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Her Skeleton Will Lie In The Chamber Forever…

A close friend of mine from italy made me this Nigel Plushie! ! ! ! ! AA AA AA AAA A I’m (still) screaming, it looks so good

Lavender ✽



Let’s make a baby part 11 D|H  {second part}

A/N : Like I announced yesterday here is the second half of part 11. This is literally what I’ve been waiting to post/write since the start of the series. If you cry let me know 

It was close to 2am as the three as of us entered the lounge of Phil’s flat. Water was dripping down Dan’s figure. His black clothes were stuck to his soaked through body like a second skin.

“You can sleep on the couch upstairs.” Phil explained and Dan nodded, thanking his friend.

But it was obvious that his gratitude was not actually directed towards him. Phil would have let him stay here in an instant. Like I said he was a sunshine, an angel. He was currently rushing to the bathroom to get some towels for his soaked mate.

“Y/N” Dan carefully spoke, my name rolling of his tongue. It was like music to my ears.

Being in his presence again made my heart beat faster.

“I know that last time didn’t end very well, but I wish I could explain all of the mess I made to you.”

I bit my lip, my thoughts were debating whether this was a good idea or not. There was a weak glimmer of hope in his eyes.

“Okay, I will listen.” I finally forced myself to say. His face instantly brightened up. Dan took a step towards me, after staring at me from across the room as if I was the most precious thing in this world.

“First of all I need to know if Boo is alright. I’ve been worried sick. I could never forgive myself if something happened to the little thing.” the words and concern broke out of him as he nervously ran his hands through his wet hair.

“Everything is fine. You don’t need to worry about us.” I simply answered, trying to remain cold and distant. I knew him well enough to know that he would still worry about everything.

“Y/N, I don’t know how to form the right words, but I’m crazy in love with you. You are my sun. Without you everything is dark and lifeless. If I have to, I will spend the rest of my days trying to win you back.”

I pressed my eyes close, a single tear slipped down my cheek.

“Yes, I lied to you when I said I was hanging out with Phil that day.”

My heart sunk down to my knees.

He seemed eager to continue as he say how my face fell.

“BUT I was NOT with a girl. I could never cheat on you. That’s not possible, literally no way.”

He swallowed hard. “I was- actually buying this.” he stuttered and reached into the pocket of his wet jacket. Before I knew what was going on he had pulled out a little scarlet box and went down on one knee in front of me.

I clasped my shaking hands over my mouth and started sobbing. Right in this moment Phil opened the door caring a ton of soft towels. He immediately froze in the middle of his tracks, totally taken aback by the scenery in front of him.

“I wanted to make a big secret out of it and as you accused me of cheating I got so scared. When I found my courage to ask you that one big question,you were already out of the door. I’m so stupid, I know. I hate myself so much because of that, but I need you to know that you mean the world to me.”

I was more than overwhelmed by all of this. My whole body was shaking. I had a hard time trying to breath normally. Boo was kicking like crazy inside of my belly, as if the little thing knew what was happening.

“The lady on the phone works at this fancy jewellery store down the road. I told her it should be surprise, that’s why she wanted to speak only to me. I’m sorry that it turned out to be this huge catastrophe. I guess I will never try to surprise you ever again.”

By know I had completely lost it. I just stood there in front of him and cried my eyes out, although a huge weight fell off my shoulders. I felt so relieved. ‘He does love me.’ I thought over and over again. It was like my body had lost the ability to feel extreme happiness in those couple past weeks because I just couldn’t stop crying. I loved that man that was currently kneeling at feet.

He opened the scarlet box that was clad with velvet and revealed a divine diamond ring. I was close to fainting as I gasped in awe.  

“This is like the worst timing in history. I’m not the kind of guy whose plans work out perfectly. I’m like a half moon or something, I don’t have everything figured out yet. But I know that I will never become whole without you. So instead of asking for you forgiveness, I’m asking you to spend the rest of your life with me. Y/N  Y/L/N, will you marry me ?”

I removed my hands from over my mouth to shout the word “Yes” on top of my lungs over and over again. Dan got up, happiness and relief radiating from his tall body. I wrapped my arms around him, so many emotions filled the room. It was unbearable. “Yes” I whispered again as I finally, after all this time, pressed my warm lips onto his cold ones.

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as a reader i'd read 30k of that angsty story. do you feel the same as a writer? i mean like, you want to write or know more about that universe (or any other you've written), or does it feel like, that story ends naturally there and that's it? just curious

Hm, that’s an interesting question, nonny. I guess the short answer is that the endings of the storylines are always where I feel they should be. I don’t cut short or extended any ideas for the sake of universe I created. However, there are some of those universes I would like to revisit and maybe write more on different storylines or different time frames of the existent storylines.

I guess the multi-chaptered stories, like Defying Gravity, This is a Bad Idea, The Blue Bird, and The Red Button, are all stories that feel very much complete to me. I love those universes but there is nothing else left to explore in them. They’ve served their purpose, so to speak. I can’t write anything if I don’t have a plot or a theme for it, so re-visiting those AUs would feel cheap in a way.

The same goes for a few of my OS, which I consider to be one chapter stories that are over 5k words. That is the case of stories such as It’s a Yes from Me, Trust Me, Olympic Games, and A Cat and Mouse Game. Those have endings that feel natural to me, like you said. I wouldn’t want to write more for them because it wouldn’t feel right.

Now, I have stories that I very much intend to continue to explore, such as the Star Wars AU. There is a storyline there that I want to write and a theme that attracts me as an author. 

At the same time, there are “universes” that I feel like have more to give. Sympathy for the DevilA Dream of Peace, and I Want to Root your System are stories whose “universes” I would like to write again. I don’t know if in the form of sequels, but maybe in spin offs or stories that happened in the background. I’m not sure if I will ever write them, though. 

But your question gets trickier when I talk about the drabbles I’ve been writing. Most of the time, if I write something in the form of a drabble, it is because I’m more interested in the scene than I am in creating a real plot for the AU. That means the endings are exactly where I want them. The only exception I can think of is the Youtuber!Magnus and Art Director!Alec AU, that ended up being two drabbles.

At the same time, there are a few drabbles that have some very promising premises. That last angst drabble is certainly one of those… I have to say that was an au that grew on me as I wrote it. I don’t know if I would write more for it, but I get the appeal. It certainly went on for much longer than originally planned. 

But again, it all boils down to the fact that I only write when I feel there is a plot or a theme worth exploring. If it is just for the universe’s sake, I simply don’t have the inspiration to write.

Ballet Slippers

[title]: Ballet Slippers

[pairing]: Bucky x Reader

[prompt]:  Hii!! Love your imagines! Can you make one on Bucky where the reader is a badass ballerina (this enchants Bucky) and shes’s also targetted by Hydra, so Bucky has to save her! Thank youu ♡♡

[warnings]: swearing

[a/n]: idk if i like the way this one turned out at all. sorry anon im illiterate. anyways im not huge on ballet so i only know a few technical terms, so i put gifs at the bottom.

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           It was a strange sight. It was at this time of day that she couldn’t be bothered. She was in a world that was entirely her own. Her eyes were closed, the only thing she wanted to feel was the ache in her feet as she stood gracefully on the tips of them. It was a good ache, an ache that assured her that she was getting better, stronger.

           Her hair fell messily into her face as she slowly spun. She wore regular training clothes. Spandex shorts and a light material shirt, but satin ballet slippers were laced delicately onto her feet. She inhaled deeply and let her feet glide across the floor, not caring that the rest of the team was probably in the other room making fun of her, or that her feet were going to start bleeding again and she’ll have to tape them up.

           There was no music, just her. She fell into a flat foot plié and spun into a series of fouettés* whipping her hair in the air as she swiftly spun.

           Clint, Bucky, and Natasha stood watching her silently as she practiced. “This is insane,” Natasha said at last, “The things she does takes crazy talent.” That was a lot coming from Natasha who could probably find fifty-seven different ways to kill you with a piece of paper. “I think it’s ridiculous. We’re not allowed to use this room at this time of day because Y/n wants to be a ballerina?” Clint asked, unfazed by the grace that Y/n expressed.

           Bucky however, didn’t say a word. He was entranced. He watched her carefully as she performed incredibly. He was amazed by the way she was able to display such strength in such a beautiful, artistic way. He could sit there and watch her for hours.

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“Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings:  Swearing, Long read (I don’t really like how the ending turned out, sorry)

Prompt:  Reader and Loki get in a huge fight after he tries to protect her.  They both feel bad after it, so as her favorite day of the year, the 4th of July, approached, Loki decides to make it up to her.  (Y/F/S) is your favorite show, (Y/F/B) is your favorite book, and as always, (Y/N) is your name.  (( Yes, I used telekinesis again for a power, sorry :/ ))


“I’m sorry”

“Wait, no, please!!!”  

   Before you knew it, you were back in front of the Avengers tower.  Thor and Loki where fighting with Sif in Washington, while you were stuck here.  Yeah, the rest of the Avengers were here, but you still could’ve fought with them;  Your powers, although almost identical to Wanda’s, were quite useful in battle.  You tired out easy, but you were working on that.  Loki worried too much anyway.  He knew what you were capable of and that you were very independent, but ever since you somehow fell in love with that mischievous man (or god, however you wanna put it) he was protective over you, putting you before himself in almost every situation. 

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Hi Bonney! I've been doing some thinking, so...a penny for your thoughts. I wouldn't go as far to say that Gray was in love with Juvia before Fairy Tail disbanded. Though I do believe that he may have had a deep crush/really really liked her. But do you think they would be where they are now? Relationship and feelings wise if Fairy Tail never disbanded and they didn't spend all that time(6 months?) alone together? Do you think his feelings would stay or take him a lot longer to fall in love.

I’m sorry the answer turned out to be huge! HAHA

I actually think he started to really fall in love with her in Tenroujima. 

Before that he was annoyed with her being around him all the time and by his expression we can see he is really just following orders and really doesn’t see her as more than a new member of Fairy Tail.

And even before they went to Edolas, he was still rolling his eyes at her but now they are friends.

A chapter after the panel above, Gray and Juvia are eating Caramades Franks meanwhile Biska and Alzack watch; the couple comments that Juvia and Gray are very cute together. The truth is that they were spending a lot of time together. Even though this had no intention of being a date on Gray’s side and doesn’t really mean anything other than teaching her how to eat, they are doing their own thing and spending time together can slowly change feelings.

The next arc is Edolas and Gray and Juvia don’t interact besides their Edo versions (and those two are cute, really).

And then we have the Tenrou arc, the one that changed the game.

We have Makarov choosing the contestants and Juvia and Gray are among them. Juvia wants to be paired up with Gray and is considering dropping the test and Gray knows. Instead of some rude comment, he tells her they should fight for real. It’s much lighter than before, I think this is the point things start to change.

And then, in Tenrou he asks about Juvia making it or not the cut to the next stage of the test, it’s a very casual question, but really, if he wasn’t interested he wouldn’t have asked.

I am not saying that at this point he wants to marry her, but I think he started to see her more than just a friend. He knows she’s strong and should’ve been there. And look at Loke’s face! He totally ships them.

Meredy and Juvia face each other, she uses Maguilty Sense, Juvia’s senses go to Gray, then Meredy as well. Juvia wins the fight. With Gray, we see he is following Ultear, he pretends to fall for her reasoning and follows her without being noticed.

Until Ultear meets Meredy and decides to kill Juvia and Gray gets his superhero’s saving panel.

Yes, Gray would’ve done that to protect any friend but Mashima chose to tangle Juvia in Gray’s history. He revealed his presence to Ultear just so Juvia wouldn’t die.

We go a little bit further in the story to when Hades is defeated. Gray was celebrating and then he notices Juvia is nowhere to be found. She had left to follow Meredy and Zeref. Gray worries when he learns she hadn’t been seen. His first thought was about her safety and then Zeref.

At this point, Gray’s feelings are already changing. She is his friend but also more than just that. She is as important as the others but perhaps a bit more?

This next part is really just small details that had 0 emphasis at the manga, but it means a lot. At the first panel, Gray is sitting next to Juvia, who has her leg bandaged. He could’ve easily sat somewhere else, but he chose to stay there. Then, when Acnologia attacks, even though Juvia has crutches, Gray puts her on his shoulder and carries her away to what they think it’s safety. No one else was carried, by the way.

After that they get suspended in time for seven years.

When they return to Magnolia. Lyon appears at the Guild and the moment he sees Juvia, it’s love at the first sight. Juvia is highly confused and Gray is annoyed. But we don’t see what happens beyond that, just that Lyon and Gray end up talking later on about Ultear and Meredy.

Fastforward a bit and we see the start of the Games. Gray is on his own when Juvia appears and she tells him they could get something to eat. Gray agrees and Lyon appears out of nowhere. Now Gray’s first response was so great.

“Don’t just go taking what’s mine!” Oh, well, well, well. This seems like one of those reactions that are just blurted out out of instinct, you know? He probably didn’t realize that his feelings towards her had changed in this point. And then Juvia does’t get the fight is really about her and even Gray understands now and is surprised she doesn’t get it. I mean, she is the one who is supposed to get the hidden meanings of things.

It comes to a point that even Erza is aware of Juvia’s feelings, Juvia never really hid them, and she confronts Gray about it. His answer is to look away and blush. He knows something changed, he is aware that his feelings became much different than they were when they met. He just is choosing not to face them yet. He’s still in denial but he knows she’s different from the others.

At the GMG finale, Gray and Juvia are facing Lyon and Chelia. The fight is tight, both sides are exhausted, but Gray reaches for Juvia and tells her Lyon and Chelia’s problem was their teamwork and tells her that since it’s them, they can get more power. He trusts their bond completely at this point even if he doesn’t want to name it, he knows.

With their strong bond they are able to perform Unison Raid, a magic we know it can only be performed if their magic and feelings are really connected.

And do you know what’s the best part of the Unison Raid? The way he is looking at her. He’s not looking at the magic to see if it worked, he knows it did. He is looking at her and he is clearly happy. He is in love at his point. He might not say it out loud, he might not even acknowledge it, but he is.

And then it happens.

They were fighting, there are hundreds of little dragons around them and they, plus Lyon are doing their best. Juvia gets distracted by Meredy’s arrival, a dragon beams at them but Gray manages to save them both. They started to talk and then another little dragon appears and he is aiming at Juvia.

Gray doesn’t even hesitate to put himself in front of her.

Yes, he knows her body can change into water, but for that she needs to use her magic to change it and she didn’t at that moment. Gray knows that, he knows that if the beams get her, she will die. He chooses to save her.

He lives, of course thanks Ultear!, and they don’t speak of it anymore.

We arrive at Tartaros’ Arc and we have yet another iconic moment. The “I’m here with you” sentence means so much alongside with him holding her hand it makes me so happy. 

Juvia is afraid and Gray consoles her by telling her he is there with her. He could’ve just told her things were going to be fine, that she had nothing to fear. Instead, he says that he is there with her. He put himself with the job to help her with her fears, he made sure she knew he was there for her.

A bit further in the storyline and we meet Silver, he gets Gray away from the rest so they could fight alone. The funny thing is how Silver just knows Gray and Juvia have a connection. He saw her one time with his son, but he just knows. Perhaps he saw their Unison Raid at the games, the way he looked at her or how he put himself between him and Juvia when Silver attacked her. The thing is: he knew and trusted it enough to ask her to look after his son.

And then we get to the beautiful scene of Juvia telling Gray his father is dead because of her. She arrives there fully expecting him to hate her, she was willing to let him hate her rather than keep it a secret about how Silver died. She thought he would tell her to leave.

But all he did was to finally break down about the loss of his father and he thanks her, I think it’s mostly because he is relieved he wasn’t the one to make the choice about his father’s fate. He just holds her and cry, knowing she won’t mind.

It wasn’t sudden like Juvia’s falling for him. It took time, it was gradative but it was there.

Gray already loved Juvia before they lived together. He knew that, Juvia probably knew it as well, but he wasn’t ready. He had just promised his father to destroy E.N.D, it was what he needed to focus on. Meanwhile, they lived together as a couple but without actually being one.

He was just waiting for the burden of his father’s wish to be gone before he could move forward. I think he wanted to be complete when they finally took the next step and become a real couple.

Well, this was just my opinion. To me he was already in love with her and now that he lost her, when he sees her again I think he will stop pretending and waiting. He knows life is too short. :3

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Hi! My dash is running a little low on RH so I was wondering if you could recommend any good RH blogs? Thank you :)

Hello ^.^ Oh dear, so I follow a LOT of great rh blogs and I’ll try my best to list the ones that are pretty active, not really in any particular order although I probably tend to reblog from the blogs at the top of the list more.

rinharu-official gruvia-lolu-nalu-jerza doctor-queenie absinthe-and-sugar whitechoko sugary-poison hb-riya hinalilly rinharulandia miss-cigarettes sexuallyfrustratedshark stubborn-dandere-heart seakittens we-anime-quotes  shinylostcause croceca fencer-x icecreambat tz-222 harukasmilkshake makiavelika x0cusuri animewolf112 matsuoka-lin sharkbait-muses rin-x-haru unfmatsuoka makuroshi with-you-i-am-free mackervel rinharudarling sleepingtsundere rinhavu letsswimtogethernanase skania literallynothingbutrinharu fyeahsharkbait gayswimming tfw-rinharu rhbot rinharv rinharutears rin-bae doushikazuki negative-heart-lock-on freerinharu harurinralia renkakirai yvetteyvette000 xis-the-best-ship-everx mackerelove matsuokaftt yohao88 maryfer7 demfeeeels stellaryu renfujoshi cherryblossomolympics hexa-chrome 

Okay that list turned out pretty huge, sorry if you were wanting just a few recommendations but I just couldn’t stop myself! Enjoy the rinharu love! (and sorry to the awesome rh blogs that i’ve probably accidentally missed!) ^.^

Hello :) I know we’ve hardly spoken and I’m sorry for imposing but I was sort of hoping you’d indulge a request of mine…I read your conversations about the Eruri tag with xpyon and it really intrigued me, to be perfectly honest Eruri is my notp but I’m slowly trying my best to change that because I have seen and heard of all the talent that flows from that ship lol. I was just wondering if you could point me to the direction of your favourite Eruri fanworks? Or to people in the Eruri fandom whose works you greatly admire? I would like to see it for myself and hopefully be inspired one way or another.


*cracks knuckles* here it comes here comes a list of my favorite people and works in the Eruri fandom- I hope I didn’t leave anyone out okay this turned into a huge post, I’m sorry if it’s more than you asked for ; A ; I hope some of these works/art will make you adjust to Eruri!  Art: 
  • chiekit draws the cutest Eruri things. Ever. Trust me. Her art is amazing and she’s also super nice and easy to talk to. don’t be fooled by her cute art she’s a perv like the rest of us
  • commanders-pants also has some amazing art, and also writes and roleplays (like what, this person is talented as fuck). 
  • kisu-no-hi is in a lot of fandoms but her Eruri art is amazing. She’s got this really distinct style and I love it. holla for priest kink
  • ame801 and I often talk about random Eruri stuff on Twitter. She’s the artist behind that stupidly angsty Eruri week doujin (the one for clean up prompt, where Erwin dies in a plane crash and Levi’s cleaning out his things). 
  • diesturbia draws some nice porn if you’re into that. I mean. Eventually, I’m sure. Sweaty hot middle-aged buttsex?
  • ekaitz/origamically, aka LMC. I can gush about her art for days and she always has great ideas for AUs? Like I don’t know how she doesn’t run out of ideas. There’s always so much texture with her work, guhhh I love it. 
  • happyds - her work seems to be pretty popular throughout the fandom but gosh the way she draws Erwin makes me go to a corner and swoon. 
  • lps1 - artwork amazing, reblog the art from her and not the reposted ones people like to put for some reason.
  • jen-suis has so many cute doodles of Eruri like ?? I want to squish their cheeks together too adorable jeez
  • roseunder - her art is often reposted, which why would that be when she has her own Tumblr I don’t understand- but anyhow her artwork involves a lot with shadows and such.
  • ichibrose has a very unique art style and at first you think it’s cute and such and then you see the dicks when you squint- it’s a nice surprise. 
  • onorobo - I only recently found her work but dayum nsfw art 
  • heichousface - great prompts A+ creativity really, I wish there was some way I had time to fill them all 
  • cosmonaut-field - really super cute Eruri baby fics, and other amazing AU ideas as well. 
  • memosfromlevi && the13thcommander - they’re RP blogs but super decent people and Memos is too hilarious. Their rp, Take You to the Coffeeshop, is a great read as well. 13th recently started writing a new fic, Unnamed, which I found really funny. It’s about how Levi gets the wrong number and texts Erwin instead of Isabel, and things escalate from there. 
  • orderandsophism - you can read her eruri week fics and cry because you realize how stupid this ship actually is 
  • persisting - Audacity. Hella hella must-read. 
  • sassanids - for the greatest pirate!AU ever (Kindle and Char) and the daddy kink fic series that gives an unexpected punch in the feels. 
Other Blogs/Individual Works
  • irvin-rivaille posts a lot of quality Eruri posts- everything from art to prompts and fics. Most of the stuff is on queue so things are usually organized and come out periodically. 
  • worldofchicken is the mastermind behind most of the translations on the Eruri tag. And she writes to boot! So if you want translations this is the blog to follow, super quality, her typesetting.
  • Now, Forever by Kuri – Reincarnation AU, basically. Levi’s dead but Erwin finds him again on the streets as a kid, raises him, and it’s all just adorable and cute until you realize that there’s…. angst.
  • Meditation (I Thought of You) by coinseller – WWII AU where Erwin’s an American soldier in Paris after the war, and Levi’s a street musician. It’s super cute and amazingly there’s angst in here too.
  • Beyond Normal Proportions by gunpowderlatte – Okay so Levi’s the mangaka of this yaoi manga that’s not doing so well, and Erwin is his biggest fan. It’s a really great read, super funny, and of course it ends with a delectable dick joke. What more can you ask for in an Eruri fic. 
  • Ungirthed by stereobone – Some porn, some feels. Have them all.
  • Love Like Ours is Never Fixed by engonasin – Sugar daddy fic. Erwin’s a darling high schooler from the South who needs money and who to ask but a sharp tonged writer in this thirties (Levi)? 
  • This Feeling I’ll Forget by thefangirlingdead – In which Levi has short term memory loss and forgets a lot of things, including Erwin. Don’t worry, the ending is happy.
  • Throw Your Absolution in the Air Like You Just Don’t Care by bluebackstabber – WELCOME TO THE ERURI PRIEST KINK. 
  • I’m Only Going to Heaven (If it Feels Like Hell) by stereobone – I think this is THE sugar daddy fic to read? It’s a little long, but it’s more than just porn, bahaha. 
  • Serendipity by gunpowderlatte – Talk about angsty reincarnation AUs. 
  • Ex Gratia by asuralucier – Modern AU, in which Erwin is a lawyer working on a rather risky case and Levi is his shady janitor. It’s a little slow to read, I think, but it’s not bad. 
  • The Ring – Originally a Chinese fanfic, English translation is linked. It’s super depressing and full of feels. It may or may not be your piece of cake, but I’ll just tell you about how tears roll down my face whenever I read it.