this turned out to be basically the opposite of what i wanted

Bestfriend!Michael would include...
  • basically living at each others houses
  • having so many inside jokes that tigger giggles by one stupid word
  • ‘hey (Y/N)’ ‘what michael’ ‘…pineapples hA’
  • bursting out into songs ranging from MCR to disney
  • getting matching jean and leather jackets
  • staying up late bc ‘1 more round’ turned into 2135464 more rounds
  • but, actually having really serious times
  • him having you on speed dial incase he needs you when he breaks down
  • being there for him and listening to him
  • afterwards, him trying to pull some joke to lighten the mood
  • ‘well then, goddamn that was lame’
  • watching pewdiepie together
  • watching a movie and sitting on opposite side of the couch but, somehow ending up cuddling
  • constantly getting asked if you guys are dating
  • saying no to the question over dramatically
  • ‘GROSS’ ‘GOD NO’
  • …or start fake-flirting with each other
  • ‘oh yeah, we’re totally dating’ ‘that’s right babe’
  • him probably being your first kiss
  • weird random road trips that last for god knows how long
  • him showing you songs that he wrote bc he knows that you won’t lie too each other
  • ending the days by passing out while watching anime

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