this turned out different than i had planned

Matt/Lance fic

I got inspired by this post so I wrote a latte fic.

Matt was still adjusting to the castle. The rebels had been somewhat of an" every person lives in a small ship" group. The immense size of the castle kept throwing him off, but not enough for him not to notice the Blue Paladin. Matt had been a little starstruck when he had gotten a good look at Lance. That boy was an excellent specimen of the human race.  Clear bronze skin, dark blue eyes that shone, tall, and the body of a swimmer with broad shoulders. At first, it had been a purely physical attraction; over time Matt had noticed Lance’s personality. With a joke or pick-up line, he could easily break the tension. Lance was also loyal to a fault, which drove the Galra crazy. Lance was sort of like a puppy in Matt’s mind.  Then came the pining; eventually, it had worked out into a relationship when Lance revealed he wanted to be more than friends, which Matt kept under wraps while working with everyone.
Speaking of that, working with the Paladins was very hard. Allura was a hard head and continuously pushed them all to their limits. Shiro would never talk to anyone about the battle plans, that was a sore point between Matt, Lance, and Shiro. Keith ran headlong into the fray or was in the training deck all the time, often he ended up in the pods. Matt had caught Hunk more than once in someone’s quarters going through things. Katie or Pidge had turned into a computer addicted gremlin. Matt had noticed her asleep in random areas of the castle. Coran more than once had said, “That is not how a paladin…” Honestly, if Lance had not been there, Matt would’ve left a long time ago. Even though Matt loved Katie and was friends with Shiro, they were getting on his nerves.
Today had been no different. Shiro had proposed a plan to sneak onto one of the prisoner ships when Lance had pointed out that there was a fault. Shiro had snapped, and Lance backed off. Matt felt somewhat bad, and he walked over.
“Shiro, I agree with Lance. We need someone better at stealth other than Keith to get past the personal guards.”
Shiro did not take it well which was apparent when he answered, “We have no one else, and Keith is great at stealth.” He walked away, Lance looked heartbroken at being brushed off again, which of course Matt would not take.
Shiro was met with the full force of Matt’s anger, which he apparently is surprised by.
“I know Keith is your brother, but that does not mean you can show him any special treatment!”
Shiro was floored that someone was calling him out. As was everyone else.
Matt kept going, his pent up frustration was coming lose in a stream of words.
“I have been on this ship for two months, and I would have left a long time ago if not for Lance! All of you are so bullheaded and stubborn and can’t figure out when not to push someone! Lance, he’s been trying his damned hardest as have all of you, but none of you are handling it well! Shiro, you don’t talk at all. Coran, you talk too much and can’t figure out these are not the paladins of old. Allura needs not push people so hard we are only kids. Katie keeps snapping and is always on the computer. Hunk needs to learn to give people some privacy. Keith, you can’t rush in all the time or train till you fall over. Lance, you’re too damn loyal and need to actually express your feelings not just put up a facade.”
The team stood stock still each a little bit upset but knowing every word of it was true.  
“Hold up, what do you mean Lance putting up a facade,” queried Keith.
Matt let out a strangled laugh,“Are you really so blind?”
The silence was the only answer needed.
Matt seemed to take it as an insult, “You mean to tell me you never once noticed his self-hatred at all!?”
Metaphorical crickets chirped in the background.
“That’s it,” he marched over to Lance and shouted over his shoulder as they left,“ I want explanations tomorrow and so help me God if they are not satisfactory there will be hell to pay got it!?”
Matt dragged Lance to his room and waited outside while Lance changed into his pajamas. Matt quietly pulled Lance into a hug as the taller boy finally broke. Quietly, they lay together as Matt whispered all the things he loved about Lance. It would not be easy, and the insecurities would never be truly gone, but as long as Matt was there, he would do his best to drown them out with positives.

I made a part 2
A Chick Flick Moment

So I had this idea because @saxxxology and I were talking before bed last night and this idea came up and I sort of wrote it in my head as I was trying to fall asleep. It then turned out way different than I planned but, eh, c’est la vie.

Set during 11x09 “O Brother Where Art Thou?”

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words: 740ish
Summary: Dean feels bad about that kiss from Amara
Warnings: Fluff, hurt/comfort, swearing, a reader who’s gonna wanna punch The Darkness in the fucking face

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Slowly but Surely

Request: Hi! I love your writing so much, i wanted to request a newt x reader, in which newt and the reader are best friends, and newt thinks he has a crush on tina so reader helps him impress her bc he’s a shy baby, but in the process they realise that they actually had feelings for each other all along and they fall harder? Happy ending? Xx

Word Count: 2,861

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

“Well, that was disappointing.”

You and Newt stare down at the broken vase. Glass and water mix over the wooden floor and someone shouts from downstairs.

“I’ll get the broom.”

Newt steps back and you can already see the questions pestering him and thinning his confidence.

“I’m sure she’d say yes, Newt. You just have to ask.”

“I know, I know.” There’s the pacing you expected, complete with one finger pressed against his lips whenever he stops speaking. “I just need to find the right time.”

You toss the dust pan onto the ground, where it lands with a crunch on some vagrant piece of glass. “There’s never going to be a ‘right time.’”

Newt rolls his eyes at the quote gestures you make around his words. “I don’t want it to come from nowhere.”

“What if it comes from your heart?” You tease.

He scowls. “Funny. Here I thought I asked for love advice, not bad jokes.”

The glass scratches the ground on its way into the pan. “It’s a dual package. The jokes come free of charge.”

“What if I ask her on a roof? At sunset?”

“A bit cliché, don’t you think?”

“Well I don’t hear you coming up with any ideas.”

You sigh. Snappy Newt is not your favorite Newt to deal with. “Tina likes you, Newt. I promise. You could ask her out in a dumpster as a phoenix bursts into ashes around you both and she’d still say yes.”

“What about with a picnic? Women like those.”

You sweep the final pieces of glass into the dust pan. “If you really want help, you need to calm down. I’ll come up with something.”

Newt runs a hand over his face. “I’m going to check on the occamies.”

“No worries, I’ll just finish mopping up this mess myself.”

He turns back to you and shakes his head. “Let me help.”

The two of you finish drying off the floor as best you can. Sitting across from one another, you look at the final piece of the mess: the dropped lily, pure petals drooping under the water they soaked up during the clean-up. Newt leans over and grabs it before falling back against the wall. He holds it up in front of him, spinning it in his hands, ignoring the water dripping onto his hands.

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leahlisabeth  asked:

“i’ve been travelling a lot and somehow you’re in every single city i go to seriously what the fuck who even are you how are you doing this” au

Kay, so I know you were thinking Andreil and them meeting under different names - or at least with Neil having different names. Don’t ask me why that lead me to think “spy au” when it really should have been a soulmate au. (Also don’t ask me about this spy au I have no idea what I was doing, I don’t even know if they’re actually spies or it’s just a mobster thing, I don’t *k n o w*)


There was something off about the whiskey in this city.

It didn’t seem to matter which pub he stepped into – any local brew here in Bornholm had a certain… something in the taste of it. Perhaps something to do with the cask the brew had been aged in… but he couldn’t be sure…

“What do you know of Danish whiskey?” Andrew asked, to seemingly no one. The bartender, bored of cleaning glasses, tossed him a curious glance and then scanned the room, seeing only distant guests chatting quietly by the windows. She might have answered him if he had spoken in Dutch or even English. But his question had been voiced in Russian and it was intended for the man looming behind him in the shadows.

The bartender startled when the man sat down beside him. Clearly, she hadn’t known he was there. Typical, Andrew thought, for one of Riko’s Kingsmen.

“Very little, I’m afraid,” the man answered, somehow not making any creaks or squeaks in the aged wooden bar stools. “I never grew the taste nor the interest.” A small wave of his hand dismissed the bartender, who had come over in anticipation of an order to break the monotony of her day. Disappointed, she let them be.

“Not going to run?” The man asked, curious but not thrown off-balance by the abrupt difference in their regular routine of international cat and mouse. Such grace was probably expected when running in Riko’s inner circles.

“You always seem to find me,” Andrew mused, swirling his off-tasting whiskey in its tumbler. “How is that, exactly?”

“You are stupid enough to think Riko cannot find you.”

Andrew chuckled to himself. “Riko cannot find anything I don’t want him to find.” He took a sip of his drink, then turned to his companion and looked him up and down. Grey, non-descript clothes and a wool trench coat, revealing nothing about his build, style, wealth, or loyalties (national or otherwise). He was as inconspicuous as ever. “I meant why is it you who always comes? You’ve hardly been effective at bringing me in.”

The man said nothing, did nothing, and Andrew almost laughed. “Who is it who’s found me this time? Alex, Alfons, Sven? I’ve lost track the number of aliases you’ve given to me to burn.”

“Call me Joseph.” Andrew scowled, pretending that barb didn’t dig under his skin. It was a stinging reminder that he knew next to nothing of the man Riko kept sending to pursue him – whereas Andrew’s life story was parceled somewhere in a neat little file folder and Joseph had read it. Probably more than once. “He won’t play this game much longer, you know. You’ll have to fight back eventually.”

“Will I?”

“You’re running out of cities to hide in and Riko knows it.”

“Does he think he’s running me into a corner?” Andrew finished off his whiskey, letting the burn of alcohol remind him to hold his tongue as much as possible. For Aaron’s sake. “You know the fun thing about traps? When they go off, it doesn’t make a difference who fell into them.”

“…You mean to turn Riko’s own plans against him?”

“I plan to let Riko orchestrate his own downfall and laugh from Hell when he joins me there.”

Joseph fell silent, a hand brought to his chin as he contemplated this new information. Andrew’s eye caught on the tattooed ‘4’ on his cheek and he almost reached to itch at the ‘5’ mirrored on his own face. Instead, he motioned for another drink, trying not to worry that he had revealed too much. Let Joseph scurry back to the Raven King with this warning. Let Riko be on his guard, let Riko grow suspicious and paranoid – whatever it took to keep Moriyama eyes following the wrong twin.

Even if it made his skin crawl to be made prey again, made his hair stand on end every time he felt eyes follow his movements behind his back.

Hell would be an eternal rest compared to this hunt.

Joseph’s ice blue eyes flickered back towards Andrew when the bartender brought over his second drink. Smoothly, Joseph plucked the drink from Andrew’s hand and took a quick sip of it himself. Setting it back he merely said, “Tastes like wine.”

Andrew peered in the glass, as though he would be able to see what Joseph meant by merely staring hard enough. Wine in whiskey…? After his own sip, he began to debate whether he was curious enough to google about Danish whiskey later on. He decided he wasn’t.

Joseph stood, again in such a way that no sound was made, even though the chair was pushed back against the floor. “When he sends Drake,” Andrew ignored the impulse to flinch, “you’ll know he’s done preparing.”

“Drake, huh?” Andrew drawled, remembering that the name would mean nothing to Aaron. “Will that be another alias of yours?”

Joseph violently gripped the back of his chair. Andrew had the crazy idea that Joseph would have preferred to seize Andrew’s own hair. Or maybe his neck. “Drake will know you when he sees you.” Carefully, Joseph leaned in close to Andrew’s ear and whispered, “Like I did, Andrew.”

Now that was surprising.

Andrew took a minute to stare Joseph down, scrutinized his every feature for recognition that must be there. Black hair, he thought, eyeing auburn waves. Merryhill Elementary. Sacramento, he remembered, memories of keeping his distance from all the other students and watching one other boy do the same.

“Abram…” He didn’t say it so much as the name simply escaped his mouth, running along his exhale the same way Abram had run all those years ago, in the middle of October. Everyone had called him William back then, but Andrew had noticed he never responded to it and had bullied him into telling his real name. Andrew had never told anyone else and he had never actually spoken the name aloud before now.

Not even six years after Merryhill, when he had spotted a boy bearing a striking resemblance to Abram that he almost called out. They were in Phoenix then, his foster family roaming some mall or other on the only vacation Andrew had ever seen as a child. He might have said hello, just to investigate, but the boy’s mother was yanking him away, scolding him for reckless behaviour and calling him Casper.

His eyes were brown then, Andrew thought, wary of the pale blue that barred Abram’s soul from him.

“You need the Queensguard,” Abram insisted, unshaken by Andrew’s remembrance. “Let Kevin help you.”

Andrew scoffed, unconvinced. If Andrew had heard the rumours of the Queensguard, an inner group rebellious to Riko’s Kingsmen, then Riko already knew about it. “Kevin is the one who needs help.”

“Why do you think he kept sending me to find you?” Abram finally relaxed his grip on the chair, seeming to relax now that their games and deceptions were done with. How long had he been waiting for Andrew to realize? Did he think he already had? “I told Kevin after the first mission that you weren’t Aaron and it only made him want you worse.”

“Should I be flattered?”

“You are of invaluable worth to Kevin, much more so than your brother is to Riko. Aaron is Riko’s grudge and his betrayer but you? You could be Kevin’s answer.”

Andrew glared and pressed a knife to Abram’s thigh in one quick move. “I am nobody’s answer.”

Abram pushed on, “Kevin’s Queensguard has all the pieces but he’s no match for Riko as a mastermind. You? You’ve already outsmarted Riko a dozen times over, toying with him on this wild goose chase. But Riko’s gonna tire of playing the game by your rules and when he sends Drake for you and discovers the truth, there will be nothing you can do to protect your brother.”

The knife dug two inches into flesh. Andrew wondered if he expected Abram to react with more than a blink of surprise. As one of Riko’s Kingsmen, Abram was probably used to knives, used to torture.

Aaron had been.

“You need bigger toys,” Abram insisted, backing away and off of Andrew’s now-bloody knife. Abram, to his credit, only shifted his weight and pulled his coat tighter, ensuring no bloodstain could be seen. “Come to Paris eight days from now. Meet Kevin yourself and see if you can do better on your own.”

And then, before Andrew said anything else, Abram laid some Euros on the bar and left, no limp apparent to any eye less discerning than Andrew’s. He wondered if he ought to demand more specific details on where exactly in Paris he was supposed to meet Kevin but he decided not to worry.

If he was in the city when the time came, Abram would be sure to find him.

Mistaken Identity

Words: 2453

Request:  Anon said: “Could you do a Thranduil x reader, where they are married, and she is usually always in fancy clothes. One day she tries to get into the throne room in more plain clothing, and the guard doesnt recognize her, so they end up throwing her in the dungeon, and when Thranduil finds out hes enraged, and shes irritated.”

Pairing/Characters: Thranduil x Reader

Notes: This ended differently than how I had originally planned, but it turned out!!

You had the entire day off. For once. No responsibilities were nagging at you to be completed. No handmaidens were knocking the doors down at the break of dawn to have a moment of your time, trying to get you prim and proper for the day’s meetings.

Today was one of those days, you laughed to yourself as you settled lower into the fluffy pillows of the bed you shared with your husband, Thranduil. Raising your arms, you stretched under the thick furs of the bed, relishing in the comfortable mattress.

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april study challenge / 10/04/17 What are some of your general study tips?

  • plan EVERYTHING! don’t worry if sometimes it doesn’t work out (!) but while making the plan for any work/paper/exam session you have to think through everything that you should do and i just find having a plan very comforting and calming
  • having said that don’t burden yourself with lots of work you can’t do. especially if you have motivation problem/you procrastinate/have mental problems that sometimes stop you from working. think about what you really are capable to do, take small portions of work (i’m gonna make a separate post on how i study later on in the month)
  • find out what’s your passion and try to think of ways to include that in projects/papers for subjects you don’t enjoy
  • get involved with stuff! i know, it’s the hardest thing ever, i hate it i hate interacting with people and all but i made it my point to say yes to things and mostly i was glad after all that i decided to do it. someone asks for help organising some event, there’s some study club or an additional class - try it, you get experience and it helps to make friends
  • don’t stress out about grades from subjects that don’t interest you at all as long as you pass. idk about different school systems but for me i had few subjects that i didn’t like and i knew they’re of no use for me later so i just made sure i pass and didn’t pressure myself for more
  • read books and articles about things that interest you, one day they might be useful
  • even if you have a plan for what you want to do later with your life, don’t block out other things that seem unimportant to you. seen and heard about so many people changing the courses or entire degree after first year of uni just bc it turned out to be different than they expected. also don’t be afraid to change your course if you feel unhappy where you are

sorry if it’s crap!


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I tried to write a thing but I don’t know if it worked. It turned out very differently than what I had planned but I still like it. I’ll probably end up making a drabble version of this but I hope you like this in the mean time. Let me know what you think!! Masterlist~

Pairing: Jongdae (Chen) x Reader

Word Count: 1.555k

Genre / Rating: Fluff / PG13

Warnings: none :)

Your relationship with Jongdae was unclear. You had both talked about dating each other just two months ago, him saying he loved you in the most platonic of ways. But now here he was, leaving soft kisses along your jaw as you watched Netflix on his laptop.

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Max Pacioretty - What’s In a Name

Originally posted by pavszacha

My first Patches one! I hope I did it justice because that is one handsome man lol

Request from @alcntvra : max pacioretty - maybe where she goes into labor and has the baby while he’s away and comes back the next day upset but she surprises him by telling him she named the baby after him? sorry if it’s too specific!

The snow fell lightly outside as you and your best friend sat curled up on the couch watching the world turn white outside. Normally your saturdays like this were spent with your other best friend, your husband Max, but this weekend he was gone on a road trip with the team. One game in Edmonton and he would be home again. Typically this wouldn’t be a big inconvenience or worry for you as you’ve gotten used to it over the last four years with Max but this time it was different. This time your were nine months pregnant with your first child and ready to pop.

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B.A.P Reactions To You Being More Sexual While You’re Drunk


He turned towards you with a funny expression but he still offered you a smile, “good morning Jagiya. I laid out some medication for your hungover on the table.”

You gave a small nod before you narrowed your eyes at him suspiciously, “why aren’t you looking me in the eye?”

“Um…” He tried to stall.

“We slept together, that much I gathered. I just don’t get why you’re acting so weird about it.”

He turned back towards you his eyes slightly widening in surprise, “you seriously don’t remember?” You shook your head.

As Youngjae began to recount all the events from last night, you could barely stop yourself from hiding under the sheets in embarassment. You were in a permanent state of cringe and regret, as he began telling you about how your friends had given him a call to come pick you up after they deemed you far too drunk to send you home alone.

You could tell by the twitch of his lips the he wanted to laugh, “when I got there…you were dancing all sexily on top of one of the tables.” You were mortified. Absolutely mortified. You would never drink again.

“You nearly cried when I told you we had to go home,” he let out a small laugh this time, “and yes. We did sleep together, however not in the way that you’re thinking,” His laughter rung louder this time.

“T-then why was I naked? ”

“I mean, you did try. The second I got you home you began trying to take off my pants. You wouldn’t give up so instead you tried to seduce me into sleeping with you by taking off all your clothes. It took me nearly 30 minutes to finally get you to sleep.”

“Oh my God. I’m so sorry Youngjae,” you apologized genuinely feeling sorry for the trouble you must have put him through. He simply shook his head and have you a soft smile as he walked towards you.

“Don’t be.” He patted your head,” just know I won’t ever let you live this down.” With a wink and smirk he turned back to continue cooking you breakfast.

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It must’ve been past 1am when Jongup was awoken by the sound of his phone ringing. Slightly annoyed by the late call, he let it ring a few times before picking up.

“Hello?” He answered, his voice an octave deeper than usual. 

“Jagiya~,” You slurred into your cellphone and began batting your eyelashes regardless of the fact that he couldn’t see.

His eyes widened in surprise, “Y/N?” It only took him a couple of seconds after that to figure out that you were drunk.

“Are you in bed right now?” You asked, in what you thought was a seductive tone.

He ignored the question already knowing where this would lead to, “Y/N where are you?”

“Not in your bed although I really wish I was…naked of course.”

Jongup lip slightly twitched. He had to stay focused. He couldn’t allow himself to be phased by the seductress that you’d turn into whenever you had too much to drink. He needed to figure out where you were. Suddenly thinking of something he asked you to turn the call into a video call. You more than happily complied but he slightly regretted his decision when he saw the camera angled down your shirt. 

“Y/N let me see where you are.”

You brought the camera to your face with a pout, “aren’t you affected by me at all? Am I not attractive?”

Jongup bit his lip, the conversation having taken a completely different direction then he had planned. 

“Jagiya, of course I find you attractive. You’re beyond beautiful so can you please show me where you are so I can come pick you up and take you home?” He made sure to let the words sound suggestive as he knew this was probably the only way to get through to you now. 

However, you were feeling like quite the tease. You smiled and shook your head, “I’m not telling.”

It was when he let out a sigh that he heard someone calling your name from the other side of the screen. 

“Thank God. I finally found you,” you heard a familiar voice say before your best friend whom Jongup had met a few times before, came on screen.

“Hey Jongup,” she greeted, “as you can probably tell Y/N had one too many drinks…yeah sorry about that but we’re at the Vault. I’m assuming I’ll see you soon?”

“Yeah, I’ll try to get there as quick as I can,” He promised, “please make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble before I get there.” After hanging up he got ready in record time and was out the door.

(credit to rightful gif owner)


Although you and Junhong had gone out drinking multiple times together, you had never truly allowed yourself to completely on drunk. Perhaps it was because each time the two of you went one or more of the members would tag along. You didn’t mind though, genuinely enjoying their company. Their presence was also good to have as they stopped you from becoming too irresponsible and getting drunk. Seeing you drunk was a sight you’d rather not have any of them see.

However, you figured it was time Junhong found out the type of person you became and he was more than excited for the grand reveal.

“Junhong,” you said turning yourself on the bar stool to face him, “I’m just going to warn you right now. I act…totally different.”

He nodded his head with a grin, “yes I know. You’ve told me that like 5 times now.”

You looked at him for a couple more seconds trying to figure out whether to tell him in what way or not. You finally decided that you’d just let him find out himself. With that now decided, you turned towards the bar tended and waved him over.


You’re not exactly sure yourself how many drinks you’d had before you had lost complete control of your body. Your cheeks were flushed and your eyes almost held a certain haze to them. Junhong hadn’t noticed your state yet, but he would find out real soon what he had been most curious about. 

“Junhong,” you breathed. He turned to look at you and you gave him a sickeningly sweet smile, resting a hand on his cheek, “you’re incredibly handsome did you know that?” You didn’t let him answer before your other hand began to slip up one of his thighs. He quietly sucked in his breath and looked at you in surprised. 

Pulling him towards you, you laid your lips against his ear, “meet me in the washroom.” With that, you pulled away and gave him a wink before clumsily heading towards the restroom area. 

Once inside the women’s washroom, you waited a few minutes for Junhong but he never came. Your lips were in a pout when you got an idea.  Giggling to yourself, you got into one of the stalls and took off your shirt. With your bra now exposed you angled the camera towards yourself to take a picture. You bit your lip and teasingly lowered a bra strap for affect.

Junhong was standing outside the women’s washroom in deep deliberation when his phone began to buzz with incoming texts. When he saw that they were from you he opened them only to immediately press lock on his phone. He nervously glanced around to make sure no one was there before unlocking it again. He could feel himself flush as he laid his eyes on the skimpy photos. Although they were blurry, they were still visible enough for him to begin getting excited.

When a new text came in of you in nothing but your underwear he silently cursed. Before he knew it, he walked into the women’s washroom making sure to lock the door behind him. 

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| Hyung Line | Maknae Line |


Sorry that for the wait but here’s the second part! I hope it turned out okay<3

~Admin Coffee

Finish it. // Spencer Reid x Fem!Reader

Words // 3907

Warnings // None

Summary // Y/N had always written some of the best Doctor who Fanfiction around and on a boring afternoon Spencer discoverers these fanfictions.

A/N // The intro can be a bit long but I liked the idea of a different kind of introduction, also I was unsure how to end it so that might feel a bit odd as well. Honestly, the idea of the fanfictions being written is one i’d like to do because nine deserved better and a longer run but i don’t know if I’d be able to write that. Also, there might be small pronoun mistakes because I changed it in the middle of the story from they to she.

Originally posted by hisirishsoufflegirl

Fanfiction. It was an odd thing but slowly and steadily becoming far more popular with people in dire need to have more of the thing she started to like or get obsessed with to only find that some fanfiction writers are objectively better than normal writers, other read it with the hope to find these writers and others just wanted a quick fix of her obsession.

Fanfictions were continuously being seen as a more professional thing, just creative writing and not mocked to just teenagers. The quality of fanfictions was starting to get better and because he had gone through every book and didn’t feel like rereading one, he gave it a shot.

What Spencer didn’t expect is to find a complete series of four different fanfictions following an alternative eight doctor as he didn’t really have the longest run time, it was complete and perfect. The Doctor had a distinct personality which changed over time because of the various events that happened, the various companions he had travelling along with them who had a personality yet weren’t just that, she felt like proper people who are 3 dimensional and not just a stereotype. Everything was just perfect about it, the enemies were clear yet always well developed and some of them were made to sympathize with them and that happened easily, all the history was accurate and the neat future didn’t seem too much like fiction. He finish it rather quickly, as usual, but decided to reread them all a few times and he was almost tempted to just accept this as having happened.

The series had finished in 2006 and when he read the last chapter for the first time said that because of very popular demand she would write a series either with a whole new ninth doctor or changing up a few things, making it a series like she did with eight but editing it rather heavily, she promised to keep the personality and backstory of there being a time war but change companions, the stories and everything else to make it her  own version of the ninth doctor.

Of course that went just as crazy as her first series did, a lot of people were praising it and wondering why said person wasn’t writing for Doctor who yet which he admitted he wondered to, her  stories were solid and somewhat better than the new ones being published as tv episodes in his opinion only the difference is this was just free on the internet compared to a tv production with a budget of a certain millions.

The worst thing was when it ended, it ended in the second ‘season’ of her  new ninth doctor, the fourth ‘episode’. It ended with a small author’s note promising it’ll be updated eventually but the simplicity was that the writer just had a few issues and her  work was piling up so she just didn’t have the time to properly plot out the stories and to make them the same quality as she had always been and there it ended, four years ago.

A few people were commenting that the writer got a job at BBC but most were right to say that if someone spent so long writing these series and planning them out so long they’d likely announce that she couldn’t work on this anymore as she got a job writing shows which seemed to definitely be her  aspiration but that didn’t happen, just nothing.


“What’s he been doing all day? I’ve never seen him on his phone this much.’’ Y/N commented as she and Garcia were eating a lunch behind Y’N’s desk. Both of them had noticed that Spencer was spending an awful long time behind his phone lately and Y/N was rather curious as to what he was doing but felt slightly like invading privacy if she would ask, a phone is a very personal thing which Y/N knew from experience.

“I may have been snooping around a bit and surprisingly, it’s all fanfiction. Y’know like all the people writing Ten x Rose, yeah it’s also all Doctor who. I have to admit, read some of it myself and for someone to come up with all of that is amazing. Like, it’s better than some episodes now and to be able to come up with that, just a whole different doctor with three seasons , sort of, and have most of it be well made to perfect it’s amazing.’’ She said and Y/N nodded absentmindedly.

“I know you wrote it.’’ Garcia whispered and Y/N stared at her, taken back.

“I mean, it’s so good and you just stopped! I had to look around so I did some snooping, IP addresses and old habitants of the apartment. Knowing that you’re far more knowledgeable about Who lore than any of us it wasn’t that hard to reach conclusions, also literally around the same time you got accepted by the FBI. It’s not that hard. Still, you need to continue.’’ She said both loud and silent but no one seemed to notice it too much or hear it completely and Y/N was quite relieved by that. She had to admit she were proud of what she had written, she still had a massive binder filled with her  ideas and the plots for everything she wrote and still wanted to write, how she wanted the Doctor to progress, what casualties would come and which victories. Y/N was the first to admit she took it a bit too far but at the time she didn’t have much else to bring joy to her  life or to invest her  time in so she did it with writing very serious fanfic.

“You know I can’t, how am I supposed to find the time to write chapters around 25 thousand words whilst we’re flying into every state every other day, when I just got accepted I could barely keep up but now it’s ten times worse with everything we need to do so I just.. I can’t do it anymore, I just don’t have the time for it.’’ Y/N admitted honestly because she definitely didn’t have the time for it anymore, ever since her  last update she had written out the idea for the next story and plotted out the progression and the villain but planning was very different than putting every single second into words and expressing thoughts and the emotions she were feeling.

“I just, I don’t want to force you but you’ve written better stories than the writers now, just give it a shot.’’ Y/N sighed and turned back to her computer.


“Pretty boy, you’ve been on that phone for twenty hours already. What could you possibly be doing so long?’’ Morgan asked. The team had solved a case yesterday and Y/N had been trying to create some moments so she would write a bit and after some power sessions and a bit too much coffee she finished two chapters or as she liked to refer to them, episodes. She were around the length of a doctor who episode in terms of what happens and words but could take a longer while to read as she squeezed in a lot of thoughts as a way for herself to remember who her character was again and to write him properly.

“Reading.’’ Spencer said with a shrug.

“Of course.’’ Morgan chuckled and Y/N did as well before turning back to her  screen and starting to write out some prompts as a quick way to get some ideas flowing for how she want and who she want the villain to be as she had an idea of how the episode would progress but decided to discard the painfully cliché villain she wrote out.

“He’s reading yours.’’ Y/N glanced up at Garcia standing beside her  desk, she eventually admitted she would continue to write it and Garcia had been stellar and demanded every first draft before it was finished and Y/N obliged, it was nice to at least share it with someone like her who was so excited about Y/N her  work, it was always nice to have some feedback and see that people liked it as usually Y/N just did it and hoped people would like it.

“Why do you even know that?’’ Y/N countered with a slightly amused smile.

“I have the whole digital world at my finger-tips, he’s been leaving surprisingly positive comments and I think you should maybe tell him.’’ Garcia hinted and Y/N rolled her  eyes, for the reason that Y/N was a definite whovian and she and Spencer shared quite a lot of things so Garcia was immediately convinced she should get together or alike.

“Oh shut up. That you know is already enough.’’


A few weeks passed after Y/N had stared to update her  fanfiction again, she did enjoy it but it was starting to get more difficult as more cases after another arose. In those cases she also noticed she were getting surprisingly close to Spencer, before there was a mutual feeling of friendship over different sci-fi things and sharing somewhat similar interests but everyone’s been noticing the two growing far closer.

Morgan had been pushing Reid just a bit, more than just a bit as literally everyone would say, which eventually made him decide that his advice wasn’t even that bad and Morgan had a lot of reason to say that the fact that Y/N wasn’t with someone was already a miracle. And so he mustered up some courage and asked them out and it went surprisingly well.

Y/N was surprised but at the same time not, she worked with profilers and was a profiler after all as well so it wasn’t that hard to eventually see and that was it, she went on a date or two and to neither it felt much different except that it was far more intimate and both of them had taken a liking to that, both deciding they’d try to keep this going, whatever it really was.                                                                                      


It was just too tempting, after a sudden revival of his favourite series and definitely somewhere in the top of his Doctor who seasons, even though it wasn’t a proper season he counted them as seasons, to ask Garcia who was writing it. She would knew without a doubt or would find out in a few seconds and even though he, at first, thought of it as wrong he couldn’t help himself anymore.

So he asked and stood there for a while whilst she worked on finding out and she found it within a few seconds, using an old IP address where most of the chapters were updated from, she determined an old location and found old habitants and crossed the list with habitants at the new IP address and found one person to be the match, Y/N L/N, his colleague, his significant other/

For some reason he just didn’t expect it, he honestly didn’t know what to expect when it came to who wrote it except someone who either was a professional or aiming to be one, yet Y/N never let on any signs of being or wanting to be a writer, maybe she didn’t want to be a writer but just picked it up as a hobby which seemed just as logical

Of course Garcia was stellar to find out and immediately went to seek her, she actually just went to the toilet as she had known it for a long time already but had to not act suspicious and so she left. He was unsure what to do but he was very determined that no matter what he wanted them to continue and finish he story as he never read anything of fiction that was so good.

It just seemed weird to him that Y.N had been writing his favourite story all the time whilst he was likely watching some show with them or the two were cuddling and she took a few notes in her  phone. Then again he was happy that he discovered who is writing it and quite happy that he knows them more than very well.


“What’re you writing?’’ Y/N her head snapped up at Spencer’s commented and in response she minimized the word document she was working on, something that had become an awful habit of hers.

“How do you know I’m writing?’’ She responded.

“You’re typing and just had a word document open, I don’t think you’d be drawing in that.’’ She chuckled and he sat down beside her, she let the document stay closed. Y/N was comfortable with a lot of things but her writing had always been her way of expressing herself creatively and just her thing and even though she was convinced she could share anything with him she just didn’t want to share that part, yet.

“Will you tell me?’’ He asked with puppy eyes which he knew were one of her weaknesses. He didn’t want to outright say he knew she wrote his favourite series as he still felt slightly guilty about how he found out but decided that maybe if he could make her say it herself than he could start being honest how much he loved it and otherwise he’d have to ask Garcia for effective ways to drop hints.

“Maybe, maybe not. What do you offer in return?’’ She asked curiously and he thought for a moment but honestly couldn’t come up with something good and she laughed, leaving him slightly dumbstruck.

“I’ve never seen you think this hard and I think that’s quite the achievement. Either way, I.. I’ve never shared my writing with anyone so I.. I uh don’t want to show you but to oversimplify it, it’s a doctor who fanfiction. Y’know what that is right?’’ He nodded fully confident and she curiously raised an eyebrow, whilst she didn’t necessarily not expect him to know about it she didn’t think he’d be this confident in it.

“Read a bit?’’ He nodded.

“A few, there’s a really good series about an eight doctor rewrite as if he had a proper series instead of well, you know. You’re the last person I need to explain.’’ He said with a slightly awkward chuckle but relaxed once he noticed Y/N blush, she didn’t mention it was her fanfiction but by now it was clear as water and she must’ve realized it as well and he decided it was somewhat safe territory to start dropping some hints.

“Yeah, let’s stop talking about this and eh.. maybe cuddle? I’m feeling tired.’’ He happily obliged.


Y/N was up late consuming a little too much coffee, for once Spencer had gone to bed early and she was staying up late with a lame excuse of paper work because she just wanted to finish the chapter she had been working so relentlessly on and she just couldn’t quit, she had learnt very quickly she could always write but her best moments were when she got so deep in it and was just writing for hours with little to no pause, it was like a flame which she just had to keep fuelling for results and she always did no matter how bad it really was for her, she just had to keep going.

The last dot at the end of the line and she was finished. She hunched back and let out a sigh, she let herself fall sideways down on the couch and put her laptop down on their coffee table, they had moved in quite quickly after getting together simply because it was at the end of the month so Y/N would save a month of rent.

She quickly drowned the cup of coffee and went over to put the mug in the kitchen sink, after she closed her laptop down and set it aside and let herself sprawl over the couch for a while just to calm down her brain as she was finally finished after a very hard labouring session. She smiled happily though; she got done what she wanted even though it was far later than she had anticipated.

“Y/N, what are you doing up?’’ Y/N her body snapped up and saw Spencer standing in the doorway of their living room, his hair even a worse mess than it was sometimes during the day and he wore a slightly too small shirt which Y/N particularly liked.

“Just.. Just finished a writing session.’’ He turned on all the lights and Y/N her eyes hurt, she had taken solace in a very dim laptop screen and a small night lamp on the dining table to provide her light but all the other lights in their apartment were so much lighter that it slightly hurt her eyes but luckily she got adjusted rather soon and eventually stopped the endless blinking to adjust.

“Bit late for writing sessions isn’t it? It’s 3 am. We need to be in at 7 am tomorrow.’’ Y/N shrugged, she had done much worse in the years when she was alone and no one told her that it might be useful to stop when the clock turned 5 and the sun started o rise again so her body could handle some abuse, although she herself also had to admit it didn’t do it that well anymore.

“Doesn’t matter,’’ She waved it off and he rolled his eyes. “I’ve done worse. Now, c’mon let’s get back into that bed I had grand plans.”


Y/N sipped her coffee as she sighed, she had been working on the chapter for what felt like forever and she knew it kind of was her own fault, she kept erasing whatever she wrote and revisiting every sentence ten times before moving on and likely half of the time that she looked at that sentence she changed it up.

It was just writing the end, that was the worst part of it. She had a draft of the script or all the speech she wanted in it yet she couldn’t just get herself to finish it for no reason but laziness, she assumed that but she honestly was unsure what it was, all she knew that was nothing worked.

She decided to do something completely different and pulled out her phone and started to text some of her friends if they wanted to hang out, she had bad tendencies of ignoring her friends whenever she was focused on writing and was happy she still had some healthy relationships outside her work, work didn’t count as she spent most of her days there so it was kind of very hard to ignore them.

“Didn’t you say you weren’t allowed to do something else but writing just an hour ago?’’ Spencer asked as he walked inside and shut the apartment door. She shrugged and for a second wondered ow he knew she wasn’t writing but then realized she had closed her laptop and almost put it in the opposite side of the apartment and it was quite hard to type that way.

“Maybe, I say more stupid things.’’ She shrugged and smiled that at least one of her friends were free.

“Well, then you wouldn’t mind dropping me a hint.’’ He said somewhat slyly and Y/N rolled her eyes, she didn’t just because it was fun to see him this questioning but she was also happy he had the decency not to try and unlock her laptop.

“Nope.’’ She replied popping the ‘p’ with a pleased smile on her face.


“Never.’’ She grinned.


Temporal hiatus, lots of work. Spencer felt slightly bitter at it, he knew that she could just ask him to help with the massive pile she managed to build up and the two would be finished quite quickly but he also noticed the recent few cases took a toll on her, especially her sleep, even though he hated this as she in no way allowed access to her laptop, he did understand it. That wouldn’t keep him from dropping the occasional comment though, he had gotten used to just letting little hints slip he completely knew what she wrote and sometime they were just praise, other times more encouraging words and other times critique at the fact that she wouldn’t let him even read a single word. And it was really annoying him, especially after what she had put in the author’s note.

“When was the last time you wrote?’’ Spencer suddenly said, Y/N shrugged in response. It was a long while ago, that was all she knew as their cases had been hunting her unlike usual which left her in desperate needs. She missed it, staying up ridiculously late writing but that was mostly because now she went to bed at a reasonable time and didn’t get any pay for it.

“I don’t know, long time. At least before the last three cases, maybe longer.’’ She shrugged and finished her third cup of coffee in the short span of an hour. It was becoming increasingly reasonable to be worried about Y/N and Spencer definitely was the only issue was is that he didn’t know what to do, he decided he’d at least ask Garcia for some help later but now he was unsure.

Y/N had developed a bad tendency to wake up because of a nightmare, luckily Spencer quickly found a way of comforting that helped her and it mostly included helping her list, sometimes it was just counting until her breathing had steadied and she wasn’t crying completely anymore, other days it was listing all the names of the people she knew and cared about and other times it was naming all actors and actresses from doctor who she knew, usually starting with the doctor and working from present day backwards.

“Yet you love writing.’’ He commented, he didn’t want to be over aggressive but did want to steer the conversation in a certain way. Y/N was very stubborn and he was unsure if she herself would realize she might need help which is why he was hesitant to state the obvious, she didn’t need a lot but it would help to talk with someone more professionally qualified than him about what she is dreaming, why and how to tackle that.

“I know it’s just frustrating to even try. I keep staring at a blank screen and can’t get a single word on it.’’ She sighed in frustration and he tried his best to comfort him but not offer her any words, when she needed comforting it needed to be silent comforting because once she got lost in her thought she couldn’t really manage proper sentences despite being a very skilled writer.

“C’mon, I think I know what you need.’’


The end.

Of course I could write another series about ten as quite obviously I’ve picked a different companion to be present during regeneration and I might do that but quite obviously it took me a long time to finish this as I’ve been struggeling with a lot of issues, always differing from time to time. To cut this all short, I might do that, I’d like to do that and it would be the same to just have him have the same personality only a completely revamped story. If it happens, it will be slow but I’m assuming if you follow my work you’d probably be used to that.

Thank you x

“It’s perfect.’’

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(Truth, Sonny and Pete) Sonny, when was the first time you realized you had feelings for Pete

“What’s the point of going to prom. There are people dying in the streets and my cousin is busting his balls in that store. I ain’t going to no “prom”.” Sonny turned up his nose as Pete softly read out the flyer from Sonny’s high out loud. Sonny didn’t want to go to prom, he had a lot on his mind, his future was coming at him faster than he had planned. He needed a plan. “Just another dumb thing people with too much money do…I gotta save my money…I should have started young like Nina…” Already eighteen Sonny was looking scholarships and FASFA to save his ass…there was no way he was going to afford this otherwise. 

Pete had slightly different opinions. “You only get one prom, Sunshine.” Pete affectionately called him by the nickname that made Sonny smile from ear to ear. “You ain’t never gonna be in high school again, you for real wanna miss this out?” 

The younger, shorter teen shook his head dismissively. “Who even remembers prom, do you remember yours?” 

There was a long pause, Pete looked over the flyer a few times and shook his head. “I never got a chance to go, rem’mber?” 

Sonny felt like the biggest idiot in Washington Heights…no in New York state. Pete dropped out after getting into a few fights. A few badly dealt hands led him in juvie. He was on and off the wagon of getting his GED but Pete never seemed to commit. Anyone else would have seen Pete was just another city slicker nobody but Sonny saw what he could be. 

At this moment, he was looking at what Pete would have been if he stayed on the straight and narrow and finished high school. “You’re telling me, you’d wuda gone to your prom?” Sonny tried to save face.

“Yea, why not. Like I said, you only get one.”

So he was swayed, only because Pete didn’t have a prom and he could vicariously live through Sonny’s prom. The moment he informed Usnavi it became a circus act. Usnavi got his old powder blue suit tailored by Daniella and Vanessa to make it look less…90s. By the time it was prom, Sonny was already exhausted. Plus, he didn’t have a date. He waited too long, most of the girls had dates or had decided to go in groups. Didn’t matter, he posed for pictures he knew would make it on Facebook somehow. 

He hoped Pete appreciated the “being young” thing. Just as Sonny was about to leave Pete slid into his room via fire escape like some raggity prince heading into Rapunzel’s tower. However he was dressed pretty well. He had a white button up and his blazer tied around his waist. “Heard you didn’t have anyone to go with?” 

“Whaa where did you hear that?” he frowned defensively. 

“Usnavi who told Vanessa who told Nina who told Carla, who told Daniella who told everyone else.” Pete snickered. He reached into his pocket and pulled out an iron in in the shape of a sun with seven sunrays fanning out. “I got no flower, so here.” He walked over and began to pin it to Sonny’s blazer. 

There wasn’t much said but the world changed completely for Sonny. He looked over Pete’s face and years of knowing he was different, feeling like Pete was different was slowly piecing together. Sonny saw more than potential. He saw someone who was kind, trustworthy, and looking for a second chance. He saw someone worthy of a second chance. He saw eyes that could paint the city in colors like no one had ever seen. A modern Monet with spray paint. 

Sonny felt his heart drum as Pete lingered close, his nose practically touching Sonny’s. They locked gazes for some time before Pete pulled away and linked arms with Sonny. “If its not fun we can split.” 

Though now Sonny started doubt it wouldn’t be fun. He squeezed Pete’s arm and blushed a little, prom wasn’t so bad as long as there was a Pete involved. 

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Ohhh can I ask what do you like about kiibo? He's one of my faves but I don't see many people talk about him

I absolutely would love the chance to talk about Kiibo again! The biggest piece of meta I got to write on him was quite a long time ago, and it really is a shame that people don’t talk about him as much. It’s not as if he’s unpopular, exactly, but it seems like most people are only interested in the “cute robot” aspect rather than the things Kiibo actually represents in the game and the things he accomplishes in Chapter 6.

Obviously I’ll be discussing Chapters 5 and 6 pretty in-depth, so there’ll be massive spoilers for the whole game. Please only read if you’re comfortable with that!

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Meeting Tate

Pairing: Tate Langdon x Reader
Words count: 1,707
Warnings: Language
Summary: Your family moved in the Murder House two weeks ago. Your parents are never here and you spend most of your time alone with all the ghosts. As you try and learn as much as you can about every single person who died in your house, you end up meeting Tate.
A/N: Okay guys, this took long to write and I find it pretty shitty, but I just wanted to write about Tate, because I just rewatched AHS’ first season, and I just…I can’t. This little shit is too adorable for this world, no matter how much of a psychopath he can be

Originally posted by memories-4

That was it. Two weeks after moving into the “Murder House”, you were finally done unpacking your things. Your room was decorated just the way you wanted, and you finally could take some well deserved rest. Sighting, you plopped down on your bed and took a few seconds to look at the immaculate ceiling. One more look at your room and your gaze felt on your stereo. After a few seconds staring at it, you jumped on your feet to turn on the machine and feed it with one of your favorite CDs, a Nirvana one.  When the notes of “Lake of Fire” started to resonate around your bedroom, you started to dance, not giving a damn about anything.
Truth is, you didn’t really care about anything in general. You were the one who convinced your parents to live here, knowing you’d have to face every single problem by yourself. They were not really good parents, and the further they could be from you, the better they would be. At least, that’s how you saw the things. Since you moved here, you never were alone. You knew living here was a big risk, but you had a very…special approach to risks and more generally, to the death risk could occur. To you, dead was just a state coming after the “alive” state. Because, if the dead man doesn’t suffer, why should the living cry for him? Dead people were in a better, happier place, or so you thought.
Even though you didn’t really care about risks, you had made researches, since your first visit of the house. You knew the names of all of the previous owners and all of their stories, from Charles and Nora Montgomery to the Harmons. You knew every story, just to be sure to get on as well as you could with everyone. Which may sound crazy. Who would want to befriend an army of ghosts? Well, you did. You had already met some of them, in the first two weeks. First, there was Chad. You couldn’t know for sure, but you thought he kind of liked you, since you asked for his help to decorate the house. And there was Violet. The cool girl who lived and died here just before you moved in. She was cool to hang out with, and she even helped you taking care of your boxes all around the house.
Still dancing in your room, your gaze finally met another one, through the mirror you were moving in front of. He was a few meters away from you, and right after they met yours, the eyes turned to look at all of your CDs. You turned around to realize the presence of a young man, around your age. You smiled lightly and blushed, a little embarrassed by what the boy had just witnessed.

- Well, that’s…Awkward. Can I help you?

His nearly emotionless face turned towards you, and the guy offered a small smile before going back to his visit of what used to be his bedroom.

- I’m Tate. I live a little further down the street, so I wanted to welc…

He was interrupted by a chuckle, and you shook your head from left to right, before you walked towards your stereo, lowering the volume. You then looked at him arms crossed, and smiled with amusement.

- Violet already tried this one. But I’ve read about you, Tate Langdon. You’re the guy who did the shooting at the school, right?

He was now looking at you, visibly upset. You looked at him, curious, before speaking, to get him to relax.

- Hey, don’t be upset. I don’t really mind. I’m (Y/N) by the way.
- You…You don’t mind?

His brows were furrowed in questioning and you smiled, sitting on your bed.

- Nah, I don’t really care. I mean, killing people is wrong, but this house could drive anyone totally nuts. I also learnt a little bit about your family, so…Yep, I can understand why you became a psychopath.
- A psychopath? You just met me, how could you know if I really am??
- I can’t. But Violet’s father thinks you are one apparently, so I though it could be the right word. Isn’t it?
- I don’t really know.

He walked towards your bed and sat next to you. He put his face in his hands and sighted before looking at you.

- I did some pretty horrible things, so maybe I really am a psychopath…But I wouldn’t do it again, I-I swear. I won’t hurt anyone, not anymore…I don’t want to hurt you or your family. Please, don’t be afraid.
- Wow, easy there, I’m not scared. I told you I don’t really care. I mean, if you could avoid killing me, it’d be cool, but…I don’t even know if death is as awful as we say. Maybe it’s just the same thing as life, you know?! But you can tell more about death than I can, right..?

You let a small laugh escape your mouth, while he looked at you; and you could read in his eyes the riddle that you were for him. He was trying to understand this girl, who seemed so happy to live even with this family you’d compare to a joke. Truth is, he had been watching you for those two weeks. He was curious about why the Harmons hadn’t try to push your family to leave, just like they had with the previous family, the Ramos. He soon discovered how lonely you were, and how happy you managed to be anyway. And it was quite a shock for him, to see a girl who knew a loneliness comparable to the one he knew, and who could have the strength to embrace it, and to love it anyway. He was craving that strength, he was admiring it. Since Violet decided to run away from him, he had never been lonelier, so he needed to have your strength. And now was his time to try and get closer to it, to understand it. A little taken aback by such a long silence, you finally decided to speak again.

- So…How about you tell me your story, Tate? I’d like to know everything.
- I don’t want to frighten you…

He had said that with a cocky grin and you lightly pushed his shoulder, laughing.

- Don’t be silly, I’m not easy to frighten…
- We shall see. What part of my story do you want to hear?
- Everything. I want to know everything from the beginning.

Your request brought a little pink on his cheeks and he laid down on he bed, posing his head on one of the pillows. You looked at him and, as he was about to start his story, interrupted himself to ask you, with an amused smile.

- Are you gonna make yourself comfortable or do I have to force you to do so?

The question made you laugh, and you laid down next to him, crossing your hands on your stomach as he started to speak. For an hour or two, you listened to him while the tracks or your CD were playing over and over again at low volume. You heard about his life, his destroyed family, life with Larry, the moment he started to think about killing people, his death, his promise to Nora, his love story with Violet, everything. And he talked, like he had never talked to anyone before. What was he risking? He felt like you understood him, like you weren’t judging him. Like he could trust you to take those scars away.
After he finished telling his stories, you fell silent for a few minutes before laughing. You knew it was wrong to laugh here and now, but that was the only way to release the pressure that his story had gotten into you. You finally managed to say something without laughing.

- Holy shit, that was intense!
- You bet your ass it was…

He wasn’t laughing with you, but as you turned to face him, you realized he was already laid on his side, looking at you. A dimpled smile rested on his lips, and you couldn’t help but smile back at him. He looked at ease, knowing you wouldn’t judge him. Of course, you knew how horrible what he had done could sound, but…He believed in a greater cause and somehow, you felt sorry for the punishment Violet inflicted him. You also understood her, of course. If your boyfriend had raped and somehow killed your mother, you’d definitely be mad at him. You kept looking at Tate, deep in your thoughts, until he spoke again, making you blush and turn to face the ceiling when you realized how long you had been staring in silence.

- So, Doctor? What do you think? Am I a psychopath?
- Well, young man…I’m afraid you’re entirely bonkers. But some of the best people are. I think you’re someone great. You’ve done bad things, very very bad things. But some of them had a honorable purpose, and…I mean, if you regret them, or at least if you think you shouldn’t have done them, it’s all good for me.
- You have a very special way of seeing things, don’t you?
- We could say that…

You shrugged, before looking at him again, the red of your cheeks now totally gone.

- I just think that…Death cannot be worse than some things we get to live every day. I think you had no right to kill the kids at school, to steal their futures, their dreams, their plans…But this house, and the family you’ve had…I would have probably hurt people too, if I had been you. Oh, and the ghosts in this place have no reason to complain, about you killing them, right? I mean, they’re still kind of alive…The only difference is that they can’t get out of the house
- …We could say that.

This time, he was the one turning towards the ceiling. He quickly looked back at you, an adorable smile plastered on his lips.

- I like you. It’s cool to hang out with you. We should do that again sometimes.

You could only smile and nod, as you were looking at him with a smile as wide as his.

- We should definitely do that.

Is It? (Part 4)

Summary: Now you knew it was true. He was cheating on you and you were moving on. Part Four to “Is it?”

Genre: Angst

Word Count:1510

AN: Chapter four is here!!! This one is slightly shorter but it was originally combined with Chapter 5. I hope you enjoy it.

are not mine. Credit goes to the original owner.


 You were due for some male attention. You could use a little confidence booster of being flattered for the night and who could honestly say no to free drinks. Not to mention he was right. You were attracted to him. So yeah, a night of compliments and free drinks from a cute dude was something you could see yourself doing. With the decision made you nodded and squeezed his hand back. “Yeah, I think I’d like that.”

Here it was. Your first date with a new man in over 4 years. You hadn’t realized how long that had really been until tonight. You really didn’t know if the dating rules changed that much and were kind of getting nervous. You kept telling yourself to relax and had thrown on some music to take your mind from things as you put on the finishing touches of your make up. You looked in the mirror checking your eyeliner and lipstick as your murmured along to Mila J. You’d blown out your hair and thrown in some curls for a little volume. You ran a hand down the off the shoulder blush chiffon short romper. The sleeves were loose but cuffed at the end. You paired it with a pair of gold hoop earrings, a gold teardrop diamond necklace and nude colored strappy heeled sandals. The sandals helped accentuate your thick shapely thighs and legs. You loved the way the color made your skin popped and almost gave you a soft glow. You nodded to yourself. Yeah, you were about to kill him tonight.

You looked at the clock to check the time you had a few minutes to
spare but there was a knock at the door. Jonathan stood on the other side with
a small bouquet of flowers and you had to give it to him, the man cleaned up
nice. You’d only seen him in casual clothes several variations of jeans and
t-shirts but it was clear that he’d put in some effort tonight. His jet-black
hair was styled effortlessly but it was the silk button down and black slacks
that made you give him another look.

As fine as he looked you couldn’t let his head get too big.
“What’d you do? Go play in Jay’s closet?” You said by way of greeting in a
teasing tone.

“Now, why you gotta start off clownin me?” He asked as you stepped
to the side and let him in the apartment. He had a smile on his face and
laughed a little with his words.

You reached for the flowers and was about to say thank you when he
pulled them back out of your reach and took a step into your personal space.

“Nah, these were for you but I think I’m going to leave them for
you roommate. Anybody puttin up with your mouth clearly needs a thank you.” He
said and placing the flowers on the end table next to the couch.

“THANK YOU JONATHAN!” Came a loud voice from down the hall.
Clearly, your best friend was ear hustling and was making no qualms about
hiding it.

You couldn’t help but laugh and Jonathan just shook his head. He
hadn’t met your best friend before but you had a feeling the two of them would
hit it off if things progressed that far.

“Are you ready to go?” You asked picking your clutch up off the
same end table. He nodded and you gave a last “Bye Nosey!” before you two
headed out the door.

“I’ll have to remember that she likes to listen in.” He said as he
helped you into the car. That was earning him brownie points. Jonathan might be
more of a gentleman than you expected.

“Why is that?” You asked once he was in the car and driving off.

He let his eyes hungrily start on your thighs and slowly travel up
your body before he smirked more to himself than anything. “Just food for
thought.” He answered.

You sucked your lips between your teeth and tried to act like that
look hadn’t damn near ignited your panties.

You’d asked where you were going as you drove into a part of town
you were very familiar with. There was a club not too far from where you
currently were that Jihoon and the guys liked to visit. In all honesty, it was
in a busy part of Seoul but that was just some drama you were not in the mood
for. The last thing you wanted was to see Jihoon and have some bullshit pop

Jonathan just gave you a “You’ll see” and see you did. There was a
tiny little restaurant that he’d chosen.

Dinner was going great. Jonathan kept you laughing while allowing
the conversation to steer to heavier topics to let each of you feel the other
out. Not only that but he’d managed to stoke that little fire he ignited in the
car. He sat adjacent to you at dinner. At first you thought it was kind of odd
but decided to let it go. Now, you understood why he’d picked that spot. All
through dinner he’d given you small touches. It started with occasionally
grabbing your hand, then it moved to speaking low and directly into your ear.
He’d been close enough for his lips to almost graze it. His hand rested on the
back of your chair and he would rub his thumb in slow deliberate circles in the
middle of your back just above the top hem of your romper. The looks he was
giving you though…Ohhh wee those looks. Lawd, if he sat back and bit his lip
one more time. Not to mention he’d arch his hips forward just a bit like he was
offering up his lap as a seat for you.

He’d just given you another one of those looks when you decided
you wanted to hear him say the words. “Why do you keep looking at me like that?
Over there looking like you hungry or something.”

He released a dry laugh and that smirk that you’d seen throughout
the night came back. He took a sip of his drink before placing it back on the
table and leaning in close again. His voice lowered an octave and put his hand
back on the spot. “I know it’s only date one and I’m trying my hardest not to
make a complete ass of myself.” This time he allowed his lips to graze the
shell of your ear. “But I can’t help but think about where I want to start when
you feel comfortable enough to let me in. I’ve thought about starting at your
mouth…or maybe your breasts.” He let his hand slide across your back and the
tips of his fingers rested just between the space where your arm lay against
your torso. “Or if I should go straight for the honey pot.” You weren’t sure
when but his other hand slipped beneath the table and was trailing the outside
of your thigh. “My mind can’t help but wonder when you sittin over here looking
like the sun personally took time to kiss the melanin in your skin.” He ended
this little verbal assault with a kiss to the spot just beneath your ear.
“That’s all.” He said and sat back like he’d done nothing to note.

You crossed your legs and gave your thighs a squeeze to try and relieve
some of the ache growing there. Of course, this did nothing to help. So, you
took a sip of icy water and cleared your throat. Jonathan sat back and looked

That concluded dinner and you were exiting the restaurant hand in
hand. Then it happened. Of course, it did. Why not? As big as this city was, as
many people there were milling about you. YOU had to run into C Jamm. You’d
been laughing at something Jonathan said when you’d heard him say “Ay, man.
What’s up?” to someone. You followed his line of sight and saw C Jamm standing
in front of you.

It wasn’t that you weren’t happy to see him but that you knew he
was going to tell Jihoon. You wouldn’t expect anything less seeing as how close
the two of them were. You’d said hi, exchanged hugs and see ya laters. You were
determined not to let what could happen mess up your night.

Jonathan asked if you thought anything would come of that little
meeting. You told him you didn’t think it’d amount to anything more than a text
message or another phone call but that was it.

He was currently seeing you to the door and it was nice to have a
man opening doors for you and seeing you upstairs. You didn’t realize just how
relaxed things with Jihoon had gotten. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for you to
head home without him. Now, you understood why he’d become increasingly ok with
that but it was a lesson learned.

You’d turned to give the usual ‘This was nice/I had a wonderful
time’ end of date speech. Jonathan apparently had different plans for you. He’d
pulled you close into a hug. His hands were low on your back and said,
“Remember what I told you.” He then kissed that same spot and nipped your ear.
You took a deep breath and inhaled his cologne but before you could respond he
was pulling away and walking down the hall.

Imagine Dean’s reaction when Mulder hits on you at a bar. Dean secretly has feelings for you

Requested Imagine

Characters: Reader, Fox Mulder, Dean, mention of Sam

Pairings: Mulder x Reader, Dean x Reader

Warnings: angst, fluff, jealousy

Word Count: 2,000

Summary: After a strange week, the boys and you head to a bar to unwind. You meet Fox Mulder there. He has been trailing the same case that you and the boys were working on. He buys you a drink and you decide to throw caution to the wind and go with him. After all, he is perfect. You tell Dean not to wait up with a wink, but Dean has much different plans for you tonight. You have no idea.

Things to know: Requested by @themutedfaith Dean had feelings for the reader, but hasn’t admitted them, but when they run into agent Fox Mulder on a case, he realizes that he may have competition when Mulder asks her out. Turns into a competition of the best man wins after Dean confronts Mulder at a bar.

I took some liberties on the story, so it isn’t exactly as requested, but close.

Hope you’re happy with it! Turned out WAY longer than I anticipated, but I got into the story and couldn’t stop!

It had been a seriously strange week. One of the most odd cases you and the boys had run into yet. Dean had been abducted and returned, completely weirded out. When you and Sam finally got to the bottom of the story, you learned that you were facing fairies.

As you sat in the bar, you could still hear what Dean had yelled at you when he had been arrested after attacking what he thought was a fairy.

You and Sam had approached the scene as Dean was being put in the cop car.

“Dean!” Sam had yelled after him.

“What the hell?” You asked as his head was being ducked into the cop car. His response had just about sent you rolling with laughter in the middle of the street.

“Fight the fairies, Sam! You fight those fairies, Y/N!” The door to the car had slammed in his face, the crowd around you thinking he must be crazy. As he sat in the back of the cop car, his head whipped around to look at the two of you and you heard faintly, “Fight the Fairies!” As the car pulled away.

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Castaway (L.H.)

A/N: I love this song so freaking much, okay. I had to do an imagine based off of it. I’ve been writing this since the end of May and I honestly didn’t know where I would go with it. I took it one day at a time, writing when I had an idea. I like how it ended and I dunno. I hope you all like it too. Enjoy :)
(also posting this today in honor of it being my baby’s birthday)

Masterlist || Ask

Part 2


Late night conversations led to complications
Now my heart is in my hands

I couldn’t help but scoff as I listened to the lyrics.
I pulled my ear buds out, sick of listening to the all too realistic lyrics and stared at my laptop screen.
Too bad that the lyrics were sung by the wrong person.
The lyrics were pulled up on my screen and I glared at the words.
Oh, the irony behind the lyrics as the entire verse that he sang was everything that I felt.
He was the one that had walked away.
He had left me stranded.
I had nothing left but picture frames.
Although, I was not asking myself how we drifted and I was not lonely enough to claim myself as a castaway.
I angrily slammed my laptop shut and shut my eyes as I tried to channel my anger.
I heard a chair scraping against the floor and my table move slightly.
I opened my eyes. “What are you doing here?”

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