this tumblr update is driving me crazy

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@soleilsim yes, this update is insane and it’s driving me crazy that lots of posts are marked as N/SFW. This is hilarious that posts with my naked sim dancing in the fire are completely safe LOL while my talking sims….. are not

@simlishanddreams I know, I know but I’ve scrolled through all my posts and… it’s really insane. It seems that mostly longer posts are tagged as N/SFW and it’s a shame? that it took me so long to write those parts and it’s dangerous. Thank you tumblr. I know that some of my followers are under 18 so they won’t see my posts and this sucks ;/ I don’t want to write something which would be considered N/SFW

@shaysugar You can see it in side view or on mobile (if you’re not under 18 and have safe mode off):

If you do have safe mode on you see a grey pic instead of post and something like “ This post may contain sensitive media. ”

Damn, I’m addicted to these two.

Petite little April with a hulking Raph never fails… Just how gentle Raphael would have to be with her and allowing her into his heart and mind when he’s so used to pushing people away… GAH! They’re just so beautiful together that it drives me crazy!

Speaking of “Crazy”, I updated my 2014/16 Raphril fict of the same name, which you can read here on tumblr,, or A03.

Have a great day and I’ll see y’all tomorrow! Bye! xoxo

Did some more 1987 Raphril smut…. send help……

PLEASE HELP ME! I was watching a gorgeous Ben/Leslie video and saw this adorable kiss in front of the wildflower mural, but I cannot for the life of me find the scene anywhere!! It’s driving me crazy and I’m trying to make my own Ben/Leslie video… Does anybody know what episode this kiss is in?

Update - This has since been resolved because of the many wonderful “Parks and Rec” fans of Tumblr. Thanks for helping me find the answer!! (5x08, Pawnee Commons.) It would have taken me forever to find the scene without you guys. I’ve only seen the series once so far, so I don’t remember where every single Ben/Leslie moment is… But I’m sure I’ll be re-watching this show multiple times and then that won’t be a problem anymore. :)

Thanks again! You helped make my Ben/Leslie video perfect. I can’t wait to show it to all of you when it’s done. <3