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What are your least favorite things about Sonally?

- The way it morphed Sonic’s character into something totally unrecognizable to suit it’s agenda, completely ignoring his free and unchained character to shoehorn him into swapping spit with alarming regularity with their pet character.

- It’s over-prominence. It would be inserted in a fanboyetic manner with little rhyme or reason. Of particular note here is a moment in #225 of intense tonsil hockey action wherein both are right in the middle of a damn mission of all things to disable the extremely threatening Death Egg.

- The impression that these two characters have no real chemistry to start with. Can someone please tell me what was ever compelling about this pairing. Specifically how it was written? Because to me, I never got the smallest impression that these characters were positively made for each other like the fanboys on deck seemed to want to emphasize.

- The fact that it’s existence had a big part of the positively painful love dodecahedrons that spawned from all of the fixation on romance. Sonic is not a romance series. It’s better off for not being one if you ask me. But Archie were treating it like it was. This led to genuinely agonizing results and was a factor that led to what was IMO the worst story the book had ever seen - House of Cards. As well as other annoying stories i.e “Heart Held Hostage”

- And last but not least; The mistreatment and mischaracterization of Amy to make this pairing as well as Sally look better by comparison.

Yuri growing like a sunflower and passing Otabek’s height is my favourite headcanon (▰˘◡˘▰)

The Signs as 2000's Era Shows

Aries- iCarly
Taurus- Zoey 101
Gemini- The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Cancer- Wizards of Waverly Place
Leo- Totally Spies
Virgo- The Amanda Show
Libra- Phil of the Future
Scorpio- Drake and Josh
Sagittarius- That’s So Raven
Capricorn- Avatar: the Last Airbender
Aquarius- Fairly Odd Parents
Pisces- Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

Okay, so the whole humans are space orcs/earth is space Australia thing has me thinking: what about grooming/pampering?

Like, a lot of us go to spas/salons (or do the cheaper at home versions) to literally get hair ripped from our bodies using a large variety of different methods, to obtain our own personal desired levels of body hair. And we call it pampering. What if humans are the only ones who do that? Aliens that cut/dye hair, comb/style it in totally unique ways to suit themselves, but pull it out completely? What kind of creature tortures itself like that?

And we have so many ways of doing it. Tweezing, waxing, threading, hair removal creams that can burn your skin to name a few.

Plus there are facials that leave your face red and splotchy for hours afterward because they pick at your skin to remove gunk.

Massages, where in order to feel good they have to hurt you to remove the tension from your muscles, so while eventually it feels good, it hurts first.

We twist ourselves into weird positions to paint our toenails because our knees get in the way (not so painful, but reasonably uncomfortable).

We are willing to sit still for obscene amounts of time to get our hair/nails/make up done, even though humans are notoriously fidgety.

So some aliens at first would probably think we’re super vain (and some humans are), but more experienced aliens would be like:

 “no, that’s just something the humans enjoy. It’s how they ‘treat themselves.’”

 “But, Skrill, she’s literally ripping hair out of her face?”

 “It’s how she gets her eyebrows - how did she put it? - ‘on fleek.’ Compliment them, humans are thrilled when you compliment them when they spend a lot of time on face hair removal.”

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(TRANSGENDER CONNER) conner/evan and zoe/jared going to the senior prom. the 4 of them go shopping together and conner kinda gets triggered when he goes into the dress section with zoe because he hasn't gotten top surgery yet. And evan is trying to comfort him and then evan says something silly and conner gets the idea to wear cute tuxes AND JUST SO MUCH FLUFF



“Prom shopping.” Zoe smiled as the foursome headed into the shop. It was a unisex shop so it sold dressed and tuxes. All four members of the group could get their prom attire in one go.

“Connor come with me.” Zoe pulled her brother away from the their boyfriends and headed over to the dress aisle. She would help him pick out a tux once he helped her pick out a dress,

“I-Zoe I’m not good at this kind of stuff.” Connor muttered as his arms went to cover his chest. He felt weird dress shopping, almost like he was a little kid again and his mom was making him wear pretty pink frilly dresses.

“Connor are you okay?” Zoe questioned. She didn’t know what was up with her brother right now. “You don’t have to help me.” Zoe started.

“N-no.” Connor shook his head. “It’s okay, I’ll help you.” Connor muttered as he rifled through the dresses. His hands were shaking, but Zoe didn’t seem to notice.

Once she grabbed a lovely red dress she headed into the dressing room and Evan rushed over to Connor. “Your hands are shaking, are you okay?” Evan questioned.

“The dresses, they just remind me.” Connor didn’t need to say anything else before Evan pulled him into a hug. Jared made his way over to them.

“Hey Connor, it’s okay to feel uncomfortable.” Jared told him. He’d already gotten his tuxedo. “I’ll stick around here to help Zoe.” Jared had ulterior motives, he did want to get Connor out of this situation but he also wanted to see his girlfriend in a beautiful dress.

Connor nodded as Evan pulled him away.

Zoe pulled back the curtain. “Where’s my brother?” Zoe asked her boyfriend, Connor had just been here a few minutes ago.

“Ah, Evan wanted to go tux shopping with him.” Jared lied. “So they’re going to do that, and babe you look stunning.” Jared smiled. Zoe blushed as she looked down at the dress.

“This is the one then?” Zoe smiled at her boyfriend.

“Oh yeah that is definitely the one.” Jared nodded.


“You okay babe?” Evan questioned once they were safely out of the dress section of the store.

Connor nodded, he’d stopped shaking and was calmed down a bit more. “I’m sorry about that, it’s just dresses and the boob shapes in some oft them, it all reminds me that until I graduate I’m stuck with ya know.” Connor motioned to his binded chest.

Evan nodded. “It’s okay, I get it, let’s just find you a tux okay.” Evan smiled, he’d already picked out a simple black one for himself. He just needed to help Connor find one so they could find matching ties.

Connor looked around and smirked when he saw a certain tux. “I think I found one.” Connor hurried over to the tux and grabbed it off the rack. Evan followed his boyfriend to the changing room, unsure of what tux Connor had seen.

Once Connor finished changing he stepped out of the change room and Evan’s eyes widened. “W-wow, you look-”

“Connor you look great!” Zoe gushed as she and Jared made their way over to them. Her brother was standing there in a wonderful teal tux, that made him look great. “You have to buy it.” Zoe told him.

“If I was gay Murphy, I’d totally be banging you and not your sister.” Jared told him.

There was a chorus of “Jared!” from the three of his friends. 

“I’m sorry it’s true!” Jared told them.

Once prom shopping was done all of them parted ways and it was safe to say that Connor Murphy and his teal tuxedo were the highlight of their prom night.


Hope this is good for you and that you enjoyed and thanks to @maggieisnotacat for getting the idea of Connor wearing a teal tux to prom stuck in my head. You da bomb fam.