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18 Ways the PLL Mid-Season Finale Could`ve Been Fixed (Plot Holes, Answers, and More)

If you follow me on social media you probably already know - I didn`t love 6x10. Actually, I was extremely disappointed because of the many, many plot holes, the time line issues, the fact that the liars ended up becoming secondary characters in their own story, and the fact that a lot of important questions were answered in an interview. Really??? Don`t even get me started on the Hunger Games-esque holograms. Hasn`t -A always been into vintage things? Whatever happened to that? 

Let me make one thing clear: Cece being -A is not a problem. Cece being transgender is not a problem either. These two aspects of the episode had nothing to do with me being disappointed. After watching the episode a few more times I even realized that by taking certain things out and adding some things in the episode could`ve been fixed.  It could`ve at least been made to make a bit more sense than it does now.

So, in order to get out of the PLL funk I`ve been in for the past couple of days I decided to write up a list of ways 6x10 could`ve been improved WITHOUT disregarding the “Cece is transgender and is -A” reveal. So, here it goes.

PROBLEM: Bethany Young killed Marion Cavanaugh when she was a young girl. This doesn`t make sense based on the information given to us previously (that Toby`s mom died a year before Alison disappeared) and messes up the time line.

SOLUTION: Bethany kills Mrs. Cavanaugh when she and Charlotte are teenagers. Bethany is mad about Mrs. DiLaurentis dating her father. Bethany and Charlotte fight on the roof and when Marion tries to defend Charlotte Bethany pushes Marion off the roof.

Keep the scene with Bethany and Charles as kids to show that they used to be friends. Marion comes up on the roof and both Bethany and Charles hide. Charles doesn`t want to be seen in a dress. Bethany doesn`t want to be seen because she is banned from being on the roof. She`s afraid that Marion will tell on her since according to Bethany Marion is “a goody two shoes.” 

A bit later in the episode include an additional scene with Bethany and this time, Charlotte on the roof (Charles has already transitioned). At this time they`re in their late teens which maybe wouldn`t fix the time line fully, but would make it more likely for Marion to have died in 2007 and for Wilden to have been a police officer at the time (not a ‘child police officer.’ Look for the edit, it`s pretty hilarious). Bethany is pissed about Jessica DiLaurentis dating her father. She knows that Charlotte is a DiLaurentis. They fight. When the fight escalates and becomes physical Marion comes up on the roof and tries to defend Charlotte. Bethany pushes Marion off the roof and blames Charlotte.

PROBLEM: Jason and Cece were in a relationship which basically means that Jason has had romantic interactions with two out of his four sisters. Gross. 

SOLUTION: Jason meets Cece in Rosewood High and asks Cece out, but she says no. Cece wants to bond with her brother, so they end up being friends and partying together whenever Cece gets a chance to sneak out of Radley.

Jason and Cece don`t become a couple. If the writers planned the ‘Cece is A’ reveal they should`ve never made them date in the first place. Anyway, Jason is attracted to Cece the second he runs into her at the yearbook photo shoot. Cece doesn`t expect that to happen and although she wants to get close to Jason she doesn`t want to date him (because ewww). So, when Jason asks her out she turns him down. Still, after spending years in Radley Cece is yearning for some fun. She`s down to have a good time. So is Jason. They become good friends and drinking buddies. Jason has already developed a drinking problem and although Cece worries for her brother she ends up using this to her advantage. She supplies the booze and keeps Jason company because she feels like it`s the only way she can be in her brother`s life.

PROBLEM: Cece was invited to go to Cape May with the DiLaurentis family because she was Jason`s girlfriend. Again, gross.

SOLUTION: Cece was invited to go to Cape May with the DiLaurentis family because she was the life of the party and Alison & Jason didn`t want to be bored while on vacation.

Both Jason and Alison invite Cece to come on the trip because they want the trip to be as awesome as possible – they don`t want to just spend time with their parents and be bored. Alison needs a girlfriend she can gossip with and Jason needs a drinking buddy. Mrs. DiLaurentis finds out that the infamous friend “Cece” she`s heard so much about is actually her own daughter Charlotte and becomes furious. Still, there is no way she can prevent Cece from joining the family without being rude or having to reveal the real reason why she doesn`t feel comfortable with Cece coming along. Therefore, Cece, Jason, Ali, and the parents end up going to Cape May together.

PROBLEM: Cece wanted to blow up Radley. The bomb appeared and was diffused in seconds. While it should`ve made us freak out, the bomb scenes ended up feeling rushed and they failed to add tension to the episode. In addition to that, Toby and Caleb - people who could`ve potentially guided Spencer through diffusing the bomb weren`t in the episode at all. In fact, none of the boyfriends were.

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