this turned out amazingly

And Black Plague said to White Plague, “Shall you do the honors or shall I?”
And White Plague smiled softly and said “Why not both.” 

an INCREDIBLE!! collab with the amazing @hermannco

We talked about his Crane as the embodiment of tuberculosis, which led to the two versions as aspects of pestilence, with mine as bubonic plague. I did inking, Leo did colors and GOD did it make it pop so vividly and concretely.  It really turned out so amazingly and better than I ever hoped. 

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Prompt: Alex being embarrassed about asking for something in bed. Maggie being the soft reassuring girlfriend she is

She told Kara she’s been… thinking… about Maggie.

A lot.

And she has been.

Thinking about her smile and the way she tries to look cocky when she’s shooting pool; the way she’s tough – so damn tough – but she never seems to mind losing to Alex.

Thinking about how quickly she gets leads, how brilliantly she deduces means, motive, and method.

Thinking about her lips, how those jeans fit her as she bent over to line up a shot at the pool table last night, how close they had been when they clinked beer bottles in salute to them, to life, to being alive one more day.

Thinking about what Maggie might look like with her clothes off, thinking about how those lips might taste, thinking about what it would be like to touch her hair, to undress her, to be skin to skin with her, to make her scream.

And now? Now that she’s kissed her, been rejected, been sought out, been kissed… now that she has a girlfriend – she still can’t believe she has a girlfriend – Alex keeps thinking.

Keeps thinking, and sometimes, amazingly – doing.

Because kissing has turned to making out, and making out has brought hands under shirts and mouths to exposed throats and desperate, breathy gasps of the other’s name out of panting, parted lips.

She and Maggie agreed early on – at Maggie’s soft but firm urging – to take things slowly, and they have been, they have been – it’s been hard, it’s almost been impossible, but they have been – but god, that doesn’t stop Alex from thinking.

Thinking about sex, and eventually, experiencing it. 

Soft and slow and something akin to reverent, eyes locked into eyes and fingers interlaced and soft moans of the other’s name instead of sharp screams of curses.

And god, Alex Danvers loves having sex with Maggie Sawyer. Letting Maggie make love to her. Making love to Maggie. With her.

But still, she thinks.

And, more often than not, she’s embarrassed by what she thinks.

Maggie tells her she shouldn’t be. They talk about everything before they do it – Maggie is never anything if not careful with Alex – and Maggie has those soft, penetrating eyes that Alex is pretty certain would never judge her, would never laugh at her in a mean way.

But still.

Sometimes she’s embarrassed by what she thinks.

Because she’s new to the whole experience of enjoying intimacy, and the things they’re already doing are so powerfully intimate; so too are the things Alex wants to do. The things Alex is afraid to ask for.

Because Alex thinks about Maggie holding her down. Maggie tying her down. Maggie leaving marks all across her chest with her lips, her tongue, her teeth. Maggie blindfolding her and gagging her and fucking her hard and silent until the only sound is the connection of their bodies and Maggie’s ragged breath.

She thinks about it, but even though Maggie tells her she can ask anything, ask for anything, she doesn’t quite know how to.

So the next time Maggie’s on top of her, panting and eager and wanting her – Alex still can’t quite believe that this woman wants her, or hell, that she wants Maggie back – she thinks her thoughts and her thoughts turn her on so hard that she freezes.

“Al, you good? Did I hurt you?” Maggie stops immediately, hoisting herself up on her hands so she’s not keeping her weight on Alex, her eyes scanning Alex’s face, Alex’s body, for signs of pain or fear.

“No, no, I just um… You know what, never mind, can you um… can you go back to kissing me? The kissing was good.”

Maggie smiles irrepressibly, because god is her nerd perfect.

“Mmmm, I agree, Danvers,” she murmurs before lowering herself carefully back down on Alex’s body, but when their lips connect, when the weight of Maggie’s body covers her own, Alex thinks again, and Alex hisses.

And Maggie stops.


Alex heaves a frustrated sigh and Maggie fights down a panic attack. “It’s nothing, Maggie, I told you, we can keep going – “

“Alex, I don’t want to keep going if you’re only doing this for me – “

“I’m not, I don’t want to stop, I just… I want… I want something… more.” She doesn’t look up at her and she chews on her bottom lip and she fights to keep down tears, because she’s not used to asking for something she wants. And she’s certainly not used to asking for something this… intimate.

But Maggie’s eyes immediately soften, all her defensiveness, all her fear, evaporated with Alex’s admission. She shifts her weight onto one hand and strokes Alex’s cheek with the other.

“It’s okay to want something more, Danvers. You can ask me for anything, I’ve told you. If I don’t like what you’re suggesting, or I’m not in the mood for it right now, I’ll let you know. But nothing you want is bad, Alex. You’re not bad for wanting anything that you want, and I like that you’re asking, it’s hot, I – “

“I want you to tie me down, or cuff me down, whatever, and I want you to blindfold me and I want you to gag me and I want you to fuck me really, really hard while… all the… all that… is happening.” 

She runs out of gas, out of courage, halfway through her blurted question, and she lowers her chin to her chest so she can’t see Maggie’s face, and she wishes, she wishes, she wishes she hadn’t said anything.

But then Maggie’s gentle finger is under her chin. “Alex, look at me. Please?”

Alex lets Maggie tilt her face back up, her eyes wide and scared and full of tears, but Maggie? Maggie’s smile is soft and understanding, with just the right dash of wrecked.

“Thank you for telling me what you want, Alex.”

Alex fights to hold Maggie’s eyes, to not look away.

“And what do you want?”

“About what you just said?”

Alex nods, tearful and afraid and on just this side of mortified.

Maggie bites her lip and shifts her hips slightly and takes a long, slow breath. “I would absolutely love to share all that with you, Alex. To do all that with you.”

“Now?” Alex rasps, almost timid, waves of embarrassment fading out as waves of arousal crash back in.

“Can we build up to it? I don’t wanna move too fast.”

Alex nods immediately, reaching up to stroke Maggie’s hair, to kiss her lips soft and chaste and grateful.

“But I uh… I don’t want you to stop telling me fantasies. If you have more, I mean.”

“I’ll tell you more of mine if you tell me some of yours, Sawyer.”

Maggie’s breath hitches and she wonders for a moment how a woman with this kind of darkness, this kind of light, in her eyes could ever possibly want her, care for her, be laying underneath her, so open and so vulnerable and so trusting.

“Deal,” she whispers, grateful the night is only just beginning.

My lovely friend @djfatchip commissioned the incredible talented @augmented-mind to draw my Mass Effect OC Akeelah Madaki, and she turned out amazingly <3

Thank you so much Princess, this is really a amazing and beautiful surprise <3 I am so happy about it! I am so glad to have such a beautiful and sweet person as a friend, you are gorgeous <3

And not only the picture, but how you are portraying Akeelah in Lonely Hearts in Space is amazing too! I love our litte soap opera and I am so honored how marvellous you are putting all our OCs together in one amazing story :)


The Tongariro national park is a large mountainous region about 6hrs south of Auckland (as the bus drives) and contains what is advertised as the best one day walk in New Zealand, if not one of the best in the world. For the majority of the year the top of it is covered in snow, as it goes over the saddle between two fairly famous mountains. Mountain one is the Tongariro mountain, of which the whole park is named after. Mountain two is mount Ngauruhoe which is best known for being the location filming area for mount doom in Lord of the rings! It is an active volcano and one does not simply walk up to it, you have to catch an earlier bus and then scramble to the top.

I have wanted to do it for a while! Pretty much since the start of summer when the best walking season started, and then as the days ticked by it got more urgent because I really wanted to do it before the snow came back. I managed to talk some coworkers into it and we were going to go after I got back from the South Island, but since I was away nothing got organised and it got pushed back again to… *drumroll* the 4th March! The big risk with these dates was that we only had 3 days off because of the way the rosters worked out, so since it was a day’s travel to the national park on each side that gave us one day in which to attempt the hike. If the weather is terrible, the buses don’t run. If the weather is kind of crappy, the walk is wet and unpleasant.

So we crossed our fingers, booked a hostel and went for it!

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#ShipperCon - my ECCC 2017 story (part 1)

I honestly don’t even know how to begin. It’s been nearly a week and I’m still buzzing and overwhelmed from last weekend. What started out 8 weeks ago as an impulsive trip with 2 ladies who live in the Seattle area (the original #ShipperCon trio!), it quickly turned into a group of 8 of us from all over the US. Finally meeting after becoming friends on Twitter over the last year. I’m so thankful they were all able to make the trip all the way out to the NW and I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. Truly.

I’ve already reblogged the top moments that @heyheykatiemae put together from the weekend (check those out too!) and I’m going to totally steal her idea of using all our Twitter handles to keep the stories straight. (You can also follow these lovely ladies over there because they’re basically the best. No lie.)

@heyheykatiemae (also on tumblr), @jill_millander, @ClaireEBFraser (@claireelizabethbeauchampfraser on tumblr), @birdie4573, @ZenGeisha1 (@zengeisha on tumblr), @Pursuitofagood1 (@pursuitofagoodbook on tumblr), and @meg_eh.

Apologies in advance that this got EXTREMELY wordy. But it just spilled out and I don’t want to forget a second of it! Since it did end up being so long, this is part 1 of 2!

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Can you update the werebaby tag? Thank you


Tales of Sparks and Lightning by graveltotempo (3/? | 37,205 | PG13)

Life had not been very kind to Stiles Stilinski.
He lost his mother at an early age, and watched many of his friends die while he was still in high school. He had looked at death in the eye more than once in that year alone.
He had thought about dying. More than once. He had always expected to die mauled by a supernatural creature that wasn’t supposed to exist, or piss off the wrong werewolf, or try Derek one too many times: all of his deaths included a ferocious battle for survival.
But this? This wasn’t him being incredibly stupid. He had lived in Beacon Hills dodging supernatural mauling and killer trees just to die in a stupid airplane crash.
After all that had happened, he was going to die by human hands.

Don’t threaten me with a good time by synfulshark (1/1 | 11,414 | R)

Based lightly on the song by Panic! at the disco. This follows Stiles one night stand with a amazingly stunning broody werewolf who then turns out to lead to nothing but misadventure and hey who could blame him for wanting to have Derek’s babies?

or the one where Derek and Stiles have a one night stand and it’s all Erica’s fault they are now having lunch with his dad.

Pollen is a B*tch by ambientbliss (1/1 | 5,617 | NC17) *rape tw

Stiles and Derek find themselves in a particularly interesting situation. Stiles over thinks it as usual, and Derek doesn’t think about it much at all. Stiles has some news and Derek may or may not like it at all. 

SQW Day 1: Confessions

“Exactly how drunk are you, Miss Swan?”

Emma doesn’t think she’s ever seen Regina’s eyebrow quirked quite so high and if it were any other time, she’d probably burst out laughing. As it is, she’s got something on her mind — something that, if she’s being honest with herself, has been on her mind for way too long now — and she’s too busy trying not to vomit to find much funny.

“Pleasantly buzzed,” she deadpans. Or at least she hopes it comes off that suave. “On a scale of one to completely shit-faced, I’d say I’m at about a four point five.” Okay, maybe closer to an eight, but Regina doesn’t need to know that. Emma screws her mouth into a smile she hopes to gods says “endearing and irresistible savior” but is pretty sure translates a little more “struggling to stand up.” Oh well.

“Eloquent as always, I see.” Regina, clad in silk pyjamas and a matching robe, is trying to be the picture of sternness but Emma can’t fight the little somersault her stomach does when she sees her son’s other mother trying to suppress a smile of her own  — rather unsuccessfully, she notes. Nice one, Emma.

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May 2013, we meet through mutual friends at a block party. He asks my best friend and her boyfriend to give him my number. We were already hitting it off in person that day, so my best friend gives him my number and we connect so amazingly…turns out he has a girlfriend. I become the mistress and I fell in love with him but he also felt the same. He ends up moving to a different state with his girlfriend but continues the affair with me then breaks up with me but continues leading me on for months which results in me falling into the most severe depressive episode I’ve ever experienced. He finally cuts off communication with me. Then they move back home and his girlfriend dumps him. He comes back to me and confesses that he still loves me. Then starts dating someone else two days later. I gave up that time and figured I would never have him again. Every once in a while over the next 4 years he would message me especially when he was having problems. In March 2017, he gets in touch with me again…we start a friendship then he disappears again. In April, he needs someone and I picked up the phone and I picked up his pieces that his ex shattered. I thought we were just gonna try to be friends so I go on a few dates with someone but things didnt fit. Jake scares me with a suicide threat, so I make him come hang out with me and it ends up that the guy I’d been hanging out with doesnt wanna be more than friends. I confess to Jake that I’m still so madly in love with him and we have this wonderful night/day together. We fit, we decide we’re gonna try for real and have a relationship. Three blissful weeks together and we’re already planning a life together…then this Monday he decides that it’s too much of a risk and doesn’t want to ruin our friendship. Thursday he admits to me that he has met someone else…understandably I am completely torn apart again. And so this is it, this is the last message where I promise to be here still even though he chose someone else and our songs…I make him promise he won’t play them for her because they’re ours. I love him and I know he loves me…so now all I can do is hope for him to come back to me again…


I have been listening to Blessed Messiah and the Tower of Ai a lot. 

Then @pulseofthestars mentioned how awful it would be to have it be Corrin + Siblings + Azura and this happened. I am amazingly proud of how this turned out. Like, fuck I am just so happy at how this looks. Every part of this turned out perfectly. I probably could have nudged Siegfried’s blades together a little more but meh! I like how it looks. 

@tortureddarkprince senpai notice me

Maybe i bit off more than i can chew for the month of May? Memphis in May is coming up this weekend….annual weekend music fest which also carries the name mudfest and typically has the worst weather conditions.

Planning my oldest 18th and graduation ceremony and party. Which my family is coming for…same family who has not been together in ten years.

Trip to Chicago with oldest to see Hamilton…as 18th birthday present.

I have surgery in a couple of days.

I also started changing it furniture in the downstairs this past weekend….so we are I the middle of this mess at the same time.

Possibly changing jobs by the end of the month? I’m still waiting to find out about this one.

Husband was wise and rescheduled one of his procedures….stating May was looking pretty busy.

Add in oldest daughter had nasty accident this weekend in which totaled her car….everyone in accident was ok. But now have chauffeur back to my responsibilities.

I got this. Maybe May will just turn out to be amazingly great? Here’s to no breakdowns in the process.


Matt Bellamy’s Manson guitar Bomber was used for three years from 2003 to 2006, notably during the 2004 Absolution Tour, and made its last debut at Werchter in 2006. Bomber is also featured in music videos of Hysteria (US version) and Starlight.

Bomber is decorated with airplane rivets (from a scrap yard, presumably from the Second World War) to cover some faults in the chrome plate as the guitar needed to be done incredibly quickly, in only a few weeks time, to use it during touring. Hugh Manson commented on the guitar; “I was trying to make it look like a sort of burnt wing of a B52 bomber, I suppose. Luckily it turned out amazingly and it sounds awesome. It’s funny how something that starts out being a good project, goes through this potential disaster stage and comes round to being a massive success.”

Sex Bingo

So I’m still playing my slutty Half-Orc Grag, who is currently playing Sex-Bingo with all the races. She’s got all the normal races with about half ticked off in one column, and a second column for bonus races (angels, demons and anything shaggable she encounters, i.e. the Sorcerer’s magic house). There’s this one awful creepy old dude who’s a recurring NPC and even my Half-Orc won’t shag him. She once punched him in the nose and he’s been basically in love with her ever since - Oh he’s called Hershal. I was absent for one session and they went on an adventure without me. On my return…

Grag: So what happened?

*Party looks at each other*

Tiefling Fighter: Remember Hershal?

Grag: Ugh, yeah, I remember him.

Tiefling Fighter: Turns out …he’s an Angel.

Grag: What? But he’s all gross and old and -

Tiefling Fighter: Yeah no, he transformed and it turns out he’s amazingly attractive and brave and strong and stuff…

Grag: *Looking at sex bingo* I DIDN’T HAVE AN ANGEL. I COULD’VE HAD AN ANGEL! Wait, this isn’t over, where is he?

*Party looks at each other again*

Dragonborn Cleric: He charged into a one way portal to the Abyss and sealed it behind him.

We did eventually get to the Abyss ourselves and found Hershal. Turns out time moves differently in there and he’s now back to being old, gross and smelly again. Grag was too depressed to even comment.

He Doesn't See You The Way I Do

Request: Hai! Love your imagines and one shots! I was wondering if you could do a Sam x Plus size! reader and her boyfriend broke up with her because she was ‘too fat’ and Sam tries to comfort her but she goes upstairs to have a shower and he walks in on her and she gets upset because she’s scared he finds her ugly too? Fluffy, angsty and smutty if you squint? Thanks!

Characters: Sam x reader

Warnings: insecurities, body shaming, body issues, fluff

Word count: 1142

Too fat. The words you’d never expected to leave his mouth. How stupid could you be to think that an amazingly hot guy like that wouldn’t turn out to be a total jerk? Todd had an amazing face and an amazing body, but he didn’t think so about you. You had always been a little over weight your whole life and never really had a problem with it, you didn’t mind how you looked.

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