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                                            What is human?
                                            An ability to reason?
                                            To imagine?
                                            To love or grieve?
                                            If so,
                                            we are more human
                                            than any human ever will be.

                                           AESTHETIC MEME | eight stories
                                           ┖ sense8 (3)

Otayuri Movie Night Headcanons

- They rarely go to the cinema, preferring the quiet and secluded company of their apartments, so they can talk during the film. Plus,Yuri prefers to have blankets and snacks and his cat.

- Otabek may or may not turn down the heating so Yuri leans closer.

- Yuri usually picks the films; turns out he’s really in to bad action movies. But sometimes, Otabek picks. And when he does, it’s always a RomCom.

- What? He gets a kick out of seeing Yuri blush at the sappy, romantic parts.

- And hearing him laugh is always a bonus. 

- Yuri is adamant that he loves horror films and has no issue watching them and that they absolutely do not scare him. Otabek knows that they do, but agrees t watch them in the hope that Yuri will cuddle in to him.

- He does. Everytime.

Lady Angel

A/N: i havent written in months, literally months so im sorry if this sucks. nobody asked for this so yikes. this is also six pages on google docs so pls like it bc i worked hard on it. also spot the kurt vonnegut quote :) im also very bad at titles my b.

Pairing: bucky x reader

Word count: 2,700 (exactly)(yikes)

“Dude, just ask her out already,” Sam said slapping Bucky on the shoulder, pulling him out of his dazed state.

“Ha yeah right,” Bucky grumbled as he turned to face Wilson.

“Listen man, I’ll punch you in face so you can visit her in the med bay,” Sam snickered.

“You would like that wouldn’t you?” Bucky said scoffing.

“Yeah, I would love it actually. A girl like that won’t stay single forever man,” Sam said and both his and Bucky’s eyes went back to observing you throw your head back with laughter with the other nurses who work in the med bay.

“Jesus, I know,” Bucky replied in frustration, running his metal hand through his hair. Sam was about to say something back but was interrupted when Steve walked by them and said, “we got a mission. Meet at the jet in 10. Suit up,” before swiftly walking away.

“Stop drooling,”  Sam commented as he turned his attention back to Bucky.

“Shut up,” Bucky snarled as he got up and started to head towards the locker room.

“Seriously man! Ask her out!” Sam shouted, chuckling as he saw Bucky flip him off before turning a corner.

It was a quiet day at the med bay. A few agents in training passed through with minor injuries sustained during combat training, nothing too bad. You were finishing a chart when the squeak of the intercom disrupted the silence.

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OK, so I saw this really cute picture of Leafeon pressing flowers to Glaceon’s mouth (the same way that Gon is to Killua) and I started squealing and then this happened. I think it turned out pretty decent.

“Quick, guys, how do I look?” Oikawa pops into Hanamaki and Matsukawa’s dorm room, adjusting the collar of his shirt. “I finally got Iwa-chan to agree to go on a date.”

Hanamaki takes one look at the gaudy shirt and has to turn his face away. The shirt has ruffles and even if Oikawa is unfairly attractive no one would be able to pull off that abomination. “You look great,” Hanamaki’s sentence tapers off into an exaggerated gag and he slaps a hand over his mouth to contain the metaphorical vomit. “Sorry. Acid reflux disease.”

Makki.” Oikawa whines.

“No, seriously. I love it. Brings out your eyes.” Makki gags again. “God, I’m sorry, I ate too much spicy food today.”

Oikawa desperately turns to Matsukawa instead who is staring at him with a blank expression. “Mattsun?”

“You look like a fucking croissant.” Matsukawa says without changing expression. Oikawa cries.

“Hey, Oikawa, c’mon.” Hanamaki sighs, “You look good. I love croissants. I eat them with my coffee every morning, they’re really the best pastry-”

“Fuck both of you.” Oikawa continues to sob.

“Listen,” Matsukawa pats his friends back, “It won’t matter what shirt you’re wearing because in the end, it’ll end up on the floor along with your too-tight pants and pointy elf shoes. You look great.”

Hanamaki pushes the still sobbing Oikawa out of their room. “Go get ‘em, tiger.” He says gently as he shuts the door.

“Poor Iwaizumi.” Matsukawa shakes his head forlornly.

“He doesn’t deserve this.” Hanamaki agrees.

I feel really bad, and I project onto Dex all the time so take some emotional hurt/comfort dex/nursey

Also on AO3


He’s so tired. So so tired. He doesn’t know when it happened, but at some point, he turned into the guy that people went to with their problems. He thinks maybe that it’s because Bitty has been stressed out of his mind and people haven’t wanted to bother him, and Shitty isn’t there anymore.

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“You were the the sun, and I was crashing into you”-Baz Pitch

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The Kissing Scene (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Request: Hi beauty 🙋 can you do please a Sebastian Stan smut where the reader is his girlfriend and she goes to see him on the set of “political animals” and she gets turned on by the gay kiss and she tells him and he teases her about that and smut (yeah, I know, a lot of “and”. Love your blog, XX (@bikeral )

A/N: omg pls im so sorry if this is bad, is it tho? also tell me if i did the tagging thing correctly thanks :)

You were currently in Sebastian’s trailer, chatting and giggling when his assistant knocked and came in. She greeted the both of you before informing him that he had the kissing scene today. Instantly you tensed up and moved out of his lap and sat next to him on the couch, fiddling with your fingers.

“What’s wrong baby?” Sebastian asked as he positioned himself to face you on fully.

“Nothing,” you mumbled.

“I know something is wrong, what is it?” He asked you again, taking your hands in his. Before you could answer, there was a knock on his trailer door and someone telling him he was due on set.

“Hold on!” He yelled back and you could hear the person groan on the other side.

“C’mon babe, tell me,” he said soft and gently.

“Don’t you have somewhere to be?” You snapped at him, getting up and walking over to the door, opening it for him.

“Babe, don’t be like that,” he said reaching for your arm but you yanked it away.

“What? Being a concerned girlfriend?” You replied. Without another word he left the trailer and you alone in it. You slammed the door shut and sat in the same spot he had just sat in moments ago.

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~For the MP100 Valentine’s week challenge, Day 6~

Category: M/M

Pairing: Kageyama Ritsu/Suzuki Shou

Word count: 722

Notes: Sorry this fic is late, I was so busy yesterday. Have some adorable sleepover shenanigans as an apology





a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.

ex.“there is room for four people to travel in comfort”


This was a bad idea, Ritsu thought at 4 am. Oh, why did Shou have to burn my sleeping bag?

Of course it hadn’t been on purpose. Shou had been trying to make popcorn with pyrokinesis, but had used his powers a bit too enthusiastically, resulting in burning popcorn bullets shooting around the room and setting a lot of things on fire. One of those things being the sleeping bag Ritsu had brought in order to sleep over.

“Ah, look, I’m sorry man,” Shou had apologized, actually bowing for once (yes, Shou did know what respect was, he just usually chose not to utilize it). “I didn’t think…” He froze suddenly. “Wait, you’re still staying over, aren’t you?” “I don’t know,” Ritsu had sniffed, “seeing as you just burned my bed for the night.” Shou had cringed, then proposed, “We can share? My bed is pretty big, we can both fit no problem… Pleeeeeeease?”

Ritsu had silently cursed himself, because he never could resist Shou’s puppy dog eyes. So of course, he’d “reluctantly” agreed, and now here he was, 4 am, and not able to sleep for the past three hours because Shou rolled around so much.

Of course Ritsu knew that Shou was kind of hyper, but he hadn’t known that still applied to him when he was asleep. Perhaps even more than when he was awake. Twisting, turning, shifting, kicking, wiggling; there was simply no end to Shou’s movement, and it was driving Ritsu up the wall - especially since Shou took up three quarters of the bed for his excessive movements, resulting in many touches, kicks, and occasional elbows to the face.

And he was hogging the blanket… !

Ritsu sat up, finally fed up with the situation. This is it! I’m waking him up right now and he’s gonna find another bed for me. There’s no way I can sleep here, and I sure as hell am not sleeping on the floor when this whole situation is his fault. I am done with you, Shou Suzuki!

Ritsu leaned over across Shou, trying to decide whether to pull his ears or slap his cheeks to wake him up - and faltered as he saw Shou’s sleeping face… because whatever dream was drifting across Shou’s mind right now was making him smile. Really smile. Ritsu had only ever seen grins and smirks from his best friend, but now Shou was smiling softly, gently…

… and it was indescribably cute. Ritsu found himself wondering what it was that could make Shou smile like that… or who it was.

Ritsu scowled at that thought. Okay, sunshine, enough sleep for you. He reached out to shake Shou awake…

… and found himself suddenly yanked down and pressed to Shou’s firm chest. Ritsu’s first instinct was to tear himself free and slap Shou, but as he heard a soft snore from his best friend, he froze. Shou was still asleep and not messing with him? Then that meant…

If I wake Shou up, it’ll be awkward as hell. Because right now, I’m lying on top of him and we’re practically cuddling.

Oh god, why does this kind of thing always happen to me. Just let me go to sleep, dammit!

Ritsu lay as still as he could with Shou’s arms and legs wrapped around him like he was an oversized teddybear, and tried to think. At least my arms are still free. Maybe if I just…

He tried to slowly extricate himself from Shou’s embrace, but Shou’s grip immediately tightened, leaving Ritsu no choice as to remain on top of his best friend. Who was surprisingly comfortable, actually. And had nice abs.

Yeah, okay, definitely suffering from sleep deprivation. Ritsu sighed, resigning himself to his fate. Ah, well, with the way he moves around, this’ll only last a few minutes at most, anyway…

It’s a shame, really. This is pretty comfortable. And nice…

Ritsu’s eyes snapped open. Oh god. He was never staying up this late again, if it meant this kind of crazy thought. Calm down Ritsu. Two minutes and he’ll move for sure.

After twenty minutes, Shou still hadn’t moved, and Ritsu’s tiredness was catching up to him. He found himself nodding off to the sound of Shou’s steady heartbeat against his ear, and couldn’t even bring himself to care that he liked it. Fuck this, he thought as he finally wrapped his arms around Shou in return. He’s asleep anyway. No one will ever know.

And as Ritsu finally nodded off, a gentle smile that mirrored Shou’s turned up the corners of his mouth.