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you should draw azurite or black opal, theyre so pretty!

black opal was actually really hard for me to draw and design for some reason, so Im rlly sorry this ONe sucks 

But Black Opals are the rarest of all the opals. Extremely lucky, graceful, kind, and have the ability to amplify other gems’ powers. Perfect Black Opals even have the ability of foresight, and even be able to summon crystalline fire !

this black opal is a bit of a klutz however, she keeps tripping over her hair.

here is azurite !

PLEASE do not ask for anymore gems, i have enough already

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pony and his gf’s wisdom teeth removal - headcanons

requested by 2 anons! - hope u like them!

  • u come out of surgery and he’s like
    • “heyyy how r u feeling? :)”
  • and u greet him w nothing but roasts
    • “awwwwww ponyyyyyyyy ily”
    • “pony-kid”
    • “horsechild”
    • “love my love”
    • “loVE of my LOVE
    • “what were ur parents thinking”
    • “it started normal and then it really just went downhill huh”
    • “you say original, i say just plain cruel”
    • “like i just don’t understand how people could be so mean to a baby”
    • “i mean……look at u….. ur cute and decent….just….why ‘ponyboy’”
    • “who had the breakdown”
    • “and why is ur brother named darrel”
    • “might as well have called him milkshake or something”
    • “milkshake curtis”
    • “I’m gonna start calling dairy (darry) that now”
  • he looks to the doctor and he’s like
    • “ok so when will this stuff wear off???”
    • “why is she bleeding so much??”
    • “is her face ok”
  • pony cant fuckin drive so
    • he’s there for moral support <3
    • darry is ofc the one to drive
  • but when they get @ the Curtis house,
    • “pony r u sure u got this”
    • “omg yeah for sure im sure we’ll be fine”
    • “ok well i gotta go food shopping. steve has off today and if he isn’t hangin around soda u can call him over to help”
    • “steve”
    • “yeah ste-“
  • im tellin u its been like 9 minutes and pony calls steve at the DX (he won’t pick up his house phone bc he’s at the DX hangin round soda) & he’s literally hyperventilating that blood is everywhere
    • soda picks up the phone first lmao
    • “never thought i’d hear u say that”
    • “wtf do u want pony” (steve)
    • and tbh you’re knocking shit over and tripping over yourself before u end up spitting ur gauze at pony while he’s on the phone??
    • “OH GOD ITS ON ME”
    • “pony wtf are u talking about”
    • pony practically whispers into phone bc he’s about to have a breakdown
    • “she just won’t stop knocking over things”
    • * huGE crash from the living room*
    • “ok well pony…….im…..busy…….”
  • darry eventually comes back after 20 minutes bc he forgot his wallet
    • and he opens the front door to see but nothing but a wrecked living which makes him vv concerned (like omg did they get robbed)
    • but then he follows the sound of crying which leads to soda and pony’s room
    • he opens the door and there u guys are
  • darry thought it was just u sobbing
    • but it turns out that pony’s cryin with u
    • like u are v emotional and u keep falling asleep in the middle of sobbing
    • and pony just doesnt know how to handle it??? so he cries
    • there are tissUES EVERYWHERE
    • and melted ice cream sitting in a bowl
  • darry’s just “OK WHY R U CRYING”
    • and u lose it??
    • ”milkshake??? but pony why are yOu crying??”
    • they both look over at u, but this bitch is literally knocked tf out and drooling peacefully
  • darry will never let pony live this down js
Only One - Jaehyun [3] (M)

A/N: Oh. My. God. I’m so sorry. Tbh I’m not very happy with how this turned out… my writer’s block was so bad like I was actually stressed writing this. I knew what I wanted to say but I was having a hard time putting it into words I guess… ughghgghghghgh I hope you guys like it anyways ;-;  hopefully part 4 will be less shitty *cries* [I didn’t even proofread jfc… I have a headache x_x] ffs i couldnt even come up with a decent title… my writing abilities have gone down the drain RIP im fired

-Admin Kay

Prologue  Pt 1  Pt 2 

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Part 3 - Say No

Genre: Smut, Angst

Rating R

(sexual content, language)

Word Count: 2,969

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first date with jAEmIN!!!

Originally posted by suhyngho

ayy Moon anon ;))) sorry im doing this pretty late but yeH also im including ur request in this so don’t worry!!!! thanks for requesting bb xoxo - admin amy

  • aight so y’all are already together after the sleepover you had last week
  • and then outta the blue on a friday night jaemin texts you like
  • ‘wassup bby lemme take u for a ride ;))) JK JK do you wanna go out tomorrow?? to the pizza place near the park’

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imagine if m'gann had been in the pod alright listen this is cool bc like:

- she could have pretended right from the start to be a green Martian bc j'onn was there so that plot point is safe
- she could have said she didn’t want training she just wants to hide cue Kara wanting her to be safe & to learn how to use her powers so that she doesn’t hurt someone or herself
- maybe she slips & turns into a white Martian & Kara is like . oh no & m'gann runs & shes become close to everyone so alex & Maggie are like yeah we will help find her & j'onn says he won’t & Kara understands but then later when they do find m'gann he appears & hes like come back ur training isn’t done & they get to have a proper talk later
- m'gann gets comfortable w her powers & with the super gang & she helps Kara defeat a big bad & eventually it gets to the point where she’s like i have to go home & help ppl escape & Kara tries to talk her out of it they all do but she is adamant so Kara pushes her hard when they’re training & then leaves & it’s m'ganns turn to go after her & Kara is like everyone leaves & m'gann is like im coming back. I can stay a bit longer & Kara is like tonight u stay bc we have a goodbye party planned that u totally weren’t supposed to know abt sorry but tmrw u go bc I am not going to stop u from saving ur ppl. I wouldn’t let anyone stop me if there were the slightest chance to save my planet

i turned them off because i was so busy with life, sorry!! i’m turning them back on

Hey guys

I’m really sorry I haven’t posted. Im just not doing too hot. On top of all the stuff going on, my PTSD is out of control and my therapist is trying to send me to treatment. The meds they put me on for it have cause some really intense depression and suicidal ideation, so they are trying to get that shit figured out. And I’m having health probs. My stomach has been having issues for months. Turns out I have gastritis and a really bad ulcer that is creating a hole in my stomach. All from severe stress and anxiety. I’ve lost 25 pounds in 2 months and they are threatening to send me away for anorexia, even though I simply cant eat because i’m in so much pain. Its rough. Sorry for not responding to anyone. Love you guys.

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Starting Over Again

“request: “HEY! so i just wanted to request an angsty kihyun fic in which he is a member of an assassin group and it just so happens that you are his target but he does not that you are actually an assassin as well. TYSM😘!!” -anon

ship: Kihyun x [y/n]

genre: angst

word count:



Originally posted by monstaxscenariosx

“Caught you by surprise, didn’t I?” 

Kihyun’s breath hitched when he felt the cold surface of your blade on his throat. It was an unexpected turn of events. He was supposed to be in your position right now but sadly, he was in your position, the one who’s probably gonna lose his life.

“You’re also an assassin, huh?” His voice was filled with bitterness that he could even taste the metallic taste of his blood seeping out from his busted lip. “I am and I think it’s a bad decision for you to choose me as your target, Yoo Kihyun.”

Totally bewildered at the fact that you know his name, his eyes stared right into yours while staring at both of your reflections in the mirror right in front of the two of you. “You seriously don’t remember me, do you?

Do I know her? Kihyun mentally asked himself, trying to recall any particular memory to give him some hints of who you really are. Glancing down at your hand, the sight of a silver ring got all of his memories rushing back like a current.

“[y/n]?” His voice trailed off as he reaches up to your hand, slowly wrapping his fingers around your hand with tears welling up on the corner of his eyes.

Kihyun listlessly dragged his whole body towards the conference room where he was summoned by their leader, Shownu. Having the doors opened for him, he wasn’t too happy to see the red folder right in front of Shownu. 

He knew he was gonna get his hands covered with blood again. It has always been that way. Kihyun, the most wanted assassin for killing hundreds of well-known people. “What is it this time, Hyunwoo?”

It was rare to hear Kihyun call Shownu by his real name, and when Kihyun calls Shownu by his real name, it was obvious that Kihyun didn’t want to do the work that’s being thrown at him. It has actually reached to a point that Kihyun was sick and tired of taking away countless lives when he, himself, doesn’t even know why they had to be killed.

“I need you to kill her for me.”

Shownu didn’t waste any time and showed Kihyun a picture of you and a list of information about you. Glancing down on your picture, he felt his heart skip a beat for a second and that really bothered him.

There was something about your picture that he couldn’t pinpoint. Was it because he was reminded of someone whom he had long forgotten about? Was it because you looked too familiar for him? His eyes read all of the information written down on the piece of paper, pushing it away after memorizing a couple of information.

“When do you want me to start?” Kihyun leans back in his chair, an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. The sun was still up and he just got back from another mission last night. Shownu somewhat had a miserable look on his face when he stared at Kihyun.

Doesn’t he remember her? Shownu thought as he took a hold of the folder. “You can start whenever you feel like it.” 

“Alright, I’ll be heading out tonight and I think I might need that information sheet for me to study this afternoon.”

Nodding his head in approval, Shownu rips the paper off the clip and hands it directly to Kihyun. Turning around to leave the place, Kihyun was brought to a stop by Shownu’s question.

“Doesn’t she look familiar to you?”

Shaking his head in disapproval, Kihyun didn’t think twice but to continue his way out. Sadly looking at Kihyun’s retreating back, Shownu slumps his whole body in his chair and lets out a deep sigh, wishing that Kihyun had never taken the job.

“Isn’t it sweet of you to finally remember me, Kihyun?” You blatantly asked as you just let his warm hands take a hold of yours but despite his sudden skinship, you never brought your guard down.

Memories of the two of you came rushing into Kihyun. The time when the two of you were happy in each other’s arms, enjoying each other’s warmth and touch…. but only to be destroyed once he entered MX. 

“You’re still wearing our wedding ring?” Kihyun sadly asked as he looked over to his wife, wondering why he never seemed to remember you when he saw your picture. Was it because his mind decided to bury that happy memory at the back of his head to keep him emotionally stable? Was it to keep him at bay? or was it to keep him away from hurting himself over and over again?

Scoffing at his own words, you only pressed the blade harder on his throat, slowly cutting through the first layer of his skin. “Pathetic, isn’t it? Even though here I am, holding a knife around your neck ready to kill you, I’m still wearing our damned wedding ring… knowing that our marriage had already died five years ago.”

Both of your chests were burning with sadness. It was a tragic ending for the two of you. You were taken away by people whom he never knew and he was taken away from you by MX. “What happened to you? Why are you an assassin?”

Glancing back at your reflection, he knew that the old [y/n] was long gone and was replaced by someone whom he never expected to meet. A new [y/n] who’s practically fine with killing people, having her hands stained with corrupted blood, and being heartless. 

You hated things like killing people when the two of you were still young and happy. But now, it was different… especially when Kihyun left you. You trained so hard in order to just meet him one day during some mission. You hoped that one day the two of you might meet with hearts still beating for each other and now is actually that day.

But the day when the two of you are up on each other’s throats, trying to kill each other. You fell silent when you heard his voice filled with concern and sadness. Why did you become an assassin in the first place, though? Was it because you wanted to run away from the pain that he’s caused you?

“I don’t know…” you whispered against his ears before making your hand go limp, pulling the blade away from his throat. “I… I can’t do this.” You angrily muttered as you tried to fight back the tears that were threatening to fall.

Feeling a lump in his throat, Kihyun wipes away the blood on his neck before pulling you into his arms. Oh, how long have he yearned to have you in his arms once again. Burying your face into his chest, you unconsciously wrapped your arms around him and burst out crying. 

“Why did you leave me?” Your cry was muffled in his chest, only to bring Kihyun to tears. “I never meant to leave you, [y/n].” Kihyun whispered as he slowly remembered why he left you in the first place.

“Kihyun, you do know that [y/n]’s in danger because of you right?” Wonho asked as he roughly places both of his hands on his shoulder. “I know…” Kihyun lifelessly replied with his eyes lowered to the ground. “And you do know how to keep her safe?”

Of course, Kihyun knew how to keep you safe but it was in a harsh way. If he joins MX, then he would be reassured that you’d be taken care of their sister assassin group, a group of people that he doesn’t even know about. But it also meant that he wouldn’t be able to see you again.

“Okay fine….” Kihyun gave up at the thought of you being in danger. Glancing towards your sleeping figure, Kihyun heaves out a sigh and mutter a sorry before glancing back up to Wonho.

“I’m in.”

Kihyun then tightens his grip around your, his shaky breath glossing over your neck as his tears have already betrayed him. “I’m sorry… but it was only one way to keep you safe, [y/n]…”

“Safe?” you scoffed as you pushed him away. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. He never knew what happened to you. He never knew what struggles and beating that you’ve gone through to become an assassin… which you never wished to become.

“Do you call having my back whipped by some woman safe?! Do you call having my body filled with bruises safe?! Tell me, Kihyun, is everything that I’ve been through safe to you?!”

Gaping at the words that he just took in, Kihyun looks at you with eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “They did that?”

“They freaking did, Kihyun, they freaking did! And you know what, I had to freaking fight for this wedding ring so that I wouldn’t lose the only thing that reminded me that you were mine and you loved me.”

Looking down at his hands, he sadly twists the ring on his left hand before he softly mutters a sorry. “This is pointless..” you exasperatedly said as you walked towards him, grabbing his hand before placing the knife on his palm.

Just end it here, honey. I know what’ll happen if you don’t finish your mission.” 

Kihyun’s eyes widened in fear as he frantically shook his head in disapproval, throwing the knife away from the two of you. “No. I’m not gonna kill you…. [y/n], please, we can fix this. Let’s run away!”

You sadly smiled at him before letting out a shaky breath, “We can’t… we both know that they’ll be able to track us down and punish us once they find us.” Kihyun takes a hold of your hand, his vision blurred by the tears in his eyes.

“Let’s leave everything behind, [y/n]! We can be that happy couple we used to be and grow a family together!” 

Hearing those words were comforting enough to make you smile at him sincerely. You slowly remove his hands off of yours before cupping his cheeks. His tears were brimming down his cheeks, his lips were starting to swell from crying and you’ve never felt so broken to see him like that.

“I love you so much, honey, but I can’t do that… I know that we’ll be both dead if we ever try to run away.” 

“We can change our identity, [y/n]! We can fucking change it…. please… Let’s just live a normal life with mini me and mini you running around our house, I’m sick and tired of this life… please… just run away with me.”

Kihyun was literally sobbing as he leaned into your touch. He was right… the thought of that having a family with him felt magical that it sent butterflies in your tummy. Imagining what Kihyun just said made you change your mind. Taking his lips with your own, you couldn’t help but smile at the feelings of his on yours after how many years.

Pulling away from the kiss, Kihyun leaned his forehead against yours before sniffing. His gaze was soft and was filled with so much emotions. Tracing your fingers on his lips, you couldn’t help but smile before letting the words, that could change both of your lives, out from your mouth, making him burst out into a smile.

“Alright.. let’s run away and leave this all behind us.” 

music || charles xavier

prompt: “Hey i love the stuff you write and wanted to know if you can do a charles xavier x reader where the reader loves music and everytime charles tries to read her mind all he gets is classical music or rock music and can’t seem to figure her out. Also she has powers like raven from teen titans.”

warnings: n/a

a/n: this is my second request and i hope you like this!

Being a mutant was your favorite things about yourself. But you were always told as a child to always control your emotions to suppress and control your demonic powers. And you were a big fan of music, which helped you control your emotions. The thing was that music always played in your head, like elevator music. You would always hum as you walked around the mansion. One person you were fond of was Charles Xavier, you always liked the young man.

But you never decided to act upon these feelings, thinking it might interfere with your powers, which would cause complete hell if something were to happen. You had always wore a dark purple cloak and kept to yourself, and never wore your hood unless you were fighting. You were a mystery that not even Charles Xavier could solve.

When Charles first met you, he had tried to read your mind, only to hear loud music playing which was Y/F/S. Charles may not know anything about you, but he soon took a liking to you. He admired the fact that you would always listen to the sounds in your head and kept to yourself. He liked your intelligence and how you didn’t cause any trouble. Charles may not have knew you but he knew of your powers.

So there you sat under a tree, staring off into who knows what. Charles watched you from a distance, putting his fingers onto to his temple and went into your mind. He thought himself successful until he heard more music, recognizing the song to be ‘Take It or Leave It’ by The Strokes. Charles sighed, then walked over to where you were sitting. Charles tapped your shoulder, snapping you out of your thoughts. “Hello professor.” You smiled. “Y/N, not to be straight forward, but why are you always listening to music.” He asked and you exaggerated a gasp. “Professor have you been looking into my mind.” You say aloud, faking a shocked tone. You laughed at Charles’ nervousness, his face a deep red.

“It’s fine professor, really. I don’t mind if you read my mind, I have nothing to hide. As for the music thing, it helps control my powers.” You reply before leaving to go to your room, leaving a bashful Charles. You continued your week normally, getting school work done and practicing your powers. Charles however, kept attempting to read your mind, each attempt ending up with Charles with a headache, since the music was always loud in your head. It had ranged from classical, rock and even pop music. And to be honest, Charles was tired.

Charles had gained enough guts to approach you reading your spell book, “Y/N?” Charles asked, you looking up from your book and giving him a bright smile. “Hello Charles.” Charles started to blush, you usually call him professor and hearing his name come out of your mouth made him nervous. “I was wondering if you wanted to go out? I would love to get to know you more, and not invade your privacy that is your mind.” He rambled on and you laughed softly. “Are you asking me out?” You question him, Charles turning a bright red and into a rambling mess. You stand up to get close to him, “well if you are, my answer yes.” You smile, before giving him a kiss on the cheek and leaving a flustered Charles behind you as you walked away.

this is so bad i didnt know how to write it im sorry

I'm falling a little bit more every day when I'm stalling

Part one | Part two | Follow the series on AO3

@amalasdraws has been very patient and helpful with this, thank you x100

Takahiro wakes up to the sound of that annoying ringtone Tooru picked out for himself, specially, when he calls.

It’s dark. The sun isn’t up yet and peeking through his curtains, so he contemplates ignoring the call. What if he just rolled over and accidentally called him like he did last week?

He lets the call go, groaning and rolling over. He doesn’t open his eyes and the phone stops, so he tries to relax, to go back to sleep. Fucking Tooru and his inability to properly lock his phone at night-

The phone starts ringing again, and Takahiro feels a hard, heavy lump form in his throat. The dread gets him up and checking his phone.

It’s Tooru.

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