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[CNETZ] Idol Who Is Anti-ed By Pictures The Most

*Note: About how photos cannot capture Chanyeol’s irl beauty

*Note 2: One of the screencaps in the post was of a pann post discussing the same thing 

Source: Sohu Hallyu

[+682] I saw him irl before. I’d say even his bare face is sparkling and could dazzle you. How I wish I could throw myself into his arms. Omo.

[+539] I don’t know if I should cry or smile. He already looks so good in pictures. It turns out pictures don’t do him justice. He is really so beautiful irl that I’m gonna die.

[+412] he already looks so handsome in pictures, he must looks 10000000x more handsome irl.

[+298] lbr! He is really more handsome irl!!

[+283] lol, to my surprise, park chanyeol, pictures don’t do you justice

[+248] yes, yes. He is so handsome irl that your nose will bleed.

[+246] I’ve heard about this from many people.

[+226] you would not be willing to marry anyone after you see him irl.

[+221] *screencap of someone’s comment in another website which says: “stop it (tn: meaning stop judging solely from pictures), he looks totally different irl than in photos. I’ve seen him irl. I’d say his pictures are all fake. This is the first time that I’ve ever seen that pictures could anti the real look to such extent (tn: cannot capture his irl beauty). So it’s very unfair to judge his look only from pictures. You could not simply use handsome to describe him [after seeing him irl], he’s literally astonishing.”

[+208] Chanyeol looks so handsome in pictures already and you’re saying that pictures don’t do him justice? How astonishingly handsome is he irl?

[+208] I must not see him irl. He already looks like this in pictures. I bet I’ll pass out if I ever see him irl.

[+160] Those who have clearly outlined faces would not look as good in pictures as in real life.

[+141] omg…so called “pictures don’t do him justice”..i’m..dead..

[+128] I’m a fan of his voice, visual, and talents. I’m 20 yrs old but I could only lick his pictures at home. If I ever see him irl, I would definitely hold him in my arms and never let go.

[+60] I was shocked when I saw him irl. Never expected his face to be that small, his eyes to be that huge, naturally and beautifully huge. He is so thin, so tall. He was wearing a dark green t-shirt. I met him together with my college mate, who was a muggle. I asked her afterwards. She said she didn’t know anyone, couldn’t remember anyone and couldn’t see anyone, she only saw Chanyeol who was standing in front, he was so beautiful that he doesn’t look real, she had never seen anyone so beautiful in her entire life. This is exactly what she said.


Pairing: ReaderXReid

Inspiration: a photo I found that says “I was atheist until I realized I am God.” and the picture just inspired me completely.

Prompt: You have been taken by an unsub who believes he is God. Reid and the rest of the team burst into the unsub’s apartment just in time to stop him from killing you and turning you into one of his ‘angels’

Warnings: a little bit of religious talk (I identify myself as an agnostic so I really am not good at writing about religion so I’m very sorry if in some way I offend you if you are a religious person, I do not mean to and apologize if you do take offense to anything), violence, swearing

You gasped for air as your eyes shot back open, only to see the same dim lit room they had seen before you had passed out from the intense pain in your ribs and wrist. You knew at least two ribs had to be cracked from when the unsub kicked you during your first escape attempt, and you knew your wrist was most likely damaged too from when the unsub had twisted it violently during your second escape attempt. 

You glanced down at your wrist, the skin around the bone swollen to almost double its size, your flesh taking on a deep purple tone. Definitely broken.

You looked around for anything you could use as a make-shift cast, knowing the more you let your hand flop around the more damage would be done to that broken bone. You had very little medical training, considering you had only been in med-school for a year before dropping out and joining the Behavioral Analysis Unit, however you knew exactly what to do the moment you saw the wooden ruler on the small desk that sat in the corner of the room that you had been trapped inside for almost a day now. 

You stood up weakly and made your way over to the desk, knowing the unsub was no where in the room from the lack of teasing you heard when you awoke. You had passed out five times since he first captured you, three of the times when you came to he had been sitting in the room, watching you. Once he noticed you were conscious he would chuckle and ask you what it felt like to have God doing this to you or if you wanted to beg him for divine mercy. 

You leaned on the desk with your good hand, letting your body balance itself before you let go and grabbed the ruler, putting it under neath your damaged forearm. You then grabbed a long piece of string that was also laying on the desk, wrapping it up and down your arm tightly until the ruler stayed in place without anything supporting it. That was the best you could do.

“Well, well, well, look whose up and on her feet.” his voice spoke from behind you. You whipped around only to see him standing in the doorway, a sick smile on his face. “Ready to beg for mercy?” he questioned, stepping into the room and closing the door behind him. 

You just stared, not giving him the pleasure of your broken voice answering. You knew if you tried to say anything he would hear the fear in your voice and that was exactly what he wanted.

“Do you believe in God?” he asked, walking slowly towards you, dragging his hand along the top of his dingy dining table. His eyes were glued to you as if simple eye contact alone was feeding his craziness. 

You still didn’t answer his question, only swallowed hard as he took his hand off the table, continuing to walk towards you.

“I was an atheist once.” he spoke in a low voice. He came to a sudden stop, his body now only a foot away from you. “Until I realized I am God.”

As if on queue, you heard the door he had entered through moments before be kicked in causing him to grab you and pull your body in front of his, a knife he had been hiding in his belt now being raised up to your neck. You watched as the room filled with the familiar faces of the BAU as well as a few members of SWAT. 

“Get out!” you heard the unsub bark, his voice almost breaking your ear drum while you felt his breath become faster against your neck.

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“Jackson, put the knife down, you don’t want to do this.” the voice of Spencer filled your ears, causing your eyes to dart to his face the moment you heard them. You almost started sobbing just from seeing his face, the face you never thought you would see again.

“Of course I want to do this, she must become one of my angels.” he spat, the blade now pressing against your neck causing you to squint your eyes shut. “She’ll be my favorite little angel.” he said, his voice lowering slightly as you could tell he moved his head to look at you.

“Jackson, (Y/N) is already an angel.” you heard Reid say, causing you to open your eyes slightly, the tears blurring your vision. “She’s one of the few angels that God sent down to Earth to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves.”

“I am God!” he shouted, pressing the blade even harder into your neck. You could feel a small stream of blood begin to trickle down your neck as the blade nicked you ever so slightly. 

“Exactly, which is why you know it’s important that (Y/N) stays here on Earth. You know what she’s done for people, you know how kind hearted and amazing she is.” Reid continued, his voice staying calm in the escalating situation. “She’s helped save so many people Jackson, she’s helped save me.” 

You felt the unsubs pressure on the knife loosen slightly as you remembered all the nights Spencer had spent at your apartment after Prentis’s ‘death’. All the mornings that you would wake up and make breakfast for him and ask him what his plans for the day would be. You and Spencer had always shared a close bond, one that could not be replaced or broken. Little did either of you know that the feelings you had towards one another was love.

“Please, don’t take her away from me.” Spencer pleaded, breaking you away from your train of thought. 

You swallowed hard, glancing down just in time to see the glint of the blade catching the dim light as it was brought away from your neck. You felt Jackson step away from you, then you heard him drop to his knees, then you saw the SWAT team and several members of the BAU move in towards him. 

You brought your none broken hand up to your face, wiping away the warm tears that were finally falling only to suddenly feel arms wrapped around you and your face being pressed against a bullet proof FBI vest.

“You’re safe.” you heard Spencer’s voice whisper while he brought one of his hands up to the back of your head, the other staying around your waist. 

Your head fit perfectly under his chin. You felt him gently kiss the top of your head before squeezing you even tighter, hearing the footsteps of Jackson and the SWAT team walk by. 

“You’re safe.” he repeated once again, his grip on you not loosening until he knew Jackson was half way down the hall.

I am late at making this haha….I just so glad I am home now.

There’s many things happened in 2016, though there’s bad and stressful stuff happened, I would say that it’s still a good year for me. Thanks to my friends and family, I tried things I never thought I would try, I been to place that I never planed to go, I am more confident than before, and just …I get out of my house more! lol 

There is one thing that I would want to do/change in 2017 though. If you noticed that, there’s no March and April in the art summary and it’s not the first year I didn’t make any art post around that time, here’s the summary from 2015 that you can see what I mean. I don’t know why it’s been a curse for me or something that around that time, things just turn bad and I couldn’t bring myself to draw anything…and, I really REALLY want to change it this year! ^^’’’ So help me remember this if I didn’t post stuff for more than two weeks.

getting to know myself

For some time now I had pegged myself as someone who would self-sabotage when I wanted something but was scared of getting it. Like, if I was applying to a job that seemed exciting on paper but daunting in reality, then I’d write an application that was only decent instead of as good as I could possibly make it, so that I could say that I’d applied but likely wasn’t going to get it. Or if I thought I was interested in a guy, I’d do something about it but also frequently turn away when things were about to get real. Over time, I’d convinced myself that it was all out of an inability to face some of my fears, and I was constantly berating myself like “I should want this more! why don’t I want this enough? I’m not doing enough to get these things to happen! why can’t I just push through my doubts?”

So for a while there, I was trying really hard to counter that, like I would tell myself to try harder, and not back away from things/people even if my gut told me that I didn’t really want that job or that relationship. “Don’t think about it too much, you’re getting in your own way, just go for it damn it!”

But in the last little while, I think I’ve come to realize that this story I’ve been telling myself about who I am and how I behave isn’t really true at all. When I want a job, like REALLY want it, I have no problem doing everything in my power to get it. I give it my all and have no issue working on my application, reworking it, re-reworking it. When I’m attracted to someone (which, granted, doesn’t happen very often), I go for it. I make sure I create opportunities to spend time with this person, and I don’t beat around the bush. I don’t always get the jobs I want, and I definitely don’t always end up in the relationships I yearn for. But when my gut tells me “hell yeah”, I don’t have to fight the urge to run in the other direction.

So all those times I drag my feet when writing that umpteenth cover letter? It’s that I don’t really want the damn job. All those times I disengaged from a budding relationship? It was that I didn’t want to move forward with that person. It wasn’t self-sabotage. It was self-preservation. It’s like I’m hard-wired against half-heartedness, and I don’t think I should fight that anymore.

stupid story time: the first therapist I saw was trying to find reasons I should feel good about myself and he went back to when he asked if I did any drugs or drank which I hadnt and he put a lot of emphasis on how that made me a good person and that should be the basis behind my self worth and like what a shitty thing to tell an impressionable teen to put their emotional worth into???  And like I dont think it’s a good thing that I havent and the more I think about it the more I dont mind the idea of trying but at the same time I feel like I’ll keep thinking about that and think that I’m making a horrible mistake and am scared of trying anything???

The therapist also turned out to be like really really racist and awful and mostly made me feel worse (he also just kept talking about his neighbor the whole time? like comparing my achievements with him?) so I dont put any stock into anything he said


I’m sorry.. I tried…

In general, how have the drawings I’ve done in sai looked? Better or worse?

I don’t think my morale was down, but it plays on your mind a bit. Everything went so well in the past. This year, not so much. But you have to tell yourself that football is like that. I’ve had more ups than downs in my career. All you can do is keep working. You still have to take enjoyment out of what you’re doing and things will turn, and my smile has always been there. In good moments and bad. I’m somebody who can laugh even at myself. That happens now and again, when I’ve made a mess of really simple things. I say to the other guys in the dressing-room: ‘Bloody hell, did you see what I did then?’” [x]

The Smart CS Girl’s Guide to Surviving Twitter

So after going onto twitter to like and retweet some of the Captain Swan tweets that I’ve seen here on tumblr, I decided that a little post should be made to help people navigate the patience testing twitter-sphere. Anyways, here ya go! :)

1. Go to the Once ABC page

2. Smile like an idiot and proceed to hit like and/or retweet on any Captain Swan, Killian Jones, or Emma Swan tweet you see

3. If you’re so inclined, perhaps leave a nice reply about how much you love these two beautiful dorks. (Don’t be afraid to use lots of smiley faces and heart emojis. The more the better, they are your otp after all)


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Smash your computer with a sledge hammer! Drop kick your cell phone out of a window! Literally just get off twitter, dude. You will be so much happier if you don’t stay to read the extremely unnecessary and negative comments. 

That’s really all you need to do 

anonymous asked:

I consider myself a feminist based on my beliefs, however, I don't really participate in any activism aside from the occasional online petition and voting. Arguing the basic ideas of feminism to people who refuse to do anything but demonize it absolutely drains me, so I've stopped doing that. But I feel like I ought to be doing more. What can an ordinary person do to step up their activism, or even get started? Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thank you.

Turn to your community! Find local feminist chapters and organizations that are hosting and participating in protests, walk outs, sit ins, marches and rallys. If you are in school look towards clubs and organizations that have mission statements you agree with. It can be hard to feel like you are making a difference at all and trust me when I say that going to these events makes you feel like you can do anything. Good luck, and thanks for the question!

-The Daily Feminist