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Confessions (Boyf riends)

Author’s Note: Aah a surprise fic~ This was a collab I did with Willow! They wrote Jeremy’s parts and I wrote Michael’s! On that note, like I said in an earlier post, I did listen to Be More Chill and I loved it so much. I’m sorry if any of these are out of character? I have a feeling they may be agh. But honestly we had so much fun writing this, I don’t really mind. Anyways, sorry for being so absent lately, and I hope this can make up for it!

Description: Michael’s relaxing. Jeremy has something he wants to tell him. Does it go well? Surprisingly, yes.

Word Count: 2,470

Michael was sprawled out on his beanbag, half asleep. He’d lazily draped his jacket across himself, too tired to get up and get a blanket, and his glasses were crooked and half-off. He’d stayed up the whole previous night binge watching a show that Jeremy had recommended to him, and now he was suffering the consequences of that. He was exhausted. But hey, at least now he has another thing to talk to Jeremy about. He was always happy to talk to Jeremy, no matter what it was about. Especially after that Squip incident, where he’d been ignored because of the “optic nerve blocking”. He knew that wouldn’t happen again, thankfully, but he’d still been pretty hurt by it when it actually happened.

He let out a small sigh, listening to the sounds of the outdoors. Birds were chirping happily and the wind rustled the leaves on trees. He could vaguely hear a dog barking in the distance. It was calming.

Speaking of Jeremy, it wasn’t long before the teen was knocking on Michael’s door. “Michael? Are you up?”

“Mm, sorta,” Michael answered. “Come on in.”

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Tickle Fight [FFXV]

A/N: Unplanned, unasked for, unnecessary. But I played FFXV today and completed chapter 9 - 13 so  you must understand how I am feeling. @shibakamiko you even warned me u.ubut I cried so much lolol.

Also somehow I got this idea and I absolutely needed to write it. Just some Chocobros fluff, no real pairings involved, it’s however you as a reader interpret it ;D

Summary: [SPOILER ALERT] Takes place in chapter 10 during the camping trip on their way to the tomb. Ignis is blind, Noctis and Gladio are fighting and Prompto can’t stand the tense atmosphere. During his nightly quest in lightening the mood up, things kind of escalate.

Word Count: 1767

Prompto was feeling restless. He rolled onto his back, kicked his legs out of his sleeping bag - feeling too warm - only to pull the soft blanket back again as he began to feel cold again. And so on. 

Noctis was still awake, he could see since he was playing with his phone. Gladiolus was lying on his back with his eyes closed, either possibly asleep or just in deep thoughts, he could not tell. Ignis was lying next to Prompto on his side, back towards him and maybe asleep, maybe awake. 

With Ignis robbed of his eyesight, Noctis grieving and Noctis and Gladio fighting, the mood hadn’t been that good lately. He also felt kind of guilty for forcing Noctis and Gladio to lie next to each other, simply by claiming the spot in the middle next to Ignis before anyone could complain. It did not help in their gloomy quarrel, sadly. 

The silence and tense atmosphere were absolutely killing. He sighed and thought of Ignis, the one with most reason to sulk and doing so the least.

“Hey, Iggy,” Prompto asked, rolling onto his side as well and staring at Ignis’ back, as much as he could see from the light coming from Noctis’ phone.

“Hm?” Ah, awake. Prompto thought for a moment and then asked something very rude actually.

“So… do you sleep with your eyes open or closed now?” This earned him a nudge from Gladiolus who was also still awake, apparently.

Prompto,” he sighed in disapproval, but Prompto was surprised to hear a low chuckle coming from Ignis.

“That the first thing you ask someone who lost their ability to see? Eyes closed, still. Though it does not make much of a difference.” 

Prompto smiled in relief.

“I see. Hmm… what if you will never see again? Will you remember my face?” Noctis did not react to the short questionnaire, Gladio made a sniffy sound in disapproval, and Ignis rolled over this time, not minding it all that much. Prompto held in his breath as Ignis’ unseeing eyes looked at him. 

The long, deep stare and silence made Prompto keep holding his breath, but then Ignis smiled a little.

“Will I remember your face?” he repeated, and Prompto scrunched up his nose when Ignis poked it. He hit it spot on.

“Of course. Your freckles….” Ignis smirked, and Prompto turned away when the demanding pokes of Ignis’ single finger spread over his cheek, making him giggle.

“That stupid grin you probably have right now~” Ignis pinched Prompto’s cheek, and Prompto laughed and turned away.

“Spikey hair…” Prompto squeaked when Ignis made grabby movements at his hair, fingers scratching his scalp, then brushing his ear and his neck, and he squirmed and moved away, scrunching up his shoulders.

“That tickleees! Iggy!” Prompto whined. 

“Question from me then. Can you make this guy shut up so that we can go to sleep?” Gladiolus asked in all seriousness, though Prompto could swear he heard a playful tone in his voice.

“Sure, give me a sec.” And then things happened real fast. Prompto felt how Ignis grabbed his shoulder, flipping him around again, and then something much worse replaced the light tickles on his head. One hand grabbed his hand and pinned it next to his head, the other clawed at his exposed highly ticklish ribcage area. Now that was what he could call ‘tickling’. Fucking, help

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Remember You (Pt. 1)

Originally posted by bwiseoks

…..All I have to say is that I apparently love torturing myself. :’) As if the Namjoon and Hoseok fic wasn’t enough, I just had to go and make fuckboy!Jin….ahaha…OTL. To make it worse, this was never meant to be more than one part, but y’know…I’m a masochist. I also want to thank @chokemejimin  or specifically the lovely @the95liner for her excitement over this since it gave me motivation to FINALLY finish this after having it in my drafts since October. (Thank you for following my main blog too <3)

EDIT: ASDFGJL; Tumblr has been stupid this whole day and I couldn’t edit this in the morning like I wanted, but I’m a shitty person and forgot to mention @hadskye (aka Admin RD) and give credit where it is due. Forgive me for being a horrible friend, but yes, this amazing woman helped me a lot with the hashing out of this story and provided me with part of the dialogue. 💜💜💜

 Genre: asdfgghjkkl;; SMUT…eventually, fluff, angst, Fuckboy!Jin au

 Word Count: 6,048

Part Two

  A bitter scowl decorates your face as your cheeks turn an annoying red, having to witness Seokjin lip-locked with one of your female coworkers in the back storage closet. Did he have no shame? Even when they both knew you were watching them, they shamelessly continued and it only caused your brow to develop a twitch.

 “You’re at work! Get out of there and get back to work before I tell manager Seoyoon-nim to fire you guys!”

 The two finally separate, with Seokjin letting out a dramatic sigh of annoyance while the girl had the decency to look scared and quickly scurry out the door that lead to the front of the café. Your stare pierces through Seokjin’s as he finally glances at you, letting that infuriating smirk adorn his stupid, handsome face.

 “Ah, y/n, I see that you’re living up to being a killjoy like always,” his smirk turns into a condescending smile as he fixes his – stupidly perfect – hair.

 Your heart clenches slightly as you turn away from him and walk toward the door leading to the front. “Just get back to work,” you mumble out and walk outside, letting your gaze pass the store as the sound of the grinder continues in the background.

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Kuroo, Bokuto, Nishinoya, and Oikawa getting a boner because of their s/o. oMFG I'M SORRY BUT I HAD TO ASK THIS.



Not only was the train packed at such an early hour but it was hot. With each stop that the train made, more and more people piled in; making the already warm air even stuffier. He mumbles something that you don’t quite catch and he puts an arm against the glass that you were standing against, keeping the other people from nudging against you. Kuroo tried to maintain his own small distance from you but found that it was impossible with the volume of people in the train. His body is practically flush against yours, and you feel sweat forming on your temple.

“Sorry, ____. Just a few more stops and we’re there.” His breath is right against your forehead and you try to concentrate on not swaying too much against him instead on the sweet scent coming from Kuroo’s clothing.

After a few moments Kuroo clears his throat catching your attention, “I –uhm. _____, please try to ignore that.” You eye him in a quiet question but his eyes are averted and he’s biting his lower lip. It was a habit that he didn’t show often only when-

That’s when you feel a light pressure against your thigh coming from Kuroo’s crotch. You feel heat spread on your face and try to find the words to say it was okay but a sudden stop from the train makes Kuroo press against you harder and this time he grunts by your ear

Kuroo laughs a little, “I was hoping to wait until we get home but I guess-”

You nudge him playfully, “Kuroo!”


He’s daydreaming on his back laying on the couch. You had just shared a small meal and were planning on watching some television before going to sleep. You decided to take a quick shower while Bokuto scrolled through the menu and picked out a show to catch up on. He’s humming a song and pressing buttons when you exit the bathroom and walk to the couch we laid on.

“Ah, ___,” He says keeping his eyes on the tv, “I think I found something.”

“Mhm?” You take the remote from his hand and he finally lets his eyes roam on your body. You hadn’t really planned to shower at his place so all you could wear was one of his shirts and panties since you’re jeans weren’t exactly ‘comfy’ and his bottoms were too big. Your hair was still very much wet and the small droplets glistened against your jawline.

Bokuto audibly gulped, “Woah! ____, you look really hot.”

You smile at the compliment but when you turn to give him back the remote you notice the all too visible tent in his shorts.

He follows your gaze and blushes, “Ahaha, I think you’re a little too hot for me right now. What do you say we have some fun before sleeping?”

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You Jealous? (Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by asgardianmetalarmedtimelord

NOTES: this is my first fic on this account, so I should probably introduce myself, hi, it’s Darcy (: also this is non Age of Ultron or Captain America Civil War compliant, because I live in that adorable AU where all these little superhero bbys live in a tower together and get along (mostly)

WARNINGS: language? Yeah, a lot of language, what did you expect, he’s an almost 100 year old assassin and you’re, well, badmouthed? XD

Word Count: 5450 words (oops, originally this was meant to be short ahaha)

Enjoy x


You sat on the sofa beside Tony, a minute sigh slipping from between your lips as you gazed towards the man with the metal arm in distinct longing.

“You and Frosty, huh?”
Shooting Iron Man a sharp glare, you looked in the other direction. “No.”

“Aw, why? You’re perfect for each other!”
“Shut it, Stark.”
He ‘ohhed’ knowingly, nodding in sudden understanding. “He doesn’t know, does he?”
Your lack of response provided him with all the information he needed.

He stayed silent for a moment, before finally speaking up again. “I made a bet with Steve that I could date every girl in the tower.”
You turned to him with a raised eyebrow. “What are you getting at, Stark?”
“Well, Steve bet $100 against me because he figured that the situation between Bucky and you would stop me winning.”
“Your point is?” You were getting impatient now.
“Pretend we’re dating, see how Bucky reacts. If he gets upset, you two go have sex or something.”

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Pacfica getting Mable Smile Dip not knowing it's dangers and having some

Admin 2: Ayeeee, here you go. This was silly to write and gets a little bit trippy.
Enjoy! :>

Pacifica was confused.

She had recalled that when they were younger, Mabel had told her the story of her experience with Smile Dip and how it had been life altering. So of course, being the dutiful best friend that she, was after a failed date, she went out of her way to procure some. 

Sure, she could have gone to the grocery store and bought Mabel chocolate or ice cream, something mundane that could easily appease her.

But this was Mabel

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