this town is full of monsters

horror movie starter sentences

“I just love a man who gives you head - and lets you keep it!”
“It’s alive! It’s alive!”
“We’re going to need a lot of bullets.”
“I am the devil and I am here to do the devil’s work.”
“Heeeere’s Johnny!”
“My mummy always said there were no monsters– no real ones– but there are.”
“That cold ain’t the weather. That’s death approaching.”
“…and remember. The next scream you hear may be your own!”
“They won’t stay dead.”
“When there’s no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the earth.”
“In space, nobody can hear you scream.”
“I warned you not to go out tonight.”
“It started in May in a small town. And every month after that whenever the moon was full… it came back.”
“Be afraid. Be very afraid.”
“Suicide is like the ultimate ‘fuck you’.”
“Ding dong. You’re dead.”
“Humans are such easy prey.”
"The good news is your dates are here. The bad news is…they’re dead.”
“You have the right to remain silent. Forever.”
“He’s in town with a few days to kill.”
“Oh yes, there will be blood.”
“You are who you eat.”
“Something has found us.”
“What an excellent day for an exorcism.”
“Drink from me. And live forever.”
“Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep.”
“We all go a little mad sometimes.”
“They’re here…”
“I wanna play a game.”
“I see dead people.”
“I think we’ll start with a reign of terror.”
“Do you have to open graves to find girls to fall in love with?”
“We all go a little mad sometimes… Haven’t you?”


Okay so here’s an awesome idea from theghostof-sherlockholmes after my actual deer Dipper art, where Dipper, feeling guilty for the monster accident, makes a deal with Bill to turn everyone back to normal except him. “ But the deal doesn´t include him, he´s stuck, or so he thinks. But of course Bill messes with him and Dipper slowly turns into a full little Deer, including his instincts growing and his human part fading until they lose him completely. So Mabel and the whole town try to save him and somehow undo Bills Deal, accepting to become monsters again. So everything turns back to monster-normal. I think it would fit Dippers guilt and the solidarity of the town. Also it would give us some nice parts in this AU with Mabel-angst-fluff about her actual deer brother. ”

I really love this idea and I will draw about it more, thanks a lot for this even if I made myself sad…

Some scenes from today’s session of Tyranny of Dragons.  Going clockwise from the upper left.

  • We didn’t have anything white to use for a surrender flag to call in the dragon attacking town, so Nora surrendered her bra (to Daymeon, the only person in the party who could speak Draconic). The rest, as they say, is history (if by ‘history’ they mean ‘we bribed the dragon with bras to leave’).
  • Sal got his ass kicked at least twice in the past few hours (Nora did too, to be fair, and I’ll draw the beat-up party in full later because I’m a monster and I love drawing injured characters).
  • We got woken up only an hour into a long rest by the arrival of a kobold jackass with a heraldic horn. We got no spell slots back and Sal couldn’t recover his Relentless Endurance so that had something to do with why the next fight went surprisingly long and badly.
  • And finally: Cyanwrath took down Nora (KO’d only, thank goodness) and Sal bull-rushed Cyanwrath to shove her (our Cyanwrath is a girl) away from Nora’s unconscious body. It’s the only hit I managed to make all fight. We were rolling SPECTACULARLY poorly.
Gentle Giant

Pairing: Hercules x reader

Prompt: Boi beauty and the beast au with Hercules x readers or George Washington x reader?????? If your willing of course

TW: Injury, illness



In your town, there was a rumor.

But that was all you had ever regarded it as, a rumor.

It was the story of a prince, turned into a monster…but the story changed from person to person, no matter who it was that you asked. Some said it was because of a witch, others because of a curse, and still others said that he was such a horrible person, his body reformed into that of the beast.

Of course, they were just wives tales. Stories told to children, who believed them, and passed them on.

Or so you’d thought.

Your father had gone missing on his way to sell an invention of his, and his horse had come running home in a panic, whinnying and pulling you back towards where he’d been last seen in a panic. You’d grabbed your little satchel, and a cloak, wrapping it tight around you before slipping to the saddle, and letting the horse lead you, through the early winter snow, to where your father was.

And now, you stood at the front doors of a castle, chilled to the bone, and tired. Had he retreated in here? You didn’t doubt it… You lightly rapped on the heavy wood, only to receive no response. After a good few minutes of shivering in the snow, you used all of your remaining strength to push open the door to the fortress.

Inside, it was silent. Your footsteps echoed hollowly on the tile, and while it was warmer inside, it was a different kind of cold within these walls. You breathed deeply, feeling like you were being watched. And…really, you weren’t wrong. You just didn’t see who was watching. You passed through the entrance, and past the table, on which was a Candelabra, and a clock. Both of which were more alive than a first glance lent itself to realizing.

“Hello?” Your call was hesitant, at first, and garnered no answer. But it caught the attention of the items on the table, who opened their eyes, to glance at you. “Papa? Are you here?” You called out again, and the two who caught sight of you couldn’t believe their eyes.

“There’s someone here?” Alex hissed, nudging the candelabra beside him.

“They’re here to break the spell!” Lafayette hissed, elbowing him back, and hopping off the table to pursue you.

“Papa?!” You whipped around as you heard voices, but saw no one. You took a shaking breath. This was getting unnerved. You clutched your coat around you a little tighter, and climbed the stairs, making your way higher, and calling out to anyone there might be at any opportunity. You’d see movement, and whip around to find that the space you’d just been observing was only occupied by a coat rack, or footstool…but no one. And you climbed higher, thinking that, perhaps, your father was here…

“Papa?” You called again, passing a small alcove with a candlestick…funny, hadn’t you seen that in the front hall?

“(Y/N)!!” A voice called to you from the doors at the top of the stairs. A voice you knew, and knew very well.

“Papa!!” You ran to him, where he reached to you through the bars. Your father was by no means a small, or frail man. He had been a general, before he retired, when your mother had you, and passed away…he had needed to be there for you, so he gave up his career. That by no means meant he gave up his strength. But you knew, with only a look, that you father was not well.

His skin had a pallor you weren’t used to seeing, and his eyes were rimmed with dark circles. His voice was hoarse, and his hand shaking, but you gripped tight to him, and began frantically searching for a way out.

“(Y/N), you must listen to me,” He started, shaking his head. “Get out of here, go! There’s no reason for us both to be here, and if he sees you here-” He was interrupted by what sounded like claws on the marble of the stairs. In the dim light of the moon, filtering in from the skylight above the door, you could see a figure, but not much more.

It was tall, and hulking, so much so, you swore that his head brushed against the ceiling, even as he was hunched over.

“Why are you here?” He demanded, always staying, just out of the light.

“Please, sir, my father is sick!” You were begging, still squeezing to your father’s hand as tightly as you could.

“He shouldn’t have trespassed!” The master of the castle darted to your left, staying just out of sight where you couldn’t gather more about his appearance. You’d never felt so scared…but you grit your teeth, and puffed out your chest, trying to square yourself up, just a bit.

“Please, let him go…I’ll stay in his place!” You begged, and felt like time had frozen in the silence that followed, your father staring at you in shock, and the figure seeming to be thinking your offer over.

“…You must promise to stay here…forever, do you understand?” You hesitated, as though you hadn’t already, and turned to look at him.

“…come into the light.” You asked, watching as he stiffened, before stepping foot into the light. Covered in dark fur, with long claws on his feet and hands, The mats of black, grey, and brown fur were only broken by the whites of his eyes, the velvet cloak around his shoulders, and the black horns curling over his brow. He towered over you, and you slunk back a bit.

You gasped, and your hand slipped from your father’s…but you raised your head.

“I promise.”

In a swift motion, He had the door open, and your father by the collar, taking him down the stairs, even as you cried after them, and reached for him, begging to say your goodbyes.

You didn’t get the chance.


An hour later, you had been given a room, and currently, you were crying on your bed. You had your face buried in the comforter, as your shoulders shook with sobs. Your father was gone…and you hadn’t even gotten to say goodbye!

You heard your door being pushed open, but upon looking, there was no one at the but a cart was pushed in. You stumbled back in surprise, and smacked into the dresser, as the teapot gave a small hop, to face you.

Okay, lots was already wrong with this. That being, oh, perhaps the fact that a TEAPOT and a TEACUP were addressing you? Talking, and welcoming you to the castle. You were starting to wonder if you hadn’t hit your head somewhere, and that all of this was in your imagination. You pulled your legs up onto the bed beside, you opening and closing your mouth in a struggle for an answer.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, dear, I didn’t mean to frighten you!” The teapot lamented. “My name is Eliza, and this is Phillip, my son.” She nudged the teacup forward, making you blink blankly. “Here, maybe some tea will calm your nerves.” She offered, pouring you a cup. Phillip hopped towards you, careful not to spill, as you gently picked him up.

“I…wh…how is this possible? You picked Phillip up gently, and watching him smile at you.

”…It’s a curse, dear…placed on us, and the whole castle.“ The wardrobe answered you this time, and you jumped again.

"This is Angelica, my sister.” Eliza said with a note of pride, smiling as her as a little sugar holder hopped forward. “And my youngest sister, Peggy.” You took a hesitant sip as the door opened again, and the clock you’d seen earlier, Eliza hopping down to greet him.

“Alexander! There you are!” She greeted, smiling at him. He nodded to her, a fond look in his eyes, before looking up to you.

“Hello darling.” His voice was loving, and it wasn’t hard for you to gather that they were married, and that chip was their kid, especially with Philip running to him and showing off how he could blow bubbles in the tea. He snapped up after a moment, remembering that he had something to tell you. “Ah…Hercules wanted to…invite you to dinner!” Alexander gave a smile, and you looked at him warily.


“Ah, uh…the…the beast?” You took a deep breath, and looked down.

“…Fine.” You slipped from the bed, your feet like lead as you let him lead you downstairs and to a small dining room off of the main one, where the be-er, Hercules, was pacing in front of the fireplace. The light cast such a harsh shadow, you wanted to turn and run. It glinted off his fangs, even though his eyes seemed…oddly hopeful?

You stood there a moment, before Lafayette murmured something to him, and he hurried over to your side of the table, to pull your chair out for you. You took a breath, and watched him hover by it, wanting you to take a seat. You could see his claws against the wood, and they caught the light in a way that made them look ready to tear your throat out. You inched closer, but it didn’t come.

You slipped into the soft fabric of the chair, and listened as his hands slipped from it, claws dragging across the wood and sending a shiver down your spine. You were terrified, but you couldn’t show that. You had the oddest feeling…that he needed you. And your morbid curiosity kept you calmly sitting in the chair, observing him across the table.

Conversation…was nearly non-existent. He asked you your name, and you responded…but you didn’t elaborate. He mentioned your father, but you only nodded. If you spoke on that subject, there was no guarantee that you wouldn’t cry again. You could tell he was starting to get frustrated…and perhaps, if that happened, you could run, promise or no promise…

You pushed him to a breaking point, watching as he stood so suddenly, the backs of his canite legs pushed the seat from the table and it fell. You, too, stood suddenly, swallowing hard and starting to edge to the door. This was it. He was upset, and Lafayette was calling to him from the mantle to calm down. But before he could, you were bolting. You threw open the front doors, and grabbed the reigns of your father’s horse where he’d been resting, throwing yourself into the saddle, and starting to ride, with Eliza, Angelica, and John, whom you hadn’t met, watching forlornly form the window.

You had been their last hope.


The wind bit at your cheeks, and your eyes, tearing through the snow that had been only a light fall earlier, now turned into a blizzard. You tried to shield yourself, but your horse reared back suddenly, nearly tossing you. You tried to make him move forward, when you saw what he saw. Yellow eyes. Peering from behind the trees. The two of you had been sighted by wolves, and you were surrounded.

It was too late.

You were going to die here.

No one would ever know.

It was all happening too fast, too fast for you to lament the loss of your life, and the suddenness of your death…

When you heard a roar. It sounded…animalistic, yes, but…not quite. And turning your head, You found that Hercules had pursued. He stood at the top of the snow bank, and rushed in, drawing the wolves attention away from you, and onto him. They attacked, hoping to protect their kill.

Hercules fought them off as well as he could, and soon, they were running for the rest of their pack, tails tucked, vanishing into the heavy snow.

Hercules was not so lucky.

He’d been bitten…deep enough to leave a scar, if you guessed correctly. He was face down in the snow now. You were free to go! He wouldn’t follow. You could go home to your father and-

Leave him there to die? Your hand slid off of the saddle.

No, you couldn’t just…leave him. Leave him here to die, alone, and in the cold…

It took every ounce of your, and your horse’s strength, but, at last, you managed to get him onto the back of your steed, and slowly make your way back to the castle, shaken, but in one piece.


The other inhabitants of the castle were…shocked to say the least, upon your return with Hercules. How you helped him into the chair by the fireplace, and began trying to help him. The whole time, he watched you, the whites of his eyes peeking from his dark coat.

“…Thank you…for saving me.” You said hesitantly, watching as he hissed when you tried to clean his wound, and the way his hands balled into fists at the touch. He didn’t seem to have much of a temper, as much as that surprised you, he just seemed…desperate. He was…he was scared, more than anything. Maybe you had been right…maybe he did need you.

“…Thank you for coming back.”


The winter was spent…more enjoyably than you thought it was going to be.

Hercules came further from his shell the more the two of you talked, and the other inhabitants of the castle were thrilled. You see, the curse placed upon Hercules, which had not been explained to you upon your arrival, had very specific guidelines.

Upon being cursed by an Enchantress, Hercules was given a rose. And the rose would bloom until his twenty fifth birthday. He was given five years to find true love, and have that love returned… The curse had been lain, not only on him, but the other inhabitants. Most had fled, before the spell could really take hold, but his closest friends remained.

But he was ashamed of himself, resigning himself to stay like this forever. Who could ever love a beast?

But now, Alexander and Eliza were watching from a window, as the two of you were playing in the snow. Laughing, and playing like children. Hercules made a huge snowball, and you pelted him at just the right time, making him drop it on his own head. The two of you fed the birds, and he hesitantly pet your horse. He was the definition of gentle giant, if you’d ever seen one.

And…yes, perhaps you’d gotten off on the wrong foot…but he made you laugh. He was kind, and smart, and even showed you a few of the things he sewed, things he made with his mother, before she passed away. He hadn’t sewn since he’d gained claws…

It was about a month into your stay when he announced that he had a surprise for you. He had the biggest grin you’d ever seen, and his eyes were bright, as he asked you to close your own. You gave him a skeptical look, but obliged, closing your eyes and letting him take your hand.

You heard the sound of a door opening, and his voice beside you.

“Okay…now.” You opened your eyes, and were nearly floored. From the floor to the ceiling, the entire room was filled with books. Books on every subject, and by every author. Priceless first editions and books that had long since been lost to time. You doubt this place had been touched in years, it was spotless!! You had to struggle to find you breath.

You’d read every book in your little village. Every single one. Multiple times. If you really tried, you could probably recite all of their names!! But now, you wouldn’t have to. You had enough books to last you a lifetime! You spun, trying to take in everything at once, while Hercules took a hesitant step forward.

“Do you…do you like it?”

“Oh, Hercules! I love it!! Thank you!” You ran into his arms, and felt him gingerly wrap them around you. He didn’t want to hurt you, and you could feel his breath hitch. He pulled back to smile at you, as you broke from his arms, and ran to a shelf. A purple-grey book caught your eye, with golden letters along the spine that read ‘Talk Less, Smile More’ with the author’s name saying A. Burr.

“Hold on a second,” Hercules stepped forward to take the book as it, to your surprise, began to cough. “Aaron!? We’ve been looking for you for months!! We figured you’d somehow gotten out!” Hercules laughed, as the book seemed far less amused.

“No, I got filed away while I was sleeping, and the door was locked. That was three months ago!” You found something more interesting out the window, resolving not to look, as Hercules left with the book in hand. Instead, you took another book, Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, and sat down to read.

Ten minutes later, Hercules re-entered, and took a seat beside you, leaning on the table. “Would you read to me?”  He asked, and you smiled, flipping the book to the front, and preparing to read again.

“Two households, alike…”


The evening was busy.

You had a bath, and had a dress picked out for you, as to your surprise, the castle had been cleaned, top to bottom, while the two of you had been preoccupied in the library. “Are you sure about this?” You were asking Angelica as you stepped into the dress, which was a golden color, matching the accent piece in your hair.

“Positive. You look beautiful.” She promised, nudging you towards the door. You thought your heart might stop.

Your door opened, and you could see Lafayette murmuring with a very nervous looking Hercules, Alexander on his other side, who elbowed him upon your arrival.  Hercules looked at you, and his mouth fell open a bit, eyes wide and captivated. He had to be given another push, but he came to you, wearing a blue and white suit, with a strip of fabric around his head, just behind his horns, similar to a headband.

He offered his hand for yours, which you gladly gave, and together, the two of you went to dinner.

Which didn’t last long.

The two of you were only on the second course of your meal, when you heard a violin playing in the ballroom. You beamed, and hurried up from your chair to take his hands, and nearly drag him to the dance floor. He stumbled a bit, but found his purchase, letting you lead his hands until they rested against your hip, and the other was holding your hand.

The music got a bit louder, as a second violin joined the first. Eliza sang with them, and you beamed up at Hercules, and he returned the smile. The two of you danced, and out of the corner of your eye, you could see Lafayette, Alexander, and John already cheering.


The two of you danced until the candles grew dim, and you stepped onto the balcony. You sat on the railing, and he sat beside you with a smile.

“Are…are you happy?” He asked hesitantly, taking your gloved hand in his much larger one.

“I…yes!! I really am! But…I miss my father…” You lamented, and you watched him falter.

“I…um…” He pulled a mirror from his jacket pocket. “Here…this…this mirror can show you anything you wish, just ask.” He smiled.

“I’d like to see my father…please.” You held it up, watching as the mirror crackled with green electricity. The fog of the glass cleared, revealing your father, lantern raised as the wind cut through him. He was looking for you, you knew it…

You sucked in a gasp as he collapsed, having obviously never taken the time to get over what he’d had when you last saw him. And he wasn’t getting back up.

“Oh my gosh!! I…I have to go! He’s sick a-and he could die!”

Hercules looked…hurt but he extended his hand to you, stroking your hair back and giving a bittersweet smile. “…Go to him. I…You can go, if that’s what you need.” You gasped, and smiled at him, thankfully, trying to give the mirror back. He refused it, and pushed it into your hands. “Keep it…if you want to ever look back…” He pulled you into a hug, and you felt tears brimming in your eyes.

“Thank you, Hercules…thank you so much!!”


Hercules…was heartbroken. He’d loved you…he really had, and he was convinced that you felt it too…but be that as it may, it was over. The curse wouldn’t be broken, seeing how his birthday was at midnight. They would be stuck like this forever…in letting you go, he’d not only doomed himself, but all of his friends…and even how they said they would forgive him, he felt horrible…this was all his fault.

And the others of the castle…they too, were sad to see you leave…

A few hours passed, as the quiet sank in. The members of the castle lamented their fates, but assured Hercules, he’d done the right thing, letting you go to your father. There was only an hour or so left in the evening…

That was when they arrived.

It was raining, in freezing sheets. He could hear the yells from across the bridge, but Hercules did nothing to stop them. Let them come, he had nothing left.

He watched them lay siege to the gates, and heard the commotion downstairs. But he kept his eyes trained on the window, and the dark of the forest at the end of the bridge. He was searching for…something. You, maybe? Even he didn’t know, at this point.

The door was kicked in behind him, and the man coming in had his bow at the ready, arrow notched and drawn. Hercules looked back at him, and forlornly turned his head. Let them finish it. He couldn’t live forever as a beast. He couldn’t.

“Fight back, dammit!” The man cursed, loosing his arrow and striking his shoulder, making him roar in pain. He took a running start, pushing the cursed man out the window. They landed on the balcony below, and Hercules bowed his head. Just finish the job.

“HERCULES, NO!” You yelled from the back of your horse on the bridge, making the beast lift his head.

“(Y/N)?!” He glanced back at the man behind him, poised and ready to fight. No, if you were here, you were back for a reason. He had to keep fighting. He pushed the man back, and fought, tooth and nail.

You ran through the commotion of the great hall, by passing the others, and climbing to the West Wing. You had to get there…you loved him!

You climbed onto the top balcony, and called to him again, getting his attention where he threw the hunter off. You extended your hand to him, and he began scaling the roof tiles to get to you. His feet slipped here and there, but he forced his way up, his hand sliding around yours and you pulled him onto the balcony. You were overjoyed to see him again. So much so, that the hunter…evaded your eyes. You were reveling in the fact that you had him again…

When he sank the knife into Hercules’ side. He roared again, and collapsed to the granite of the balcony, while the hunter lost his footing on the wet railing. He yelled, boots losing traction. He begged for aid, as he fell, the hundred of feet, into the deep canyon beside the castle.

“Hercules!” You ran to him, and cradled him in your arms, as he hissed, and groaned softly. “Hercules, you’re going to be alright, I promise…” He shook his head, and your felt tears in your eyes again.

“No…no, maybe this is better…” He smiled weakly. “You…you don’t have to…be saddled with a beast…”

“No don’t talk about that!! You’re going to be fine!” You begged again, as his eyes fluttered shut. “Hercules, please!”

You threw yourself over him, burying your face in his fur. “I love you…”

“Well, I love you too, cupcake.”

Wait what?


You opened your eyes, and snapped up, to find that you’d fallen asleep on your boyfriend’s shoulder. He laughed softly, and pecked your cheek. “Morning, sleeping beauty.”

“Wrong princess.” You yawned, stretching a little as you picked yourself up, and looked to see the credits of beauty and the beast rolling on the television.

“Sleep well?” He asked, picking up the plates and glasses from your dinner. You hummed an affirmative, but stopped as you saw slash marks on his arm. They were faded, old, but still there.

“Babe?” He answered your call, turning his head back to you. “Where…where did you get those scars?”

“Oh?” He looked at his arm. “I got bit by my neighbor’s Lab when I was a kid. You know that.”

You watched after him in disbelief, but smiled to yourself. He really was your gentle giant after all.


Ohhhh man you guys this is the biggie. Oh my god, this is huge. About twice as long as my second longest fic.

Love, Rosie

((Music: Blues Saraceno - Dogs of War))

Monster Boy Challenge: Day 21 - Jericho - Canine (Werewolf)

Jericho lives out west, herding the sheep and farm animals on his ranch. He’s not an outlaw in any form, but he is known by the towns people for his wild and rowdy personality. Of course, they never really think anymore of it, not realizing it’s only the surface of his sinister, uncontrollable nature. It is rather uncommon when the full moonlight falls upon his human frame, but when it does happen, there tends to be at most three of his animal’s carcasses found completely split open and drained the following morning. This detail isn’t necessarily a huge inconvenience to Jericho, and he’s well able to convince the townsfolk it’s all caused by coyotes coming in from the desert. Really, the only thing that frightens him is the sheriff’s set of silver bullets that he keeps for special, unknown reasons. When holidays come around, Jericho looks forward to when Malcolm comes states side to visit his relatives in America. They both have their fun going into the desert demolishing rabbits and vultures, with Malcolm draining the blood and leaving Jericho with the meat.

Artwork & Character - by - Me
(Done with mechanical pencils and Gimp)

SPN Case Fic MinibangBridle by Angrysouffle

Castiel/Dean Winchester, Explicit

Dean and Sam are trapped in White Horse Bay, a seemingly idyllic seaside town full of secrets. Castiel the town’s local police officer refuses to believe Dean’s wild tale of a supernatural horse rescuing kidnapped children. With the Impala broken down, Dean and Sam decide to investigate. Yet every lead they come up with seems to implicate Castiel as a sea monster. Though monster or not, Dean finds himself falling hard for the temperamental Castiel.

art by somuchcolour

evidence for ezrA

(in s7)

1. Liam called him a predator and no one on the show actually denied it

2. no A messages/activity while Ezra was out of town “working on the book” – A mysteriously only starts up the episode Ezra comes back, sending messages, getting Emily’s test score changed, bringing Ali back her sweater

3. Aria comforts Ali for marrying a monster because she was “in love” – Ezra proposed the next episode – in 4b, when we believed Ezra to be A, Aria also inadvertently called him a “monster.”

4. “Little Sparrow” plays right before Ezra proposes, and is explicitly, textually analyzed in the same episode to be about being in love with someone who betrays you. Also, note the song’s actual lyrics: “I am just the broken dream / Of a cold false-hearted lover / And his evil cunning scheme.” As a choice for a musical lead up to a proposal, that’s certainly interesting.

5. If Ezra is A, he knows the girls buried Rollins, which could explain why he proposed to Aria right after she murdered someone, which would grant him spousal immunity if their crime was ever brought to light. He also proposed right after being called out for being a predator.

6. The first part of this season has been all about one of the liars marrying a man and then finding out that he didn’t love her and wanted to use her, that he was stalking and manipulating her and her friends, and that he had everyone fooled and was using their marriage as a tool to get what he really wanted. If Ezra turns out to be A, the parallels bookending this season would be pretty damn great.

7. The show’s quality has gone up a lot since Season 6, and Ezra would narratively speaking be the best possible A. Shocking, yet obvious all along? Yes. There since the beginning? Yes. A huge betrayal? Yes. A major character and not a small side role or occasional recurring guest? Yes. An actor who not only could pull it off but HAS pulled it off in the show before? Yes. Ties together a lot of plot holes and loose ends from previous seasons? Yes.

ezrA2k16. Come on, show.

Ask Frisk and Company AU

AU Creator(s): TrashQueen, CanonKeeper, ClutterCommander

Official AU Blog: Yes and Yes

Creator Tracked Tags: None

AU Canon: This AU is a post-Pasifist world where Frisk and Company live in Monster Town Canadia. The Universe exists, like the other AUs, in the void that is the internet. The comic for this AU starts out as an ask blog run by Frisk the ambassador and works its up to being a plot driven comic full of drama, laughter, and tears.

Official Canon Designs:


digitalcable  asked:

Hello Maureen! Have you ever ridden a jet ski and did you like it? I think it looks like a jolly time and hope that I can ride a jet ski someday. In a perfect world would you own a jet ski or simply rent? -Caleb


I have never ridden a jet ski but I feel confident I can advise you on this matter.

When considering the jet ski, remember that you are entering a you vs ocean world, and our chances in that scenario are, to put in the most optimistic terms, non-optimal. I’m saying the ocean is out to get us, Caleb. You can’t outrun it. It is wide and eternal and it is taking over. And it is full of monsters. Have you ever seen a fish, Caleb? It’s messed up. The ocean is coming. It’s rising all the time and it will soon take over our cities and our towns and even the things between the cities and the towns and when you look outside your window you are going to see a fish, Caleb, and then you shall go mad.

The jet ski is humanity’s attempt at deluding itself into the belief that it can control the water–that it can skim the surface in triumph. It first tried this with “boats” and I think we all know how that turned out. Now it has turned to the jet ski. And if you think jet skis are going to save us then think again. If jet skis were the way to Win, Florida would be capital of the world and it’s not, Caleb. It’s not. Have you ever seen Florida? 

So I suppose my answer largely depends on how long you can hold this illusion of power in your own mind, how long you can hold on to the (wrong, delusional) belief that we can win against the fish and the ocean and all of the terrible monsters. It’s not going to be long now, Caleb. They are coming. They may already be here.

So I’d rent.




Ender turned, sneering under his jacket hood, taking a look at the person who had just dared to speak to him. It was dark, rainy, and Ender had to look up some to see the werewolf’s face, but refused to be intimidated. He took a defensive stance. “Says you, buddy. How do you know I’m not the dangerous one?” Ender kept his hands in his pockets, a knife in hand- in case he needed it.

This human had some fire to him; especially with the metal Brad could smell in his pocket. He grinned, wolfish with his fangs on full display; it was always amusing to see humans trying to look tough. “Are humans really dangerous, darling? Now stop before you embarrass yourself, I only meant it isn’t safe for humans in the monster side of town. Some monsters still eat humans if they can get away with.” 

this is probably really fukening confusing but this is how i am writing chicago

dark blue area is the main city, home to the richer people and the more ‘important people’ and is the central hub of trading and has the largest market (im also hoping that i got the college of Chicago in that, if not that’ll \be expanded)

the red area is the ‘poorer’ residential and local areas filled with small towns and groups and trading areas and is the part that contains the walls and defense system of chicago

the light blue areas are owned by non-faction raider/gunners

the yellow areas are blocked off/sealed parts of the city deemed to dangerous and filled with ghouls and mutated monsters, possibly some faction groups

the green area is going to be faction related and/or an area of conflict

the remaining unmarked area is just the average post-apocalyptic setting full of collapsed buildings and ‘mass graves’ (AKA unmarked areas where all of the bodies/skeletons initially found in Chicago were placed)

what i forgot to/didn’t mark:
the vaults (which are still being decided, one is definitely in the college of Chicago)
the major trading caravans/routes
the Chicago graveyard (only for the richer residents that died in Chicago)
the lost section of Chicago (AKA the corrupt part that was broken off and taken over by a faction)
specific faction related locations
smaller cities set up around the main city outside of the wall limits

Jon Stewart guest-stars in Gravity Falls as the voice of Judge Kitty Kitty Meow Meow Face-Shwartstein  

in Weirdmageddon II: Escape from Reality airing Nov. 23 (8 p.m. ET/PT).
The cartoon is usually full of various mysteries for twin kids Dipper (voiced by Jason Ritter) and Mabel Pines (Kristen Schaal) to deal with in Gravity Falls, Ore., but the current second-season story line is particularly weird.
The apocalypse has come to town courtesy of the mind demon Bill Cipher and his monsters, and in a half-hour titled “Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality,” Dipper and his Mystery Shack pals Wendy and Soos have to save Mabel from the kind of strange world where some pink cats wear judge wigs.

Jon Stewart has been the voice of reason in my head for a long time, so it seemed appropriate he would be one in Mabel’s mind, too,” says Alex Hirsch.  Stewart’s character “gets hairballs frequently but doesn’t let it interfere with his work.”

Hirsch found out that Stewart was a fan of Gravity Falls two years ago when the first season was winding down and Hirsch attended a live taping of The Daily Show.

After it was over, a woman with a clipboard came up to me and said, ‘Wait around a while, Jon would like to speak with you,’ ” Hirsch recalls. “Jon and I talked in the Daily Show coffee room for 15 minutes, and he told me he loved watching Gravity Falls with his kids and even does a Grunkle impression around the house.”

I’ve been obsessed with The Daily Show since high school so to call it a dream come true was an understatement. I’ve been looking for an excuse to get him on the show ever since.

Episode idea:
Sam and Dean get a call from Jody or Claire. They think that there is some monster in a nearby town and need help with it. The brothers are busy on another hunt a good couple of states away. So they call up Castiel and ask him to check in with the girls and help them out.

Pros of this idea:
-We get an episode with the girls.
-We get Castiel into focus in an episode
-Castiel being awkward with the house full of 3 girls.
-Jody asking Cas about himself. Cas being awkward answering.
-Claire asks to hunt, Cas gets protective over her and says no.
-Jody and Cas working the case together.
-Jody invites Cas to share dinner with them and Castiel is unsure of what to do. Jody insists/forces it.
-Castiel deciding to tell Jody some things about himself.
-Jody showing Cas normal things to do. (idk, playing poker or just hanging out together? Normal to pass time stuff?)

-Sam and Dean are only in the episode for like 2 minutes??? That’s about it.

Bleach characters see a UFO

As requested by anon. :)

Bleach characters have just spotted a UFO! And not one of those ambiguous, “probably just a plane in the fog” sorts of UFOs, either. No, this is a definite, gotta-be-aliens sort of UFO. How will they react to the news that alien life is both real and visiting?

Ichigo: Wow!

Ichigo: I can’t BELIEVE I’m part alien!

Rukia: Uh, why do you assume that just because aliens exist, you’re part alien?

Ichigo: …

Rukia: You’re right. Stupid question. Sorry.

Keigo: Right. ‘Cause that’s just what this town full of monsters and ghosts needs. Aliens.

Tatsuki: Yeah, seriously! How did Ichigo get mixed up with extraterrestrial life??

Mizuiro: If they start to abduct people, I hope they are sexy.

Tatsuki: THAT’S what you’re concerned about??

Askin: Aliens? Great. Is Gremmy imagining things again?

Yhwach: I foresaw that these aliens were coming.

Ishida: Why do you always say things like that *after* they happen?

Yhwach: I don’t know what you mean.

Kurotsuchi: They had better have interesting anatomy, those aliens. Otherwise they will not be any fun to dissect. 

Orihime: Aliens, huh? Sometimes in fiction an alien invasion brings the world together!

Orihime: Maybe we’ll have peace after all!

Chad: Through…invasion?

Orihime: I think that’s about the best we could hope for, in Bleach.

Kenpachi: I hope they’re hostile. I can’t wait to use my new shikai to cut an alien spaceship in half!!

Nanao: Did you honestly just say that you’re HOPING they’re hostile???

Kenpachi: …

Kenpachi: So….is you yelling at you gonna be a thing, then?

Ikkaku: C-Captain! Maybe that’s where Yachiru went - maybe she was abducted by aliens!

Yumichika: I feel sorry for the aliens, then.

Byakuya: Renji, I hear that in popular imagination, aliens are gray. Or green.

Renji: Uh, yeah, I guess.

Byakuya: So let’s say green. Also they have vaguely human anatomy only different?

Renji: Like, on TV shows? Sure.

Byakuya: So probably lumpy would work. Green and lumpy.

Renji: …

Byakuya: And presumably, as explorers, they have titles to designate their explorer rank.

Renji: Captain…

Byakuya: Admiral Seaweed is coming, Renji. I can feel it.


Troy was always bored in Silent Hill. How could it be that a town full of monsters and crazy mind-puzzles be so dull? It seemed to him that the only fun he got was when some poor sap wandered into town looking for so-and-so or such-and-such. Maybe he should write a new book.

Just as he was considering what to write, he became aware of a fresh presence in the town. Well, hello to new toys. He melted into the shadows to get a better look.

Ok everyone, hear me out:

An Iron Giant/One Punch Man AU! where Genos comes crashing into earth from some unknown planet, is glimpsed throughout the small town he lands in and is thought to be a monster, is full of highly sophisticated weaponry, and can’t remember where he really came from or what he is.

He’s rescued by Saitama (who in this is a recluse who owns a junkyard, or a line cook at a local small town diner, or something on those lines), learns through him that he has a soul and falls in love.

(I’d like to think that in this Genos would be on the same level of communication as the giant, able to talk in bits and pieces and able to understand things in his own way, partly because of some kind of dent in his body, partly because he was in fact designed to be a weapon.)

When I went into the hills and vales to survey for the new reservoir they told me the place was evil. They told me this in Arkham, and because that is a very old town full of witch legends I thought the evil must he something which grandams had whispered to children through centuries. The name “blasted heath” seemed to me very odd and theatrical, and I wondered how it had come into the folklore of a Puritan people. Then I saw that dark westward tangle of glens and slopes for myself, and ceased to wonder at anything beside its own elder mystery. It was morning when I saw it, but shadow lurked always there. The trees grew too thickly, and their trunks were too big for any healthy New England wood. There was too much silence in the dim alleys between them, and the floor was too soft with the dank moss and matting’s of infinite years of decay.
—  H.P. Lovecraft  “The Colour Out of Space”