this train is the friendship express

–Spoilerish for the end of Season 4 of BBC Sherlock–

The nasty people shitting hate all over Sherlock’s writers by wishing them DEAD because of what happened (or, more accurately, didn’t happen) in the final episode are giving me such third-degree second-hand embarrassment I’ll be surprised if I survive the rest of the day without cringing myself into the next dimension. I’m glad I slipped off the TJLC hype train before it derailed off a cliff because reading all these hateful comments in all tags relating to BBC Sherlock are making me want to hurl. This is worse than the time half the fandom saw blood just because Amanda Abbington was playing Mary. 

John and Sherlock do love each other more than what I think a lot of people realize. Their connection transcends friendship without having to be labelled as romantic; they love each other deeply and dearly without ever having to express it in the ways the audience wanted, and that’s as plain as the nose on all of your faces. John loves Sherlock. Sherlock loves John. TJLC isn’t real in the way people thought, but that doesn’t mean they love each other any less. 

So I told my dad how the fandom thought Sam Wilson was Hydra because “he was friends with Steve to fast”

What he said was that they’re both war vets. Steve from WWII and Sam from the Middle East.

That its natural for men and women to become quick friends when they experience the army. Because you know what it’s like. Basic training, being yelled at by your Sergeant, being fired upon, losing friends to warfare.

It’s a thing you experience and understand without having to express it.

He said that he could go to a bar and make friends in one night with a war vet because they’ve both experienced the military than someone at work that he’s known for four years.

So the fact that people say that they became friends “to fast” is stupid.

To him, Sam’s & Steve’s friendship was accurate for who they are and what they were. It resembled how real vets became friends.

Love & Friendship & Marathon

How to define and express truly, sincere love and friendship. ….

After many weeks of training, good and bad days, recovered from a previous injury, I did run my first and maybe last Marathon. I could say one of the hardest thing ever.
Was a sunny and hot day 70f, on a weird Winter day.

By mile 9, when the Half splits from the Full, is when reality attacked(nervous, pride, every posible emotion combined). Very hard conditions, were draining very fast my energy. “I just needed to make to mile 15”. When I got there, I told myself, I know I have 5 more miles and maybe 10.

Surprisingly, I saw my friends, Karen and Frannie, waiting for me at mile 17 or 18 to cheer me up. What they didn’t know, is that I needed more than that, “I asked them, to stay with me” .

After mile 20, I knew that could do the extra, 6.2. But I was too tired, and is very easy to give up when your brain is not working. Frannie never stopped telling me how strong I am. I guess at some point I didn’t have another option that believe her and get the rest of me.

I asked her to continue running with me.

Mile 26, is time to finish ….and finish fast “thanks track work out ”. I crossed the finished line. In pain and very tired but I finished very proud of myself.

I can’t thanks enought to my girlfiends. They showed their love and how much they care.

I guess this is what defines love and friendship…
Rosius: Codes and Trains

Maybe a one-shot, maybe a story. I don’t know yet. 

Scorpius POV

“Scorpius, you be good.” Mum said gently kissing my cheek and hugging me, “I love you so much…”

“Mum,” I groaned “I’ll be fine.”

“Astoria, I think it’s time to let him go. Scorp, don’t be a prick like I was, promise?”

“Yeah Dad.” He gave me a hug too.

“Bye darling, see you at Christmas don’t forget to write.”

“I won’t. Love you guys.” I smiled and parted from my parents. This was going to be an adventure.  I got onto the train, not really knowing where to sit.  This is the times being a Malfoy sucked. People hate you or respect you just because of your name, not by the person you are. I went to a muggle elementary school and it was great. I was just another kid. The thing I was known for there was that I had a Mum who played violin in the west end. (The kids there though it was awesome that I met Broadway stars a few times.) But the moment I entered back into the wizarding world I wasn’t just another kid. There was always some person taking pictures or asking us questions.  It didn’t help that dad owned one of the most successful wizarding companies either.

           I got to an almost empty compartment. There was a girl with red hair, freckles, and a book. She must be a Weasley. I heard the stories of the golden trio as a kid from Dad and Grandfather.  They only spoke good things about them, even though I knew that at least grandfather, had things against them. The train suddenly jolted. Shoot. I have to sit somewhere.

I awkwardly opened the door. She looked up.


“Hi. Can I sit here?”

“Of course.”  She smiled. I got a closer look at the book she was reading. It was in a different language, maybe French? I was fluent in French and I had no clue what it meant. Maybe…

“It’s in Latin.”


“ It’s about myths and stuff .”

“Cool.” I brought out my book. It was about tons of codes and I was determined to solve them.

“I love that book!” She was looking at me again “I read it over the summer two years ago. I am personally trying to write a code that is even impossible to solve with magic unless you have the exact right series of spells. Like enigma if you know what I mean.”

I was slightly shocked. I have never met anyone that read the same stuff that I did, not that I had many friends my age.

“Really? I can barley even solve just one and I’ve been working on it since June!”

“I can help, If you want. My name is Rose, by the way. Rose Wealsey.” Ha, I was right! “And you must be the Malfoy.”

“Yeah. Scorpius. Don’t you have tons of family here? Why aren’t you with them?”

“They’re not who I would prefer to hang out with. They are all way too loud and always have the tendency to do before they think.”

“No offence to them, but that’s just stupid. How can you stand that?” I started to laugh.

“I really don’t know.” By then we were both cracking up “I like you Scorpius Malfoy. We should be friends.”

“Sure Rose.”

Headcanon that originally Papyrus and Undyne had rather different expressions.

Undyne was frowning a lot more and her expressions were more reserved. And Papyrus’ face was more of a worried pleading expression.

But after they became friends and started hanging out and training together, they both started smiling more and imitating each other’s smiles.


There’s no faking it around man’s best friend! 

In a study by the Messerli Research Institute’s Clever Dog Lab in Vienna, scientists trained dogs to associate pictures of happy or angry faces with their corresponding emotions. 

The dogs were shown new and unfamiliar faces, as well as different parts of the faces. This tactic proved successful… it showed the dogs were able to “transfer their knowledge” of human facial expressions.

Read more about the research here.

On Merlin's Wrinkly Old Bum

     “Oi! Lily. Get up, you arse.”

     Lily, flung from her dreams, refused to open her eyes. She was in a beam of sunshine, the Hogwarts Express was chugging along rhythmically, and she was having a very nice fantasy about a certain Chaser, thank you very much. “Fuck off, McKinnon.”

     “You fell asleep in the middle of my story,  you bitch. Now you’ll never know about my scandalous exploits with the dreamy Daily Prophet boy when I was interning with old Mr. Blotts.” Marlene poked Lily. “We discussed how important sharing my sex life is to our friendship.”

     “Mhmmm I’m up,” Lily mumbled. But she was already drifting back to sleep, rocking along with the train, her head filled with Quaffles and a mop of black hair and a mischievous grin and…

     “Hey Marlene…is that James Potter I spy outside of our compartment? Is he motioning to come in? Shall we let him see our lovely Lily asleep with drool running down her chin?” A new voice chirped up, this time Mary.

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