this turned into the biggest cornball fest ever


Let’s start off with the fact that you chose this particular number and how that alone speaks for itself. I’ve never encountered another energy anywhere remotely close to yours. You give me a calm that I hadn’t ever imagined possible. You say everything in such a brave way, and I think you know exactly when you feel, or want, the need to let it out. You’re so kind and caring and loving towards me, and that’s something I’ve never been around before. And your smile, your fucking smile, and your hands and your thighs and your breasts and your tum and your arms and fucking all of you. I want to get toasty on the beach with you again. I want to cook so many meals with you. I want to try all your favorite fancy food. I want to listen to you talk. I want you to read everything you’ve ever wanted to read aloud to me that you feel comfortable with reading to me. I want you to privilege check the fuck out of me. I want to learn all you feel comfortable with and wish to share about yourself and your opinions and your way of thought with me. I want to have consensual intercourse at so many different places (Can I please look up at you so I can witness how fucking beautiful you are and that perfect face you make when you’re about to come?). I want to have so many picnics and swing on the swings and lie in the grass and feel your energy next to me while I close my eyes and absorb the bright sun. (I’ve never been able to absorb another’s energy while taking in Mother as well, but I can with you. I think you’re leading me closer to the understanding of One.) Am I asking to do too many things because I want to do them all with you. I want to be able to be there for you when you need and want me, and when we need our space I want us to be comfortably alone because we understand. I love more than anything when we wake up in the morning and you look at me with a smile and say Good morning, baby then ask to proceed to wrap around me. Gosh, I fucking love when you wrap around me. I’ve never heard a heartbeat that sounded as full as yours. Smiles and awkward-5-minute-difficult-to-turn kisses and massages and laughs and showers and shows and the stars and the best consensual intercourse and hand holding and being pumped and understanding. I want to do everything with you, and I’m not even sure how to go about doing it all because I’ve never felt this way for a person before, but I’m so stoked to figure it all out for as long as you want to be around me. I’m in love with you.