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You’re a strong man jack

I couldn’t help but notice how @therealjacksepticeye got a little choked up at this moment. And when he got into how relatable he was to these choices I couldn’t help but feel the same way. My heart tugged when he mentioned how this year wasn’t the best for him project wise. Well jack, lemme tell u this: I don’t give a shit how many times these projects or whatever u had ideas for didn’t work. U NEVER EVER EVER EVER disappoint us no matter how many times u have that thought tht u do. You inspire us to do better every single day and we can’t thank u enough for it. It doesn’t matter if the video is short or long, good or bad, u still make our days better and that’s what counts. You’re a strong man jack, and for those barriers in ur mind that u wanna break through next year: I know u can do it. WE ALL KNOW u can do it. All us 17M+ people in this amazing community know u can do it. We will be here to support u and pick u back up whenever u fall over no matter what. We love u jack. Don’t ever forget that.

Bottom line is: just trust that we believe in u because we do. ❤️


Got7's reaction to their S/O being adorable when they're sleepy

M A R K -

The minute you walk up Mark with droopy eyes and pouty lips, he is already dead. As you pulled Mark into a lazy hug and mumbling how tired you are, Mark would softly smile at you and kiss the top of your head. Mark would run his hand up and down your back urging you to fall asleep. Once you fell asleep Mark would carry you to bed as he tucked you in and kiss your forehead. He would whisper ‘I love you’s’ as he watches you peacefully sleep. Yall would be so cute oh my god !!

J A E B U M -

Jaebum would be working late in the studio when you walk up behind him and tug on his shirt lightly. Jaebum would look up at you to see a sleepy Y/N. You would have droopy eyes and mumbling incoherent words as Jaebum felt his heart flutter. Jaebum would pull you to sit on his lap as he wrapped his arms around you and kisses your lips softly. You would snuggle close to his chest as you fall asleep. Jaebum would smile softly and pull you closer. Congrats you made im jaebum soft.

J A C K S O N -

Jackson would awe loudly at you as he saw you’re cute self yawning and hugging him tightly. He would pick you up and cuddle you in bed as he kissed you’re forehead softly. You guys would be talking about your day until you fell asleep to the sound of Jackson’s voice. Once he notices that you fell asleep, he would hold you closer and whisper sweet nothings to you. A1 couple indeed.

J I N Y O U N G -

Jinyoung would be reading a book on the couch when he heard you mutter his name softly and hug him close. Jinyoung would smile softly at you as he set his book aside and pulled you closer. You would bury your face in his shoulder as he started to talk about his day. You would listen and comment here and there while smiling up at him softly. As soon as Jinyoung notices that you feel asleep he would kiss your temple and pull you closer as you both fall asleep.

Y O U N G J A E -

Youngjae would be playing with Coco when he felt you hug him from behind. Youngjae would laugh as he turned around to see you face to face. He’d grab your face in his hands as he saw your sleepy expressions. Instantly Youngjae would carry you into bed, with Coco following behind you two, as he tucked the both of you in. He’d pull you close and kiss your forehead as he hummed softly to you. Once you fell asleep Youngjae would pull you even closer as he fell asleep to your scent.

B A M B A M -

Bambam would be up late playing a video game when he heard you mutter his name as you clingged onto him like a koala. Bambam would laugh softly as he set down his video game and carried you to your bed. As he tucked the both of you in, both of you would stare into each others eyes as Bambam poked your cheek softly. He would tell you things like, “You’re so beautiful” or “I love you”. As you fell asleep he would pull you closer and kiss your lips sleepily as he too fell asleep.

Y U G Y E O M -

Yugyeom would be up late practicing his dancing when you’d whine softly about how tired you are. He would turn around and see your adorable pouty face as he walked up to you and grabbed your face. He’d kiss your lips softly and ask if you want to sleep, to which you’d nod sleepily too. Yugyeom would feel his heart flutter as he pulled you closer and rubbed your back. You would cling onto him as he set you both down on the practice room couch. He’d whisper loving things in your ear until you fell asleep. Once you do Yugyeom would cuddle you closer and kiss the top of your head softly as the both of you slept in each others arms.


Thank you for this request!! This was so cute im crYIGn,, anyways hope you guys enjoyed this and don’t forget to message me yalls requests! Thank you ♡

things that 100% definitely happened after the end of call me beep me u can pry these headcanons from my cold dead hands

(call me beep me is an incredible fic by @gajeelredfox that i can’t link to rn bc i’m on mobile but the final update was posted tonight and i’m emo so have this)

-when they go trick or treating, the kids fall in love with keith instantly and are constantly chattering at him and tugging at his arms to show him things. by the end of the night keith is carrying a sleeping child home and lance’s heart is suffering.

-lance and hunk get to celebrate pidges 16th birthday! lance gets pidge a remote control robot car. (“get it? because its like the cliche thing to get a car on ur 16th birthday, but u like robots!” “yes i get it lance thank u.”)

-together, matt and lance make allura and shiro’s life a living hell. they can’t even look at each other without hearing exaggerating kissy noises.

-lance gradually helps keith and muffin warm up to each other and after a while they’re best friends. sometimes she’ll even lick his hand. shiro is pissed. (“i’ve been trying to get them to get along for years!!! and then this little shit comes along and within a couple of months she’s sitting on his lap!!! wtf!)

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Doggie Play Date

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 3800

Author’s Note: @mf-despair-queen gave me this idea (as usual) and I thought it was good and decided to write it. It’s super adorable and I hope it doesn’t seem like, rushed. I hope you guys really enjoy it :) Mal has also proofread this for me ‘cause she’s amazing.

Originally posted by lifeinteenwolf

I was tangled in my comforter as I slept, dreaming about what it’d be like to be in a relationship that I’d be happy in when I heard my door creak. I ignored it, turning around as I pulled the comforter up to my chin, breathing heavily through my nose. I felt a hot breath fan over my face as I furrowed my eyebrows, moving my face into my pillow. I groaned when I felt a tongue lick my face and I sat up, seeing my adorable black lab standing at the side of my bed, wagging his tail. I sighed, rubbing my cheek of his slobber before running a hand through my hair, checking the time. 10:20. I pet his head as he jumped up on the bed, laying his head in my lap as I picked up my phone, looking at notifications from different apps, finding nothing super important. Coal whined, nudging my hand as he hopped down off the bed, heading to where I assume is the kitchen. I place my hair into a quick bun, following him out as he sat by his dog dish, wagging his tail and breathing heavily, tongue hanging out and all.

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A Little Courage.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: This is a request from this drabble list by @spideyydarling.
#42: “Stop being so cute.” and
#18: “What’s the matter, sweetie?”
Thanks so much for the request! x

Warnings: I think there are swears. Also lots of nervous Peter.

Word Count: 945

A/N: This was a lot of fun, and I think it’s super cute! I hope you enjoy it as well xoxo

The school hallways were always so crowded before first hour, but Peter did his best to maneuver his way to his locker. After he’d gotten all his stuff for physics, he was surprised that Ned hadn’t met him yet. Raising a concerned eyebrow at the empty air where his best friend usually stood, he went ahead and walked to class alone. He texted Ned as soon as he got to class, ignoring the substitute instructor passing out a busywork assignment, almost immediately receiving a “sorry man doc appt today”, meaning that Ned probably wouldn’t be at school until around lunchtime. Hell, he might not even come at all; sometimes, his mom would just let him skip on appointment days. Peter was never that lucky with May.

Lost in thought, he didn’t even notice you walk up. “Peter? You look a little lost.”

“Hm?” he turned to look at you. He’d noticed your attractive features before, but he couldn’t recall talking to you. “Oh, it’s nothing, just…Ned’s not here today.”

You laughed, music to Peter’s ears and asked, “Well, would it be okay if we worked on this worksheet together? My usual work partner isn’t here today either.”

“Sure,” he agreed, ignoring the feeling of his ears heating up.

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➸ w.jh | scripted | chapter two.

Credit : edits 1 | 2 by @missppxtts 
Pairing : Wen Junhui | Reader (oc)
Genre :
CEO! AU, Arranged Marriage! AU, Angst.
Word Count : 3306 words
Summary : He was handsome and caring, albeit distant, but he wasn’t the one you loved, and you wondered if there would ever would be a day where each time he pulled you to him in front of the others, you would not fake the smile.

 ahh !!! it is finally finished !! and honestly i love it so much right now like my heart is swelling !! careful though it is sad as fuck and i want to apologize for that !!! also !! thanks to @heonseoks, @fluffyyeollie n my precious wife @fluffyshua for proof reading this n convincing me it was mildly alright haha !! ooh n i am tagging @kwoshi bcuz i remember u wanting to read the next part, ahh i hope i dont disappoint n you guys like it !!! n as always i would love to know what you think ♥️.

Chapter One | Chapter Two |

The days in preparation  of your wedding were excruciatingly slow, each dress the attendants tugged you into only heightening your headache and you felt as if you were floating between the venues rather than actually being physically there.

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Yellow. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

Trigger Warning: This imagine contains a panic attack. I love you all so, so, so deeply and so very much. Please listen to the song above, of course if you’d like to. You can listen to it during the imagine or even before you read.

Anxiety: a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.

What does anxiety feel like? It’s overwhelming, consuming, and hard to escape. It takes your breath away with zero effort, and leaves you feeling completely exhausted.

Panic Attack: A panic attack is a sudden episode of intense fear that triggers severe physical reactions when there is no real danger or apparent cause. Panic attacks can be very frightening. When panic attacks occur, you might think you’re losing control, having a heart attack or even dying.

Existential Crisis: An existential crisis is a moment at which an individual questions the very foundations of their life: whether this life has any meaning, purpose, or value.

|Joe Sugg |

I watch with close eyes as Y/N lays down in our back garden. She’s wearing nothing but her red and navy checkered pyjama bottoms and one of my long grey hoodies while fluffy white socks heat her feet. I don’t know how she can not feel this crippling cold. I’m indoors, standing idly by the heater as a cold shiver races down my spine.

Y/N’s hands are resting on her tummy and I watch intently as she takes slow breaths. I take hold of the small blanket from the radiator and begin to make my way outside, hissing to myself as the cold air hits my cheeks.

As I approach Y/N, I gently drape the blanket over her, seeing her face remain motionless as she continues to stare up into the sky. By the dazed look on her face, I know she’s thinking to herself. Y/N adores star-gazing. It’s her favorite thing to do. I often catch her sitting on our balcony in the middle of the night, sprawled out on a sun chair, gazing up at the dark night blanket that glimmers.

Silence fills the air. The world is still and I feel like time is paused.

I slowly sit down on my knees, before laying down onto my back, mirroring her position, heaving in a deep breath and watching my breath fan out into a small fog. I’m only out the door three minutes and I can feel my knuckles turn white from the cold. I flicker my eyes momentarily over to Y/N and notice how her lips are almost shading blue.

“You’re going to freeze to death out here.” I whisper worriedly, noticing how rosy her cheeks are from the harsh winter wind hitting against them.

“Did you know, in our Milky Way Galaxy alone, there are two hundred to four hundred billion stars?” Y/N speaks, her eyes fixated on the stars glimmering above her.

I shake my head.

“I never knew that.” I whisper in reply, furrowing my brows together as I watch her nod to herself.

Y/N and I have been together for four years. We met in a record shop. I was buying some new LP’s to play on my new record player that I received for my twenty first birthday. It was a gift from my grandmother. The two of us would listen to all of her old records on her actual record player. My grandmother knew how much I adored listening to music through records, so she decided to buy me an up to date, modern record player so I could listen to my tunes.

On the weekend of my birthday, I sauntered into a dusty old record shop, browsing through the many artists that I could choose from and that was when I met my sweet love Y/N. She stood behind the cash register, twirling the dial on the radio in hopes to get a music channel playing. While paying for my records, I used some of my best chat up lines and managed to score a coffee date and now, four years later, I’m the man that gets to kiss her goodnight.

“Did you also know that every star in the night sky is actually bigger and brighter than the sun?” She breathed as I looked from her still body to the mess of stars up in the sky, chuckling slightly in astonishment at this new fact.

“Really?” I ask.


Silence overlaps us again, and I focus my attention on the stars glowing above us.

“I think they’re quite beautiful to look at, don’t you think?” I question, allowing my words to pass through my lips. “They’re all millions of miles away and they still like to come out and glow for us.” I smile, resting my hands on my stomach and hearing Y/N’s gentle breaths, along with a soft murmured ‘yes’.

“It’s impossible to count them all.” She whispers, her eyes staying fixated on the twinkling blanket that shines above us. “But I love them.”

Astrophile: (n) a person who loves stars, astronomy.

“I’d rather look at you than the stars. You’re beauty outshines all of these stars.” I grin cutely, turning my body on it’s side and supporting myself on my elbow, giving Y/N my undivided attention as I gaze at her beauty.

I frown ever so slightly seeing her continue to look up at the stars and wondering if she heard me or if it’s possible that I’m just speaking too quite.

“The fastest spinning objects in the Universe are neutron stars, they can rotate five hundred times in just one second.” Y/N breathes, her eyes twitching ever so slightly, enough for me to notice and I can’t help but wonder how she manages to remember all of these facts.

“They deserve a gold star for all that effort.” I crack a small cheesy joke, raising my eyebrows over to her only to see her lips sit in a line. I sigh slightly and shake my head, knowing that she is far too engrossed with the stars to even take note of my joke.

Y/N has never told me why she loves to stargaze so much. I find it odd, how she loves the stars so much, yet she has never wanted to become an astronomer. Deep down, I feel like I know the answer as in to why she loves to star gaze so much. When you step outside on a chilly winter night and glance up at the night sky and see small, glimmering and breath taking twinkling lights. it is almost as if something special clicks in your mind. It’s hard to put your finger on it but you know something is different. You’re stepping out of the everyday hustle and bustle of the modern world. As a new and younger generation, we are all consumed with technology. We have beeping phones, tablets, laptops and a constant need to be somewhere. When you cross your backdoor to the inky blackness of night, your worries and problems almost fade into the thin air and you stand still in a moment of time. In a way, I feel like it calms her.

“The Milky Way belongs to a cluster of thirty galaxies called the Local Group, which is seven million light years across.” Y/N speaks once more, giving me another fact. Since I’ve sat down beside her, I haven’t once heard her speak a hello or her hear curse about the nippy weather, only facts.

“Our Milky Way is almost as old as our universe. Thirteen billion years.” Y/N mumbles, her eyes squeezing tight. “We’re all just moving through space. We revolve around the sun. The sun revolves around the Milky Way.” I frown at her words and slowly sit up.

“What are we Joe? We are literally tiny specks of dust that can walk and talk, floating through the unknown Universe? What am I doing with my life? What if something happens to our world? Do you know it would take us billions of years to create more people like us on other planets? Joe, I-I can’t breathe.” Y/N gasps, her body shooting up from the ground and her hands pressing to her chest.

“I-I’m d-dying. N-no, don’t let m-me die, Joe. W-we’re all just floating pieces of meat, settled on a big rock, hurdling through the u-unknown.” Y/N gasps, her eyes squeezing tight as tears stream down her icy cheeks. Words flying through her lips that don’t make sense.

I can feel my heart rate pick up instantly. I can feel my bones rattle from my fast beating heart as panic surges through me. I wrap my arms around her body and tug her onto my lap, watching her mouth open and close desperately for air.

“Y/N, listen to me, okay? Focus on my voice. Look at me.” I speak loudly, keeping my voice calm and collected, not wanting to startle or frighten her or make her panic attack worse. I watch as she clutches to her chest, her eyes peeking open as she looks at me desperately.

“This is going to be okay. You’re safe with me. You’re with me and you’re completely fine. This will be okay.” I whisper, running my fingers through her hair while gently running my hand up and down her back in soothing circles, feeling myself panic at the situation.

“Look at the stars. They’re all shining for you.” I breathe, along my voice to stay low. I gently reach up and brush away the tears staining her cheeks.

“Take a deep breath, sweetheart. Just take one for me.” I encourage her, seeing pain flash across her features as she gasps a large breath. “That’s magnificent, baby. You keep doing that whenever you feel like you can, okay?” I whisper, pressing my lips delicately to her cheek bone.

“You’re not going to die. I’m right here and I’ve got you.” I speak, tucking a strand of her long luscious locks of her hair behind her ear.

“I understand why you’re so scared of space and this situation. I understand your fear. I really do. It’s quite scary and strange to think that we are all just floating particles, eternal souls or as you gracefully describe us, slabs of meat, just flying through space on a large rock. But if it wasn’t for Space and this big burly rock, I would never have got to see or even meet the beauty that is you.” I smile softly, swaying us side to side very slowly.

This wasn’t too new to me. I’ve helped Y/N through many panic attacks before and I know how calming it can be for her when I know and understand her fear. I don’t like seeing her suffer with these panic attacks. I know certain things tend to trigger her panic attacks such as extremely claustrophobic places but I never thought that the one thing I thought she enjoyed, -stargazing-, would give her a panic attack. I can hear my brain feed me information on my ways to calm her down.

There have been certain times when I was unable to calm her. There have been times where I’ve been told by her, to leave her alone, and somehow, she finds certain ways that calm her down significantly. There are times where I need to call my mum and Y/N’s mum since I’m entirely useless in the situation. Then there are panic attacks like this. I can squeeze myself in before the panic attack escalates to something more frightening.

“Remember that time, we were feeding the swans? Remember when that greedy one was cheeky and bit my hand? You laughed so hard that you fell into the lake.” I grinned, trying to keep up conversation with her and thinking back to the many years when I would help Zoe through her panic attacks. “I really wish I had vlogged that, you would have went viral.” I whisper, noticing a shaky smile appear on her lips as I speak about our day out in the park.

“How about that time, I so desperately wanted an ice cream, hm? Remember when you were walking back to me with the ice creams? You somehow managed to drop one of them and for some bizarre reason, it was my ice cream that you dropped.” I smirk, bringing up the time we spent the day in Brighton and Y/N dropped my ice cream, causing a passer by to break down into hysterics.

“How about the first time I kissed you?” I whisper softly, lulling her body into mine closer and seeing Y/N take a deep breath. “Eventually, may I add. It only took me three dates to earn that first kiss.” I tease, seeing a smile play on Y/N’s lips while her hands remain over her heart, her lips capturing a deep breath.

“It was Christmas. We were down at this old coffee shop, run by our two favorite people, Liz and Earl, the most famous elderly people in town. They had decorations filling the entire coffee shop, including mistletoe, it was hung right over the door. When we tried to leave, Liz refused for us to go, unless we kissed. You were blushing like crazy and I was almost sure that you could hear my fast beating heart. Then I slowly leaned in, and our lips met. Your lips were so soft, and they tasted like strawberries and sweet champagne. I remember because you wouldn’t stop talking about how much you loved your new lip balm that felt so wonderful on your lips.” I grin, gently running my thumb across Y/N’s lower lip and running my hand up and down her back as I watch her shoulders and body slowly un-tense.

“And from that moment, I knew that I was truly, deeply, and utterly in love with you.” I smile, watching Y/N nestle her neck into the crook of neck.

“I love you.” Y/N croaks, her voice raspy and I breathe in a deep sigh of relief.

“I love you so much more.” I breathe deeply, pressing my lips to the crown of her head, hugging her body tightly against mine. “So much more.” I murmur, inhaling her sweet perfume.

“Everything is okay, my love. How about, we go inside, and you let me wrap you up and get you warmed up, yeah?” I speak slowly, remaining calm, knowing that her panic attack has ended, but not wanting to startle her or trigger another.

I feel her weakly nod against my chest and that gives me the chance to scoop her up into my arms and lead us back into our house, allowing me to lay her down on our sofa and wrap her up in a cocoon of warm blankets. After clicking the kettle on, I saunter back over to Y/N seeing her watching the latest episode of your/favorite/tv show. I take a seat beside her and tug her into my side, rubbing her arms to heat her up and feeling my panicked thoughts subside.

“I love you, Y/N. Everything will be alright.”


Hello my beautiful lovelies!

How are you all?

I really hope you are having the most amazing day or evening and I really hope you know how much I love you and treasure you. I also hope you know how important you are in this world and how valued you are, you beautiful soul.

I’m back! After almost a month? I think? I could be wrong but I am super sorry for not posting sooner but I am back and I am super exited to write more imagines and series, only if you loves would be interested in reading them of course!

I wrote this imagine last night and I’ve been debating whether or not to post it since I have never had a panic attack. I know that I may not have described a panic attack or the situation of a panic attack correctly and for that I am so deeply sorry. I also really hope that it hasn’t triggered a panic attack for any of you sweet loves. I’ve just seen so many situations of people having panic attacks and I know and have read little messages and comments from you beautiful souls about how you suffer with panic attacks and I just wanted to write a little imagine that I hope might bring comfort since Joe is looking after you in this imagine!

Please don’t be afraid to message me your thoughts and let me know what you think! I love reading your sweet messages! They really mean so much to me! I will most definitely be replying to all of you darling souls!

I promise I will be updating extremely soon again if you’d like me to!

I love you all so, so, so, so incredibly much and I really hope you know that!

All of my love xxx

Do you like girls? ~Naughty November~

Prompt: Can you do one where you walk in on Hayley but I’m not sure if you do girl x girl imagines a lot of accounts don’t:( 

Pairing: Hayley x Reader

Word Count:475

Warning: girl x girl, just oral

TAGGED: @crysxtal @dunbarkiss @kirsty-lou666 @emo-chick-59-stuff @xxshewollfxx @horror-movies-and-disney @kittencutie245

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Snappy [a future!Barry Allen/Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: HOLY SHIT FUTURE BARRY OMG!!! if you do a future Barry/sebastian/reader i will love u forever!!!

a/n: oh look, shit, there goes my heart….goodbye heart…

The speedster slumps on the couch, staring blankly at the cream wall. His long hair just touches the corners of his lips and his head hangs low. “Barry, come on, you gotta get up. At least go sleep.” Sebastian frowns, tugging the hood of his vibrant blue ‘all day, everyday’ sweatshirt.

Padding out of the bedroom, you walk toward the Warbler, pinching his ass slightly. He jumps a little, glaring while you stand in front of Barry. Your husband peeks up at you through the gapes of his dirty locks, cheeks ghostly pale. Ever so slowly, you push his hair off his forehead, pulling it into a clump.

Sebastian watches you remove the black hair tie from your wrist, wrapping it around his locks, making a small bun. Oh, that’s hot. The speedster squints at you, grabbing your waist. “Seb, come here, I have an idea.” you call out, trailing your pointer finger across the light scruff on his chin.

Pulling Barry from the couch, you grab Sebastian’s hand, dragging the both of them into the kitchen. A smirk appears on the Warbler’s face and he bolts to the fridge as you get out the bowls. “We’re making cookies, yes…” he sing songs, shaking his hips, light pink boxers swaying. “B, cookies, come on, cheer up a little?” Sebastian frowns, placing the ingredients on the table.

The black tight long sleeve shirt scrunches at the speedster’s elbows. You grin, placing the bowl in front of him. “Here, you can put all the stuff in!” you beam, fixing your (Sebastian’s) gray Dalton t-shirt so it covers the waistband of your black leggings.

Barry shakes some of the strands of his hair out of the tie.  “I don’t want to.”

“B, all we’re asking is for you to-”

“I don’t want to, Sebastian!” he shouts a little louder, crossing his arms over his chest, frowning. You share a collective sigh with Sebastian, beginning to add the ingredients into the bowl. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, babe, I…” he grumbles, tugging the hair tie out; locks tumbling into his dimly lit green eyes.

This has been frequent with Barry. Ever since Iris’ death a few years ago, he often snaps at the two of you; gets mad easily… “I know.” Both of you whisper.

anonymous asked:

um hi, I know ur not taking requests rn but I was hoping u could make an exception? My best friend (my dog) just died this morning and I need comfort from the RFA because they're basically my life rn. Please?

Author’s note: one of my best friend’s dog passed away yesterday too, so this request tugged at my heart strings ♥ Here’s the RFA + comforting btw this is so short because I did it while walking to class LOL


  • He will definitely cry with you not full on sob, but he’ll definetely tear up
  • He tries to do goofy things because he just wants to see you smile again
  • When Yoosung comforts, it’s not just a one day thing
  • The ENTIRE WEEK he’ll ask super sweet more than normal toward you and bring home your favorite foods


  • Honestly he’s great at comforting people 
  • the best out of the group
  • He’ll wrap you up in his arms and slowly rock you back and forth
  • Then he’ll softly sing your favorite song while playing with you hair
  • And oh man is his voice nice Jaehee would kill to be in your position


  • Tea
  • Warm blanket
  • Favorite movie
  • Cuddles
  • DONE
  • But really, she has a whole collection of DVDs set aside specifically to cheer you up


  • Oh no
  • Tears
  • Even though he’s great with his words such a businessman every time he sees you crying his brain just turns to mush
  • So, instead of using sweet words, he just holds you
  • And kisses you
  • And wipes away the tears


  • The first thing he does is to try cheer you up with a joke
  • But oH GOD THAT MADE things worse
  • He panics because seeing you sad makes him feel all gross inside
  • He’ll awkwardly pat you on the back for a bit, before you take charge
  • “Seven, just hug me.”
  • “Okay.”
Youtuber AU Part 2

part 1

y’all can thank @crownwolf70 for this

Bakugou Katsuki didn’t do crushes. He repeated this statement in his mind as he clicked to follow Kirishima on every social media app they shared. Bakugou even went so far as to download fucking snapchat just so he could see Kirishima’s stupid(ly adorable) morning and evening selfies. He was always smiling and so goddamn bubbly. Normally Bakugou would find the constant onslaught of positivity to be annoying and just plain tiring, but Kirishima changed the game entirely. There was something about the shine in his eyes and the kindness in his posture that made Kirishima an anomaly. Bakugou’s phone buzzed and he slid his thumb across the screen to reveal an Instagram notification. Another slide brought up the post: Kirishima, sweaty and flushed, was standing in front of a hotdog stand, giving a thumbs up to the vendor who was proudly displaying Kirishima’s order. The caption read, ‘the best thing after a run is my favourite hotdog, and the best man to make it for me is my pal, Diego 🌭👌’. Bakugou felt his heart twinge. ‘What a dumbass’, he thought. He liked the picture, a hint of a smile tugging at his lips. No, Bakugou Katsuki did not do crushes.

anonymous asked:

Dude, me too. I couldn't agree with you more. I died when I read the latest update. Hearing Mo call out He Tian's name like that melted my heart. He made it sound so special. Like he really needed him in that moment. Also, He Tian. No nicknames this time. He might act like a bad boy at times, but his heart is in the right place.

u read guan shan calling he tian names like ‘chicken dick’ so many times that when he actually calls him by his real name, it not only is a surprise, but a real tug on the heart strings. its beautiful.

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If u are still taking fic request can I request KID flirting (like rlly shitty flirting with flowery words) with shinichi and then later goes home in a "I can't believe I said that how can I look him in the eye ever again gdi..." Kinda way (I can't explain anything rip but I hope most of that makes sense )

Yes, good, this is a thing I can deliver ;D  Under the readmore, as ever, haha  Hope it’s to your liking.

ETA:  @sukekou drew a SUPER CUTE COMIC based on this!!  You can find it here!

Kaito stripped out of his uniform efficiently, thinking of nothing but putting each item away and doing inventory.  Once that was done and he was back in his room, he ran out of distractions.  His face immediately began to feel hot.

What had he been thinking?

Adrenaline was involved for sure, as was his usual brand of sheer reckless stupidity.  He flopped onto his bed with a heartfelt groan.

“I’m lucky you weren’t pleased about my blackout tonight.”

“What, why?”

“Because your smile lights up the whole room, detective.”

Kaito could scream, God, he’d been so cheesy, even for Kid.  He couldn’t imagine anything being more embarrassing than that.  And then he’d panicked and made a quick (suave) escape, so he didn’t even know for sure how Kudou took it.

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Heartbreak at it’s core (Jimin Angst) REQUEST

Can you pleaseee dooo a angst scenario based on this quote “he was never mine but losing him broke my heart” of one of the boys in bts maknae line( u choose who)


Remember people 

Mondays is: request day/ scenario update day

Tuesday: gif scenario day (so please request!)

Wednesday: scenario update and request day

Thursday: written reactions / short full band requests

Friday: individual member scenario request

Saturday: Scenario update

Sunday: ship day and extra (basically whatever comes to mind)

You watched Jimin, with a soft smile playing on your lips. You couldn’t begin to describe how happy he made you feel, how his smile, made the ends of your lips tug upwards, curving your mouth into a smile that could have been compared to a faint ghost of his.

He made you feel warm inside, he made you bubble with happiness, a feeling you never thought would pass through you again, for you had long believed you were dead inside.

Jimin’s happiness, his beautiful eye-smile, his bubbly laughter all made you light up inside, and the cold darkness inside you had begun to thaw. You felt the ice slowly drip from the centre of your chest, pooling at your damp feet, as he grinned at you, and melted all your pain away, like the summer Sun melts popsicles at the beach.

You remember how he crashed into your life, quite literally, as he bumped into you as you both walked down the same corridor. Being bigger, and heavier, his body managed to maintain its position, but you were sent flying down onto the floor, with the books and notes you were carrying in your burdened arms scattering all over the place.

“Oh God I’m so sorry. Here let me help you!” He apologised profusely, as he helped you gather your belongings. You nodded shyly, out of sheer embarrassment, as you duck your head, doing your best to avoid eye contact. You’d already caught a glimpse of him as you fell, and you were more than aware of his godly beauty, and you were NOT prepared to talk to someone that handsome without previous preparation.

“Here you go, I really am sorry. My name is Jimin.” He told you, as he handed you a messy collection of some of your sheets that he had managed to collect.

Even if he hadn’t been so stupidly handsome, there was something in the way he smiled, that made you realise you just couldn’t be mad at him. His apology sounded so genuine, so full of true guilt and sincere emotion, that you found yourself wanting to apologise to him instead.

“I’m Y/N.” You replied, offering a small smile to let him know he was forgiven. You had no idea how to talk to him, and oh how you wish you could just strike up a conversation, keep him there for longer, because the butterflies in your tummy had just revived, and were more energetic than ever. You felt their tickle at the glimpse of his gorgeous smile, and giggled a little yourself.

“I promise I will make it up to you. I really am sorry. I’ll buy you coffee yeah?” He called, as he hurried down the corridor, probably late to wherever he was meant to be going.

You weren’t really expecting to ever see him again, but your heart had already fallen hopelessly in love with this stranger called Jimin, with chubby cheeks, and puffy eyes that went all small when he smiled, and the aura of an angel.

But luck was on your side, and you did see him again, and he fulfilled his promise. And little by little you were seeing more and more of Jimin, until you were both basically inseparable. You met whenever he was free, and whenever you didn’t have class, or work. You would study together, practice together, and often you would drop by to leave him a lunch box, because you knew if you didn’t make him one, he wouldn’t eat that day.

You helped him regain his confidence, and told him how his fans loved him, with or without abs, with or without defined muscles. Everyone loved him, because he was beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

And so you built up your friendship, although honestly speaking, on your side, it was always a little bit more than that, just a little bit more. And honestly speaking, Jimin had no clue.

So what could you do, when the person who gave you life, the person who was responsible for all your smiles, all your laughs, and all your dreams, was now the responsible for your heartbreak? What could you do, as you saw him look at another girl, like she was the first bloom of spring, and it killed you inside? What could you do, when you were madly, deeply hopelessly in love with a man, who was never really yours, but the sole idea of losing him was killing you?

You walked away.

The American Dream (Daryl Dixon Imagine)

Imagine: Walking dead AU - you become friends with a homeless guy who happens to be Daryl.

A.N: I thought I’d try and AU I’d been thinking about writing for a while, Daryl’s in his twenties pretty much. I hope you like it!

Word Count: 1540


Another day, another dollar, working my ass off for very little money… The american dream! Pfft, it’s 6am and I’m on my usual coffee run before I start serving everyone else theirs for the majority of my day. As I leave, food and drink in hand, I pass by the homeless guy I see daily. He’s my favourite part of my routine, and I make sure to have something for him before and after work. 

He lifts his head, greasy strands of blond hang in front of his face, bags under his eyes that add years onto his otherwise youthful gaze. I try to hide the pity I feel, this could easily be me out here. He offers me the little smirk he has, a cheeky grin that carries both a boyish innocence and a devilish mirth. 

“Mornin’” he grumbles, one arm stretching out from under his sleeping bag. I smile, handing him a coffee, bottled water and a bagel. He offers half of his sleeping bag to me as I sit beside him. He has nothing to give yet he’s more than willing to sacrifice what little he does have and it makes my heart lurch. 

Once I’m settled beside him, he begins eating. I take the opportunity to assess him, how much has changed since I’d seen him the night before. He noticed my staring, of course he does, and scorns me. 

“Stohp,” he whines through a mouthful of food, he hates my worry. I shake my head before sipping my coffee, shifting my gaze to the street. 

“I worry Daryl.” 

“Ya do enough, quit yer worryin’,” he refuses to meet my eye as he sips his coffee, scrunching the paper up from the bagel, he throws it at the side of my head. “’Sides, I told ya, Merle’ll be outta prison soon. I’ll be good.” 

I frown, I would rather he believed in his own abilities, rather than waiting on dear old brother but… I couldn’t piss on his hope, not when he believed in Merle so much. 

“I just wish I earned more, but with college and work… I can’t afford us both.” I safely change the subject from Merle, unable to face him. 

“Ya don’t hafta, ‘m fine Y/N. Shouldn’ ya be goin’ to work?” He’s still staring at me, and I finally cave and meet his gaze, the usual intensity they hold still throw me. 

“Yeah. I should… Look, I’ll be back tonight okay?” I stand to leave, giving him the rest of my coffee and a couple of dollars. He nods, bundling himself back up from the morning chill. “Be safe Daryl.” 


Work drags on, and I almost smash a coffee over a customers ignorant head; considering it a better pick-me-up. After an 8 hour shift, I’m finally free. I grab whatever food I can get my hands on, slipping it into my bag before fleeing to feed Daryl. 

Fear floods my gut, he’s not there. There’s nothing but scraps from the food he’d eaten at breakfast. I try to calm myself but I find his sleeping bag and lighter left in the alley nearby. Gathering what little belongings he has, I panic, pacing up and down the street he usually sleeps at. 

Several hours pass with me internally freaking out, crying in public and giving myself horrendous blisters on my feet. With him still not making an appearance, I concede and head home. The whole night wracked with worry and guilt, knowing that I should’ve let him stay with me… 


After a sleepless night, I drag my frazzled state to grab coffee. My feet feel like lead as I near his street, I don’t want to find him missing again. I’m not disappointed when I see his familiar figure curled up on the steps, I gasp, breaking into a run. 

When I reach him, I cannot stop the tears that roll down my cheeks – partly from relief but mostly because he’s a mess. Cut up, bruised and with nothing to his name. He’s so out of it, he doesn’t recognize my presence. 


He opens a blackened eye, that same small smirk quirking at the corner of his mouth, even in his state. Yet, he makes no effort to move. I quickly pull out his sleeping bag from my backpack and wrap it around his shoulders – careful to mind his injuries. I hand him coffee to warm him and try not to fuss him too much. 

“I was so scared, I’m so sorry…” I sniffled, wiping the abundance of fluids pouring out of my face. He snaps his head round to look at me, confused to see me so upset. 

“Why ya cryin?” He looks uncomfortable, almost annoyed.

“I care about you, you idiot!” I don’t intend on offending him but I’d had enough. “Right, that’s it, come with me. You’re not staying here anymore.” I don’t give him chance to argue, I drag him up and walk us to my home. 


The journey here was mostly silent, he looked as if he wanted to protest but he could barely walk so he obeyed. Once I got inside, he looked lost and out of place, even in my dingy abode. Without thinking I stormed off to my phone, pulling a sick day at work, fake cough and all. The fools bought it, and I’d suffer for the consequences of missing a couple of days but it was worth it.

Daryl stood where I’d left him, his discomfort palpable. I took his hand gently and lead him into the bathroom, wanting to see the damage. He sat atop the toilet lid while I haphazardly scoured my medicine cabinet for anything useful. He watched silently, tiredly accepting my help. 

With my little collection of potions and remedies, I set them aside and took his chin in my hand. Gently tipping his head to the side so I could see the long cut across his cheek, I sighed.

“What happened?” He won’t look me in the eye, but he answers.

“Was attacked, Merle’s dealer… wants his money.” He keeps his gaze at his feet, chewing at the inside of his cheek. I snort.

“What good does beating up a homeless kid do?” Shaking my head, I clean out his wound, he doesn’t even flinch. Luckily, he won’t need stitches. He scoffs at my question, an amused twinkle in his eye. “Trust you Dixon to have a warped sense of humour, even at your own expense.” 

I push back his hair to check for more cuts, only to find small grazes that hadn’t broken the skin. I find myself admiring his well defined cheekbones, gazing into his cerulean eyes that still held their intensity even through his exhaustion. Once I realized that my fingers were still laced in his hair, I stepped away but he stopped me. His weary grasp wrapped around my wrist, pulling me back down to him. 

I blinked, my nose to his, his breath mingling with mine. He tilted his nose up, his lips brushing against mine ever-so-slightly, but not touching. My heart was in my throat, that intense stare was inches from me and my knees felt weak. He smirked, that nefarious twinkle in his eye as his nose brushed against mine again; this time, his lips met mine. It was a brief kiss, but his lips deftly worked against my mouth, earning a small sigh from me. 

I pulled back, my fingers shaking either side of his handsome face and that cursed smirk still tugged at his lips. Though, he looked bashful, embarrassed. I would laugh if I wasn’t so flustered myself.

“U-uhm… if you, if you wanna get cleaned up, I’ll uh, run you a bath and we can talk about you staying here…” I scratched the back of my neck, looking everywhere but his face as he stood.

“Sure,” his voice wavers. Before I can move, he’s got his arms wrapped around me, in a tight embrace, though I can feel him trembling. “Thank you Y/N, fer everythin’.”

I well up, wrapping my arms around his middle, fingers clenching into his shirt. My other hand rubbing soothing strokes in-between his shoulder blades. I’m not certain but I think he’s crying.

“Hey, Daryl. You don’t need to thank me, I should’ve done this a long time ago,” I try to pull back but he clings to me tighter, and I cave in and let my own tears flow. His small muffled sobs into my hair breaking my heart, he sinks to the ground, and I sit in his lap, soothing him as much as possible. 

“You’re gonna be okay, we’re gonna be just fine,” I whisper, feeling him nod. I thread my fingers through his greasy hair, scratching at the base of his scalp as I lean back to see his face. I reach up and wipe his tears, offering a gentle smile to him before pecking the tip of his nose and catching a stray tear. He smiles in return, it’s soft on him but it lights him up in ways I’d never seen before. This boy was giving me whiplash, Daryl was gonna be okay, hell. Daryl was gonna be the death of me. 

I asked myself,
The softest question,
heavy words,
Falling onto my lap,

How does one fall in love?
My legs moved,
Free from will,
The answer tugging me close,

My wishbones rattling,
Once cracked,
They guided me,
A bed, a moonlit clearing,

She knelt there,
Hands weaving the dusk,
My witch,
A lovely Salem,

“I have carved you,
Your meaning,
Your feeble heart,
Under a huntress’ blessing”

She stuck needles,
Into my skin,
My shimmering soul,
Glowing brightly now,

To the brim I leave,
I left,
My question unanswered,
Though filled,

Bearing gifts from,
My own self,
Pouring my cold flesh,
Into a cup,

drinking what I thought,
My body,
My queer shape,
What I thought had been my curse,

I return to my cypress tree,
Lifting its carcass,
A blanket of bark,
I am home,
I am my home

now filled with love

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Could you write a scenario where GOM+Kagami get a call from their s/o saying that their plane is about to crash? It'd be the last conversation they have so what would they say to each other and how would they feel? Sad, I know, but I find myself craving some angst ;-;U thanks!

This… This broke my heart.


Generation of Miracles

Akashi’s phone rang as he was finishing up his work. Your name flashed on the display and he picked it up without hesitation.


“Sei, hi Sei. I love you, you know that right?” your panicked voice came through the speaker.

“Huh? What are you talking about? Of course I know that. I love you too,” a warm smile tugged at his lips.

“I am sorry. I am so sorry about this. God, this is… I am so scared Sei. I am so scared,” you repeated fervently and he could almost hear the tears in your voice.

“Love, what are you talking about? What is wrong?” he frowned, feeling a sense of anxiety take over him.

“The plane is crashing.”

The four simple words had him freezing up as he contemplated what you had meant.

“What? What do you…”

“The plane is crashing, Sei. I love you so much. Please take care of my family for me. Please take care of yourself. Don’t work yourself too hard,” you whispered, voice trembling.

“No. Please. Tell me you are joking. I love you. I love you so much,” he was holding back sobs as he said that, a hand slung over his eyes.

“Take care of yourself Sei. I want you to find someone better than me,” you giggled tearfully.

“No,” he grabbed the phone desperately as though he can reach you through it if he pressed it hard enough.

“I am sorry. I…” before you could finish your sentence, the phone crackled and dwindled off into static.

“What. No!” he gave a guttural growl, pressing the phone harder into his ear.

“(F/n)? Please. Please reply me. Please tell me this is a joke,” he collapsed to his knees, clutching the phone to his chest.


Kise was at the airport when he received your call. He raised a brow. Weren’t you supposed to be on the plane?

“Hello, (f/n)-cchi? I am at the airport already!” he greeted cheerfully.

“Ryouta, I love you. Take care of yourself and my family for me,” your desperate voice came through the phone.

“Huh? What do you mean, (f/n)-cchi? I love you too but what are you talking about?” a sense of unease bloomed in his chest as he struggled to make sense of what you were saying.

“The plane… The plane is crashing. I don’t know what is happening but I just want you to know I love you.”

“Wait, are you joking now? Please tell me you are joking. (F/n)-cchi?” he shouted into the phone, eyes searching frantically among the airplane board for news of your flight.

“I am sorry. I… I wanted to have a marriage with you. I wanted to have babies with you and…” you choked as you mumbled into the phone.

“No please. I want to have all of that with you too. I want to marry you, have babies with you and grow old with you. (f/n)-cchi, please don’t leave me,” he begged, unable to stop the tears that were making its way down his cheeks.

“I want 3 children, how many do you want?” you laughed tearfully.

“I want as many as you can give me. I want you. I just want you for now. Please.”

All of a sudden, the signal nosedived and the phone gave a loud static sound.

“(f/n)-cchi? (F/N)-CCHI!” he yelled.

“I… I am…. Love… you… please don’t… I love you so much….” Your voice came through in segments and as he listened on, screaming could be heard before the call cut off.

He fell to his knees, eyes wide and unseeing. Sobs tore themselves out of him when he realized what had really just happened. You were gone.


Kuroko was sitting on the couch when he received your call. Smiling, he quickly pressed answer.

“(F/n)?” he greeted.

“Hello, Tetsu,” your strangled voice came through the phone.

He frowned as he heard your voice.

“Is something wrong?”

“No, no! There is nothing wrong. Tetsu, you know I love you right?”

“What are you talking about? I know that and I love you too,” he replied, a sense of panic washing over him.

“I love you so much, Tetsu. Take care of my family and of yourself. Don’t keep drinking those vanilla shakes all the time. Remember to get some proper meals too,” you were struggling to breathe as you said that, not wanting him to realize what was going on.

“(F/n)? What is wrong? Please tell me. You are killing me.”

Before you could answer, screaming could be heard in the background and his grip tightened on the phone.

“(F/n)?” he repeated.

“I am sorry I cannot do this till the end. The plane is crashing, Tetsu. I am scared. I am so scared,” you started crying loudly.

“No, calm down. Is the plane really crashing? (F/n)? (F/n), please don’t scare me. Babe, please. What is happening?” he asked frantically, feeling his heart drop at your answer.

“It is crashing. Something is wrong. Something bad happened. I love you, Tetsu. I love you. I….”

Just before you finished your sentence, the call cut off and Kuroko was left staring at his phone in complete blankness. Tears flowed down his cheeks when he realized what had really happened and he clapped a hand to his mouth, feeling his chest constrict in agony.

“I… I love you too.”


Aomine was playing basketball when his phone rang.

“Aho-mine, that is your phone,” Kagami said before continuing to shoot the basketball into the hoop.

Aomine quickly jogged over to his bag and picked up the call, grinning when he saw that it was you.

“Hello, (f/n)!” he greeted happily.

He haven’t seen you in ages and he was missing you terribly.

“Aho-mine,” your voice was weird and he picked up on it immediately.

“Hah, what’s wrong? Why do you sound like that?” he asked, frowning.

“I love you, aho. I love you so much,” you repeated, smiling through the tears blurring your vision.

“What… what is with you suddenly declaring your love? Uh… I love you too,” he whispered the last part into the phone, not wanting the others to hear.

“I love you so much. Remember to have your meals and not just focus on basketball okay? Help me visit my family more often and just remember that I love you so much,” you rambled.

“Why are you saying this? (f/n), what is wrong?” he picked up on the tone of your voice and started panicking.

“I… The plane is crashing, Daiki. The plane is crashing,” the reality of what you said suddenly crashed down on you and you started weeping.

“Wait, what? Are you joking? (f/n)? (F/n)!” he shouted into his phone, eyes widening in fear.

“I am not. Please. I… I wanted to have a future with you so much,” you laughed softly, tears making its tracks down your cheeks.

“No, I cannot accept this. You are mine! Please. I love you too. I love you so much,” he confessed in a rush, dropping to his knees at the sound of your demise.

“I…” your voice was cut off by you screaming in fear and his heart clenched at the sound.

Soon after, it was cut off and the call ended. He bowed his head, almost crushing the phone in his grip, and clenched his teeth in agony.


Midorima was doing his work when your name flashed across his phone display. He answered it without hesitation.

“Shin-chan?” your scared voice came across the phone.

“(f/n)? What is wrong?” he cut straight to the chase, worry budding in his chest.

“Shin-chan, I love you. I love you,” you repeated quickly.

“What is wrong? Please tell me. What is wrong?” he asked, panic in his voice.

“It is going down. The plane is going down. Something is wrong,” you whispered.

“No, what? Are you serious? Please. What are you saying?” he was in denial.

“I love you so much.”

“I love you too. I love you,” he quickly said, tears forming in his eyes.

“Take care of yourself and your family. Don’t be so detached from your friends,” you teasingly reminded him, not wanting to let your crying take control of you.

Before he could say anything else, screaming filled the phone and his breath caught in his chest.

“Please tell me this is a joke,” he pleaded.

“I… love you,” your voice disappeared in a wash of static and the call ended.

Ugly sobs wrenched from his chest when he realized that you were really gone and he bent over his knees, holding his phone to his chest.


Murasakibara was chewing on his chips when your call connected. He picked up immediately, excited to hear your voice.

“Ne, (f/n)-chin?”

“Hi, Mukkun. What are you doing?” you asked in a light conversational tone.

“I found new flavors today! It’s wasabi and honey!” he announced happily.

“Mukkun, stop eating snacks all the time for your meals. Remember to eat your proper meals okay? I love you,” you said.

He frowned as he stopped chewing, hearing the difference in your tone.

“Haaah? Is something wrong, (f/n)-chin?”

“Help me take care of my family since I won’t be there anymore. Remember to brush your teeth before sleep,” you reminded him, holding back your sobs.

He started feeling panicky at your voice.

“(f/n)-chin, are you crying? What is going on? (f/n)-chin?”

“Can you tell me one last time you love me?”

“I love you,” he said it willingly, not having any idea what was happening to you.

“The plane is crashing Mukkun. I love you. I love you so damn much,” you confessed in a rush.

Before he could even start to understand your words, loud screaming filled the phone and the call was reduced to static before it cut off.

“(f/n)-chin? (F/n)-chin? What are you doing? What… Reply me!” he started shouting into the phone, terror overcoming his entire being.

The only response he got was the dead dial tone.



Kagami was twirling a ball in his hands when his vibrating phone alerted him to your call.

“(f/n)?” he greeted.

“Kagami, how many children do you want?”

Your abrupt question caught him off guard and a heavy blush swept across his cheeks.

“What… What are you talking about?”

“I want 3 children. Do you think it is possible?” you asked.

“3? I want at least 5,” he retorted before realizing that he was answering your question.

Your tinkling laughter rang in his ears.

“I love you so much, Taiga.”

“What is wrong? Why do you sound so weird? (f/n)?”

“I love you. Please take care of my family for me.”

“What are you talking about? What is happening?” he repeated, a niggling feeling nipping at him.

Something was definitely wrong.

“The plane is crashing, Taiga. The plane is crashing,” a sob caught itself in your throat and the words tore themselves out.

“Wait what? What? Wait, I love you too. Please tell me you are joking? If you want to hear me say I love you, I will say them forever,” he panicked, rambling into the phone.

“Really? Say them 10 times then,” you sniffled.

“I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you…”

Before he could finish saying them, static disrupted him halfway and the last thing he heard before the call cut off was “I love you too.”

rxyofsxnshine  asked:

Κuroo being a dork with his shy but very cheerfu 6 year old daughter who is totally daddy's girl? :)

Quick angst break for some fluff~ Thanks for tearing my heart out Megumi ;u;

“Which one do you want, sweetheart?” Kuroo asked, crouched down next to his daughter. At long last, she’d asked the one thing he’s always wanted to hear in her tiny voice after an unsure tug on his sleeve: “Daddy, can we get a kitty?”

That had lead to the present, with a very excited Kuroo, family trip to the pet store. It was up to his spouse to handle all the practical things while the two prattled away over the various kittens vying for their attention.

“What do you think about the gray one?” he’d asked, leaning close to her with his voice at an almost conspiratorial hush.

“No, daddy, the one with the spots,” she unconsciously whispered back. “That one’s the cutest.”

“That one?”

“Uh-uh, the one with the white,” she explained with an animated and stern point to the one she meant. The kitten in question, a itty-bitty, little calico almost buried beneath it’s pen-mates, rubbed its face against the thick plastic exactly at the spot she pointed.

Kuroo’s heart couldn’t help but melt at the sight of the precious ball of fluff that obviously took as much of a liking to his little girl as she had to it. Every so gently, he adjusted the other kittens to pluck it up and handed it, well, her, off to his daughter, who took her equally as gingerly.

She blurted something so quietly, but her face read straight awe, that he had to ask her to repeat herself.

“Nickel, Daddy, that’s her name!” she exclaimed, brimming with joy as she plopped right down on the floor and immediately began to play with the animal.

With a bemused hum, he followed suit, taking the time to tickle its tiny tummy when it flopped over.

“Find a good one?” Kuroo’s sweetheart questioned jokingly, a bag in one hand and box under their other arm.

“Yep!” the pair beamed in unison. The newly-named Nickel even let out a little mew of ascent.

And, just like that, their family gained its newest addition.

“…by the end of any given day Gavin would end up with five different people’s jackets tucked around him, six if Dan felt like taking the mick. But Gavin was happier now.” - Chapter 27 of The Great Sealand Takeover by whalehuntingboyfriends

I DID IT! my sweet hacker boi. i can’t express properly how much i love all of jos’ fics… this was based on one of the brief moments in the fic that were just small details but stuck with me all the same and made me appreciate it all the more! :3 put my own little twist on it for my freewood heart though<3 this li’l ray of sunshine deserves to be showered by all the love but i’d like to think that one of the days ryan would move to replace the huge pile of jackets that the others had left (or just be the first one there that day), and feel the tug of a small smile at the sight of gavin snuggled comfortably under his jacket. i always picture ray and gavin to be much more lean than the rest and if the others ever offered them their jacket, it will be over-sized and draped over them like that is so precious!! >u<

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i’m doing this post mostly just to let my feelings out but i also want to point out how presh the members are with Luhan when he came back from his break :) and as always,its gon be PHOTOS HEAVY AND FUCKING LONG LIKE LITERALLY so just keep it in mind before u read this ,or just ignore it , i warned u already OTL

as u all know, recently Luhan just took a break and couldn’t attend one of the concerts because of his exhaustion. he was seen going to the hospital for check up and look visibly tired these days. before that he got heat stroke during one of the concert, and had to took a train to shorten his flight time. turn out he’s exhausted,physically and mentally. im not surprised w all the schedules from all over the place, and they barely get to rest or sleep. then luhan is scared of height, he shakes even when he ride the elevator so imagine having to be up high several times a day on top of being tired. then turn out he had to take sleeping pills in order to fly because it got worse,so he had to take a train and got permission to shorten his flight. that’s heartbreaking ;____; i didnt think it was that bad, but sometimes i wonder how he deal w all the flights when he’s scared of height and well i got my not so pleasant answer. he had no choice tho, he got rlly weak and it must be pretty bad that he had to take a break and was rarely seen in public during those days,he could barely even open his eyes or walk at the airport jfc

but u know what,thats just the tip of the iceberg. and im talking bout luhan specifically here, i know bout the other member’s injuries and exhaustion too but mention everything would be rlly long and this post is bout luhan so. he was constantly tired even back then,it just got worse then till he couldnt go on anymore. for the 1st time ever, he admitted that he’s sick,that he cant go on and has to take a break. for a guy that always say he’s fine,that he got better and dont worry and never say he’s tired or sick or complain and still carry out all of his schedules, that rlly says sth. and fans found these pics, he had needle marks,most likely IV drips to keep him going from months ago

not to mention there’s scar,bruises and scratch on his knees and arms and god knows where. even when i saw him 4 months ago, he looked rlly tired that i didnt even want to approach or say anything cuz he just look like he didnt want to be bother and want to be in peace. and he’s known to have weak immune system ever since, always get sick here and there. back in Happy Camp recording in June, he was coughing on the side but he still did everything as normal. on top of that,he’s constanly being bothered by sasaeng who harassed him,stalked him and just added onto the burden he already had. when he had his filming for his movie, they cursed at him to get attention, threw papers w phone numbers at him,knocked on his hotel’s door, digged up his trashcan, and even put a camera in his room. luhan is a selfless guy, he always care bout others before him. he was worried bout his filming cuz its his 1st movie and he works w seniors, he had to think for the filming crew, he was afraid the fans gon bother them and delayed the filming which will result in shorter scenes for him since he has limited time frame to film. he got a lot on his mind already ,and his body is exhausted.

but u know whats amazing bout him,he carried out all the schedules including solo schedules. he participated everything w the members. he performed everything till the end at all the concerts he’s been to. when he didnt have strength to stand, he sat down and kept singing. tho he’s scared of heights, he still fly all over the place and try his best to show his gratitude to the fans. e usually smile, wave, talk a lil or bow at the airport, but when he didnt do it and didnt say a word, fans know that sth must have happened. and what rlly tugs at my heart is that he never once complain or let fans know if he’s feeling unwell or uncomfortable. he always smile, always wave and always say thank you, i love you ,sorry and be happy,be healthy. i want to scold him for saying that cause its like default for him. he doesnt have to apologize for being sick, he doesnt wish for his health but for ours. but that’s just luhan for you :) 

and what makes me sad are the ppl who doubted him,some of his fans are included. i know whatever happened make u paranoid, but its unfair to doubt luhan who did solo schedule for several time already and he always come back. then why do u suspect him and spread rumors and being unnecessarily dramatic when he always come back w the members? why dont u worry bout his health instead. idk him personally and i cant say anything for sure, but if u love him then at least have some faith in him. if u love him then u should know what he has done and who he is. the least u can do is trust him, why do u call urself his fan when u doubt his actions? trust is a 2 bladed knife and u just have to take the risk.but i just want to point out that its not fair for him, and not fair for others when u freak out and start to imagine things then scare them which lead into a mess of crying and complaining and suspicious fans.pls just dont, this fandom has enough of that. if the photos of him coming back dont say anything, then i have nothing left to say.i ll take the risk in trusting him, so its up to you

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