this trailer is absolutely adorable

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there's people hoping the "what do you want from me?/At the moment... Nothing" line was cut and remixed but i really hope it's not. i live for the angst (pls dont take that seriously w your fics,... /more/ seriously) it doesnt mean they have to break up. it just means maybe magnus cannot deal right now with that. and alec will go to the loft later and make up. or something. but i loved the line. very powerful and perfectly delivered

Look, I’ve seen so much drama about the new trailer today and I’m just ? so ? confused ???? Like ? why ? are ? people ? upset ???

Is it really that angsty? I don’t think it is.

Alec and Magnus are fighting and I love it. Let them fight. Let them be real adults in a real relationship.

Newsflash: couples get into fights. It’s part of it. They can’t agree on everything and I’m happy that they won’t and I’m even happier that they fight about it. It might not be the best one, but it’s a form of communication and anything that is communication is good.

(also, makeup kisses. just saying)

As for the “what do you want from me? at the moment, nothing.” I think it’s a brilliant line, both on Magnus’ and Alec’s part.

Alec is used to having people wanting something from him (be the perfect son, be the perfect soldier, be the perfect clave member, be the perfect brother and forget about your own feelings because they will always come second). It’s perfectly normal for him to think that Magnus too will want something from him. Also, let’s remember he came out what? one? two days ago and this whole relationship thing is new to him. He doesn’t know how to deal with it.

Plus, his parabatai is missing and all they know is that he is with the man who fucking abused him so Alec is panicking, and quite rightfully so.

And Magnus has the right answer. “Nothing. I want nothing from you at the moment but love and respect but you need to understand that on your own.”

Before he learns how to love, Alec needs to unlearn how to shield himself off. At least around Magnus.

And I’m sure Magnus will be there to show him the way.

Anyway, I loved the trailer and I absolutely adored those lines.

Sorry for the rant <3