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The Call

Pairing:  Jensen x Reader (Female)

Summary:  It’s been a tough day on set for Director Ackles until he receives a call from the reader.

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: Dirty talk, bit of smut… I think that’s it…

A/N: This is for Kari’s Favorite Things Challenge hosted by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing !!! She’s a fantastic writer so go check her out! My prompt was talking on the phone with Jensen, and it’s my first time writing Jensen, so any critiques is appreciated! Also I’m starting a new tag list so let me knopw if you would like to be tagged in anything

(Gifs are not mine)

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Hartwin Fic: (Not So) Patiently Waiting

A little something to tide us over until the trailer finally drops. :-)

“Come oooonnnn,” Eggsy groans. He throws his head back, and Harry looks up in time to see him refresh his Facebook feed one more time. 

“Still waiting, I take it,” he observes. 

“What was your first clue?” Eggsy retorts. He sits up straight again, resettles his laptop across his thighs, and refreshes the page again. 

Harry puts his thumb in between the pages of the book he’s currently reading, then gives Eggsy his full attention. “This is that trailer you’ve been waiting on? Heroes Glory?" 

Valiant’s Glory,“ Eggsy says. "I’ve only told you like a hundred times.” He refreshes his feed. “And yeah, that’s the one." 

"I see,” Harry says. He glances at his Bremont; it’s been two hours since dinner, and in all that time he doubts Eggsy has even thought about doing something besides sit curled up on the couch with his laptop and his growing impatience. “Why don’t you try walking away?" 

Eggsy looks up at him, aghast with horror. "It’ll drop if I do that! And then I’ll miss it!" 

"I might be old and out of touch,” Harry says with a touch of asperity, “but the last time I checked, videos like that don’t just disappear without warning." 

"You never know,” Eggsy mutters darkly, and refreshes the page again. 

“Your dog needs a walk,” Harry suggests helpfully. 

Eggsy doesn’t even glance up. “It’s your turn to take him out." 

"I wasn’t aware we took turns with JB,” Harry says. 

Eggsy refreshes the page, mutters something under his breath, then says, “It ain’t time yet. ‘sides, look at him. He’s all curled up in his bed." 

This is definitely true, and Harry bites back a sigh. He’s had enough of Eggsy’s insufferable nature tonight. 

And to think people have the nerve to call him stubborn. 

He sets his book down and slides across the couch to sit right beside Eggsy. He reaches up and gently takes hold of Eggsy’s chin. Eggsy makes a faint questioning noise, then Harry turns his head and kisses him. 

Eggsy leans into the kiss right away, warm and eager like always. But just before they draw apart, Harry opens his eyes and sees that Eggsy is peeking at his computer screen. 

He doesn’t even think. He just reacts, his hand shooting out and forcefully closing the laptop. 

"Oi!” Eggsy snatches his hands back. “You almost got my fingers!" 

"Well it’s not like you’re doing anything with them,” Harry points out. 

Eggsy gives him a look, glances almost longingly at the laptop – this trailer must be pretty amazing from the way he’s going on about it – and then turns toward Harry. “Okay then,” he says. He grins. “If that’s how you want to play it." 

"I do indeed,” Harry says solemnly, but he’s already fighting back a smile. 

It turns out Eggsy can put his hands to far better use than just hitting the Refresh button for hours on end. At some point the laptop slides off the couch and lands on the floor, but it’s cushioned by their shirts, which have already been cast away, and so no harm comes to it. 

And when Eggsy’s phone dings with the long-awaited alert, neither one of them pays it any attention. 

anonymous asked:

yo! I'm in love with your writing, and i'm in a weird sad angst mood, I need a sad af fic. everything after 1x12 feels like too much for jughead and he attempts suicide, betty finds him, and then he's admitted to the hospital. Betty meets his mom and jellybean for the first time in the waiting room where she fell asleep, and after that she visits him in the hospital every single day, why am I in the mood for such sadness? I dont know, but it would mean the world if you wrote this for me. thanks!

thank you! i’ll give it a go 

trigger warnings: mentions of self harm & suicide


he’d had enough. 

enough of the looks, the whispers & rumors, the gossip. he wanted it all to stop.

last year people didn’t really notice him, he could blend into the crowd easy enough but being the (now former) best friend of a football player, girlfriend of a cheerleader, friend of another cheerleader and now son of the accused killer of jason blossom. it was all getting too much.

betty had been trying to call him all afternoon but he’d been avoiding his phone like the plague maybe i should just get the plague then i’ll be gone.


sitting alone in his fathers trailer, he looked around the tv at the photo frames of his family. picking up the one with his mother in, he smashed it on the ground. why did she reject me. 

he started breaking more and more things, first more frames then plates finishing with the glasses. 

his phone kept ringing, he felt guilty for ignoring his girlfriend so finally he picked up “what betty?”

“juggie are you okay? i’ve been looking for you for ages. come back please” she pleaded.

his heart broke at her voice “i can’t bets. it’s better this way. better if i never come back”

“never come back? jug what’re you going to do?”

“goodbye elizabeth cooper. i love you” he hung up and smashed his phone to the ground. picking up a shard of glass, he pressed it along his arm deep enough to draw some blood.

it stung at first. he washed his bloody arm under the tap. he tried again. finding the vein and dragging the glass across sighing as the blood oozed out.

a knock at the door startled him “juggie open up” betty sounded worried.

he looked at his arm and shook his head no one worries about me. taking the glass to his other arm, he started to feel faint. knocking over the table in his way he fell to the ground.

he heard betty talking to someone else but couldn’t make out any words. the door to the trailer opened and she ran to him looking distraught “juggie what did you do?”

the man behind was the trailer park owner who was on the phone calling an ambulance.

“get him some towels” betty ordered the older man. looking back at her boyfriend she took his head in her hand stroking his hair “it’s gonna be okay jug. keep looking at me.”

“bets” his voice was so quiet “love you” he managed to get out

“jughead look at me” he opened his eyes again “i love you too jughead to do this for me. stay with me.”

the paramedics arrived and the next half hour was a blur. she rode with them to the hospital not letting go of his hand until the last moment where she was almost dragged away. sitting in the waiting room, she was holding his beanie, crying. not caring what people around her thought.

the doors to the waiting room crashed open “i’m looking for my son” she heard “forsythe jones the third.” looking up betty saw his mom and sister, she recognized gladys and jellybean from the pictures in the trailer.

“mrs jones?” she asked “i’m betty cooper. juggie’s girlfriend” she introduced holding out her hand like her parents taught her to do with new people but the elder woman pulled her in for a hug.

“do you know what happened?” she asked now hugging a crying jellybean.

“fp was arrested for the murder of jason blossom. everyone was picking on jughead and he left school early. i called him so many times but he didn’t pick up and when he did” betty was crying at his point “he said goodbye so i went to the trailer and found him like this.”

jellybean turned to hug her brothers girlfriend “thank you for finding him” she said. betty kissed her forehead hugging back.


it was now the end of the day and still no news. archie and veronica had turned up as well as kevin who was holding a now very sleepy and exhausted betty. fred and alice walked in, greeting gladys and jellybean. 

“come on guys” fred said “i’ll take you all home”

“no” betty insisted “i’m staying here”

“sweetheart you need rest you have school tomorrow” alice spoke up

“no. i’m not going to school till jughead’s better. they caused it you know” everyone looked confused “everyone at school. the name calling, the abuse he was getting. people throwing things at him.”

“you don’t know that for sure. it could have been anything.”

“really? his dad gets arrested, his mom turned him away, none of you believe that fp’s innocent. you all turned your backs on him. i know him and i love him. he wouldn’t do this unless he felt like he couldn’t cope.”

this took everyone by surprise. they all knew the two were dating but didn’t know how they felt. alice was the one to break the silence “come on, i’ll take you home” before betty could protest she continued “i’ll bring you back tomorrow” she turned to gladys and jellybean “you’re both welcome back too. jellybean, why don’t you come back with us and have a good sleep and change of clothes.”

the young girl looked to her mother who nodded “i’ll call if i hear anything. thanks ali.”

both mothers hugged and alice led them out to the car and drove them home.


during the middle of the night, betty heard her door open and she shot up “jelly?” she asked

the girl walked closer to her “i couldn’t sleep. can i stay with you tonight betty?” the older girl nodded and shifted in her bed to make room and the two fell asleep.

the next morning, after eating breakfast, alice took them to the hospital with a change of clothes for gladys who was asleep in the waiting room.

about two hours later a doctor came out to ask for family of forsythe jones.

“i’m his mom” she responded “how is he?”

“he’s doing better. although there was massive blood loss, we managed to give him some o-neg and for now it’s looking good. he hasn’t woken up yet but should within the next hour or two. do you want to go see him?”

gladys looked relieved  but pointed at betty and jellybean “they will. i need to change and call some people.”

the doctor nodded and led the two to his room. he was hooked up to machines and blood packs. the two girls took up a seat on either side of him and held his hands. 


betty must have fallen asleep because the next thing she knew, jellybean was shaking her shoulder to wake her up “look” the young jones said “he’s awake.”

betty moved closer to the bed and saw his smile “you’re awake” he said.

she smiled for a moment before slapping his leg “don’t do that again jug.”

jellybean left the room to get their moms.

he opened slid over in his bed and let her lay down “i’m sorry i scared you. i just wanted it to be over” 

“i know babe” she comforted him. placing her hand on his cheek “but i’m here whenever you need to talk okay.” he nodded

“i love you betty”

“i love you too jughead” she nestled into him, his arm now resting on her shoulders.



I’m gonna save the entire pokeani fandom trouble and make one post containing all the possible #Discourse for the new trailer so we can take care of the serpent’s egg before it hatches okay here we go:

“New Companion Girl is better than Misty for XYZ reasons.”

“New Companion Boy is better than Brock for XYZ reasons.”

“Misty is better than New Companion Girl for XYZ reasons.”

“Brock is better than New Companion Boy for XYZ reasons.”

“The Pokeani writers are the worst for leaving out Misty and Brock!”

“Old fans need to get over it! Misty and Brock are not in the show anymore!”

“The changes are ruining my childhood!”

“The show should have done it this way from the beginning!”

Okay I think that pretty much covers all the bases, so let this now be a Discourse-free get-hype for the new film.

Baby and the ‘Bird

Here is my entry for @death2thevirgin’s Classic Movie Quotes challenge.  My quote was “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” from Dirty Dancing (one of the best movies, like, ever).

Summary: Jensen and Y/N discuss whose car is truly better – the Impala or the Firebird.

Warnings: none

A/N: This is a sort of one-shot companion piece of my Firebird series that I wrote a loooonnng time ago.  You don’t have to read it to like this, but it wouldn’t hurt!

word count: ~950

You pulled into the lot, parking next to Jensen’s trailer before grabbing the extra-large bag of sweets and treats you brought from your shop for the cast and crew to munch on. A few people waved at you as you walked over to stage 3, where Jensen had texted you to meet them.  

Since the two of you had gotten together, when Jared had tricked you together, you had become a regular face to see on set.  No matter how often Clif brought the boys by your shop in the morning, you were always getting a text order from one or the other of them mid-day, and you’d never say no to another reason to visit Jensen.

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straightasdeanwinchester  asked:

I am adoring these head canons! I was wondering if you could do a "how the cast cheer you up"?? Like separately with Misha, Jensen and Jared please???❤

aww hon thanks!❤ hope this is what you wanted:)

- sometimes it scared you how easily he could read you

- “You’re upset.”

“No I’m not.”

“Yes you are. What is it?”

- he was there as a shoulder to cry on or an arm to wrap yourself in

- he really loved to kiss your forehead when you were upset

- like a lot

- he would put on random shows and watch them with you when you sere upset

- he made sure you ate and drank and cleaned yourself up

- “You’re like my mom.”

“If you want to call me mommy, that’s cool.”

“Shut up.”

“Don’t you speak to your mother in that tone!”

- he was always there for you, and always made sure that nothing would put too much stress on you

- Jensen was always prepared to take care of your worst, and seemed to be the only calming presence when you were in the middle of a storm

- two words: BEAR HUGS

- you didn’t even have to say anything when you were upset- you just had to give him a look and he’d know

- “I’m here. I’ve got you.”

- even though you were dwarfed in comparison, he always found a way to make you fit into his arms

- Jared would simply hold you and seemingly stick together the pieces that were breaking

- there was definitely not a stash of your favourite candy preserved specifically for you in his trailer

- no way

- “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not really.”


- somehow, he always managed to make you laugh when you were down

- “Did you seriously steal my flannel?”

“What? It’s comfy.”

“Then I’m stealing yours.”



“… You are so lucky that you chose my ratty flannel.”

- he always made you feel better, even when you didn’t think there was a way

- sometimes you’d fall asleep on him (he’d threaten anyone who would try to wake you)

- everyone was surprised when they found out that Misha could very easily comfort you

- “… So he’s comforting Y/N?”


“Didn’t he put glitter in her shampoo once?“

“Their relationship is too complicated for me to understand.”

- he’d quickly come over and cheer you up with very cheesy jokes and an arm slung around your shoulders

- he’d just randomly… appear??

- with bags of your favourite candy??????

- he was an oddball, but you loved him and he could work miracles on you like no other

- “What’s up, Y/N?”

“Not much.”

“… You okay?”


“Okay, well, when you decide that that’s bullshit, come and talk to me.”

- he cheered you up the quickest out of them all

Sleep - pt 18

Originally posted by jminies

One thing you had come to fear less was the chance of getting caught. The cops never entered the tavern. Maggs knew how to handle customers that got too rowdy after a night of drinking.

The last time you saw a cop was in Sacramento as you guys were leaving and cars on the freeway were getting pulled over.

Jimin wanted to leave soon though. You’ve been on the run for two months now and everything was going better than planned. As much as you wanted to stay, he said it was too dangerous to stay in one place for too long.

“What’s wrong babe?” He walked through the trailer door and you flushed in embarrassment as he saw you sitting down on the floor crying.

As much as you wanted to hug him and feel his arms around you, you stayed on the floor and didn’t meet his gaze.

You shook your head and told him it’s nothing. “Just thinking about leaving. It makes me sad.” You lied.

It wasn’t right. The way you flushed underneath his gaze. Somehow you felt like he was testing you. He always seems to be hinting at more.

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hey star trek discovery looks really good and i was very impressed with the trailer, but i want to address that you can think it looks good without tearing down another series! i’m seeing a lot of “this looks way better than _____!” posts and i just feel like it’s okay to let them all live. you don’t have to like them all but you can let others enjoy them.

I'm not trying to defend the emoji movie but...

Where are all these crazy vocal people talking about how “Ugh, it just looks like every other kids movie!! How did this get okayed??”
Like. The trailer is honestly better than the Trolls one, and there’s no way the movie is gonna be worse than like. Trolls, Norm of the North, Boss Baby, ANY Smurfs movie from this generation, Sing, Secret Lives of Pets, etc.
The idea is mad stupid, but it isn’t any worse than the other garbage kids movies that get pumped out EVERY. MONTH.
Don’t make this the ONE movie you have an issue with then suddenly stop caring after it’s out.

and just like that,
my life with you, flashed before my eyes. As if i was in a movie and they slowed the music down and clips from the best moments played. What happened? It was not too long ago that we were planning forever. Then forever had to end. i’m the last one in the theatre watching the credits roll. Waiting to see the trailer for the next, or to see what actually happens at the end. I am on the edge of my seat, trying to make sense of the movie that just played. I can’t accept that as a real ending. “No, no see it wasn’t written that way. This was not in the book, where is the ending?” the credits continue to roll… Everyone is gone. How can everyone be okay with this as the ending? Even Romeo and Juliet had a better ending then this.


And now, for the worst makeover of the cycle/potentially ever:


Go ahead and put the word “model” in front of mullet, Tyra, but that doesn’t make it remotely fashionable. Like, I could pretend “model tracheostomy” is a thing…

… but you’re not seeing it on a catwalk anytime soon. “Model mullet” might as well be an oxymoron.

I google image searched “famous mullet” to see if there was any kind of reasonable precedent that I’m forgetting about. Here’s who turns up:

Michael Bolton

Chuck Norris


John Stamos

Billy Ray Cyrus

Andre Agassi

and that kid from Home Improvement.

In fact, I scrolled through 100 photos of men before the first mulleted woman even made an appearance: 

Carol Brady. You know, a true fashion icon from the early ‘70s.

Searching specifically for modern-day models with mullets, most searches point me toward Lindsey Wixson. What websites are calling a “mullet” looks way more trendy and hipster-y than legitimately mullety, though. It’s a big contrast to Ava’s clumpy cut, which - for better or worse - seems more authentic to the trailer park. It’s as if they sewed roadkill to the back of her head.

Everything you need to know about Ava’s haircut can be read from her stylist’s bewildered facial expression:

You gotta give Ava credit. When Yu Tsai first reveals Ava’s mullet makeover, she barely flinches. She just sort of smiles and says, “Oh, okay.” Forget modeling, this girl needs to be an actress. “I’m ready to rock it,” she says post-cut. “I feel great in it, it’s easy, and it’s so fun.” She’s undoubtedly lying her ass off, but it’s fairly convincing, so good on her.

Instead of crying, Ava definitely knows how to keep things in perspective. Here, it seems like she’s reminding herself that it’s not like they gave her a mustache weave. Hey, don’t act like that wasn’t a possibility. Ava winds up thanking Tyra for the cut at panel, but it should be Tyra who’s thanking her for playing along.

Because this? This is sabotage. I already speculated that they fucked up Stefano’s hair for fun since he was already on his way out, but Ava’s haircut is meant to hinder her moving forward. So far, she’s kicked ass in every photoshoot and has to be considered a frontrunner. Four out of the last five winners have been blonde women, and Tyra isn’t trying to name another. At least Tyra gave Ava best photo once before eliminating her a few weeks from now for not looking “high fashion” enough despite being handicapped with a fucking mullet.

It’s a shame ‘cause I’ve really liked Ava so far. She’s fun, she’s kind, and she stands up for herself and her friends when warranted. She’s also not condescending or homophobic like we’ve come to expect from a lot of reality television Christians.

Mullets are said to be “business in the front, party in the back.” With this cut, though, no one’s going to want to conduct business or throw a party with Ava from either side. Even if you’re not as religious as Ava, do her a favor and pray for her. She needs it.

7 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 22 Ep. 4

Just Friends

Jensen x Reader

42: “Why is this so hard?”

45: “you love him/her don’t you?”

Requested by Anon

***Please note that this is for fictional purposes. I mean no harm to Danneel or their family.*****

I watched her walk into the make up trailer, her hair in a messy bun, she was wearing her favourite sweatpants and her oversized Always Keep Fighting sweater that Jared had gave her for the campaign. She looked beautiful no matter what she wore. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

I wasn’t supposed to feel this way towards her, I was married for fuck sakes. I shouldn’t have these thoughts towards her, but I do and I can’t help it. At first I thought it was just because of our characters chemistry together, because of Dean and her characters relationship, but when I kissed her for the first time, it was game over. I knew I was in trouble.

“Jensen?” her voice broke me from my thoughts.


“I asked how your weekend was? You know, finally seeing your daughter and Danneel,” she said, furrowing her brows at me. “Is everything okay with you?”

“Yeah sorry. I’m just trying to get into the right head space for todays scene,” I told her.

“Jens, you know I’m always here if you wanna talk, right?” She assured me. Her make up was done and she made her way over to my chair, a sympathetic expression on her face. She knew me, almost better than Danneel did. 

“Yeah, I know. Thanks Y/N.” She pressed a kiss to my forehead as Jared entered the trailer. She smiled at him as she left to go get changed for the scene. Jared glanced over at me and my head dropped.

Why is this so hard?

“I think it’s because you spend so much time together, and because you and her character are involved. It’s nothing, J. She’s your best friend,” Jared said to me.

“It doesn’t feel like that, Jared. It feels like something more,” I paused. “Its not like anything could happen. I have a family and she has a boyfriend that she loves.”

You love her don’t you?

“I think I’m in love with her.”

Future Part 51

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Words: 1040

Summary: Filming starts back up, new friends are made, and then the reader slowly doesn’t start to feel well.

Part 51 in The Future Series.  Read Part 25 here,Part 26 here,Part 27 here, Part 28 here, Part 29 here, Part 30 here,Part 31 here,Part 32 here,Part 33 here, Part 34 here, Part 35 here, Part 36 here, Part 37 here, Part 38 here,Part 39 here,Part 40 here, Part 41 here, Part 42 here, Part 43 here, Part 44 here, Part 45 here, Part 46 here, Part 47 here, Part 48 herePart 49 here, and Part 50 here

Future is back!! :D Enjoy, guys! We have a lot coming! ;)

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“Reporter” Issues

Jensen Ackles x Reader (Part 7)

Word Count: 2,087

Warnings: Language, angst,  very tiny minuscule fluff  :)

Summary: You finally figure out who the blonde girl is….oops

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

@abaddonwithyall, @manawhaat, @sincerelysaraahh@bovaria, and @pepermint-pada-ackles :)

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Exo Reactions To The Two Of You Wanting Sexy Time While You’re At The Cinema

You asked for it, I hope you’re satisfied. Also, like I said some of it might not make sense because I was half asleep & I didn’t reread any of it to make sure it all made perfect sense. So sorry for the weirdness of some of the parts. :P xo


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I just had this phone conversation with my mother...
  • Me: ......what?
  • Me: What are you talking about?
  • Mom: In Winter Soldier, we just watched the trailer!
  • Me: OH THAT'S FALCON!!!!
  • Mom: HE'S SO COOL!!
  • Mom: Okay, that's it.
  • Me: Okay, love you.
  • Mom: Love you. Bye.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

The scene was probably the most emotional one that you’d ever had to do while being on the show. Dean had just been taken to hell and your character was supposed to be sobbing, due to being secretly in love with him, as well as being his best friend. Unfortunately, after the director called it a day, you couldn’t stop sobbing.  You were making your way back to your trailer when Jared caught sight of you.

“Hey, you’re still crying. Are you okay?” he asked and you nodded.

“I’m f-fine,” you managed to say. “My emotions are j-just getting the b-best of me.”

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Feminist Disney Princesses

Okay I’ve been wanting to make this post for a while because Tumblr’s hatred for Frozen has been getting to me lately. So sit down and strap in because I want to discuss feminism in narrative vs feminism in character!

FIRST thing I want to say, nay, I beg to be allowed to say, is that HOLY CRAP PEOPLE WE ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE MORE THAN JUST ONE FEMINIST FILM, YES? Can we PLEASE all agree that just because someone might like Frozen and find Elsa’s story empowering and relatable DOES NOT MEAN THEY DIDNT ALSO REALLY ENJOY TIANA? My gosh. Okay. Im going to talk about what I consider to be the top Feminist Disney Princess Movies, but you can find female empowerment in almost ALL of Disneys films although in a lot of the earlier ones it was buried in a lot of cultural misogyny as well. But most of Disneys ladies are pretty damn strong individuals in their own right which is why I realy love Disney movies ahmahgash okay.

Mulan (1998)

Mulan is, hands down, my favourite Disney movie. And I really don’t think anything will be knocking it out of that spot any time soon. As a kid I gravitated to it because I already LOVED action shows but hadn’t really seen many GIRLS doing the fighting. I loved it.

Mulan is a very feminist narrative. It is about a young girl who goes to war despite not being legally allowed to do so, fights to save and protect her family and her country and ends up being totally badass while doing it, proving everyone wrong in the process. She defeats the Huns, she defeats the odds, and she spits in the face of sexism.
NOW, that is the NARRATIVE. Lets look at her character.

Mulan is actually herself not a very feminist character. Her story may have been about going to battle in a culture that didn’t allow women to do such things, but it was never ABOUT that for her. She is 100% on board with the cultures ideas, and she never considered wanting to fight in battle until she realised how sick her father was. This was about love. It was also about self discovery, but Ill get to that in a minute. She is 100% okay with her societies ideas about young women being married off by a matchmaker, and feels shame that she doesn’t fit into what would be a womanly ideal. She goes to war partly to protect her father, but also partly because she feels lost and wants to find some way to fit in, wants to find her place. Hers is a journey of discovering her own confidence. She failed at the matchmaker not because she wasn’t pretty enough or compliant enough. She failed because she was so nervous and self conscious that she messed everything up. Going to war built her confidence up. She carries herself differently at the end of the film, more in her own skin, and that had nothing to do with fighting for women’s rights to do things men can do, it had everything to do with the fact that she finally succeeded at something in her life.
While her character attitudes are not necessarily staunchly feminist, her story certainly is.

 The Princess and the Frog (2009)

This one is really interesting because you could consider it the exact opposite. There is nothing particularly feminist about the story itself. Narratively, its a pretty typical fairy tale story. Girl meets prince, prince is a jerk, they get turned into frogs by magic, have to work together to fix it and the prince grows along the way to become less of a jerk. Honestly if I could pick one reason people don’t talk about this movie a lot its because the story isn't really all that grabbing, and is fairly forgettable. You know what is not forgettable? Tiana herself.

Tiana is arguably one of the THE MOST FEMINIST Disney Princesses ever, for one very important reason: She dosnt. Need. To find. Herself.  
Every Disney character is looking for something, trying to figure something out about themselves. Its why theres always an “I Want” song at the beginning, we need to know what the character is hoping to get out of the journey. Belle “Wanted so much more than this provincial life”, Mulan wanted “her reflection to show who she was inside”, Ariel wants to be “Part of that world”. Its a core part of all of these characters.
You know what Tiana wants? TO OPEN HER OWN RESTERAUNT AND BE A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER. Tiana knows who she is and knows exactly what she wants and shes already working towards it. Tiana. Is. AWESOME.

Brave (2012)

I have a huge soft spot for Brave because Brave is so many different things. I think people felt Brave fell a little flat because it really wasn’t what we expected it to be but that’s okay and Ill talk about that in a second.

Brave’s main character Merida is as feminist as they come. She is a tomboy and she dosnt care who knows it. She rejects gender ideas in favor of what she enjoys and wont let anyone tell her different. I feel like everyone should be totally on board with Merida, we need more Merida love.
That said, Brave’s storyline has absolutely nothing to do with feminism, which is I think why people didn’t like it because the trailers really made it seem like it would.
Instead, Brave is about a mother/daughter relationship. Her feminist ways cause strife with her very traditionalist mother and through the course of magic and sorcery, both need to learn to relate to and understand one another a little better. I loved this movie because holy crap this was my relationship with my mom growing up. To a tee. I related to it so damn strongly. So Im okay with it not being the kickass Mulan storyline I had gone in hoping for.

Also, does anyone remember when the trailers for Brave came out and we had tons of people bitching about it? “Oh so a woman warrior saves the day… I remember this movie… it was called Mulan hyuk hyuk…”
Can I just say, once again, FEMINISM IS ALLOWED TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE MOVIE? We don’t have to have just one. This isn’t the Smurfs were only one character can represent us. We don’t have to fight about “Well THAT movie cant be Disneys Feminist movie because THIS movie is”

Frozen (2013)

Aaaaaaand Frozen. *sigh* Frozen. You get so much hate.
I get it. Its cool to hate on the things that gained massive popularity, especially if you yourself aren’t that into them so constantly seeing them everywhere gets annoying. I get it. But seriously? STOP IT.
There is a reason Frozen achieved massive popularity, and there is a reason people herald it as “Disneys Feminist Film”.

Frozen is not JUST about self discovery and acceptance, oh no. Frozen is much more specifically about self acceptance in the face of everyone else telling you that that thing about yourself is wrong and shameful. Mulan didn’t KNOW who she was, and had to go and find it. Tiana was only ever encouraged by those around her. Meridas mother found her tomboy nature annoying at best, but only because Merida refused to learn about the proper time and place for such things.

Elsa was told that who and what she was was shameful, and had to be hidden away since it could not be fully banished from her life, which would have been ideal. Does that sound familiar? Because it sure sounded familiar to THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WHO WATCHED THIS MOVIE. This movie isn’t about discovering your identify, is about RECLAIMING it when people have forcibly taken it away from you. That is powerful shit. That is something no other Disney film has ever done before, and Elsas moment of self acceptance in “Let it Go” blew people away because it was a moment where she finally learned to say “fuck you” to everyone who had told her that she was disgusting because of who she was.

Now its not a perfect film, and I have loads of critisisms of it from a narrative standpoint (too many songs in the first half with none in the second, Kristoff was a useless character, ect) but my gosh can we please stop tearing it down like it WASNT hugely ground breaking? Like it didn’t mean a shit ton to lots of LGBTQ people who felt exactly like Elsa? Can we maybe stop shaming people for loving this movie? And, once again, in case you didn’t get it when I said it before, please remember that FEMINISM IS ALLOWED TO HAVE MORE THAN JUST ONE MOVIE.

Okay, so Lea’s going through frame by frame as we speak, as she’s way better than I am at visual stuff, but here’s what I have so far.

We open with the mysterious 44 logo:

And from there spend a lot of time on a plain blue screen:

There’s only two things shown that I can definitively say are a thing and not just distortion. This figure, which appears around the 16 second mark:

And this thing, which appears at the end of the trailer, and looks like a head and a torso:

There also might be a shadow on some pavement, but it could just be distortion:

Also, I suspect that there might be a black circular outline (possibly an inverted logo), but it could also just be distortion (or the rarest of pepes):

Basically, I have no idea what’s happening, but I’m excite.