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You’re an angel? Pt 2

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Pt 1 :

Warnings: Violence

Fandom: Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Justice League??

You are a superhero who has recently gotten her powers and has finally gotten a chance to use them. You run into Flash, Supergirl, and the Green Arrow. This prompts them to try and recruit you into the Legion of Superheros. This causes many adventures- and new villain to step into the limelight.

I might make this a series??? Tell me if you guys like it!

You know- this superhero gig might be turning out harder than you thought.

This had never occurred to you- you had just always known that you needed to help people.

But that was it.

That was really the only extra resource you had.

A reason.

It honestly hadn’t been problem in your head until now.

And now you were getting your butt kicked.

You dropped to the floor of the bank, back flat against the tile as a beam of ice passed right through the space where you had just been standing. That was too close.

You lept up and dodged to the side as the beam of ice followed after you.

“An ice gun? I didn’t know that was a thing!” You exclaimed, tugging your small black mask closer to your face, scared it would fall off.

“You seem to be way behind new girl, maybe you should leave this to the professionals.” The shooter quipped, a smile on his face. You scowled, and then launched up from behind the pillar you had been hiding behind.

“Bad move.” The shooter shot ice right in front of you, stopping you in your tracks. A pillar of ice shot up, in your path and you flipped around, placing it between you and the shooter.

“You know, you’re really bad at this.”

“That’s what you think.” You growled and then slammed your back against the ice pillar, breaking it free from the ground. The ice started to tip and you grabbed it, holding it like a shield as you rushed at the shooter. You threw the pillar, and the man pointed his gun at the flying ice. The beam and the pillar connected, shattering themselves. Ice sprayed everywhere, a white mist spreading itself through the bank. The shooter looked around through his goggles, confused. 

Where had you gone?

“Hiding in this mist won’t help you for long.”

“I don’t need a long time Mister Ice-fetish.” You said as you broke through the icy mist, tackled the shooter and lifted him up by the collar of his jacket. You forced him up onto the wall, finally getting a good look at his face. Younger than you thought- he had sounded like he belonged behind a desk making dark, calculated decisions. You had even thought he would be wearing some weird monocle. Oh well.

The man grunted, surprised by your incredible strength when you pinned him to the wall. The shooter looked at you in a new light, impressed.

“Huh. Stronger than I thought.”

“Well you’re dumber than I thought.” You said, spitting out the first thing that came to your mind. It wasn’t your best- but it would have to do.

“Cute. Now are you going to put me down or are we going to have to do this the hard way?” You flushed, embarrassed by the way he was talking down to you. He was the one pinned to the wall wasn’t he? You pushed him harder against the wall, hearing something in his body pop.

“I guess that means it’s the hard way?” The man said through gritted teeth and then shot you in the arm.

His gun.

You forgot the gun!

You stumbled back, ice racing up your shoulder as you fell to the ground. This was hurting way more than you thought it would. The ice crawled up your neck, stinging pain flaring through your skin. The ice moved across your arm and neck, turning your lips blue and your veins solid. You grasped your arm, water vapor rising from your shoulder. The shooter knelt down next to you, the cold barrel of the gun grazing your temple.

“Sorry. For your first time, you did pretty well. But next time, try to catch someone when you’re actually ready.” You gritted your teeth, turning onto your side. He hadn’t beaten you- you weren’t going to let him. You reached for his leg, ready to break his ankles.

And then he was gone.

Or more exactly- you were gone.

Someone had grabbed you and ran off- and they could run at superspeed. You wanted to toss your lunch. You leaned into the person who was carrying you, trying to ignore the biting pain in your shoulder. Suddenly you were laying on a couch, staring up at a low, dark ceiling.

You laid there for a solid couple seconds, taking it in.

You had gotten your butt kicked- and then you were kidnapped.

“Ow.” You said, staring up at the ceiling like it was the most interesting thing in the world. But you knew you couldn’t look up ceiling forever, so you reluctantly began to sit up.

“Woah! Hey-you probably shouldn’t be trying to get up right now.” You turned and saw the Flash, a phone up to his ear as he told you to lay back down. You blinked, registering what had happened. The Flash had gotten you out the bank- he was the one who hadn’t let you keep fighting. You scowled, these thoughts coming to fruition. You sat up completely just to spite him now, even though your arm hurt like crazy. The Flash gave you a look but had begun to talk to the person on the phone.

“Oh hey, Caitlen. Is Cisco with you?” He asked as he waved at you to sit back down, which you replied to by putting your boots up on the coffee table. Flash looked confused but continued.

“Yeah- I need both of you. And can you call the others? Yes, those others. Thanks.” The superhero hung up the phone and looked at you, sitting on the couch covered in ice.

“What?” You asked, trying to keep your face straight and angry.

“Why are you mad?”

“I could’ve handled that.”

The Flash looked at you, shock apparent even behind the mask.

“Seriously? You were on your back with a gun to your head.”

“I had a plan.”

“Sure- was it to punch him?”

“…No.” You said sheepishly, realizing he had caught you. The Flash grinned smugly, proud of himself.

You turned away from him, remember your shoulder. You sighed, shrugging off your sweatshirt revealing a Star Wars t-shirt and the full extent of the ice on your arm. You cursed, gingerly touching the purple-blue tinted skin of your shoulder.

“My friends are going to be here soon- they’re going to help you.” You looked up, having almost forgotten that the Flash was there.

“Oh, thanks-I guess. The ice would have been hard for me to handle.” You said partly joking- partly talking down on yourself. But Flash wasn’t done.

“No- we’re going to help you- my friends and I never got to tell you thank you for saving us.”

“You remembered that?” You asked, giggling as you adjusted the small plastic mask and hoped it was enough to conceal your identity.

“Well yeah- it’s not everyday you see some girl with a homemade costume shoot a water jet at a clay monster’s face, teleport him, and then fly away.” Flash sat on the arm of the couch, explaining himself. You scoffed, turning to look at the red masked guy.

“Well, you’re welcome.” You said, the last bit of the pride in your chest swelling as you tried to act like a superhero.

“Your mask is crooked.”

You cursed and looked down, fiddling with your dollar store mask.

And then they arrived.

A girl with red hair, a shorter guy with long dark hair, another guy with shorter black hair- and then Supergirl and the Green Arrow.

To Peeta, with love

I can’t remember the last time I wrote anything, let alone posted it, and I’m sorry for that. So I tried something different. Hope you enjoy.

(I don’t own the Hunger Games, I’m just having fun)

Imagine that Modern AU, where Katniss and Peeta are still in school and they are friends. But Katniss starts to long for a little more than a platonic friendship with him and, to get that stuff out of her chest, she decides to write him a poem. It’s easy to say that that doesn’t go very well, it turns out to be way harder than what she thought it would be. Just trying to make words rhyme is impossible, and lets not even start with writing down her feelings, it just, ughh. No, thank you. The paper ends scrunched up on the floor of her bedroom.

Enter Prim. Sneaky little Prim, snooping around her older sister’s bedroom, looking for that white stuffed goat of her sister so that it can have tea with her stuffed cat, Buttercup. But Prim ends up finding something else. Something much, much better than the old goat. A ball of paper lying inconspicuously on the floor near the end of the bed. A paper that, after straightening and taking her time reading it, happens to contain the best secret in the world ever. Ever. In the entire history of secrets.

But Prim can’t deliver it like that, oh no, so creased and stained, and look! It’s not even signed! She has to pretty it up. It is a declaration of love, after all.

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Monster Boy Challenge: Day 25 - Nicodemus - Favorite Monster Boy

Satyrs and fauns are some of my most favorite kinds of mythical creatures.  I never really thought of them as monsters, though.  They always felt more like faeries or nature spirits.  I guess that is kinda what I made Nicodemus into.  Choosing my favorite was still a bit harder than I had expected.  I knew as soon a I saw satyr on the list, no matter how it turned out, it would have been great, but there were still a lot of monster boys that I just loved, along with some that I absolutely hated XD

Artwork & Character - by - Me
(Done with mechanical pencils and Gimp)

Fic: It All Began at Starbucks (Chris Evans x Reader)

A Chris Evans x Reader Fanfic

Summary: Chris & Reader meet while waiting in line at Starbucks, both in between flights at LAX. This was prompted by Starbucks Anon.

Dedicated to: Starbucks Anon, @kryka83, @raveviolet, @evansscruff , and @shamvictoria11. Thanks for making this one possible, loves! xx

Note: This is my very first Reader fanfic, so please be kind. (It is so much harder than I thought it was going to be! Kudos to you guys for writing phenomenal reader fanfic! Jesus, you guys rock.) Also, I apologize in advance for the amount of sucky this turned out to be! Thanks for reading!! xx

If you would like to be added or removed from the taglist, let me know! :)

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Distracted. That was how Chris first found you at the Starbucks in LAX while waiting for his connecting flight.

“Can I help you? Ma'am? Ma'am.”

You were staring off into space while the barista called for your attention – or so he assumed since all he could see from standing behind you was your long hair tied back with a purple elastic –, and he couldn’t help the slight pique of interest in knowing what had been occupying your mind. He was a nosy fucker.

“Ma'am, are you ready to order?”

Placing an encouraging hand on your lower back, noting you were probably a foot shorter than him, Chris ducked his head low and murmured, “Hey…”

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Scott x Reader

Warnings: sex, smut, swearing, Dom!Scott, Rough(Ish), Alpha!Scott

Requested By Anon

You blushed as Scott fought off what ever had attacked the group, despite repeatedly telling yourself he could smell you, the thoughts swirled through your mind and you were pretty sure Scott was staring at you from across the car park.


“Scott!” you yelped when someone started walking out of the library and he turned towards his bike.

“I’m sorry… it’s harder than before.” Scott muttered as you grabbed your bag and hurried over to him.


“Don’t you just have to think about your anchor?” You asked and let your hand brush against his, feeling relived when his face returned to normal.

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ghost au part 2

I’m just calling this ghost au because I’m too tired to think of another name

also I found the scene with the sleepy boys and it’s at the beginning of part 3 so just hold tight a little longer if you were hoping to read it here

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Say Hey if you’re Gay

[[Based on this post by @clintbartonsdog. Let it be known Erin Gilbert is an Outstanding Bisexual in Every. Single. Other. Thread. Present on this blog, but this prompt was too great so just this once I’m making an exception. Special thanks to @gloriousgayweirdo for indulging my gay ass on this]]

The only thing more frustrating than being gay in a heteronormative world was being an infuriatingly straight-passing gay in a heteronormative world. It had taken Erin long enough to be okay with her being a lesbian, but when she had she had hoped to at least manage to get a girlfriend soon.

Turns out that dating wasn’t just harder because she was gay, it was harder because everyone thought she was straight.

It had infuriated her to no end, especially in the beginning (and especially because Abby hadn’t stopped laughing about it when she mentioned it. This was a real issue, Abby, unlike you I do really want to get laid sometime!). But after she left the Univrsity of Michigan, and began her tenure-track job at Columbia, she found it actually worked in her favour. There was still a serious stigma on being anything but heterosexual, and so she did what she did best; Conform.

Being with the Ghostbusters was different, though. The people around her were different. And one of them already knew she was as gay as the Earth is round. Erin also strongly suspected Patty Tolan of being pansexual, and Jillian Holtzmann…

Well, if Holtz was anything but gay, Erin would make a formal apology to Columbia University for being upset about firing her.

It seemed Holtz’s gaydar hadn’t pinged on Erin, though, which had initially frustrated the physicist a bit. After a while, however, when she’d finally gotten settled and the New York drama had been over, she decided she could actually have a little fun with that. Maybe she could teach the blonde engineer a lesson about how rude it was to be making assumptions.

She’d kept that up for a while now, Erin having an absolute blast toying with Holtzmann that way. Leaning over the blonde’s shoulder, looking at what she was working on, Erin continued the conversation they’d been having. “So this is going to keep the ectoplasm at bay?”

anarmyofawesome replied to your post: shedyourtravels replied to your post…

why would you add semolina I am so confused :S I make shortbread the way you make shortbread the way I thought everyone made shortbread :S

My mother’s response is “laziness” lol but I also think it’s to do with when the electric oven came out and it became harder to bake “traditional” recipes the way you learned to make them in gas range and coal stoves.

The addition of a fan also changes how things bake. So I dare say semolina was added to correct the “consistency” of the bake, rather than faff around with bake temps and times per each type of oven.

I could be wrong, but I know my recipes turn out differently from oven to oven so *shrug*

Cold Kisses

Luna Lovegood x Reader

Request: Could I have a Luna/reader where the reader is in love with her but she isn’t sure how to tell her and it just kinda slips out by accident and Luna kisses her? Thank you so so much babe!!! <3

A/N: Turns out Luna is a harder character to write for than I thought…


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Your name: submit What is this?

It was a chilly mid-September afternoon. The cold clung to you despite the attempt you had made to bundle up, leaking through the thick layers of clothing you had on. A dense fog lay close to the ground, clinging to the leaves littering the floor thinly frosted in white.

You rubbed your glove covered hands together before you shoved them into your coat pockets, hoping to get some warmth from the extra coverage. The cold wind bit at your nose and cheeks as you walked to Hargrid’s cabin.

The door to his small shack sung open and a pale blonde haired girl stepped out, the wind sending her hair flying into her face. She reached up and tucked it behind her ear as you stood there transfixed by her beauty. She glanced around the grounds of Hogwarts, her eyes finally fixing on you. A smile broke out onto her face and she raised a hand, waving slightly.

You broke out of your reverie and lifted your hand, waving at Luna who stepped out of the doorway, showing Hargrid’s large figure and bushy beard.

“Y/N!” He roared happily, lifting a large hand at you.

You grinned at him, and began walking towards the cottage once again, half of your mind still fixed on the whimsical beauty who was walking away from the hut.

“Hi, Hagrid!” You greeted once you were closer to the large half-giant.

“How are yeh?” He asked, picking up a large watering can that seemed like child’s toy in his large hands.

“I’m alright, thanks. What about you?” You asked politely, stepping back as Hagrid readjusted his moleskin overcoat, pulling it tighter across his body.

“It’s a bit nippy out, but I’m alright.” He replied with a smile, his black eyes sparkling. “I saw the way yeh were staring at Luna. If she didn’t catch it before, she should have by now!”

Hagrid.” You groaned. Hagrid chuckled, his laughter vibrating through his chest as he patted you on the back. 

“Oof.” You stumbled forward slightly, though you quickly gained your balance, having being used to Hagrid’s strength.

“When are you going to tell her?”

“Uh, never. The feelings are one-sided, I know that.” You shrugged helplessly, your eyes trained on the ground as you walked, knowing you would probably see that pitying look in Hagrid’s eyes.

“You don’ know that.” Hagrid replied, pouring the water over some plants which you had no idea were the name of - you were never entirely good at Herbology, 

“Please, she’s never looked at me like that, I’m just her friend.” You sighed.

“Hogswash.” Hagrid said gruffly, “'Course she likes yeh, it’s exactly what she was talkin’ to me abo-”

“What?” You interrupted.

“Should not have said that.” Hagrid mumbled, “I shoul’ not have said that.”

“She likes me? As in, like-like?” You asked quickly, a smile growing on your face.

“Yes.” Hagrid sighed, “But you didn’ ‘ear it from me.”

You grinned, “Where is she now?”

“Forest. But don’-”

You didn’t hear the rest of his sentence as you had already took off running towards the expanse of trees, the leaves crunching underfoot.


“Hello, Y/N.” Luna greeted whimsically, patting a grim looking creature. It was a winged horse, though much larger with a thin, skeleton body and reptilian features.

“Hi, Luna.” You greeted shyly, all the confidence and vigour that had filled you leaving as suddenly as it had come to you.

“You see them too, don’t you?”

“They pull our carriages.” You nodded slightly, stepping forward slightly, “What are they?”

“Thestrals.” Luna informed you, turning her pale eyes towards you. “They can only be seen by people who have seen death.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, “That’s morbid.”

Luna let out a tinkling laugh, your heart beating faster at the sound. “They’re quite gentle, really… But people tend to avoid them because they’re a bit…”

“Different.” You finished for her.

You suddenly noticed the lack of warm jacket or scarf on her. “Aren’t you cold?” You took off your scarf, handing it to her.

“I-thank you.” She glanced down at her feet, where thankfully she had worn some shoes. A light blush tinged her cheeks, though you weren’t entirely sure it was due to the cold, or to your gesture.

“No problem,” You smiled. The thestral stepped closer to you, lowering it’s head as it kept eye contact. You reached out your hand hesitantly, holding it still in the air for a moment before gently placing it on the muzzle of the creature. The thestral leaned into your touch and you relaxed, stepping closer to the creature. “These are quite beautiful, in their own way.” You muttered.

Luna smiled, digging into her bag and pulling out some raw meat. The thestral moved towards her, eating out of her hand. She smiled slightly as the muzzle tickled her hand and she rested her other hand near on it’s head. You could feel the warmth of her hand as it gently patted the creature near yours. A small smile worked it’s way onto your face as you watched the way she interacted with the creature.

“I think I love you.”

Your eyes widened in surprise. You hadn’t meant to say that out loud.

“What?” Luna’s grey eyes turned to look at you, wide in surprise.

“Shit. I hadn’t meant to say- actually, I did mean to, only I thought I had thought it, not said it out loud-” 

“I like you too, Y/N.” Luna cut you off, a small smile playing on her lips.

“I wanted to tell you in a different way. Not like this.” You mumbled angrily to yourself.

“That’s alright, I’m glad you did tell me.” Luna admitted.

You sighed, a smile slipping onto your face, “So, how would you like to go on a date with me?”

“I would love to.” Luna smiled. A short laugh escaped you and you glanced down at the ground, your heart warming at her acceptance as relief filled you. “Can I kiss you?”

Your eyes widened at her bluntness, though you quickly got over it and you nodded. She smiled slightly, grabbing your hand and pulling your closer. You closed your eyes and leaned in, meeting Luna’s soft lips with your own. A spark flared in your chest and you melted into the kiss, moving your spare hand to her hair, pressing yourself into her.

“Woah.” You muttered when you finally pulled away, slightly breathless, “Tell me you felt that.”

Luna nodded, “I blame it on the nargles.”

Sol 6

Chris Beck x Reader

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10

Summary: You’re part of the Ares III crew, on sol 6 you’re left behind on Mars with Mark. How will the both of you survive and will Beck ever realise your feelings for him.

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Originally posted by themartian-uk

It was sol 461. Yesterday you had made certain modifications to your rover, NASA genius plan was ‘drill holes in the top and hit it with a rock’ to make a hole. So you had done so which turned out to be harder than you thought with your limited strength. After you and Mark had made a big enough hole you got tarp to add a sort of balloon feature on top of it to make enough space to carry your supplies.

The journey would take one hundred days to get to the MAV, that was 100 days of living in a very confined space with Mark and only getting out for half the day to let the solar panels recharge the rover. You packed up everything you could, you wouldn’t be able to bring your laptop or any personal items because it would add too much unnecessary weight to the MAV launch. Though you could bring it with you for the journey, you would just have to leave it in the rover.

You collected all the photos of the crew you had at the HAB and placed them in your pocket, you had lots of pictures of Beck and of the crew together or in pairs. There were two favourites, one you had taken without Beck knowing when he was laughing at some joke or another and looked directly at the camera. The other was of the whole crew together, it had been taken back on Earth when NASA was getting everyone to do promotional adverts and pictures, a professional and serious one had been taken but you insisted on taking one where everyone was smiling. It looked more real than the official image, there was life in the picture and you had kept it pinned up by your bedside the entire time. You had been scared you would forget their faces and smiles.

The HAB looked different now that you had packed everything away, the place that had been your home for the past year and a half was now open and uninviting. It seemed cold but you almost didn’t want to leave. It was odd, you had spent your entire stay hating it and wishing you could leave but now the time came and you were scared on the unknown.

If anything bad happened out in the rover you couldn’t just go back to the HAB, you would be stuck out there and have nothing to help you through it. If anything went wrong it was most likely that both of you would die, that wasn’t a risk you wanted to take considering the Hermes was already on the way back. You didn’t have a choice.

You came up behind Mark as he signed the wall where he had kept track of the days, he turned and held out the pen to you. You took the red sharpie and spinned it in your fingers for a moment, you hadn’t really written anything since you finished with everyone’s experiments which was months ago. Leaning forward you hovered the pen over the wall, there was a certain sense of finality of signing the wall, something you weren’t sure you could stomach.

Taking a deep breath you tried to calm your nerves and pressed the pen down. You scribbled your signature under Mark’s, it was messier than it had been on Earth but still discernibly yours. Scrunching your nose you looked from your signature to Mark, “It’s messy, you think I could do it again.”

Mark huffed a laugh, “C’mon let’s get out of here,” he nudged you and walked away.

You put your helmet on and followed after him with a smirk, “Uh, Mark?”

He spun around to face you, “Yeah?”


It took a moment to sink in but then it clicked, “Space pirate,” Mark grumbled to himself and went back to get his helmet and stuck it on his head.

“Space pirate?” You chuckled as you opened the airlock for the two of you to step into. Since the accident you had felt pretty antsy going in and out of the airlocks on the HAB in case another one tore, and then you wouldn’t be able to go in and out of the HAB.

“Technically Mars is international waters, and since we don’t have explicit permission from NASA to go and commandeer the Ares IIII MAV, we’re space pirates,” Mark explained as you walked over to the rover where everything was attached and rigged up, with rover one reassembled with wheels attached behind, “I claim captain. Captain Blondebeard.”

You snorted at the name, “Alright, Captain. If you get a name so do I,” you said as the two of you clambered into the rover. “How about Major Cooler-Than-You?” you grinned and took off your helmet, getting comfortable in the back of the rover.

Mark scoffed, “You think you’re cooler than me?”

“Hell yeah, leaps and bounds ahead of you in coolness,” you chuckled.

“And so modest as well,” Mark stated dryly, starting up the rover and pulling away from the HAB.

The next hundred days were spent basically the same as the last, you would travel at night while taking turns to drive then get out and sleep for 13 hours while the rover recharged. “What are you gonna do when we first get back to Earth?” Mark asked after about an hours of silence.

You bit your lip as you thought, you had spent so much time just thinking about going home that you hadn’t really thought of what you would do once you got there. “Sleep for a day or two without fear of my house beaching and killing me in the night,” you shrugged.

Mark snorted and glanced back at you, “After that?”

“Go see my family, they’ve been taking care of my dogs whilst I was up here so I guess I’ll get them back. Maybe spend a solid week or two catching up on movies that came out in the last two years that we missed. What about you?”

“See my family I guess,” Mark didn’t sound so sure, “It feels like I can’t remember what I did for fun before we came up here,” he admitted quietly.

You nodded, “Yeah, it’s like you know you had fun and you remember going to bars and seeing people but now it just seems, I don’t know,” you trailed off, making a wild gesture with your hands to try and explain the feeling you couldn’t put into words, “Like it won’t be enough,” you eventually settled on.

Overall, the journey was fine. You couldn’t sleep as easily as Mark did when it was time for the rover to recharge so you took that extra time to make checks to the equipment you had lugged around which had all worked fine.

Sometimes you wandered a little away from the rover whilst Mark slept, not too far but enough to get a sense of some distance. Being cramped in a tiny rover for a hundred days wasn’t the best for your sense of freedom, the planet was covered in sand dunes and hills. Each time you climbed one you were the first person to do it, the first person to have touched this piece of land.

Occasionally you thought you saw a flicker of a shadow in the distance, NASA had found evidence a few decades back of flowing water on Mars they just hadn’t found it yet. If there was water, then there could be life adapted to the harsh conditions, but you hoped that wasn’t true. Whenever you thought you saw something you would start to head your way back to Mark, it was just in you mind. You had been here too long and had begun to see things to make up for the emptiness, you reasoned.

Still, it was hard to shake the feeling of being unsettled, and when you were quieter than usual Mark didn’t question it. So off you set again and again and again, until finally you made it to the Ares IIII landing site. The sight of a MAV sparked a feeling of hope that had been lost long ago, you could actually get back up to the Hermes.

That hope quickly vanished when Mark got a message off NASA saying that the two of you basically had to dismantle the entire MAV and launch into space without windows or the front of a ship. “Are they fucking kidding?” you asked after Mark read out the message.

He slowly shook his head, “Apparently not,” he puffed out his cheeks, “I’m starting to get the feeling that NASA doesn’t like us very much.”

You smiled, “You got that right. Right, let’s do this,” you sighed and put on your space suit, grabbed your tools and got out of the rover. The MAV seemed bigger than you had remembered them to be, Mark pulled the ladder down and let you go first. As you climbed the steps you thought about how you and Mark should have been climbing your own MAV a year and a half ago with the rest of the team.

Inside wasn’t exactly spacious, the entire thing was filled with chairs and control panels. “So how much of it has to go?” you asked as you walked around the MAV.

“Everything except two chairs,” Mark said absently as he turned on the control panel.

“Say what?” you paused. You let out a yelp as the window directly next to you was suddenly ejected at high speed from the craft, you placed a hand over your chest where your heart was beating rapidly. “Jesus, warning next time, Mark?”

Mark had the decency to look sheepish, “Sorry, Y/N.”

“It’s fine,” you rolled your eyes, “I want to do one,” you said eagerly and leaned over to eject another window, letting out a little laugh as it was propelled away from the MAV. Mark ejected the other window then got out his tools, the two of you began to work at unscrewing all the bolts from the control panels and chairs.

The bolts were already reinforced shut and in your weakened state it became even harder to unscrew and remove everything, you managed to and the ground under the MAV was full of scrap equipment. The hardest was removing the nozzle of the MAV, you and Mark had to climb all the way up and try and push it off the MAV. Which, if you hadn’t guessed, was incredibly hard to do seeing as it weighed more than the two of you combined and was above you.

When you began hooking the tarp into place it finally hit you that you were going to launch into space under a plastic bag, you just had to focus on seeing the crew again, on seeing Beck again.

That final night you were camped out in the rover, Mark was making another log. “NASA keeps telling us that we’ll be the fastest people to ever travel in space. Because they know I like the way that sounds, it’s to distract me from the fact they’re sending us up there under a plastic sheet. Fastest people in all of space travel,” he huffed, “I do like the way that sounds.”

You chuckled to yourself in the back, “God, Mark, you’re such a typical boy.“

“Do you not like the way that sounds?”

“..Maybe,” you admitted.

“Knew it,” Mark said triumphantly.

Lewis had told Beck he would be the one to catch the MAV with you and Mark in it with Vogel as his back up, when they were on the side of the airlock he kept his eyes locked on the planet as if he would be able to see you down there. The MAV would be traveling incredibly fast and it would be hard for him to grab a hold of it, but damn if he wasn’t going to try his absolute best.

“Vogel,” he said quietly and turned off the comms, “If I’m out there and I need another few meters to get them you need to cut the rope,” he said quietly.

Vogel shook his head, “It’s not safe.”

“I don’t care,” Beck said forcefully, “I’m not going to get that close just to lose them again.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t,” Vogel insisted, but Beck knew that when the time came he would do it if he asked. The entire crew needed the two of you back and they would do anything no matter how dangerous to get you back.

It was time to leave the rover and go back to the MAV to take off, everything came down to this moment. Before you put on your suit which was newer than your old one and more bulky, you folded up the two photos you had of the crew that were your favourites. The one of Beck and the one of the whole crew, you studied the images for a minute before you pocketed them. In just an hour or so you would be seeing them again.

Once you were seated in the MAV the whole plan didn’t feel like it would work out. The tarp flapped in the wind and your chair was on the opposite side to Mark’s to even out the weight balance so you couldn’t even look at him or reach out to grip his hand for comfort during the launch.

Martinez would be controlling everything from the Hermes so nothing was in your hands. The comms switched on and the voices of your crew and static all flooded through at once, it was overwhelming.

“Watney, Y/L/N, how are you doing?” came a voice that you recognised as Lewis’, the first voice you had heard other than Mark’s in over a year and half.

“I’m doing okay,” you responded shakily, you heard the crew all cheering on the other side.

The MAV began to rumble beneath you as you prepared for take off, your hands and legs were shaking in nervous anticipation. Everything was in overdrive, you could hear various voices on the comms but couldn’t tune in.





Your eyes filled with tears, after this isolation you would finally be going home. You weren’t going to die. You squeezed your eyes tight shut and clenched your jaw as the MAV took off, you always hated the feeling of launching, it was fine once you got up there but before then it was like hell.

The pressure change put a ton of force on your already weak body, you heard the tarp rip off the top of the MAV before you even left the atmosphere and you struggled to breathe. Focus, you pictured Beck. He was always there for you and made you feel safe, even if you had no chance with him he was your best friend in the whole world. He was able to calm your nerves which was what you desperately needed right now.

Beck was a nervous wreck, this whole rescue was resting on his shoulders. If he didn’t catch you then it would be his fault, once again, that you were gone and left behind for dead.

Through the comms he could hear Lewis trying to talk to you and Mark, he knew that the two of you had probably passed out from the massive amounts of pressure from the lift off but it didn’t stop the horrific feeling in his gut that your body wouldn’t have been able to handle the take off.

Lewis kept trying, just in case one of you woke up, the rest of the team joined in. “Mark? Y/N?” he tried but got no response of either of you.


A/N- so this is a little bit late out but it took a while to write, what do you guys think of this chapter? Let me know, hopefully I’ll have the next part out tonight but I’ll keep you up to date on that. Requests are open <3

Deities and MBTI

the goal was to avoid obvious choices from “popular” religions/mythologies

ISFJ - Beiwe

(Sami) goddess of the sun, spring, fertility and sanity, who restored the mental health of those driven mad by the darkness of the winter.

ISTJ - Aristaeus

(Greek) god of bee-keeping, cheese-making, herding, olive-growing and hunting.

ESFJ - Hariti

(Buddhist) goddess for the protection of children, parenting, love, and the well-being and safety of the family.

ESTJ - Ikenga

(Nigerian) god of human endeavor, achievement, success, and victory, governs over industry, farming, and blacksmithing.

ISFP - Xochipilli

(Aztec) god of love, art, games, beauty, dance, flowers, maize, fertility, and song.

ISTP - Enki

(Sumerian) god of intelligence, crafts, mischief, water and creation.

ESFP - Pele

(Hawaiian) goddess of fire, lightning, dance, volcanoes and violence.

ESTP - Perun

(Slavic) god of thunder and lightning, associated with war.

INFJ - Orunmila

(Yoruba) god of wisdom, purity, divination, destiny, and foresight.

INTJ - Erlang Shen

(Chinese) god with a third truth-seeing eye in the middle of his forehead.

ENFJ - Saraswati

(Hindu) goddess of knowledge and all literary arts including music, literature and speech.

ENTJ - Veles

(Slavic) god of earth, waters and the underworld, associated with dragons, cattle, magic, musicians, wealth and trickery. 

INFP - Kumugwe

(Nuxalk) underwater god with the power to see into the future, heal the sick and injured, and bestow powers on those whom he favors.

INTP - Anansi

(Ashanti) often takes the shape of a spider and is considered to be the spirit of all knowledge of stories.

ENFP - Xipe Totec

(Aztec) god of rebirth, spring, liberation, agriculture and the seasons.

ENTP - Iktomi

(Lakota) spider-trickster spirit, and a culture hero for the Lakota people.

An unexpected pleasure - Dylan O’Brien Imagine [Request]

A/N: Requested by @minischmidt711. I let myself go a bit so I turned out way longer than I expected. I really hope you like it.
Request are kinda always open, though I’m not quite sure I’m able to write anything wanted. But don’t hesitate to ask.

word count: 1949

Originally posted by worldstyles

Surrounded by the warmth of my covers, the pleasant scent of fresh made coffee reached my nostrils. My whole body told me it was still early, which is why had to bring myself to open my eyes. Something which was way harder than I thought it would be.

“Dylan?”, I mumbled bleary. Somehow I managed to turn sidewards. Sluggish I lifted my lids. Still it took a while until my eyes finally got used to the dim light around me.

“Look who’s finally up.”, I heard my beloveds soft voice, just before he came in sight. The ghost of a smile clothed my face, as he brushed my forehead with his lips.

“Any reason you’re wide awake already? It’s like the middle of the night.” I muttered, lifting my torso up. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes as I sat in bed and gave Dylan the once-over. We haven’t had any plans for today, so I was wondering what got him out of bed already.

A smile flashed over his face. “You’ll see once you got up. Got a surprise for you, but you’d better get ready first. So why don’t you have a shower and put on something comfy? Meanwhile I’ll take care of breakfast.”

Still no clue what he was up to, I freed myself from the beds warmth and headed towards the bathroom, grumbling over the early morning.

Finally back among the living, I walked back to Dylan, my body swathed in a towel. Busily working at the countertop, I spotted him in the kitchen. Without saying a word and only walking on my tiptoes.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and leaned against his back, as I closed the space between us. “What is it with all of this?”, I asked, taking a glance around. I didn’t got the expression we were about to stay at home. Questions in my head grew bigger with every minute passing. Dylan looked over his shoulder, wagging his head. “You won’t learn, if you plan on staying like this, (Y/N).”, he teased me.

“You know I’m not much into surprises.”, I said slightly irritated, before I let him go again.

“Might be true, but I promise, you’re going to love this one.” Dylan began to wrap the takeout up, while I went into sideroom where I finally put some clothes on. “You’d better be right on this one, Mr. O'Brien. Otherwise things might won’t turn out well.”

His lovely laughter came to my ears, when I finally pulled one of his Shirts over. Comfy he said – well there I go, I thought to myself, as I took a brief look into the mirror, before I closed the wardrobe.

“Wanna bet?”, he spoke daring. Back in the kitchen I saw him already putting things together into a bag. “You still owe me. Are you sure you wanna be even more in my debts?”, I replied cheeky, as I lend him a helping hand.

“Trust me, we’re going to be even after this.”,Dylan said. After everything was placed in, he turned his eyes to me. “You again!”, he said laughing and wagging his head. He shouldered the bag, before he grabbed both coffee mugs and handed me one over. “Shall we?”, he asked without even waiting for an answer. Instead he already headed for the door. “Do I have a choice?”, I joked, before I followed him.

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rileymcdaniels  asked:

something I just thought about that makes me feel good down in that place where my heart should be: Ben demands that George let him broker a peace treaty. Just straight up demands it, fire in his eyes, impertinent and impudent and very much speaking out of turn. George is thrown off enough to allow it. And then Ben does it and he's exhausted by the end of it but triumphant and George's boner is even harder than normal

No one ever. E v e r. Talks to him out of Turn and here is his little husband red in the face demanding that he broker a treaty. Downright slanders him in court, in *public*, where he should show some disgust and backhand the brat. But he doesn’t. He can’t. He won’t.

He’s really impressed. And when the peace treaty comes through, and Ben comes home triumphant, George is incredibly horny.