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GoT Afterthoughts 7x05 Eastwatch (Jonsa Edition) SPOILERS

Hello loves and welcome to another edition of GoT Afterthoughts. Welp. It wasn’t the best episode, but it’s what I expected, tbh. The next ep. is the penultimate, so I figured it’d be a little lackluster. All in all, I didn’t think it was that bad.

So we begin our episode downstream from the field of fire 2.0 … Bronn’s head breaks the water, and then Jamie’s. They have a bit of their usual banter -Bronn telling Jamie he can’t die until he pays him, but when the Dragons come to KL, he’s peacin’ out, Cub Scout! ✌🏻

Side note: I love when Bronn calls Jamie a cunt!!

It cuts over to Tyrion walking amidst the death and ashes, looking a mixture of horrified, sad and regretful. The Dothraki are picking spoils from the remains -as is their custom. He watches as the remaining living soldiers that have been rounded up, are marched where Dany stands on a large boulder, Drogon perched on the larger rock behind her -shrieking, or whatever the hell it is that Dragons do.

Dany starts another one of her speeches. She appeals to them with her past “slave rhetoric” –

“I know what Cersei has told you, that I’ve come to murder you” (you mean like you just did??)

And I’m paraphrasing …

“All I want to do is destroy the wheel that’s kept you all oppressed, Cersei is bad, I’m on your side. Bow to me and you will be saved. Bend the knee or die …yada yada yada”

A few of the men bend. Drogon turns and roars at the crowd, and a bunch more drop down. Dany calls Lord Tarly forward. Tyrion tries to reason with him, but Tarly basically says he won’t support a foreign leader with no ties to this land who has an army of savages at her back. Dude, Tarly is a giant asshat, but I can respect that. Again, Tyrion tries to intervene -suggesting he be sent to the Wall instead. Tarly refuses and says that Dany doesn’t have the authority to send him to the wall, as she’s not his queen.

Annnnnnnd then Dickon steps forward like -ya know, a dick. An honorable dick, I suppose -but still, a stupid one. Tyrion pretty much says the same thing I just did -don’t be a dick, Dickon, and Lord Tarly even agrees with a nod, but apparently, stubbornness runs in the Tarly family.

Tyrion tries desperately to change Dany’s mind, SEVERAL TIMES, making a comment “when you start beheading entire families ..” but she cuts him off with “I’m not beheading them.” Yes, because burning them is so much better. 🙄

Ominous music thrums in the background, Tyrion’s chest is heaving, the Tarly’s look nervous (dad grabs son’s arm), Dany levels their death sentence then calmly says dracarys. As they fall burning to the ground, the rest of the soldiers fall to their knees with one look from Drogon.

We head to KL, and Jamie basically tells Cersei that they can’t win this war. She throws some cheap shots at him before Jamie tells her that Olenna was the one that poisoned Joffrey. Cersei is skeptical at first, but accepts it. Cersei is refusing to submit. She’ll fight and die and she expects Jamie to do the same.

And we’re at Dragonstone now, Jon watches from the cliffs, his incest fur blowing in the wind (and he’s looking mighty fine if I do say so myself), he watches as Drogon flies overhead and lands -then starts charging for him and roaring all intimidating and shit. Like WTF is up with Drogon this episode? He’s being a mouthy little bitch. Did Dany change his food or something, cuz he’s testy as hell!

I don’t know how anyone could look sexy while shitting their pants, but my friends -Jon Snow for the win! 😍

But then, Drogon catches a whiff of Jon’s Targ scent blowing off his incest fur, and mellows out, going completely docile as Jon apprehensively strokes his muzzle. Or maybe Drogon got a whiff of Sansa on Jon’s clothes and he’s in love now too? If that’s the case, he better watch out for Jon Snow murder kitten …. just sayin’.

Dany looks on from Drogon’s back, and I honestly couldn’t tell from her expression whether she was awed or felt threatened? Maybe a bit of both? But hey -why the hell didn’t she stop Drogon from charging Jon in the first place? If she’s so in control of her Dragons? Not cool, pyro chickie, not cool. 😡

She asks “they’re beautiful aren’t they?”, and Jon’s all “umm, yeah …that’s not really what I was thinking, tbh …but suuuuure, we’ll go with that.” And proud mama Dany boasts that no matter how frightening they are to others, they are her children.

Jon asks how it went, noting that it didn’t take too long, and Dany answers that she has considerably less enemies now than she had yesterday. Jon doesn’t look pleased and Dany picks up on that, so she asks him how many men did his army kill when he took back Winterfell (apples and oranges, Dany -but okay). She brings up when he first arrived and Davos said he took a knife in the heart for his people -and Jon quickly shoots back that Davos gets carried away.

Side note: I read the leaked script for this episode, and supposedly the two of them were going to be “joking about being magical” -so those of you who rest all your hopes/belief on these leaks: STOP!

Luckily Jon doesn’t have to explain himself much more because the Dothraki interrupt their convo, and out from behind them steps Jorah!!!! He kneels and Dany introduces them. She tells Jorah that he looks strong and she’s so genuinely happy to see him. Honestly, my heart melted when she embraced him, her eyes falling shut and her squeezing a bit harder. I’ve lowkey shipped them forever. ❤️ aww and their theme song played!!

Another side note: That leaked script also said that Jon would try to give Jorah his father’s sword and Jorah would refuse. That didn’t happen, either …just sayin’.

We’re in the Godswood now and Bran wargs into a flock of ravens and heads over the wall, flying for awhile until they encounter the army of the dead. The NK senses Brans presence, and looks up at the ravens and they all scatter. Bran snaps out of his trance and tells the maester they need to send ravens.

Now we’re at the Citadel, and Sam pops in on the Maesters having some sort of employee meeting, as he drops off a stack of books and scrolls. He overhears them talking about Bran and tries to get them to take the warning seriously, but they are skeptic that it might be a ploy by the dragon queen. The Archmaester says that he’ll get to the bottom of it, and the other maesters poke fun at all the prophesies they’ve heard over the years that never came to fruition. Frustrated, Sam leaves the room, and one of the maesters asks if he’s the one related to the two men who were just burned alive. Harsh bro.

We move to the Dragonstone throne room where Tyrion and Varys are discussing Dany’s latest violent outburst. After taking a few gulps from Tyrion’s wine goblet, Varys recounts a story of serving Dany’s father and how he stood complicit while he burned people, and tells Tyrion he needs to find a way to get Dany to listen. Varys has a Raven message for Jon.

This part kind of pissed me off, because after all that Tyrion saw, he’s still making excuses for Dany. Not entirely -but the “she’s not her father” comment irritated the hell out of me. Is he so blinded by love? But then I thought -maybe he was just saying it more to help convince himself.

We scoot on over to the war room, and Jon has read the message -Arya and Bran are alive, and the dead are advancing on the wall -towards Eastwatch. Time to stop dicking around on Dragonstone -help or not, but Jon is going home. Tyrion cooks up a plan to get proof to show Cersei, as Dany will only help Jon’s cause if Cersei agrees too (this ensures that Cersei won’t march in and take over once Dany marches her army out to help -showing once again that the IT means more than saving the entire realm ..and yet another juxtaposition/foil of Jon).

But like seriously -again, I want to smack the shit out of Tyrion this episode! I love him -he’s one of my favorite characters and he’s proposing some stupid shit like going over the wall to get one soldier to prove it to Cersei??? Seriously??? This shit better not be in the books!

Tyrion thinks he could get Jamie to listen to him and in turn, convince Cersei to meet, provided they bring proof. They look to Davos for his smuggling skills, to smuggle Tyrion into KL, then begin to discuss who will go over the wall. Jon looks down because he knows it has to be him. Jorah interrupts and volunteers. Dany’s head whips around at that. She looks horrified at the thought of losing him again. Jon says the freefolk will help. Davos says the freefolk won’t follow ser Jorah, and Jon says they won’t have to. Davos says he can’t lead a raid beyond the wall -he’s not the Nights Watch anymore, he’s a king, and Jon interrupts his interlude. It was pretty clear to me when he looked down earlier, that he knows it will have to be him. He’s the only one there that’s seen and experienced dealing with WWs (and that’s exactly what he says).

Dany looks straight up on the verge of tears (and Jorah notices). She’s been giving Jon heart eyes this whole episode -clearly she’s crushin’. She tells him she hasn’t given him permission to leave.

Jon claps back: 🔥🔥With respect your Grace, I don’t need permission, I am a king. 🔥🔥

And he asks for her to trust a stranger and work with him, aka: fight with me. And Dany nods her head.

We shoot on over to Winterfell and the Northerners are getting itchy since Jon’s been gone awhile and still isn’t back. Lord Glover and Lord Royce imply that Sansa should be their queen, but Sansa insists they must trust Jon. Arya (who was watching this exchange) follows Sansa back to her chambers and tosses random veiled insults at her -implying that Sansa is still vain and that she wants to seize Jon’s power for herself. I think Sansa held her own pretty well here, but WTF?! Why do they have to do this distrust shit with the Stark sisters? This makes me so damn angry!

@a-baleful-howl called this earlier in the week -that Arya would be jealous -and I vehemently disagreed (politely you Nonny assholes who gave her shit, because that’s how you have a productive conversation) -as I thought that years of separation and thinking the other was probably dead, that the girls had matured and would put family above all because THAT is what Starks do … but nope. I’m still holding onto hope that my Starklings are playing LF -but in the meantime, @a-baleful-howl …enjoy your justice boner.

We’re in KL now, Davos tell Tyrion to hurry, then heads off to flea bottom to look for something. Bronn brings Jamie down to the crypts and then takes off, leaving the Lannister boys to an emotional yet frigid reunion. Tyrion pleads for Jamie’s help in convincing Cersei to meet with Dany. We jump back to Davos who has found what he’s looking for: Gendry! Bless my heart, I’ve missed that adorable little bastard! They head back to the boat to wait for Tyrion and are approached by some gold cloaks who recognize Tyrion, and Gendry quickly dispatches them with his trusty war hammer (like father, like son).

We head up to Cersei’s quarters. Jamie confesses that he met with Tyrion, and Cersei already knows, as she asks him if he’ll be punishing Bronn for his betrayal. She implies she knows everything that’s going on in her city. Cersei agrees to the meeting, but she ma already scheming. She’s got a new lease on life- she’s pregnant. Jamie wants to know who she’ll name as the father, and she says him. She doesn’t care what people think. They kiss passionately, and when they embrace, she warns him not to betray her again.

Now where have we heard that before???

Now we’re back at Dragonstone. Davos and Gendry make their way to the mines and Davos warns Gendry again to keep his identity to himself. Gendry however, immediately does the opposite and our bastard boys bond immediately –and honestly, I am so in love! They are totally my new brotp! ❤️ Gendry insists on coming too, and adopted dad Davos is worried about his boys.

We’re still on the beach, but it’s the next day. Tyrion tells Jorah he missed him, gives him the slavers coin, and tells him to bring it back because the queen needs him. Dany approaches and takes Jordan’s hands affectionately. I kind of feel like Jorah wanted to tell her he loves her, but he sees Jon approaching and kisses her hands, then moves for the boat.

Jon’s goodbye: “Well, if I don’t return, at least you won’t have to deal with the King in the North anymore.”

Dany (heart eyed dreamy stare & sweet voice): “I’ve grown used to him.”

Jon (nonchalantly): “I wish you good fortune in the wars to come, your Grace.” ✌🏻 then immediately heads for the boat.

Dany watches the men haul the boat into the waves, Tyrion watches Dany watching, and Jorah looks back. Jon does not. JON DOESN’T LOOK BACK!!! That’s an epic plus for our ship guys. Lovers last glance is def. a romance trope, and Jon didn’t look back!!!

Okay, whew! I jumped up and flung all the pillows off my couch, and I think my husband is now considering admitting me. 😂😂😂

We head back to the Citadel, and poor Sam looks fucking stressed. Gilly (who loves to read) is telling him about this maester who took meticulous notes (including how many times he dropped a deuce). She asks Sam what an annulment is, and says that in the notes it says this maester preceded over a secret annulment in Dorne, that followed immediately by a wedding -both belonging to none other than Prince Rhaegar. What a dick. Seriously.

Sam has freaking had it! He jumps up, gives little Sammy the book he was working on (and look how much he’s grown) and now we see him unlocking the locked book section and stuffing books and scrolls into a satchel. On his way out, he stops and looks up at the huge thing-amabob on the ceiling one last time while his theme song plays, and then he hops in a wagon with Gilly and they are out. My guess is heading to Winterfell. He’s tired of just reading about the achievements of better men. Dammit Sam Tarly, you get in the precious dewdrop category with Davos!

Speaking of Winterfell, LF is doing his creepy shit -meeting with a girl from wintertown. She gives him something, and Arya is watching in the shadows. He heads back to his room and someone approaches him (a maester?) who says something about the former maesters archives. LF asks if he’s sure it’s the only copy and then tells the dude that Lady Stark thanks him for his service.

Arya who watches the exchange in the shadows, waits for him to leave his room, then picks the lock and searches for the slip of paper. Eventually she finds it in a tear in his mattress. What he hid, appears to be the message that Sansa had sent to Robb after their father was killed (the letter Cersei had her write). As Arya leaves the room, LF emerged from the shadows with his sinister grin. 🙄

We stop finally at Eastwatch. The boys head down to the dungeon where the hound and his religious weirdo travel companions are being detained. Gendry’s still pretty pissed at them, and Davos still has his healthy skepticism of this damn religion (and you know I love him so much for that, and I’ll bring it up every damn time, too)!

It ends with all our boys -all hostile towards someone else in the group, heading through the open gate to the other side of the wall.

So a few things to note here: the leaks aren’t always accurate. This was one of those episodes. I was really hoping that Jon and the Hound would share some words on Sansa and Arya, but maybe that will be next week.

Overall, it wasn’t too bad after a rewatch, and it wasn’t a bad episode for our ship AT ALL. While Dany seems to have some serious heart eyes for our boy, Kit’s just not playing it interested, man.

Thanks for tuning in. See you next week!


“Cersei even undid your swaddling clothes to give us a better look,” the Dornish prince continued. “You did have one evil eye, and some black fuzz on your scalp. Perhaps your head was larger than most… but there was no tail, no beard, neither teeth nor claws, and nothing between your legs but a tiny pink cock. After all the wonderful whispers, Lord Tywin’s Doom turned out to be just a hideous red infant with stunted legs. Elia even made the noise that young girls make at the sight of infants, I’m sure you’ve heard it. The same noise they make over cute kittens and playful puppies. I believe she wanted to nurse you herself, ugly as you were. When I commented that you seemed a poor sort of monster, your sister said, ‘He killed my mother,’ and twisted your little cock so hard I thought she was like to pull it off. You shrieked, but it was only when your brother Jaime said, 'Leave him be, you’re hurting him,’ that Cersei let go of you. 'It doesn’t matter,’ she told us. 'Everyone says he’s like to die soon. He shouldn’t even have lived this long.’”

The sun was shining bright above them, and the day was pleasantly warm for autumn, but Tyrion Lannister went cold all over when he heard that. My sweet sister.

A Conversation at Dragonstone

Mid episode 7x07 “The Dragon and the Wolf.” Jon struggles to keep an illicit thought under the surface.

There were some things that Jon didn’t let himself think about.

Some things- facts, memories, recurring nightmares- just weren’t worth dwelling on. They were what they were, and Jon wouldn’t change them by worrying at their frayed edges. He had gotten rather good at setting unproductive thoughts aside, casting his mind to matters that he could affect, plans to be made and choices to deliberate.

Other things, usually having to do with unpleasant feelings such as anger, confusion, frustration- how could, for example, one human have so little consideration or depth of understanding inside him to frivolously hack away at, to mangle a whole family to butchered limbs, and leave the world without ever coming to terms with his own cruelty, his selfish actions? How could a woman grow a child inside her, feel him turn and move, his breaths in harmony with hers, bear the hours of sweat and agony to bring him into this world, and never once, not once, look into his eyes and greet the soul inside the son she created?-

-well, Jon had realized long ago that every hour spent brooding about such things was an hour of his life wasted, and as a man who had only recently been dead himself, he had become rather fond of using every waking minute he could to fight for the future.

Some things, though, he just wasn’t allowed to think about.

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anonymous asked:

the whole dragonpit thing does make sense though because it brings cersei into it, and i would definitely expect that. I've seen conflicting things about how fast they get back there etc. GoT travels people super fast, so it's not that surprising though. Idk it still makes sense to me.

Naah, it doesn’t. Here’s why:


The dragonpit meeting is supposedly 

  • an assembly of numerous, influentel westerosi personalities
  • who all have some kind of beef with Cersei, 
  • that’s going to take place in a distinctive King’s Landing landmark.

Hhhmmmm…. sounds familiar. I know season 6 feels like a lifetime ago, but let me remind you how Cersei dealt with a veeery similar situation last season:

Originally posted by patchface

Maybe that wasn’t clear enough… Maybe from another angle:

Originally posted by sciencevsromance

Just to get my point across, take a look at a giant bell squishing some random dude in the streets:

Originally posted by sciencevsromance

You see I wouldn’t agree to meet with Cersei in a local of her own choosing in the middle of wildfire-infested Kings Landing. I just don’t think it’s very wise to put everyone who wants to save Westeros from the White Walkers together in a place with MAD QUEEN LANNISTER. Not when this is what happened to the last dude who was waiting to have a little chat with her: 

Originally posted by thesilverdust

I don’t know man, I wouldn’t want to take the risk. One big BOOM and there goes humanities hope against the army of the dead. 


Other than blowing up the equivalent of the vatican last season, Cersei wasn’t a particular nice person to begin with. I love her but she’s a hateful, selfish, cruel woman. She wanted Tyrion dead all his life. Even if - if - someone could somehow convince her that he wasn’t involved in Joffs death, she still blames him for her fathers and mothers death.  

Tyrion (the D’s secret boyfriend & her top advisor) and Sansa (Jons secret wife & his top advisor) arguably know her better than anyone else in the show. They know that Cersei doesn’t give a flying fuck about anyone but herself (now that her children are gone). Cersei doesn’t care about the high lords & ladies, she doesn’t care about the smallfolk, she doesn’t care about anyone. They (should) know that Cersei would gladly see all of westeros turn into an icy wasteland, if only out of spite so no one else can have it. They have no reason to assume that she would care about the White Walkers and they have absolutely no reason to trust her in any way. She doesn’t feel responsible for her peoples well-being. She simply doesn’t. 


It’s well established, that the most important factors in fighting the army of the dead are fire and dragonglass. Sheer number aren’t really as important as an effective strategy to implement those two things. Jon and the D already have “the numbers”. I’ve said it before, but what are those x-thousand lannister soldiers going to do? SET THEMSELVES ON FIRE AND RUN STRAIGHT INTO THE ARMY OF THE DEAD? Are Jon and the D planning to use them as a kamikaze fire troupe to thin out the night kings army before they send in their own troops? Like this?

Maybe that isn’t an actual battle, but they are rehearsing their strategy for the great war. Maybe ??? Suicide Squad Westeros edition

I’ll admit that they at least would try to have a truce with Cersei, but there is no reason for them to need or even want (considering anything else) her help against the White Walkers. They should try to negotiate terms a la “let’s put aside all that drama about the Iron Throne until the giant undead army coming from the north is destroyed, m’kay?”, sure, but tha leeks™ present that whole meeting in an entirely different light, because Cersei’s promise to help and her later withdrawal from that are presented as some kind of big master scheme. Also, the fact they would need to put an temporarely end to the political fighting doesn’t negate all other things I’ve laid out here. And either way: 


You are completely right that the show let’s its characters jump all over the place. They could totally do that here. But, all issues with realistic travel times aside, there’s no valid reason for Jon to go with them. No matter how long that journey would take. 

  • He’s injured or at least in very bad shape => not the best condition for any journey really.  “You all go to Kings Landing without me. I’ll just slow you down.” Would just make sense
  • He’s like a thousand-times closer to winterfell. He would want to go back there, unless for some reason he really couldn’t. That would just make more sense. (I’m just going to shamelessly put @nabilawrites picture from this post here. Because it’s absolutely perfect and expresses things I could never put into words. )
  • He should want to stay in the north to keep an eye on things. You know so he is close if something happens with the White Walkers and can react to it fast. To the big enemy that he’s known is coming for 4 seasons now? You remember? I think he would like to stay up-to-date on all beyond-the-wall issues. Imagine if he was, let’s say, somewhere near Dragonstone, on a boat, banging someones brains out when the Wall finally falls. Bad fucking timing, Jonny, bad timing. If only he had stayed in the north, close to the real danger. That just would have made more sense.
  • For the first time in years, his entire (remaining T__T) family is home. Bran and Arya (Arya for fucks sake, ARYA) and Sansa are right there in Winterfell, but he wants to go on a completely useless, potential-suicide trip to Kings Landing to negoiate a deal with a mad queen, whom he knows he can’t trust? One would think, one stupid suicide mission was enough. One would think he would like to spend as much time with his family, the family he just got back after thinking they are all dead, as possible. That would just make sense.
  • THEY DON’T NEED HIM IN KINGS LANDING. They have the wight. If all of this is only to convince Cersei, the fucking wight should be enough. Or is she not going to believe the wight is real, if Jon isn’t there? That real moving corpse is really impressive, but were is that northern bastard king I probably despise and look down on for a variety of reason? What would you want me to do when he isn’t here? They don’t need Jon to go on a long-ass journey, when he should be in the north to prepare for the war. If he and the D are allies they should split the responsibilities: One of them goes to the south to take care of the political debate, the other gets the troops ready for facing the white walkers. That would just makes sense. 

I’ll give it to you that it probably - sadly - makes enough sense for D&D, though. But I’m not sure if shitty writing should be a cause for celebration. Sorry if this reply was a little salty, but I’ve already talked about the stupid wighthunt - dragonpit - boatbang sequence so often. I’m just rehashing old ideas here.