this turned out shittier than i expected

Not Your Type

Pairings: Engineer!Wanda x Actress!Reader

Summary: Your friends cannot believe that you, of all people, ended up with a geek.

Warnings: Implied/referenced sex, potentially some language,

Notes: For @bookybuns‘ fic fest. My prompt was: S/he is really nerdy and you’re really popular and everyone’s confused as to how you two are in a relationship.

Okay, I kinda feel like this prompt is perhaps more suited to a high school/college AU, but that’s not my jam, so I took it down another road. Takes place in a modern/no powers AU — hopefully it still works!

I will be completely honest: my initial idea was for a pre-serum!Steve x Reader one-shot, but when I started writing, it didn’t work out. After much deliberation, discarded drafts and tears later, here is what I came up with. My first Wanda x Reader fic. Enjoy :)

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The arrival of your guests is signalled by the loud ringing of your buzzer. You dash over to the door, throwing it open with a dramatic flourish.

“Enter, good fellows,” you say solemnly, adding to your theatrics with an exaggerated bow. Bucky snorts, stepping past you and making a beeline for the TV to get the DVD set up. Tonight is movie night, and as it’s Sam’s turn to pick, you’re all being subjected to yet another re-watch of Forrest Gump.

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(A/N: It’s fucking 4AM and I’m so fucking tired so this turned out shittier than the others. Oh well. 🤷🏽‍♀️)


I stretched under Jason’s blanket, yawning as I turned over to lie on my stomach. With my eyes still closed, I reached over to Jason’s side, expecting to feel his naked chest but I was greeted with an empty bed.

I opened my eyes and pouted, he must've gotten up early again. He did say ever since he and I started dating he’s been sleeping a lot better now, even waking up earlier than usual.

I swung the blanket off of my naked body and crawled out of Jason’s bed. I couldn't find my clothes because of course, Jason ripped them off last night, so I dug into his drawer and took out one of my spare panties he kept in there, and one of his shirts and boxers, bringing them with me to his bathroom.

After taking a shower, washing my long black hair, and taking care of…an extremely unwanted problem, I made my way downstairs to look for the guys. I found them all huddling around something on the kitchen island, “Goodmorning!” I greeted them cheerfully.

They all turned their heads to me, all of them looking like they just have been caught doing something they shouldn't be doing. I narrowed my eyes, “What are you all doing?”

“N-Nothing!” Jason stammered, “Close her damn laptop!” He hissed under his breath when he looked at Drake.

I pushed Grayson and Damian aside. Before Drake closed my laptop, I gasped, “You hacked into my Tumblr!?”

“Uh….no?” Drake laughed sheepishly. 

I growled. I was just about to pounce and smack him over the head but Jason picked me up and carried me over his shoulder, “Hey!” I punched his back repeatedly, “Why are you doing this?! Put me down you imbecile!”

I gasped when he smacked my ass, “No can do, princess! Answer the anon hate Tim!”

“Oh, you have got to be kidding me! Are you guys for real!?” I snarled. The things they do just to fucking answer these dumb messages!

I started kicking Jason’s stomach and punching his back, “Unhand me, Jason!”

“Hurry, damn it!” Jason growled at Drake, locking an arm around my legs.

“But I want to answer this fool!” I heard Damian snapped.

“No, Damian,” Grayson said, “Tim won rock, paper, scissors, he gets to answer.”

“Tt, that game was idiotic anyway, of course he won.”

When Jason let my legs go for a split second, I swung one leg around his neck. He yelped when I broke free from his grip on my hip, maneuvering myself quickly to sit on his shoulders and jump off, pushing his back with my foot.

“Oof! How the fuck did you do that?!” He growled, turning back to me.

“I was raised by the League of Assassins, babe.” I winked. I dove under his arm when he tried to grab me again and pushed Drake to the side, stopping his furious typing, “Hey! I was typing!” He protested.

When I quickly read over the anon hate, I just had to burst out laughing, “Oh my gosh! You guys got mad over this?!” 

Grayson crossed his arms, “Uh, duh!” 

Jason growled. I pinched his arms when he tried to pull me back from my laptop, “It’s just a simple, “I hope you fall off a cliff” type of anon, it’s not that bad.” I shrugged.

Damian smacked his forehead, “Sister, you are one strange human being, I swear.” He grumbled.

I rolled my eyes, “It’s not my fault they have nothing else to say instead of, “Oh, fall off a cliff” or “Oh, I hope you die, kill yourself” it’s the same thing over and over again. This is getting quite boring.” I sighed sadly. They really don’t know what to do with their dumb sad lives, huh?

This is probably the same anon from, I don’t know, last week? Nah, the one from last week actually tried. This one though, my gosh, how dull. The “No Charge” is amusing, though! B- for effort!

“Are you going to answer this time?” Drake asked, voice sounding defeated “Because what I wrote could really stop these 10 year olds from bothering you again.”

I read his response. Jesus, Drake sure does have some explicit words in here, “Drake, this is terrible, even if it’s for a 10 year old.” I said, deleting everything he wrote.

Damian huffed, “Tt! You see, Drake, I could’ve done a better job than you.”

Grayson chuckled, “Dami, you would’ve said worse things than Tim.”

I laughed too and patted Damian’s head, “Grayson’s right, I’m never going to let you respond to any of my anon hate.” I grinned.

“And why not!?” 

“Because you’ll make the anons want to kill themselves instead.” Jason muttered. Oh my dear God, he’s damn right. Next time I get an anon hate I have to hide my electronics from Damian. The anon hate is fun but I don’t want them killing themselves. It’s wrong wishing death on a person you don’t know. 

Grayson sighed and patted Drake and Damian’s shoulders, “Come on you two, it was worth the try.” 


Drake and Damian grumbled as Grayson led them out of the kitchen. I sighed and rested my head on Jason’s chest. He rubbed my back and kissed my forehead, “Still tired?”

I wrapped my arms around his waist,“Mhm, I missed you this morning, too.” 

I squealed when he slid a hand under the boxers and panties I was wearing, squeezing my ass, “Do you want to continue what we were doing last night?” He asked seductively.

“I would love to but,” I pulled back from his chest and took his hand out of my panties, giving him a sheepish smile, “I started my period.”

His jaw hit the floor, “Now!? When I’m feeling extra horny this morning!?”

I looked down at his tented pants and chuckled, “Yup,” I nodded, “No sex for a week.” 

Jason groaned, sliding his hands down his face in despair. I raised an eyebrow when his face lit up. He smirked, “You could still take care of this for me.” He gestured to his pants.

I rolled my eyes, “Nah.”

Jason’s face dropped, “Babe, please.” 

I shook my head. There’s no way I’m giving without getting something in return, “Nope.”

Fine!” He growled. I asked where he was going when he walked out of the kitchen.

“To fucking jerk off!” He called back.



My Sweets Paradise ‘Port Mafia/Chuya’ set came! 

I got pretty impatient so I took the whole package with me to the mall, and since I was still recovering from a headache, I didn’t join my sis and mom at the movies, so I just sat at a cafe waiting for them while opening this. 

I brought my pen knife with me for this sole purpose XD Some people noticed me with my pen knife as I was ripping and started to take a few steps away from my table. 

I mean no harmmm~ *rip rip* 

Also, I had smol doughnuts to eat. I couldn’t help it. 

Sweets Paradise. Doughnuts. 

Get it get it? Hehehe

I’m super happy because holy shit I didn’t expect the badge AND the keychain to turn out bigger than I really thought. I mean, I saw the keychain size for the ‘JP Post collab’ and I didn’t have my hopes all that high - but when I saw this, boi imagine my pleasant surprise. 

I’m also very happy to get this because I’ve had a shittier amount of luck with IRL stuff and work and blah so ;_; ahhh some Chuya to sweeten my day (sweeten.. get it get it? XDD)