal insult, especially when it comes to those he loves.

“The funny thing is, you could have fixed this, and you didn’t even try.” His tone is ice cold and Anxiety winces from the sting of his words, but Roman doesn’t have it in him to care. “You could have fucking tried, Ann. I thought you wanted this.”

Anxiety looks like he’s going to cry, even though he’s the one initiating the break of, the catalyst in a cataclysmic argument that’s blown far out of proportion. Whatever hope of friendship that had been alive is now nothing more than a dying ember.

“I tried my hardest to fall for you, but it’ll always be him. I love you, Ro, more than you can ever imagine, but I don’t love you the same way I love him.”

“Get out of my fucking sight.”

For a moment, Anxiety stands there, frozen, before nodding silently and turning on his heel to leave. Both of them will spend the evening sobbing and wishing it could have been different. Easier. Better.