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Anna OMFG I'm dying at your captions at Ken's teaser!! You're not hallucinating! I can see nip-nops too!!! I thought his photo was soft and ethereal until I zoomed in 😂😂😂

hjahjkdshaHJSKD ANGELINE THANK U i thought i was projecting some ~des*res~ on that pic but turns out my eyes r Okay it is p weird tho how they decided to portray his diamond birthstone with that shirt tho at least its better than something like:


a couple of loose tapestries pages in my sketchbook!! mainly because their christmas song is wonderful (and also because they are wonderful)

Fic: ...and the Pursuit of Happiness

Summary: The Hummels help host the neighborhood 4th of July party every year. Soon-to-be second grader Kurt is tasked with making the new kid feel welcome, but he doesn’t want to get stuck with a weird new kid. Even if it turns out this Blaine kid is pretty… awesome.  

A/N: This is fluff.  Nothing but fluff.  Kid fic, 4th of July, fluff.  2,375 words of fluff.

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“But I don’t wanna show some new kid around.”

Burt shook his head as he closed the hood of the car and wiped his hands on the towel sticking haphazardly out of his pocket. “Kiddo, it’s called being polite. They’re new to the neighborhood.”

Kurt groaned again and twisted on the stool. “But what if the kid is weird? I don’t want to hang out with a weird kid.”

“Aren’t you usually the weird kid?” Burt asked.

Kurt looked scandalized. “Dad!”

Burt held up his hands in surrender. “I’m just saying. They’re new to the neighborhood, and your mom is organizing the party today. She takes it seriously to make everyone feel welcome. And that includes the new neighbors. Now, they have a kid your age, so she thought you’d want to help her be a good host. You want to help your mom be a good host, right?”

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