this turned out really cool actually

here’s a list of some plots that i really really want. i’ve credited the original posts where i’ve gotten most of these from!

age gap aus: (cr.)

  • You live in my building and are so attractive let me always offer to carry your things up the stairs since the elevator is broken in hopes you’ll invite me in.
  • I’m a new Intern and my boss’s spouse is super foxy.
  • You’re an 800 year old vampire and I just turned 18.
  • I’m in desperate need for some cash so I became a Sugarbaby.
  • You’re my parent’s boss and I accepted your advances because I didn’t want them to get fired but you actually were just interested in me and you’re sorta cool.
  • We met online, hooked up and it turns out you’re my best friend’s aunt/uncle.

secretly dating/fucking aus: (cr.)

  • I’m your boss’s child.
  • You’re a really close friend of my sibling/parent/cousin/roommate but we also really hit it off?
  • We’re coworkers and usually that wouldn’t be a problem but I’m your boss, so stop looking at me like that.
  • You’re my RA and you signed a contract saying you wouldn’t hook up with your residents but can we overlook that for just tonight? and next week? and for the rest of the semester, maybe?
  • We hooked up after the office party even though there’s a strict no dating rule and honestly? we shouldn’t keep doing this but it was really fun.

soulmate aus: (cr.) / (cr.)

  • All of your dreams are your soulmate’s most significant memories from that given day.
  • Your soulmate’s hair color is the color of your eyes. the color of your eyes also changes to match the color of their hair if they dye it.
  • You wake up on your 18th birthday with the first words your soulmate will say to you tattooed on your body so you’ll know them when you meet them.

apartment aus: (cr.) / (cr.) / (cr.)

  • Your apartment is next to/above mine and I can hear you and your partner dancing and singing and the bed moving and you two laughing and talking in hussed tones and it won’t let me sleep so I bitch about it to you 24/7 and one day it stops and one day turns to one week and then months and I haven’t seen you smile in forever please let me in, I’ve been knocking for ten minutes.
  • I walked in on your ex yelling at you so you grabbed me and kissed me  so she’d go away and I’m kind of freaked out I literally just met you last week.
  • I accidentally took your laundry but just so you know you have awesome taste in underwear.
  • The walls are really thin and i can hear everything you’re saying could you please shut the fuck up new neighbor.
  • One person keeps showing up at the others place because they claim there’s always pokemon lurking there but really they just have a massive crush and wants to see them all the time.

famous aus: (cr.) / (cr.) / (cr.)

  • Plot where muse a is famous as fuck and creates a fake fan account on twitter/tumblr to feel kinda closer to fans and it’s all good and no one really knows it’s him and he’s getting to know what fans want from him but then enters muse b, who’s so completely in love with muse a and his music. The two begin to talk and they become friends and soon they’re texting constantly and she tells him everything and fangirls about her idol to him and they’ve both caught feelings really badly. So one day muse b gets a little scared that she’s being catfished so she asks muse a to video call her. Out of fear of losing her, he agrees and, surprise bitch, it’s her fucking idol.
  • We’re bandmates and we’re both straight as fuck but we’re currently on tour and it’s been a busy six months with hardly any time to go out and meet people, wanna hook up? It’s better than nothing, right? — But oh shit we’ve been at it for two months and the sex doesn’t really feel meaningless anymore and I have no idea what to do because aren’t we supposed to be straight?
  • I’m a radio host who indirectly mentions you and flirts with you on my show but you’re so goddamn clueless, please just notice me I’m so desperate for you it’s kind of sad.
Phil’s Livestream // 12.8.16

He was early wow impressive


He left and came back on idk younow is a mess

He’s wearing the navy Christmas jumper grab on at #spon

Headache shape man

“This train isn’t stopping til we get to Christmastown”

Stockholm was very festive

The Christmas decorations in the Dan and Phil household have started (the tree should be up tonight)

There was a giant fluffy doggo outside the venue 

He watched episode 10 of yoi today (no spoilers)

Dan’s been watching the Final Fantasy trailers constantly

His starter was a rowlet

They got some really cool artwork on tour that he showed us

He shared his minimal knowledge of Swedish with us

They filmed for about 9 hour for YouTube Rewind but it all turned out really well

He messed up his video link on tumblr 

Top fans got rewind themed things

He took German, art, and geography GCSEs

He loves the part of rewind where the camera spins around them 

PINOF8 bloopers will be up in a couple days

Gamingmas has actually been successful wow no one can believe

“Tabo is prego”

He thinks he has nice “shook” nostrils

Dan’s editing tonights video (it should be up around 10)

“Said Dan. It’s not THE Dan. There’s other Dan’s out there.”

Westworld is intense 

“Ho ho ho this is a festive bio” 

Dan didn’t have an existential crisis he was just incredibly shook (they watched a panda documentary to get over it)

January is quite bleak but his birthday brings back the fun

Click that notif bell because YouTube is stupid 

“Oh Dan he’s not on fire. He’s editing a video. This isn’t a roast.” 

“I forgot I was roasting I just started talking about him”

The Lion Guard

Phil yodeled he is a man of many talents

I’m hearing reports that Dan yodeled back but I was too busy watching Phil open a chocolate bar I’m sorry I’ve failed you 

He ate some Swedish chocolate for us

He had a nightmare that his plane was fake crashing and they all took selfies with oxygen masks on 

2017 liveshow days is still undecided 

He’s going to a family members wedding this weekend so that should be fun

“The best thing about weddings is just eating loads of food” -Phil 2k16

Dan isn’t coming he’s going with his family 

Thomas Sanders is a good dude

He started listening to Muse again “the feels”

His favorite winter scents are mulled wine and gingerbread

He’s eating more chocolate

“Pork cutlet bowl!”

He’s going to go help edit the gaming video

Mentions of Dan: ||||| ||||| |||||


So it turns out I really should have paid better attention when news of Shia LaBeouf’s project was first announced because then I wouldn’t have been so surprised to see it driving through Astoria. Aside from my initial freakout over actually meeting this man, who is honestly so cool and is the one who suggested we take a picture, I was in awe by the small group of young people there singing and dancing, ‘He will not divide us!’ It felt like such a hopeful and exciting moment. A moment of coming together and not letting the the ugliness of others ruin who we are as a people. My heart was actually filled with joy because among these powerful words and important message there was a pure level of innocence, of purity in the people’s rebellion. To stand together.To support eachother. To not be divided.

*INFP and INTP sit on bed, ENTJ is curled lovingly at INTP’s side* ENTJ: When I was little I had a babysitter who I thought was really cool, so I gave her a dead squirrel. INFP: How did you give it to her? ENTJ: On a stick. ENTJ: I didn’t understand why she wasn’t amazed by how crusty and flat it was. INTP: I’m sure many people from your childhood are astounded that you didn’t turn out to be serial killer. INTP: The way you show affection is actually quite catlike. INTP: It’s like “the love of my life, there she is, sleeping, I must deposit food onto her face.”


Before I was turned, I dreamed of becoming a master chef. I loved cooking so much and now I get nauseous around food *sigh*. Have you ever heard of a squeamish foodie who can never actually eat food because … well you know. It took me a while (78 years in fact) to get used to drinking plasma too, I mean it tastes delicious but the idea of it just freaks me out. Worst vampire ever right?

On that note, I never actually learnt how to turn into a bat or run really fast and all that cool vampire stuff. Me hating Vlad kinda … uh … hindered our training together. My new master, Caleb occasionally pops by or summons me but it’s usually just to drop off plasma fruit or packs. He’s more of a, um, distant mentor-figure.

But I pretty much know the basics: sun is a no-no and I own curtains … so I guess I’m not all that bad?

I know it’s very expensive but if you can manage it I implore you all to buy this issue @harinef gave us an incredible, beautifully curated document about intergenerational connection, sisterhood. It renewed my belief in faith, the hustle, and the actual possibility of self realization. It’s a rare moment that truly makes an incredible attempt to encapsulate a moment in time for the trans community without forgetting our past. I thought it was all cool fun fashion but seeing the thing as a whole turned out to be a really moving experience, so truly hats off to Hari and I’m so honored to participate
I know this is corny and we aren’t above critique but there’s so many voices and faces and bodies that are being given a shot at glamor and history and it inspired me I promise I won’t be this corny again lmfao.

The signs as vampires
  • Aries: Reckless™. Doesnt know how to cover up their tracks. Ends up hiring someone to do it for them. Skilled at speed walking.
  • Taurus: turns humans into vampires out of boredom. Accidentally creates a huge clan. Ends up a leader. Nice.
  • Gemini: the vampire that messes with everyone just because they're immortal. Gets in trouble lots because they can get out of it easily. The vampire who accidentally ends up well known among other vampires by doing something stupid as hell.
  • Cancer: feels guilty all the time. Likes the perks though. Living forever is cool.
  • Leo: the vampire who thinks they could be part of the Avengers or some crap. Thinks they're some kind of vampire superhero. Actually ends up being some really lonely vampire who longs for another half.
  • Virgo: always thinking of ways their kind can blend in with humans. Misses being human. Probably binges because they avoid eating for a long time.
  • Libra: the preppiest vampire ever. Who cares if we're undead? Doesn't mean we cant party and have a great fashion sense, am i right? Lets go become undead models in high fashion.
  • Scorpio: intensity increased by a million percent. Falls in love with a human. Appears like the stereotype but occasionally wishes they were human.
  • Sagittarius: no guilt whatsoever. Feels as if they're the superior race so who tf gives a damn about stupid humans. Plays with their food.
  • Capricorn: always coming up with ways to take over the world. Vampires should be in charge. Humans are so dumb and temporary.
  • Aquarius: uses their abilities to help people. Mostly wishes everyone was a vampire so they could all look after themselves. The vampire that was shunned from their clan for being too "human like".
  • Pisces: the coolest vampire ever. Uses their abilities to have fun. Thats it. You live forever so you might has well be eternally amused.

I had an idea to try to do a cool animated camera move the other day and it’s turned into a total compositing nightmare.  I animated the 3D rotation of the door in the background with tweens in Flash, and thought it wouldn’t be that hard to match a texture to the perspective.  Turns out I totally suck at perspective and the whole thing looks really weird and sloppy.  We’ll see if it stays in the final cut. The final GIF isn’t an actual glitch, just a slipped layer that kind of encapsulates what a mess this shot has become.

I love astronomy class when the teacher actually stays on top of science community and what is found out.

Like until this week I thought Jupiter was just another planet. But it turns out to be almost a failed star called “brown dwarves”. Which makes so much sense to me since a single star system is extremely rare compared to the binary star systems.

It’s really cool because Jupiter tried to become such a beautiful glowing object but couldn’t get enough matter and enough density to spark so it stayed something we veiw as remarkable and beautiful anyway.

So basically, even if you don’t become the largest thing, there are so many people who will see how far you got and be impressed just by that.

Meeting The Family: Percy Weasley

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Can I have a Percy x reader imagine where she meets his family for the first time and all of them expected her to be exactly like him, but she’s actually super cool and brings out this really laid-back awesome side of him too? (Requested)


Percy’s Point of View

“We’re late,” I stated as I set the two luggage down on the ground and turned to see my very pregnant girlfriend wobbling towards where I was standing in the middle of the living room.

“Sorry, I just wanted to make sure we had everything,” (Y/N) says and comes to a stop in front of me and leaned up to press a chaste kiss to my slightly cracked lips. Her blue curls framed the features of her face, her long lashes brush against her cheeks whenever she blinks and even though she was just wearing a pair of ripped jeans and a baggy Gryffindor sweater, she was still the most beautiful girl I have ever laid my eyes on.

I made sure to send our suitcases ahead of us and then wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her into my body as I pulled out the portkey and transported us to the grassy fields at the outskirts of the burrow. Once we were stable I looked down to make sure (Y/N) was doing okay before we began walking towards the oddly shaped house. While I was freaking out about my parents not liking (Y/N) she was confident that my family would absolutely love her, something about putting on the charms.

As we got closer and closer to the entrance of the burrow my palms had begun to dampen and my heart was pounding. I jumped slightly when I felt a smaller hand squeeze mine and I looked down to see (Y/N) giving me a confident smile and immediately my nerves calmed and I felt a more at ease. Pushing the front door of the house opened we were immediately greeted with the aroma of delicious cooking and loud laughter coming from the direction of the living room.

“We’re here!” I shouted throughout the home and immediately we heard multiple footsteps heading our way at a fast pace. The first to reach us was Ron and he screeched to a halt when he saw (Y/N) and shifted his eyes from her stomach to her hair and then back down to her stomach again. He opened his mouth to say something but George beat him to it when he came running in behind Ron.

“Bloody hell! I didn’t know you had it in you” George exclaimed and pushed Ron out of the way and proceeded to pat me on my back repeatedly while congratulating me on a job well done. My cheeks flushed red and I fumbled over what to reply back to him when (Y/N) beat me to it.

“Damn well he had it in him,” she says and pulls away from my body and steps forward to greet the other two red heads in the room. “I’m (Y/N) (L/N), adventurer and potions extraordinary,” she continues with a wide grin on her face. George just stared wide eye at the bold speaking woman in front of him and then broke out into a wide grin and turned to face me once more.

“You lucky bastard.”


After we greeted everyone and endured the shock of finding out that many would be uncles and aunts we sat down at the large table and feasted on a delicious and well cooked meal. Mom was over the moon when she found out that she would be expecting another grandchild on the way and dad was more than happy to teach another person about all the muggle items that he had acquired over the years. Watching everyone around the table I saw just how well (Y/N) really fitted in with my family.

“You know (Y/N) really does bring out the best in you Perc,” Ginny whispered to me and I look across the table to see my beautiful girlfriend in a deep conversation with Bill and Charlie about the current Dark Lord worshiper that she had managed to track down in Romania and would be using the help of the two older Weasley boys to get him trapped and ready for transportation back to Azkaban.

“She has a little bit of all of us in her and I’m sure that if Fred was here he would have loved her as well,” she continued and shifted her gaze to the chair that no one ever sat in anymore, it was reserved for someone who would never be returning home, even though the war had been a good three years ago the wounds and sorrow still ran deep and I was glad to have someone who could be my light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

“Thank you Gin, I really do love her,” I mumble and waved to (Y/N) as she looked over at me and gave me one of those beautiful and pearly white smile. I mouthed a quick ‘I love you’ and she returned it with a dimpled grin and a small wink that made me flush pink.

That girl would be the death of me.

High School AUS
  • I usually just sit alone at the lunch table but today you decided to sit here too and I appreciate it a lot

  • The public wifi here sucks and you gave me the password to the teacher’s wifi thank you so much

  • I want to ask my crush to prom so badly but I can’t think of any ways that aren’t disgustingly sappy or completely lame, help me brainstorm please

  • You let me copy your notes because I wasn’t paying attention, how can I repay you.

  • Help me orchestrate the best senior prank our school has ever seen

  • My friends dared me to ask you out but joke’s on them because you’re actually really cute oh gosh

  • I accidentally left my blog up on my laptop before I plugged it into the projector and now the whole class has seen it

  • Our teacher assigned partners on a boring project and we got put together and it turns out you’re actually pretty cool

hydejackies replied to your post “Here, some headcanons of Hyde and Jackie as parents :) Par 1 of 2. PS:…”

I need Hyde’s daughter to date Kelso’s kid and him freaking out about it because hIS PRINCESS.

Hyde would be that dad you are really, really, REALLY scared to meet but turns out to be actually pretty cool and nice once he gets to know you. Besides, he would be polite during first meetings as long as you are too. I don’t see Hyde disrespecting anyone his daughter likes…

But then comes Jess Kelso, goofy smile and almost stupid laugh, he reminds him too much of his father and that can’t be good. What if the kid also has his same idea of relationship before Brooke came to his life? What if he turns out to be exactly what Kelso was to Jackie?

Fucking no, he doesn’t want his girl to go through that, it doesn’t matter Jackie laughs every time he gets stressed when Layla says she is going out with Kleso’s boy. 

It actually turns out the kid is more like Brooke, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Junhoe the Type...
  • actually the most awkward human ever
  • doesn’t really know what he’s talking about but he looks cool until he just does his signature spitting laugh
  • tries to ask you out on a date but can’t 
  • tells you to turn around so he can ask
  • acts hella extra and screams when he’s done asking
  • doesn’t know how to react when you say yes
  • finally gets a chance to get your number
    • walks home staring at it (running into people and poles)
  • takes forever to decide what to wear
  • clammy and sweaty palms
  • buys you a bouquet of flowers because he doesn’t know what he’s doing
    • wants to impress you but doesn’t know how
  • surprises himself by actually having a strong relationship
  • never really knows what he gets you as gifts (esp. makeup) because he just asks the workers what he should get
  • even after months is still an awkward boy
  • skinship makes him nervous
  • making you initiate skinship first
  • gets all giggly and embarrassed at his first kiss
  • finally gets comfortable after 234586743 dates
  • sings to you as much as possible
  • goes karaoke-ing just to be stupid together
  • dumb dancing in the kitchen
  • bright smiles 24/7
  • always lets you with the argument 
  • only shows a lot of affection when you’re asleep